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Review #1, by Hogwarts27Time, Space, and Blunt Force Trauma: for old times' sake.

11th April 2014:
Hi, I'm reading all the challenge entries, and enjoyed this very much. I found the pace a bit slow at the beginning, but once some action started happening, it picked up nicely. I also enjoyed the vivid descriptions throughout the story, and I like that this entry had enough events and character encounters to make it feel like a story instead of just being in a character's head. The way you treated Sirius going through the veil was original and creative. Good luck in the challenge.

Author's Response: Oh, hey there! What a lovely surprise review! Thank you very much for dropping by and taking the time to read and review; I appreciate this muchly.

I'm actually glad you found the pace slow in the beginning. :) I was working around with pacing and the concept of time in this fic - I couldn't resist, as this is the last 24 Hours challenge after all. Things were meant to be slow, stagnant almost, for Sirius trapped in Grimmauld Place, before events accelerate sharply, and then I tried to break down time right at the end, where things became very slow again.

And yeah, I know what you mean about this feeling 'like a story' instead of just being in a character's head; I prefer to write this way, actually, instead of getting too intropsective. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing and reading, and good luck with the challenge as well!


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Review #2, by Hogwarts27Inside: Inside

9th April 2014:
Hi, I've reviewed all the other contest entries, so I'm here to review yours as well. I have to confess that I couldn't remember who this character even was from the books until I came to the part about the tentacula.

I think you did a nice job describing the hospital environment, and the thoughts of the character as he passes time alone, and feels irritated by the staff who obviously underestimate the degree of his mental awareness. I usually think of the healers at St. Mungos being right nearly all of the time in their assessment of a patient, so it added some nice interest that in this case, they were way off the mark. But my favorite part was the ending with sinister plant. Good luck in the challenge.

Author's Response: Thanks! I like writing about obscure characters, and I'm not sure how I thought of Bode for this but I'm glad I did - I think it was because he dies in St Mungo's and I wanted to combine the challenges :P

I'm glad you think I did a good job of the hospital, because I was a little bit worried. I've done some very complimentary ones about the healers, and this is a contrast to that. And it occurred to me when I was writing: what if all people like that are perfectly normal inside just can't control their own bodies so seem mentally damaged? What if they're listening to people talking down to them and can't complain?

Like me then: love a violent death!

I rushed through finishing this off, so I'm glad to hear people like it. Unfortunately I don't have time to R&R the other challenge entries, but good luck to you too!

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Review #3, by Hogwarts27My Last Leg: My Last Leg

8th April 2014:
This was a lovely short piece from Dobby's point of view. Although the scene in Malfoy Manor portrayed the same scene from the book, it was well written, and Dobby's courage really came through and was very touching.

I think ending it with a mystery about a secret at the end is just fine for a one shot, but all the Dobby fans would probably love for you to add another chapter to explain it. Nice story either way though.

Author's Response: Thank you Hogwarts27 for the lovely review. I may add some more later,on :)

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Review #4, by Hogwarts27Playing Pretend: The Last Remaining Fan

7th April 2014:
You picked a challenging character to write about for this challenge because he's supposed to be so 'out of it'. But even so, you tapped into the fragment of mind and emotion he still had left, and took us on an emotional journey with him. You managed to give him a surprising amount of depth and dimension, and explored him excellently, with a lot of both inner and outer detail. Very well done!

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Review #5, by Hogwarts27Apogee: Waxing Crescent

7th April 2014:
Remus is one of my favorite characters from the books, so I was happy to read this. You gave us a very touching portrayal of Remus connecting with his newborn son and deciding to be the protector of his family in the war. I think you characterized him perfectly well, and brought out all of the issues that he struggled with during the time frame of this story.

I don't usually write in first person either, and I tend not read HP fanfic in first person either just because I prefer fanfic to have the same feel as the books, but I think you did well with it. It just took me a little longer to orient myself to what character I was with in the first few sentences, but I quickly got into the flow and writing style of this piece. First person works really well when we're in a characters thoughts, which a lot of this was, so it was quite effective there. I also enjoyed all the vivid descriptions throughout the story.

One minor point you included that I really liked a lot was where Remus thought to himself that Harry would not stand as good a chance against Voldemort as James would have. I tend to agree with Remus that James may have been a bit better at magic and dueling than Harry as a trouble-making marauder, but of course, what Remus didn't know was that it would be no ordinary duel between Harry and Voldemort.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. Thanks for writing it. Good luck in the challenge.

Author's Response: Howdy! Thanks for the thoughtful feedback!

I'm especially glad to get this review from a big Remus fan. When I first drew him for the challenge it was a bit weighty for me because I know how many people like him and would really be looking for how I characterized him, so I'm glad you felt my portrayal was faithful to the character.

I also appreciate the feedback on the first person piece. It was something I really wrestled with because I never really do it, but felt it was necessary. I still worry if I didn't get a bit too bogged down in inner thoughts, but I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Hogwarts27Nevermore: Nevermore

7th April 2014:
Hi, I read this one-shot and enjoyed it very much. The vivid descriptions you used in the first half of the story gave it a perfectly ominous Poe-ish feeling. I can't resist a creepy story anyway, and Snape was the perfect character to focus on as well. His home felt gloomy even in the HP books, which was a great setting for this challenge as well. And you did nicely with the relentless black crow that came to disturb him in the night. Thanks for writing this. It was a very enjoyable read.

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Review #7, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: A Wedding and a Prophecy

6th April 2014:
What you said in an earlier chapter about Harry being Remus' only remaining link to the marauders, just made it all the more touching for him to be Remus' best man for the wedding. You did a nice job describing the wedding jitters.

Hmm, so Trelawney had a daughter, who seems much more grounded than Sybil herself. You did very well with writing the prophecy from her daughter, which sounds pretty innocent so far, but makes me wonder if things will take an ominous turn. I'll look forward to more of the story to find out.

Author's Response: This Prophecy about Harry sure is more innocent than the first one. I'm glad you liked the idea. Thanks for another review. I hope you keep enjoying the story.

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Review #8, by Hogwarts27Everto Trucido: Superhero

6th April 2014:
After Grace wondering what was going on with that vampire that disappeared in the last chapter, the forbidden forest scene at the end of this one really sparked my interest. I'm wondering whether she'll meet Remus during the full moon - or a vampire - or both? Or even something worse, like hordes of vampires. I'll stay tuned.

Author's Response: Hey there,

There's still a bunch happening! I'll unravel the vampire mystery soon, though it seems I keep dragging it along through the chapters. I'm nearly at the point where I can elapse some time fairly quickly -- at least several months (which is fantastic because this has been moving so slowly)!

Thanks so much!


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Review #9, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: Dinner at the Burrow

6th April 2014:
Lovely chapter. Remus teaching is just what I was hoping for. It's nice to read a post-war story where not so many of my favorite characters are dead.

The dementors are the first hint of a possible conflict to come in the story. I don't know if you'll use them or not to make trouble, but just mentioning them makes the reader start to wonder what could go wrong in the post-war world. Will the Death Eaters who got locked up be secure in Azkaban if the dementors are removed? Or will there be another mass breakout?

I'm looking forward to seeing where this story goes. You're off to a nice start.

Author's Response: Remus was the only person I considered as DADA teacher. Now that Voldemort is dead, the curse on the job has been lifted (for as far as we know). That means there will finally be a teacher who can stay longer than one year and Remus seemed the only right choice.

I won't say anything yet about possible new troubles in the story, but as the war is over, the Death Eaters won't play a very big role. But there are exceptions of course...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: Fame

6th April 2014:
The scene with the reverend was interesting. I never thought about who Lily would have picked for a bridesmaid other than Petunia. And this chapter had me wondering if Petunia would even have agreed to do it, even if Lily had asked her. I don't remember if Lily and James even had a formal wedding in canon, or if they just ran off on their own and eloped. But I thought your idea of Alice Longbottom was both fitting and ironic - a foreshadowing of the wierd tie that would happen between the Harry and Neville.

I hope Remus' appointment was a job interview at the school! It would be awesome to have him do another year as a teacher.

Aww, poor Seamus. This chapter made me feel so sorry for him.

Author's Response: Thanks for another amazing review! I didn't really consider the thought of James and Lily eloping, but it would have made perfect sense. I just imagined having them a small wedding with their closest friends. I'm glad you like this story too and I hope you keep enjoying it.

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Review #11, by Hogwarts27Life Goes On: Family

31st March 2014:
Hi again! I've been a little too busy to visit this site lately, but I finally had a free moment to at least do some reading - and I was thrilled to see that you already had a few chapters of this new story posted. And it's a post-war story! Terrific! I'm anxious to see what you'll do with it. After reading your first two stories, I know I'll enjoy this just as much. Just having a different cast of characters alive after the war already makes this interesting. Tonks, Remus, Harry, and Dobby together at Grimmauld Place feels like a happy and fitting start after the war.

You surprised me with Bathilda after such a different storyline with her in cannon. I also liked the way you ended this chapter with Remus thinking of Harry as his last link to the marauders. That was so very touching.

Good luck with the new job. I know exactly what you mean about needing a break after finishing a long story and wanting to update at a slower pace. I'm doing the same thing myself and haven't posted anything new yet. It's just better for my sanity not to pressure myself to go at a certain pace.

Well, I'll definitely be back for more of this story when I have a chance. I know you'll make it good - and slower is just fine, so you don't burn out!

Author's Response: It's great to hear from you again. Thanks for coming back after reading my first two stories. I knew I wanted to write a post-war story and as I was quite happy with how my previous stories turned out, so I decided to stay in the same universe.

Besides Tonks, Harry is the only thing Remus has left (for now...). And as you said, he's the last remaining link he has to Harry's parents and Sirius.

I indeed expect to update a bit slower than before, simply because I don't have as much free time now. I'm also editing the first two stories while I'm working on this one (fixing some spelling and grammar mistakes and some of the parts that I thought weren't that well written). Thanks for reviewing! I hope you'll also enjoy this one.

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Review #12, by Hogwarts27This Is The End: Epilogue

25th February 2014:
Aw, what a sentimental chapter. I'm so glad you wrote it because I just loved it. The portraits make it feel like our favorite characters aren't truly gone. You filled every empty post with the perfect person. And with Albus and Minerva's help whenever needed, I think Harry and Neville will run the school perfectly well. This epilogue makes it feel like Hogwarts lives on. Congratulations again on finishing a wonderful story. I enjoyed it very much and thank you again for writing it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wasn't very sure about writing an epilogue, but I decided to post it anyway. I'm very glad that you liked my stories and thanks again for all of your wonderful reviews!


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Review #13, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Suit Up

23rd February 2014:
This was great. You've got things really heating up - no pun intended. I had no idea how Hermione was going to get herself out of the fire with no wand. I'm also noticing how the teenagers are just taking this in stride. Maybe out of lack of experience or maybe because teenagers often think they're bulletproof, and sometimes they really are just by virtue of their boundless energy. The person with the flame thrower - at first I thought this might be Scorpius, but the dialogue seemed to negate that. He calls Hermione girl, so I'm wondering if it's possible for Aberforth to still be alive. My other wild suspicion was Fenrir. I look forward to more of this fantastic story whenever the next chapter comes.

Author's Response: Hahahaha I loved your pun! It was perfect :P I know, for me it was important to kind of show the teenage males, with the exception of Callum really, who seems to show more of a maturity when it comes to these things, but that they kind of are a bit reckless and feel invincible, when they really aren't. And that was sort of the point of Lysander's injury because, it wasn't even caused by Zombies, but things can change like that. So it was important to show that.

The flame thrower thing was so fun. I actually started writing the fire scene before I had figured out how exactly that much fire got in one place at one time. So the inclusion of the man and the flame thrower was kind of last minute. I'll give you a hint about the man - he's a canon character, but he's very minor one :)

I've already started work on the next chapter, I've found my muse again and I'm hoping to churn these out at least once a week now. That's my goal. One chapter a week. We'll see how it goes, but fingers crossed.

Thank you SO Much for reviewing every chapter of this story. IT means so incredibly much to me, and I am so very glad you are enjoying the story!!!

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Review #14, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Dynasty

23rd February 2014:
I'm really impressed at how well-written this chapter is. I really felt thoroughly immersed in everything that happened. I had a feeling something was getting to go wrong when Hermione's got assigned where she asked not to be. You really captured Hermione's uneasiness on a broom, in contrast to James. The graveyard in Godric's Hollow wasn't even in my thoughts until the story mentioned it, and then I suddenly realized what was coming. That was great!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you feel that you could get lost in this chapter! It really means a lot! This one was a bit of a bear to write because it was very detail intensive and the organization of everything was difficult. I'm having to keep a separate spread sheet of people who are alive and accounted for or missing or zombies or what have you. This story is getting huge! haha

Hahaha, I loved the bit in Godric's Hollow because I was like, if Harry is waking people who meant something to him, then of course he's going to wake his parents. hahhaa, I really am so bad. But I'll tell you this much - writing this story has been such a blast so far! :) Thank you again for your review!

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Review #15, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Preparations

22nd February 2014:
Fantastic chapter. The rich descriptions and touching sentiment made these characters feel so real. Every scene was well done. The scene with Flitwick was lovely, and it was nice to put some references to Minerva and Albus in it. The zombie information from Teddy grabbed my attention, and Hugo always makes me laugh. I hope his video games will provide some crucial part of the defense or solution. And even though Draco's not fully conscious, he managed to reveal a caring side of of himself that he might otherwise guard against showing. Every scene tied together well to create a very touching chapter.

Author's Response: First of all, thank you for the comment on my descriptions, I feel like that's one of the things I have really struggled with in this story. I'm a very dialogue heavy writer, and often use it to paint my scenes, and I've been trying to scale that back and really describe what is going on in the surroundings and i'ts been a bit difficult, I won't lie :P

I thought the conversation with Flitwick was important because it helped to root Hermione again. I can't imagine what it would actually feel like to know that you sort of caused all this even if it totally isn't your fault. But still. I think Flitwick kind of helped to bring her back to reality and move past the guilt that she feels, which is nice for me 'cause now I can get back to writing normal Hermione, who can get on with herself and really shine again against the zombies! :) Thank you!!!

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Review #16, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Escalation

22nd February 2014:
This was a great read. There were so many interesting scenes, some uneasy, some very touching. I enjoyed them all. The suggestion of Draco regrowing a leg and walking with a cane reminded me of Lucius with his cane. Zombie Dumbledore sounded terrifyingly foreboding even just from his description. And Harry with the Elder Wand, well, who knows what you'll think up to happen with that, but I trust it'll be fantastic.

Author's Response: Draco's scenes I've always loved writing. I haven't decided what to do with him yet. *evil laughter* Zombie dumbledore, he's in this story because i was basically dared to do it and I was like...why not. I loved writing that scene hahaha. You are just too kind with these reviews I just don't know what to say!! hahaha :) Thank you!

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Review #17, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Apprehension

22nd February 2014:
Seems like the calm before the next storm breaks out. Hugo had me laughing. On the other hand, the feeling of how awful and widespread this is really came across. And the reader really does get a feeling of dread about the horrible things outside Hogwarts that might find a way in. I loved the scene with Neville and Hermione devising a plan.

Author's Response: That's a very good assessment of this chapter :P Mostly it was to introduce Hugo, who is my FAVORITE. I could just cuddle him, I like using him for comic relief, but I also like him because he hasn't seen the danger, and he's able to keep a cool head during things. He's just amazing. Thank you again!!! :)

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Review #18, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Hot

21st February 2014:
A nice change of pace with this chapter. After the thrill ride of the last chapter, this was a welcome little breather. I enjoyed the quiet opening of this chapter with Hermione in the library. Her fond memories of school are the readers' fond memories too. And when Ron came in, of course it got twisted. But for a moment, I have to admit my heart fluttered with a little hope, even though I knew this was a zombie story and the scene would inevitably turn. When the moment came, I shared Hermione's uneasy emotions. And you gave the scene with Hermione, Rose, Scorpius equally nice treatment, before ramping up the tension again at the end. Very well done.

Author's Response: You're right, I had like chapter after chapter of crazy action and I was like ok, they need some down time, Hermione has got to be a bit frazzled right now! The whole thing in the library oh it HURT when I wrote it because I am a big Ronmione shipper and I just wanted it to be TRUE I wanted it to be...but it can't :( I think I'm just glad I made it a dream and not the truth. Because that would have sucked hahaha. I'm glad you're still enjoying this story, It means a lot!

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Review #19, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Firearms

21st February 2014:
What a great chapter. The scene with Hermione defending Rose reminded me so much of Mrs. Weasley vs Bellatrix 'not my daughter - ". And Scorpius coming to the rescue was a brilliant solution. I really liked his bold attitude.
And then the rest of the chapter was an absolute shocker with a double whammy. Oh my gosh, wake up the dead - that was a stroke of genius. How much better can this story get? And Hermione goes off to the library - well LOL - but put Hermione with a book and we're likely to get an answer. And what a shocking ending. Wow! A real adrenalin rush. Outstanding!

Author's Response: hi again! This is one of my favorite chapters :) Rambo!Scorpius is always so fun to write. Again, I wanted to have that sort of...this is getting a bit out of hand...kind of feeling about things, and the thought of Scorpius with a gun just made me laugh. And of course Hermione would run off to the library, she just has to do her thing :P Thank you again! Ahhh I could thank you a million times and it still wouldn't be enough! hahaha

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Review #20, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Blame

21st February 2014:
I really liked the way you described an aging Greyback, and added deliciously graphic details about him in every one of his scenes. There's just this decrepit feeling about him being old that really puts a vivid picture in my mind, and makes him feel as creepy as ever, maybe even moreso.

I also really liked the scene with Neville telling Hermione the preliminary results of the residue. Very intriguing, and it was a nice touch that you mentioned some specific ingredients. Just saying that it was residual dark magic was perfectly believable, but also leaves a nice element of mystery to it. We know the Death Eaters had control of the Ministry in Voldemort's time, so it made perfect sense that dark magic could have been left anywhere. It was already convincing enough before you even mentioned Voldemort, but maybe something in his residual energy might add to the level of evil, or make something go haywire in a very unique way. Anyway, great chapter. A really enjoyable read. And your review responses have been fun to read too.

Author's Response: Well thank you! :) Your thoughts on the residue are very welcome, thank you so much! I remember when I wrote it thinking...I hope people won't think this is too far fetched or convenient. So I'm glad to see that you liked it. That was really important to me, because you can't just have magic wake the dead because it's been established so many times that it can't happen that way. But with a mix of these dark substances, and I mean really who knows what Voldemort might have had going on behind the scenes, and then with the magic Hermione used, I really hoped it would be a believable cause to a zombie apocolypse, especially since the concept ITSELf is so far fetched :P

Thanks so much for this review, I really appreciate it!

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Review #21, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Inferno

21st February 2014:
Another great chapter. On one level parts of this are almost laughable, while on another level its dead serious. I'm not a next gen lover, but I really liked Albus in this, the way he stood up to Hermione at the beginning. That was very much what Harry would have done when pushed to the limit. I really liked Albus' comment to Hermione about using the swear word. Hermione setting the house on fire and having to burn all her memories - despite the atmosphere of chaos, the emotion came through.

Greyback was a wonderful surprise at the end. I don't think he'd be so terribly old. It's only about 25 years since the Trio left Hogwarts, and if wizards can live to 150, middle age would probably go until at least 100 or even slightly beyond. Dumbledore still rocked at 150, so I think Greyback would still be quite fit to fight.

Author's Response: hi again! Well, to be honest, the whole part with the humor is really important to me. It's important that this story doesn't take itself too seriously, and I realize that the subject matter is a little over the top, which is why I try to insert humor wherever I can.

I really enjoy writing Albus too because he's in that transition to adulthood and he doesn't want to be babied, so his reaction is totally understandable.

As for greyback, I was thinking that he was older than the marauders by quite a bit because he was a full adult when he bit Remus as a child, which would put him probably at least 20 years older than Remus if not older.. But I see what you're saying. I kind of chalked up a life of living in the wild and the toll that changing into a werewolf would take every month, to his old age and poor health. But that's just my thought process on things :)

Thanks for reading again, I really appreciate your reviews!!

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Review #22, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: The Zombie Queen

21st February 2014:
Great chapter. I like how it starts with the beggar, so nicely described. And then it turns into chaos. Ah, the plot thickens, and the zombies have multiplied. I have to confess that I never liked Ginny at all in canon, and I actually got a bit of pleasure out of seeing her zombified. Neville and Hermione, I hope they survive. They seem destined to be the heroes. Terrific writing as always.

Author's Response: I loved writing that beggar scene because it's an outsiders look at what's going on, and it's your first real idea of what a big problem this is going to shape up to be. And I hear you about Ginny, that was such a fun scene to write. That's probably bad of me to say, isn't it? But I had fun. Thanks again for you review!!! xx

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Review #23, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: Residue

21st February 2014:
Absolutely terrific chapter. You are definitely succeeding in making this zombie theme, not only amazing, but a great fit with the Hogwarts world. I was captivated by the story once again, from beginning to end in this chapter. The characterizations were spot on. I loved Neville. And Hermione in a frenzy was just like she would have been in canon. I really liked the dynamic between those two characters. The plot is great, but it's the strength of the writing that really allows the reader to become absorbed in the story. I love your writing style in this. It's thoroughly engaging. Just excellent. I'm loving every bit of this. Couldn't ask for better.

Author's Response: Thanks again! I loved writing Neville, his part was so fun to write. I like him because as an adult I feel like it's easier to write those Gryffindor qualities in him, and I can really just get a good picture of him as a professor at Hogwarts. I'm so pleased you like my writing style! I think that means the absolutel most! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much :) xx

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Review #24, by Hogwarts27Brain Activity: The Zombie Lord

21st February 2014:
I've been meaning to check out this story ever since you did that forum post about 'a zombie problem' - and am I ever glad I did! This was just wonderful! I was hooked from the very first sentence. And then it held my interest all the way to the end. The writing was strong, richly detailed, and the descriptions so vivid, that I was savoring every detail. I just can't pile enough praise on the quality of the writing!

I'd have to get microscopically nit-picky to find a single flaw in this chapter. If there was one, I might say that a few of Hermione's lines seemed just a touch out of character, just a smidgeon too much on the formal stuffy side - like 'Afternoon Darling' and 'I fear I must' - and 'as you wish". So just consider that the meager crumb of obligatory constructive crit that every good review is supposed to have. But really, I couldn't have cared less, because the writing was so marvelous.

I liked the idea of Hermione being the lone survivor of the Trio. And I really enjoyed how the magic mysteriously created itself. This story promises to be a a great mix of action, adventure, horror, touching emotion, and possibly even humor. It's going on my currently reading list and I'll be back for sure to read more of it whenever I have a free moment. If the first chapter is any indication of what's still to come, I will love it.

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thanks so much for this review! Thank you for your kind words about my writing, especially on this first chapter. I feel like my writing has gotten so much stronger since I wrote this, but it means so much to hear you say that!

I think you're definitely right when you talked about Hermione's dialogue. I actually realized that upon rereading it back the other day for the first time in a long time. I should probably go through and make some edits to that.

I am so happy that you've decided to read it though! I've just gotten over my writer's block so I am super excited to start updating more regularly! Thanks again for your sweet review!! xx

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Review #25, by Hogwarts27Misconceptions: Secretive

21st February 2014:
A great chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the writing from Snape's POV. It was completely in cannon character. And it was a nice touch to invent a few ailments that could happen from the ingredients missing from Snape's potion supplies. I look forward to the next chapter.

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