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Review #1, by sarahbrooke123Once: Once

4th August 2011:
I wish there would be another chapter!I love this story!

Author's Response: haha unfortunately I am adament that this story is going to remain a one shot...I like to think that people can fill in the gaps of their relationship and come up with their own ideas of what happened next! Thanks so much for the review!!!

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Review #2, by sarahbrooke123Saved By A Slytherin: Scorpius And I Do Have Our Moments- Sparingly, Admittedly

3rd August 2011:
I love where it's going!!I'm keeping a watch on the chapters!


Author's Response: thanks so much! next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #3, by sarahbrooke123Love that was never meant to be : What is this feeling?

2nd August 2011:
Its Scorpius no scorpion and its our not our other than that it was good


Author's Response: Ok thanks I'll work on it for the next chapter grammar's not my strong point but I'll keep on trying thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by sarahbrooke123Obliviously Obvious: Teddy, the Bear

31st July 2011:
It was so great! :) I know how you feel about waiting for the validation I hate it too.I always read everything then leave a review just so you know.That means I think it was all great!!One of my favorites!!
:) :) :) :) :) :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so flattered!

Next chapter is soon, come back and read! :)

Thanks for the review!!

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Review #5, by sarahbrooke123A Place Full of Secrets: Diary Entries and Duels

28th July 2011:
It's awesome!!This sorta happened to me:The part about dating the enemy and friends getting mad.But my friends are girls

Author's Response: Thanks! Really? I don't really have that many utter enemies so it's never happened to me, but could you maybe tell me a bit about your experience? it'd probably help this cause i dont know much about dating the wrong person...

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Review #6, by sarahbrooke123Rose Weasley and the Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans: A Mysterious Bout of Bad Tempers in the General Population of Hogwarts and Surrounding Areas

27th July 2011:
I liked it but I wish you wouldn't talk so much at the end

Author's Response: do you mean my author's note? I'm sorry. You don't have to read it though...

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Review #7, by sarahbrooke123Weasley Family Adventures: Rose Says a Bad Word.

14th July 2011:
Is there going to be another chapter?I love it and I hope there is going to be another one!I'm adding you as one of my favorite others!

Author's Response: yes, there are more chapters. Thank you for the review!

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