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Review #26, by ImagineHarmonyChimera: whispers

15th July 2013:

Ugh, this was so fantastic. The way you described everything was just amazing. The PLOT. It was so creative and imaginative and the darkness as the story just darkens. And then ugh, I loved the repetition of "I had a dream." And you do the first person perspective so well!

This was my favourite: "She whispered to me, lured me with wicked promises and told me the world could be mine. It was a filthy, disgusting thing, but men have always wanted to own it. I sought it, too. It was vile, like me."

It was real and the way you described was real AND THE LAST LAST OH MY GOSH. "A child took my hand, and told me not to be afraid." - HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

I love this!

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Review #27, by ImagineHarmonyHide and Seek: she's coming for you

14th July 2013:

This was such an amazing one-shot! Truly! The words and how you described and the way the suspense just fit in is so amazing. It's hauntingly beautiful and I was just caught with the summary. The tingling feeling was there and i was like 'RUN RUN RUN!!!' and yeah, a great job. I love reading creative stories like these, and specially second person you, it adds a nice dimension to the story :) You also had good use of short sentences and the last paragraph just killed the entire story (in a good way) and sent it to wonderland gift-wrapped.

Where is your carnegie award?


Author's Response: Hii! Wow, I really didn't think it was that good. Honestly, I wrote it in like, two hours. But HOMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yeah, my English teachers always go on about "varying sentence lengths!" so I thought I might listen to them for once :P

(I think the award got lost ... like my Hogwarts letter :( )

Summer x

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Review #28, by ImagineHarmonyNo Turning Back: No Turning Back

13th July 2013:

Oh my gosh, that was such a good one-shot. Truly had me with Regulus and the spectacular banner was beautiful and the summary and basically everything just sold the story and asnkf;sdfkasdf it was good. It was really really good.

I loved exactly how you portrayed Regulas and Bellatrix, the perfect descriptions truly. And I loved how well you just executed everything! I just can't fathom my love over these lines: But when he closed his eyes he could still see the whip, coming down against his bare back. He could still feel the white-hot pain, the burning, the torment. He could still see himself his pale white face, ghostly and sickly looking. The scream that never came out of his mouth because hed clamped his mouth shut so tight that hed bitten his tongue.

It's so real, it's so true, so very realistic and everything just fits together and that is such a painful true description of being whipped and I was just dying over Regulus. Honestly.

This was SO GOOD. (I don't have constructive criticism, I'm just good in flattery words :P ) I NEED TO READ MORE OF YOUR WORK!

- TheVividImagination for the House Cup 2013 Challenge

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for this amazing review! And I am so sorry at how ridiculously long it has taken me to reply. I am so embarrassed!

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
If you're interested, I actually have a Regulus Black based novel in the works.


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Review #29, by ImagineHarmonyA Picnic to Remember : The Surprise

13th July 2013:

This is a really sweet one-shot! I loved how you portrayed their ultimately cute relationship but I like how it wasn't an overdose of lovey-dovey scenes but it had depth with beautiful description and a great realistic dialogue!

It's not at all as bad as you think! I think mine was worse! I was dreading writing it, and specially dialogues are the worst for me.

But this is a good one-shot! And ugh, I'm shipping Teddy and Dominique now, this isn't good. YOU MADE ME SHIP SOMETHING, now that's amazing. I love how the description just flows perfectly, not too much heavy description, enough to get that light tone and idea of something.

Great job Aditi! (and excuse me, I'm not that good in leaving reviews.)

- TheVividImagination for the House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for your lovely review (it is pretty good).

I am glad you enjoyed this one-shot, and liked my portrayal of their cute relationship, haha. I was scared it was too fluffy but I am happy you liked the description and dialogue.

I am sure yours wasn't worse at all. You're a great writer =)

OMG I made you ship something? That has made my day. Thank you so much. I am pleased you liked the whole thing, thanks.

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Review #30, by ImagineHarmonyJostling: trundling

13th July 2013:

Your gorgeous banner and amazing, catchy summary just got me. And oh, your description and all your words are so true and realistic, and so very artistic! Everything about the trains and the way you arranged everything made it a sweet, simple, sad story that is a bit romantic and just honestly beautiful.

I really love this, I love this alot. This is such a creative piece of work and so creative and you've expanded the travel theme and made it all so beautiful.

Ugh, I'm out of words. I'm just passing out flatteryness. GREAT JOB WITH THIS!

- TheVividImagination for the House Cup 2013

Author's Response: So glad you like the banner and the summary! Sweet, simple, and sad with a touch of romance was just what I was going for! Thank you so much for this amazing review! :D

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Review #31, by ImagineHarmonyThe Muggle Experience: Who needs magic?

13th July 2013:

This was a good one-shot! I loved the Neville and Hannah interaction and it was really interesting plotline of them. I liked how they wanted to travel the muggle way, just that want to travel. And the ol' couple bickering.

I think it would have been great if more description could have been used, I'd have loved to know more in depth what they were feeling and all that :)

It was a good read!

-TheVividImagination for House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review!

Neville and Hannah were a lot of fun to write and I tried to make this as believable as possible. When you're tired and things aren't going really well, bickering is kind of unavoidable!!

I do agree with the lack of descriptions; I wrote this pretty quickly and kind of skipped over that. If I ever decide to update this story, I'll make a point of adding some descriptions!

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #32, by ImagineHarmonyDeception: Deception

13th July 2013:

This was such a beautiful read, I completely felt what Lockhart felt and oh my gosh, the descriptions were just award worthy. Where is your carnegie award? And I just loved the part of 'memory', it felt so real and one could actually relate to it.

I also was really intrigued with your title and I'm like 'yes! something unique again!' (not saying all the other beautiful entries aren't unique!) This is an amazing story, truly :)

-TheVividImagination for House Cup 2013

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Review #33, by ImagineHarmonyVoldemort on Broadway: Chapter 1

13th July 2013:
oh my gosh!

This was just such a perfect parody, I was giggling like a little crazy girl throughout! Amazing, amazing parody, written very well. Just like how a parody should be written! And I love how you incorporated your house cup motto in the story! (I'm guessing you're a Gryffie?)

A marvelous read, and oh MY GOSH JUSTINIAN! ASDJFNASDFNA;SDF That got me! And Cedric's movie hahahhahah!

A great one-shot, I'd love to read more of your parodies! :)

-TheVividImagination for House Cup 2013

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for the review!

And yes, I'm a Gryffie haha

Obviously Cedric turned into Edward when he died, right?

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Review #34, by ImagineHarmonyArrhythmia: A Loss of Rhythm

22nd January 2013:
If I could send you a virtual sound of a hoard of clapping through HPFF - I would! Because honestly; this is a really, really, truly, utterly, fantastic; beautiful piece.

I love how you were able to portray this fantastic canon couple in such a light, not many people are able to do that. It was sad, it was definitely sad to know that Arthur was dying. The lines "He had not been able to remember her name for several weeks. Generations of children, gone. Spells, lost. But he smiled at her now." broke me. Like literally.

I really am at a loss of words - as I always am.

I found the use of the fantastic imagery helped the 'Molly's mind' effect, the imagery you used was perfect actually. The way you used it to write and flesh it out and make it realistic, that my friend is a strong point in writing! And that helped the audience to understand Molly, the sadness in her life and the pending darkness yet to come. Her characterization was really good, it's hard to make a canon character not OOC - but you've made the cut!

It was very easy to understand and it was really good. Honestly. I also liked one more thing, the repetition of the line 'one tragedy at a time' - it felt so... nice. It matched with the mood and the scene but other than that it felt very captivating. I don't know how to say what I'm thinking exactly but yeah. I feel the repetition reminded me of Molly (and you think I'm so absurd 'cause the fic is about Molly :P ) - it just had this very strong connection to the character and I felt that. I just love that line.

One tragedy at a time.


This is a really fantastic story, your writing is (brace yourself, fangirling is coming) aslkdfnsaldkfansdfklnaskf.

Ehehehehe :P (Accept my apologies but Tom was too attractive for me not to click the story.)

I really hope you get the recognition of epicness for this. This is utterly a brilliant piece. Good luck in the challenge Amanda! :)

(also do pardon if I went into... literature mode. I have my Lit First Term Exam tomorrow so I'm sort of... preparing?)

- Tawi :)

Author's Response: Wow, Tawi, thanks so much for coming by :)

It's sad to think about how despite all the miracles made possible by magical medicine and advances in spells, wizards still have to die sometime, just like the rest of us. It's especially sad for Arthur, because in the process he's losing all these skills he's acquired and forgetting his children and grandchildren one by one, and Molly's name.

Molly is really tough, and I wanted to show the contrast between her strong personality and the fact that she too is growing old in this piece. I couldn't be so cruel as to just end with their deaths or something equally hopeless, so I chose to go out on a little bit of a high note with Molly taking up her duties.

Yeah, poor Molly has suffered a lot. I knew I couldn't write this without somehow reflecting on Fred and the continuing pain of his loss.

Thanks so much for this lovely review!


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Review #35, by ImagineHarmonyAlone: I.

4th November 2012:
This is wonderfully written! Great job in this Harmony fic! :D

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Review #36, by ImagineHarmonyOne Word: One Word

25th July 2012:

Yikes! Who knew I'd love this one-shot so much? It's so emotion packed, and this is rather amazing, and it matches Lily perfectly and her views on their friendship. Personally, I love the Minister of Magic paragraph, because you linked and compared the brewing war to Lily's views and that's really clever!

But really, an amazing fic! I'm heading over to the spin-off to start reading, then I'll go and finish reading All that Glitters :D

Tawi X

Author's Response: Hey Tawi!!!

Thanks! I've had most of the reviewers comment that that was their favourite part of the story (can i even call it that? it's more like a drabble) as well. Lily has always been hard for me to write so i'm glad that she seems in character here. I feel like she's been a little idolized in the books and then also in ff so trying to find the right characteristics of her can be hard.

Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #37, by ImagineHarmonyLogic & Insanity : Control & Chaos

18th July 2012:
Aye! This is such a flawless piece, truly!

Your flow was really good, I never stopped reading! I'm guessing it's non-chronological order? But the story! Oh gosh, the suspense and the relationship was just wow! Too many exclamations? Definitely :P

Anyways, this Frederick character was very weird, which I like, and I also liked that his relationship with this 'monster' is so different, unusual, unlike something. You're portraying this young man, this proper genius (Sherlock anyone?) who is a lycanthrope or wants to be a lycanthrope and you've done it so well!

The idea is very good and original, definitely worth the read :)

- IH, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: It's not really in non-chronological order, and thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you liked this story, and yes Frederick's character was rather odd, I agree with you. But he just thought differently from the others who were infected to become werewolves, he thought that maybe they could fight as one instead of as enemies.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it. :)

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Review #38, by ImagineHarmonyThe Sound of Drums: The Sound of Drums

18th July 2012:

I just happened to land on your story and I really think it has very good potential! I love the idea of The Master's ideas inspiring Tom, that is very unusual idea which gets us all thinking. It's not like any other DW/HP crossover, or atleast not any crossovers I've read.

Very different and very nicely written! I think a bit more reaction on Tom's side would be great, perhaps him pondering how this madman happened to come and sit in the Library. But overall, this is good and with some tweaks this can be a mind-blowing piece!

I love the original idea again, great job :)
- IH, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Hi :)

The idea originally occurred to me while listening to Chameleon Circuit's song The Sound of Drums (hence the lyrics at the start- I highly recommend it if you haven't heard it). I figured that, to some extent, it could be a possibility, at least in the world of crossovers.

Thanks for the tip on the reaction- I'll put in a few edits when I get the chance. I'm really thrilled that you think it's great, and thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #39, by ImagineHarmonyThe Pensieve: A Flower in a Jar

27th June 2012:
Hi Amanda! C:

TheVividImagination from the forums to your request, excuse for the delay! Had some things that were keeping me.

Anyways, this is a very intriguing piece, and has got me thinking. It's very well done, the characterization of Lily I think is just so different and all the while very canon. You've captured the love and care Lily always had for Snape. You've also captured a very strong side of Lily, a dark side. I think it's very canonical, because Lily is very strong and she would have some downfalls and dark thoughts. I think that's very clever and not many people can put it through together. So good job on that!

The characterization of Snape is just marvelous. I'm gaping at how you managed to just do his character! His love for Lily shows in this, I really loved the frog scene and how much patience he has and that's just something you don't regularly see of Snape. I think you've captured Snape and had done it very well!

I'm not entirely sure the second-person was actually working for me. I felt it was a mix of first and second person and I'm not really sure what I got from it, but generally it is okay and understandable. Though it was very effective!

The non-chronological narrative was honestly, brilliant! I think it worked perfectly okay rather than a piece going chronologically because the non-chron. has that thing that makes you want to read it! At some points it's a bit confusing (the unbreakable vow scene was something I had to read twice to get, but it's okay) but that's only up to the reader. You've given all the clues to pinpoint where in time it is.

I was reading the other reviews and just thought you have a brilliant plot, and you've left it with unanswered questions which really get's people thinking, so great job on that!

This really is a brilliant piece, it's different from other Snape/Lily fics and I enjoyed reading it! The end just flabbergasted me and I didn't know what was happening and that's actually the charm in your writing of the last part :)

So thanks for asking me! I do look forward for you to ask me to review more, you certainly know I love Snape and Lily ;)
-IH, Tawi.

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for coming by, and I'm sorry that this response took so long :)

Yep, you got it - I wanted to play with dark Lily here. I often fall prey to the trap of writing her as sweet and simple, just because of how much I love her and how much she reminds me of myself, and so I deliberately played with the less savory parts of her here.

Snape is my favorite, definitely, so I'm glad you liked him. I hope my unusual depiction of Lily meshed well with his character. The frog scene was my favorite part - I'm a scientist, so the thought of Severus spending lots of time in a lab and agonizing over his intellect really rings true for me.

I get what you're saying about mixing first and second person, and you're right. I'm glad it still came off as generally effective. It's also good that the non-chronological order worked for you, for the most part. Thanks!

Different is good, and I'm happy that you liked the ending, especially in its confusion. Thanks so much for this wonderful review! (Self-promo: Post Scriptum has lots of Snily!)


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Review #40, by ImagineHarmonyCurveball: Prologue

26th June 2012:
Hello! VividImagination from the forums at your service ;)
Honestly, I really, really loved this chapter!

The plot (this chapter) was very simple, very realistic and believable for a girl who is very strong. I think you portrayed her very good, you didn't make Roxanne like the usual characters, and I think you'll be able to do a good story because you have a good plot (this prologue is perfect as a prologue, it has suspense!) and great characters to base it on.

The flow is perfect, you weren't lagging at any points. I think you should add a bit more descriptive details in the next later chapters, but that's just me, so don't mind that if you don't want it. I think though the paragraph above "Then realization hit me." could be separated with more details in it, such as like sometimes answering the rhetorical question.

I haven't noticed any grammar mistakes except for 'realisation', the S should be a Z :) (or is it spelled with an S in other countries out of UK?)

I read the other reviews and I agree with Julie, try as much as to flesh the characters out because the next chapters, the characters are very important!

Overall this is a good start, so keep it up :) I can't wait to read more!
Do keep requesting :P


Author's Response: Hi thanks for the review :)

I'm glad you found the plot realistic and believable as that it's very hard to write. So thank you :) I'm also glad you thought there was suspense in this prologue as I wanted people to be left with a lot of unanswered questions so they would come back to find out :)

I'll put the Z back in realization when I look through it. Probably the middle of next month :) and I'll look through that too and add more to where you'd suggest. Thank you for pointing that out!!!

Yeah I know I need to tread carefully especially writing a story where my MC is pregnant. I'm trying me hardest not to make this story cliche and hopefully if I built a good enough characters it won't turn out in such a way.

I feel so much pressure to not slipped onto the cliche route haha

Thanks you for reviewing! It helped a lot and I shall be back to re-request for the next chapter :)

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Review #41, by ImagineHarmonyDarth Vader's Daughter: The Most Powerful Girl Ever

8th April 2012:
this is epic without a doubt!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #42, by ImagineHarmonyLetters to myself: Neville : 25 years old

14th March 2012:
I'm so sorry I didn't review sooner!

This is an extremely talented piece :) It shows perfectly Neville's evolution from that dorky (ish) boy to a hero. The letters are just so good, the emotions are real and you really captured what Neville could've felt there.

This is a rather fresh start to any letter-stories I've read, fresh in the sense of the content. The language, the realization of disappointment, writing a letter to himself!

Continue the good work :)
ImagineHarmony/VividImagination, Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so sorry I didn't answer this sooner. I apologise but real life is crazy and answering reviews was just so far away in my to-do list.

But I get to it now so, it's not so bad, right?

First off, thank you so much for those kind words, you are making me blush like crazy over here! I'm so touched that you enjoyed this chapter and felt it was true to what Neville was going through.

Thanks again, you really made my day :)

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Review #43, by ImagineHarmonyStill Delicate: Epilogue

19th February 2012:
I can't believe this is the end. Thank you so much for the most entertaining story ever which I started last June :) Good luck xxx

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Review #44, by ImagineHarmonyStill Delicate: Endings

11th February 2012:

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Review #45, by ImagineHarmonyThe Asylum: The Asylum

7th February 2012:
Amazing, raw emotions expressed in this short, talented piece by you :) It's amazing! I love your ending line, 'death had claimed another victim'. This one-shot toys with the mind, imagery is mind-blowing. Great job, continue epic writing! ;)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much for your lovely review! I am so glad you liked that line - I was scared it may be a little too cliche, but I guess it fits with the piece. I have such a 'thing' for ending lines. :)

I definitely will continue to write - whether they'll be epic, we'll see!

Thank you very muh again! xo

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Review #46, by ImagineHarmonyCan't Forget the Things You Never Said : Can't Forget The Things You Never Said

7th February 2012:
Firstly, I see Harmony? *in bliss*

This is without a doubt, beautiful in every way! The emotions are raw and their love is so passionate (in a way). I love your portrayal! Also August 8th = my birthday!

If you don't mind, mind explaining (21.) to me? Sort of didn't get that.

Overall, beautiful and wonderful piece I'll be recommending my Harmony friends :)
-IH (TheVividImagination on the forums)

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for your review!! :)

(21.): That is the last scene, really. Harry is going off somewhere, doing something, because he can't really deal with Hermione and his broken heart. Hermione finishes up by lying to herself, telling herself (and Harry) that their love really wasn't anything other than a friendship. Harry goes off, telling himself to move on, to stop this. So basically this is the point where Harry stops running after Hermione, stops trying and settles for Ginny - well, not really settles per say, it's more like he gets over Hermione and he finds Ginny.

Oh! I've seen your graphics, I think! I loooved those! :) Oh, well, thank you so much for reviewing and I hoped that explained it all ! xx

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Review #47, by ImagineHarmonyWhat's Meant To Be: A Night Time Stroll

3rd February 2012:
You're story has officially muddled up my brain, thank you. (btw love it)

Author's Response: My intention exactly! Haha, thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. :)

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Review #48, by ImagineHarmonyStars Shine Black: Stars Shine Black

3rd February 2012:

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Review #49, by ImagineHarmonyTrain Wreck: Wisdom and Cats

24th December 2011:
I actually really love this pregnancy story ;)

And I see Colin Morgan, who comes in my mind - everytime 'merlin' is mentioned.

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Review #50, by ImagineHarmonyObliviate!: Prologue

10th December 2011:
Hi Megan!

This seems a rather interesting idea and I'm excited for the rest! Though a bit more on emotions here and there, this chapter is really good!

Keep it up C:

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it - I really loved writing it, and I hope you like the next chapters too!

Megan xo

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