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Review #1, by MyMyMissA Pinch of Lovage: Of Malfoys and Mudbloods

24th March 2014:
wow hun - I just want to say that I really like your writing style and this story! &hearts Reading on (: x

Author's Response: Thanks! ...I really need to get back to writing it :)

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Review #2, by MyMyMissDominique Weasley, Unspeakable Extraordinaire : Prologue: And so it begins

18th March 2014:
whoa, like Dom Weasley - working as a researcher or for one I should say lol that's unreal, must take after her Auntie lol.

You really set the scene nicely with the story! I love how you portrayed Dom as different, generally the main characters of Next Gen fics that I read are all about the girls/guys being the super one's the ones that can do no wrong, and this one Dom admits to being slightly odd, almost saying that she knows she's not perfect! And I like that about this story!

I really think you have a lot of potential here with this, and I can't wait for an update! Keep up the good work hun (:



Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yep, I wanted to make sure that Dom wasn't a perfect person (Actually in this story, all of Bill's kids are super nerdy in some ways)

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Review #3, by MyMyMissWendy's story (Prev. Destined): Job Hunting-Prolouge

18th March 2014:
Hey hun, I really liked the plot you have going here for your story! It show's a lot of potential for this!

If I could recommend one thing, it would be to perhaps try to add more detail. You currently have a lot of speech and conversation going on, but you need a lot more detail to make the story sort of whole. You need to explain things, what they feel like, how they taste, what does she see when she wakes up, is her hair frizzy? Does she have morning breath? etc.etc. I think that would be nice, because at the moment there is just a lot of talking happening, and no real vision.

Apart from that though, I love the character of your OC, I havent' seen any stories where they go job hunting, so I am very ingriuged as to where you're headed with this story!!

good luck hun, and keep up the great work!!


Author's Response: Thanks! I really thought no one was reading,so its great to know at least someone was reading! I will try that... (",)Thanks again!

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Review #4, by MyMyMissNew Rules: Going Back

18th March 2014:
"Knock it off, Hermione," she thought - this line here hun, until you read the she thought to herself, actually looks like it's a speech because you have the " marks. Try italic-ing this line without speech bubbles, and it will be easier to read! (:

You have a really nice story going on here, I especially love reading Twins/Hermione I think they're an amazing couple! Even as friends they're great! But anyway, I like the stories plot line, you seem to have it down pat and have the idea creatively in your head of what you want to happen which is great!

I would only suggest perhaps a better, it drags on in a few places, but apart from that you have a great little story here!

Keep up the good work hun!



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Review #5, by MyMyMissSeducing The Boss: The Bet

18th March 2014:
Hey hun, I'm here to review your awesome story!

For a start love the cliche, the whole bet thing really, really gets me! I love reading stories when people have placed bet's - excluding next gen of course.

Your plot seem really awesome, and your descriptions are great but considering this is your first fanfic, I have a few suggestions

1: Try not to use ~ those to break up your paragraphs, instead try placing there ~*~ in the middle of your page, you can check out my story losing your way, if you need to understand what I mean.

2: There's were quite a few spelling errors in this part of the story, nothing major but more like words left out, for e.g. 'Yeah I agree with Hannah. I could see you together." chuckles. Hermione rolled her eyes.' should be Blaise Chuckles, there are quite a few like this so you should possibly proof read it or ask for a beta :)

Apart from those thou you have a fantastic story, I know I'd take a bet for chocolate ;)

Keep up the great work! Can't wait to read more!!



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Review #6, by MyMyMissUnspoken Memories: The first memory

18th March 2014:
wow just wow - A violent Ron? I have never pictured him that way, but everything you just explained makes complete sense, being the 'sidekick' per-say would drive anyone to an unstable way eventually, but Ron - wow, I never, ever thought of him like that.

I really enjoyed reading this, the consistent flow of the story was great, as was Hermione's characterization, I feel Draco may be a little OOC but that's okay too! I don't mind reading OOC/AU stories, I actually really enjoy reading them, just be careful not too make him characterization too unbelievable or stray from his natural character too much!

Apart from that great story, can't wait for an update! Keep up the good work!



Author's Response: Yeah, as much as I love Ron, I thought i would make him a dark character. Just for this story though!

And don't worry, Draco will still have his arrogant streak and prideful ways about him in later chapters.

Thanks for reading and thanks for a lovely review! I'll post the next chapter up soon! :)

LilyMae x

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Review #7, by MyMyMissAs the World Ends: As the World Ends

18th March 2014:
Your first line ' I am just not okay anymore' really set the scene for this amazing story! I really enjoyed reading your OC emotions.

I felt like I could connect as a reader to these characters, not only while reading this, but I feel that you connected as a writer as well. Your writing was exceptionally amazing, the way you told the story with the raw, deep emotion and without using speech was absolute brilliance!

I enjoy reading stories that require no speech, because it shows that you don't need speech or conversations within a story for it to be a great story. And you wrote a piece just like that,

well done, keep up the good work!



Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! I am so pleased that you enjoyed this!

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Review #8, by MyMyMissAll Over Again: The Beginning Of The End

18th March 2014:
Aww wowm I really liked the plot and creativity you have going here. Obviously there will be cliche's due to being Dramione, but I love how Hermione is afraid to talk to Ron and vis-versa, because they know it's over, I think it's destined that Hermione and Ron would one day split so I like to read stories like this, however I also believe that they should be together lol so I'm a half/half lol.

Anyway I feel like Ginny as a character is slightly OOC at the moment, I think she would accept that it was over between Hermione and her brother but I also feel that she would have more to say being the strong minded women that she is.

Anyway can't wait to read more!

Keep going hun!


Author's Response: Thank you!!!
I actually wrote Ginny's response much stronger at first, but then decided she was going to keep her response simple, partly because she knew there wasn't anything left to say, and partly because her mind was preoccupied with something else in the next chapter.
Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #9, by MyMyMiss15 Years Later: Birthday Morning

18th March 2014:
Aww wow hun, This was such a lovely little one shot I really enjoyed reading it!

I loved how you have already given small personalities to each of the Potter children. Albus, the quiet shy one, Lily the outspoken, playful one and James the want's everything now one ;) lol it was great to see how you turned usual characterizations into something completely unique and different.

I love how you referenced that Harry thought Lily was destined to play Quidditch like her Mother especially since she is only 5! I thought that was a really nice thing to put in there!

Keep up the good job! Can't wait to read more from you and this story!



Author's Response: Oh my goodness! Thank you for the kind review! It took a while for me to write, because I did want to make sure I got all of the children's personalities right. James was the easiest to write, since he seems to be most like his Uncle Ron. Thanks, again! I am hoping to post the next chapter within the next few days! Check back soon!

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Review #10, by MyMyMissCold: Why me?

18th March 2014:
'?First' should be a " to begin with.

Anyway wow - just wow! this story, with every chapter just keeps setting the scene for the next part of this adventure! I really loved how you made Harry explain everything, and how you keep casting silence charms, etc.etc. I think that's a really important part about being an aurora and A lot of people always forget to be so careful about being careful when they write their characters. Especially Auora's they're trained to be careful so of course they'll take every precaution! I really like that you keep adding the safety behind their training, it's a must have and I'm glad you've got that.

I didn't lose interest in this chapter, which is unusual because chapter 2 of things generally have me bored and clicking the 'x' but after the battle is over I'm going to continue following this story it has an amazing set up and a awesome plot a head! I can see that coming, which is amazing.

I can't wait to rad more about these venators?


-review blackout.

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Review #11, by MyMyMissCold: The Assignment

18th March 2014:
'Hermione wished to curse him, teaching him to respect the significant' ohmy god I absolutley loved this line, She never forgave him for his wrong doings and now she has to live with him as his 'fake' girlfriend. Poor Hermione!

Anyway, I adore the way you wrote this, I thought the first chapter was a great introductory for further chapters - the suspense of what will be coming next will be unbelievable. As you read this, you can see clearly what Hermione has to do, and living with Draco is not something she want's to do, but it's her moment to shine and do something! I loved that!

I also thought your characterization was amazing! You keep it consistent through the whole first chapter and I love when people do that, I struggle and stray from path a little lol so I am guilty of that, but you nailed it!



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Review #12, by MyMyMissRemembered: Remembered

18th March 2014:
The curse was broken omg! so glad Everyone finally could see Ariel, and her Father and Mother pfft, what would you even call family to that? Seriously.

But the bravery she showed by taking that curse for Harry! oh my god, she saved him! I loved the characterization of your OC here, I thought it was an amazing story to read! I love how you described the battle in little detail but you could still see everything that you wrote it was all there.You could see it so clearly, and I thought that was great!!

I really liked the premise of the story as well as the build up, and the creativity behind your plot.

Great story!



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Review #13, by MyMyMissYou Are My Sunshine: Ariana

17th March 2014:
oh wow I can't believe you only have 1 review on this story! I am def going to recommend it over at the forums later! because this was incredible!!

I love reading underloved/very rarely mentions characters because we don't know much about them which gives the writer the chance to explore new area's of that characters and their personality, and the feel of their characters.

I really felt like you as a writer, connected really well with what you wrote here. It was beautifully written, and exceptionally deep. So little words and yet I understood everything with all the emotions you wrote into this.

Amazing story hun! You should write more like these, I think! Short, quick and yet full of perfection! You're amazing!!


-blackout review.

Author's Response: Hello!

Aw, that's so sweet! I love writing for under appreciated/under written characters because, as you said, I get to explore so many things that are part of canon but still aren't.

Oh thank you so much! I'm glad you got everything, because I was a little worried what with the word limit that readers wouldn't, so that's great!

Thank you so much! I'm thinking of focusing on one-shots since they get such great reception, so thank you so much for this wonderful review!


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Review #14, by MyMyMissMyrtle: Myrtle

17th March 2014:
Aww this part was so sad!

'I can't remember.

A single milky tear runs down my cheek.'

I was like aww no Myrtle, don't cry! :'( I was actually really impressed that you branched out threw this story, I've recently read a Myrtle story that I loved, and this one follows closely behind it, because the both of you explored another world and took the spiritual realm into another language altogether!

Your writing is very descriptive, I felt as though I was watching a movie with subtitles, that's how clear your detail was! I was really impressed with that!

'My books kept me company. I never sought anyone else. I had a boyfriend. My very first.' the first thing I thought when I read this was wow - a younger but technically older version of Hermione! I really liked the unique lengths you took with this!


-blackout review battle.

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Review #15, by MyMyMissRecipe for Disaster: A Recipe for Disaster

15th March 2014:
forty two years and she's calling in sick? gosh she really did love her job :P lol

Well another brilliant story! The descriptions of the Kitchen being a mess and Albus being awake at 3am and Minerva was incredible!

The characterization's especially of Minerva and her aggression was perfect. The pace and flow were great throughout the entire story, you didn't falter or drag things on, and stop abruptly with something and leave us clueless, everything was answered and it was nice to see that!

I love how she instantly thought it was the twins!! that was priceless, typical Fred and George get the blame for all mishap and misfortune and they would indeed ruin a kitchen ! lol not to mention the level of sarcasm you wrote in this story, was awesome! lol


-Blackout review battle 13/20

Author's Response: Yeah, she probably deserve a day off after that long, don't you think?

I'm so glad you liked this! It really was a fun story to write, and I don't know why it took me so very long to finish it. I had a lot of fun describing the events that were happening at 3 AM. hehehehe

I love the twins, so I HAD to throw them in there somewhere, especially since I usually am writing about them, so I knew people would assume it anyway. Call it a red herring if you will, but it made the surprise all the more exciting.

Thanks for reading! Glad it gave you a good laugh.

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Review #16, by MyMyMissLest We Forget : Lest We Forget

15th March 2014:
holly cow! you just made me cry!

Your writing style is incredible! you should really consider writing a book and getting it published! You're amazing!

I love how you described the old age of Molly and the five story burrow home, everything was described brilliantly! I loved, loved, loved the ending! Speaking to the deceased is never a bad thing and I thought it was really cool that you threw it in there!!

The D&M between Molly and George was what made me cry though, and knowing that he had spent more time with Fred dead then he had spent with him alive was just gut wrenching!! I never thought of it like that! but it was brilliant!

great work! defs going in my favs, and you as an author!!


-blackout battle 12/20

Author's Response: And now I've made you cry. Oopsie. Sorry for that! Well, kinda, but not really, because I'll also take it as a compliment that this story made you feel.

Writing a book? Wow, thanks for the compliment! Maybe someday, but for now I'm content to play with fanfiction. But thanks so much for saying so!

I don't deal well with the fact that Fred died. In fact, my usual approach to it is to ignore it completely. But one day this story just demanded to be written. And that line you mention, about George eventually reaching a point where he had lived longer without Fred than with him was the whole catalyst for this story.

Thanks so much for the review and the favorite! You are a wonderful reviewer!

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Review #17, by MyMyMissBow, Begin.: Bow, Begin.

14th March 2014:
oh Founders me like! Me liked very much.

Once again your characterization of a underloved (know very little of) character was beautiful! I love how you're taking all these character's and making them something unique, something no one ever dares to venture into, and your challenging that, and you can see that through your unique writing style! You really are a talented writer!

I love how you can go from writing this day and era to that day and era with the difference between word changes, that really show's how strong of a writer you really are!

I loved the character within Godric, not the usual something I would read with him in it, yelling at Salazar, or courting rowena/helga no this time it was much different, he was caring, sweet, confused, and loving two. Almost like something from king henry II in reign! I adored this story so much.

Adding to favorites!


-blackout review 7/10

Author's Response: You've flattered me so, so much with all these reviews on my stories, so thank you! I'm sorry I've taken so long to reply, but I just keep looking at them and not knowing what to say...

I'm really pleased you liked the way I switched the writing style to fit the time period! I definitely don't claim it's an accurate portrayal but I did my best with the language to make it feel older. You're so sweet, thank you!

Godric was really enjoyable to write about, and I'm surprised by how many people got on board with the Godric/Helena pairing, despite it not being canon and different to usual pairings in this era.

Thank you for this wonderful review!

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Review #18, by MyMyMissAunt Muriel's Last Stand: Aunt Muriel's Last Stand

14th March 2014:
Fred and George! Omg I just had to read this! I adore the twins, but with your descriptions I wanted to see if you'd stick true to their character and you didn't disappoint, not that I doubted you. lol

' Typical Weasley.' I loved this line, I was like yes! All the Weasley's always tried to laugh, even in the dull moments of their lives they tried to laugh as to not show that they weren't too upset about their wealth or their family, it was a good line to throw in there I think! Aalso with fred and george around I suppose there really never was a dull moment in the Weasley household lol

Anyway I think you pulled a really nice - another really nice I should say lol piece together. I loved the characterization of the twins, you stayed true to their nature even at such a young age,I loved how Ron told Ginny that she'd never play quidditch cause girls don't play quidditch! In your face Ronald Weasley lol.

I kind of feel sorry for Aunt Muriel though lol in a way, all they ever did was pick on her, even j.k. rowling picked on her in her books lol and great-aunt tessy! haha those Wweasley kids really disliked their distant cousins hahaha

great job!! Again lol


-blackout review 6/10

Author's Response: Hi again!

Writing this was quite scary for me because even though I'd had the idea for a long time, I never try writing so many major characters at once and writing all the Weasleys together at once was so scary!

Haha it was really fun to write though, and I'm really pleased that you like the characterisation of Fred and George! And I couldn't resist putting in that line that Ron says to Ginny, because it's something I can imagine him saying and I was thinking happily about her proving him wrong :P

I did feel a little bit sorry for Muriel writing this, but then again, she's really quite nasty, so she kind of brings it on herself...

Thank you!

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Review #19, by MyMyMissYou. (Me).: You. (Me).

14th March 2014:
Omg the suspense! and in such a short story, you had me on the edge of my seat and then you were like Victoire and Teddy I was like OMG no way?really. I thought lily and James, not two next gen characters!

Wow, beautifully written story hun, and the suspense! omg, your descriptions were amazing, I could vision this goddess - to put it in words, and she was gorgeous, all I could see were beautiful hair, perfect face, slim figure, you name it this girl had it, and then it was teddy and poor teddy was in love with her, not that he doesn't get her but you know lol.

I really liked that we also got to see some of Teddy's emotions, he'd been threw so much as a child, I think even though you were conveying happiness you also got through a little of his sadness, becuase we all knew he grew up without his real parents, and I always think of that as I read a teddy story, and now that I can read back over it and add that on it - seeing I now know who it is, I can see a little sadness sin there with his happiness, and his vision that he's giving the reader.

Great job!


-blackout review 5/20

Author's Response: Ah, that's exactly the reaction I was hoping for with this story! I deliberately didn't mention any names because I wanted the reader to guess who it was, and it was really interesting - you're the first person to say that you thought it was Lily and James, which is great!

I'm so happy you liked the descriptions! I really wanted to use a lot of imagery since this was such a short piece, and I'm pleased you could imagine what she looked like too!

Yes, I always think that some part of Teddy would have retained that sadness, no matter how much love he had from family and friends who were left to care for him. So I wanted to portray a hint of that in this story and it's really great you could find that here. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Teddy's perspective too!

Thanks for the wonderful review!

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Review #20, by MyMyMissThe Signing: The Signing

14th March 2014:
Your first lines, and your summaries for that matter are always what drag me into read your stories! Generally I look for the pretty banner, and think wow that's nice i'll read that story, but your descriptions in those first lines and even paragraphs are just absolutely mind blowing! You really get the readers attention with those!!

Fifteen deaths, like wow, not only beautiful writing but also amazing to think of the emotions pouring through these poor families!

How do you write stories with no talking or conversations among people! It's amazing the way you do this! Seriously it is! I love how you take all the underloved characters (padma and turn their lives into your own work. I love how you take their characters - as we know little about them being minor characters, and make them something special something different to other people's normal perspective of under loved characters.

I love your characterization of Barty and the enormous amount of pressure and stress he is under with his major title and the duties he needs to do! Great job!

I really wish I was as good as you!! *gross sobbing*


-blackout review 4/20

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad that my summaries and first lines are enough to draw you into my stories! I always think I'm awful at summaries and openings so I'm really pleased you like them!

I think most of the time I don't realise I haven't put any dialogue in the story - it's not necessarily something that I do purposefully, but more something that arises from the situation the characters are in. I love taking the lives of minor characters and adding more depth to them.

I'm glad you liked the characterisation of Barty, too! And, aw! ♥ You're so sweet, thank you so much - but your stories are fantastic!

Sian :)

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Review #21, by MyMyMissFluxweed: Fluxweed

14th March 2014:
'A full moon hung low in the sky, bathing the ground in silvery light' Instantly drawn in withe the first line which is always great!!

I really liked the descriptions, as always, you have captured the moments perfectly and really laid out the perfect scenery and visula needed when reading a story.

I had never thought of padma/draco even talking let alone meeting and her vanishing his project, I had a little giggled as I love underloved characters with any cannon character no matter what they play s (lovers, friends enemies etc.) I think, also, just an idea that this could lead to a short story? Just an idea. Maybe expand it a little and add more between the two, I think that would be really awesome, especially with the writing you describe and how brilliantly you draw your reader in instantly!

I'm sad that she didn't get her fluxweed though, the poor thing! they went through so much with those carrows, and you explained that awesomely too, how wicked and evil they truly were.

excellent work again, going to read more from you!!


-Blackout 3/20.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm so happy the first line of the story managed to draw you in - it's great that the description was able to do that!

This story was actually written for a Gryffie challenge, and Padma and Draco were two of the characters that I had to include from a list, which is how they ended up together. I'd never pictured them having a conversation before either, to be honest, but I'm glad you thought this worked. I imagine that they must have spoken at some point, since the school is so small. It would definitely be interesting to expand this, now you mention it!

I know it was a pity she didn't manage to find it, but I'm glad you liked the way I portrayed the evilness of the Carrows!

Thank you so much for this lovely review!

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Review #22, by MyMyMissPrefect selection: Meeting with the Headmaster

14th March 2014:
Hi hun, here for blackout again.

OMG, what is with your writing? why are you so good? You always have such a good writing description, everything you just wrote had me taking back with your perfectness.

Your way of writing the scenery is amazing, I always feel like I am there sitting in the room watching people, or watching a triwizard tournament. You are seriously amazing!

I really like that this story, is center around the prefects. Wwe have never heard much of how the prefects are selected, nor have I seen anything similar to this, so 10/10 for the plot and creativity!!

Kepe up the good work!


blackout - 2/20

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Review #23, by MyMyMissMistletoe Revenge: Chapter One

14th March 2014:
Hi hun, here for blackout. (:

I really liked the intriguing idea behind this one-shot, I thought it was pleasantly written and well thought out in sense of humor and plot.

I think a little more detail with description may of been a little nicer, not too much though cause that could ruin the beauty of this story, but just a little more, maybe a little more from Hermione walking with her thoughts, and Draco, and especially with the kiss, only a little though, because at the moment there's just a lot of talking, and if you threw in a few more detailed scenes, what they're seeing and feeling etc. it would break that down.

Apart from that though, as I said, you plot and story behind this was perfect. I loved the small parts of humor thrown into the story and the Talking mistletoe, I thought that was beautiful! funny, but beautiful!!

Thank you for a great read!



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Review #24, by MyMyMissPassports Required: Passports Required

7th March 2014:
hey! here for blackout!

I really enjoyed this story, it was humorous and you painted Fred to perfection - his characterization with his sarcasm and his sarcastic comments were perfect - me being the Fred freak I am, generally picks up on when the twins (or seamus) are out of character, but you held a very consistent hold on the character and never faltered in his character!

I loved how you ended it with the wedding of George and that he wouldn't start until Fred had arrived, and that you explained that his family were going down hill, it was amazing! Also having a very spiritual family myself, I loved how you added between 'the spiritual and physical plains' that was perfect touch to that there story!!

Anyway, great read! great writer!!


-blackout battle round 2.

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for the review! Always nice to see new faces in my review thread.

I'm glad you liked the story. It was written very quickly for a challenge, so I'm not sure it's my best work, but I did try. I love Fred's sarcastic streak, so always fun to be able to put that in.

As for the wedding, I figured not even death could keep Fred from George's wedding. I really didn't mean to imply that the family was actually going downhill, though. More like Fred just fed them a bunch of baloney to worm his way down there, and it worked. hehehe.

Glad you liked it though! Thanks so much.

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Review #25, by MyMyMissWhat was lost, must be found: Lost and then found

7th March 2014:
Hi hun, here from the black out.

I really enjoyed reading this , not only because it was dramione but because I think you held up the slightly ooc very well. A lot of people tend to really stray away from their ooc, and take it too far, but you played it just nicely and it was beautifully written - I didn't see the kid coming, but I instantly knew it was Draco's child, and i love the bunny transformation, that was sooo cute!

You have a very well written story here hun, the only thing I would say is perhaps go through it with an open mind and a fine tooth comb, as there are a few spelling errors here and there, but apart from that, it's a beautiful story and you should be proud!!


-blackout battle round 2.

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