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Review #1, by JamesSiriusPotterIINotorious: Lego House

7th September 2012:
J;ONSMDF ,Cm,. you don't just say that and stop. omg. UPDATE

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Review #2, by JamesSiriusPotterIIBang: I seriously need some new clothes.

14th August 2012:
ERMAGURD. Wut. Wut is this. JAMIE. IT'S OKAY. COME STAY WITH MEEE. WHO CARES ABOUT AIMEE?:D I totally ship Jaimee still. Dan's a bastard. But I think he should be happy with one of Jamie's many female cousins. That'd be cool. I also think Jamie should be real angry with Aimee right now so I can be like WO GO JSPII. but I don't care really. JUST UPDATE. NAO WOMAN.

Author's Response: ermagurd indeed, my little chicklet. and oooh, a fellow james potter fan ~ ack, he's my baba. i'll soon be uploading my third james the second fic... and it will be my fourth fic up here ;) dan is not a very nice bloke, i've got to admit. and i'm pretty sure james would kill someone if dan tried to get with one of his cousins. there would be blood on the floor. the update will be very soon!

ellie :) xx

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Review #3, by JamesSiriusPotterIIMe Versus You: Lucy: Desperate

13th August 2012:
GO GO GO. I want to kill Caitlin, js. and rOse. Not Callum surprisingly. Definately not poor ol scorpy and Louis. Lucy makes me pee. GO GO GO UPDATE

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Review #4, by JamesSiriusPotterIIThe Month I was a Hipster: Day 3

12th August 2012:
Update. And I like the title:P I ship Berkley/Millie. Js. Even if it is James/OC. James is MINE.:P

Author's Response: Thank you! I've been expecting some Berkley/Millie shippers (Couple name: Billie?) so I'm not surprised or one to judge! They certainly have great chemistry. And James is pretty wonderful; I love him too :)
Thanks for reading and reviewing - and for giving your input on the title :D

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Review #5, by JamesSiriusPotterIIMe Versus You: Callum: Complicated

11th August 2012:
Oo, I love this. UPDATE. UPDATE. UPDATE. Complete it. Just for me. You know. Random stranger who loves the story. But yeah.

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Review #6, by JamesSiriusPotterIILetters to L.C. : The Masquerade Ball

11th August 2012:
', HOW CAN YOU LEAVE ME HANGING LIKE THIS? wah. Update. Like now. Or face the wrath of JSPII >:D

Author's Response: Ahhh don't kill me! You won't know what happens if you do!!

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Review #7, by JamesSiriusPotterIILemonade: On Fights, Flirtations, and the Art of Being Friendzoned (and James)

11th August 2012:
Update. Nao. That is all.

Author's Response: how to the point of you :D thanks!

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Review #8, by JamesSiriusPotterIITrying not to love you: Chapter eighteen - Euphoria

6th August 2012:
You cannot leave me on this. YOU CANNOT. wut. wut. wut. WHY. just... I CAN'T FORM COHERENT SENTENCES. This has been my favourite chapter so far. GWEN. JAMES. GAMES. THE FEELS. THE SHIP. HOIUAdknmkml;Pkldl;'k. update.please. I... I... need you to.

Author's Response: Sorry d:

Thank you for reviewing! I'll try to update as soon as possible!

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Review #9, by JamesSiriusPotterIIUnspeakable: Chocolate Frogs and Dire Consequences

27th June 2012:
I really like the idea, keep it up:')

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you keep reading. We'll probably have a new chapter up reasonably soon, based on reviews and stuff. Thanks again for reviewing as well as reading.

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Review #10, by JamesSiriusPotterIITrying not to love you: Chapter fifteen - Decisions

27th June 2012:
LGHSNAJJASVAKH. I like it- its realistic that she honestly likes another guy alot:) i would love to see some more james/joshua together. The two guys she loves xD and Kat:o anyways, update soon to keep my spirits up xD

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! You'll get your wish soon d: The next chapter is almost done but as the queue is closed it'll be a few more days before I can put it there!

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by JamesSiriusPotterIIEnemies with Benefits : Too Close

24th June 2012:
Oh ma Merlin. I have missed this story so much. I will cry if you do not update soon. Do you want to make someone cry?

Author's Response: DON'T CRY!

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Review #12, by JamesSiriusPotterIISlow Metabolism: Davies and Gravies

24th June 2012:
Why has this ONLY got 30 favouriters? Its so damn good! I can't wait till Davies gets a punch in the face (metaphorically of course, hugos already done the real thing;)) by Grim and Badger. Update and till then I am going to hibernate:P

Author's Response: I DON'T KNOW MAYBE BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEVELOP PLOT ;A; welp thank you so very much, it means the world! and yes, i can't wait either haha. i have half of the next chapter written down JUST GIMME SOME TIME it'll be up soon promise!

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Review #13, by JamesSiriusPotterIILoser Like Me: Ice, Reporters and Garden Parties on the Moon.

7th June 2012:

Author's Response: Currently writing ALL the chapters!

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Review #14, by JamesSiriusPotterIISlow Metabolism: Grim and Badger

6th June 2012:
WHY U HAVE SUCH GOOD IDEAS? I love the whole basis of this story, let alone the witty humour and reality of it all. The girl isn't perfect looks wise and it makes the whole thing glitter with realism hidden in between the magic.:) this is the only story I'm following with less than 5 chapters so go go go and update! Till then I'll just imagine the next part in my head;)

Author's Response: GOOD IDEAS what pshhh nothing of the sort around here. But thank you so much, this is one of the cutest reviews I've got :') NOW I FEEL TERRIBLE FOR NOT UPDATING. *scrambles*

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Review #15, by JamesSiriusPotterIIAnd Now A Word From Our Sponsors: Ten

20th May 2012:
I absolutely adored that and the whole idea of it! The commentators, Julian, Scorp... NAWWW SCORP. He forgave her so quickly as well

Author's Response: Scorpius! He deserves a world of hugs and things. He is one of my favorite characters I've yet written, I think -- and as soon as I typed that, a flood of others entered my head, but I'll let it stand. ;) He's definitely my favorite in this story!

He did forgive her quickly, but I dunno. I just feel like he would, you know? It's a very Scorp-o thing to do. Thanks so much for telling me what you thought of this chapter. I'm glad you did -- it really does make my day, with each new review I receive! :3

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Review #16, by JamesSiriusPotterIITrying not to love you: Chapter twelve The Ugly Sticks

18th May 2012:
Awww you can't leave me hanging on such a major cliffy D: write and upload now!:'( awww jamesie- you told vicky you lurved her:3 anyways, beautiful piece of work- write more ma copine!;)

Author's Response: Haha, thanks (: I'll try to update as soon as possible!

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Review #17, by JamesSiriusPotterIIThe Time of Cupids: Masks and Magical Sprites

20th February 2012:
DOOO MOORRRE. Quicker. You took ages last time ;( I'm only saying this because this story is completely and utterly fabulosa!!:D Write. Write. Write.

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Review #18, by JamesSiriusPotterIITeam Rosius: Like, Totally!: TOTALLY Realistic Chapter

28th January 2012:
Oh dear. That made me laugh too much! I love fics like this, just to brighten my day;) Well done!

Author's Response: aw! your review brightened my day!
mille grazie

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Review #19, by JamesSiriusPotterIIThe Middle: For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic

21st January 2012:
I'm hooked so that means w.r.i.t.e. m.o.r.e., k?:D It's really good, and a good ol' next gen comedy;)

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks! And don't worry, chapter four is well on it's way.

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Review #20, by JamesSiriusPotterIILoving the killer: Kiss me or kill me?

18th December 2011:
That is such a good ideaa!! I really liked that, especially the ending(:

Author's Response: Awhh thank you ^.^

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Review #21, by JamesSiriusPotterIIIt's All Been Done!: It's All Been Done Before

30th October 2011:
Funny, weird, confusing, hysterical, but definately worth 15 minutes of my time xD

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Review #22, by JamesSiriusPotterIIFinding Dean Thomas: Falling Up

1st October 2011:
Amazing- I really liked it ;) It was awesome how you showed how normal yet how much prejudice gay people can suffer from XD It had a bit of humour too that I always enjoy :)

Author's Response: Much obliged! Thank you kindly for your time in reading the story and especially for reviewing it. I tried to give a sense of reality to what coming out can be like for some but add a little humor to boot (didn't want to oversaturate it with complete sadness, lol). Very happy you enjoyed it.

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Review #23, by JamesSiriusPotterIISnape Goes to the Store to Buy a Pickle and Some Toilet Paper: ...

28th August 2011:
Amazziiinglyyy hilarious! XD

Author's Response: OMG, thank you so much!! All of you reviewers are AMAZING!

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