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Review #26, by cupcakesnessHugo Weasley: The Sorting

11th October 2011:
I love the idea of Hugo in Slytherin, it makes him diferent than the rest, this chapter was amazing to read, I like the little talk Hugo and the hat had, Its sad that Rose is ashamed of Hugo just for being in Slytherin, please update this story keep on its amazing, I love it so much :D

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Review #27, by cupcakesnessHugo Weasley: Waiting and multiple personalities

11th October 2011:
Aw poor Tippidy she has to act that way its not her fault. I love this story SO MUCH :)

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Review #28, by cupcakesnessHugo Weasley: The Train Journey: Part Two

11th October 2011:
Like it alot, You should go back to this story its so great, 10/10 :)

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Review #29, by cupcakesnessHugo Weasley: 1: The Train Journey: Part 1

11th October 2011:
I really like, i like how he wants to be difernet and not anybody in his family

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Review #30, by cupcakesnessFamily Bonds-The Next Generation: Flying Relives Tension - Hugo

11th October 2011:
Love it, i really liked Hugo and I like his pov and his connection with the animal keep you should keep writing this story but just Hugo I love him so far please up date soon :)

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Review #31, by cupcakesnessthere story: Hogsmeade

7th October 2011:
sweet how Hugo really dose'nt care that shes a Malfoy.

Author's Response: ya i've always loved the next gen when they except people like the Malfoys

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Review #32, by cupcakesnessTypical Clueless Guy: Disturbing Assumptions

4th October 2011:
I LOVED THIS CHAPTER ITS MY THE BEST 1 SO FAR. I love LOVE how clueless Van is and I like how Hugo got mad when he thought Al and Van had slept together. Hes finally showing feeling for her. LOVE IT so much ITS the BEST chapter update soon :)


Author's Response: Aww, thankyou so much!
I'm glad you like this chapter, it's one of my favourites too.
My favourite favourites are chapter nine (oooh, soon...) and chapter twenty one (ahh, not so soon...)
I'm really glad you like it, and YES EMOTION! :)
Thankyou for such a lovely review, and chapter eight is in the queue :P

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Review #33, by cupcakesnessIt Was Only A Kiss: 005.

4th October 2011:
WOAH,Ciflt hanger, :) im dying to know how Callie and Scorpius family are conected. Update soon its going so awesome so far cant wait till chapter 6 :)
(And oh if you get a chance and you want to read another Hugo story can you please check out my story Love Spells and Problems suck you seem like the type of person who would like it please read when you get the chance and I loved the chapter)

Author's Response: chapter six will be up soon, just put it through the queue! i'll definitely check out your story, sounds interesting! :D

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Review #34, by cupcakesnessthere story: introductions

3rd October 2011:
I really like the 2 person pov thing, I like the chapter alot, your a good writer, I loved to know more about Astoria she sounds like shes ganna be a intresting charater, update soon :), (oh if you get a chance and you want to read another story about Hugo please look at my story Love spells)

Author's Response: thank you for the review and astoria will come later in the story. i will look at the love spells story. thank you again. ts my first one:)

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Review #35, by cupcakesnessH.W.+ M.H. 4 Ever: Goodbye

30th September 2011:
I really like this story it has a good begning you should update :)

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Review #36, by cupcakesnessYoung Love and Pumpkin Pie: Chapter 2

30th September 2011:
AWWW suck how he didnt get to dance with her, Hugo and Alice should talk more just saying good second chapter update soon :)

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Review #37, by cupcakesnessIt Was Only A Kiss: 001.

27th September 2011:
I readed this story a long time ago before i had a aconut in here i never found it again im happy i did and you adding more chapters to get please keep writing i love this story :)

Author's Response: that's pretty awesome! yeah, i had it up a long, long time ago and i decided to edit and repost :D i'm glad you like it, it means a lot! ♥

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Review #38, by cupcakesnessTypical Clueless Guy: Study Buddies

22nd September 2011:
LOVE IT, i like the hugo and van funny moments add more of them :)

Author's Response: Daw, thanks for the lovely review :)
I'm so glad you think it's funny, thankyou :D
- Ellie

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Review #39, by cupcakesnessTypical Clueless Guy: Psycho Girl

15th September 2011:
I think you should add more deep talks with hugo and vansess, it so nice to the real hugo, i really like this chapter, update soon :)

Author's Response: Thankyou!
The next chaoter is in the queue, so it should be up in a couple of days :D
I was a little worried about this chat, because I thought it was a little deep for two people who had only just really met, but I'm glad you like it anyway :D
Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #40, by cupcakesnessLove Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Letters, Nicknames, and Perverts

13th September 2011:
I love the whippy thing about Ron its so true and funny I loved this chapter and all the awesome nickenames so funny :)

Author's Response: hahaha i know! that man needs to grow a pair! :D

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Review #41, by cupcakesnessProposition. : Epilogue;

8th September 2011:
I LOVE IT SO MUCH it was sweet and the 10 gallens thing was funny its the BEST CHAPTER ever and it was a perfect ending to this great story

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much :) I'm really pleased you've read until the end and enjoyed it so much! Thank you for reviewing :)

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Review #42, by cupcakesnessTypical Clueless Guy: The Introduction

7th September 2011:
I really loved it , it was great :D and can you tell me how you put that picture in the chapter ive tryed but always fail please help and i love that chapter once again

Author's Response: Hey :)
I'm glad you like the story.
Yeah, um, when you go to copy and paste the chapter into the new chapter box, you do the same thing you do for the banners. You save the picture to an image hosting site (I use Photobucket personally) and then click the little picture that looks like a painting. You enter the URL of the picture from the hosting site (e.g. Photobucket) and then Bobs Your Uncle.
I will be putting chapter images on my new chapters, I just keep forgetting.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #43, by cupcakesnessClumsiness and Quidditch: Red faces and Spilled Ink

2nd September 2011:
Love it its so cute i like how you make hugo clumsin update soon love to heard what happens next

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. I will update soon. Keep reading and reviewing :D

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Review #44, by cupcakesnessProposition. : Chapter 12;

1st September 2011:
Love it is so much i like how you use things from the book aww i love this chapter so much :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much :) It's a Movie-Verse fic, but I did drop a few little book references in there. Thanks for reading :)

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Review #45, by cupcakesnessProposition. : Chapter 11;

30th August 2011:
Best chapter so far it hits you hard

Author's Response: Thank you so much :) Two more chapters coming :)

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Review #46, by cupcakesnessProposition. : Chapter 10;

26th August 2011:
I dying to know whats ganna happen next

Author's Response: Aw I'm glad you're enjoying it! All shall be revealed :)

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Review #47, by cupcakesness:

26th August 2011:
I though it was so funny when Nathan says, “Rose is an excellent map-reader' and then Roses says “I think we’re lost,” so funny

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Review #48, by cupcakesnessAfter Curfew : Chapter 1

24th August 2011:
I loved it, its so good

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Review #49, by cupcakesnessProposition. : Chapter 7;

23rd August 2011:
AW that so sad this story has gone amazing

Author's Response: Thank you :) More will be on the way soon!

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Review #50, by cupcakesnessA Love Thicker Than Blood: It's All So Different Now....

19th August 2011:
Its great a good ending but feel free to add another chapter but its great as it is a great ending to a sweet love story

Author's Response: I'm thrilled you liked the ending! I've debated on adding another chapter but we'll see if I ever get around to it! I'm glad you liked the story! Thanks for your lovely reviews! :)

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