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Review #1, by Skyler315The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose: The Perks of Being a Blood-Traitor

2nd September 2014:
You have no idea how happy I am that you updated! I read the new chapter a couple of days ago and then I just reread the entire thing, and I am so happy! I thought that you had abandoned it, and that crushed me because I love this story so much! Please update again soon!!!

Author's Response: Nope, not abandoned just put on hold. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by Skyler315Almost Doesn't Count: Talking to the Moon

9th August 2014:
Please tell me that you are continuing with this story! I really miss it and I just reread it because that is how much I love it! Please don't abandon it because I'm not sure that I could handle that!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I just posted a new chapter :)

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Review #3, by Skyler315My (Fake) Wedding: Gingernut

28th May 2014:
Oh my goodness!!! I have been waiting for you to update for forever and this just made my day! This is such a cute story and I really want more James and Elle time!!! Can't wait for your next update!

Author's Response: So sorry that it's been forever since I last updated! I had a few RL problems to take care of before I could fully write this chapter properly and in a good, not-rushed way for you lot :D Jelle time will be heightened even more soon ;) Thank you for a lovely review! :D
~Aimee xxx

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Review #4, by Skyler315Almost Doesn't Count: Burn

3rd March 2014:
Gahh! I love this story so freaking much!!! Seriously, this was one of my favorite chapters so far, I've already reread it twice! Seriously so good! I will be anxiously awaiting your next update!!!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh you are so sweet! This is one of my favorite haters as well :) I'm working on the next one so opefully it will be up soon! Thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by Skyler315Almost Doesn't Count: Everybody Knows

2nd March 2014:
I have been anxiously awaiting an update and it did not disappoint! I hope that you update soon, I love the story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! I will be updating again soon!

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Review #6, by Skyler315Almost Doesn't Count: Already Gone

18th February 2014:
Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that you updated so quickly on this chapter because waiting for 20 almost drove me crazy! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite stories! I love the plot line, and your character development, and it is just a great story overall! I also love your Sirius, most people make him too much of a lose canon, but yours just fits so perfectly and he is so sweet and charming, and I just love him. Please update soon! Love the story!

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much for the kind review. It keeps me motivated to write more ;) thank you so much for continuing to read!!!

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Review #7, by Skyler315Here we go again: The Magnanimous congratulations of Mr James Potter II.

13th January 2014:
Oh my GAWD this was the most freaking hilarious thing that I have read in my life and I honestly have tears streaming down my face as I write this because it was so hilarious! This honestly just made my life, so thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Skyler315The Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose: The Complicated Decision of Mirabelle Rose

9th January 2014:
You can't just leave the story off here! I just reread the entire thing, and I really think that you need to update! Please!!! I love this story and this is the worst cliff hanger ever!

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Review #9, by Skyler315Witch against the World : The One with the Beautiful Aussie

26th October 2013:
So I am kind of beyond confused by this chapter...What exactly was the purpose of the Gobstones political party??? I like the story though, just confused by the chapter:)

Author's Response: There was absolutely no purpose at all. Well it started out as a thing for Halloween but then developed into a political party thing... I honestly have no idea, I'm not even sure where this chapter came from. But I have pretty much accepted the fact that this story may or may not be more of a parody than anything, I think even calling it AU is a bit of a stretch. Thanks for the review and I hope you enjoy the next one!

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Review #10, by Skyler315The Marionettes of Fate: Unlocking Doors

10th September 2013:
So I just reread the story trying to find the scene where Cassie bit Sirius, and I couldn't find it. Was that actually something that we know happened, or are we just finding out now? I love the story by the way, it is so good and I love reading it, and how long your chapters are! Update soon please!!!

Author's Response: Cassie biting Sirius happened behind the scenes. I wrote it that way so that you can kind of decide on your own how physical they are. Lol. But maybe I'll add some deleted scenes someday, who knows. :) well I just updated the other day, but I am in the writing mood! So keep checking. :D thank you so much for your review. Messages like this are what keep me writing!

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Review #11, by Skyler315The Unexpected: Fallout

16th August 2013:
Ok, so I really don't know why more people don't review on this story because it is so amazing. You put so much depth into each chapter, and each chapter is long long and it really is just so well written! I think if you got a banner, it might attract more interest, but honestly, this is just so amazing and I hope that you update again soon because I hate that you go so long without updating because this is one of my favorite stories!!! So please, keep it up!!! Amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I tried to make a banner, but I'm really bad with computer stuff so uh I couldn't figure out how haha... but thanks!! :)

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Review #12, by Skyler315Wilting Lilies: The After Effect

17th February 2013:
You need to update soon!!! That is an order and not a request! This is honestly one of my favorite stories, and today I was bored and sick and so I reread the entire thing for probably the 5th time. I reread this story whenever I'm really bored because I like it so much. You are a great writer, and I love the plot and all of the characters! Honestly, one of my favorite stories! So because of that, you need to make sure that you update soon! Thanks, love! Keep up the amazing work!!!

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Review #13, by Skyler315The Redhead: Bree: The Jerk

12th February 2013:
So...I'm just guessing about what will happen later on. When she had mentioned that she had seen that smirk on James many times, did that maybe imply slightly that she dated James??? Just curious;) Anywho, like the story, you are doing a good job so far, just keep updating:)

Author's Response: Thank you! :D Still debating whether or not to have some history with Bree and James so I guess you'll have to wait for the other chapters ;) Please review again! :)

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Review #14, by Skyler315Something Like That: The In-Laws

7th January 2013:
So you haven't really updated in a while and I was bored today so I completely reread the story. I still love it by the way;) Anywho, I didn't know if you were actually planning on finishing the story, but if not, would you mind telling me why Russel was acting so oddly toward Lily? He doesn't like her does he? Anyway, I was just curious, and I still love the story, so you should finish it!

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Review #15, by Skyler315Times Like These: You Know, I Should Make Up A List...

6th January 2013:
Why haven't you updated more??? This is honestly such a good story and I love it, and I keep rereading it because it makes me laugh!!! So you should update it before I get really sad because of the sheer awesomeness of it and the amount of time that has gone by without an update!!! By the way, I absolutely love Nova's randomness, it adds to the hilarity of the story. And she should totally end up with Remus too, not Sirius because I love how adorable you made Remus in this story. So yes, that is all I have to say for now, except you should update your story!!! Did I mention that part?

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Review #16, by Skyler315Infamous: Rumour Has It

2nd January 2013:
I absolutely love this story!!! It is so funny and I have been laughing hysterically while reading it so kudos for you! Anywho, love it and I hope that you update soon!

Author's Response: Haha sometimes I'm sitting there giggling to myself while I'm writing and I'll be like, "I wonder if anyone else would actually find this amusing or if I'm just a total weirdo..." so I'm very glad you're enjoying it! Thanks so much for reviewing :)

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Review #17, by Skyler315Turning the Tables: Some Nights

15th September 2012:
Once again I really like the story:) I'm glad to see that everything is coming together, but I'm sad that there are only a few chapters left! Can't wait until the next update!!!

Author's Response: Yes! Everything is coming together. There's nothing better than as an author to finally have all the bits and pieces you've been planning arc together into a chapter that (for once) doesn't make me want to claw my eyes out. I'm glad you liked the chapter too :)

I'm sad there are only a few chapters left too... I'm going to miss the gang so much :(

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Skyler315Black Hart: Stunned

2nd September 2012:
You honestly have not updated in forever and you really need to because this is one of my favorite stories and I would love if you could finish it!

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Review #19, by Skyler315Finding Faith: A Very Weasley Christmas

16th August 2012:
This is such a good story!!! You just need to make them kiss already! I was all giddy with excitement and then BANG! And I was like I really just want to shoot her! Make her interrupt while they're kissing not before it!!! Jk;)...Kind of... anywho I love this story and I can't wait until your next update!!!

Author's Response: Mwahaha. Everyone now hates Hope, but only because she interrupted the almost kiss. I feel quite evil. I like it.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Skyler315Reputations Expectations: What Was I Thinkin'

15th August 2012:
Oh my Merlin!!! I honestly think this is one of the best stories on this site. I can not stop cracking up right now!!! I love Taylor's personality so much, and everything that you have her do makes me laugh so much!!! You really need to update more often!!! Like I said, love the story!!!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! This is seriously one of the sweetest reviews I've ever gotten and you totally just made my day. I'm glad you like Taylor because I love writing from her P.O.V. I'm trying to update more regularly so we'll see how it goes...Thank you so much for the review and I'll get the next update out as soon as I can!

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Review #21, by Skyler315Just Quidditch: Late Night Chats and Insomniac Stats

27th July 2012:
This is so freaking adorable!!! You have no idea how much I love this story and anxiously wait for its updates!!! I fell in love with Eric and if you make him any more perfect then I will be in trouble because I will be in love with a fictional character;). Anywho absolutely positively love this story and I can't wait for its update...that must come quickly might I add. :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying :) I sadly have the same disease of being in love with fictional characters. If you've read Divergent by Veronica Roth, you'll understand how severe it can get hahaha. New chapter in a few days :)

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Review #22, by Skyler315I've Got It All (Most) : The Fireplace

5th July 2012:
I really like this story so far!!! I just found it because I was looking for Oliver stories because I like him a lot;) Anywho can't wait for the next update!!!

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Review #23, by Skyler315The Art of Walking in Heels: Friends, Spells, and Fights Mix Well

3rd July 2012:
I really like the plot line so far. I haven't really seen anything like it before and I think that it is really funny and good. I think you should make her talk to her ex-boyfriend again to give her a chance to tell him off. Have him call her apologizing and have her completely tell him off. I think that is the only thing that I would change to the story because like I said before, I really like it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!! Later in the story I have great plans for her ex... haha. I'm so glad you like the story though, thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by Skyler315The Untold Story of James and Lily: Surprises Around Every Corner

29th June 2012:
I can't believe you finally updated!!! It has been forever!!! I'm so happy now!!! I love the story and it was a great chapter. Please continue to update soon!!!

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Review #25, by Skyler315Something Like That: Nothing Is Impossible

7th June 2012:
Oh my Merlin!!! I can't tell you how much I love this story! It has me cracking up the entire time I read it, and I love the Sirius/Ann relationship. And I also loved the dress shopping, I can absolutely imagine Ann and Lily disagreeing on everything. And Regulus!!! How amazing are you going to make him? I love him more every time!!! I think my favorite phrase in this chapter was the thing about like you would be even more excited if you knew what shop we were going to after that. I could totally imagine his face right there!!! Anywho, once again I love the story, and you don't know how excited I always am to see that you have updated, so you better make me happy and update again soon!!! :)

Author's Response: I can't tell you how much I love your reviews! They always make my day. Lily and Ann are opposites in pretty much every aspect and they'll have quite a few scenes together in the next few chapters. Also, Ann and Sirius are going to have a scene together pretty soon that I think is pretty awesome. Regulus is simply wonderful and I'm glad you adore him as much as I do! I'm getting ready to submit the next chapter, so it should be up soon. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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