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Review #1, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverArabesque: Of the Death of a Loved One and Isabella the Unfortunate

7th January 2012:
oh oh i found a way to post the video! (hi, remember me, chapter 18 review? haha)

its at a tumblr site with the beginning url as "pointeintherightdirection"

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Review #2, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverArabesque: Of The Long Anticipated Ball and Long Anticipated Battle

6th January 2012:
i LOVE this story so far:) dramione is my favorite couple and the story fits so well with my life since ive recently started learning ballet!

In order to show my appreciation for your hard work, I have made a video based on your story. Unfortunately you can't see it on youtube because of copyright issues with the songs I used:(

If i find a way to get it to you (email maybe?) or you know of a way that'll be awesome

Anyway you're a great writer, do keep writing stories!=)

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Review #3, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverDelicate: Call Me Mum

31st December 2011:
OMGOMG THAT WAS AWESOME!! im not even a rose/scorpius shipper and this is the first nextgen ive read but i love it! it was great!:DD the only person who seemed a bit out of character was draco - but that's probably because i always think the best of him haha XD nicely done, i applaud your ability to write an entire novel! its speaks to the masses of us who are trying to do the same *grins sheepishly in embarrassment by my recent neglect of pen and paper*

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Review #4, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverDelicate: It Can't Get Any Worse...Right?

27th December 2011:
Yeah, so far it seems to me that Scorpius clearly doesn't like Dom, she needs to wake up and smell the Roses ... pun intended XD

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Review #5, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverHardboiled: Hardboiled

20th December 2011:
hahahaha this is great!!! hilarious, actually!! so what, is ron just playing along with the fantasy or did hermione modify his memory or something? haha so good XD

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Review #6, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverBeautiful Lies: Hormones

20th December 2011:
ahahaha this is so good loll

Author's Response: Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it so much :)


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Review #7, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverThe Time I Kissed Draco Malfoy: Lemons and Liquorice

2nd November 2011:
*sigh of utter longing for Draco* god i love him XD

Author's Response: As do I:)
thanks for reading!

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Review #8, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverThe Sweet Smell Of Raspberries: Of Sniffing

2nd November 2011:
Okay, there are no "scenes of a sexual nature" in this. you might want to remove that because people might skip over it thinking it's more inappropriate than it really is. There aren't even "scenes of a mild sexual nature."

Author's Response: HermioneBellaDracosLover,

You are so awesome. I might go change that eventually. Though, I think just the story might scare people off. . .

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Review #9, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverYou Speak to Me in Riddles: I

6th June 2011:
THIS IS SO COOL. I have NEVER seen a story written in the second person before. and nicely done too! I've always wanted to try writing like this.

Author's Response: Thank you :) this is one of the rare "I like the second person POV" reviews, so thanks so much! And you should try it, it's surprisingly easy to do.

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Review #10, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverhoney.: ron

5th June 2011:
Oh my god. Actual writing, like with actual quality, and actual correct grammar, and actual style and descriptive language. Not to mention the twisted, guileful plot line wonderfully portrayed within the span of only a few hundred words. This is not a sight one sees on fanfiction websites every day. Well done, my friend. Well done.

Author's Response: You have no idea how much this review rocks my world. Seriously. Makes me glad to be alive. And to have written this story. Thank you so much for the lovely review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #11, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverThe Gains Offset The Losses: 14. Hermione

5th June 2011:
this is frikin ahmazzinngg! i think you're beginning to manage to combine the two common dramione themes: draco being vulnerable and seeking solace in hermione and draco being a complete git and seducing hermione. nice job, cant wait to read more! :)

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Review #12, by HermioneBellaDracosLoverUnforgivable: Confession

24th May 2011:
I think there should be a prequel to this story!

Author's Response: Ah, I'm not really sure on what exactly I'd write for that, though, so.
Thank you!

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