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Review #1, by tan18Arms of a Dark Angel: Tying Up Loose Ends

26th April 2012:
its an amazing story and i would really like a sequel to it. I have read many of your stories and they are amazing... The way you portray sev is just the way i always imagined he would be under all the meanness and growling..

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Review #2, by tan18Let No One Put Asunder: Whisper from the Heart

10th December 2011:
Its a real amazing story and i am eager to read more please can you upload the next chapter soon the wait is kind of long

Author's Response: Very happy to hear you like this story- the next chapter should be up soon.

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Review #3, by tan18Breakeven: I. Three Years Later

22nd May 2011:
thank you for continuing i really felt heartbroken at the end of the last story and till now this is nice thank you

Author's Response: no prob! thanks for the review! :))

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Review #4, by tan18Apostollo: We might as well be Strangers

15th May 2011:
its really good thrilling even but seriously i think harry potter has had enough to last him for nine life times.

Author's Response: Yeah I know but hey that's what he thinks! Somehow I don't see the fates leaving Harry completely untouched to live his happily ever after, I mean there always gonna be some haters and people who want revenge, right? Plus I wasn't feeling comfortable writing like a year that J.K. has already written and redoing it, because I so admire her work...anyway, hopefully that won't stop you from keep on reading...thanks for your review!

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