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Review #1, by IngweaChild of the Hunt: The Journey Begins: What Was I Thinkin?

14th September 2017:
Hey! Great chapter, as always. You have a very interesting storyline, can't wait to see where you take it! :)

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry, it took me a while to respond. I don't often come here since they closed down the forums. That said, they just announced they are also closing down this archive.

So if you're still interested in Alex's tale, you can look for me at H P F T, that is hp fan fic talk dot com. They have a lovely archive.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by IngweaChild of the Hunt: The Journey Begins: Don't Let Me Get Me

30th November 2015:
I really like this story so far! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed it thus far. Alex's story is just beginning, so much more to come!

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Review #3, by IngweaLike Clockwork: Welcomings

26th October 2015:

I love the plot of the story, very original, intriguing, with good writing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

- Leigh xx

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Review #4, by IngweaThe Complicated Life of Mirabelle Rose: The Perks of Being a Blood-Traitor

26th October 2015:

This is my favorite story of yours - and I love all your stories! I've re-read them all several times over the years, so I don't forgot them before you update. :) I think you're an amazing writer, and should definitely continue (although, I obviously also have some pretty selfish reasons for saying that.. ;) ). This is, however, as I said, my absolute favorite, I love the main character, the plot..

So, I guess I'm just saying great job and don't give up - I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been following your stories for years, hoping to get to know more about the characters we've grown close to (I could also say frantically waiting for an update and checking at regular intervals)- even if we're mostly silent fans. :)

Best of luck with school and the story and all!

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Review #5, by IngweaComing Back a Swan: Angels and Eavesdropping

8th November 2014:

I love the story and all, but I have to say, Allie appears to have absolutely no ability to put herself in her sister's place and to understand her.

To a point that it is actually annoying and irritating to read about how much she suffers at home and because of Saundra.
I have several younger sisters and if you decide to move away, it absolutely does not work the way she apparently expected it to. She's older, says she's more mature, she's the one who moved away; she has to work more on the relationship, write often, ask S to spend more time with her, make time for her -I mean honestly, giving up on your sister when she didn't make time for you right away and going back to the other country?! Honestly.. I would LOVE to elaborate, but this probably isn't the place.. :p But I do find Allie insufferable in those moments regarding Saundra.

Sorry for the rant - as I said, I like the story but I've been meaning to get this off my chest since a couple chapters back when she first started complaining about Saundra.. Allie has almost no empathy in regards to her sister the way I see it, but expects it from her. This from a girl who thinks so highly of herself and her behavior towards her family so impeccable!.. I really hope this changes as the story progresses!

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Review #6, by IngweaBreathless: Family.

13th October 2012:
No, I don't want to hurry you or anything.., take all the time you need to give us another fantastic chapter. But seriously, I would really love to read about Saturday sometime as soon as you can write the next chapter, I love the story so far, and Adele, and Al, and the whole family, and the unexpected time jump/ twist in the plot. :) so please, please update asap?..

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Review #7, by IngweaLadylike.: Of Best Friends and Targets.

13th June 2012:
I love Penelope - and FINALLY, a girl in Dom's life. :)

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Review #8, by IngweaKnowledge and Experience; Or Why I Should Know Better By Now: Vines

18th May 2012:

So, I read your answer to a review a bit more than 2 years ago, that you'll be updating this pretty soon.. - well, it's been a while, but you won't be abandoning it, will you? It's a good story.. and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't mind you updating any of your other WIP.. :p :D


Author's Response: I know! I am so sorry!!! I am way too stubborn to abandon it! I do have chapters started on every single one of my WIPs but the problem is that I keep having to reread them. Mainly because I keep getting these short spurts of not-busy times in between long stretches of busy times... I know that isn't what you guys probably want to hear but its true. HOWEVER, now that it is summer hopefully that will change =) Keep an eye out!

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Review #9, by IngweaPlease, Remember Me: Take Care

3rd May 2012:

I really liked the plot of this story - even though at the beginning you said sequels are usually worse (generally, I'd agree), but I think this one has a lot more in it than It Was Only a Kiss. A lot more originality, and a more interesting plot.

I was quite disappointed when I checked the last updated date and saw it has been almost 3 years. In fact, most of your stories haven't been updated for a while.- Does this mean you have given up fanfiction? It would be a pity, I was really looking forward to the end of this story, how you would bring the characters together, or apart? I confess, I was not all that happy about the mention of a veil in the story's summary -that would have to mean Sirius falls through it, and then they don't get that happy life with Libby they could have, if the story was pre-OotP.

Do you have the end planned out already, or did the story die because you couldn't quite figure out how to go on? If you have the time, energy and enthusiasm, I would encourage you to go on with at least this one story ;) - the plot is great, it has potential in it, and I am sure that in the past 6 years you have acquired more skill and experience in writing than you had at the beginning of It Was Only a Kiss, so I am positive this could become a great story, if you feel you any inclination to continue.

If, however, you don't, but already have the plot lined out, would it be asking too much that you post that? Here, you author's page/blog, anywhere? So you don't leave us poor readers completely to our imagination regarding the end... It would mean a lot!!! Of course, the best possible is finishing the story properly.. ;)

So, as I said, I love the plot, very original, definitely worth finishing/rewriting, but please-please tell us at least the outline if you are not going to finish!

An enthusiastic reader left hanging! :(

Author's Response: I never thought of giving out the outline . . . i had complete intentions of finishing this story. I had everything plotted out (actually, i came across the notes just a few days ago while cleaning!). I feel horrible for it being three years and still unfinished. I didn't realize how busy college and life would get when I moved across the country.

I love this story, I do. Even though I sometimes want to strangle Libby, I do love her and Tristan and everyone else. Will I finish? I don't know. I don't even know if any of my original fans will still be willing to finish it out. ANd if I do finish, it will be a while before I begin updating again. I will try, I can only say that much, but if I fail I will find a place to post it.

Thanks so much for your support!

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Review #10, by IngweaComing Back a Swan: Surprises; Part Three

11th May 2011:
Yay! :D I finally finished all my written exams today, so I have time to savor this chapter.. =) *goes back to read, will review later* =)

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Review #11, by IngweaComing Back a Swan: Surprises; Part Two

5th May 2011:
Hey, I think I've re-read this at least three times the past 1-2 weeks -and I had 3 exams and a flute concert this week- . Please, please update as soon as you can!
I can't wait for Allie to get to Hogwarts.. I though Saundra getting sick would be the reason, but she seems better now- or will what happened at Knockturn Alley still be the reason for Allie's transfer? hmm.. =)
PLS update asap!!! =)

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