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Review #1, by prongs4lifeThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Moscow Midnight

22nd July 2011:
OMG!!! Finally Matt has blurted out his love for the wonderful Jaz. I had a thought in my mind a few chapters back about Bryson and his sexuality. Great chapter and can't wait for the next one :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
Yes, at long last, Mr. Pearl has shifted the balance of the love triangle. Bryson is gay, which I hope is okay with everyone... if not, it's too late now! I'll try to post soon!

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Review #2, by prongs4lifeMemoirs of a Chaser: Prologue

14th July 2011:
There's only one chapter and I already love this story!!! I like how Sirius and Elana are already friends and are best friends, makes the story more interesting :)
Please continue this story and update quickly and regularly as I cannot wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Thank you! My next chapter will be posted soon :D

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Review #3, by prongs4lifeThe Marauding Misadventures of a Murderous Beater: Dirty Tricks

8th July 2011:
AWESOME STORY!!! I love the storyline as it is completely original and new. Especially how Kylie and Sirius get along. Kylie + Sirius = perfect relationship and story. Please continue!! 10/10...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!
I'm glad that you're enjoying it! I tried to write something with this story that was firmiliar, yet unique enough that it didn't fall into any of those darn cliches authors tend to struggle with. I've tried to make all of the relationships between my characters believable - so I'm glad that you like Kylie/Sirius!

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Review #4, by prongs4lifeMy Life in Nutshell: St. Mango's

5th July 2011:
OMG I love this story, especially the way the stories' going at the moment. I hope Lily & James get together soon, as lily's finally out of the denial & anger stage and has finally reached acceptance. also the Sirius-Miranda-Marlene love angle is pretty cool also. Please continue quickly :)

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Review #5, by prongs4lifeMatchmaker: The Quidditch Finals

4th July 2011:
PLEASE CONTINUE WITH THIS STORY! I love it!! Especially how Alex's personality is slowly changing the longer he's with Cat. I love their little relationship thing that's happening. So yeah, please continue :)

Author's Response: I never actually noticed that we were changing Alex's personality when he was with Cat. Thanks for pointing it out. Now that you mention it, it's somewhat obvious and I like what we did. :D

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by prongs4lifeWhirlwind: Well, This Is Awkward...

29th June 2011:
Awesome!!! Please continue!!! I love how dumbledore and everyone else is ok with the fact that lily slept with James whilst they were drunk and she got pregnant... I can't wait until lily tells James about the pregnancy... Love this story!!

Author's Response: Well, not everyone... But there's at least five chapters before a confrontation shows up. You hopefully won't have to wait too long for a confession.

Thanks for reviewing, and you can definitely bet I'll continue.

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Review #7, by prongs4lifeObsessed? : Inconvenient Feelings

27th June 2011:
Please continue this story, I love the storyline and especially the Sirius-Lucy situation... I do love the Lily-James storyline too and I hope they get together soon... Please continue whatever you do :)

Author's Response: yay! I'm glad you like it! don't worry i will DEFINATELY keep writing this story but I wont be able to update for a little bit because Im in New Zealand but I will start posting again when I get back on July 4th!

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Review #8, by prongs4lifeWhite Flag: Nightmares that can kill

24th June 2011:
Wow. I love this story!! I like the storyline and can't wait what happens with Remus and Abi... Please continue :)

Author's Response: Thanks!! Next chapter should be up soon!!!

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Review #9, by prongs4lifeMe & My Sisters: Chapter 25

21st June 2011:
Please continue this story! I love it, it's modern and I love the plot and the direction the story is going!! I can't wait to read when lily tells James about her being pregnant... Please continue :)

Author's Response: I will continue as soon as my toes touch US soil again! I´m so glad you like it and thank you SO MUCH for reviewing!!

surprises to follow.

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Review #10, by prongs4lifeLily Evans and the Goldfish Petal: James Potter and the Sugar Lilies

6th June 2011:
Keep writing!! I want to see if Operation: Get Lily Evans will work soon!! Great story so far :)

Author's Response: It should work pretty soon! :D Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by prongs4lifeLily Evans and the Goldfish Petal: Lily Evans and the Platinum Haired Harpy

27th May 2011:
Keep writing! This story is amazing! Please keep writing as this story is very intriguing and exciting. Please continue :)

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter's now in the queue :)

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