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Review #1, by Hogwarts27Hogwarts Reclaimed: Ravenclaw - Red_headed_juliet

26th July 2014:
What a touching idea for a story. I liked this a lot. You portrayed the twins well, and really captured the emotion of the moment, while also giving it the proper humor. I especially liked the part about Fred not being able to go on without George seeing him in the mirror - 'I can't do it without you'. And then the ending where there were actually two identical letters from each twin to the other. This was a nicely done story.

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Review #2, by Hogwarts27Hogwarts Reclaimed: Ravenclaw - Leonore

25th July 2014:
Hi. I really enjoyed this little story. And I liked the angle you chose to tell it from. I was expecting a conversation between Minerva and Albus, but it was so much more interesting to have it be with Snape. That was absolutely brilliant. And I really enjoyed that Minerva vented her anger on his portrait with her wand. Your description of the dust and cobwebs raining from the portrait put just the right picture in my head. And I loved the ending where Snape confesses that he did as Albus instructed. This was a very satisfying short story that managed to capture the character's feelings in a nutshell. It was well written, had good descriptions, good characterizations, and it ended on a nice note. I'm glad I read this!

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Review #3, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: A Quiet Year at Hogwarts

25th July 2014:
Hi, I always enjoy your chapters, and this one was another nice read. Hmm, so much morning free time had me wondering what you had planned to happen during that time, but by the end of the chapter, I could see at least one possible use developing for use of that free time!

I was a little surprised that Snape didn't start the class exactly on time. When Malfoy walked in late, I thought maybe Snape had waited for him, even though most teachers in the real world just don't do that. Portraying a changed Snape can certainly be a challenge. Most authors tend to let him get too soft and too outwardly caring. I always appreciate it when the authors strive to keep the gruffness and edge to his character the way you've done here. Snape's line of “Miss Granger, what a surprise” was typical cannon Snape.

I don't mind that you dropped Snape's bullying of students. The books leave it a little unclear whether Snape just did that on purpose to keep his cover as a spy, or whether it was a true part of his personality. Snape certainly suffered abuse as a child which could have made him develop a tendency to bully those he saw as being weaker than himself. On the other hand, adult Snape was an absolute master of self-control and self-discipline, who couldn't afford to show any weakness or flaws, or make foolish mistakes. So I tend to think he acted overly nasty to students on purpose, and that he just took sadistic pleasure in letting Harry bear the brunt of it in the books, just for being James' son. In either case, I think you've struck a believable balance in this chapter with Snape. He feels like he'll be a decent teacher in this story, and I look forward to reading more scenes with him.

And of course, it was nice to have Lupin back. The quiz was a good idea for a class activity. And I'll certainly be looking forward to see what happens with Harry's plan to make the full moon more pleasant for Neville. No matter how it goes, it promises to be an interesting read, and I look forward to the next chapter.

I noticed one minor misspelling - cosy should be cozy. You also described the fire as fluttering, but I wondered if you were trying to think of the word flickering, although either word would really be okay, because I can perfectly imagine a fire doing either of those things.

Author's Response: I agree with you when you say Snape probably acted overly nasty to the students in order to keep his cover. I don't really think it's a part of his personality. Harry is something different of course, but as they talked some things out between them, I would think they would act more civil towards each other, although they will never be good friends.

I'm glad you liked the idea of the quiz. I wasn't so sure if people would like that, but I had a lot of fun writing it.

I want to thank you for all of your amazing reviews. They really are a joy to read!

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Review #4, by Hogwarts27Aperkins: My one and Only Dramione : Overachiever? Meet Bad Boy.

9th July 2014:
Hi! It looks like I'm a latecomer to this little story, but I loved it! You've written the very first Dramione that I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed! Their heartbreaking saga was SO - well honest and believable. My favorite part was their first kiss. I was definitely feeling the heat of Draco's raging hormones when I read that. Hmm, getting locked in a closet - gee, who would've thunk? I loved your psycho-analysis of the ship - You said everything I ever wanted to say about the ship. And you had me laughing and smiling all the way through. Thanks for writing MY one true Dramione story. It was fantastic.

Author's Response: Oh wow. Thankyou for that review!!! I have been offline for months to a year and so I apologise ofr not having the opportunity to reply to the review!
I am so glad you enjoyed that dramione. I hate the ship (clearly, witness my destruction of it) but making it over the top ridiculous was.. surprisingly therapeutic! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #5, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: Home Sweet Home

2nd July 2014:
II loved it! I was so happy to be going to Hogwarts, and I liked that you didn't rush the story, but allowed enough time for every scene - the platform, train, Great Hall, etc. Hmm, Gabriel going to Hogwarts was a surprise, since in the books Fleur loved Beaubaton thought things were better than Hogwarts, but your story is different with her parents dead, so I could see your logic.

I enjoyed the scene where Malfoy is invited into the train compartment. His attitude was pleasantly submissive, and the others did the decent thing to invite him.

Minerva missing Dumbledore in the Great Hall was touching. And you did a sorting hat song! Boy, those are hard to write. I applaud your effort. I thought your song was marvelous! Minor imperfections are forgiveable on these. Some of the rhymes you came up with were brilliant. I enjoyed the dialogue that came after about hatstalls. Ha Ha - on Pottermore I myself was a hatstall between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, so the hat let me choose, and I picked Hufflepuff (the underdog).

Cho as flying instructor? How fitting! And I'm interested to see what you have planned for Trelawney II.

And oh my gosh, I loved how this chapter ended! It sounds like we're going to have an interesting year. What a fantastic chapter! I loved every bit of it, and look forward to the next.

Spotted 2 typos:
People at school know or names (our)
He always want to be there for the first years. (wants, wanted?)

Author's Response: Thank you for another great review! I must admit that I was quite satisfied with this chapter myself :)

I'm so glad you liked the Sorting Hat song! I kind of liked how it turned out, but I wasn't sure if people who are better in English than me would like it too.

Although McGonagall is headmistress right now, I'm sure she would much rather still have Dumbledore there. She was so loyal to him in the books.

I'm really happy you liked the ending too. I was afraid a lot of people would hate that part because of all the misery Neville has already been through. But I have a lot in store for him and it's not all that bad :)

Thanks for reviewing! I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

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Review #6, by Hogwarts27Have a Biscuit, Lupin: Have a Biscuit, Lupin

30th June 2014:
Hi, what an excellent story! I absoluted loved it to pieces. These are two of my favorite characters from the books, and you portrayed them perfectly. This story had everything a reader could ask for. It had humor, and warmth, and insight into the past. The recurring offer of biscuits was pure genius - and it was so Minerva! Congratulations on being the winner. This story truly deserves it. Thanks for writing it so the rest of us could enjoy it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! They're my all-time favourites as well, so I'm really glad I did their characters justice here. You are so very welcome, and thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by Hogwarts27Event Three: Constructive Criticism : Constructive Criticism

30th June 2014:
Hi, I enjoyed reading this little story. I have no crit about it at all. I thought it was nicely done, especially with the time limit you had. I enjoyed the way it started when the voices started to speak in the jungle. There was a felling of slight mystery to it, that I really enjoyed. I didn't know what to expect and you allowed the reader to discover it, and learn about it along with the character, which made for a very pleasant read. It was well paced, and didn't feel too long or too short. Good descriptions and dialogue too. I enjoyed the serpent heads bantering with one another, as well as talking to the witch. I had a good time reading this. Thanks for writing it.

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Review #8, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: The Last Words of Albus Dumbledore

22nd June 2014:
A very good chapter again. Oh, what a sad way for Neville to lose his grandmother, but he's grown into a very resilient and brave young man, so I know he'll do fine with the support of his friends.

I was really intrigued by what you were going to have Dumbledore left Harry in his will, and really liked what you chose. The wand missing opens up what could be a very interesting story line. And I didn't expect anything like the two memories, but they were quite fitting. The second memory allowed the chapter to end on a very touching note. A lovely read, and very well written. I look forward to the next.

Author's Response: Neville sure has lost a lot during both wars, but we know that he is a lot tougher than he seems.

I'm glad you liked the scene with Dumbledore. I was a little worried that it would come over too soppy, but I rather liked how it turned out myself so I left it the way it was.

I haven't had much time to write lately with work and the World Cup going on, but I'll update as soon as possibe. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: Decisions

8th June 2014:
Wonderful chapter. I liked it a lot. Every scene was a good read. I especially liked the short scene with Harry worrying how Ron would take the news of Harry going back to school, and then the nice surprise that Ron felt he wasn't for the aurors yet either.

The certainty Tonks had about walking again really fit the way I imagine her to be. But even if she didn't walk again, I don't think it would be too difficult to find a way to get around with magic to help.

My other favorite scene was at the end when Harry and Ron ask McGonagall if they can come back to school. I'm looking forward to reading your version of their final year at Hogwarts, and it just feels like familiar ground for the reader to keep the main characters together for it.

I also wonder what's ahead for Neville if his grandmother really just died. That'll be a big adjustment for him. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: I thought about it when I was writing the parts with Tonks and I reckoned wizards would find a way to make it easy for anyone who couldn't walk anymore, but I don't think growing back limbs would be possible. I think not being able to use her own legs would mainly be hard mentally for Tonks. Especially because she is such an active person.

I'm glad you liked that they decided to return to Hogwarts. It just didn't feel right to split the group of friends up and to be honest, I wasn't done with Hogwarts either :)

You'll find out what happened to Neville's grandmother in the next chapter. I'm still finishing it off, but I'll update as soon as possible. It will surely be a big adjustment for him, but luckily he has his friends in the D.A. to help him.

Thank you so much for reviewing! It truly means a lot to hear your opinions and I'm really happy you are enjoying the story.

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Review #10, by Hogwarts27low tide: a meditation

21st May 2014:
Hi, this was lovely, a very sensuous and thoughtful piece, and very well written. I don't usually think of Fred and George at the beach, but there's a timelessness to the ocean waves that fits this moment of reflection very well, both in looking back and with a sense of time going on. I liked the flashback to George building his first sandcastle with Fred and wanting to keep it that way. And the image at the end of the castle being washed apart by the waves. You really did the moment justice using only 500 words, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Hello there! What a wonderful surprise to see a review from you :D I am so glad you liked this, and that you could also feel the timelessness of the ocean and thought the reflections on the past kind of looks forward as well. Aw thank you, I'm glad you liked that imagery and thought the story did justice to the moment and all those feelings. Thanks so much for reading and for your review!!

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Review #11, by Hogwarts27Impressive Vroom: Fit to Fly

19th May 2014:
Hi, what a fun little story this was to read! The humor was just right. I laughed, and chuckled, and smiled through the whole thing.

Sirius and James were in character, and their little adventure was adorable. Very well-written too, with great descriptive writing, nice imagery that definitely added a lot to the story. If this had another chapter, I would gladly have read more! Terrific one-shot!

Author's Response: Hi!!

Getting a review on this was quite a treat - thank you!!!

I'm so happy this hit the right humor notes. I'm not very good at slapstick humor but wanted to try something that was more of a situation-based and witty humor.

It's so exciting to hear that you liked their adventure and characterization. I think I might explode now. :D I was working on imagery for this so it's great that it paid off. I have a few other one-shots and short stories from this era but don't have anything that's longer and weaved together in one plot.

Thank you so very much for such a fantastic review!


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Review #12, by Hogwarts27Everto Trucido: A Werewolf, Snape, and a Redhead

17th May 2014:
Hi, nicely written chapter. Great description of Moony in transformation. That and the the forest scene right afterward were my favorites. Something tells me those forest noises Remus noticed weren't just forest animals. I liked the part where Grace tells Remus he can't hurt her even if he were to bite her. Unfortunately, the message didn't seem to sink in with him. And as usual, these two don't see eye to eye. I also enjoyed the potion making with Snape. The whole chapter was nicely done.

Author's Response: Hey,

Thanks so much for sticking through the story so far!

Those forest noises probably weren't just forest animals...

Thanks again for being a wonderful reviewer!


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Review #13, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: The Accident

14th May 2014:
This was a great chapter. I really enjoyed it. The tension at the beginning had just the right feel. And then it got wonderfully sentimental with Harry in the garden, first by himself, and then with the twins and Ginny. Every bit of this held my interest. It was very well written, flowed well, and the transitions were smooth. I was sorry when it ended. I think this was one of the best chapters so far - absolutely terrific!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you enjoyed the chapter. It took a while until I was satisfied with it and still I had the feeling that a lot of people would hate it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Hogwarts27Snape's Last Task: The Task

13th May 2014:
I just found this and really enjoyed the first chapter. I like a well-written Snape story, and this one grabbed my interest right from the start. It was a short pleasant read and very engaging. Going on to chapter 2 now.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wrote it a while ago and may go and finish it now that I am back at it. I hope you enjoy the second as well.

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Review #15, by Hogwarts27All Hope Is Lost: Love Means Nothing

7th May 2014:
Hi. As a piece of writing, I thought this was well written, well-paced and with nice descriptions. The interspersed dialogue helped to add the proper emotion and tension to the scene. I found the ending a little abrupt with Voldemort and his DE just suddenly apparating away. A little longer ending to drive home the alternate end would have made this a bit more satisfying, at least for me. But a nice short piece of writing, all the same.

Author's Response: Thank you, I know I was actually planning on making the ending longer, but from how much I would have written I would have ended up writing a short story. (I'd rather focus on my current one) But I might go back to this in the future and either add to it or make a continued story. :)

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Review #16, by Hogwarts27Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter VI

2nd May 2014:
I enjoyed the way Hogsmeade was introduced, and mentioned Hengist. And I laughed at Creaothceann - it has a way to go before it turns into quidditch, doesn't it? The name sounds rather prehistoric.

It was nice to see Helena Ravenclaw make an appearance here, and the way you portray her makes sense with canon. I enjoyed the antics of the kids and the teachers talking about how to control them. This was a very enjoyable light read. And thanks for info in the author's note. I didn't know that about Scotland.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I think you're the first person to remark on the creating of Hogsmeade, I'm glad you liked it! Creaothceann has a long way to go, yes. :P

I'm glad you liked the portrayal of Helena here, as well as the rest of the kids! Helena will be making an appearance in later chapters as well... (which I really do need to finish writing because it's been embarrassingly long since I updated this story, so thanks for reminding me.)

Thanks for all your amazing reviews on this story, I appreciate it so much!

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Review #17, by Hogwarts27Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter V

2nd May 2014:
I like the way you got the spouses of the founders involved as teachers, and how you continue to incorporate founders' possessions into the story - Godric's hat - so natural how you introduced this. The humor was delightful when the hat started to talk! That was my favorite scene! I'm glad Salazar finally moved on to find another woman he loved. But whether Rowena's making a good choice remains to be seen.

Author's Response: Thank you! It seemed like they really needed to be involved, after all the founders could hardly ignore their spouses when they got so involved in getting Hogwarts to work, so their spouses did too :p I'm glad you liked the hat! That was a completely unplanned scene but I'm so happy to hear that you liked it! Yes, there's some odd reasons for their choices, but we shall see...

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Review #18, by Hogwarts27Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter IV

1st May 2014:
Another lovely chapter and a thoroughly enjoyable read! I'm glad you showed how Salazar got to be the way he was in canon. I also meant to mention in my earlier reviews that I really like the names you've picked for some of your characters - the nice old-fashioned sounding ones.

There were a couple of small things I noticed as I've been reading, but please don't take it as criticism - it's just an observation.

One of the things I loved about Chapter 1 was the old-fashioned wording in the narrative and dialogue. But since then, you've sometimes lapsed into more casual story-telling with modern language slipping into the narrative and dialog - LOL, I'm sure they didn't use expressions like 'that's great' or dark stuff' in medieval times. Then other times you get back into the old-fashioned word flow again, which really adds to the charm of the story. Not that it's a big deal. It certainly doesn't get in the way. I'm just pointing it out.

And one other little thing about the historic era - and no I'm not a history expert, but I noticed this anyway. When Maeve sneaks off to be with Salazar, she thinks to herself there's nothing her father can really do about it anyway. But that's probably not accurate for medieval times when men had all the power and women had virtually no rights. A medieval wife or daughter who disobeyed would likely have been harshly disciplined by a husband or father who discovered it, so I don't think Maeve would have disobeyed him so lightly. The Church also had a lot of power in medieval times, so a woman probably wouldn't risk doing anything that would be considered immoral like running off alone with a boy. I'm sure daughters were strictly chaperoned and never left alone with a young man. After all, it would ruin a young woman's chance of marriage if she didn't conduct herself properly around men, or was suspected not to be chaste. And even a suitor would likely refuse to marry a girl if she conducted herself too freely with him. No girl in those days would want to risk that, because marriage was essential to women, as they didn't work to support themselves and depended on their husbands to provide. So young couples wouldn't have been running off alone together in those days, certainly not muggles. Anyway, it's just something I noticed and happened to think about when I read those parts. Again, not a big deal. Just an observation.

I liked the part with Salazar and the snake. If there was anything demonic suspected, medieval folks would have steered away, so it was believable that Maeve would reject him even when they'd been trying so hard to reconcile their differences. On the other hand, anything connected with magic was considered the devil's work in those days, so muggles probably wouldn't have associated with anyone suspected of being a witch or wizard the way they do in this story - oops, just thought of that, but it doesn't really matter. I'm enjoying this story a lot!

Author's Response: Hi there! Wow, what a thorough review! I'm glad you've liked Salazar's POV, and the names of the minor characters.

I'm not surprised you pointed out the dialogue, I know that's my weak point in writing this story, it just doesn't come very naturally to me. Wow did I really say "dark stuff"? *facepalm* yep I'm definitely going to have to re-read through this whole thing and edit like all the dialogue haha.

Ok, as for the historic stuff: I love that you went into such detail about this, because I enjoy talking about it :P I did do a fair bit of research about women in the tenth century actually, and this is what I deduced: Christianity had not gained a foothold everywhere by the 900's, and I think medieval Christianity was a main reason for the lack of women's power in society. Before that was a lot of paganism, and women had a bit more freedom then - and so the Church wasn't quite as powerful as it would have been, say, two hundred years later. I think in the time period of this story there was equal influence from the church and from the traditional ways. You're probably right about Maeve being inappropriate to disobey her father and run off with Salazar - church or not, she'd be quite disrespectful to do that.

And about magic in those days... witch burnings did not start until the 14th century or so, and even then weren't bad until the 17th century when they really took off, so I figured that before that, things were a little calmer.

...And I'm going to stop before this begins to sound like a dissertation. If you want any more historical and social debate though, totally send me a PM on the forums :D But thank you so much for this review! I really appreciate that you took the time to point those things out, and I'm glad you are still enjoying the story! ♥

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Review #19, by Hogwarts27Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter III

1st May 2014:
I didn't find the building of the castle a dull read - it was actually comforting to see it go up wall by wall in my imagination. After all, they're building the castle that I, as a reader of the books, have come to love spending time in. It was an interesting detail that a few giants were also helping with this. I laughed at Godric getting lost in the castle and making his own passages - that was a very clever idea for how they got there. And I also enjoyed reading how all the other founders put their own personal touches on the castle. Because this is in the past, the reader knows perfectly well how Hogwarts will work, while the founders are still trying to figure it out. But it was interesting to see them struggle with details that are so well-tuned and good functioning in the Hogwarts we know.

Author's Response: Oh good :) I know the pacing was a bit slow there, but I'm really glad it's interesting enough to sustain the slow pace. I actually loved coming up with how the castle was built. I think Hogwarts has so much going on and it couldn't possibly have run so smoothly when they were just starting out. And yeah, giants! For some reason it seemed to fit, like there was probably something in between then and the present that made the giants stop associating with wizards, but I didn't feel it had always been that way.

Thank you so much for your review and I hope you you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #20, by Hogwarts27Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter II

1st May 2014:
This was another lovely chapter. Godric is a man of real integrity, not wanting to use any sort of magic when it comes to fighting muggles. Ah, we get our first look at the Sword of Gryffindor in the owner's hands - and I couldn't help wondering if the shield that went with it might also be goblin made with special powers. I enjoyed reading your portrayal of how the rift happened between muggles and magic folk. And the idea of Hogwarts school is conceived. Great story so far!

Author's Response: Yep, it's starting to get into the actual story now with the rift in Muggle/magical society intensifying, and the beginnings of Hogwarts - I'm glad you liked that! Yeah, I always saw Godric as the type who's all about being noble - as Ron would say, he's not being thick, just showing moral fibre! :P Thanks for your review :)

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Review #21, by Hogwarts27Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter I

30th April 2014:
Hi, I've been hoping to find a good founder's story somewhere on the archive and decided to take a look at this - and I'm so glad I did! I can't believe how good this is! I loved every bit of this. This first chapter had me absolutely captivated. The writing is so descriptive and richly detailed that it just brings this fantasy world to life, and it's a joy to read.

Your characterization of the founders - very good. There wasn't much of Godric in this chapter, but Rowena was perfectly believable, and I thought Helga was excellent, just the way I imagined her. Your portrayal of Salazar is a little different than I imagine him from canon, but that didn't bother me at all. I find him quite charming and likable, while I don't like him much in canon. His dialogue when he fetched Rowena made him seem like quite the ladies man.

The plot is delightful so far. The scene with meeting the suitors reminded me of cinderella at the ball so the prince could meet the ladies of the land, but in reverse. I especially loved the scene at Helga's house. There was already evidence of what would later be incorporated into Hogwarts there. So even though Hogwarts isn't built yet, I feel like I'm home when I visit Helga.

Anyway, this was a fantastic first chapter, and excellent writing. You're a highly talented writer, and I look forward to reading more of this.

Author's Response: ashdljfhkj wow thank you so much! Three reviews from you was seriously the best thing to wake up to when I logged on this morning. I am so flattered by your compliments, and I'm so glad you were captivated by the story and that you like the writing style!

As you've probably noticed since you read on, the POV rotates among the Founders so Godric gets some limelight later :) It's great to hear that you liked the characterisation of the other Founders though. Salazar is an interesting one, there's a lot to explore with his character in terms of why he turned out the way he did (after all, we know what eventually happens with him in canon.)

Haha, I'd never thought about that part being like Cinderella but I can definitely see how it reminded you of it! (except hopefully Rowena is more interesting than Prince Charming. :P ) And thanks, I'm glad that really home-y feel came across in the scene at Helga's house.

Thank you so much for reading, and for your lovely reviews! I appreciate it so much!

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Review #22, by Hogwarts27Unexpected: Death.

30th April 2014:
Hi, I'm reviewing all the challenge entries. I'm not a next gen reader, so I was a little confused with what was going on first, especially with the split timeline. But the further I read and got the gist of what was happening, the more I liked it. And by the end, I thought the split timeline was used quite well.

I especially appreciated the descriptive writing in this story. The word flow and imagery really made it a pleasant read. And once action started, the ominous tense feeling really came through. I noticed the mention of the clock at the beginning of the story, and loved that you used that image to end it as well. It was a very haunting final sentence. Great job on this challenge!

Author's Response: Heya Hogwarts27,
Thank you for reviewing! I'm sorry for confusing you, but I'm glad you liked it anyway. It was a bit confusing for me too. Haha, thank you. And you noticed the clock! I think you may be one of the few who did :)
Thank you again,

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Review #23, by Hogwarts27Illusions: Tainted.

27th April 2014:
Review Tag

This was a lovely short piece of writing, very dreamy and romantic, and you made every word count.

The only really slight distraction I had (other than the line spacing) was that because of the 'stream of thought' style this written in, it's a little vague about who the characters are as we're introduced to them, and the reader has to stop and sort of figure things out as they read, which distracts a little - but not terribly much - from the very nice word flow and descriptions, which is what I liked most about this story. But some readers may actually like that.

I think you did a very nice job with this. You gave us a nice snapshot of a moment in time that expressed a lot of emotion with very few words.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm pretty sure this was just spur of the moment writing but thanks for the feedback :) and all the lovely compliments

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Review #24, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: The True Story

25th April 2014:
Hi, thanks for another enjoyable chapter. The offer of early auror training came as a slight surprise after the tone of the earlier chapters, but the logic certainly makes sense, and it's what Rowling told us would happen at least for Harry. I think all the characters reacted appropriately to it, and it's natural that they wouldn't all want to join. But that doesn't mean they still can't work together later on if trouble strikes.

I wasn't expecting metamorphagus to be one of Harry's emerging abilities either, but I'm sure you'll put it to interesting use in the story. Yes, Hermione would have thought he was an imposter when his scar disappeared, and if anyone would have thought to give him a security question, it would be Hermione.

I can't imagine what news the auror has, whether about Tonks or something else, but I look forward to finding out. Very nice story so far.

Author's Response: I got the idea where Harry is a Metamorphmagus from the scene in the Philosopher's Stone where he grows his hair back out overnight.

I'm still working on the next chapter, but I'll try to update as soon as possible. Thanks for continuing with the story and for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Hogwarts27Time, Space, and Blunt Force Trauma: for old times' sake.

11th April 2014:
Hi, I'm reading all the challenge entries, and enjoyed this very much. I found the pace a bit slow at the beginning, but once some action started happening, it picked up nicely. I also enjoyed the vivid descriptions throughout the story, and I like that this entry had enough events and character encounters to make it feel like a story instead of just being in a character's head. The way you treated Sirius going through the veil was original and creative. Good luck in the challenge.

Author's Response: Oh, hey there! What a lovely surprise review! Thank you very much for dropping by and taking the time to read and review; I appreciate this muchly.

I'm actually glad you found the pace slow in the beginning. :) I was working around with pacing and the concept of time in this fic - I couldn't resist, as this is the last 24 Hours challenge after all. Things were meant to be slow, stagnant almost, for Sirius trapped in Grimmauld Place, before events accelerate sharply, and then I tried to break down time right at the end, where things became very slow again.

And yeah, I know what you mean about this feeling 'like a story' instead of just being in a character's head; I prefer to write this way, actually, instead of getting too intropsective. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing and reading, and good luck with the challenge as well!


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