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Review #1, by RojiaTattered Victory: Tattered Victory

10th May 2012:
I like it, it's not super awkward in the way they are combined and teddy... i luif him as you write him also ILOVECASSOTEHREFOREILOVEYOU

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by RojiaA Tale of Great Sorrow, Romance, and General Hooliganery: A Most Enchanting Tale

29th August 2011:
I love you, marry me?

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Review #3, by RojiaThe Modern Myth Chronicles: History Takes Place

26th June 2011:
Love it, just like when i first saw it! Is it bad i wanna guest write a chapter already XD

Author's Response: Darling you brought an epic smile to my face with this! What sort of chapter are you wanting to guest write? I might consider it. I mean this is a big project and I talk a LOT of this story out with you any way too.

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Review #4, by RojiaThe Taste of Cherry: A Bouquet of Cherry

31st May 2011:
So, like i said, i LOVE it, you have Nicholai down to a tee XD There will most likely be a companion ficlet floating in my stories soon! It couldn't be better is we were playing it out on our RP!

Author's Response: I am glad you like it so! I was going to write the second chapter tonight but my brain went mushy and I was distracted and I can't decide who I want to start with and how to lead into the right memories. Hopefully I can get something tomorrow between my paper writing for class and work.

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Review #5, by RojiaMonster: Monster

9th May 2011:

First of all i listened to the podcast and i must say, it was lovely. This story is really well written and it just. works, for lack of a better word. I was honestly expecting it to be sirius, just the way they were talking but it being remus made the whole 'monster' concept so much more realistic with predjiduces and all. keep up the good work because this was spectacular!

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