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Review #1, by JesabelleBeyond the Shadow: The Rusty Bludger

11th June 2012:
May I just say, I love this story.
Its really really good.
The charicters all feel real, which is something not many people manage, and the story line is believeable. I like how it has drama and suspence, but it isnt over done and feels like something that could happen to a person.
Too many storys just delivere blow after blow, or make characters fall in love at first sight, or forgive too easly but you have managed to make the relationships and twists develope at their own pace, It makes your story so much more realistic.
Any way excited for more, and so glad it will be coming through quickly.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoy the story so much! I loved creating these characters so I'm very glad you feel they are real. I don't like stories where characters fall in love too fast either. That's why I decided to have Amy & Dillan's relationship filled with twists. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by JesabelleGirls Always Win: In which we visit Mme Puddifoots

12th April 2012:
Ida . . . Cliche?! Nah, I kind of liked it.
I love how she has a little bit of a nieve feel to, her, it reminds me of a younger sister you just want to look after : )
I dont know about for you but on my screen the banner is super blurry, anything I can do to fix that? I still have the origional photoshop file so I can change it to a better size if that will help???
Cant wait for more :)

Author's Response: Oh, yeah, I finally got the banner up! Sorry it took so long. I hadn't realised that it was blurry until now. If you could make it bigger that would be wonderful! Thanks.

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Review #3, by JesabelleLive Your Life: Flying Lessons

25th March 2012:
My God . . . Do my eyes decieve me, Another chapter. Egads! : )

I'm Glad to see more up, truely. Your story though chapters few and far between in still one of my favorites.

Right onto the good stuff, WOW go Laura. It was so good to see her stop the fighting like that, step in an sort things out, its good because it adds a nice new dimention onto her personaity and shows that though she doesnt often seam to speak up she can if she wants to . . . i like it alot.

Marian. . . dissapointed that she let Oliver ruin it for Laura, not to say im not glad that Oliver is now her teacher (nice by the way) by so fickle. I'd like to see her apoligise later for that maybe we could get to see Laura choose to stay with Oliver as her Flying coach.

I do have one thing to ask though, please dont keep Oliver out of the loop on her sickness to long, i bet you probably already have an idea about how the story is going to go, and oliver not knowing is probably a part of that but i cant help but thing how amazing it would be to see Oliver, take it on board then see the passion he would put into helping her achieve her goals. I guess I cant see the same determination from him without him knowing about her cancer.

I loved the way Heather was so supportive and pushed her to get some help with flying! i like the way their friendship is going so much. though i can imagine Heather acidently letting the truth about Laura being sick slip, Accident being the key word.

Any who, thanks for submitting more.
Cant wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: You do, you do! :D Hi! Nice to see you again! ^_^

Aww, that really made me smile!

That's what I wanted to portray of her, and I'm afraid of her characterization changing, but, as she becomes more confident in living her life, I do want her to be able to do things she wouldn't normally do. And you're right, she wouldn't normally speak up or interject herself into a conversation because she usually prefers watching, but in this special case she does it because she knows she'll lose her nerve if she doesn't ask her request as soon as possible.

Ah yes, well, don't hate her too much! Oliver Wood can be quite... infuriating. But yes, Marian makes a few appearances later on, though it's not as if she becomes a major major character, but I like her well enough to make hers a reocurring role :)

Bah, well, actually, these chapters don't leave much time in between them. The first chapter is set on Nov. 1, and this last chapter is actually only set like a week and a half later, so do remember that if it seems like it takes awhile for Laura to open up to poor 'ol Ollie! She won't be telling him before Holiday Break, but sometime after that is when I have it planned ;) I completely agree about needing Oliver to play some part in helping Laura truly Live her Life ;) Although, I don't want it to take a huge A Walk to Remember path, I'm trying to stay away from that as much as possible!

I can see that too, now that you mention it! We'll have to see what happens there and yes, Heather is trying to be as supportive of a friend as she can be! :)

Thanks so much for your lovely long review! It really made my day to see you back and continuing with Laura's story!


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Review #4, by JesabelleThe Madness That is My Life: The Madness of Having To Do Things

18th March 2012:
If this were facebook I would "like" you right now.

Author's Response: If this were facebook, I would like this review :D

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Review #5, by JesabelleSouthern Cross: Decisions and Departures

24th January 2012:
: )

I have just stumbled across your story and and a born and bred New Zealander I have to say it made me smile.

Most the time when I read work surrounding a Kiwi character I cant get past the first chapter but as you can tell that isnt the case with your story.

Your character is the first realistic betrayal of a kiwi girl I have read, you didnt go over board on the new zealand manerisms which was really brillent and made her believeable.

your New Zealand reminds me of home. it feels right the way you spoke of NZ.

PS love that you made our version of diagon ally in russle, bonus points for calling it Kororareka!

I must admit though i was hoping to see more detal about her in hogwarts. her interacting more with the kids there and everyday life, it felt like your story was over to soon : (
hey thats a god thing though, means I want more! (Please!)

Also must say that i found it cool you pictured the magic school in the north island, and northland more specifically, im from there myself and now after reading your story can completly picture it. As a kid i imagined NZ magic school would be in the south island. All that land and not as many muggles to stumble across it haha.

Any way im going to stop blabbering now.


Author's Response: Whoo, thank you!

You've read work with a Kiwi character? On HPFF? I've never seen any here in my life, but maybe I just don't look hard enough :P

I wasn't actually trying at all with the NZ mannerisms. I just wrote what came to me, it didn't occur to me whether I should include more or less "New Zealandisms" or not :P

I'm glad it reminds you of home. It reminds me of home as well, especially when I'm overseas :P Bonus points to you for knowing the name Kororareka! Seriously, how obscure can you get? :P

I kind of skipped over the Hogwarts, I know. I have so many stories set at Hogwarts and I wanted to do something different with this one, so the focus was on NZ. And the mass amounts of Henry/Adelaide shipping that came towards the end.

The South Island's a good idea, but I chose Northland for the history - the school was founded in the early days of European settlement and most Europeans were in Northland at that time, so it was me being a history geek :P

Thanks for the review! Oh, by the way, there is a sequel up - Southern Diaspora - if you want to check it out :)

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Review #6, by JesabelleGirls Always Win: In which the Claws play the Puffs

4th November 2011:
Hells Yes They Won!
Cant wait to see how James Potter reacts to that one. . . can we some more Amelie! shes my fav so far though I do love all the girls!
Clever sticking Mariah and Reit in the hospital wing togather, your sneekiness made me smile.
It would be cool to see a game from Amelie's POV as captian I would love to hear what she thinks as the game progresses. OH and more Nell! shes wicked! haha
PS Thanks for the bannor props!
PPS cant wait for more

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Review #7, by JesabelleGirls Always Win: In which we get a taste of Nell

29th October 2011:
I love Nell!
Shes awesome! an the hate relationship going on with McLaggan is cute! bet he likes her, why else would he make her come with to spy??? or get so anti when his team mate calls her cute!
I cant wait to see how you go with the game! Hope Ravenclaw wipe the feild with them!
Do i perhaps see Corner being interested in Nell??
Oh it sucks that they lost the invisibility cloak! oh well rose made up a gret excuse why she was there . . . Al really should not have trusted her.
Oh and loved that James and Al turned on Freddy so easy for losing the cloak haha Rose is sneeky! I like it!
I would love to see more of Amelie and James!!!
just saying
: )
Cant wait for more, and thanks for updating so quickly!

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Review #8, by JesabelleGirls Always Win: In which Rhet Davies acts strangely

27th October 2011:
haha once again your writing has made me smile!

I would love to see Ginny come to a Ravenclaw game and put James in his place for being so Chevanistic ?! (sorry cant remember how to spell it : ) )

When you said:
'She looks like a whore, Perry.' He says, crossing his arms over his chest. 'Did you see that boy? All that was running through his head was shag shag shag.'

'Hey!' The boy stands up from the bench from where he'd been listening. 'Donít talk about Rose that way. She's beautiful.'

'Shut up, Shoal. Youíre digging yourself a deeper hole.' Potter turns on the boy. 'And stay away from my cousin.'

IT made me laugh so much, that was such a good portrail of how I imagine james would behave!

And i loved the boys reactions calling a family meeting such a big cousin thiing to do! and punching Luthe ( Ps I love Luthe he's hilerious, and the cheekyness was perfect.)

Sooo I may have been procrastinating a bit today instead o studying for my law school exams and decided to make you a banner . . . I noticed you didnt have one and I quite like it, If you want to check it out and maybe use it untill you egt a better one, tell me some where I can send the design to.

I just figured a Kick ass story like yours needs an eye catching banner : ) not that you have to use it or anything.

Cant wait for more!


Author's Response: Thanks! I love hearing that you enjoy my story so far. I also love the fact that you've made a banner! And hey, it's fine that you avoided studying - I procastinate like crazy.
You can send the banner to me at hp-luv@hotmail(dot)com and I'll be sure to put it up as soon as possible!
In a few days the fifth chapter will (hopefully) be validated, so it's not that long a wait.

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Review #9, by JesabelleGirls Always Win: In which Amelie plans some more

23rd October 2011:
Wow, im really enjoyng your story so far. . . its clever and witty and makes me chuckle constantly. more more more : )

I do find the POV changes a little confusing maybe place the name of whos POV its going to at the point of change??? I know that would help me out, and for me, make the story flow a little cleaner.

Im excited to see what you do next. . . cant wait and I have added as a fav because I dont want to miss a chap!

I like the idea of an all girl team, and i like it even more thats its ravenclaw, perfect house to do it with!

Write more soon

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Review #10, by JesabelleLive Your Life: The Right Thing to Do

18th October 2011:
Oh no! Poor Heather, I did not see that coming! Thats terrible. Im glad she told her though and I think it fits Laura perfectly to go with her as support. Wow Heather took the news suprisingly well, no shock or disbelief or anything.
Dont let her brother die though that would just be too sad, or if you do maybe a cool scene would be laura talking to him about what its like to know your dying. Might be a good way to hear what shes thinking.
MORE OLIVER . . . Please : )
Oh and im begging you, please dont take as long again, I was wondering if you had given up!
Jess : )

Author's Response: Hi dear! Ahh my one faithful fan! :) Good to see you didn't give up on the story at least! :) It is terrible :/ It wasn't the situation I had planned, it was actually that I was going to have Heather and Michael (her boyfriend) break up, but I thought it was too trivial, and that it would weaken the scene where Laura told her she was dying so I changed it around.

I know what you mean by that, and I think the real reason I did that was because you have to remember that Laura and Heather were not good friends before, because Laura didn't let anyone in. She talked to Heather some (probably more than she did anyone else at Hogwarts) but she never allowed herself to get close to Heather because of her sickness.

That's a good idea, and I'll definitely keep it in mind... I'm undecided there now, though. I've created another subplot and it'll probably turn into another monster :P

He will be coming up! Within the next chapter I do believe (: Don't you worry!

I'm going to do my best not to do that long period of time again! I hate not writing. I haven't started Ch. 6 yet, but I'm going away for vacation for awhile and plan on starting it once I get back. (:


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Review #11, by JesabelleBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: An Expose

9th September 2011:
It was truth potion . . . nice trick there making it black kept me guessing and confused!
Hah suck on that Todd! And now theres now way they can lock up Katie! Looking forward to the next chapter!
(Happy Face)
Bravo 10/10

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Review #12, by JesabelleIt Was Always You: Trains of Thought

8th September 2011:
I really like Nott, he seams like he will be a fun charicter to read about, Jenn too. I like how as a slytherin she seams bright and happy behind closed doors. It turns the typical "slytherin" into a more believeable charicter.

Scorpius was an interesting twist to, I like seeing a side to the charicter that isnt super nice, being raised by Draco Malfoy i have always thought that people have made him to nice. I think you have done a good job with him.

I liked the bit between Ginny and Lily, it was a nice touch while reminding me that Lily and Harry still wernt quite okay, and Al metioning it gave it a more real feel to, though it has made him seem like a bit of a jerk.

Careful not to make Lily to much of a Hufflepuff with her being nice, and trying to act more slytherin though, I feel like it would be good to be reminded she is not perfect.

So we know she is getting a boyfriend, but I just though I might add that I am liking Nott as a candidate, and is that a hit of Scorpius being one as well? wouldnt that be a wrench in the plot?? I cant help but think that Lorcan would hate Scoprius more than Nott. Plus no guy is really threated by someone 2 years younger. . . they'd just scare them away.

Once again I am looking forward to more

Author's Response: You like Jenn... now. Boy oh boy, she's a Slytherin through-and-through.
I'm not trying to paint Lily as a Hufflepuff; things will change soon enough. She gets what she wants, that's the main reason she's in the house. She purposefully doesn't have many other house traits, but if you think that's an issue, let me know.
And soon enough you'll see who it is - Nott or Scorpius. I'm purposefully hanging in the thin balance between the two. ;)
~ Always

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Review #13, by JesabelleBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Oh, Them Lies

6th September 2011:
Please tell me thats truth potion! Oh and he'll blurt out the truth to the entire hall! PLEASE that would be so GOLDEN!

But shit isn't truth potion colourless! CRAP, okay now you have to post quickly so I can know . . . GAH.

Great chapter by the way, everything is so intense!



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Review #14, by Jesabelle:

24th August 2011:
Well you asked me to review again, so here i am. :)
it was great, and it was wicked that you kept the "tent" situation so innosent considering they are still young at the time. it was done well. and the awkawrdness was just right, so was them finally talking about it.
looking forward to the fourth chap :)
ps i fav'd be cause i think you writing is wicked and this story seams to be going well.

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Review #15, by JesabelleThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Bulgaria

23rd August 2011:
oh my god . . . well shit now you cant just leave us on a cliffy like that! be fair, post soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Hehe, I'm sorry about that, I am a horrible cliffhanger adict and can't do anything about it. I'll try to update soon!

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Review #16, by JesabelleTurning the Tables: You Can Take Everything I Have

23rd August 2011:
Hello again,
great chapter as always. I loved that coco finally told james that bullying her wasnt okay, especially how she cornered him about that being what he was apoligising for, he needed it I think.
And it was time that Dom realised ditching them wasnt okay, but so glad they forgave so easily.
OMG what horrible little cows! though I did have a feeling they would do something like this. Cant wait for Dom and the boy's reactions, I want tyson to smack someone! and Roxy I cant help but think she will be the one to go after coco, while heer friends deal with it. HA McGonagall cant not realise why she left and why she hit freddy now! cant see her saying anything though, aybe she will just be nicer to coco now???
love that they went looking for the room of requirement! made me chuckle.
Venurable Dom is good, but only because she has no idea how untrue it all is. and def not to dramatic, it was just right, and coco running out was good, noone would stay. if anything i cant help but think this wil give her more friends then loose them, maybe remind fred just how mean to her they were . . . james to though i think he;s already begining to realise that.
Is it bad that i want a confrontation with baily??? i want someone to knowck some sense into that girl. I like the subtle Scorp likeing Rose hint with Tyson being so suprised.
okay im going to stop blabbering noe :)
im excited for more

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm ecstatic you liked the chapter. James and Coco's conversation was something that took me a while to finish up, I edited it about a hundred times to get it just right, because I really think it's a crucial part in the story.

Yes Tyson and Wyatt aren't the greatest grudge holders, especially when Coco's threatening them so they couldn't stay TOO mad at Dom. She still is one of their best mates.

Madison and Elise are definitely cows. They did a really awful thing. I don't think Tyson will punch someone because he's a bit shocked by the whole thing. You might be close with your assumption on Roxy ;) And McGonagall will definitely come into play the chapter after next I'm pretty sure.

I loved righting the RoR part! I thought it seemed just like something that would happen to them.

I'm glad you liked vulnerable Dom, even if she made only the slightest of appearances. And I'm really happy you didn't think the chapter was too dramatic. I was very worried about that.

A confrontation with Bailey I do have written, I just have to wait a while until I can include it in a chapter. Coco is not yet strong enough to approach Bailey on her own, and Bailey for sure is not going to approach Coco, so we have to wait for Coco to become stronger.

I like your thoughts on my little hint with Rose and Aidan. You're on the right track but shh don't tell anyone!

Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely review, I'm really happy you liked the chapter, and more shall come!

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Review #17, by JesabelleIt Was Always You: New Year's

22nd August 2011:
hey, so I'm really likeing your story so far and figured seeing as im your first review i should give you a nice long one :).
You have a nice wrting style that makes your storys easy to read and get caught up in. Congrats, most storys I begin to read then stop half way through the first chapter because the writing doesnt sound real enough, but with yours I found myself wanting to read more. :)
Im really looking forward to seeing where you take this, hope I'm not waiting too long.
I loved the dynamic between Lily and Lorcan, especially the bit at the end where I thought they were about to kiss but didnt, very clever.
Great idea too with having Lily in slytherin and not Albus like most stories have, and not actually having Lorcan at hogwarts is a nice touch and a good change up from most stories.
Nice twist wiht having Harry so upset with Lily over being in slytherin, I can see it becomeing a fun thing for you to play with later on.
Hope i get to read more soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! It means the world to me that you reviewed. There's a very specific reason Harry has to be upset with Lily, and that's all I'll say for now. ;)
The fourth chapter will introduce a whole new aspect to the Lily/Lorcan dynamic! I really hope you keep enjoying the story so much, and please please PLEASE feel free to review again!

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Review #18, by JesabelleThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Illness

16th August 2011:
NO! God I hope they get disqualified for that crap with the feather! they cant be out of the tourni!!! they just cant! Great chapter, cant wait for more.
NO! Dont let them get away with it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I'm glad that you're so passionate about this haha! Don't worry, I'll do my best to have it pass all of your expectations, and I'm working hard to have it pop out soon!

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Review #19, by JesabelleBadgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve: Birth of a Hero

10th August 2011:
Holy shit . . . look at that, easy way out though, there is such a thing as truth potion, may we add a little to the equation and get out lovely Katie out of trouble! pretty please! How could Scorp possibly trust that ass over Katie, its crazy! not to mention he just destroyed her wand so now last spell spell to prove her innosence. Dam why couldnt indi have come back as a ghost just to say a big screw u to the jerk, god I would if I could.
great chapter though,
cant wait for more, please dont keep us waiting to long.

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Review #20, by JesabelleTurning the Tables: It's Been a Really Really Messed Up Week

2nd August 2011:
another great chapter :)
it was a really natural way of not having much of Dom, you didnt seam to just cut her off which is so good, but her not being around felt real, especialy considering it was the guys who brought it up and the fact the guys were feeling the same way.
the james part was good too, he was a bit nervous, which made it really realistic. i live with boys over the summer as a life guard and being the only girl there i get to know them prettu well, so i often notice when male charaters say or do something that isnt right, but this was perfect.
couldnt halp but have my girl brain thinking . . . of all things THAT is what your apoligising for . . . not the bullying her right out of school?!
But at the same time thats just what a guy would do.
I cant help but think that a scene where James is confronted by Tyson would be perfect, a little bit of boy chat where James is forced to actually think about how bad he treated her. Tyson would be the right one to do it to because it just seams that he is so much closer with Coco. He could talk to James honestly and not yell just be honest.
Is it terrible that i just want Roxy or someone to catch Coco crying in a broom closet or something after something bad happens (which i feel like Elise and Madison are about to impliment with that naughty peices of paper!) I think it would be a big turning point.
as always loving your work, and i cant wait for more

Author's Response: Ah yay, you liked it!

It makes me happy that you think the whole Dom fading away bit is natural :) I didn't want it to seem like she was suddenly gone, because I didn't think that would be very realistic, but there's definitely a gap in the friendship nowadays.

The James part was actually really fun to write. I find it easier to write from the male perspective a lot of the time, because I only have one best friend that's a girl, and then all of my other best friends are guys, so I just write what I think they'd do and such. Hah and James is very stupid apologizing for that instead of everything else. But I figured he's a guy and guys barely own up to things as is, so he would only apologize for the smallest part if that makes sense.

I've actually never thought about having a James/Tyson scene. That could be an interesting idea... Something along those lines might end up happening if it fits in with the other plans I have.

And no it's not terrible that you want someone to see Coco crying. Something like that might happen, if all goes badly (which knowing Coco it probably will), but I won't let you know too much ;)

Thank you for loving my writing and leaving an amazing review!

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Review #21, by JesabelleOnce There Was A Darkness: Year Two: Chapter Thirty-Two: Mudblood

1st August 2011:
No! i thought one of them might get pertified but it still sucks! poor Jacob he must feel so guilty even though it isnt his fault, i know i would just because she was my friend.
great chapter, lots of drama, and lots of info. eveb more hints about Jacob being sick. I just want shi to confront him and get the truth. she needs to know or its going to hurt so much more in the long run. they need time to accept it and i think he needs to let them in.
cant wait for more as always.
you writing was brillent.

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Review #22, by JesabelleThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Christmas Time

1st August 2011:
OH! I love that Jaz and Matt are togather! makes me soo happy! and that was so cute that Sirius gave her a promise ring, cue the awws from the crowd.
i like the part about James's mum yelling for them to wit to give her sirius's xmas prezzie, and the gifts from the other teams were a wonderful idea, it shows how much every one loves Kylie and how awesome a character she is. :)
eep Germany! that is going to be the best match ever! I cant wait!
Glad they have so much support from the other teams!
i do wish Matt didnt push her away at the party though i know its what most guys do, hell its what my guy friends do, but when i make them talk after alot of tequlia they allways feel better for it, though it did work out okay from him in the end. poor remus, oh well he'll have Tonks :)
Excited for more! (as always)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Yes, the love triangle has finally become a love... line. Sirius and Kylie weren't quite ready to tie the knot or anything that extreme, so I figured that this is pretty sweet of him to do! James's mom is just one of those people, you know, and all of the other teams really want to show their support for the underdog. Which, in this case, is Hogwarts.
Germany is going to be a lovely doozie of a team, they are!
Matt may be a guy, but sometimes, even guys need that one person they need to confide in as desperately as possible. And that person, in this instance, was Kylie. And you're right - Remus shall have Tonks!

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Review #23, by JesabelleThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Moscow Midnight

19th July 2011:
OHHH, great chapter.
Bryson is so awesome he is one of my fav characters. im glad she didnt hate him for being gay, i never thought she would but still, Cant help but think Sirius wil be happy about this little revilation . . . i thought the entire time that Bryson was secretly pining for her and though i like that idea, this was better, i hope she and bryson become closer because of it.
Poor Matt, i love remus but Jazz needs to realise matt is the one for her and it sucks that hes hurting so much . . . i hope Kylie makes her see that she loves him too, becasue matt is to good a guy to not get the girl he loves.
Great work by the way on Jazz and Matts background story, with his mum and all, it gave their charaters more depth and showed just why he loved her.
cant wait for more

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Kylie really can't hate anyone for something as small as that - I mean, the way she sees it, he's still Bryson. He just liked guys in the same way she does. Sirius (and the others of the team) won't find out about this for a while - Bryson does have a point. Guys tend to be less accepting of things like this than girls. I decided a while back that Bryson was going to swing the other way, so sorry for tricking you with the whole Kylie red herring.
I will try to resolve the love trianlge as neatly as possible, though we'll just have to see how that goes! Remus does get Tonks in the end, so that's probably the important part... Hopefully I'll manage to do it in a satisfying way!
We never really got to know (until now) WHY Matt had feelings for Jaz, just that he did, so I figured that now may as well be the time to do it! I hope you enjoyed it!

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Review #24, by JesabelleThe Time of Cupids: Pool Parties and Tousled Beds

15th July 2011:
so this has been a fav story of mine for a while but i realised i never review so her we go:
Its good seeing the story from james's point of view, i get he got mad during the argument but i hope he realises how horrible this is for vic too. it would bee cool for him to think about that.
I almost dont want him to know whta he said up in his dorm, i like him not knowing but realising what ever it was that it hurt her.
Also love how he hates austen, and i know its mean but i would like to see her try with austen (maybe they could agree to pretend to be togather so she can piss off james as much as he did with that slytherin) and it drive him completely bonkers! (laughs evilly) show him what hes missing you know.
i would love to see des try talk it through with james or maybe see Teddy talk to him in kindif a big brother role.
and vic, i cant wait to see her reaction to nearly being with james.
any way im blabing, cant wait for more, please dont keep me waiting for to much longer

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Review #25, by JesabelleLive Your Life: Finding Her

10th July 2011:
It was good to hear about Oliver but I am curious still to know what she saw in her dorm!!
No Oliver, dont stop being interested in her! :( screw your ruddy broomstick and notice Laura, shes awesome!! ... Oh and I love how other people know she has a secret, especially her dorm mates. I think it will be so good when she tells them, bring them closer togather hopefully!
I really want her to find a girl that she lets in and becomes friends with. She deserves a good friend.
I do wish Heather said more about what she thinks about Laura, it would have been nice to know what others think of a character which I like so much.
As always your writing was so good, sometimes when I am reading chapters I notice how people have worded sentences and find myself thinking they could have done it better which messes up the flow of the story, but with your writing it never happens ... it draws me in and hooks me into your story line. :)
Brillent as always and im looking forward to more.
please dont keep me waiting long! haha

Author's Response: Hehe, well you'll just have to be patient! ;) I'm working on Chapter Five now, and I'll try to have it posted before I leave for two weeks on Monday!

He is kind of stupid isn't he? Stupid boys... don't know what they have even if it's right in front of them T_T *mutters darkly* Sorry, that got a little personal haha.

I'll set to work at finding Laura a best friend that's a girl, don't worry! I was thinking of using Heather at first, but maybe my muse will create someone new, yeah? She does need a girl best friend, I completely agree.

And thank you so much, that's so nice to hear :)

Thanks for reviewing and reading, as always ;)


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