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Review #1, by LadyL8Letters to loving you: [fifteen]

25th May 2015:
Dearest Anja

Sorry it's taken me this long to come here, but I've been so busy these last few days. I didn't forget the new chapter, though, and I've been looking forward to reading it. So I'm just going to do that now :)

OMG. I got a shout-out!! Aww, thanks. And thank you for not hating me for my constant begging - I know I can be super-annoying with it, but it's only because this is one of my favourite stories, and I want to know what happens next. And thank you for writing this chapter. I can already tell it's going to be amazing! :D

Poor Neville. Why can't he find Draco, Anja? Well, obviously because there wouldn't be much of a story of if he found him right away, but still. He's gone through so much in his life already, and now this. If it had been me, I'd have broken down by now - and a lot more than Neville have, so he sure is a lot stronger than I am. But he's got to find him soon, because I'm feeling way too sorry for him. And I don't think my - ehm.. does Draco and Neville have a ship name? If not, I'm going to name them Deville... or not cause that sounds evil. What about Naco/Neco... definitely not. That just sounds like shortened version of 'Naked' :P. According to google, they're called 'Remembering to Forget', but that's a bit long for my liking. God, I have no idea - do you, Anja?. Anyway, it's going to break my whatever-they're-ship-name-is's heart if this will continue on for long.

They're just so perfect for each other, and then Lucius had to get in the way of that. You know, Anja, you've gotten me addicted to this pairing. I think they're amazing for each other - AND technically Draco is with a pure-blood, but probably not someone his father would approve of. I think this pairing that I don't know the ship name of might be one of my OTPs now. I just like them so much - more and more for every new chapter you write! :)

But how can you end it like that?! That's just... now I'm going to go crazy trying to solve that clue myself, you know. And I'll probably be begging you to write a new one even more than I did with this one, because I just have to know what Ron found out. I thought maybe it was restocking the letters, but I couldn't find any words that make sense. Maybe it'll make sense if I look at it again. Hmm... I'm going to be going crazy over this, you know. See what you've done to me?! :P

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I love the chapter. Thanks for writing it, Anja! I can't wait for the next one :)



Author's Response: Hey Lotte!

Thank you so much for the review!

You made me laugh so much! I don't even know how to reply to that.

I have no idea what the ship is called, but it would be good to figure something out.
I almost feel sorry for what I am putting them through, but I love how strong they both are. They can take on anything as long as it's for the one they love.
I'm letting them be happy soon, don't worry. I can't take much more of this sad, depressing stuff.

Hahaha I know, I'm evil, letting the chapter end like that. the message has nothing to do with shuffling the letters around, but it is a kind of code. Ron has figured it out, and it will be in the next chapter.
I wanted to give you guys some time to think about the code before I solve the riddle.

It will all be cleared up in the next chapter!

I'm so glad that you still like the story so much! Your support really keeps me going :D Thank you!


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Review #2, by LadyL8Out of the Darkness: Into the Sun

15th May 2015:
Hi Alishya

I'm here with the promised review. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to finally get here. Things been very busy in RL, because I have my home exam now. But hey, better late than never, right?

Anyway, I want to start by saying I'm so envious of your graphic making skills. That banner is just gorgeous. I seriously wish I had even half of your talent. While I do have Photoshop CS6, I'm just not patient enough to sit down and learn how to make things. And I'm not really that creative, so I'm just blown away when I see all the pretty things you guys make over at TDA. And you are just amazing, Alishya! (and thanks for the friend request by the way. I'm just sneaking around over there every now and then, trying to come up with a way to request a banner for my story. I know how to do it, I'm just horrible at describing what I want and what my story is like)

But enough about the banner, and over to the story. Just looking at it, I know you're about to break my heart. Jily is my favourite pairing, my OTP, and reading about their deaths is just ... it's just heartbreaking. At least there's some comfort in knowing they were together, knowing they died together. But it's sad that Harry never got to know them, and we never got to see what wonderful parents they could've been. And I've always imagined Lily would be a great mum, so I was happy to see that in your story.

I can't believe this is only 500 words. It's impressive that you've managed to make us sympathise so much with not only Lily, who's 21 years old, in the middle of a war and with a son who's the main target of Voldemort, but with Harry, who has this loving family he never got to grow up with, who he never knew he had. It's tragic, but you tell it in a very good way. It's just ... good job, Alishya! I don't have any other words.

And like the others, I absolutely love the details. Like Harry and the snitch. It's very believable that James would start teaching Harry Quidditch from very young age, and it can explain why Harry is so comfortable playing Quidditch/being a seeker - he held a snitch for the first time when he was just a baby.

It's just a very heartbreaking but beautiful one-shot. I believe I called a story that was just like that 'tragically beautiful' in a review once, so I'm sticking to that. It was tragically beautiful, and I loved it, Alishya!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Yours Sincerely


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Review #3, by LadyL8The Defenders: Chapter Two

9th May 2015:
Hi Vicki!

So I decided to come back and review the third chapter of this story, since I have done the two former ones. I'm going to be a little bit more critical (if I find a reason to be critical that is) this time than the last ones, simply because I want the story to be as good as possible. But I'll definitely say all the things I like as well, and I already know there's going to be far more of that :)

The opening line is really good. I like that you start with scenery, but I think I may have said something about that in my last review so I'm not going to say a lot about it here. I think your description is good, especially when you describe through the sight like in the second paragraph. You're just really good at capturing the image she is seeing, so I feel like I can almost see it myself. And that's always a good thing!

I know you're British and I'm not even a native English speaker, so I'm probably not the one that should comment on your grammar. But I did notice something; "The Ministry was nothing she had ever expected but at the same time, everything she had imagined". I feel like the comma is a little oddly placed here. I would've rather placed it between 'expected' and 'but', because that sounds a lot better reading-wise. But that's just my opinion, of course, so feel free to disregard it.

I also think this sentence; "Well, Iím 21, which by all means is actually quite old and I know many people believe I should be married with at least 2 children hanging off my skirts,Ē Theodora laughed at her words," could need more commas. So here's the thing - There's two changes I would've done to this sentence; the first one is adding a comma between 'old' and 'quiet' because it sounds better reading-wise, and the second one is ending it with a period instead of a comma because otherwise the sentence is really long. Adding all of this to the actual sentence, it would be like this; "Well, Iím 21, which by all means is actually quite old, and I know many people believe I should be married with at least 2 children hanging off my skirts,Ē Theodora laughed at her words." Again, it just my opinion, so feel free to disregard it if you disagree. But other than these two things, I think everything's pretty good grammar wise.

You're amazing at dialogue. I've said this before, but it still stands. I think you're good at holding this balance between spoken lines and description in-between. If you get too much of one of them, the story's either going to feel like it's goes extremely slow or really fast (depending on which one you're having too much of). And a lot of people - me included - struggle with holding that balance, so credit to you for managing that so well. It's really one of your biggest strengths, along with characterisation (I'm not going to speak about that now, since I did in the last review).

So while I have been slightly more critical this time around, I still love the story very much. I suppose you could say I'm very strict when it comes to grammar, but that's only because Law School knocks that right into you on your very first day. So I've just gotten used to always having to check my grammar, and that's why I noticed these small things. I hope you don't feel like I was very mean to you, just like Joffrey was but more serious, because I was really not trying to be. I'm only trying to be helpful, I promise. And I do love the story, you know I do. And I think you're characterisation is so good, I'm actually a little envious over it. And I really can't wait to read the next chapter, because the story is so exciting. And I'm just so curious where it'll go. So keep writing, Vicki! :)

Yours Sincerely


(I've added this to my reading list. I'll try to remember checking if you've updated it, so I can be back for the next chapters. Have a wonderful day!)

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Review #4, by LadyL8Letters to loving you: [three]

9th May 2015:
Dearest Anja

I noticed you had a requested a beta for this story, and I really think that can make this story even better. As you know, I really love this story, so I wanted to help you in some way until you got the beta you have requested (I'm horrible at grammar, so I don't think I'd be of much help there. If not, I totally would've helped you out). So I'm going to be a little bit more critical in this review than the last ones, because you already know how much I love this story. All I write here is simply my advice for you to make it even better, but it's up to you whether or not you choose to follow it. So here it goes.

The first thing I notice is the first sentence; "The door to the pub slammed shut behind Draco Malfoy and I sighed". I think - and keep in mind I say THINK - it's should be a comma there, because I read that as; "The door to the pub slammed shut behind Draco Malfoy and I...", like it slammed shut behind both of them. Because there's no break between the two words, that's what it appears to say at first glance. But grammar is not my strong suit, so I could be way off.

I love your dialogue. I've told you that before, and I still mean it. I love that it never feels forced, and that you manage to capture the different characters' voices. I can always tell who's speaking, because they're all very different and you get that across. I think dialogue is probably one of the things you're best at, maybe beaten by characterisation but it's definitely a close second.

But I do think it would be even better, though, if you could add some description in-between the things they say to each other. Like for example in the first part of your story. It takes six spoken lines before we get one sort-of description - "Harry smiled at me". I think it could be even better if you added like what they do as they speak to each, how they speak to each other, facial expressions, maybe even something random that happens in the bar they're at, that Neville for some reason notices. Like if a random couple eating lunch starts arguing loudly with each other, and Neville hears it and maybe thinks something like 'That doesn't sound good' or something else (I'm not creative when it comes to this sort of things). Or maybe something as simple as Neville drinking from a glass, just something to break up the dialogue a little. You could do it by thoughts as well. What is Neville thinking of what Harry is telling him? What he is thinking of what he is telling Harry?

A good example is really when Neville speaks about Professor Sprouts' illness. I can see the words, but I don't know how to take them because I don't know how Neville says it. Is he sarcastic? Is he sincere? Is he sad? Is he happy? Because we know Neville as a character from the HP-books, we obviously know he actually means the words, but it wouldn't hurt to add something to show how deeply (or not deeply) saddened he is by her illness.

And then another sentence I noticed; "Two to cook and clean and one to help Andromeda with anything she might need". Again I THINK it should be a comma between 'clean' and 'and'. But because that sentence is connected to the former one, I believe you can use a semi-colon (since that one is used to form a bond between two separate statements/sentences), meaning it would be like this; "We currently had three house elves at the manor; two to cook and clean, and one to help Andromeda with anything she might need". But again, I'm not very good in grammar, because English is not my native language, but here in Norway we are taught English from preschool age. So I'm telling you things I noticed with my knowledge of the English language, but your beta will probably be able to help you with a lot more.

I'm going to end it there. I have hopefully given you some good advice. I feel kind of bad about being this critical, but I'm only doing it because I have so much faith in this story. I love it so much, and I know it can be so good that it can win several dobbies as some point. And I really want to help you get there, and that's why I'm doing it. So I hope you don't hate me, because I really do love the story. I think you have an amazing plot. You've made me fall in love with the pairing, so I know you can do the same for everyone else. And you're dialogue and characterisation is what makes me love the story so much, so I have nothing to say about that. This is just small things I noticed, and I know you want help (because you asked for a beta) so I'm giving you a little bit of that. I'm your biggest fan no matter what, I think you know that by now. And I'm rooting for you more than I've ever rooted for any author on HPFF, and that says a lot. So never stop writing, Anja! :D



(and I'll probably be back to review the next chapters soon)

Author's Response: Aw! Thank you so much. You don't wven sound critical when you give advice. I can still tell how much you like this and I'm so happy about that.
These are all good pointers and I'll try to edit them in (I still hope I'll find a beta for this soon).

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out.

Wow, I think that's the nicezt thing I've ever been told, thank you so, so much. It means the world to me that you like this story so much.


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Review #5, by LadyL8You and Me: You and Me

7th May 2015:
Hi Cassie *waves*

I'm here with the promised review. I'm sorry it took me a little while to get here. It was only because my internet died on me Monday night, so I had to wait till I got back to my hometown and had a stable internet connection again. And I did yesterday. I hadn't forgotten you, I promise, it was just a lot of things happening at once. But I'm here now, and I'll try to make it up to you by leaving a long and hopefully good review.

So this is interesting, because my first fanfic on HPFF (that thankfully are not up anymore) was actually a teen pregnancy fic. That was a novel, though, and filled with just about every teen pregnancy clichť that exist. Trust me, there's a very good reason for me deleting it. But enough about that. It's interesting for me to read this, because 1) I have tried writing one myself, and I feel like that helps me when it comes to commenting/reviewing your chapter. And 2) because I'm in my early twenties, around the same age as these characters, so I feel like I can really put myself in their shoes, and understand Darcy's worries and fears.

I liked that she was in relationship with Louis. I think he's heavily underrepresented in fanfics, which I find sad because I think he's a very interesting character. He's the only known male part-veela, and he has two older (and in my head very beautiful) sisters. I'm really curious about how that has affected him, growing up with two sisters like Dominique and Victoire I mean. And while I might be great to be good-looking, I'm sure it has it's downfalls as well, like never knowing if people like you for you or if it's the Veela-part that makes them like you. So he's always been someone I'd wanted to read more about, but I don't think I've actually read a story where he's played a larger role before. So that was a welcoming change! :)

I like Darcy. She seems like a lovely girl. I haven't read 'A Spoonful of Sugar' so she was a new character to me, but I found myself liking her. I think it's very believable that she'd be worried that her pregnancy would make Louis want to leave her, that it would destroy her life and that she in no way feels old enough to have her own child. Like I said earlier, I'm around the same age as her, and I definitely think I'd feel something similar if I suddenly found out I was pregnant. So it was definitely a realistic reaction, and I think you portrayed it well.

OMG. Darcy and Louis are sooo cute together. And Louis is just the best boyfriend. Why can't I have him? :P No seriously, he's just so comforting and understanding, and he just knows what to do and say to make her feel slightly better. I think they're an amazing match, and I can totally believe they've been in a relationship for a while. So yeah, I really liked this story. Good job, Cassie!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


(and sorry it took me so long to get here. I posted this earlier today, but the formatting got all crazy and half of the review was cut out. So I had to ask one of the validators to delete it, so it was actually possible for you to read)

Author's Response: Hi Lotte!
I agree with you, I don't see a lot of Louis around here. He's so much fun to write, too! I'm glad you liked that he's a major character in this.
Darcy is so much fun to write. She's stubborn and crazy and dramatic, so she always puts me in a good mood when I write her. It's really good to hear that you thought her reactions were realistic! I'm also around her age, and I know that I'd freak out if I found out I was pregnant!
Louis balances Darcy out really well, and knows how to keep her from imagining the worst case scenario in situations like this. He helps her see the bright side of things, and convinces her that he'll be there to help her raise their baby.
I'm so, so glad you enjoyed this so much! Thank you for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #6, by LadyL8A Single Point In Time: 1981

6th May 2015:
Hi Laura *waves*

I'm here with the promised review. Sorry it took a while, I lost my internet monday night and it's been going crazy ever since then. And then I went back to my hometown today, so I unfortunately couldn't come by any sooner. But better late than never, right? And I'm so pumped for this story. It looks amazing.

So I always start by telling the author what my first impression of the story is. I think good first impressions are so important, because a reader decides whether or not he/she would like to read the story based on it. And my first impression of this story is very good. I like the blue color on the banner. It's very eye-drawing (that's a word, right?). It just captures my attentions immidiately. But a banner can't do everything alone, and it doesn't do that here. I love the title. It's very open. At one hand it kind of suggest an important time in a life, but on the other hand it could just as easily be a reference to everything happening around the time period, within 11 years. And the summary is so vague, and that's a good thing. It really does make me want to read the story, so I think you've done a fabulous job with creating a good first impression for the readers.

Okay, so over to the story. I really liked that you started with Albus, since the book starts with him too. Well, him and Minerva. And I think you did a wonderful job of portraying him. You're characterisation is just amazing. I could really imagine Dumbledore sitting there, wondering if he really did make the right choice letting Harry live with the Dursleys. I don't like Dumbledore and what he put Harry through, but I think you made him slightly more sympathetic for me, I guess. It didn't make me change my view of him, but it certainly made it a little bit better. I like to think it was hard a decision for him to make, that he may even have a regretted it a little at some point before finally come to the conclusion he was right in placing him with his relatives. That something similar to what happened in this chapter, was what he went through back then.

There's some really good description in there. I really liked this one;

"When he reached his office so very late into the night, the sky was still black outside. The bleak starlight glowed through the window. He refrained from illuminating the room and chose instead to lower himself into the hard-backed chair normally reserved for visitors facing his grand oak desk. From here, he gazed at the walls like a stranger would, sitting quietly in the dark. The instruments and objects adorning the tables looked peculiar in the low light. The indistinguishable portraits snored into the still air. Heavily, and without a sound, he reached forwards and touched the edge of the desk, as though he wasnít quite convinced it was really there"

It was like I could see Hogwarts in my head, hear the portraits snore, see Dumbledore in his office. It was an amazing scenery right there, and I just loved the description. I'm almost a little envious, because description is my biggest weakness as a writer. I just can't seem to get it right, but yours is amazing. Good job!

Again, I'm sorry it took a while. But I'm glad I could finally come by and leave it for you. I've added the story to my reading list, so I'll probably be back very soon and read some more.

Have a wonderful week!



(and the Naruto review I left you made me want to watch Naruto again. So I did, and I'm halfway thorugh Shippuden now. How far have you come episode-wise?)

Author's Response: Heya Lotte!

Thank you so so much for this absolutely wonderful review! I can't tell you how happy it made me! I've been having a really stressful and generally bad month, so this has really picked me up!

It really reassures me that you liked the banner and the summary. I've had a lot of trouble with the summary because I was really worried it was too vague. But like you point out, that's a good thing. It's been sort of difficult trying to sum up a collection of unrelated one-shots, ha ha! But, thank you for saying that it works because that makes me feel so much better! ^.^

I'm also really glad you enjoyed this first chapter. It's the one that kick started this collection for me. I was rereading the Philosopher's Stone and I re-fell in love with the way Dumbledore comes across as really mystical and magical in the first chapter. So I thought I'd write something that added a bit more to him in that vein!

As for NARUTO!! I'm currently on about episode 86 - so just in to the 3rd series. I love it SO much! I haven't been chain watching it really - just watching 2 or 3 episodes every night or so when I have dinner with my boyfriend hehe. Naruto's with Jiraiya atm and they're ABOUT~ to meet Tsunade but haven't just yet. I'm sort of glad the Chuunin exams are over - they took up about 50 episodes haha! Anyway, I'll have to message you more about Naruto over on the forums hehe! :D It makes me so happy that I can be excitable with someone about it! How are you enjoying rewatching the episodes?

Anyway - thank you so so much for this really lovely review, and also again, thank you a million for the Naruto one! It made me SO happy, you can't even believe it - I can't believe you are so, so kind. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart :) ♥ it was such a lovely and funny thing to do.

:D Laura xxx

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Review #7, by LadyL8Actions Speak Louder than Words: Broken: Rose POV

5th May 2015:
Hi Beth!

I'm here with the promised review. Sorry it took me a little while to get here, but my computer went crazy and I had a study group meeting I had to attend today. But better late than never, right? And this looks so interesting, so I'm really looking forward to reading it. I've not read many Rose Weasley stories, because I'm not a big fan of ScoRose. And 90% of the Rose stories are ScoRose stories, but I'm willing to give it another try for this story. Maybe my view on ScoRose will change, once I try reading one again after so many years of avoiding them. It's happened before (that my views on a pairing have changed, I mean), so it can probably happen again :)

I always start by commenting on my first impression of the story, what I think just from looking at it. You have a breathtaking banner by Azulive, and that really helps draw my attention to it. But a banner can't do everything alone, one needs a good summary as well. And I think yours is really good. I like that you keep it really short, because I think the shorter the better in many cases. A reader won't always bother to read something long, so it's better just get straight to the point. And yours works well, because it leaves me with a lot of questions. I find myself wanting to read the story to find out why Rose would have to be "brave" and in what way she is "brave". And then looking at the title "Actions speak louder than words", I can't help but wonder what is going to happen or have happened to Rose. I can't really connect the summary and title to a scenerio that makes sense for Rose, and it's a good thing because it makes me want to read the story to find out what they are referring to, what's happening in the story.

I really liked how you started this chapter. The opening line is amazing, I immidiately wonder what in the world this is all about. You just got me hooked right away, and I like that you very quickly let us know that this Rose is not your typical kind of Rose, the one that's just like her mother, basically the one you always see in fanfics. This is a Rose that struggles with something tramatic that happened in her past, and it's changed her as a human being. I can totally understand why you'd win an award for best characterisation of Rose, because you introduce us to her very quickly. And just from reading one chapter of the story, I already feel like I know and can relate to her in some ways. And that's so important to make a reader feel, and preferably as quickly as in the 1 to 3 chapter.

I think a lot of people make the mistake of introducing way too many characters right away, and espeically in Next Gen-fics because the Wotter-clan is huge. Vicki kind of mentioned this too, I see, so I would just like to agree with her - it's great that you just focus on Rose, and then you can do the rest of the Wotter-clan later in the story when it's needed for the plot. That's a much better way of doing it, if you ask me :)

I'm a little envious of your characterisation and description (I'm mentioning these two together, because they often intertwine). I feel like I can feel Rose's feelings, her struggles with appearing to stay strong when she feels broken inside. Maybe it's because back in my teens I was in a very dark place myself and I feel like I can relate to it very much, but I think it's amazing the way you capture her thoughts and feelings. It's just very belieavable, and I'm really curious about what happened to her when she was kidnapped by this man. I'll have to come back at a later point and find out :)

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful week! And, once again, sorry
for taking so long. It was not intentionally, I promise, a lot of things just happened at once. But I really enjoyed reading the story. It's a great start to novel, because I already find myself wanting to read more.



Author's Response: Lotte.

I never expected this. I thought it was incredibly generous and kind of you to offer reviews - but this! Thank you so much!

And THANK YOU for giving this story a shot - I'm really honored that you are willing to read this even though you don't like Rose/Scorpius stories.

Ah! I love the banner too! It's been perfect ever since the beginning and I can't even imagine it being anything else. Azulive did such an amazing job! And I tend to be a fan of shorter summaries - on my own stories, that is. I've seen some really fantastic ones that are longer, but I can never seem to pull it off.

Wow - thanks so much for your comments on the first chapter. You're right - I didn't want to put too much into it. I've read the stories that have way too much in the first chapter and I'm glad you don't think that I fell into that category.

And I'm squeeing over the fact that you noticed Rose's strength right off the bat! She doesn't think she is very strong - but she is. She's measured "bravery" against her parents' and uncle Harry's accomplishments - but there are many ways to be brave and strong.

I did have a wonderful week - and this review was a big part of that!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by LadyL8Diversions from Reality.: Afternoon Delight...

4th May 2015:
Hi again *waves*

So I'm here with the promised review. I'm not sure if I can live up to your expectations after the my last review, but I'll try to make this one good as well. I had to do this story, because I saw it was another Sirius story, and you know from my last review how much I love him. So I'm looking forward to reading it, because I already know/remember you're good at capturing his character. And I've never read anything with this pairing before, so I'm so excited to see how it will turn out.

I tend to start 'at first glance', simply because I think it's important for an author to know what a reader thinks just from looking at the story - because it's the first impression that decides whether or not someone will read it. What immediately captures my attention is the banner. I (almost) never stories without a banner, because I'm unfortunately one of those people that do judge a book by it's cover. And I know I'm not the only one that does that. Therefore I think it was very smart of you to have asked someone to make you a banner, because it really can be the difference between reading and not reading for some people.

The next thing I notice is the title. I think the title is amazing, it's sort of open so you don't really know what will happen. But at the same time it fits this pairing so well, because they are not the kind of people you'd think of putting together... at least not the initially. And they do live in a time of war, so being together must be a like escaping the harsh reality for a little while. So yes, I like the title and the summary is good too. I'm not a big fan of summaries ending with a question, but that's just a question of taste, so at lot of people would probably not be bothered by that.

To sum up, the first impression is good. I'm thinking this will be a humourous story with a lot of romance, but also with a little bit of seriousness beneath it (because of the pre-war situation and all that). And now over to the actual first chapter:

I'm a big fan of people starting a chapter with description and/or scenery. I just think it's a lot easier to follow the plot when I know where the characters are and/or what they are doing as they are thinking about all the things they think about in the story (that was a really weird of putting it, I now realise :P ). So I like your beginning, because it immediately gave me this mental image of Lily lying in bed with a very handsome Sirius (yes, I got a bit of a crush on him, even if I'm technically aromantic and don't feel any romantic attraction for anyone - fictional or not).

I think you, once again, have an amazing charactersation. I actually think that might be your biggest strenght, you just really capture the essence of your characters and portray them very realistically. And it's so refreshing to see, because a lot of people can't get them right, especially the marauders. So I'm envious of your ability to do write good dialogues that do not feel forced in any way, I really am.

I noticed two small things that you might want to check. The first is probably just a small typo: "wide eyed innocence" should be "wide-eyed innocence". And the second is the large gap in the middle of the dialogue. If it was intended, then forget I mentioned it, but I'm pretty sure it's just a formatting mistake. It happens with me all the time when I upload something on the archive, because the site's formatting is different from the one I use in my writering program. It should be easy to fix though.

Other than that I think everything's good. I like that Lily is very "protective" of Snape, because that's very believable. I can imagine her being like that, in fact I think some of it might be cannon if I don't remember completely wrong. But either way, I think it's very realistic, so good job for including it!

Hope you have a wonderful week! I'll hopefully be back once I'm done with everyone else's reviews :)



Author's Response: Hello :) *waves back*

Wow- epic review again. :) I know what you mean about banners and summaries- they are the things that draw you to a story or not, so I'm very pleased that they attracted you in the first place.

I'll be honest, most of my chapters open with dialogue- I don't know why, I suppose because I enjoy writing dialogue the most. Which again makes me happy when people say lovely things about my ability to write it *happy dance*

Also, I'm so pleased you like the characterization; I do have concerns that it can veer towards cliche but I just take what I know about the characters and see how they would react in whatever situation (for example- there's very little chance that Sirius would live the childhood he had and not be traumatised etc).

Urgh- I'm rubbish at responding to reviews, I always think I'm gushing but I am truly grateful to you for reading and leaving such a lovely review. And I hope you continue to enjoy the story

Hugs to you

Sophie xx

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Review #9, by LadyL8Two Earthly Kingdoms: To Anger a God

4th May 2015:
Hello Laura.

I'm here with the promised review. I had to do this one, because I.. ehm, Daenerys, I mean, was actually considering doing this when she left her last review. She had to choose between Infinitesimal and this one, and ultimately went for the other as that one was the newest. But since I got the chance to review you again, I'm going to do the one I couldn't do the first time around because of my tight schedule... ehm, I mean Daenerys' tight schedule. She's kind of busy, you know, with dragons and overthrowing the Lannisters and all the other drama in her very interesting life.

Anyway, I'm so in love with your writing. It's like the definition of perfection, no kidding. If I'm half the writer you are at some point in my life, I'll be in heaven. This is just... I'm speechless, because you're writing is just so inspirational. I want to be you, seriously, but in not creepy way, cause I just realised that could sound very stalker-ish. But honestly, this is probably one of the best stories I've read on HPFF.

What I admire you so much for is your description. It's so flawless, so beautiful that I want to sit down and cry over how horrible I am at it. I could just see it all happening in my head, every part of it, and that's not regular occurrence for me, I can tell you. I think it can be very difficult to find the right words to describe something, because you can see it so clearly in your own head. But you obviously don't have the same problem, because I'm blown away by the beautiful (well, technically gruesome, but it was beautiful that you could make them, if that makes any sense) scenes you created. Just... good job, Laura!

I've always found Snape to be an interesting character. He's so complex, kind of like Regina/The Evil Queen from OUAT if you've ever seen the tv series. They are both characters that are walking the thin line between good and evil, between doing what's easy and expected of you and what you really want and love. It's basically two characters that have made some poor choices in their lives, and they're still paying for them while desperately trying to redeem themselves, to be better for the people they love, because love's not always played a big part in their lives.

Interesting enough, you're comparison to the greek gods, made me see another see Snape as very similar to another character, one I'm proud to call a good friend of mine. I'm talking about Robb Stark, of course, but it could in a way just as much be Daenerys Targaryen. Robb is expected to marry someone that can help him go for the throne, help him avenge his father by overthrowing the Lannisters, while Snape is expected to join the death eaters and hate muggles and muggle-born. But Robb falls in love with Tulisa/Jeyne and ultimately goes for her instead of what he is expected to go for, and so does Snape with Lily. And it ends badly for both of them (I'm guessing you've gotten this far in the series, if not I'm terribly sorry if I'm spoiling something). I've never seen that comparison before, but that was interesting to see.

Wow. I'm still blown away by this own. And I think you did Snape so much justice. The characterisation was spot on, if you ask me. I'm so envious right now, and I'm not sure if I dare to come back to your page before I better my writing. But I probably will, because I like reading good fanfics, and you're a good writer.

I Hope you have a wonderful week!



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Review #10, by LadyL8Through the Black: Trying to get Ahead

4th May 2015:
Hello Claire!

I'm here with the promised review. And I'm so excited for this one, because I love Sirius/OC stories (and I'm guessing that's what this one is, because of the ships you've added to the information about the story). And I'm in love with Marauder Era, so this is really my type of story. And the banner and summary are both amazing, and they really make me want to read the story. So my expectations are high, but I'm sure you'll live up to them :)

I always start with commenting the beginning of the story when I review something, because that part really needs to draw the reader in or they won't read it. All the other stories I've read for this round of reviews have started with scenery/description, so it was refreshing to see a story that starts in media res, starting with dialogue. And I like that you immediately lets us know that this is not your typical Ravenclaw, because it's so important that we get to know the character very early on. I would say it's almost decisive for whether or not one chooses to keep reading the story, because if we don't know what the main character is like, we won't understand why she or he acts like they do, feels like they do etc.

And I like that you make her different. In Marauders Era, the OCs tend to be very alike, almost all of them are in Gryffindor, the same year as the Marauders, have been friends with or have an attitude that is somewhat similar to the Marauders themselves. And I think it's important that you have your unique element in stories like that, something to make the reader choose your story over the million others that are similar. And for you, it's the Ravenclaw that is not at the top of her class.

I find Julianne to be interesting. I think at lot of people just assume that Ravenclaw must be at the top of their class, but that's not necissarily true. Knowledge comes in different forms. For example; I have a very good memory, which makes me do well in school, but I'm far from a Claw. I only want to learn things if I have to learn it to reach my ambitions, and I value family and friends and hardwork more than I value knowledge. And I have a friend that loves learning new things and knowing things, really 100% a Claw, but she sucks in school. So it's interesting to see those kind of Claws, because I think they're heavily underrepresented in fanfics.

You have a really good dialogue going on. I'm a little envious of that, because I'm terrible at dialogues. But yours is really good, I like that you can distinguish the different characters just by what they say. I guess that just shows how good you are at characterisation. And I'm really wondering what happened between Lily and Julianne, because there seems to be some bad blood there. But then again, Julianne doesn't seem to be the kind of person Lily would get along with, but they may have in the past. Hm... I'm curios about this now. I'll have to check it out later.

This could be the law student in me kicking in, but I noticed you have a couple of repeated words in sentences. Like "started" that was used twice in one the sentences, and it was another one as well but I can't find it anymore :P Anyway, to make the story flow even better, I would maybe take a look at that, and see if one of the words can be changed. I would also look over the punctuation, because I think you forgot a couple of commas. But I do that all the time too, so no worry. Just figured I should point it out. But like I said, I'm crazy when it comes to those things, because we are supposed to be in law school. Most people probably didn't even notice it :)

But other than those two things, I think everything was good. I like the story you're building up here, and I really do want to read more. And that's what you want to achieve with a first chapter, so good job!

May you have a wonderful week!



Author's Response: Hey, Lotte! Thank you so much for the review!

Ahh, well, I hope this lived up to your expectations! And yes, this is most definitely a Sirius/OC story :)

As a Ravenclaw myself, I've always greatly disliked the typical Ravenclaw stereotype. There are so many different ways to be intelligent and wise beyond just doing well at school and I really wanted to explore that with this story. Obviously, there are going to be more stereotypical Ravenclaws (like Ivory), but there are also people like Julianne who are just not good at school.

I also wanted to make her different from the usual OC in this era (which I seem to have been able to do according to the reviews). I've never ever seen her Gryffindor, which posed an interesting challenge with how she was friends with the Marauders. At one point, she and Lily were actually pretty close friends, but as everything evolved, that friendship turned into dislike (which is explained in chapter three) and the relationship with James sprung up.

I'm glad you like the dialogue because I have a lot of trouble with that, so to hear that comes across as natural is music to my ears!

Thank you again for the review! It really made my day!


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Review #11, by LadyL8Letters to loving you: [two]

4th May 2015:
Hello Anja

I'm here with the promised review. So here's the thing, I'm so happy you actually linked to this story, because it's one of my favorites. If you remember the anon review I left you, you probably already know how much I love this story. Because I was not lying when I said I could not stop reading it. I can't even remember the last time a story got me this hooked, and I'm definitely going to review every chapter eventually. But just so you know, I have read all the current ones and I love them. But over to a better review than that little comment and (hopefully) the anon one :)

Okay, so I'm going to start at the beginning. I like when people start a chapter by creating a scene, because I feel like it's much easier to follow the plot when I know where it's all happening. I think your description is good. I could really see Draco sitting there in Malfoy Manor by himself, thinking about what he saw at the hospital. My only advice to you is to maybe try to vary the lenght of you sentences a little, because there are quite a few short ones there. It just flows better when you have a bit more variation, but other than that it is an amazing start. It really drew me in right away.

I like the parallell between the little girl getting a second chance, and Draco suddenly realising he can now have the same if he just allows himself to take the chance he's been given. And I can totally see him going around, changing things he never liked about the house he grew up in. It's almost symbolic in a way, because he's getting rid of the 'old Draco', the part of him and his history that he doesn't like very much, and keeps the good things, the things he likes. It's like his wanting to renovate the manor but also his life, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

What I actually like the most about your story is the characterisation and dialogue. I think your characterisation is really good. I like how you portray post-war Draco, who's trying to redeem himself after the bad choices (if you can even call them choices really) that he made in the war. It's not too much of a change, but just enough to make it believable. And that's important, because I think a lot of people either underdo or overdo post-war Draco's wish to redeem himself. And that's never good, but you didn't and I'm very pleased with that. Good job!

At times you have a bit of a referring style. I'm not sure what you guys call it in other countries, but that's what we call it in Norway. It basically means you just tell us what happened really quickly, and move on to the important parts. I don't mind that writing style, but i know some people do. You could possibly try to fill it in with more description in this part, like when Draco is in front of the front door and meets with Harry. Maybe just describe how he looks, or maybe what Draco is thinking, feeling etc. Like I said earlier, I don't mind the style you use, but I'm telling you this because I know a lot of people do. But it's just an advice, if you like it the way it is just stick to that :)

I'm so happy to be back to this one again. I promise I'll be back and review the other chapters later, and to remember it I have favorited your story. But it's also because it's actually one of my favorite stories, I'm not lying about that :)

Have a wonderful week!



Author's Response: Hi Lotte!

You made me SO HAPPY with this review.
The story feels like a huge project at the moment, like I've taken on too much, but I will definitely finish it. I'm working on the next chapters now, but I'm really not that good at writing the dark stuff. I can't wait to get back to all the fluffy things.

Thank you so much for the kind words!
I'm SOOO GLAD you like my characterization of Draco. I think he is the one person who really changes after the war, but it can't all be an instant change. For me, he never really was the bad guy. He went straight from being the child that believed what his parents told him to being the teenager who was under tons of pressure to maintain the believes that would keep him and his family safe.

He hasn't been treated well by Lucius, and was forced into lots of his so-called choices.
(At least that's the Draco I'm writing about)

Neville would have never given him a chance if he knew whom he was writing to, so when he finds out he is already too in love to care about the past.

This review was so great, I can't even thank you enough.
I'd love to see you back here sometime.


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Review #12, by LadyL8Breathe: ii. Bhaii

4th May 2015:
Hello Kayla.

I'm here with the promised review. It's great to be back with my actual name and not as 'Buffy' and 'You Win or You Die'. I remember this story actually, which is surprising considering how many stories I read for that reviewing spree. I must've really liked it, since I still remember it so well. And I remember that cliffhanger too, so I'm so looking forward to finding out what this prank was all about.

Ah, so it was what I first thought; Snape and Whomping Willow, but with a bit of a twist that could explain why Sirius would do that in the first place. I think it's very believable, because Sirius pulling that prank always seemed a little bit out-of-character for me. But maybe that's just because I imagine him to be a prankster but not a horrible person, but truthfully he might very well have been when he was younger since we don't actually know much about him back then, except that he was popular, friends with the other marauders and a bully. But I like to think there was a good reason why he pulled that prank, and this could explain it.

The "your brother" just killed me. I love the bromance between James and Sirius, I always have. But I ship him with Remus, and I have a feeling they might get together in this story - it could just be my WolfStar heart's hopeful wishing, though. But anyway, I like that they wrote to each other hindu, as if you to keep things a secret, it became almost more intimate/private when doing it that way. And it was great that you wrote it in the actual letters, because it made it feel - like I can see Katie also mentioned - as foreign for us as it was for him. So yeah, I liked that!

I think you're probably one of the best author's on HPFF when it comes to capturing the marauders' (well so far just James and Sirius) personality/characterisation. I think a lot of people tend to make them too pranksty (Did I just make up a word?), and focus way too much on that part of their personality. They just seem to forget that while they can have fun and joke around, they can be serious (no pun intended) and have a lot other, good traits as well. I don't believe James could be named Head Boy (or be with Lily for that matter), if all he ever did was pull pranks on people. He can be serious, caring, loyal, smart and just a good guy when he wants to. And the same with Sirius.

What was really interesting is that you actually made me look differently on a lot of the things we know about the young Sirius. For example the prank he pulled on Snape, where you added a motivation/reason that makes him so much more symphatetic to readers. And I suspect it might be "real" reason why he runs away from home as well, and I like that you twist the canon events/adds new part to what we already know. It's just great!

I feel like I can relate to Sirius and his struggles in a way. I can't say I know anything about romance, seeing as I'm aromantic, but I do know what it's like to keep that part of your life a secret from people. No one actually knows that about me, in fact I think this might be the first time I ever say it anyone. And I can see why Sirius would go to such extreme lenghts to keep it a secret, because it's a part of him and he doesn't want people to think differently of him because of it - that would be like them rejecting him for being himself, for something he can't really help but feel. And considering his family, I can definitely understand it. I think you kind of made me symphatise with Sirius more than I have before, and that's a ... ehm, good job! (sorry did't know how to word myself there)

Loved the story. I will come back later, once I'm done with the other reviews :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!



Author's Response: Hey Lotte! You're so awesome for doing all these reviews for people, as the characters and now for your forum-versary! You seem like such a sweet person :D

I'm so flattered by your remarks about my characterization of the Marauders! I've only started exploring them recently and was quite nervous about it, so that means a lot to me. And I'm very glad that you found Sirius relatable and liked the detail of them writing to each other in Hindi.

This review is so sweet and really made me smile! Thank you so much! And happy forum-versary!


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Review #13, by LadyL8The Defenders: Chapter One

4th May 2015:
Hello Vicki!

I'm here with the promised review. I noticed my 'hunter' Joffrey came by not long ago, and I'm sorry for whatever he said to you. He was just looking for me, because I ran away from King's Landing, you see. But I promise I'll make it up you now by leaving a much nicer review :)

Okay, so I'm just going to start by saying that I really liked the idea. I know Joffrey mentioned that, but I didn't feel like he got that fully across. It's very interesting, because I do believe there would have been other secret "groups" like Order of The Phoenix before the two wizarding wars - groups that dealt with the pre-war stuff, like the growing hostility between purebloods and muggles and muggle-borns. But I've never thought about writing about a group like that and I don't think I've read a story about it neither, so I definitely see this is as a very original story and I like it!

You're biggest strenght in my opinion is your dialogue and characterisation. And these two intertwine very often, because I think your dialogue really show the different characters and their different traits. For example, you can tell that Edwin is not the most pleasant man, but at the same time it can just be a result of stress. And I love when people just show the different characters' traits instead of explaning them, because I think that's more realistic in a way. When I look at my friends, I don't go like 'Okay, now she's being very introverted, like she always is'. I don't think about their traits or explain them to people, I just observe them and let other people do the same. It's not something you think about, really, or at least I don't.

I really liked the first paragraph. You immediately create a very good scene, and I can totally imagine her standing there in the rain with her hood on. It's really good that you start this way, because I think it would've been a little bit more difficult to follow if I didn't where they were and what was going on really. And I'm not sure if this was intended, but to me the rain was almost like a symbol of the situation the wizarding world is in. They're going through a tough time - a rainy period - and just from reading the first paragraph, I figured that was going to be the something they'd discuss in the story. And I was right!

I noticed you've got some comma mistakes. I'm not going to claim to be very grammatically correct myself, but I know that in 80-90 % of the cases there's a comma in front of the word "but" and in 40-50 % of the cases in front of "and". So you could maybe do a quick look-over that, but I totally understand why that could happen. When you write something, you (or at least me) don't actually think too much about the punctuation rules. My advice (and I should probably take it myself) is getting someone to beta-read it, because very often you don't notice your own mistakes even when you've read through it a million times. Beta-reading could also be good story-wise, because other authors often look at the story from a different perspective than your own. But it's just a suggestion of course. If you feel like doing it on your own, go for it! :)

Thanks for letting me re-read it after Joffrey's painful visit. I hope you found this helpful or that it brightened your day, even if it was just a little.

Have a wonderful week!



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Review #14, by LadyL8An Inconvenient Repercussion: Chapter 1

4th May 2015:
Hello Kaitlin.

I'm here with the review as promised. And I'm really happy you made me read this story (and I know that sounds strange since it's not really a 'happy story'), because it's right up my alley. You probably know this already but I study law, and I'm planning on doing criminology in third year, which is - in case you didn't know - the study of why people become criminals. And this story really showed that, so it was definitely the right one for me to read.

I like how built up the story. You can tell immediately that there's a very horrible relationship between Blaise and his mother, and I think you describe that very well - like for example her comparing him to a house-elf, and finding him to be even worse because at least they are helpful. I think that was probably my favourite quote in the story, because it just cruel... there's no word for that kind of cruelty really, but I felt like that one just about summed up what a horrible mother she is.

It was interesting to see their horrible relationship develope in a way. It starts bad, but it just gets worse and worse. When you think his mother can't get any worse, she does. And you really see a developement in him as well. I feel like there was a tension building in him, and in the end he had reached his limit for how much mistreatment he could handle. And that's when he just loses it, and I like that you really build it up that point when he just can't take it anymore. It was great, you could really tell something good (well bad, but good reading-wise) was going to happen in the end. So good job on that!

I think Blaise has a good voice. He's sort of numb and neutral/emotionless almost. You never really see what he feels, and he's kind of neutral when he explains it. I liked that, because it gives the feeling he's someone who's been really messed up by his mother. And it all made even more sense when you reached the end, because he has killed his own mother. You have got to be a little emotionless after that, I would think.

It's unfortunately a very believable story. Like I said, I'm planning on studying criminology, so I do already know a thing or two about this because of my pre-class. And it's sadly very true that children of criminals often end up being criminals themselves, either because they're mistreated badly (mostly when it's child abuse, like in this story) or because they're raised in an environment that has no respect for the law (like when one parent or both parents are in a gang). And it's not uncommon when it's a result of child abuse, that the criminal knows what he did was wrong, but just can't feel any regret about doing it. So it's sadly very realistic.

I think it's a very good story. I like Blaise's narrative, and the way you built up the horrible relationship between him and his mother. The story was completely different for me once I reached the end. I had to re-read it after I knew he was actually telling us the story of how he killed his mother, and I love when a story just surprises me like that. But at the same time, it totally made sense that he had done that. So yeah, I liked it, Kaitlin!



Author's Response: Hi Lotte,

It's so cool to have someone look at this from the perspective of a criminologist. I admit that I didn't think quite that far into depth about how the damage done by his mother was likely to make him a killer. I just sort of thought it seemed like the natural reaction to being pushed past his limits.

The tension between mother and son does keep rising as Valentina continues to treat him worse and worse. I really think the ending was almost inevitable in a sense.

I'm glad that you liked the numb, emotionless sort of tone. It was a bit hard to write it that way, so I'm glad it comes across well.

I have heard that children who are abused are more likely to abuse others themselves and that children of criminals are more likely to commit crimes, but for some reason it's still hard for me to think of Blaise as a criminal. I more see him as a victim.

I'm so happy that you liked the story. Thanks so much for this lovely review and for all you do around the forums.


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Review #15, by LadyL8After: One.

3rd May 2015:
Hi Dee *waves*

Iím not sure if you remember it, but a while ago I said I would review every participant in the hot seat event. I took a little bit of a break from that because of the anon reviews, but Iím now back to finish what Iíve started. And itís finally your turn, and Iíll be leaving you 4 reviews this time around (one for each year Iíve been on HPFF, since itís partly another anniversary gift to you Puffs. I want to show you how grateful I am of you always being around the common room and the forums, and thought this would be a good way of doing that). Every review will be between 500 to 700 words, and I probably a 100% positive because I tend to be that :P

But over the story. Iíll be reviewing it as Iím reading it, because I think that will be good for you as the author. It will give you the chance to see what I - a reader - thinks about the different parts of the story as Iím reading it, when I donít actually know what will happen next. And maybe (hopefully) it will inspire you or motivate you or brighten your day or something like that. But enough info about the reviews. Itís time to comment on the story.

I always start with what Iím thinking Ďat first glanceí. Looking at your authorís profile, this is the story that immediately captures my attention. Itís partly because itís your newest story - at top of your AP - but mostly because the banner is just breathtaking. It was a good decision to have someone make that one for you, because I really want to read it after seeing that one.

Whatís really amazing, though, is the fact that your summary fits so well to the banner. I like that you only have a three very describable words, and then the ĎAmos Diggory isnít copingí. With sad stories like this (Iím guessing itís sad, because I havenít read it yet like I said above), the summary is not supposed to be exciting, because sad stories never are. Not the kind of action-filled excitement anyway. Itís just supposed to make you feel for them with only a few words, to make you feel so badly for them that you want to read more of it. And I think the summary does, so I really love it. Iím looking forward to reading it even if I do have feeling it will leave me heartbroken. But the best sad stories do :)

Hmm, a month-thing going on here. I like it. Itís great that you show him a while after Cedricís death (cause Iím guessing that is what itís six months after). Itís almost in a way Ďeasierí in the beginning, simply because everyone is around, taking care of you, making sure you are busy enough so you donít have to think too much about the death of your loved one. Itís after people stop thinking about it the really hard times start. Because people just seem to forget that you canít just forget a death in a short amount of time, you can never really forget it and it would be a shame if you did. And I think itís amazing that you show that - grief never ends, it just gets easier to live with.

And OMG, heís so right that Amos. Iím talking about this, of course: ęTime changes pain. Time makes pain smaller, less all-consuming. Only temporarily though, because there is always a something. Somethings can tear great holes in a small pain and make it big againĽ. Iím not a mother like you, so I canít really imagine what it would be like to lose a child. But I always compare it to losing my little sister, whoís younger than a teen, because Iím not even ashamed to admit she is my best friend and the amazing sister. And I think if something had happened to her, I would definitely be in state very similar to the one Amos is in.

Poor Amos. He is grieving too, Elaine, you just donít see it. God, look at me, talking to your characters as if they can hear me. But honestly, I think itís very believable, because people do grieve in different way. I lost my grandpa when I was 13, and I donít think I ever cried about it. I was sad, of course, but I just couldnít cry. I think I was afraid that if I started, I wouldnít be able to stop, and that is was my job stay strong for my mother. And thatís what Amos is doing too, I think, staying strong for Elaineís sake. But she doesnít understand that, so it ends badly.

God, I love that you are jumping in time, but closer to Cedricís death. Itís really amazing, because you can see the different stages of grief. He goes from heartbreak and fury over the son who lost his life to just shutting down in a way. And I can really feel it all, and thatís just amazing. Youíre amazing, Dee!

Iím going to have to end it here, because Iím already 200 words over the limit I mentioned earlier. I guess that just explains how much I feel this story; itís unfortunately close to heart and very believable, and you write it so well that Iím a little envious now, Dee. 10/10 and definitely one of the best sad stories Iíve read on HPFF.

Hugs And Butterfly Kisses

Your Lotte

(and Iíll be back soon, I promise. Iíll finish all the promised reviews by the end of May, I hope, because thatís my goal)

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Review #16, by LadyL8Hallowed be Our Names: Breakdown (Aberforth)

3rd May 2015:
Hi again, Karen. Iím back with my last review (for now). Iíve favourite-d your story as well as added it to my reading list, because I still think it looks interesting and Iím really curious about how things will go. So Iíll probably be back at a later point, but that will be after Iím finished with my promised review.

Anyway, over to the chapter. I will, once again, comment on different parts as Iím reading, so I wonít know what happens in the end of the chapter when I offer my thoughts on the first part of it. This is actually a change in reviewing style for me, but Iím doing so because I think it will give the author/you a better understanding of what goes through a readers mind the whole way as theyíre reading your story. I might be wrong about that, of course, but Iíll give it try! :)

Again I find it interesting that you start with song lyrics. Like I said in the last one, I havenít actually heard the song, but I think (from what little Iíve seen from it here) it fits your story well. Just from reading the lyrics, I can already tell that itís going to be a difficult chapter for the characters, maybe itís mostly for Aberforth since itís his chapter. And considering the last chapter was about the battle the night Ariana died, I immediately think this one might happen right after sheís died. Maybe that is why itís a hard chapter for Aberforth. But it could just as well be right before the battle, now that I think about it, because Aberforth and Ariana had just found out their brother was leaving and they didnít want him too. Iím curious nowÖ

Ahh, itís right after the first chapter. I didnít see that coming, but it makes sense, now that I think about it. But I was partly right, seeing as there is a flashback to when Ariana found out about Albus and Gellertís plans. Oh, poor Ariana. Iím feeling sorry for her now, and I canít help but feel a little bit angry at Albus as well. What kind of guy would just leave his two younger sibling, one og which needs care all the time? Shameful, Albus, very shameful..

Ooh, heís not leaving them anyway. Thatís amazing. You go, Albus, donít be Gellert! You are right, they are youíre responsibility. And can I just say that was very believable of him. I really canít imagine the Albus we know from the book (and yes, I know he was like a million years older than he is here) doing something like that. As much as I donít like Dumbledore, I have got to give him credit for being so smart and for caring about those around him, even if he couldíve done things a little differently when it comes to Harry. But Iím not here to discuss that.

Another flashback. Wow, I havenít actually noticed this before, but itís really interesting to see how different the two brothers are. Albus is very quiet, reflective and well-spoken in a way, while Aberforth is more driven by feelings and actions. I suppose that could be why the two of them always seem to clash, because itís kind of why me and my sister always clash as well. Weíre just too different, but of course we still care about each other - weíre siblings after all - and so do Aberforth. You can tell he really does care about his older brother. He worries about his heart, and hates Gellert for what heís doing to Albus, and thatís very believable, if you ask me.

Wow. That was an amazing dialogue there at the end. I could really tell there were a lot of feelings behind the words, anger, desperateness, sadness and a worry. Iím amazed at how you managed to get all of that across in only a dialogue, because you really did. It was great, really, and Iím so excited to see where it will go next. Weíre getting closer and closer to Arianaís death, and I have a feeling thatís going to be heartbreaking but at the same time exciting from a readerís POV. Good job on the story, I canít wait for the next chapter!

Thanks for letting me come by this time. Iíll try and come back to this story once itís updated, but you may have to wait until Iím done with my promised reviews. But Iíll be back eventually, thatís for sure, because I loved this story. 10/10!

And may you have a wonderful day! :D


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Review #17, by LadyL8Hallowed be Our Names: Showdown

2nd May 2015:
Hi again Karen *waves*

Do you remember back when I said Iíd leave 4 reviews for every participant in the review hot seat event? It was temporarily put aside while I left the anon reviews, but Iím now back to finish what I started. So here comes a hopefully more helpful review (and one that is easier to respond to) than the Hannah Abbott one :P

Iím going to start Ďat first glanceí. I think the story looks amazing. Looking at your authorís profile, itís the one that immediately captures my attention. Itís partly because the banner is stunning (PhoenixFire did an amazing job with that one). It was really a wise decision of you to have someone make you a banner. I hate to admit it, but the banner those make all the difference when it comes to choosing a story. At least for me, I canít really speak for everyone. The title is powerful, and I canít help but wonder what the story will be about. And the summary is also good. I like when the summary is just a question, and especially when it is as well-asked as here, because Iím always intrigued by why the author/you would ask me that. So to sum up, Iím just so excited to read the story, just by looking at it from your AP.

(Little note here; Iím reviewing as Iím reading, so keep in mind that I donít actually know what will happen next when Iím commenting on the different parts of the story)

Okay, so over to the actual story. I havenít heard the song before, so for me it was a really interesting start. It was almost like a rhyme, poetry of sorts, which I think would be very fitting for Albus as a character. And itís so open but I still understand thereís a powerful meaning behind it, a showdown or a conflict of sortsÖ maybe between two friends or lovers. Knowing itís about Albus, it immediately makes me think it might have something to do with the showdown between Gellert and him or the night Ariana was killed.

And it is the latter. And that is a very interesting scene, I must say. I havenít read many Albus/Gellert stories, Iíll admit, but the ones I have read is set long before this happened, usually at a time when Gellert was yet to be Ďfullyí evil. So Iím looking forward to seeing what youíll do now, seeing as this is the first chapter and we know that Gellert disappears from Albusí life for a while after Arianaís death. Maybe youíll go back in timeÖ hmm, this is just getting more and more interesting.

Wow. That was some amazing description, right there. I can practically see them standing in a triangle - Gellert and Aberforth at odds, Albus in the middle not really sure what to do, and Ariana hiding somewhere close, hoping everything will be over soon. Thereís a very clear tension there, in fact I can almost feel it as Iím reading about it. Itís just amazing. I loved that. Youíre good at description!

The characters are good as well. You really captured them, in my opinion. I loved the dialogue, but note Sianís comment in the review about your punctuation. Other than that, everything was just amazing. I really loved the story, and Iím excited to see where youíll be going with it.

Lots of Love


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Review #18, by LadyL8(Who) Needs Horcruxes?: Legend

3rd April 2015:
Hi again, Karen. Iím finally back with the next review.

So first I just have to say that Iíve not read many crossovers, and the last one I read was god-knows-how-long-ago. I think that one was a Doctor Who one as well, but Iím not sure (it was for my old review thread). But I really enjoyed reading one again after so long Ė it was almost like a new reading experience.

Second of all, I have to say that Iíve only ever watched two episodes of Doctor Who, and they were completely random episodes from different seasons. And I didnít get much of it, except that he was a guy with a blue telephone box that could travel through time. And be had a female companion, but I never met Clara so Iím going to guess she is he newest one. Am I right?

Oh wait, he had many lives too, right? Or am I completely on the wrong track now? :P

Anyway, it was really interesting to read this crossover, especially since I donít know much about Doctor Who. I canít tell you if you managed to capture his character or things like that, but I can tell you that I liked his characterization no matter the realism of it. He does seem a little odd, but I liked that childish-like fascination he seems to have over everything.

And I liked Clara as well. Like I said earlier, Iíve never actually seen anything of her, but I liked her characterization. I think she is a curious girl/woman (I have no idea how old she is :P ), but a little more rational (I think thatís the right word, if not I hope you can catch on to what Iím trying to say) than he is.

I also loved how you incorporated Doctor Who into the HP-universe. It felt surprisingly natural, and if I didnít know HP and Doctor Who I would probably not think they were different universes. They do fit well together in a way Ė not just because theyíre both British, but also because they focus on adventure and magic in the real world. Itís just a different kind of magic, thatís all :)

I like Voldy too. And how we dragged Tardis to his world. And I canít wait to see where things will go from here. It canít be anything but hilarious, since the Doctor seems very curious, silly in a good way and humorous while Voldy is mean, temperamental and you knowÖ just plain evil :P I donít think he will like the Doctor very much Ė Iím not even sure survives his meeting with Voldy. So yeah, it will be interesting to see how this will go.

And I just have to say that I love your dialogues. I may have mentioned that in the last review too, but itís even clearer here. Itís never forced - it just flows. Iím soo envious of you, Karen.

- Lotte
(and donít think badly of me, but what is Tardis? I think itís the telephone box, but Iím not sure)

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Review #19, by LadyL8Not in the 'Mood': Conspiracy

28th March 2015:
Hi Karen. If youíve been keeping an eye on the seeker thread in the common room, you may know why Iím here already. Iím closing in on my 4-year anniversary and I wanted to celebrate by showing people how grateful I am for them making my time on HPFF fantastic. And since the Puffs are one of the main reasons I love HPFF, I decided to start with you guys. So Iím reviewing the hot seat participants. And Iíve finally gotten to your day, so hereís the first out of four reviews (one for each year Iíve been here) :)

Wow. I really liked this story. This was very different from anything Iíve ever seen on HPFF, so Iím amazed you even thought of this. Moody isnít exactly the most popular character to write fanfics about, and I suppose he isnít the easiest one either. But I find him to be a very interesting character, especially since he does not have any wife or family. I think that really speaks for how much heís sacrificed for fighting for the greater good, fighting against Voldemort and his followers. And I really liked that you could see that in the story, as well as his fellow aurors great admiration for him and his hard work and dedication to the cause. It was nice to see.

I definitely think you did Moody justice. I liked that he put on this a bit cold and tough facade, but then underneath he really is a good guy who loves and respects his fellow aurors, even if they donít always do as he says or asks. Itís a mutual familial love and respect, and it was enjoyable to see it. It does make me kind of sad also, though, because you know many of them will later die. So I suppose I kind of understand Moodyís wish to distance himself a little from his workers, to focus on his work rather than hanging out with them. I would probably do the same if I were in his line of business in a war, because the chances of survival are very slim. But Iím glad they had birthday party, so Moody at least has something to look back at and remember with a smile.

I think it was very beautiful to see a friendship between Moody and Alice and Frank. It was not the characters Iíd expect to bond, but that does not mean it is unlikely. We know very little of Nevilleís parents, but I always imagine they were kind, hardworking and just very friendly and likable people. And that could possibly be a good match for Moody, whoís also hardworking but maybe a bit too much. He almost becomes a bit unsocial, because he focuses on his work. And the more I think about this, the more I like the friendship. Yeah, I think youíve persuaded me!

Anyway, I loved Moodyís speech. I like that heís kind of awkward, because itís not something heís used to doing. Thatís very believable. But then at the end of the day, he loves and respects his co-workers like theyíre family, and he canít really stay mad at them. So I donít think Frank has much to fear :P

So yeah, I really liked it. It was different and sweet. And I loved your characterization. It was very realistic, and you did Moody justice.

Good work, Karen!

- Lotte

Author's Response: Lotte! Welcome welcome to my page (I believe this was the first visit so I'm happy and humbled you stopped by)! Also I'm really sorry it's taken SO long for me to reply! :-(

Thank you so much! And you're quite right--Moody most certainly isn't a popular character is he? Poor guy gets shuffled to the side and given his roles in both the 1st and 2nd Wizarding Wars (the 1st in which he gained his fearsome reputation) you'd think he'd be around more but that's okay. I have a great deal of love and respect for him. :-)

Thanks--I'm so glad folks are letting me know about Moody's character! That's a major point I was predominately concerned about given that he does have a role in my 2 main stories (provided the others in my head ever LET me *grumbles*). This was a good bit of practice in that. You can't help but feel for him and and like the Longbottoms said--he deserves a bit of happiness.

Ahh I'm happy you like the friendship between Moody, Frank and Alice! If you ever check out 'Bound by Love', you'll eventually be seeing more of it as it begins and grows. :-)

Thank you very much for stopping by and the awesome review!

Karen xoxo

P.S. -- Of COURSE Frank doesn't have much to fear--he knew that and exploited it without shame. *lol*

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Review #20, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Breakable Girls and Boys

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Iím back with the 4th and final review for now, but I like the story so Iíll probably keep an eye on it and come back later on when things have quieted down a little :)

OMG. This was so tragically beautiful. Itís very beautifully written, but tragic because it always tragic when you lose someone important in your life. And since Iím coming straight from the last chapter, I canít help but notice the contrast to it. There everyone was joking around and simply having fun. In some way that made this chapter even more tragic, because I had just seen them all happy and lively. And you write sad chapters so well that Iím actually wondering if I should be worried for you, Tanya (I should not, should I?)

Anyway, Iím feeling so sorry for George now. In this chapter you can really see him struggling, as is to be expected of someone whoís just lost their twin. Heís putting on a brave face, but heís definitely having hard time. And it canít be easy going back to the shop after having gone through something like that. He built the shop with Fred, so everything there must remind him of his twin. And it probably doesnít help that itís a place of laughter, and heís feeling the very opposite of what the place is suppose to represent.

I really liked (or not liked, depending on how you see it) the similarities between the broken globe and how they Ė especially George Ė feel after having lost Fred. It was really clever to have a flashback showing why the globe was so important to them, and then have George destroy it in present day. It definitely added to the sad feeling thatís all over this chapter, and I just wanted to give George a long and warm hug. Poor guy :(

And I loved that Fredís voice was guiding Josephine in a way - that she was trying to act like she thought heíd want her to act if he was there. And I think Josephine made great progress in this chapter. Sheís gone from not being able to be around George without hiding, to now comforting him (a little awkwardly one may say, but itís not exactly easy to find words in this kind of situation) and even talking to him. So yeah, Josephine is on the right track :)

So Iíve already said this many times, but Iíve fallen in love with the story. I think you have your unique way of telling it, and I love the jumping in time. It really adds contrast to the story as well, because the flashbacks often are from a joyful time and the present daysí are from a sad and grieving time. I also really like Josephineís voice, and I find here to be a very likable and relatable character. And I canít wait to see where this is going, so Iíve favorited the story and Iíll be keeping an eye on it and coming back when I have the time.

Youíre very talented, Tanya. 10/10 and never stop writing! :)

- Lotte
(And while I may not have liked the last riddle very much at the time, I promise I'm not trying to kill you with kindness)

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Review #21, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Nice to Meet You

28th March 2015:
Hello Tanya. Here I am again with review number 3.

OMG. That was certainly an awkward job interview. I canít even begin to imagine how mortified I would be if my potential boss had done something like that. Poor Jo. Fred was so mean, but I suppose thatís how he would act daily if she did get the job. So you could say he was preparing her for what was to come if she was hired. But still, I felt very sorry for Josephine, but I couldnít help but laugh at her expense.

Anyway, I loved your characterization of the twins. They were exactly like I imagine theyíd be. I forgot to say that about them in the last chapter, so I figured Iíd do it here.

I especially love Fred. While he was loud, very humorous and often at otherís expense, thatís exactly the way he is Ė the way they both are really. But I feel like you Ė and probably more than J.K Rowling Ė highlights the differences between the twins. While they both look relatively alike, and they both share a love for making people laugh and simply having fun, they are the not the same person. They have their differences too, and I think youíve already showcased that. And thatís a result of Josephine only being romantically interested in one of them, and being friends with the other. And yeah, I really like that.

And itís so believable that the twins would do pranks like that when interviewing people for jobs at their shop. Theyíre definitely not the type to be all serious, even when they probably should be. And I liked the farting chairs (what an odd thing to say). That would definitely have freaked me out. Iíd be so mortified that Iíd probably leave the interview before it even started.

I also liked Josephineís obsession with George. I actually forgot to say that in the last review, so Iím mentioning it now. But I canít believe itís been going on for so long? And she loves him? I thought it was just a crush. Wow, I can see this heading an interesting direction now, especially since she had to hide simply because he looked at her. How in the world is going to survive working with him now in present day, especially since he seems very interested in getting to know her after seeing her grieving over his twinsí death. HmÖ Iím really looking forward to seeing how this plays out now.

Once again, a very wonderful chapter, Tanya. I donít know if I said this in the last review, but Iím so envious of your dialogues. I myself have so much trouble with writing dialogues, because it always seems so forced, and itís a lot harder than it appears to be when you read it. And I think your dialogues are actually what I love the most in the story.

I also love this part: ďWould you stop trying to escape, already? Cause, look, since first walking in here, you really have quite grown on me! It's like my favourite chest hair - which also happens to be my only chest hair: At first it was sort of laughably embarrassing, but now I'm quite fond of it! I like you! I mean, you're a bit off your rocker, but I genuinely am enjoying this all way too much to just let you wander off, never to be seen again! So come on, you nutter; let me hire you!" - It made me laugh. Such a Fred-thing to say! :P

- Lotte

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Review #22, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Promises, Promises

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Now that Quidditch is over (I admire you for coming up with that riddle, by the way), Iím finally back with the rest of your reviews.

Wow. I loved this. I always knew you were a good writer, but I didnít know you were this good. This was perfection!

I liked that you started in the past (well, further in the past). It was nice to see a glimpse of what kind of friendship Fred and Josephine had, and it is rare to see a very platonic relationship between a male and a female in stories. And I liked that they were joking around, but honestly it wouldíve been kind of strange if they didnít. It is Fred Weasley after all!

And I think they compliment each other well. Fred is Ė as Josephine says Ė funny, lively and large-than-life, while she is quieter and perhaps a little bit forgettable Ė at least in comparison to him. And Fred helps her come a little bit out of her shell, while she ďtones him downĒ a little Ė If that made sense at all, because it did in my head. So yeah, they really compliment each other.

I love that we learn a little bit more about Josephine and her past in every chapter. Normally I donít like a slow pace, but here I think itís great and very needed. The part where sheís kind of arguing with herself - because part of her is envious of Fred having had a mother and a loving family, but the other part hate herself for thinking like that when he is dead Ė is actually my favourite. It really says a lot about her as a character. Sheís obviously had a very tough childhood, and that does affect her life in many ways. But she feels guilty for wanting something sheís never had, because she knows she should not think like that when heís just died.

One of my best friends in real life is actually a foster child, and sheís explained to me that this is often the case when youíve never had a family of your one. You just wish you had a family or someone that would have your back no matter what, and this feeling is there even at the most inappropriate of times. So I find it very realistic for her to think like this.

And then thereís George. First I just have to say that I admire you for daring to write him in this moment in his life. I canít even begin to imagine how much it must hurt to lose a close family member, and even less how it would be to lose a twin. So youíre very brave for doing that.

Secondly I just have to say that I really liked the scene where he sees Josephine. It was beautiful to see him light up from realizing he wasnít alone in grieving for Fred, from realizing that he wasnít the only one broken after having lost a best friend. And it was very beautifully written, Tanya.

And I absolutely loved this part: ďIt doesnít even seem quite possible that such a huge personality could fit into such a small rectangular block of wood, only to be buried beneath the earth and never seen again. There is no sense in thatĒ. I could really feel her pain here.

So Tanya, I just have to ask: how in the world can you be so good at writing? Youíre amazing, and I absolutely loved this chapter! (You can probably tell by the length of this review, and the fact that Iím rambling a lot)

- Lotte

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Review #23, by LadyL8Lying Josephine: Introduction: Boxes

26th March 2015:
Hi Tanya. I wasnít around when you guys had the review hot seat thing, so Iíve decided to leave 4 reviews for each participant. Itís also partly because Iím closing in on my 4-year anniversary on HPFF, and I feel like expressing my gratitude to all the wonderful people that have made my time on the site amazing - and you puffs are definitely one of the main reasons for me loving HPFF.

So I know you asked for reviews on chapter 3 and so on, but I really like to do it chronologically. And considering Iím leaving 4 reviews, I will eventually review chapter 3 and 4 as well.

Anyway, over to the story. I have to start by expressing my love for your opening line - ďI suppose I deserved thisĒ. It really caught my attention right away. I found myself wondering what had she done? Why would she think she deserved this? What is the ďthisĒ she is talking about? And Iím a little envious; because opening lines is something I struggle with myself. But youíre apparently really good at it! :)

And I also loved that you flash-forward (or backwards, depending on how you view it). This way of telling a story has really grown on me after watching How To Get Away With Murder, and I think itís a different but interesting move. Youíd think it would be boring knowing where itís heading, but itís actually not because you keep asking yourself why they will end up like that. Or in this case, what will to happen to make her think she deserves ďthisĒ Ė whatever ďthisĒ is (if that makes any sense whatsoever) :P

And Josephine has such a great voice and she already seems like a great character. I rarely feel sorry for someone before I know what horrible act theyíve committed (I blame law school for that), but I already feel sorry for her. And I think thatís because you start the story by showing this vulnerable side to her Ė sheís completely alone even when sheís surrounded. And the way she keeps repeating that she deserves itÖ I can almost feel her regret for doing whatever she did that was wrong.

I also liked the last line Ė ďFred Weasley is lying in a boxĒ. Itís haunting and powerful Ė it pretty much brings back all the feelings I had when I first read about this death in the books. And itís a really good way of ending the prologue.

Iím really excited to see where this story will be heading. Obviously Josephine has done something wrong, and I canít wait to see what it is and how it will all turn out. And Iím wondering who Josephine is and what her relationship with Fred was (like in more detail). So yeah, I really love the story!

- Lotte
(Oh, and I forgot to say that I really like the flow of the story Ė Itís part of what makes the story so enjoyable to read)

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Review #24, by LadyL8All or Nothing: there is a light that never goes out

26th March 2015:
Hi Kristin. So Iím back with my last review for now. I decided to head over to this story instead of reading another chapter of the foundersí story, because it looked too good to skip.

Anyway, I just have to start by saying that I think youíre crazy brave for even attempting to write Bellatrix. In my opinion sheís the one of the most complex characters in HP, and I would not dare to write her out of fear of doing her no justice. So thumbs up to you for even trying! :)

I really liked how you told the story Ė starting from childhood and ending with her in prison. It was interesting to see her progress for a cruel child to the mad woman we know from the books, and I liked that you could early on tell that she might head in that direction.

Bellatrix has always been a very fascinating character for me. While we get a somewhat sad/tragic backstory for Voldemort, that kind of explains why heíd end up being evil (but Iím not saying that justifies his actions), thereís never given a reason for why Bella is the way she is. And I donít believe anyone is just evil for no reason Ė thereís always some explanation for it (not necessarily a good one, though). This could be my criminology-studies kicking in, but Iím a firm believer in people having the potential for both good and evil. And itís environment and a little bit of genetics that decide whether weíll give in to it or not. And Bella did grow up in a difficult environment, probably being taught to hate muggles and muggle-borns since birth. So I always figured that was of the reason she ended up the way she did Ė and thatís also why I liked seeing Bellatrix in her childhood.

And then thereís the mystery woman. This is going to sound a little bit disturbing, but I found their relationship in the middle part to be almost tragically beautiful in way. Like how they talked about taking over the world together, and Bellatrix calling the woman for her source of power at the time. But then we all know how it will end, and thatís why thereís a touch of tragicness (is that a word?) over the whole relationship. And eventually Bellatrix chooses power over love, and thatís definitely the sad part of the story.

I really liked your description as well. Itís so detailed that I felt I like I was watching it all in my head, and I could feel the emotions.

And I think it was really interesting that you left the woman unidentified. But I have to askÖ Did you have anyone in mind when writing it?

Anyway, this is definitely one of the best Bellatrix-stories Iíve ever read, and I really think your characterization was spot on. You did her justice!

Amazing story. And Iím definitely going to keep an eye on you from now on, because youíre a really good writer.


- Lotte

Author's Response: No complaints from me about hopping between stories - I'm glad that this story caught your eye!

Crazy brave, or just crazy? :P First-person POV of Bellatrix was really not something I'd ever envisioned writing, but then I did. And yes - you've hit the nail on the head - she is really complex. In the books I feel like that complexity is overshadowed a little by her madness and she comes across as a bit one-sided, so this was my attempt to present a different side to her that sort of explained her a bit more.

I kind of loved writing the three Black sisters as children! :P And yes, there were hints that she might head in that direction, and although she was a bit cruel, she wasn't necessarily 'evil' at that point. I love your analysis of her character too - her environment was probably a huge part of the reason she turned out how she did. I agree with you on the potential for good and evil too - a great example being Andromeda, who grew up in the same home environment and could have been the same, but due to having different friends/falling in love with a Muggleborn at school, ended up becoming such a different person from Bella.

I have gotten that comment from several reviewers, about Bellatrix and the other woman being 'tragically beautiful' - and I really like that as it's not something that would ordinarily describe anything about Bellatrix. But I was definitely going for that! I wanted it all to be very complex - because I think it had to be. But of course Bella would choose power :(

Aw, thank you! I'm so glad that the descriptions were effective.

I did not have anyone specific in mind for the other woman - it helped with the anonymity aspect of writing it - although I've heard a few theories from reviewers! Up to the reader to decide ;)

gah, thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that you liked this so much, and that I did her character justice. And THANK YOU for your compliments about my writing. And for all four of these lovely reviews. (five, if I include the anon that was you as well!) Your reviews are so incredible and really made my whole week.

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Review #25, by LadyL8Divided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter III

26th March 2015:
Hello again. Iím back with my third review out of 4.

Firstly, I did not find this chapter dull at all. It was actually very interesting. We all know they built the castle, but we donít really know how it came to be. And Iíve always wondered about how they did it, because the school is enormous. And how did they come up with everything Ė like the changing staircases? And you gave an answer to that.

I love Helga! And itís not just because sheís the founder of our house, but because of the way sheís portrayed in your story. I like that sheís the warm, friendly and social one, whoís responsible for getting people to help build the school as well as getting students to attend. And it fits so perfectly with what sheíd later want from the student in her house Ė to be welcoming, including and friendly.

And I like that she loves cooking and basically taking care of everyone around here. I just imagine sheíd be like a Ďmumí for her student Ė doing her best to make everyoneís having a good time and yeahÖ taking care of them. In a way, she kind of reminds me of Molly Weasley, because theyíre both hardworking women, and theyíre both have a warmth and welcoming heart.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I loved the story of how they came up with the name of the school. Iíve always wondered why itís named Hogwarts, cause that seems like a kind of random name. So I liked that they discussed it, and had a reason for naming it Hogwarts.

I also liked the sorting Ė that it just started with them having the students that already knew them, and Helga therefore got the most because sheís more known in the community. So she does Ďtake the lotí, but not in the way youíd initially think.

The friendship between Salazar and Helga was also nice to see, but I definitely want to see more Rowena/Salazar. Iím sorry but Maeve just got to go, because Iím shipping those two and sheís kind of in the way of their happy ending.

What Iíve found very interesting so far in the story is actually the portrayal of Salazar. He does not seem like the Ďbad guyí that historyís made him out to be. And heís interested in a muggle, and we all know heíll later come to hate muggles and muggle-borns. So Iím really interested to see what will make him change his mind. I wonder if Rowena had something to do with itÖ or maybe itís Maeve.

Anyway, as you can probably tell I liked the chapter. I think Ė like you say Ė itís very necessary to include, because building Hogwarts is what theyíll later be known for. And you answer a lot of questions we readers may have had from reading the books Ė like how they came up with the moving stairs or the name of the school. So yeah, I still very much like the story

- Lotte

Author's Response: Looking back, I think this was one of my favourite chapters to write, coming up with how Hogwarts got all its quirkiness in its construction/name/everything.

So glad you like Helga :D We do have such an awesome house founder! But given what the Sorting Hat said about her, it just seemed like she would be that sort of person. I think I had the most leeway with her character, as the Sorting Hat talks about her the least :P Oh, I love your comparison of her to Molly Weasley! I hadn't considered that, but I totally agree now that you mentioned it.

I felt that the name was something that needed to be included. I mean, it's a weird name. There had to have been a lot of discussion involved :p I'm glad you liked that!

As Hogwarts had just begun, and the news of the school was just spread by word of mouth through their little communities, I didn't think it likely that there would be many people there at all - just people they knew from their villages.

I'm glad you like the friendship between Salazar and Helga! Haha aw, I'm sure Rowena would agree with you that Maeve has got to go! :P More about Maeve and the Rowenazar ship in the next chapter...

Honestly, that was my intention with Salazar. He gets a bad reputation by the time Harry is in school, but I don't think the other three founders would be such close friends with someone who's 'evil'. He does have some demons in his past, and I figured there could be an interesting story with how he became the person history knows him as. I like your theories but my lips are sealed! Muahaha. Well, until next chapter.

I'm thrilled that you liked this chapter and are enjoying the story! I really appreciate your reviews, you are the best! Thank you ♥

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