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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16Forgetting: Darkness

28th August 2015:
Hi Angie! I'm here to spread some Slytherin love and leave a lovely review to thank you for all your help during the House Cup!

Wow, this story was a lot darker than I expected. I really liked the shortness of each section, it really makes every word count when you write in this kind of style, and I think you chose the words wonderfully. This is probably the darkest Rose I've ever read to be honest. And while there's a good bit of vagueness to the story, I think I've gotten the gist of most of it. Rose and Scorpius become friends after Hogwarts, Rose falls for Scorpius, Rose tells Scorpius about her feelings, Scorpius rejects her, she's heartbroken, they don't speak for a time/Rose avoids him, there's an announcement in the paper i.e. maybe he's engaged or recently married, she owls him, he comes right on the dot, and she kills him? Like I said, very dark. I wonder what exactly brought on this darkness in her. Why wasn't she able to move on after such a long time? And what will she do with the body?

It's all very curious and I'd love to read more about their relationship and what happens next.

But all in all I thought this was a great one-shot and very well written.


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Review #2, by EnigmaticEyes16Blessing in Disguise: Unconcious

26th August 2015:
Yay! More Percy! He's so sweet, returning her purse to her and taking care of her! I hope they do finally get a chance to talk about the other night though, I think that would be extremely interesting! I hope you eventually decide to write more of this, I noticed it's been a while since you last updated, but it's very cute and Percy and Audrey deserve more chapters!


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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16Blessing in Disguise: Unwanted Visitors

26th August 2015:
Hahaha! OMG Tammi this is too funny! I'm a little surprised Bill and Arthur came in the next day since it was no longer Tuesday, but I'm so glad they did! Even if Audrey's not, lol.

I loved how Bill figured out why Audrey was acting weird about Percy without even being told. And that he was going to torture her for it, too. I can't imagine what he'll say or do next time he sees Percy. This story is too cute!


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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16Blessing in Disguise: Unplanned

26th August 2015:
Ah! Tammi! I almost never read Percy/Audrey but I adore yours! I love that she's ptactically the complete opposite of Percy yet hss a crush on him anyway. And I love how she gets away with being rude to the customers because her boss can't fire her. I also adored her interaction with Bill and would have loved to have seen a chat between her and Arthur!

This story is amazing so far and I can't wait to read more!

Happy birthday!


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Review #5, by EnigmaticEyes16Past Tense: second.

22nd August 2015:
Oh, wow. I really love this story, Lisa!

I wonder what Steph means about her inner demons though. I love all the talk about her bringing her tablet to her meeting with Professor Vector and whether or not they have wifi, I wonder if she knows technology doesn't work in Hogwarts? I'm guessing not. Unless that's changed in this future Post-War Hogwarts.

That's both terrible and hilarious that her friends may have seen an abandoned home every time they picked her up! It's insane how wizards feel the need to hide so much from the muggle world. They already separated themselves by living in the middle of nowhere!

And I loved her talk with Vector and how she's just in shock that wizards don't bother with sources and have been teaching the same curriculum and text book for hundreds of years basically. And the fact that this is what's convinced her to take the job is just amazing! I'm glad she's finally found purpose with this job and plans on teaching wizards a thing or two about how to document history.

This story is just great and Steph is hilarious and awesome and I can't wait to read on!


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Review #6, by EnigmaticEyes16Past Tense: first.

21st August 2015:
Hi Lisa! Stopping by to bestow some Slytherin love your way and thank you for all your help during the House Cup this year!

Oh my gosh, I adore this story already! It's one of the many stories of yours I've been meaning to read. Steph is such an interesting character! I love that she grew up in the wizarding world but is okay with being a squib and not being able to do magic. She's not ashamed of who she is and she loves living with muggles, I think that's such a great representation of a squib. Even though her family clearly hasn't made any effort to learn about her world and she's clearly a bit put off by that, and she should be. She'd probably be a much better fit in the Muggle Liaison office than her sister. She'd probably even be a great Muggle Studies teacher and I'm kind of surprised that that isn't the teaching position she was offered. I wonder how much she knows of wizarding history though, since she's mainly been studying muggle history in school and her siblings probably don't have a lot to say about History of Magic since they're always sleeping through the subject.

I also like how she was able to tell her friends that her family is made up of wizards, and that wizards exist, and showed them how floo powder works! And I loved the milkshake joke, that made me laugh.

This is a great story so far and I can't wait to read more of it!


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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16When Stupidity Strikes: Ze Beginning

21st August 2015:
Hi! Here for the Slytherin Review Tag!

Wow, that sounds like an interesting place to work! I have to agree with Lucy though, a sign would be a great touch, lol. Then she never would have gotten hit in the first place since she wouldn't have been wondering around the building for so long trying to figure out how to get in. At least those boys were kind enough to bring her inside and get her some help. Although with all that blood, it's amazing her nose wasn't broken.

Belinda sounds like a real trip though. And Daphne seems... interesting. Honestly, you'd think if Lucy didn't know what position she was interviewing for, the woman would at least give her a brief summary or something, instead of just hiring her and basically telling her to figure it out for herself. Unless the packets will explain everything. I don't know. I'm very curious to read on and see how she fairs on her first day of work.

Your Lucy is a very interesting character. I like her descriptions about things and how she doesn't like to be associated with her family. She clearly sees herself very differently than she sees her cousins and I wonder why that is. And what is her relationship with Scorpius? Are they just friends? Were they dating at one point since she did say she'd attended Greengrass gatherings for a couple years? She's a very curious character.

Great second chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Nix! Yay review tag!

Haha yes, it's a very interesting place to work. and only gets more and more interesting, I think :) No signage is just the beginning of the insanity. Because her co-workers, Belinda and Daphne as you mention and all the others, are very entertaining to write. Hr first day should be out by the end of the month, so I guess you'll have to see what happens then!

It's not so much her family as it is Rose, but yes she's trying to make her own way in life. Oh, and, yes, Scorpius will be explained soon too *evil cackle*

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #8, by EnigmaticEyes16uh-lone: Adjective: Separate, Apart, or Isolated from Others

16th August 2015:
Hi! I don't really know what to say.

I thought this was wonderfully written and I loved how to chose to touch on this particular subject, of Sirius suffering after leaving his parents to live with James and the Potters. I can understand why he'd have a dream like that, and how he must feel alone because he's the only one he knows who doesn't have a family anymore. And how heartbreaking it must be to have a brother who acts like you don't even exist anymore when he used to worship you and you used to protect him from the world like a big brother should.

I love how sweet and caring the Potters are to him though and how Mrs. Potter treats him like her own son, even her "better" son since someone has to receive the blame when something goes wrong, it's obviously not Sirius, lol.

I like how you also included Lily and that, even though they may not be friends and she may not approve of all his pranks and such, she could still see he was hurting and still wanted to offer her help and support for someone in need. It really emphasizes what we learn of Lily from Sirius and Remus, that she really was the most caring and kindest person. I wonder what happened to her own parents though. I suppose, even though the situations are quite different, if anyone could understand what he was going through, she could, being without her parents as well.

This was such a great story! I'm so glad I decided to read it!


Author's Response: Hi Nix!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! This is such a positive review, and I was so unsure of this story. Your words have really helped make me more confident about this. :) Thank you! I'm really happy you liked the premise. I was trying to consider how Sirius would have immediately coped with leaving his family--something like that is bound to be difficult, even if you know you did the right thing for yourself. I'm also glad you liked the Potters and Lily in this. I wasn't sure what role I wanted Lily to play, but I'm glad you liked how she showed up. I guess I should throw a line in about Lily's parents--I always imagined that they died of some Muggle disease (like cancer) or in a car accident or something. We know that they're no longer alive when Harry is born, so I had to think of how they'd died and how Lily had coped with it. All-in-all, your review was so lovely. Thank you again for everything!


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Review #9, by EnigmaticEyes16Tainted Tinsel: Christmas Eve

16th August 2015:
Hi Rumpel! I'm here to bestow some review love on you and thank you for helping out in the House Cup this year!

This was such an interesting story, Rumpel. I rarely read Fenrir because he's not exactly my favorite character but this was such a different tak on him from what I'm used to that I think I like it. I like how you give him purpose. He's not just a blood hungry killer who likes to feed on children, he's driven to make the werewolf population stronger, to show wizards that they are just as capable as they are, if not more so.

And I like he's got a plan. He's teamed up with Voldemort because he knows he's powerful and he wants him to win this war. But then he's not going to sit back blindly and take orders because he knows Voldemort is using him as much as he's using Voldemort, and that it's likely Voldemort will take him out when he doesn't need Fenrir anymore. So he plans to build his army while he's floating under Voldemort's radar, so he can attack, and kill him, when the time comes. I mean, it's a pretty genius plan.

And it's so interesting the way he talks about the children, the way he searches them out and watched them until he knows for sure if they will be suitable werewolves. And it almost sounds like he actually cares about them, too, the way he talks about them becoming part of his family, part of his pack if they survive, and the way that he hopes one of them will take out Voldemort if he gets killed first.

I do wonder if there was a reason Will was so different from the others he's attacked. It does seem odd how they always scream when bitten, which makes sense because that must be extremely painful to have teeth biting through your muscles and bones, so why didn't Will scream? Was he in shock? Was he still half-asleep? I don't know. But then he sort of snaps out of it when Eili comes to investigate and was brave enough to kick Fenrir, although sad that he wasn't able to save Eili or himself for that matter. To have their son murdered, and their daughter kidnapped by a werewolf must be terrible, and I can't imagine what the parents will do once the whole situation comes to light. I'm also very curious about Eili and if she survives and if she does accept the pack as her family. I wish there was more to her story.

Anyway, this was a great one-shot, Rumpel! And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Great job!


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Review #10, by EnigmaticEyes16A Flakey Tragedy: A Flakey Tragedy

16th August 2015:
Hi Selene! Just stopping by to say thank you for helping to create the HC and all your help during the HC even though being staff you couldn't really help, but that's okay!

OMG, Selene this one-shot was hilarious! I love how you've written Snape! I'm not surprised in the least that he would have some sort of morning routine, but the biscuits were truly a surprising touch. I think it's funny that he prefers them over tea or coffee like other wizards and that's what gets him through the day. And that he is even more sour than usual when he doesn't have his biscuits. I wonder what happened to them.

Although Hermione giving him biscuits on his birthday was an even greater touch! Of course, they weren't the same biscuits, as he said they were freshly made and had all these different flavors in them so it never crossed his mind that Hermione would steal his biscuits. And I thought it was great that he ate them even though his Slytherin Pride told him not to. Even better that he actually GAVE Gryffindor points for once instead of taking them away!

All in all this was such a cute story, Selene! Great job!


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Review #11, by EnigmaticEyes16The Internal Monologue of Jamie Nott: Bugger

14th August 2015:
Hi Jamie! (Em!) Since these chapters are so short and there's only five, I decided to just write one hopefully massive review for the entire story.

First off, I love how you started this with the two laws of Hogwarts. I thought that was so funny. I have to wonder if everyone really does become and stay friends with the first person they meet on the train. It's a curious law. The Weasley law was even funnier because it's so true.

I think it's so cute how you (Jamie) also have a crush on your best friend and that James Potter was super nice enough to give you some tips on how to ask her out. I thought the picnic was a wonderful grand gesture, and it was very sweet of you to cook for Devyn.

And you were so close to telling her how you feel, too! Gail is such a bad giant squid for interrupting you like that just because she wanted to play. Seriously! Way to ruin the moment, Gail!

But I thought it was really nice how Devyn came to visit you in the Hospital Wing and helped you physically complete the homework you were so diligently working on in your head. I also love how your internal monologue completely breaks through the fourth wall by including the readers in your speech, it's so fun to read!

I thought it was really cool how you trades a rose haw for fairy lights from the fairies, Jamie. That was so sweet of you. And a wheel of brie!? That's hilarious and reminds me of the She's the Man movie, lol. Except they had Gouda, not Brie. Although, are you sure you want to date this Devyn? I'm starting to have my doubts about her. You went through all the trouble setting up fairy lights and then are trampled by Gobstone spectators and all she cares about is the cheese? Really? I don't know, Jamie. I certainly hope things go better for you in the next chapter.

Okay, I am a little confused about what happened. First Jamie is talking? Trying to ask out Devyn finally, and out of a nowhere a house elf starts giving his own declaration of love (as practice). Um, well, I hope that goes well for him.

But even so, I don't think things could have worked out any better than they did. I adored how Devyn tricked Jamie into confessing his feelings and how her excuse was that she couldn't wait for one of his grand gestures to go right. Because as great as they were, they always seemed to go wrong. So maybe she's not so bad after all and my doubts were in vain.

Hope you enjoyed that kissing scene, Jamie!

Jamie (Em!), this story was so cute and I absolutely adored it! It was just perfectly fluffy and sweet. Although I am curious to read some more of these monologues, Kluge sounds like an interesting character!

Anyway, (directing this to Em now) I just wanted to stop by and bestow some belated House Cup love on you and thank you for all your help this year! There were definitely some points where I don't think I would have gotten through all of it without you!


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Review #12, by EnigmaticEyes16Beyond the Dark: Three

13th August 2015:
Squeee! I loved this chapter! I loved everything about!

I loved how Harry was watching out for Theo in the library, knowing he'd been jumped in there before, and knowing he laid down under tables to hide. And Harry's conversation with Dean was very interesting, I really liked Dean and his lack of prejudice. I liked that he was able to make Harry see things from a different perspective. I also thought it was so cute how Harry believed Slytherins take care of their own, and chooses to watch over Theo because he was almost sorted into that house as well. It's almost like he sees himself as half-Slytherin, and thus sees Theo as one of his own.

I also adored the conversation between Pansy and Theo about books and stereotypes. I love that Pansy wants stories with strong female roles and the hero getting the guy and not the girl. I thought that was so sweet. Especially the banter about Theo being the guy the hero gets, the hero obviously being Harry. And I seriously want it to come true.

And Harry purposefully sat near Theo in class this time! Squeee!! I thought that was so cute and am so happy they'd finally met properly! I'm super excited for the next chapter and sad that I no longer have any more to read!

I'm also very curious about David Nott and exactly why he is such a legend...

Anyway, great chapter as always!


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Review #13, by EnigmaticEyes16Beyond the Dark: Two

13th August 2015:
I'm a little confused about what's going on and why people are beating up Theo and why he has to hide from everyone, but it sounds like other Slytherins are trying to get him to join the Death Eaters, and since so many students are connected to Death Eaters, they can easily pass information along I suppose. It's all very curious though and I suppose I will have to read on to know more.

Great chapter though!


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Review #14, by EnigmaticEyes16Beyond the Dark: One

13th August 2015:

Anyway, I thought this was a great first chapter. I loved all the banter between Theo and Pansy, and Theo and Blaise. I have to wonder why Harry chose to sit next to Theo though. Why is it that he'd sit in the empty corner and not with his friends? And if he preferred to sit in the corner these days, then why did he choose to sit with Theo and the Slytherins?

It was so cute though how Theo didn't know how to form words around Harry, and Harry just kept talking, trying to make conversation and completely failing because Theo was too lovestruck to respond! I'm super excited to read on to see what happens next!


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Review #15, by EnigmaticEyes16Stowaway: 'It'

13th August 2015:
Lol, Em! This story was so NOT what I expected it to be! In the beginning with Lily, I was so curious as to what had happened, what beast could have attacked her, but I had no clue of an answer. And then we have Draco complaining about having to visit Hogwarts with no word of whether or not Lily was injured! And Scorpius has no one in the whole castle to spend time with!? I don't understand! Why hasn't he made any friends!? Of course now it makes sense now as to why he'd want a pet, but why not stick with a typical pet like everyone else? I imagine a Saint Bernard would require lots of attention and care. And how DID he manage to SNEAK such a large dog into the castle!? And he named it Pookie!? lol. Literally the last name I'd ever think of for such a dog. I'm honestly surprised Hogwarts is allowing him to keep it. But at least Scorpius will have one friend. Maybe he will make another? Maybe Lily? I don't know.

This was such a cute and unexpected one-shot and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happened to Lily, and what the liquid was on the floor, which just seems so silly now. This was adorable though. I really liked seeing Draco as a father, and how he allowed his son to do something he knew would get him in trouble but wasn't worried about stopping him because he just wants his son to be happy.

Great job, Em!


Author's Response: Nix!!!

Bahaha! I am thrilled because this review is so amazing!! Your reactions to the story are incredible to read.

Scorpius is a poor, lonely fellow, indeed. Poor lad needed a Pookie, I thought. Especially a Pookie named Pookie. A big Pookie. I guess I chose the name Pookie for that very reason. I imagine Scorpius looking at this stray St. Bernard outside of the station and feeling empathy for her. Why a dog? Because hat transition from 'Scorpius snuck in an evil, nasty, murderous creature into Hogwarts and there is blood on the floor' to 'Scorpius snuck in a loveable St. Bernard named Pookie who loves to play hide-and-seek into Hogwarts and there is drool on the floor' is a particularly dramatic one, I think. And maybe because I've always fancied the idea of dogs in Hogwarts.

Maybe Lily, indeed! :D Hahaha.

Awww!! Thank you so much, Nix!! You are too sweet. I am so, so glad you found it adorable.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!!!


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Review #16, by EnigmaticEyes16Serenity: Serenity

12th August 2015:
Hi! I really enjoyed this one-shot! I like how you played on the diversity challenge by writing Padma and dealing with the more traditional views of the Indian culture. Living in an Indian culture, Padma of course would have been pressure by her parents to find a suitable husband young, and anything else is practically unacceptable, as sadly as that is. So, of course, Padma is dealing with a serious dilemma with her feelings for Isobel on one side and her family's expectations on another. Plus, it's all still relatively new to her and she is clearly unsure of how to deal with her feelings. She hadn't put a name to it yet, not until her and Isobel overheard Michael and Anthony talking, and to hear it in some a derisive tone must have been awfulliy painful for her to bear. And poor Isobel, who has clearly been pained by seeing Padma's reaction to this is hurt and angry, no matter how serene she may pretend to be.

But I wish she hadn't of done what she did. To hurt Padma by going after the boy she knew Padma wished she could like. It justs seems cruel and purposely leaves Padma with no one turn to. I wonder what she will do after this.

This was such a lovely story to read. It was so interestingly written and I loved all the imagery and color you managed to include in all the descriptions. This is a beautiful yet sad piece of writing! And wonderful job on incorporating this to fit both of the challenges!


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Review #17, by EnigmaticEyes16Grey.: Grey

12th August 2015:
Hi! So I finally read this last night before going to bed and I have to say it was utterly amazing! This is such a changed Draco from the one I've known throughout AFOW and I almost can't believe it. But at the same time it makes a lot of sense.

I can see how the war would have destroyed Draco. All the things he used to believe in--his father, his pureblood beliefs, just his everyday belief that he is better than everyone--it's all been shattered to pieces and there's no way he could ever go back.

I'm surprised he has a family. I'm even more surprised he married Pansy. But it seems like she really stepped up after the war, coming to him and saving him from himself. Partially anyway, clearly he still needs some saving but she seems to be doing the best she can with someone as stubborn as Draco. And he has a son? From someone else. I wonder who. But I'm glad he chose to save his child from a mother who only thought of him as baggage. But is it really his son? You say the mother wanted to marry Draco to save herself from scandal so part of me thinks it must be, but part of me is not sure. But Draco wouldn't need to adopt his own son if that's the case...

The bit with Lucius confused me a bit. Draco says at first that Lucius will never recover to see the Manor again. But then he does recover? And his so "humbled" for doing so? Yet Draco still sees the old conniving look in Lucius' eyes which I'm assuming means Draco doesn't think Lucius is so humble at all, but playing his way through life as usual.

This is such a curious story full of so many things! The letter from Astoria was the most surprising and intriguing part! I can't believe Pansy and his mother went to see Astoria either! That they wanted her to help pull him out his misery. And that letter was just... I don't know if I have words to describe it. Clearly Draco has been the cause of a death in her family, and I'm so curious as to who... I'm starting to think it probably wasn't one of her siblings since she wanted to forgive him, and she was clearly closer to her siblings than anyone in her family. But I don't know. I'm partially surprised Draco didn't hate her for writing him, since she is so happy now in her new life with Blaise and their child together and Draco is more miserable than ever. His attitude towards Astoria has changed so drastically now that his obsession with her gone. He clearly thinks she is the most perfect person in the world to be able to forgive him but still cannot accept her forgiveness because he's still wallowing in all his guilt of what he did to her, and every other terrible thing he might have done during the war. I can understand how he would not want her forgiveness, but I hope he is able to pull himself out of this self-loathing place he is in. He still has so much to live for. He has a wife (who he at least respects even if he doesn't love her) and he has a child to care for. I wish he would try, I wish he would eventually visit Astoria and accept her forgiveness, that would make me so happy.

This was a great, deep, dark, sad one-shot, Gabbie! And it's so amazingly written!


Author's Response: Hello!

Ah, it's so lovely to hear from you! I was wondering if you were going to give this one-shot a chance. This version of Draco is so much different from the one in AFOW that I thought I would have some trouble getting him to this place but because I've hinted at this in my other stories, it was surprisingly easy.

I think that a lot should have happened to him after the War though. I hate stories that feature him as this tragic anti hero with a heart of gold--I don't even think that's possible. Honestly, Draco grew up believing that he was superior to everyone and to suddenly have that taken away would be difficult.

Here's the thing that confuses people about Draco's family. Benjamin is his adopted son, he doesn't (At the time of this one-shot) have any biological children with Pansy. I should have written that clearer but Draco adopted Benjamin from a friend that didn't want to be burdened with a child. It's horrible but the fact that he loves Benjamin so much just shows that he HAS changed a little bit.

The thing with Lucius is that I meant to say that he would never fully recover enough to be back to his old self. A part of him is gone forever but I didn't word that correctly either. Hahaha. There are just little flickers of who he used to be and none of it's good, from what Draco saw in his eyes.

I think that a few people who have actually read AFOW would be shocked by that letter from Astoria. It's certainly not what any of you expected, which is great but at the same much foreshadowing. I never say who in her family died but the fact that she can forgive Draco doesn't necessarily mean that it wasn't one of her siblings, her mother or father. In her own strange way, I think that Astoria still would have SOME love for them, no matter how horrible they are. It might be guilt on her end but for now, we're left guessing.

I don't think Draco would have had the energy to hate Astoria for the letter. I think that he was so crushed by guilt and defeat that knowing that someone else was happy would make him feel marginally better about himself. Or, make it worse. I honestly won't say what he does to Astoria and Blaise either because the fact that she's married the other guy and had his child would piss AFOW Draco off. Now, the Draco in "Grey" has matured quite a bit and he even says that he sees the error of his ways but I personally think that that really means he doesn't have to LIKE it.

Or something.

I'm not sure if this Draco is going to be able to get out of his funk. I like that you noticed how dedicated Pansy has been towards him though. Pansy is probably the only solid thing in his world right now, which makes it sad that he's not in love with her. I do leave you all hanging with the possibility of "what if" though and you're right about this: He has a son to look after and the potential to be better than he's ever been.

I'm just not sure if he's going to make it.

Thank you SO much for this review, it was really amazing!

Much love,


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Review #18, by EnigmaticEyes16Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

12th August 2015:
I swear I loved this just as much as the last four! These one-shot are amazing, 800. And I've enjoyed reading every single one of them and exploring Hannah and Neville's relationship throughout.

I love how this began with Neville missing Hannah and wanting to surprise her. They've been together so long now and they still love each other so much, which is just super amazing and adorable to read. And of course, when he failed to make her a cake, he went to her anyway to tell her he failed at making her a cake, which is just ultimately adorable. I loved how she teased him about him only wanting her so she could feed him! They are so cute together it's not even funny!

And of course they go off to Hogwarts to use their amazing kitchens to cook some yummy food! I loved the interactions between Neville and Hannah. How he's able to help her now and working with Hannah's mother to be better. I love how he accidentally spilt his surprise for her! And then she reciprocated by giving him her own surprise. Of course, the second she said she had a surprise I thought she was already pregnant. I seriously did. I did not see the job opportunity coming at all. But that's so wonderful that they have the chance to work at Hogwarts together, since they clearly miss each other so much when they are apart. And the Herbology teacher and Matron probably work hand in hand considering any ingredients the Matron needs she can get from the Greenhouses most likely.

And the ending was just so freaking perfect. I loved Neville's last words. It just shows how much they enjoy spending time together. You know, they have a real relationship, that isn't just about the physical stuff or staying together because they are already together and have such a great, stable life. No, they just still love each other so much and enjoy each other's company more than ever that they can't even bear the thought of not being together.

Cheers to you, for writing the most adorable couple ever!


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Review #19, by EnigmaticEyes16Don't Leave Me: 1.

11th August 2015:
Hi Tammi! This was great! I enjoyed reading your Theo/Lavender. But it was very sad. Why did you sink them?

I do wish this had been a bit longer so that we could explore their relationship a bit more before the sinkage so that I could emphasize with Lavender a bit better. But other than that I thought this was really well done!


Author's Response: Hey Nix!! Aww yay! I am so glad that you're here reading this and I'm so sorry that it's not happy like my other Theo. I don't even know why I've sunk them, I'm a terrible person. :(

I've been thinking of writing a prequel/sequel to this (because apparently my brain/muse wants to do that for everything that I've ever written)

Thank you lovely! *squishes you*

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Review #20, by EnigmaticEyes16falling. : falling.

11th August 2015:
Hi Erin! I'm here for the Slytherin Review Tag!

This is an interesting depiction of this pairing. It seems a bit anti-climatic since the story doesn't exactly progress, the cycle just seems to keep repeating, but at the same time it speaks a lot of volumes on Hugo's part.

Lysander is this withdrawn person who only seems to focus on schoolwork and nothing else, doesn't bother to sleep or eat, and poor Hugo is the one constantly keeping an eye on him, making sure he eats enough just to keep from starving. And Lysander allows this because Hugo's the only person he's ever really let in, even though it seems like he still very much holds him at bay.

I'm very curious as to whether that's the extent of their relationship or if their is more. It seems like Hugo would like there to be more, but Lysander doesn't seem to care about anything but his work. This is such an interesting part of Lysander's personality though and I would like to know more about him.

But anyway, I thought was a great one-shot, and I really liked how you incorporated the challenge guidelines into your story.

Great job!


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Review #21, by EnigmaticEyes16Firewhiskey: Chapter 1

11th August 2015:
This definitely isn't something I'd normally read, but it was in the Dobby recs so I figured I'd check it out. This is such an awkward pairing in my mind, but I like how you wrote them. I like how they were able to come together in their grief, or mainly Charlie's grief and Pomfrey's caring for him. I'm glad he was finally able to get his emotions out and that someone was there to care for him when he was clearly too drunk to even walk.

I can't imagine what it's like to lose loved ones the way Charlie has but I think you wrote him beautifully. And the fact that he was able to care for this little boy he didn't even know just speaks volumes about his character. Although I do have to wonder who the boy was, you give no real description of him, but I think it's probably Colin Creevey as we know he snuck back into the castle and died in the battle.

Again, I think you handled this pairing very well. It was definitely different from most things I've read as I usually don't read such unlikely pairings, but I really enjoyed it. Good job!


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Review #22, by EnigmaticEyes16You Don't Own Me: Don't

11th August 2015:
Hi Rose!

I can't even imagine how hard this must have been for you to write. Nor can I imagine what it's like to be in a relationship like that, but it's surely never something I want to experience. But I love the message in this to get help if you are in such a situation.

This was heartbreaking to read. Corbin was so possessive of Scorpius that he couldn't even have photos and letters from his friends, couldn't see his friends, he couldn't even see his own mother. It's just awful. I did like how you included the stages of the relationship from the beginning of the tension to ending where they "make up." But I'm so glad Scorpius finally took the initiate to get help, that he finally realized he deserved better than this twisted relationship. I hated how Corbin made everything seem Scorpius' fault, when really the only person at fault was Corbin himself for having such a hold on Scorpius, and abusing Scorpius as punishment. It's such a messed up, one-sided relationship, where Scorpius gets all the crap and Corbin is so controlling of him.

This topic was all dealt with so wonderfully though. I'm so glad Albus, Rose, and Harry were there to save Scorpius.

This was a great one-shot.


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Review #23, by EnigmaticEyes16Discarded Pillows : Chapter 1

10th August 2015:
Hi! I am here for our review swap!

I thought this was really great! I loved the spiffy dance club and how Rose complained how they were both still in love which each other and should both just get over it and get back together already. And then how Roxanne stopped Albus from running to Scorpius if he couldn't give Scorpius what he wanted. And then James stepping in and being all brotherly by feeding Albus drinks lol. I love how close-knit the Potter-Weasley kids seems to be, just in these small gestures you include in the story.

I'm glad Scorpius had the nerve to approach him anyway though, even though it seems like Albus really hurt him. But of course, Albus was pretty drunk by then, and Scorpius may have also have been drunk to muster up the courage to approach him as well, who knows? I hope they are able to hash it out and find a way to be together in the morning, after they cure their hangovers and have time to discuss their relationship.

I thought this was wonderfully written! My only real complaint is that I wish there had been more to this. More on their break-up and more after the end. I would have loved to see if they really did get back together in the end, if they were able to work out their differences, and if Albus was finally willing to stop caring about what anyone else might say about him coming out and his relationship with Scorpius. I mean, I understand not wanting the media following you around, but to stop living because of that just seems like a sad waste.

Anyway, great story! I really enjoyed reading it!


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Review #24, by EnigmaticEyes16Beautiful Mess: Beautiful Mess

10th August 2015:
This was such a lovely story! I really enjoyed the imagery of Ginny coming home to a wrecked house, the coat rack on the floor, flour all over the kitchen, furniture and pillows askew in the living room, and all four of her loved ones in her and Harry's bedroom asleep. That was so cute. And I'm glad in the end she wasn't mad, but happy that her family was happy and happy to spend more time with them before the kids grow up and go off to Hogwarts. It was so sweet and fluffy and a wonderful read. I did notice some minor mistakes/typos here and there, but it's nothing a second read-through wouldn't point out to you, or even a beta if you decided to get one to read this over for you.

Again, such a lovely story of a family enjoying their time together.

Author's Response: Oh. Oops. But thank you, I'll look over it and fix those mistakes!

Thank you for the lovely review :)

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Review #25, by EnigmaticEyes16In Every Stitch: Eight

10th August 2015:
OMG. Wow. Just wow. This story literally brought me to tears, as Molly got more and more emotional, so did I as a reader and I couldn't help but let that emotion out. This one-shot is so heartwarming and emotional. Molly is such a great mother, especially to Harry even though he's not her son, she knows that if she were in Lily's shoes she would want someone to be there for her son, and that's why she does it. It's just so sweet and I might start crying again...

But I thought this was a wonderful little story and I'm so glad you wrote it. I was a little surprised when Harry received his first jumper from Molly, I mean she did only meet him once, and I doubt she made sweaters for all of her children's friends, so it was such a sweet touch that she chose to bestow this gift on Harry since his own parents were unable to.

Again, this was so great and I loved it and I don't really know what else to say so I will wrap this up here. Wonderful job, lizzie, this was so beautifully written!


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