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Review #1, by yeahimcrazyHer Penance: Volume I

18th October 2011:
Is this going to be continued? I was wondering. I really need to know what happened.

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Review #2, by yeahimcrazyCondemned with Reason: Prosecution

18th October 2011:
Oh, I liked it.
I like Draco's argument and how, even though it was almost looking like Hermione might lose.
I strongly dislike Christian.
Update as soon as you can, college student. =) ;) XD

Author's Response: so glad that you liked it! draco's great. i think being a lawyer suits him greatly!

and yes, i know everyone hates christian lol. i'll post again (hopefully) soon!

-WP ^_^

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Review #3, by yeahimcrazyHumbled: Humbled

18th October 2011:
That is all I can say.

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Review #4, by yeahimcrazyThe Weed That Blooms: The Weed That Blooms

18th October 2011:
How I wish.
That would be, according to me, this story in three words. A strong, strong wish.
It was beautifully written, and it left me wanting more. It is slightly upsetting that he does not get her.

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Review #5, by yeahimcrazyCondemned with Reason: Legal Representation

21st September 2011:
Wow, I just read the past four or so chapters. That was... ingenious. I love how Draco had another Alias as a lawyer and that he's getting Hermione out of here.
I love Draco.

And I don't like Christian. I was grinning SO wide when he was all angry. Hehe. =P
Update as soon as you can. =)

Author's Response: haha, grinning at people's misfortunes, how could you! but its okay because i was doing the same thing when writing that scene with christian lol.

im so glad that you liked the past few chaps. and draco, oh draco, can't say that he isnt great ^_^

thanks for reading/reviewing and i'll try to post again soon :)


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Review #6, by yeahimcrazyCondemned with Reason: Subtle Interrogations

22nd July 2011:
Oh. That was surprising. I had expected that Christian was an Auror, but I hadn't expected that he doubted Darius.
Also, why would the ministry suspect that she let him go? That was what happened, but why would they think she did something of the sort? They're a suspicious lot, aren't they? Ah, well..
Oh, I don't like Christian.
Hermione's so uncomfortable. I don't like that either. *sighs*
Update as soon as you can. =)

Author's Response: i know we hate the ministry and christian at this point. but, they have to do their jobs i suppose. and even though hermione is...well HERMIONE, they still have to pursue every single possible outcome. sucks doesnt it lol?

glad that you liked the chap and i shall post again (hopefully soon) as always :)


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Review #7, by yeahimcrazyConquest: Victory

17th July 2011:
Ah, I just finished reading this in all of two hours, and I should say it is amazing. From the beginning (I do love conquests, of all sorts, especially when they have anything to do with DraMione) to the end, it was great.

And, honestly, Blaise and Pansy made it so much better. It would have been almost... bland (=O), if it hadn't been for them, which is surprising...

This is officially one of my favorites. =D

Author's Response: first off, let me give you a congrats for reading this in two hours lol. and im so glad that you liked it! its my fav story that i've written and i miss it so much.

and i completely agree. i definitely think blaise and pansy made it so much better. and its crazy because as the story goes on they go from being background characters to protaganists, you know? they became...necessary. and their relationship is absolutely appetizing lol!

thanks for reading/reviewing!
-WP :)

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Review #8, by yeahimcrazyCondemned with Reason: Lunch Dates and Deals

16th July 2011:
Wow, this is great. Christian seems... interesting...
Update soon. =)

Author's Response: thank you! i shall be updating sometime tomorrow or monday i think. glad that you like it!


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Review #9, by yeahimcrazyAurors vs. the Condemned: Sealing Fates and Condemnation

16th July 2011:
Ah, yay. I do love my happy endings. And a sequel too! Can't wait. =)

Author's Response: happy endings are great :)

the sequel is up so you can enjoy!

glad that you liked it!

PS. thanks for giving me my 100th review!!!^_^

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