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Review #1, by kira lovegoodCrystal Clear: The Choice

3rd November 2011:
Oh! That was quick! Poor Draco! Hermione shouldn't have yelled at him that way!
I hope they reunite soon:) Nice chapter:) Never knew Ron could be sweet! xD

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Review #2, by kira lovegoodAll it takes is Hello: Hello

31st October 2011:
That was cute! Harry was being such a sweetie:) Nice oneshot.Keep up the good work:D

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Review #3, by kira lovegoodSo Stubborn, So Mine: Refusal

26th October 2011:
Aww...that was cute! Loved it! But is this set after the war? I hope you continue this story.Also, make the next chapter a bit longer:) Keep up the good work:D

Author's Response: Thank you! I don't know if I'm going to continue... I've been asked, but I'm not quite sure yet! I was thinking of setting it after the war, and not have Ron and Harry at Hogwarts, but once again, I have no idea what I'm going to do! Thank you again. :)

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Review #4, by kira lovegoodWhat Will Happen?: And So it Begins...

26th October 2011:
Hey! That's nice story by you..Suggestions- well, try to keep your chapters longer, a bit longer, yes.Also, see that the story progresses at a steady pace- so that you give the reader enough time to understand the plot.This chapter was quick, a little shorter..other than that this is okay with me.I loved it so far:) I'll be eager to read how you continue this.Good luck!
P.S. I'm a huge draco/hermione shipper too and check out my new story called 'I hate love stories' on this site.

Author's Response: Thank you, someone to finally give me advice! Chapter two is a lot longer than this one (still not extreemly long though) and chapter three is a bit longer than that one... But what do you mean by 'slower'? Should I have more paragraphs rather than dialogue? Thanks, again :)

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Review #5, by kira lovegoodThrough Tuney's Eyes: Through Tuney's Eyes

4th October 2011:
I really enjoyed reading this chapter.The way you described Petunia's feelings as a kid was just adorable:) I loved it! You're a talented writer.Keep going:)
P.S. I would love it if you could read my new fic 'I hate love stories' and review.Thanks.

Author's Response: thanks so much! thanks for all of your reviews and I will read your story. I tried to get Petunia's jealousy into the words and according to you, it worked!

thanks so much

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Review #6, by kira lovegoodCrystal Clear: The Date

3rd October 2011:
That was just sooo...cute:) Nice chapter

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Review #7, by kira lovegoodCrystal Clear: Breakfast

3rd October 2011:
I really think there is more of Pansy than the arrogant slytherin she is.
This was really nice chapter:)

Author's Response: i'll try to keep that in mind... ;)

thanks for reading!!

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Review #8, by kira lovegoodCrystal Clear: Midnight

3rd October 2011:
A bet..that was interesting;) Loved the way you portrayed their sweet kiss.I hope there is more of Ginny/Blaise too, don't you think they'd be a nice couple?
Nice chapter:)

Author's Response: i totally agree, i love ginny and blaise together!

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Review #9, by kira lovegoodCrystal Clear: Truce?

3rd October 2011:
A great chapter again:) I enjoyed this one! Ginny and Blaise..awww that will be cute;) Dunno about Harry and Pansy.Draco and Hernione's interaction was really nice.
Off to next chapter:)

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Review #10, by kira lovegoodCrystal Clear: The Prank

3rd October 2011:
That was fun! I loved this chapter:) Parvati and Crabbe that was fun;)

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Review #11, by kira lovegoodPitch: Quidditch Pitch

2nd October 2011:
Lovely one-shot! I absolutely love the idea of Harry and Luna:) Always felt they'd be a cute couple:)

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Review #12, by kira lovegoodMaking a Difference between Differences: Prefect Rounds

30th September 2011:
Lovely chapter! I absolutely loved the way you portrayed Pansy.
I really look forward to next chapter:)
Update soon:D

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Review #13, by kira lovegoodTwisted Turns: Potions, professors and a little magic

27th September 2011:
Oh! Lovely..Draco and Hermione-they're just so cute together!! I absolutely love them and this chapter is perfect! Just can't wait to read the next chapter:) update soon.
P.S. I loved the way you mentioned Ginny/Blaise thing.

Author's Response: aww thanks kira lovegood! i reckon they r cute together, even though it wouldnt work at all. i'm so glad u like it! next chapter waiting for validation. in the meantime, pls check out my other story through tuney's eyes. thanks 4 reviewing!!

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Review #14, by kira lovegoodCrazy: What's the Point?

30th July 2011:
I really love it when Draco gets jealous:) A cute oneshot! Loved it, keep up the great work.

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Review #15, by kira lovegoodGrazed Knees: xxxi.

29th July 2011:
Ohhh...I really have no words to describe how much I love this fic.Great work again!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you! :D

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Review #16, by kira lovegoodGrazed Knees: xvii.

29th July 2011:
Again an amazing chapter! Loved it.its the best dramoine I've ever read and you are such an amazing writer..AMAZING:) Got to read your other chapters...On with the next.

Author's Response: Awh, thank you, dear, :D

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Review #17, by kira lovegoodPlease Don't Stop The Music: Please Don't Stop The Music

4th July 2011:
Aww...a cute one-shot! Loved it,make some more,may be a sequel.. keep up the good work :)
P.s. check out my first fanfic 'Harry potter and the rise of the dark' I would love to know what you think Thanks:D

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Review #18, by kira lovegoodGrazed Knees: xxvi.

4th July 2011:
I really loved this story..I've read all 26're such amazing writer! keep up the good work :)
p.s. I would love it,if you could check out my story 'Harry potter the rise of the dark' and review.Please I want to improve my writing..

Author's Response: Awh, thank you dear!
And of course! I'll definitely read and review, :) It may be a few days, but I'll definitely check it out.
Thank you much!

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Review #19, by kira lovegoodUnexpected Affection: Unexpected Affection

29th June 2011:
I loved it! Really a cute story,though it never happened in the books!! I really love them and this fic is amazing! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate it!

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Review #20, by kira lovegoodRunning: He's Gonna Get Me!!!

29th June 2011:
Hey,I've been reading some great stories here,now that I joined HPFF,I guess I can review...I am a huge Dramoine fan and I loved it!! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! Dramione forever!

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