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Review #1, by Woodrow RynneSpinners End: I am a Coward.

5th March 2012:
Ouch. This was beautifully written! I loved the melancholic feel as well as the way you interspersed the narration with his present thoughts- very effective and heart-wrenching. I wish I could ever write something like this. :)

And the use of the word 'always'?- I don't know whether it was intentional or not- but if it was- very clever usage. :) Absolutely loved this one-shot. 10/10!

PS- btw, it's azimuth from TDA- I thought I would give this a read before I make a banner for the fear of making something glaringly different from the story :P

Author's Response: First of all many thanks for the amazing banner!

Yeah i was really aiming for that kind of mood, so I'm happy you think I've achieved it :) I am so glad your heart has been wrenched ;)

I definitely think you could write something like this! This was my first try at anything relatively angsty/ melancholy. I really had no idea how it was going to turn out. Practice makes perfect, so you'll never know until you try and judging from what i've seen from your writing you're brilliant! :D

I'm so happy you picked up on the use of the word "always". That was completely intentional :)

Thank you for this lovely review!

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Review #2, by Woodrow RynneTrying not to love you: Chapter one - Best Friends Forever

18th January 2012:
This was a really good start! :) I really enjoyed it. There were no spelling/grammar errors to speak of, and I adore next-gen anyway, so, yeah...

NOT CONTINUE? Are you kidding? Of course, you should. This is a really nice premise, and this story had a fluffy kind of feel that I loved. Yes, the best friend falling in love is a bit over-used, but that doesn't matter, as long as give it your own twist ;)

As for criticism, I would say, rewrite the first few paragraphs (in my opinion), because the narrative comes out a bit redundant. As a rule of thumb, don't just tell everything about the main character in the beginning of the fic. Show us, rather than telling. It would hook more readers to your story. :) You could add in more dialogue or something to keep it more interesting in the beginning itself. The 'have you loved' thing was fine and good, but I admit I got a little tired when she started explaining her job. You don't really need to explain her relationship with James either, because you can show us later through dialogues and body-language when she meets him. :)

I hope you understood that, I wasn't very coherent. :P Anyway, I hope I was helpful, because this fic has the potential to be really great as you progress, and I would love to read more and see where it's going! :)

Author's Response: Yey, thank you so much for your review!

I agree, there is a LOT of explaining in the first chapter, but that changes already in the next one! I just wanted to fit so much into the first one and the text came so easilly I decided to leave it like that.

And critisism is always welcome and yours was really helpful! One really can't get better without other people pointing out what one could do better. That's the reason why I decided to finally post one of my stories here (:

The second chap is already on the queue so it shouldn't be long when it comes out!

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Review #3, by Woodrow RynneHeart in a cage: Heart in a cage

18th January 2012:
Hey there! I'm here with your challenge review. :)

First off, I loved the summary. At that 'turned to stone' part, I almost thought that the person had actually turned to stone or something, not figuratively. *headdesk* silly-billy me :P

Anyway, this was a fab one-shot! I loved how you described Snape's pain, it was intense and descriptive and realistic. The shortness of the piece fit with the story too; I think it made his feelings all the more heart-wrenching. :) Loved that.

Hm..however, Snape seemed a little OOC to me. It wasn't in his actions , that made him seem so (at least, according to me), but the words you used. Mostly it was really good. For instance- I despised them all. She was the only one. This was very in-character for Snape. Seems like something he would say. On the other hand, I took a step towards the door, built a cage to put my heart in, bit my lip, killed my lasting bits of hope, put a hand on the doorknob, tore my soul apart, stepped out, and turned to stone. If this was in third person, it would have been very believable, but now it sounds a bit odd, coming from Snape's mind. He was a very erm...reserved character even before Lily's death, so I don't think he would consciously think of becoming a cold-hearted man. Subconsciously, yes, but not consciously. Also, I think he would be even more vicious and broken upon hearing the news of her death. Perhaps, you could try to expand on the first part of the story even more? :)

Of course, that's only my interpretation. And I shouldn't be the one to say, as my own canon characterisations tend to be rubbish. :P and yours was very good, nonetheless.

But other than these teeny things, I really enjoyed it. It was well-written and a heartfelt piece. :)
Great work! and I hope my comments helped a bit, and that I wasn't too harsh..
Thank you for entering my challenge! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I'll try and see if I could edit and make Snape closer to canon, as I've had that comment more than once!

And yes you have helped! I don't think you were too harsh, just what I needed to get myself to work harder ;)

Thanks again! :D


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Review #4, by Woodrow RynneHearts and Arrows: Hearts and Arrows

17th January 2012:
This was adorable. :) And so wonderfully original! I mean, I never imagined a Ron/Hermione story could be written this way. And that's what endeared most to me in this story. Your narrative style, is very..erm..(I don't know how to say it) different ? What I mean is, it comes off very strongly as a /style/. I mean, if I read anything else written by you, I would most probably recognise that you wrote it. Gah..I must sound silly...but I think that's how much I must love your brilliant writing style :P

Reading this story was refreshing to say the least; if I thought being recapped the entire relationship of Ron and Hermione would be redundant, I was wrong; your fresh take made me absolutely hooked. :)

The ending made me go 'awww', even though I knew what was coming :P All in all, I really enjoyed this one-shot! I was wondering if you could write more? The characters of Cariad and Amatis are very intriguing, and I really loved the way you fleshed out their friendship. :) So, yeah, I'd love to read about more couples from their point of view :P

But it was a fantastic one-shot in itself and I'm glad I read it :D (and sad that I don't have any constructive criticism to offer :P)

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Review #5, by Woodrow RynneNot for Always: Not for Always

17th January 2012:
Hey there! Here with your challenge review! (Finally! Gosh... :P)

I had actually read this before (as soon as you submitted actually, but I didn't leave a review because I wanted to give a proper one). It's Pansy. and Draco! I had guessed it straightaway because your characterisation was so utterly fantastic! (Although, 'unfathomable grey eyes'- that helped :P) Their reactions were so canon and realistic! I, for one, can never write canon characters properly, but you put a lot of thought into this, and it paid off very well!

And you actually made me care for Pansy, which is huge, considering I always loathed her as a character. I think this line has to be my favourite- it underlined her thoughts about him so well. Because she was so sure of her self, on one level, wasn't she?
“That’s impossible,” she sputtered, unable to comprehend what he was saying. She couldn’t believe this was happening. “We were supposed to be together forever.”

I also loved how you didn't merely show one aspect of their personality; rather, the smaller quirks that made your writing more vivid and relateable, even in a one-shot. Like her being a slob, or never planning ahead, or being so different from him.

I think this summed up the story perfectly, and it actually made my heart ache, He really never did understand her; not her messiness, not her packing, not her hopes and dreams.

If he did, he wouldn’t have led her on this long. He would have put a stop to it long before he could break her heart.

But he didn’t.

Draco was so well characterised too. Very canon, in a way. Like he doesn't really want to be harsh, but well, he is.

Overall, your writing is very pleasing to read; it has the perfect amount of descriptions and your dialogue is better than I could ever hope mine to be :P. You managed the challenge very well, and I liked how you actually wrote a scene from their life, rather than writing a monologue as most people interpret this challenge to be about.

Great work! :D

Author's Response: Hey! Wow, long review. I LOVE long reviews! It's cool about not leaving a review the first time you read it though, I understand that some like to wait until the challenge is over to read all the stories so they don't forget and have to reread them.

Yes, you are correct about it being Pansy and Draco although it's not like I didn't think it was obvious. Also, yes, I was pretty positive the line about his grey eyes would be a dead giveaway. I am so glad you thought the characterization was so great and realistic, I really did put a lot of thought into writing this and really wanted to keep it canon.

Yes, apparently I made a lot of people care for Pansy, which was my goal but it turned out better than I thought it would. I'd been wanting to write something about Pansy for a long time and when this idea popped into my head I just had to go for it. And, yes, she was very sure of herself (I think that's a big part of her character and it adds to her stubbornness) and I'm glad you liked that line, although now that I think about it, it probably would have been more fitting if it was in present tense... or I don't know, it just looks weird to me for some reason.

And yeah, I wanted to describe them in proper detail and make them into real people with quirks and flaws, especially with Pansy because in the books she is such a flat character, you know? We only ever really see her insulting other students or fawning over Draco and I so I really wanted to flesh her out and show that there's more to her than that. And apparently I'm not done with her yet either because I've started a sequel (of sorts) but right now it's not turning out so well.

That is EXACTLY how Draco is in this story. You have that down to a t. He kind of reminds me of me in that respect, I don't want to be harsh, but sometimes there's just no better or nicer way to say something.

Thank you so much. I'm so glad you like the writing and the dialogue (sometimes I let myself get carried away because I'm so dialogue-oriented, I prefer writing conversations over anything else really. And yeah, that was actually the basic original idea to go back and forth between past and present (I tried to write it that way but in the end I ended up having to write the break-up first before I could really progress with the present scenes), but yeah, um, I don't think the story would have had near as much impact without the past scene. Although, it was really hard to keep the characters from saying each other's names during the really dramatic parts.

I'm so glad you liked the story though and thanks so much for the long and lovely review! I can't wait to see the results of the challenge!


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Review #6, by Woodrow RynneLily's Gift: Lily's Gift

13th January 2012:
Aww.. :'( I'm going to be honest (and don't feel bad :P) but this made me cry. Probably something to do with the fact that Snape is my all time favourite character, but mostly because GAHHH...your characterisation!! So. bloody. fantastic. Gimme your skills lady, seriously!! You wove this one-shot so seamlessly. I think it's fo shoo' your strongest point. You can write characters of any age, yet pull it off very well.

And this, this was heart-breaking. Oh, poor Sev. Most people find his love creepy, but I find it timeless. Sort of makes me wish James Potter had never been born (yes, I said that, kill me XP).

More than anything though, the sweetness, angst of this piece- what I loved was how you show us parts of Snape's personality that became more pronounced later on, but you can still see them in his 11 year old mind.

This line was fantastic: “Besides, I – I don’t want to have a Christmas.” But even as he tried to convince himself of this, he knew that what he wanted more than anything at that moment was to spend the following day with Lily, doing everything that she talked about – the tree, the cider. He didn’t even need the presents, if he could be awarded that. "

as was this-“I didn’t get you anything,” Severus said sullenly, not willing to take the present while feeling incredibly touched that she had gone to the effort to wrap something for him"

I don't know, but I find them very much /Snape/.
Oh dear, that wasn't very coherent, was it? Anyway, I loved this to bits. I loved the little Lily too! She suddenly sounded unsure of herself, as though maybe she had gotten him the wrong sort of gift Adorable :D

Author's Response: IT MADE YOU CRY. Oh, that just made my /day/. And that probably sounds really masochistic and a bit odd, but that I evoked such emotion from a piece that is generally thought to be fluffy... There are many dances of happiness occurring right now. You got the underlying emotion perfectly!

Severus is /so/ my favorite character, too, and I honestly look for any chance to write him I can. :) And that fact that you, a fellow admirer (if we may call ourselves such), found those lines to embody him is just -- gahh. I have melted in happiness.

Seriously, thank you so much for these reviews -- I can never tell you how much they mean to me. It really does just make me so appreciative when people take the time to write opinions on my stories. They are parts of me, as all stories are parts of their authors, and compliments are just... I can't explain it. ♥ Just thank you, so much!

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Review #7, by Woodrow RynneLittle Green Monster: Little Green Monster

13th January 2012:
Again, I loved this. :) It just had that different feel to it. I mean, you didn't shy away from putting out Ron's feelings; to undermine his jealousy, and sort of loathing of being shunted aside by some brotherly love or anything. It felt like the truth, even though it feels harsher than in canon. I think the shortness of this piece reiterated just how much Ron loathed being the ignored one, even after the war and everything.

My favourite part was the resentment on his behalf; the way he sees Harry as some competitor (ouch), that he feels like he let him have Hermione.

The overall use of the colour green (especially the ending!) was pretty amazing too. Your writing always inspires this emotion in the reader; it's near-impossible not to connect with what you write :)

Author's Response: This is one of my darker stories, I suppose, which I actually like better than my fluffy ones -- they're all a bit harsher, a bit more ragged, I suppose. I think Ron's jealous feelings are so interesting, and I wish more people touched on them in fic! They're definitely present, of course, especially seen in GoF and DH, and even a bit in CoS.

I loved writing about green, too, because it was as though the more I looked, the more I found. But my brain's very English-centered, so there's that. :3 This review, and your others, they just made me pleased as punch today. Truly I cannot thank you enough for leaving them! ♥ You're amazing!!

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Review #8, by Woodrow RynneA Christmas Conundrum: A Christmas Conundrum

13th January 2012:
(your secret santa)

Uh..helloo there. I actually feel very ashamed to be this late, and I can write down a string of excuses, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear that. Lets just say, I haven't had access to the archives for the past two weeks. So, I'm going to dive straight into a coherent review that you surely deserve.

Ahem...You. ARE. Such. A. wonderful. writer! Gah! (Hm..I can see my coherency going to bits). But seriously, I've only ever read a couple of chapters written by you before(hint..hint :P), and even though I lovedthem, there was a reason I never returned- and that's because, you make me nervous! I know that sounds silly but, after reading such brilliance, my already low self esteem as a writer goes to pieces. Because then whenever I would wish to get down to writing, I would keep scratching off everything, because I wanted to be as good as writers like you. Oh dear, I sound so silly...

Anyway, this story was so short and cute and made me feel warm and fuzzy! I really enjoyed it! :) There's nothing like a well written Marauders fic to make you grin. Characterisations were fab- I adore how you can make them so strong even through a couple thousand words. :) My favourite has to be Sirius, because well, you write him in such an adorable way.

And aww...I actually liked your Peter, even though I shouldn't because he honestly sounds so much like Neville if we forget what he did later in his life. Dialogues were very realistic, everything was just... super-adorbs. :D

And I warn you in this first review that I'm not going to be very constructive in my reviewing because it's so hard to find a fault in your writing!

A very late and belated happy new year to you! ^_^

Author's Response: Hello, Secret Santa! :3 You hid your identity quite well, I must say. And no worries about the absence, Charlotte duly informed me of such. I completely understand!

I make you nervous?! Oh, that is such a strange thing for me to hear! Not that you're strange -- not what I'm saying at all! -- but I guess I never see myself as a very intimidating person, especially in writing. But wow, those compliments. I just cannot formulate coherent responses to them. Thank you so much for saying such nice things!!

I've had a lot of practice lately writing the Marauders, having finished my first of three novels in which they are very much central characters. :) This was an exercise as much as a Christmas gift, and I'm really, really glad you enjoyed it! (And Peter's a character I'm working quite hard on, because though I'm biased against him, I KNOW he had to have redeeming qualities when younger, or he wouldn't have been accepted by the other three boys. Definitely a complex character!)

This review is love. ♥ Thank you so much for leaving it, and again, don't worry at all about the delay! You are a great Secret Santa, and I am very honored by this review. Happy New Year!

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Review #9, by Woodrow RynneA Portrait Existence: Phineas Nigellus Black: A Portrait Existence

16th December 2011:
Hey there! :D Sorry for the little late review; I had trouble signing in. :P

Anyway, this was wonderful! To write Phineas' point of view is a very courageous thing indeed, and just let me say that you pulled it off very well!

Characterisation was great- his snarky, arrogant attitude came out quite nicely, but you also managed to show a deeper side to it- how he hated existing as a portrait- how he longed for his adventurous life as an ...well, alive man.

That Peeves twist was fantastic and really original- I couldn't help giggling at the thought of Peeves as his assistant, and that he had been a responsible guy in his life. That's quite mind-boggling, isn't it? :P

I think you portrayed Dumbledore really well too. His persuasion powers are something nobody can emulate, because honestly, he doesn't have to /say/ anything, yet just his eyes make even the most stubborn (like Phineas) melt. :P

One point of critique, though- the formatting is a little messy, so that make it just teeny weeny bit difficult to read. Also, even though this was a brilliant one-shot, I felt as if something was missing. I think it was because you merely /told/ us how Phineas felt, rather than /showed/. Maybe if you could expand it a little more, (with more dialogue)...

I'm merely saying because I would love to read more :P However, this is your story, so..

And it is really good as it is. The description didn't distract from the story, rather added to the pleasantness of this read. And that's the best part about your writing. Some authors use so much description that it's difficult to keep reading, but you use it naturally and subtly, and I love that.

All in all, great writing, and keep it up! :D

PS- I know I haven't read your challenge entry yet, but I will, I assure you XP. I didn't want to review it through tag, that's all. :P

Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!

I'm glad you think I pulled it off well, I was afraid I hadn't done justice to Phineas but your review has eased my worries (yours and some other reviews too :D)

I am also flattered that you find the Peeves thing fantastic, it was just a spur-on-the-moment decision I made on including him, and glad it turned out well! It sure is mind-boggling though :D

*sighs with relief and gratitude* I portrayed Dumbledore "really well"? OMG thank you! you don't know how happy you've made me! it took me a lot of rewrites and edits to finally think that I'd got him satisfactorily right (Dumbledore is a very hard character to pull off), and I'm so happy my hard work kinda paid off :)

Oh the formatting is messy? I never quite noticed that, it's been some time since the story has been up! I'll re-read and do the edits once I'm free from exams, thanks for pointing it out!

Well I actually wanted it to be more of a descriptive rather than a dialogue-oriented fic, because it was a portrait after all, but I'll see what I can do. I am flattered again to know you'd like to read more (though my muse is on vacation at the moment I'm afraid), but Thank you for the comments :)

Also nice to know that the description was moderate and that you didn't find it annoying or distracting.

"And that's the best part about your writing. Some authors use so much description that it's difficult to keep reading, but you use it naturally and subtly, and I love that." -- OMG I'm over the moon. thank you!!

You have no idea how happy and proud you've made me after your wonderful review!! Thanks a lottt!! :D And no problem about the challenge entry review, take your time!! :) {I'm afraid it's not as good though, but oh well}!

Thanks again!

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Review #10, by Woodrow RynneThe Three Generations: Sorting Ceremony: Astoria Greengrass

14th December 2011:
Back again! :D

Annd...I love it! Your characterisation of Astoria was fantastic and unique! I loved how you showed beforehand her Hufflepuff traits= it made the story more believable and exciting! :) Like the fact that she helps out that girl in the boat.

And her eagerness was so cute! Most children are scared, but she wasn't, and I loved that. As well, the little background history of her family that we come to know; I always imagined that the Greengrasses were quite a nice family, like you wrote. :)

And you wrote her character with the fact in mind that she was after all, a child. Like here, Astoria had absolutely no clue what ‘probing the depths of mind’ meant :)

This chapter showed the stark difference between Narcissa and her quite well. Somehow, I'm never able to write sorting properly, but you do it so well!

Great work! :)

Author's Response: Aww! Your review put a big nice smile on my face, thank youu :)

I am so flattered that you loved this, and think I do sorting well! I wrote Narcissa the way I imagined her to be, and same goes for Astoria :) I always considered her one of those non-maniacal purebloods (like the Longbottoms), the neutral side, and that's why I placed her in Hufflepuff! Glad to know it worked, and also that you think the child in her was well written.

Thank you once again for your awesome review!

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Review #11, by Woodrow RynneThe Power of a Single Word: Suffering.

14th December 2011:
This was really powerful writing! It was short, yes, but I think that only added to the horror that I felt. I've a feeling that you wrote this with Bellatrix in mind, partially because she is the only female death-eater I remember, and partially because you truly depicted how mad, cruel and ruthless she is.

The way you described how the victim finally went mad, was so interesting and well-written. Especially this line- Happy memories flooded through her mind but left through a growing black hole, which sucked in anything that made her life her own. Loved it.

A few errors I spotted though-

though it was nothing compared to the bleak situation inside. Two women were inside;
You have used the word 'inside' twice in quick succession- it sounds very redundant.

Two women were inside; one was stood tall- 'One stood tall', right?

Anyway, I loved your writing- it has the perfect amount of description, the idea was great as well. Great work!

P.S.- Was this the one-shot you wanted to enter in my challenge? (unnamed) If so, it fits perfectly. :) If you'd like, I can add you to my list of takers. Please do let me know, though. :)

Author's Response: Thanks again for the review!

I guess it has to be Bellatrix really, the only other one that I remember is Alecto Carrow, and this doesn't fit her character that well.

Thank you! That sentence, it's funny because I remember how stuck I got on that paragraph! :P

Thank you for telling me the errors! I can go back and edit them soon. I didn't notice I'd used the word 'inside' twice, especially so close together.

Thanks again! I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it (I think?)!

+I've added a link in the challenge thread, I totally forgot that I hadn't posted in there! :)

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Review #12, by Woodrow RynneHe's Not Coming Home: He Promised

14th December 2011:
Aww...this was so, so heart-breaking. Sob. I've read stories about the Weasley family after Fred's death, but I've never read a fic about how Angelina coped with the loss, so this was really new for me. Also, I don't really read song-fics, but you wrote this so perfectly! The song fit in wonderfully; I loved it, really. :)

I think you deserve a 10/10 for characterisation! Angelina's pain was so descriptive and real, and written in such a believable way that I'm awed. :'( And I loved the fact that you invented that detail- that she was engaged to Fred- how heart-wrenching!

In short, I could really feel for her, and her pain, so full points on that! :D

However, a few mistakes I spotted-

Her breathe caught as she was suddenly still- should be breath.

looking down at the engagement ring, which felt heavier then normal.
heavier 'than'.

Other than that, this was a fab song-fic, and I loved, loved it! :D

Great job!

Author's Response: Hello :)

I'm really happy you liked this story. I fell in love with this song when it first came out and after listening to it enough times over while reading different stories, I decided it was time to put this song into a story. And that lead to Angelina, who I absolutely love to write! And of course I had to put more of a connection between Angie and Fred...just enough to make the song fit just a little bit more.

I will take a look at those two spots. I haven't edited this in a while [or much at all], so I'll take a look at it. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #13, by Woodrow RynneThe Adventures of Mary Sue Slytherin: The Adventures of Mary Sue Slytherin

13th December 2011:
You know how much I adore your humour fics! Hilarious! :D

This whole para: Her hair was as smooth as the smooth jazz music you listen to at the dentist’s office *cries* Oh God! :D

Heeeheee...loved your writing. Mary Sue explained, “The sorting hat lets you choose, and I chose Gryffindor because I’m brave.”

“Wow, that was so brave of you,” said Lily admiringly.

Anyway, quotes aside, you really incorporated all the cliches so really well and seamlessly! - the author's notes, the *future*, the ridiculous time-travel, even the /love/ :P

Oh my Merlin, I think I nearly cracked a rib or two from laughing. I bow down to you, seriously! How do you write parodies so well? I could never! :D

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad you could enjoy my intentionally bad writing! It was definetely fun to try to fit all the cliches into one story, and I'm thinking about adding more to this. The next chapter I'm planning involves Mary Sue giving Snape a makeover and hilarity ensuing.

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Review #14, by Woodrow RynneStrawberry Hill: Prologue

13th December 2011:
This was, there is really no other word for it, beautiful. I adored your first paragraph. Time was as dead as I was.. This was so true and it really stuck with me. We do wish, of course, that everything would get better with us, but it is us who have to change, in the end, isn't it?

Ariana's utter sadness was so heart-wrenching and infectious, I could not not feel so sorry for her. Your imagery is utterly fantastic. Your writing is so awe-inspiring. Somehow, you managed to portray the horror and -sigh- gloom by the bright and pretty surroundings; it only reasserted her pain.

I don't think I can say it enough times- you are a fantastic writer- you definitely inspired me to improve my own writing, :P

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #15, by Woodrow RynneHistory To Be Repeated: The start of the trail...

13th December 2011:
Well, first off, love the summary. It's very powerful, indeed. Now onto the real review-

How dare you say it was awful! It was in fact, far, faaar from it. I know how difficult it is to write down a Founders' Era fic. You have to grasp the language, the dialogue (although it may not be difficult for you :P), and you did very well. I love the starting- straight into the action.

Rowena- hmm..I liked how you described her. As well, how you mentioned she wasn't excellent in duelling spells. Most people describe the founders as perfect, so it was nice to see that she was, despite all, human. :)

One question though- why couldn't she help the muggles. As you said, she was invisible, /and/ a witch. She could have easily have gotten away from those ailing muggles and the latter could have attributed getting healed to a miracle of God or something? Just an idea...

A typo I spotted: Composing herself, she hurredly walked towards the street ~ hurriedly, right?

Nevertheless, this was a fantastic start to what I'm sure is going to be a great fic, should you choose to continue it! I'm so intrigued and curious to know who that mystery person is, to whom she goes.

Great work! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I guess I've began to fall in love with this story again, so there might even be an update soon! Spooky...

Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad that you enjoyed it!

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Review #16, by Woodrow RynneMad For Nothing: Mad for nothing

13th December 2011:
Trust is so necessary in a relationship.

Anyway, I loved this one-shot. Their relationship is fairly unusual, yet so real. I also liked the reason behind their marriage.

But it was all so sad and heart-breaking! :'( Draco's point of view was so refreshing and just perfect. You really showed how much he loved her. At first I thought that after Draco's accident everything was going to be okay, but I got my hopes up in vain. *glares* :P

The character of Astoria as well, was well done. All that insecurity that she hid behind her anger. And to think both of their pride was their downfall. I loved that theme in the fic.

No, seriously. I love the way you right angst. It's real, believable and tugs at my heartstrings. Brilliant writing. Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I love how you have interpreted the characters; it gives me encouragement that I must be doing something right. I'm sorry I couldn't give you a happy ending. It just makes the message stronger. I wrote this at a time when I didn't know what was going to happening to me health wise, so suddenly the message became a lot more personal. Thanks so much for the reivew.

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Review #17, by Woodrow RynneI Am My Own Heroine: Chapter Two.

13th December 2011:
Great start! There's such a dearth of good Oliver stories out there- I hope this story isn't abandoned like the rest! :P

I love the whole concept; the changed Katie and everything. Keep writing! :D

Author's Response: Haha thank you so much! I actually had to look up the word dearth but I know there is! No no- I'm seeing it through to the end, don't you worry! :)
Thank you ever so much. Thanks for taking the time to review and read my story- I really appreciate it! :) Thank you!! :)


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Review #18, by Woodrow RynneRedemption: Redemption

13th December 2011:
A very interesting idea! I love your characterisation of Victoire as a coward- so different; yet you portrayed that so nicely! :)

The ending was perfect. The way, in death, she realised she could finally do something; that she was finally, in some way, redeeming herself.

One thing: I watched as his face changed, as the news was delivered. He crumped.
Did you mean crumpled? :)

Really nice one-shot, though it was so sad, it was still hopeful in the end. Great work! :)

Author's Response: Hey! That was a fast review :P

Yes, that's a typo, I've edited it so it should be fixed now. Thanks for that!

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Review #19, by Woodrow RynneI Love Lucy: a remarkable unremarkable girl

5th December 2011:
I loved this! :) Not witty? Are you kidding me? :P

This was a fantastic first chapter. Like you said, it was a little lengthy, but it went with the feel of the story- 'Lucy's remarkable unremarkable-ness. (uh..)'

Anyway, I adore the way you characterised Lucy. Most people go out of their way to make their main character different. You, however, just bluntly showed how average she was. I loved reading her point of view- she's what I always imagine a normal teenager to be like- attention span of zero and lazy. :P Aren't we all like that?

Lysander is so cute! He just loves to speak, doesn't he? Doesn't even care about people's reaction; so like Luna! I luurrvee your Lysander! It's fresh and adorable characterisation! :)

Ouch. Dragons? :P I can't wait to see how this progresses! I adore next-gens but they tend to get a bit redundant after a while. However, seeing this fairly new ship, I really want to continue! I'm saving it my favs! :D

Author's Response: If I ever get around to editing this, I probably would chop a few parts off ^-^ (but then again, who knows when I'll get around to editing it? :P)

Lucy is the definition of normal, and she's very lazy. And definitely inspired by the teenagers I know (and all right, a bit of me too). :)

heh, I'm glad you like Lysander! He's actually such fun to write... he definitely does like to speak. (Sort of convenient: he likes to talk even when I hadn't planned for him to. Oh well!)

Thank you! Hopefully I can avoid redundancy. :) Thank you for the review!

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Review #20, by Woodrow RynneBlack: cream of innocence

5th December 2011:

I was reading this cute story with this silly grin on my face. :P It was so sweet! And in a way, quite chilly too, if you think about it. Mind boggling, isn't it? How they grow up to be so different. Especially Bella- I cannot imagine her as Bellatrix after this. Despite that, the personalities were very realistic and believable. I loved how you portrayed Bella as a little bossy and confident. And her rebellion! How can I forget that? Even though it's really subtle- I mean she only goes to the edge of the forest, but still. It actually suits her.

And Cissy- you can really see how young she is through her naivety and wanting to believe everything her elder sisters tell her.

The beginning as well as the ending were simply beautiful. It tugged at my heart, really. You write really well! Very naturally. :)

In short, I loved this. :)

PS-I used to make flower chins when I was young too! :P

Author's Response: It is weird to think about, isn't it? Bellatrix was once a child too. Hopefully over the course of the story I'll be able to convince you how she ended up growing up to be who she was, haha :) But I'm glad you liked Bella! She was sort of daunting to write, but I think I'm pretty happy with how she turned out.

Thank you very much for the review! :) I'm glad you liked it.

(And yay! I used to make flower chains when I was little as well.)

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Review #21, by Woodrow RynneThe Wrath of a Huff.: One.

24th November 2011:
I really loved it! It's so interesting to see a different Puff- a very unique idea! How did you think of it? This story has a lot of potential, trust me. And I say that because I want to read more, more, more! :)

The main character, so far, is very interesting. Though, you could flesh out the scenes a little more? I want to see much more of her snarky attitude towards other students- it would be fun to read! :)

Your humour is very wry and sarcastic and I can't get enough of it! I really loved this and have added it to my favs. You just need to update now ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! Well I was given wrath and Hufflepuff for the challenge so I decided to do a completely different view on the Huffs :) I'm so happy you want to read more!

Aah this review made me smile so much! haha Thanks so much for reviewing :) I will update soon...well I'm pretty sure I'll at least start writing the next chapter today or tomorrow, sooo it should in the queue in the next few days - fingers crossed :P

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Review #22, by Woodrow RynneVoldemort and the Epic Recession: Voldy's New Job

23rd November 2011:
Heeehheee..this was crazy and hilarious and oh-so-funny! Seriously, you make me lout lout loud like a maniac at every second line (and my sister looks at me like I'm crazy, but ahem... :P).

Your characterisation of Voldemort like a sullen teenager is what I simply love. I think my favourite part has to be, when he goes to the unemployment office and gets rejected. Most people wouldn't have noticed it as such, but it really made me laugh to see how desperate Voldy-Moldy is. :P

And again! Wonderful writing! To be honest, I'm rather jealous of your adeptness at writing humour- because that is one genre I suck at, and many people aren't able to pull off.

Great work! :D

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so glad you liked the humor!

That was actually my favorite part as well, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by Woodrow RynneThe Joker and Her: Quidditch Practice

23rd November 2011:
Aww...I loved this chapter! So glad to see Brienne was finally feeling more cheerful- she deserves that! And the whole subtle George/Bri is just so cute! *squeal*

Another thing- I love your pace! It's neither too fast, nor does it drag- your chapters have the right amount of fluff and plot to keep me going. :) I love that you're developing the relationships slowly and not rushing along, and diving into the romantic, sappy stuff. The friendship between the girls is so cute! And that water fight would have been so fun- sort of reminds me of my own school days. :D

Author's Response: :) Hi! Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it! And thank you for commenting on my pace, it's nice to know I'm not boring anyone xD

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Review #24, by Woodrow Rynneneither created nor destroyed.: i.

22nd November 2011:
This was more than beautiful. It was artistic and genius and brilliant and just so, so heart-wrenching and character-involved, that I don't quite know what to say.

I suppose you'll know how much I love it if I say, I seriously wish to write like you one-day. Seriously. :)

Author's Response: Wow, that is... honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I really can't impress upon you how much it means. Thank you so much for your review :)

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Review #25, by Woodrow RynneAlmost Impossible Maybe: You know why you're here.

22nd November 2011:
Um..this was...confusing? Wait...was she dreaming about before? I'm confused. :(

But if she /was/ dreaming, (right?), this was very well written and a very good attempt at De-cliching. I know how difficult it is to do that! But you did it very nicely. The piece was hilarious- Malfoy's snarky attitude was so accurate! :D

Hm..Hermione was a little off, though. I mean, would she get so sappy and stuff, if her enemy proclaimed his love for him, even if it was a dream? I don't quite know.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed it! It made me laugh, and it was definitely a unique idea! :) I didn't notice any spelling/grammatical errors either, which is always a plus! ;)

Author's Response: Yup is was a dream... or was it? Hmmm, perhaps we shall never know... or we will I can't be sure.
Though the point was for it to be flustering, bwahaha! And yay you liked my Malfoy!
Thank you!!

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