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Review #1, by LadyL8(Who) Needs Horcruxes?: Legend

3rd April 2015:
Hi again, Karen. Iím finally back with the next review.

So first I just have to say that Iíve not read many crossovers, and the last one I read was god-knows-how-long-ago. I think that one was a Doctor Who one as well, but Iím not sure (it was for my old review thread). But I really enjoyed reading one again after so long Ė it was almost like a new reading experience.

Second of all, I have to say that Iíve only ever watched two episodes of Doctor Who, and they were completely random episodes from different seasons. And I didnít get much of it, except that he was a guy with a blue telephone box that could travel through time. And be had a female companion, but I never met Clara so Iím going to guess she is he newest one. Am I right?

Oh wait, he had many lives too, right? Or am I completely on the wrong track now? :P

Anyway, it was really interesting to read this crossover, especially since I donít know much about Doctor Who. I canít tell you if you managed to capture his character or things like that, but I can tell you that I liked his characterization no matter the realism of it. He does seem a little odd, but I liked that childish-like fascination he seems to have over everything.

And I liked Clara as well. Like I said earlier, Iíve never actually seen anything of her, but I liked her characterization. I think she is a curious girl/woman (I have no idea how old she is :P ), but a little more rational (I think thatís the right word, if not I hope you can catch on to what Iím trying to say) than he is.

I also loved how you incorporated Doctor Who into the HP-universe. It felt surprisingly natural, and if I didnít know HP and Doctor Who I would probably not think they were different universes. They do fit well together in a way Ė not just because theyíre both British, but also because they focus on adventure and magic in the real world. Itís just a different kind of magic, thatís all :)

I like Voldy too. And how we dragged Tardis to his world. And I canít wait to see where things will go from here. It canít be anything but hilarious, since the Doctor seems very curious, silly in a good way and humorous while Voldy is mean, temperamental and you knowÖ just plain evil :P I donít think he will like the Doctor very much Ė Iím not even sure survives his meeting with Voldy. So yeah, it will be interesting to see how this will go.

And I just have to say that I love your dialogues. I may have mentioned that in the last review too, but itís even clearer here. Itís never forced - it just flows. Iím soo envious of you, Karen.

- Lotte
(and donít think badly of me, but what is Tardis? I think itís the telephone box, but Iím not sure)

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Review #2, by LadyL8Not in the 'Mood': Conspiracy

28th March 2015:
Hi Karen. If youíve been keeping an eye on the seeker thread in the common room, you may know why Iím here already. Iím closing in on my 4-year anniversary and I wanted to celebrate by showing people how grateful I am for them making my time on HPFF fantastic. And since the Puffs are one of the main reasons I love HPFF, I decided to start with you guys. So Iím reviewing the hot seat participants. And Iíve finally gotten to your day, so hereís the first out of four reviews (one for each year Iíve been here) :)

Wow. I really liked this story. This was very different from anything Iíve ever seen on HPFF, so Iím amazed you even thought of this. Moody isnít exactly the most popular character to write fanfics about, and I suppose he isnít the easiest one either. But I find him to be a very interesting character, especially since he does not have any wife or family. I think that really speaks for how much heís sacrificed for fighting for the greater good, fighting against Voldemort and his followers. And I really liked that you could see that in the story, as well as his fellow aurors great admiration for him and his hard work and dedication to the cause. It was nice to see.

I definitely think you did Moody justice. I liked that he put on this a bit cold and tough facade, but then underneath he really is a good guy who loves and respects his fellow aurors, even if they donít always do as he says or asks. Itís a mutual familial love and respect, and it was enjoyable to see it. It does make me kind of sad also, though, because you know many of them will later die. So I suppose I kind of understand Moodyís wish to distance himself a little from his workers, to focus on his work rather than hanging out with them. I would probably do the same if I were in his line of business in a war, because the chances of survival are very slim. But Iím glad they had birthday party, so Moody at least has something to look back at and remember with a smile.

I think it was very beautiful to see a friendship between Moody and Alice and Frank. It was not the characters Iíd expect to bond, but that does not mean it is unlikely. We know very little of Nevilleís parents, but I always imagine they were kind, hardworking and just very friendly and likable people. And that could possibly be a good match for Moody, whoís also hardworking but maybe a bit too much. He almost becomes a bit unsocial, because he focuses on his work. And the more I think about this, the more I like the friendship. Yeah, I think youíve persuaded me!

Anyway, I loved Moodyís speech. I like that heís kind of awkward, because itís not something heís used to doing. Thatís very believable. But then at the end of the day, he loves and respects his co-workers like theyíre family, and he canít really stay mad at them. So I donít think Frank has much to fear :P

So yeah, I really liked it. It was different and sweet. And I loved your characterization. It was very realistic, and you did Moody justice.

Good work, Karen!

- Lotte

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Review #3, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Breakable Girls and Boys

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Iím back with the 4th and final review for now, but I like the story so Iíll probably keep an eye on it and come back later on when things have quieted down a little :)

OMG. This was so tragically beautiful. Itís very beautifully written, but tragic because it always tragic when you lose someone important in your life. And since Iím coming straight from the last chapter, I canít help but notice the contrast to it. There everyone was joking around and simply having fun. In some way that made this chapter even more tragic, because I had just seen them all happy and lively. And you write sad chapters so well that Iím actually wondering if I should be worried for you, Tanya (I should not, should I?)

Anyway, Iím feeling so sorry for George now. In this chapter you can really see him struggling, as is to be expected of someone whoís just lost their twin. Heís putting on a brave face, but heís definitely having hard time. And it canít be easy going back to the shop after having gone through something like that. He built the shop with Fred, so everything there must remind him of his twin. And it probably doesnít help that itís a place of laughter, and heís feeling the very opposite of what the place is suppose to represent.

I really liked (or not liked, depending on how you see it) the similarities between the broken globe and how they Ė especially George Ė feel after having lost Fred. It was really clever to have a flashback showing why the globe was so important to them, and then have George destroy it in present day. It definitely added to the sad feeling thatís all over this chapter, and I just wanted to give George a long and warm hug. Poor guy :(

And I loved that Fredís voice was guiding Josephine in a way - that she was trying to act like she thought heíd want her to act if he was there. And I think Josephine made great progress in this chapter. Sheís gone from not being able to be around George without hiding, to now comforting him (a little awkwardly one may say, but itís not exactly easy to find words in this kind of situation) and even talking to him. So yeah, Josephine is on the right track :)

So Iíve already said this many times, but Iíve fallen in love with the story. I think you have your unique way of telling it, and I love the jumping in time. It really adds contrast to the story as well, because the flashbacks often are from a joyful time and the present daysí are from a sad and grieving time. I also really like Josephineís voice, and I find here to be a very likable and relatable character. And I canít wait to see where this is going, so Iíve favorited the story and Iíll be keeping an eye on it and coming back when I have the time.

Youíre very talented, Tanya. 10/10 and never stop writing! :)

- Lotte
(And while I may not have liked the last riddle very much at the time, I promise I'm not trying to kill you with kindness)

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Review #4, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Nice to Meet You

28th March 2015:
Hello Tanya. Here I am again with review number 3.

OMG. That was certainly an awkward job interview. I canít even begin to imagine how mortified I would be if my potential boss had done something like that. Poor Jo. Fred was so mean, but I suppose thatís how he would act daily if she did get the job. So you could say he was preparing her for what was to come if she was hired. But still, I felt very sorry for Josephine, but I couldnít help but laugh at her expense.

Anyway, I loved your characterization of the twins. They were exactly like I imagine theyíd be. I forgot to say that about them in the last chapter, so I figured Iíd do it here.

I especially love Fred. While he was loud, very humorous and often at otherís expense, thatís exactly the way he is Ė the way they both are really. But I feel like you Ė and probably more than J.K Rowling Ė highlights the differences between the twins. While they both look relatively alike, and they both share a love for making people laugh and simply having fun, they are the not the same person. They have their differences too, and I think youíve already showcased that. And thatís a result of Josephine only being romantically interested in one of them, and being friends with the other. And yeah, I really like that.

And itís so believable that the twins would do pranks like that when interviewing people for jobs at their shop. Theyíre definitely not the type to be all serious, even when they probably should be. And I liked the farting chairs (what an odd thing to say). That would definitely have freaked me out. Iíd be so mortified that Iíd probably leave the interview before it even started.

I also liked Josephineís obsession with George. I actually forgot to say that in the last review, so Iím mentioning it now. But I canít believe itís been going on for so long? And she loves him? I thought it was just a crush. Wow, I can see this heading an interesting direction now, especially since she had to hide simply because he looked at her. How in the world is going to survive working with him now in present day, especially since he seems very interested in getting to know her after seeing her grieving over his twinsí death. HmÖ Iím really looking forward to seeing how this plays out now.

Once again, a very wonderful chapter, Tanya. I donít know if I said this in the last review, but Iím so envious of your dialogues. I myself have so much trouble with writing dialogues, because it always seems so forced, and itís a lot harder than it appears to be when you read it. And I think your dialogues are actually what I love the most in the story.

I also love this part: ďWould you stop trying to escape, already? Cause, look, since first walking in here, you really have quite grown on me! It's like my favourite chest hair - which also happens to be my only chest hair: At first it was sort of laughably embarrassing, but now I'm quite fond of it! I like you! I mean, you're a bit off your rocker, but I genuinely am enjoying this all way too much to just let you wander off, never to be seen again! So come on, you nutter; let me hire you!" - It made me laugh. Such a Fred-thing to say! :P

- Lotte

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Review #5, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Promises, Promises

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Now that Quidditch is over (I admire you for coming up with that riddle, by the way), Iím finally back with the rest of your reviews.

Wow. I loved this. I always knew you were a good writer, but I didnít know you were this good. This was perfection!

I liked that you started in the past (well, further in the past). It was nice to see a glimpse of what kind of friendship Fred and Josephine had, and it is rare to see a very platonic relationship between a male and a female in stories. And I liked that they were joking around, but honestly it wouldíve been kind of strange if they didnít. It is Fred Weasley after all!

And I think they compliment each other well. Fred is Ė as Josephine says Ė funny, lively and large-than-life, while she is quieter and perhaps a little bit forgettable Ė at least in comparison to him. And Fred helps her come a little bit out of her shell, while she ďtones him downĒ a little Ė If that made sense at all, because it did in my head. So yeah, they really compliment each other.

I love that we learn a little bit more about Josephine and her past in every chapter. Normally I donít like a slow pace, but here I think itís great and very needed. The part where sheís kind of arguing with herself - because part of her is envious of Fred having had a mother and a loving family, but the other part hate herself for thinking like that when he is dead Ė is actually my favourite. It really says a lot about her as a character. Sheís obviously had a very tough childhood, and that does affect her life in many ways. But she feels guilty for wanting something sheís never had, because she knows she should not think like that when heís just died.

One of my best friends in real life is actually a foster child, and sheís explained to me that this is often the case when youíve never had a family of your one. You just wish you had a family or someone that would have your back no matter what, and this feeling is there even at the most inappropriate of times. So I find it very realistic for her to think like this.

And then thereís George. First I just have to say that I admire you for daring to write him in this moment in his life. I canít even begin to imagine how much it must hurt to lose a close family member, and even less how it would be to lose a twin. So youíre very brave for doing that.

Secondly I just have to say that I really liked the scene where he sees Josephine. It was beautiful to see him light up from realizing he wasnít alone in grieving for Fred, from realizing that he wasnít the only one broken after having lost a best friend. And it was very beautifully written, Tanya.

And I absolutely loved this part: ďIt doesnít even seem quite possible that such a huge personality could fit into such a small rectangular block of wood, only to be buried beneath the earth and never seen again. There is no sense in thatĒ. I could really feel her pain here.

So Tanya, I just have to ask: how in the world can you be so good at writing? Youíre amazing, and I absolutely loved this chapter! (You can probably tell by the length of this review, and the fact that Iím rambling a lot)

- Lotte

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Review #6, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Introduction: Boxes

26th March 2015:
Hi Tanya. I wasnít around when you guys had the review hot seat thing, so Iíve decided to leave 4 reviews for each participant. Itís also partly because Iím closing in on my 4-year anniversary on HPFF, and I feel like expressing my gratitude to all the wonderful people that have made my time on the site amazing - and you puffs are definitely one of the main reasons for me loving HPFF.

So I know you asked for reviews on chapter 3 and so on, but I really like to do it chronologically. And considering Iím leaving 4 reviews, I will eventually review chapter 3 and 4 as well.

Anyway, over to the story. I have to start by expressing my love for your opening line - ďI suppose I deserved thisĒ. It really caught my attention right away. I found myself wondering what had she done? Why would she think she deserved this? What is the ďthisĒ she is talking about? And Iím a little envious; because opening lines is something I struggle with myself. But youíre apparently really good at it! :)

And I also loved that you flash-forward (or backwards, depending on how you view it). This way of telling a story has really grown on me after watching How To Get Away With Murder, and I think itís a different but interesting move. Youíd think it would be boring knowing where itís heading, but itís actually not because you keep asking yourself why they will end up like that. Or in this case, what will to happen to make her think she deserves ďthisĒ Ė whatever ďthisĒ is (if that makes any sense whatsoever) :P

And Josephine has such a great voice and she already seems like a great character. I rarely feel sorry for someone before I know what horrible act theyíve committed (I blame law school for that), but I already feel sorry for her. And I think thatís because you start the story by showing this vulnerable side to her Ė sheís completely alone even when sheís surrounded. And the way she keeps repeating that she deserves itÖ I can almost feel her regret for doing whatever she did that was wrong.

I also liked the last line Ė ďFred Weasley is lying in a boxĒ. Itís haunting and powerful Ė it pretty much brings back all the feelings I had when I first read about this death in the books. And itís a really good way of ending the prologue.

Iím really excited to see where this story will be heading. Obviously Josephine has done something wrong, and I canít wait to see what it is and how it will all turn out. And Iím wondering who Josephine is and what her relationship with Fred was (like in more detail). So yeah, I really love the story!

- Lotte
(Oh, and I forgot to say that I really like the flow of the story Ė Itís part of what makes the story so enjoyable to read)

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Review #7, by LadyL8All or Nothing: there is a light that never goes out

26th March 2015:
Hi Kristin. So Iím back with my last review for now. I decided to head over to this story instead of reading another chapter of the foundersí story, because it looked too good to skip.

Anyway, I just have to start by saying that I think youíre crazy brave for even attempting to write Bellatrix. In my opinion sheís the one of the most complex characters in HP, and I would not dare to write her out of fear of doing her no justice. So thumbs up to you for even trying! :)

I really liked how you told the story Ė starting from childhood and ending with her in prison. It was interesting to see her progress for a cruel child to the mad woman we know from the books, and I liked that you could early on tell that she might head in that direction.

Bellatrix has always been a very fascinating character for me. While we get a somewhat sad/tragic backstory for Voldemort, that kind of explains why heíd end up being evil (but Iím not saying that justifies his actions), thereís never given a reason for why Bella is the way she is. And I donít believe anyone is just evil for no reason Ė thereís always some explanation for it (not necessarily a good one, though). This could be my criminology-studies kicking in, but Iím a firm believer in people having the potential for both good and evil. And itís environment and a little bit of genetics that decide whether weíll give in to it or not. And Bella did grow up in a difficult environment, probably being taught to hate muggles and muggle-borns since birth. So I always figured that was of the reason she ended up the way she did Ė and thatís also why I liked seeing Bellatrix in her childhood.

And then thereís the mystery woman. This is going to sound a little bit disturbing, but I found their relationship in the middle part to be almost tragically beautiful in way. Like how they talked about taking over the world together, and Bellatrix calling the woman for her source of power at the time. But then we all know how it will end, and thatís why thereís a touch of tragicness (is that a word?) over the whole relationship. And eventually Bellatrix chooses power over love, and thatís definitely the sad part of the story.

I really liked your description as well. Itís so detailed that I felt I like I was watching it all in my head, and I could feel the emotions.

And I think it was really interesting that you left the woman unidentified. But I have to askÖ Did you have anyone in mind when writing it?

Anyway, this is definitely one of the best Bellatrix-stories Iíve ever read, and I really think your characterization was spot on. You did her justice!

Amazing story. And Iím definitely going to keep an eye on you from now on, because youíre a really good writer.


- Lotte

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Review #8, by LadyL8Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter III

26th March 2015:
Hello again. Iím back with my third review out of 4.

Firstly, I did not find this chapter dull at all. It was actually very interesting. We all know they built the castle, but we donít really know how it came to be. And Iíve always wondered about how they did it, because the school is enormous. And how did they come up with everything Ė like the changing staircases? And you gave an answer to that.

I love Helga! And itís not just because sheís the founder of our house, but because of the way sheís portrayed in your story. I like that sheís the warm, friendly and social one, whoís responsible for getting people to help build the school as well as getting students to attend. And it fits so perfectly with what sheíd later want from the student in her house Ė to be welcoming, including and friendly.

And I like that she loves cooking and basically taking care of everyone around here. I just imagine sheíd be like a Ďmumí for her student Ė doing her best to make everyoneís having a good time and yeahÖ taking care of them. In a way, she kind of reminds me of Molly Weasley, because theyíre both hardworking women, and theyíre both have a warmth and welcoming heart.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I loved the story of how they came up with the name of the school. Iíve always wondered why itís named Hogwarts, cause that seems like a kind of random name. So I liked that they discussed it, and had a reason for naming it Hogwarts.

I also liked the sorting Ė that it just started with them having the students that already knew them, and Helga therefore got the most because sheís more known in the community. So she does Ďtake the lotí, but not in the way youíd initially think.

The friendship between Salazar and Helga was also nice to see, but I definitely want to see more Rowena/Salazar. Iím sorry but Maeve just got to go, because Iím shipping those two and sheís kind of in the way of their happy ending.

What Iíve found very interesting so far in the story is actually the portrayal of Salazar. He does not seem like the Ďbad guyí that historyís made him out to be. And heís interested in a muggle, and we all know heíll later come to hate muggles and muggle-borns. So Iím really interested to see what will make him change his mind. I wonder if Rowena had something to do with itÖ or maybe itís Maeve.

Anyway, as you can probably tell I liked the chapter. I think Ė like you say Ė itís very necessary to include, because building Hogwarts is what theyíll later be known for. And you answer a lot of questions we readers may have had from reading the books Ė like how they came up with the moving stairs or the name of the school. So yeah, I still very much like the story

- Lotte

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Review #9, by LadyL8Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter II

26th March 2015:
Hi again, Kristin.

Wow. I wanted more Godric and I certainly got it. This was amazing. Your talent blows me away.

I love Godric, and heís also very much like I imagine he would be. Heís just this caring, fair guy that wants to whatís right. I donít know if itís because I love GoT, but Godric always reminds me so much of Ned Stark. I imagine theyíd look the same, and theyíre both men of honor. And I love both of them, so yeah...

Anyway, I think Godric/Laudine is very interesting. I love that they have different views on things. Godric wants to fight fair and do whatís honorable, but Laudine just wants to save people and not die doing it. And I think sheís believes that is the honorable thing to do Ė to save as many lives as you can, no matter how you do it. So it all comes down to different views on whatís honorable and right. And I think these differences are what make them such a good couple. They even each other out.

And I love that they defend the muggles, because thatís what they (well, Godric anyway) will be known for later. And I kind of love that you start the story at a time when muggles and wizards co-exist, but then things go awry because of the Vikings (donít they just ruin everything?). And thatís when they end up making a school, so the young wizards and witches can learn magic without being scared of muggles hurting them for it.

Rowenaís intelligence really shines through in this chapter, even more so than in the last. And that is kind of strange, since this chapter is more from Godrics POV. But yeah, I liked seeing how smart she is. And you can already tell why she would end up having the intelligent kids in in her house.

And I love the Rowena/Godric friendship. They too are very different. Godric doesnít really want to give up fighting for muggles and wizards co-existing, even though itís clear theyíre heading in that direction either way. While Rowena sees the bigger picture Ė she sees that at some point wizards and muggles are not going to be able to co-exist with both knowing of the other. And then they kind of even each other out, because neither one of them is completely right or wrong. And itís the combination of their ways of thinking that results in the idea of Hogwarts. And I really like them co-working, it was great to see.

Anyway, I can tell youíve done lots of research for this story. Iím kind of a history geek, and Vikings are really my specialty because of where they originate. And so far I havenít noticed anything off, so youíve clearly done a good job in researching the tenth century England.

And I still love the story by the way. Now that they have gotten the idea of Hogwarts, I wonder what will happen next. And I canít wait to see more Salazar and Helga.

Good job. 10/10

Oh, and please ignore my terrible English. Iím sleepy right now.

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Review #10, by LadyL8Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter I

26th March 2015:
Hello Kristin. I wasnít around when you guys had the review hot seat. And Iím close to my 4-year anniversary on HPFF, so Iíve decided to leave 4 reviews for each person that participated in the hot seat to show how grateful I am for you guys being around. And now itís your turn to get reviews.

I want to start by saying that this is the first founders story that Iíve read in a long time. And Iíve seen a lot of people praise your founders stories on the forums, so I figured Iíd give it a shot. And Iím really looking forward to reading it.

I like Rowena. I think sheís very much like I imagined she would be, but Iím really interested to see more of her intelligence. You can kind of see it when sheís talking about the Redwalds invisible castle/defense strategy, but I think it will be more visible as the story progresses.

And Iím really interested in seeing more Salazar/Rowena. It is not the first match Iíd think of, but I donít hate it. I definitely think thereís something there. And whatís interesting is that ambition and knowledge are really connected as well, cause you canít really reach your goals without knowledge (in most cases at least). And thatís also why a lot of Claws could just as easily be Slytherins and the other way around. And the fact that those qualities are so close-knitted, could also explain why Rowena and Salazar would fall in love with each other. So yeah, I think I like this pairing.

And I like Helga as well. Sheís also like I imagine she would be Ė a warm, outgoing and friendly woman. And I loved how Rowena explained her friendship with Helga. Because yes, they are polar opposites, but thatís why they are so good friends.

I didnít really see much of Godric in this chapter, so Iím looking forward to learning more about him. But I loved that he and Salazar are best friends, and that he has muggle friends. Thatís very believable considering what heíll later be and believe in.

Anyway, I think you did a good job in bringing out their different personalities, and you can already kind of see how Hogwarts came to be. So Iím really interested to see where this story will be going, and whether Rowena will submit to the pressure of marrying or not (I donít think she will)

And lastly I just have to sayÖ VIKINGS!!! I have to admit the Norwegian in me is very happy to see them in a story, even if I probably shouldnít be too proud of them being from my country (well, Denmark really, but close enough. Norway also had its own vikings, but theyíre not in your story). But seriously, I think it was great that you mentioned them, because I donít think wizards would be oblivious to what was going in the muggle world. And Vikings were really a problem for the British people in tenth century, so Iím glad you mentioned them.

Good job. I loved the story, and I canít wait to read more of it.

- Lotte

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Review #11, by LadyL8Sweet Talk: Welcome to the Negotiation

26th March 2015:
Hi again, Leigh. So Iím back with my final review for now, and I just want to start by saying that I really canít believe I havenít read your stories before. Youíre really talented, and I think I actually love my house even more (if thatís possible) after reading your story. So I hope you keep writing, and I promise to keep (trying at least) reading.

I donít think Iíve said this before, so Iíll say it now before Iíll forget it again. I loved the idea of a Hogwartsí school paper, and I really liked the name. And if you ask me, she should pass it down to Lily. But thatís probably because I love Lily, and I donít really know much about Deana. But anyway, I think it was an amazing idea to even have a school paper.

So yeah, what do I think about the new letter? Well, I still think her parents are putting way too much work on her, but I suppose thatís going to be my opinion through the whole story. I like that weíre finally getting to the main plot Ė you know, Freddie and Sweets working together for their respective family businesses. And I really like that despite the fact that they do probably not like having to work together very much, they donít take their frustration out on the other (weird sentence, but I hope you understand what I mean). Thatís honorable of them.

I think Sweets and Freddieís meetings are going to work out fine. Their main issue is probably coming up with ideas, but I suppose it will be challenging to work with someone you donít know that well. But they seem to get along so far, so I donít really worry about how they will co-operate.

And then thereís Kane and Sweetsí relationship. I really like them. They seem like best friends. And I know some people reviewed that they thought there might be a one-sided crush there, but I just see a close friendship. I really like that!

And what do I think about Kaneís idea? I really liked it. But I have to say I kind of agree with what Sweets said Ė that Alana would probably think that they believe sheís dying. But the thought is very sweet (no pun intended), and I liked that they were watching the pictures and reminiscing about old times. It was great idea, really.

I donít know who my favorite character is. Maybe Sweets, because she is so relatable. And I love that sheís a Puff. But I love everyone really, so itís hard to choose. Well maybeÖ oh god, no I canít make up my mind. Can I just say everyone?

And I may be way off, but I have a feeling thereís something going on between Kane and Ryan. Iím interesting to see if Iím right or wrong.

Anyway, so Iím off for now. Iíll hopefully come back at a later point, but I hope you keep writing no matter what. Youíre really talented, and I absolutely love the story!


- Lotte
(and sorry for my rambling. I always ramble on and on)

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Review #12, by LadyL8Sweet Talk: Welcome to Ancient Runes

26th March 2015:
Hello again.

So I just have to start by saying that I love your humor. I couldnít help but laugh when Sweets almost forgot she took charms herself, and that was like the second line of the chapter or something. Itís so relatable. I would probably do that, and be really embarrassed afterwards. So I feel for her.

And I also laughed when Freddie came running into class, trying to escape his cousin. Poor Dominique. What in the world did they do her hair? I canít even imagine what it would be like growing up with the Wotters, especially the boys. I always felt like theyíre prankster, and I only have ďgood girlĒ sisters so itís very hard to imagine having someone like them around. But I donít think life would ever be boring.

Anyway, over to your questions.

What do I think about Freddie and Dom? I think theyíre definitely the ones thatíll give me a laugh. I believe weíll see more of their pranks eventually, and yeahÖ I think theyíre the humorous ones. And while it may seem like they donít get along, I really do believe theyíre close. And I actually kind of liked the prank, so I wonder what Freddie will do in the future. And also wonder what Dominique will do back. Thatís going to be interesting to see.

And what do I think about papa and mamanís letter? Primarily, I feel sorry for Sweets. She has a lot of classwork to do, and then she has to do extra work for her parents as well! And I do understand that they want to prepare her to one day take over the shop, but I think they couldíve at least waited till she was out Hogwarts before giving her all this extra responsibility.

Anyway, what do I think about Adelaide and her friends? I love Adelaide. I think she seems like a very sweet girl. I can relate to being in a big family, and not really fitting in. Like her, Iím the only one in my family that likes to read. And I have a feeling she and her family will play a large in the story, and I canít wait to see how it all unfolds.

And I donít know what I think about her friends yet, because I didnít really see much of them in this chapter. I think Iíll need to wait a little, before I make up my mind about what I feel about them.

And then thereís Alanaís sickness. I was so afraid she had anorexia, because that was my initial thought. But this is almost worse (and Iím definitely not saying anorexia is not serious, because Iíve know someone whoís been dealing with it for most of her life), because you donít what it is and how to treat it. And I feel sorry for her. I canít even imagine how it wouldíve felt like if couldnít remember a conversation I had when I was 100% awake. But I really look forward to finding out what it is she has, and if it can be cured.

Anyway, Iím still very much in love with the story

- Lotte

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Review #13, by LadyL8Sweet Talk: Welcome to Hogwarts

26th March 2015:
Hi again. So Iím back with review number 2, and I must say I really enjoy reading this story.

Anyway, Iíll start by answering your questions.

What do I think about the friends? Well, firstly I just have to say that I love their names, and I think they work really well with their personalities.

And now that thatís said, I want to continue by saying that I absolutely loved all of them. It was great that you could very easily tell their roles in the group, and I could really see the different personalities. And you also created this great chemistry between them. I felt like I was reading about a group that had been friend since forever.

I think Vienna is my favourite, because I have a friend thatís just like her. And she also happens to have the name I liked the most, which probably did affect my opinion of her.

But I also liked Kane. He seems like a nice guy, even if he look-wise Ė in my head at least - does appear to be this proper, rich and a lit bit snobby guy. And I like that his family are muggles, but live in Hogsmeade. Thatís very believable. I mean, who wouldnít be fascinated by the magical world if you some day discovered it?

And I really liked the rivalry/dislike-thing thatís going on between Vienna and James and Sweets and Ryan. And how no one really can explain why theyíre so agitating for the other (a really strange sentence, but I think you get what I mean). And I have people like that in my life too Ė people I just dislike but I donít really know why. Itís just something about them that irks me.

Anyway, what do I think about the Wotters? I think your portrayal of them is very realistic, like for example the fact that Sweets didnít know the name of one them. Thatís believable with how many they are. Iíve always imagine them to be this chaotic bunch of people, thatís basically all over the place. And they are in your story as well. I donít think Iíd know where to place them if I met them, and that always frightens me. And there are also so many of them. I meanÖ my family is big (and I mean really big), but weíre fortunately not all at the same place. If we all went to the same school for example, I donít think people would dare to approach me. Imagine how many people would hate you if you somehow messed things up.

But Iím feeling like Iím a bit off- topic now, so Iíll instead answer your third question. Whoís going to win the cup? Hufflepuff, obviously. We have Sweets in our houseÖ do I need to say more? And, you know, we Puffs are the best!

Oh, and I forgot to say that Iím so glad we finally got to meet Freddie. I canít wait to see more of him in the future chapters

- Lotte

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Review #14, by LadyL8Sweet Talk: Welcome to Honeydukes

26th March 2015:
Hi Leigh. Iím not sure if you know who I am, because I havenít been around the forums as much lately. But Iím a fellow Puff, and Iím here because I wasnít around when you guys had the review hot seat. And Iím close to my 4 years anniversary on HPFF, so Iím celebrating it by leaving 4 reviews to each Puff that participated in the hot seat event. And because Iím leaving 4 reviews, what better story to choose than the one that currently has 4 chapters.

I want to start by saying that I love Next Gen-stories. Next gen is probably my favorite era, and Iíve read so many stories set there. But I havenít read many Fred II stories, because heís usually a supporting character Ė often a friend to James II. But I really like him, so Iím looking forward to reading this story.

The description of Honeydukes and Hogsmeade really got me right away. I loved the imagery, and I could really see the shop and town all in my head. Iíve never worked in a shop myself, but Iíve always wanted to have a part-time job in one (while studying). I just imagined it would be awesome to meet so many different people, and very few people are angry in shops Ė especially in a candy shop, like you also write in the story.

But I can see why Sweets (by the way, love the nickname) wouldnít wanna follow in her familyís footsteps. While working in a shop is great, you wanna explore the world and make your own way. And I wouldnít want to do something just because my parentsí expected me to do it either Ė even if that something was like a home to me. And you do want something different for the future Ė not the same thing youíve done since you were old enough to do it.

I really like Sweets/Ambrosia. I love that sheís a Hufflepuff, since weíre seriously underrepresented in fanfics. And I think sheís such a relatable character, and thatís what makes her so likable Ė for example how she loves the shop, but she wants to do something else, something thatís hers, that she loves. A lot of people feel that way Ė me for example.

And I can see why sheís a Puff, because she is that warm, friendly type. And obviously a hard worker, and very loyal to her family (or she wouldíve told them that she doesnít want to take over the shop).

And I like that you explore something that many teenagers struggle with, that I myself struggle with right now Ė finding out what to do with your life? Itís probably the hardest question to answer, and Ė speaking from experience Ė I think thereís too much pressure on teenagers to find themselves and their future very early on in their teens. And - like in Sweets case - you kind of wish you didnít have the choice (and she kind of feels like she doesnít), but then again you want to be able to choose. And those two sides are really interesting, and I really like that you explore it in this story.

Iím just going to head over to the next chapter, and (hopefully) see some Fred II. But I really liked it, and I think itís a really good start to a longer story.

- Lotte

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Review #15, by LadyL8Bruises: Bruises

26th March 2015:
Hello again. Iím back with my last review (for now at least), but I might be back later when my reviewing month for my anniversary is done.

I just have to start by saying that I love Dean/Seamus. Itís one of my favorite slash pairings, but Iíve read very few stories about them. So I knew this had to be the last story of yours I read this time around, and I was really looking forward to it. I guess you can probably already tell that I had really high expectations, and you did not disappoint me at all.

I liked how you described Hogwarts under the Carrows Ė DA living in the room of requirement, and their bruises are slowly starting to fade now that theyíre safe in hiding. But despite the fact that theyíre hiding, you never get the sense that theyíre cowering or running away from their problems. Instead itís a feeling of comradeship mixed with resilience in cruel times. Like Dean also says himself Ė The bruises are proof of them being fighters, of them not giving up even in the most horrible of times.

And then thereís Seamus and Dean. What I liked the most was actually that moment when you focus on Deanís hand on Seamus cheek/bruise. Itís such a simple act, but for me it felt like Dean was saying that ďIím there for youĒ or ďIíll always support you/be there for youĒ. And then Seamus reply Ė ďItís nothingĒ Ė kind of felt like it was his way of saying that the bruises doesnít matter/doesnít hurt as much now that heís there. It could just be me reading a lot into it, but that really was my favorite moment because thereís so much I could read simply from their actions.

I also loved the Dean/Luna friendship Ė both having been locked in the Malfoy basement for months, I can totally see that happening. And while I didnít see much of it, I really thought it was sweet.

And I also loved the last part, when you skip ahead to Dean and Seamus being married and having kids. I can just imagine them as parents to Hollie and Sean, and Ö. Aww, itís just so cute. Thank you for including that.

Anyway, I liked how you again see Seamus with a bruise, and that Dean once again puts his hand on it. But this time he does not have a bruise because of the cruel times, but rather by accident. But you see that Deanís still there for Seamus, no matter what caused his pain. And I really liked that you did that.

I could probably use thousands of words to explain how much I love the last part, but Iím not going to do that. Instead Iím just gonna say that I really, really LOVED it.

And you know, itís so realistic too Ė Dean/Seamus I mean. Most couples I know were friends before they ended up together. And I donít believe you can fall in love with someone if they canít make you laugh or smile. And I suppose thatís one of the main reasons why I love Dean/Seamus too Ė that theyíre best friends that mean a lot to each other.

So yeah, I really loved the story. Out of all of your stories that Iíve read this time around, I think this was my favorite. And itís not just because of the pairing, but because you managed to say so much with simply a bruise. So yeah, I think youíre a really good writer, and I hope to be back and review some of your stories in the future.

- Lotte

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Review #16, by LadyL8Dragon Pox: Dragon Pox

26th March 2015:
Hi again. So Iím back with review number 3 out of 4, and youíre really starting to get me hooked on Teddy pairings. Iíve read stories with that before, but itís been a while (since Iíve read anything at all. Law schoolís not being nice to me).

God, I loved this story. It was so fluffy and sweet. But it was also very humorous, because it was very relatable Ė I could see myself in Teddy.

You see, I have very low immune system, so I get sick very often. Just last week, I was sick with the flu. And I recognized some of the things I often do when Iím sick - like being furious at whoever got me sick (which is usually myself, but I donít admit that when Iím sick). And I always feel like I look horrible, and I donít want anyone around me - especially people that I wanna look good around. And Iím horrible at pitying myself, just like Teddy. And I think thatís what made me love this story so much - the fact that itís so realistic and (as Iíve already said) relatable.

And I also loved the relationship between Teddy and Louis - youíve really made me fall in love with Teddy with your stories about him. And I found myself instantly falling in with Louis as well, which - again - probably had something to do with how relatable the story is. Because I know Iíd love to have a Louis around when Iím sick - someone who takes care of you without making it seem like itís a duty/something he has to do but hates.

ďYes, I infected you with Dragon-Pox and made you vomit in your sleep, all to get you out of your clothes.Ē Louis shot him a challenging look. - This made laugh. A really good comeback from Louis! :P

Anyway, I also really liked their jobs, especially Louisí. Iíd actually love to read more about their work. Like a story about Teddy as a teacher or Louis working undercover for the prime minister - and I wonder how in the world did he end up working there? I meanÖ that certainly isnít the most common job, so Iím actually a little curious as to how he got a job there.

And I definitely want to read more about Teddy and Louis - like a story about their date or how they even ended up together (you do reveal a little bit, but Iíd love to see it as its own story). And I think these characters are so good and have such a great chemistry, that Iíd hate for it to end here. So yeah, Iíd really like to see more of them.

So Iím sure youíve already got this, but I really liked your story. It was very sweet and relatable, and I want a Louis myself. I have to say that after reading three of your stories, I canít decide whether I like Teddy better with James or Louis. So instead Iíll just I want Teddy happy.

- Lotte
(sorry for rambling. It happens when I'm excited!)

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Review #17, by LadyL8Nine and a Half: Nine and a Half

26th March 2015:
Hi Julie. Iím back with review number 2, and Iíve really looked forward to reading this story.

Awww. This was so cute. I absolutely loved it. And I canít even begin to explain how happy I am for the fact that they ended up together. And they have kids! They got everything I hoped they would get, so thank you for that.

I really liked that you saw the kids and parents through the years - starting when Johnny and Dora is very young, and then ending it when Johnny is 14 years old. And that you see that through all these years, their parents still love each other as much they did when they first got together. Itís very beautiful, and I certainly hope I find that kind of love (Donít we all?)

I liked that you skipped ahead to them having been married for some years. So we instead found out how they ended up together (after the five and a half-incident) through them reminiscing about that time Ė like the line about how James used to sneak out of the castle and meet Teddy when he was working in Hogsmeade.

There are a lot of things I love about this story, but I want to focus on a few of them:

1. Johnny turned back to his sister. ďWhen is she going to be able to play Wolfies with me?Ē Ė I loved the Wolfies-game. Remus was one of my favourite characters, so the fact that you made his grandchildren play a game in his honor, really warmed my heart. And I definitely believe Teddy would want his children to know about his late parents, and that they sacrificed their lives to make the world a better place for him (and indirectly his children). And I just want to throw in here that I obviously also loved that the girl was named ďDoraĒ, for the same reason is listed above.
2. Johnny huffed at that answer. ďSheís not very fun then.Ē Ė This is such a believable behavior Ė And Iím speaker as an older sister myself.
3. ďDaddy, you donít call Santa, you write to him or visit him at the mall,Ē Doraís response came back Ė The mall part made me laugh.
4. ďYou are lying, Daddy,Ē Dora muttered sadly. ďI thought you said Puffies donít lie.Ē Ė Okay, first I just have to say that I love that heís the head of Hufflepuff. Our house is so underrepresented in fanfics, and I think thatís a shame. So Iím really glad you had him in Hufflepuff, because I obviously love my house very much. And I also have to say that Doraís line broke my heart Ė I have no idea what Iíd say to that.

I also loved that continued with some of the elements from its prequel. Like for example the ďfour and a halfĒ Ė line from Dora. While it can be seen as a stand alone, I think this just added a sense of continuity to it.

So to sum up Ė I loved it! It was everything I hoped for and more. And Iím really in love with your James and Teddy, and I think they make a really good couple. And Dora is just sooo cute Ė she reminds me of my little sister, who also adores her parentsí very much.

- Lotte

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Review #18, by LadyL8Five and a Half: Five and a Half

26th March 2015:
Hello there. I wasnít around when you guys had the review hot seat. So Iíve decided to leave 4 reviews for each of the participants, because I want to and to celebrate my upcoming 4 year anniversary on HPFF.

I just want to start by saying that Iím usually not that into one-shots, but I decided to give your story a try. And I also have to throw in that youíre a crazy quick writer. I wish I had close to that many stories written since the start of 2015. How in the world do you do it?

And then I just have to tell you that I love next gen-stories. And while I have read quite a few with slash pairings, I donít think Iíve ever read one with James/Teddy. But I really liked it. The (at least now) inappropriate age difference aside, they are cute together.

I really liked how you started the story. It was so awkward for me to read it, and thatís a good things since it really is suppose to be awkward when you godfather catches you snogging his son in a shed (or so I imagine, anyway). And I felt so sorry for Harry, because I canít even imagine what Iíd do if it was me.

But anyway, it was great that you started with explaining the kind of relationship Harry and Teddy have. I never really imagined him being an authority figure (a father of sorts) for Teddy, so I liked that you made them more friends than anything else. And having established that in beginning of the story, the already awkward conversation just got even more embarrassing to read, because you know they are close. And as Teddy himself explain - Harry is never scaryÖ until he catches you making out with his son in a broom shed.

I have to say it was strange to read a story where Albus is so much younger than James. While their ages are never established in the books, most fanfics have them 1-2 years apart. And because thatís so ęnormalĽ to see in stories, I think most authors just stick to it rather than challenge that view. But I admire you for doing something different, and I think it added another level of embarrassment to the story - at least for Harry, since he also has to deal with a crying 12-year-old son.

You really made me believe in the story, and thereís many reasons for that. I liked for example that Teddy keeps mentioning Jamesí age, because I imagine thatís what you would do when youíre trying to not give in to your feelings for the underage son of your godfather - or for anyone else thatís underage. And I liked that James sort of seduced Teddy, cause I canít imagine it going the other way considering their ages.

But what I loved the most was your humor. I absolutely loved these quotes:

1. ďHarry just talked to Teddy about what happened, gave him advice, and laughed it off saying he did the same thing when he was in Hogwarts, except he fought a troll, too.Ē - This is so true. The golden trio really beats just about any bad thing you can do in Hogwarts.
2. ďAll those yearsó James, it was five years ago,Ē Teddy pointed out. If a hint of defensiveness snuck its way through in his tone, neither of the Potter boys noticed. Ė I loved this one! After having spent the last few paragraphs trying to convince himself not to do anything with James because theyíre so many years apart, he then tries to make it seem like theyíre not that many years apart when James mentioned the age difference
3. ďSo, let me get this straight,Ē Harry started, momentarily overlooking the snort from James at his word choice. Ė This one made me laugh

But anyway, I absolutely loved it! And Iím heading straight over to the sequel to read it, because I really look forward to reading more about James and Teddy (I think youíve actually made me love this pairing Ė I did not expect that).

- Lotte

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Review #19, by LadyL8The Rejects: ii.

26th March 2015:
Hi again. So Iím back with my fourth and last review for now, but I can assure you Iíll be back later when I have the time to review some more.

This was another funny chapter. What a team Maddie has, huh. But I did expect her team members to be outcasts. Who else would willingly say yes to play on a team where the captain doesnít even know the game? And you did not disappoint me in the slightest - making the next team member worse then last. But she still has some positions to fill, so I really look forward to seeing who thatíll be. It canít possibly go any worse now, can it? Iím almost a little afraid to ask you that.

I like the guy that doesnít speak english. But thatís gonna be a bit of problem, isnít it? I mean, how in the world is she going to coach a guy that doesnít understand her? Is there some kind of spell for that? But that would be too easy, wouldnít it? She could always mime, but it would look really strange for everyone else. But why not? And Iím a little curious about how he came to be a student at Hogwarts, and why he doesnít speak the language. I mean, is it possible to get any friends in school, when you speak a different language. And what about classes? Theyíre all in english, so I donít really see why heíd go to Hogwarts if he canít speak or understand the language. But Iím sure youíll get to it eventually.

And then thereís Hazel. I really like Hazel. Usually guys are the popular heartbreakers, the ones that fool around with lots of girls. But here you not only change the gender, but also make her bi-sexual. And I like that you switch up a bit. Itís nice to see something different, and I think thereís more to Hazel than what weíve seen so far. I mean, why would she make it her mission to sleep with everyone in the year? Thatís what Iím wondering. But I think it will reveal itself as Maddie gets to know her more, instead of her judging her based on rumors like people unfortunately tend to do.

So yeah, I think youíve definitely created an interesting team. I canít wait to see how Maddie will solve this BIG challenge, but - from what little Iíve seen of her so far - she does not seem like the type to give up without a fight. And letís face it, she can only pleasantly surprise people, since theyíre expectations are already lower than low.

Glad I got around to reading some of your stories, and I promise that Iíll be back when I have the time. And youíre without a doubt one of my all-time favourite authorís, so please donít stop writing.

- Lotte

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Review #20, by LadyL8The Rejects: i.

26th March 2015:
Hello again. Iím back with review three out of four.

Okay, so Iím pretty Iíve never read this story before. But Iím so glad I am right now, because I absolutely love it. In fact, Iím pretty sure it can be my new all-time favourite story (which used to be My (fake) wedding). And hereís some of the reasons for that;

I LOVE the idea. How in world did you come up with it? Itís genius, and Iíve never seen any similar story on HPFF before. I mean, I have read stories with drunken bets, but not where they bet they could make a better Quidditch team than the existing one. And thatís just genius. I have no other word for it. And I canít wait to see what going to happen, because I already know that it definitely wonít go smoothly.

And like with My (Fake) Wedding, I really like your narrative and humor. Maddie - like Elle - is very believable and easy to relate to. Sheís a bit of an outsider, and definitely not the one to back down from a bet. And Iím just the same when it comes to bets and challenges. Iím just too stubborn for my own good, and thatís also why I can relate to her so well. And I like that she tells the story very humorously, and I canít help but laugh out loud several times. Like for example when the professor laughs at her. I donít know if I just find that funny for no reason really, or if itís because Iím horrible in sports myself. But either way, I canít help but laugh at her misfortune.

Once again, Iím in love with your dialogs. How do you do it? Nothing ever feels forced, itís just Ö natural. And you always manage to bring out different sides of characters too, and create this good dynamic/connection between them that just makes it even more realistic. It feels like Dominique and Maddie have been friends forever, and thatís because of how they speak to each other. And a lot of people actually struggle with that (me included). So Iím sooo envious of it.

And I think this is a really good first chapter. Iím already intrigued, and I canít wait to see how Maddie will get herself out of this mess sheís in. But I do know, itís not going to be easy. I canít imagine many people wanting to join her team, since they are - at least as it looks right now - doomed to fail. And since itís called The Rejects, I have a feeling sheíll have a lot of interesting team members from the bottom of the social ladder. So it will definitely be difficult for Maddie to win this bet.

God, I still canít believe youíre this good a writer. How come Iíve never reviewed your stories before today? Iím actually a little ashamed of myself now. But youíre definitely one of my favourite authors on HPFF, and Iíll try to keep track of your stories from now on.

- Lotte

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Review #21, by LadyL8My (Fake) Wedding: Welcome to my Crappy Life

26th March 2015:
Hi there. Iím back with the second of four reviews (for now at least).

And first off I just have to say that I was so shocked when I saw this story on your authorís page. Because I actually remember reading it a few months, and I had no idea you were the one that wrote it. But Iím pretty sure I never left a review back then, so I figured Iíd do it now.

So I want to start with what I remember from when I first read it. I actually thought this was written by one of the authorís that are really popular around the forums - you know, the ones that win many dobbies and are always on the top of the reading list. And you may actually be that, I donít really know you that well. But I do youíre a Puff, and I canít believe one of my all-time favourite stories was written by someone Iíve seen around the common room every day. So yes, Iím a little shocked. But pleasantly surprised. Starstruck, one could sayÖ

But over to what I remember from when I first read it. I remember I instantly got hooked. I think it was partly because you have such a strong narrative - Elle is someone you can easily relate to and fall in love with. And I liked that her life wasnít like most charactersí are after Hogwarts; great, almost perfect Instead her life had gone downhill, and I think thatís very believable. You donít just live happily ever after when youíve finished High school - some people crash and some people donít. But for some reason we hear a great deal more about those that donít crash, so Iím happy to see someone writing about the others.

I also remember that I loved your humor. Iím generally a little wary of humorous stories, because humor is really the most difficult genre. And thatís because people have different humor, especially when they live on completely different sides of the earth (and I actually have no idea what your nationality is, so you may live on the other side of earth for me). But I laughed several times, like for example the ęonesies for a dateĽ. I mean, I canít even imagine what Iíd do if a guy wore a onesie for our date. So I can definitely see her point.

And I also remember your dialogs. I was so envious of your dialogs, because thatís actually what I struggle with the most when I write. But it just looks like it comes naturally to you, and I wish it was like that for me too.

I could probably mention like a million other things, but I think Iíll stop here. To sum up, I love the story. And I still canít believable youíre the one that wrote it - that Iíve been around you all this time and I never knew. But Iím definitely going to check out more of your stories now, because youíre one my all-time favourite authors. Please, donít ever stop writing!

- Lotte

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Review #22, by LadyL8christmas eve.: spending time with family.

26th March 2015:
Hi there. I wasnít around when you guys had the review hot seat, so Iíve decided to leave 4 reviews for each of the participants. Mainly because I really want to read Puff stories, but also to celebrate my 4 year anniversary on HPFF.

And I decided to start with this story, because it only has one chapter and I kind of miss christmas eve already. I just want to start by saying that I love Love Actually, New Years Eve and Valentineís day, but I do find them somewhat confusing. I keep mixing up the characters, and I canít remember whoís who and their storyline. And thatís why I like how you do it, with each character having their own chapter (or so I assume).

I think this is a good start. I like Brooklyn, and I do think thereís more to her than what we saw in this chapter. So I hope you will have another chapter with her later. But for now, Iíll focus on the one you actually have.

The storyline is sweet. And absolutely I love how Brooklyn choses her family over friends, because I can tell you many people I know that wouldíve chosen differently. For some people, popularity is the most important, and they donít seem to realize how short life really is. Or that popularity is fleeting, but family is forever. But thatís not the case for Brooklyn. And having dropped a family dinner the day before my own grandfather died to go over to a friendís home, I know personally how right that choice is. And I love that Brooklyn is far more sensible than I was at that time.

Iím also really curious about Brooklyn. Who is she really? Does she know any of the known Next Gen characters, like Rose, Scorpius and Albus? And why in the world would her adoptive parents and siblings not want anything to do with her? What were they arguing? Thereís so many unanswered questions, and thatís why I really want another Brooklyn chapter later on.

I think the conversation between Betty and Brooklyn is really sweet. I love that Brooklyn pours her heart out to a complete stranger, because thatís so believable and so relatable. Iím the type to do just that. If Iím having a tough day and a stranger starts talking to me, I can seriously start telling them my whole life story. But sometimes it really is easier to talk to people that youíll probably never see again, than to your friends and family that youíll see almost every day.

And I also find myself looking forward to find out more about Isabel and Betty, who Iím guessing theyíll eventually have their own chapters. And Iím really excited for that.

Anyway, I love the story. Good job!

- Lotte

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Review #23, by LadyL8Life As We Know It: chapter three

26th March 2015:
Hi again. So Iím back for my fourth and last review (at least for now).

First I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your story. It has me at the edge of my seat, and Iím really excited to see where it goes. And I loved this chapter as well.

I think my favourite part of this chapter is Hermioneís dialog in the beginning. Itís almost like sheís arguing with herself about Ron and Lavender, and how to go about it. And she does overthink a little, but thatís what I imagine Hermione would do. Iím mean, she is a bit an over-thinker, isnít she? So itís definitely very in-character and believable.

And I also like that she wakes up thinking about Ron and Lavender and not Draco. I definitely believe that her - being in love with Ron - would worry more about their kiss than Draco showing a different side. And I forgot to mention this in the last review, so Iíll throw it in here. I love the contrast between Hermione and Lavender - Hermione having a neat bed but a slightly ęmessyĽ life, and Lavender having a messy bed but a slightly more ęneatĽ life.

And also, I can definitely see Hermioneís point about it being hard when you share a dorm with the very person you want to avoid - it makes it very difficult to forget or get over your feelings, when you canít get away from the person that reminds you of it - the person that stands in the way of you being happy and very much in love with your crush. And especially when the person is like Lavender, bragging about their relationship and showing no regard to Hermioneís feeling.

And then thereís Ron. I really think your portrayal of him is realistic. Like how he attempts to be civil, but she just ignores him and talks to Harry instead. And then Ron - being as dense as he always is - does not understand what he did to make Hermione so angry, and heís kind of ignoring Lavender - which I liked (partly because I hate Lavender, partly because itís very believable of him to act like that).

And then thereís Draco. He too is very in-character (youíre not secretly J. K Rowling are you? :P ). I like how heís instantly mean to Hermione, and you can kind of tell heís only so becauseÖ
1) Pansy is there
2) He kind of feels obligated to act so, because of blood status and family name
And I think Pansy will bring something new and (hopefully) interesting to the story. Iíve always hated Pansy, so I really look forward to seeing if you will change my opinion of her or amplify it. But either way, Iím really looking excited to see what will happen next, and how in the world these two characters end up together (considering they are so hostile now).

Still in love with the story, so Iíll probably be back after Iíve left all my anniversary reviews

- Lotte
(And sorry for the rambling. I always do that when I'm excited about something)

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Review #24, by LadyL8Life As We Know It: chapter two

26th March 2015:
Hello again. Iím here with my third review

I really liked this chapter. And hereís why:

Draco is very believable. Initially he is his normal arrogant (some would say cruel) self. And the way he mocks Hermione is definitely realistic. Heís basically the guy I donít like in the books, but that Iíve always believed is a facade/mask for the guy underneath. And I think itís very in-character that heíd want to keep his visit a secret (wether itís because heís doing his work for Voldemort and doesnít want to be discovered, or because heís trying to be alone as it seems like heís doing in this story).

But then Hermione sees a glimpse of the guy Iíve always thought is underneath that facade - the guy that is living under pressure because of his family name, and that I imagine really doesnít want to be a death eater. In the books, Harry gets a glimpse of this side of Draco in the bathroom, and I find it really interesting to see how different Hermione (and Draco) reacts when sheís the one who gets a glimpse of this side.

And I like how Hermione can see the similarities between Harry and Draco - both feeling alone, living under an immense pressure (a different kind, but a pressure none the less). And theyíre both just trying to live up to the expectations. The difference really lies in what these expectations are, and the people they have around them. While Harry has good friends and kind of a family (Sirius and the Wealseys), Draco is more alone - his friends and family not really helping him in terms of dealing with the pressure of his family name and blood status. And Iíve never really thought that much about these similarities before, but I definitely do now.

I also LOVE the scene between Harry and Hermione. Itís just the perfect friendship scene - them bonding even more because of their unrequited love for a friend, and understanding each others misery over seeing that friend with another. And I absolutely love that Hermione admits sheís almost a bit happy about the fact that Harry is in the same boat, because it - on some level - makes her feel slightly less alone. And I can see that happening, and I can definitely relate to it. I myself have often wished friends where in the same boat as me when bad things happen - even though I donít really want that either, because they are my friends after all. It just feels better to have someone to feel miserable with, I suppose.

Anyway, the last scene is definitely my favourite scene so far. I just found myself wanting to read Harry/Hermione friendship stories, because it really shows how close the two of them are.

And - like I said in the beginning of the review - I like this chapter. Itís really good. Usually Iím not that into stories having a slow pace, but I feel like itís necessary for this story. While Draco and Hermione is a good pairing, they are very different from each other (or so they appears to be in the book). But as youíve slowly started to reveal, they do have their similarities. And Iím thinking these similarities will be very important in order for them to bond and eventually fall in love. And seeing as Dracoís been horrible to Hermione for the last five years of her life, I do believe it will take time for her to open up to him and fall in love. And for him to open up to her. So I actually like the slow pace here.

As you can tell, Iím really into the story now. My plan is to leave 4 reviews (because Iím closing in on my 4 year anniversary on HPFF) for everyone that participated in the review hot seat, but Iíll probably come back after Iíve done that. Because I think Iím hooked on this story.

- Lotte

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Review #25, by LadyL8Life As We Know It: chapter one

26th March 2015:
Hi There. Iím back for review number 2.

First I just have to say that I love Dramione. I have loved that ship ever since I watched A Very Potter Musical, and I couldnít stop hoping Draco would end up with Hermione. So this story is right up my alley!

And I really like that the story starts canon. And Ron and Lavender kissing is really the perfect place to start, because itís the first moment where you really start doubting theyíll (Hermione and Ron) ever get together. And since you plan on having her with Draco (I assume), it really is clever to start there.

The beginning of the story is really the best part. Youíre very good a writing about heartache and unrequited love. And I definitely feel for Hermione, and find myself wondering why in the world Ron and Lavender have to flaunt their love for everyone to see - why canít they be more considerate of Hermioneís feelings? And I think Hermione is such a relatable character - myself being the kind of geeky/nerdy girl that always answer questions in class - so I just canít help but feel for her. And especially in the part where she wonders if sheíll always be alone, because I remember I used to think the same when I was 16 years old (and now, but in a positive light. I love being single!).

And teenage girls do have a tendency to overthink - believing that if one guy doesnít want them, no one ever will. And worrying too much about whatís to come (but obviously every oneís not like that). So I think itís definitely believable.

And youíre description is really good. I can practically see Hermione in the RoR, dragging her hand across the rough stone walls. And feeling hurt when Ron and Lavender show up, since she was trying to get away from them.

I never really liked how Ron treated Hermione when he started dating Lavender. It almost seemed like he didnít get that she liked him, and I canít really imagine him being that dense (and Iím pretty dense myself). So I like that heís more Ron in your story (which is such a weird thing to say, because youíd imagine the book would have him more Ron), in the sense that he actually seems to realize somethingís going on (but maybe not what). And that you can clearly see that heís torn between his feelings for Lavender (if he likes her and itís not just for popularity or the fact that she was the first one to clearly show interest in him) and his friendship with Hermione.

And I absolutely loved the ending. I canít imagine how humiliated Iíd feel if my sort-of-enemy (not that I have one) had seen me break down because my best friend was dating another girl. But Iíd definitely not feel any better if heíd been smirking like Draco is (which - by the way - was so in-character). So I definitely look forward to seeing how Hermione will react to this, and what will happen with the HP plot now that youíve changed things starting from a canon scene.

Anyway, I loved the chapter as you can probably tell. And Iíll definitely go straight to the next, and leave (at least) two more reviews.

- Lotte

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