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Review #1, by Granger ThomasMaturity and Maternity: Chapter 1

11th December 2011:
I thought the writing was excellent and nice build up. A good start to a story.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by Granger ThomasDancing With Delilah: Let the Games Begin

10th December 2011:
I've got a guess as to who the guy, what part Astoria has to play, and whats up with Hermione but i'm not gonna say... I'll just wait and see if i got any right or at least somewhat close.

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Review #3, by Granger ThomasExpecting Otherwise: Nightmares In The Lavatory

6th December 2011:
Having read Otherwise Engaged (which i need to go and review btw,) i decided to check this story out. So far i like it, i can see a soft side to adella and NOT liking the boyfriend lol. Thought it was cool how you added the potter twins in without actually interacting with them, and wondering now how long it's gonna take before both her and her parents are going to find out and what reaction Draco and Hermione will have. All in all good story so far.

Author's Response: Yeah, well this story is about Adella, but I still thought I needed to add in the Potter kids, and Ron's daughter(you'll get more info about her later).

I am so glad you like it :) ANd thank you for reading OE :D

Thanks for reading and reviewing, hon :)

Happy Holidays!


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Review #4, by Granger ThomasThe Most Wonderful Time of Year: Tis' the Season

6th December 2011:
I thought this was a pretty good story, it didn't seem forced, and it flowed well, so after i get done typing this i am going to go read your other dramione story.

Author's Response: I'm gald it didnt seem forced or anything, I tried hard to make it flow in a way that yes, this could happen. Oh thank you, I hope you like it as much this. :)


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Review #5, by Granger ThomasHair Brained Schemes: Just Laugh

24th May 2011:
Hey Owl, You reviewed my story and i said i'd review one of yours.

I like this story, I've never read a George/Angelina story before this one. I thought it was pretty good. I might have to find more of the pairing, you got me intrigued lol.

I like the different POV's but the only beef i had, which really isn't all that big of one, is that you could have made the POV's more subtle instead of announcing in big bold that it was a different one. Like i said though i really liked it and i'll more than likely read more George/Angelina stories now.

Sorry it took me so long to review yours, I'll read the other story you suggested as well.

Author's Response: cool, thanks!
lol, yeah, subtle isn't my strong point, but also the reason I do it the way I do is because it changes so often in my stories that I don't want people getting confused. Probably really more to help me to keep on track, and when I read stories and the POV changes I personally get rather confused lol. I'm glad I got you interested though. You'll find more George/Angelina in my last chapter of What Means most too lol it's the one I'm most anxious for a review on too lol. But if you don't like the plot or something, I'm not gonna hold you to review it.
Thanks for this one though, I'm so happy I got you interested in a new kinda story :)

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