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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16Sleeping Beauty: What has changed?

26th January 2016:
Hi! I really liked this chapter. I'm very curious as to what happened to Raine and what's wrong with her. And having been the Quidditch Queen, will she still be able to play Quidditch?

I'm also very curious to meet Astoria and I wonder who will be her next King now that Theodore's with Daphne. And where is Draco in this scene? I was surprised he was not there with Parkinson, Zabini, and Goyle.

This story has such a dark and interesting vibe, and I'm very curious about how the title will fit into the story and what's wrong with her. I can't wait til you post more to learn more about these characters and see what happens next.

Also, I can't believe she's a LeStrange. But which LeStrange is she the daughter of!? I'm so curious to know!

Great first chapter!


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Review #2, by EnigmaticEyes16Always Her...: Snape: October 1970

25th January 2016:
Amy this is so sweet! I love little Severus and how he's lonely and just wants someone to talk to him, someone who will be there for him. And living in a muggle town, it's only natural he'd want to seek out the only other person like him. And of course Lily deserves a friend who will be nice to her and will explain why she's different. She should understand what's happening, and does not deserve to grow up being called a freak like Petunia likes to do.

This was such a wonderful little snippet into young Snape and Lily's lives and I very much enjoyed reading it! Great job!


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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16Fallen: Goodbye

16th January 2016:
Hi! I am here to continue the Slytherin Review Tag!

First off, I just need to say Wow. Low blow there with that ending, Angie. That was cruel. I was definitely not expecting that.

Okay, moving on.

I thought this was really interesting how you chose to make so that the war didn't end in Deathly Hallows, but kept going, Harry having failed to kill all the horcruxes. I thought it was even more interesting how Draco took Snape's place when he died as a double agent for the Order. And for him to pretend to help them for five years is just crazy. I could understand them all being wary at first, but to have come to trust him for so long and for him to betray them like that. Especially Hermione. Did he ever have any feelings for her at all or was that always the plan? To gain her trust, seduce her, and kill her? I can't believe Hermione fell for it though. I thought it should have been highly suspicious of him to suddenly have the weapon that was stolen from them and to completely go against Voldemort by returning it to them. My first thought was how he must have a death wish. But no. It was a trap all along.

And it's so sudden what happens to Hermione! That's what hurt the most I think. She doesn't see it coming at her, she's completely blinded by her feelings for Draco to even consider that he would harm her. It's so sad.

The smut scene was very good though, I must say. A bit violent but nonetheless interesting. I think you kind of explain the reasoning for the violence though by calling them two warriors in need a carnal release, it's makes it a bit more believable.

All in all, even though it shattered my heart, this was a great one-shot! Great job, Angie!


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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16Room 49: Summer After the War

16th January 2016:
Hey raisha! I know I'm late but I'm finally here to give you a Hot Seat review!

I loved this story! I like how Hermione fixated on this room, not knowing who was in it, and when something changed she just goes out and knocks on the door. And of course on the other side is Draco Malfoy. I thought it was really great how they got together, slowly, building up a friendship before they finally kissed. I thought it was great how they both kind of helped heal each other in their time together.

I did find it kind of weird that Hermione chose to be completely inactive in reforming the Ministry and that she didn't even speak to Harry and Ron for months. I was a little disappointed though when she chose to leave Draco to go back to Ron (after returning to Hogwarts of course). But I did like how instead of leaving him completely alone, she pushed him to meet the girl moving into her room, who also may need a bit of healing after the war. I thought that was really sweet and I do hope he does go visit Daphne.

All in all though I thought this was a great one-shot. I think you did a superb job writing this. I don't remember seeing any mistakes to point out to you.

Great job on this!


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Review #5, by EnigmaticEyes16Risk It All: You'll Regret This

29th December 2015:
Hi Tammi!!! I'm here for your Secret Snowflake's swap! And I must say this looks very interesting! It's no Tharry of course, but I'm very curious to see where it goes!

I'm very curious about Esme's character and how she got together with James. I'm also very curious about what's going to happen once she's done with the show and returns home to confront James. I can't believe he'd just send her papers to file for divorce like that, especially when the last time they talked he voiced no such concerns. To go from talking about taking a vacation together to divorce is a complete 180 and I'm very curious to find out what's up with that.

I have yet to learn much about Hugo and her other band members but I must say I like them all so far. Especially Lance after he said he'd help Esme kill James, that made me laugh.

Anyway, this was a great first chapter and I can't wait to read more. I plan on getting to the next chapter very soon!


Author's Response: Is there anything better than Tharry? :P Haha

There's actually going to be a chapter on how they met and got together, so that will be explained soon. Oh James is in for a world of pain. SHe's not going to let him get away with this.

Hugo and the band are going to play a big part in this, so you'll get to see more of them soon :D

Thank you so much, Nix! LOVE YOU!!!

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Review #6, by EnigmaticEyes16The Last Dance: I promise

7th December 2015:
Avi, I am so sorry! I completely forgot about this! And by "forgot about this" I mean that I thought I had done it and just realized last night that I had not! But here, finally, is my review for the November Exchange!

I really enjoyed this story! And I normally don't like Ron. I think everyone probably knows this by now. But I still enjoy reading him from time to time and this story was just so cute and very bittersweet.

I love that you wrote them as an older couple. And they've lived a happy life and their children have grown up and had kids who are already growing up and getting married. And Ron realizes that they aren't going to be around forever and that his wife is on the verge of death, no matter how much she smiles to hide the fact.

When I was reading this I got an eerie feeling that maybe Hermione was already dead. Or that she would die that night. It seemed like a possibility. It's sad to see the trio broken up, with Harry gone. And it's even sadder that Ron will be the one left alone once he loses Hermione. But it's nice to see that he's not angry or hurt by this but understanding of the fact that it's going to happen and that he's able to say goodbye to her, knowing they will be reunited again one day.

Wonderfully written and beautiful yet bittersweet one-shot, Avi!


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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16Spirited Away: First Contact

26th November 2015:
Hi! I am here for the Hot Seat!

I know this is only the first chapter but this story is so different from anything I've ever read before. I love that it's inspired by Spirited Away even though it's still quite different from Spirited Away.

I love seeing a kind and handsome Snape and a not smart Hermione. I think it's such an interesting thing to write! And I can't wait to see what some of the other characters are like, like Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Draco... there's so much you can do here with something like this!

I'm especially very curious as to how the other Hermione and Snape will react to knowing that Hermione looks just like their Hermione and has the same exact name. I mean shouldn't they have thought that was at least a possibility with a broken time turner in her possession? Why didn't Snape take her to the Headmaster's office? Surely, not just because her hair was a mess...

I also want to know what the one thing Hermione noticed that disturbed her, that she then forgot was! I'm very curious about that!

Anyway, I think this story has great potential and I can't wait to read the next chapter! Although it might have to wait another day or so because I do need to get to sleep soon.

Great first chapter, Gee!


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Review #8, by EnigmaticEyes16The Monopoly on Honour: Do we not Suffer?

1st November 2015:
Hi! I am super late for the October Exchange, I'm so sorry! But I have been meaning to start reading this again and while I know I previously reviewed the second chapter I wanted to give this one some love of it's own.

I love how you began this story with Draco and Astoria, they care about each other so much, and are so in love and it's so clearly written throughout this chapter.

I loved the bit where they meet as children and kind of fall in love despite their fathers> And how even though Lucius wasn't ready to contract his son's betrothel just yet, Draco fell in love with Star almost the second he met her.

You also write their conversations about the war and the upcoming trials so well. I am so worried for all of them and I hope it turns out better than they think.

Sorry this review is so short! I do want to come back and continue reading this so hopefully I'll be back with better reviews.

Great first chapter, though!

Author's Response: Hi Nix!

So sorry for such a late reply - and I should get round to your review this weekend - things are so crazy right now that I have to schedule literally everything :)

I wanted to do the childhood sweetheart thing for several reasons - because we know next to nothing about the canon Astoria, and I wanted to take their relationship down a more genuine route than marriage of convenience etc, so it's nice to see it being appreciated. And the nicknames are there for a reason :)

I wanted to create a sense of foreboding about the trials from the get-go, and it was quite difficult to get the romance and that to mesh tonally, so thanks! Will it turn out better than they hope? Well, that's just tempting fate, isn't it? :p

Thank you so much for your review, it really means a lot!
Celi xxx

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Review #9, by EnigmaticEyes16With Every Breath: With Every Breath

27th October 2015:
Hello again! I honestly don't think I've ever read any stories about Kendra or Bathilda before this, but I must say I very much enjoyed it!

I liked how Bathilda was willing to love Kendra, even when she had a family of her own, and an especially difficult daughter. In fact, I think it may have made Batilda love Kendra even more, to see how much she cared about her family.

I think the femslash was very well done for your first attempt and very heartwarming and endearing to see two women who have both been through a lot find comfort and love in each other. And it was nice to see that these two were happy before what will ultimately happen to Kendra and Ariana.

You did a wonderful job with this!


Author's Response: Hi Nix!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this. I was quite unsure on how to really portray a relationship between the two, but I am so glad that you liked it.

I always felt that there was something more between them. They were both alone and they had Albus in common, so I could easily see a friendship building there.

Thank you for your wonderful review! :)


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Review #10, by EnigmaticEyes16Only Yesterday: Only Yesterday

26th October 2015:
This was such a cute one-shot! I really liked the idea of Ron walking in on his daughter in her wedding dress and then flashing back to all those moments with her growing up, and adding in the "it feels like it was only yesterday" touch. It was very sweet and heartwarming.

I love that Rose and Scorpius were put into Ravenclaw together and became friends, and later started dating. I would loved to have seen more of what was going through Ron's head at the moment of meeting Scorpius for the first time as Rose's boyfriend. But I'm really glad this story had a happy ending all in all.

I'm glad you took the time to write this story, it was a great read!


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Review #11, by EnigmaticEyes16When the Wind Blows...: Cradle and all

26th October 2015:
Hi! I am finally here to start giving my Hot Seat reviews!

This was such an interesting story! Narcissa must have been mad to switch babies like that just so she could tell Lucius she had a boy. I mean, there's no reason she couldn't have tried again, she didn't have to stop at one child.

I'm a little surprised she'd do something so crazy though as switch babies. I feel like something extreme would have had to have happened before this to make her think it was okay to do something like this and it makes me wonder about her relationship with Lucius, and maybe even her family. But also considering Narcissa was one of three girls, I don't think she'd feel forced to have to produce a son, but I could be wrong.

But anyway, this was a great one-shot to read! I do like the crazy factor you've added in. Although the beginning of the story was a little confusing for me to read, I didn't quite understand what was happening at first. Originally, I thought maybe she was watching Lucius with someone else. And then was completely thrown off when you mention the baby in her arms. But it all made sense in the end and was fun to read.

Great one-shot!

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Review #12, by EnigmaticEyes16Blaise Zabini and the Trouble with Theodore Nott: Blaise Zabini and the Potter Rant

19th October 2015:
Ah, Tammi!!!

I loved this chapter! I loved the whole scene with Draco ranting, and Blaise throwing the teabag in Theodore's face! Even though I'd already read some of it from your preview, I loved reading it again!

And I loved the entire conversation in the Potions class between Blaise and Theo and how Harry was super jealous seeing them so close, and probably angry that Blaise thought he could beat on Theo, even though Theo was perfectly capable of retaliating or being the one to hit Blaise first in the first place! They clearly are the best of friends though and so adorable together, no wonder Potter's so jealous!

I was very curious about Potter throwing the goo bomb at Blaise though and saving Theo from it! I'm assuming he saved him anyway, who did save Theo from the goo?

And the field scene! I wonder why Harry Potter sent that kid to bother Theodore about the prefect meeting? Clearly, Potter is not a Prefect, and neither is this kid. I wonder if there even was a prefect meeting at all or if Harry just wanted to separate Theo from his friends? Except that kind of backfired because Anthony was there, too, and Theo dragged him along.

Very curious!

I can't wait to see what happens next! I loved this chapter, Tammi, it was absolutely amazing and hilarious!


Author's Response: Nix!!! I am finally responding to this!

Blaise and Theodore together are so much fun to write, and I just want Blaise an Theo to throw things at each other all the time.

Oh Harry is totally jealous of those two! He needs to control himself or admit to his feelings! But he's protective of him and that's good haha.

Yep, he saved him but attacked Blaise. Harry probably didn't think when he threw it, and realised that it would get Theo so needed to save him.

Harry tries to be sneaky, but he really isn't, and there wasn't a prefect meeting at all, he just wanted to get Theo alone, but doesn't have the guts to do it alone.

I really need to write the next chapter of this for you my lovely!

Thank you so much!

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Review #13, by EnigmaticEyes16Of Tacos And Firemen: Of Tacos and Firemen

15th October 2015:

I honestly don't even remember how I came across this story, but I saw the title and I was hooked. I had to read it! Because it has tacos and firemen, and that's amazing! Also, Pansy in the muggle world. I just HAVE to see that!

The beginning is a bit confusing. I'm not quite sure what's going on. At first I thought maybe they were just coming out of the war, but then Pansy returns to the house she shares with Marcus, which I don't think she would since she'd only be 17 maybe 18 leaving Hogwarts, and Marcus wouldn't be there anyway, since he graduated two years or so before at least.

And it does seem kind of random that Pansy would just pack up and leave, give up magic and everything. Especially considering she's a pureblood and has never not had magic in her life. But I suppose if she was really upset over losing Marcus, it could happen.

I did really enjoy the ending though with the fireman, that was so cute that he came back to take them out to dinner. And I feel bad for Pansy for trying to make it on her own and kind of failing, at least this one night, and hope she decides to give the muggle world a second chance.

This was a sweet little one-shot and I very much enjoyed reading it!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review :) I kinda wrote this in a hurry and so the quality sort of reflects it and I know there are a ton of plot holes. I really need to go back and rewrite this so that it makes more sense.

Thanks again for reviewing


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Review #14, by EnigmaticEyes16Expect the Unexpected: Chapter 3

8th October 2015:
Yay for more Slytherins! Especially Blaise! I wonder what happened to Pansy though. Will we find out soon?

This was a very interesting chapter. I enjoyed the speeches, and I'm glad the Slytherins were able to enjoy their meal for the most part without being bothered by the other students. Although I want to smack whoever shoved Draco on their way to their common rooms. And what was Nerissa saying about Polyjuice Potion? There was no real explanation there and I don't understand if it was mentioned for a reason or not.

Also... if that was the first night he dreamed of Harry Potter than is that when he dreamed the dream in the Prologue? That makes Pansy's appearance even more curious and even then when I first read the dream I was wondering if Pansy was a ghost... and I'm more curious to know why she isn't there and what's happened to her.

I'm very curious for future chapters, I do hope you update soon. But all in all great story so far, I've really enjoyed it!


Author's Response: I had to go and check my story because I couldn't remember how much I had posted yet aha. Errr we will find out about Pansy but not for at least another two chapters,thought shouldn't be more than 4 chapters. Good news is that two of those chapters are already written!

The dream he dreamed in this chapter and the prologue are two different dreams, we just haven't gotten to the prologue dream YET. It will be kinda re-written but it's hard to explain you'll get it when you read it.

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Review #15, by EnigmaticEyes16Expect the Unexpected: Chapter 2

8th October 2015:
Poor Draco, it's so sad what's happened to his mother! Narcissa has always seemed like a such a strong and devoted mother and to lose her like this must be terribly hard for Draco. Now he's basically alone with no one to count on but himself.

It must be awful that she has to relive losing everything over and over again whenever he pulls her out of her dreamlike state. But who will take care of her while Draco's away? The house elves, maybe? There must be someone. I doubt this woman could survive like this on her own...

I feel so bad for Draco. I hope things get better for him. Great chapter!


Author's Response: I like to think that Draco arranges for someone to check on her periodically. Maybe a house elf that works at Hogwarts or a family friend that didn't get sent to Azkaban. Though I haven't thought it entirely through yet.

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Review #16, by EnigmaticEyes16Expect the Unexpected: Chapter 1

8th October 2015:
Hi! I am back to continuing reading and reviewing this!

I loved the bit with the falcon and how he's all protective and alert. I thought that was a really cute tidbit to include.

Oh no, poor Draco! To be confronted like that in public and be surrounded by the mob. I can't believe they swarm him like that, jostling him and such. Thank Merlin, Harry saved him from their cruelty. It seems like Draco has been through enough already and regrets his actions during the war.

And Draco must have definitely changed to be so determined to thank Harry for sticking up for him even though they've both hated each other for years. I'm very curious to see what this year will bring for Draco.

I did notice a few tiny mistakes here and there, nothing another read through wouldn't fix. Or maybe you could get a beta to look over your chapters for you.

But all in all this was a great second chapter and I will be reading on.


Author's Response: I'm glad you like this bit too!

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Review #17, by EnigmaticEyes16Expect the Unexpected: Prologue

8th October 2015:
Yes! Oh, I love a good Drarry! I'm super excited for this story!

I am very curious as to what Pansy meant by the words "The emerald is in the eye of the snake." I'm guessing the emerald has something to do with Harry because his eyes are emerald green. And the snake is probably Draco. But that's just my guess. I still don't know what it actually means.

This is a great set up so far, I enjoyed the dream and Draco's confusion in the dream. And I love that he's terrified when he wakes up, wondering what the heck is going on in his unconscious, I'm sure, to make him dream about Potter kissing him.

I did notice two little mistakes in this chapter when he's talking about Harry. "The boy he'd loathed admired, envied." Here, there should be a comma between loathed and admired. And then here where you say "The man to whom he owed his life and to who he was so grateful," that "who" should be "whom" just like the first part of the phrase.

But other than that, this chapter was flawless and I can't wait to read on!


Author's Response: I'm glad! Drarry is one of my favourites to write as well. Oh and don't worry about the Pansy thing, you'll definitely find out!

Thanks for pointing them out. I THINK that I did correct those mistakes on another website a while ago I just haven't yet on here. Otherwise I will correct them one day (probably) :P

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Review #18, by EnigmaticEyes16Upper Class: Chapter Seven

5th October 2015:
I wonder what Astoria wants to talk to Hermione about? Draco didn't seem to like her all that much so I have to wonder about her character and whether or not she'll be a friend or a rival to Hermione.

So, Pansy's shop is still new and Draco wanted Hermione wearing one of her dresses to help get the name of her business out there? That was nice of him to do for Pansy. And surely the more Hermione shops from there the more the word will probably get out about it.

And Pansy's married! That was a bit of a surprise. Although it did seem odd that she's so affectionate with Draco but could seem to care less about her own husband. I wonder why that is.

I also wonder what the press will say about Hermione now that she's been to her first fundraiser. I can't wait to read more. I do hope you post more chapters soon!

Great story, Avi!

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Review #19, by EnigmaticEyes16Upper Class: Chapter Six

5th October 2015:
That's so great that Hermione's not so scared of being a pureblood anymore! Although terribly sad that her parents lost their first child! They must have been under so much worrying about their friends and all the muggles and muggleborns while they hid away from Voldemort!

I am curious to know more about their family though. Were her parents Gryffindors? Does she have any interesting ancestors who helped shape history? And how did she lose her job? And where did she work anyway? I don't think you ever really mentioned that? That's terrible that she had to go through all of that. I hope she's able to find work again soon, unless she decides not to work. I guess without how rich her family is she wouldn't need to, but Hermione doesn't really seem like someone who would just not work. She's always been very interested in helping others and making the Wizarding World a better place. I think she could do a lot of good with some of these fundraisers if she just set her mind to it.

I can't wait to see what happens next! Only one more chapter left!


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Review #20, by EnigmaticEyes16Upper Class: Chapter Five

5th October 2015:
I'm still wondering about the relationship between Draco and Pansy, they do seem very affectionate to one another. And they both call each other 'love' which is interesting.

I'm glad Pansy and Hermione were able to get along for the most part though. I do wonder though what Draco meant about this being good for the both of them? Maybe it will make Pansy look good if Hermione shops at her shop? Maybe Draco thinks Pansy and Hermione should be friends to help benefit Pansy's business? I wish Hermione had asked more questions, like how long Pansy has owned the shop.

I can't wait to see what happens next though! Great story so far, Avi!


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Review #21, by EnigmaticEyes16Upper Class: Chapter Four

5th October 2015:
I loved this chapter! I love the way Malfoy talks about Hermione entering the aristocracy, he really does make it sound like a mission! I'm sure he knows what he's doing though.

I can't believe the Daily Prophet wrote about Hermione like that! Saying she caused a scandal at the party and kicked the door down, barging in in muddy clothes and what not. The doors were wide open for Merlin's sake! Anyone could have walked in! Of course some of the people may have been a bit disgusted by her clothes but she didn't know the event was going to be such a formal one. Although maybe if she had contacted her parents sooner she would have had more of a heads up.

And Pansy is in this! Oh, I'm so excited for the next chapter! I wonder if Pansy is still harboring a crush on Draco, or if they are just good friends? Very curious! And how will Pansy get along with Hermione!? I guess I'm just going to have to read to find out!


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Review #22, by EnigmaticEyes16Upper Class: Chapter Three

4th October 2015:
Hahha, yes! Ask Malfoy for help! I must say when she was getting dressed I was a little hesitant, like "you're going to wear that? Didn't you remember hearing about the balls and galas? This probably won't be much different..." lol. But I'm so glad she finally faced her parents and feels comfortable around them again. And where is Malfoy anyway? I was kind of expecting him to just appear out of the crowd at the sound of his name. lol.

Although I am slightly curious as to why Harry and Ron were invited? Since they aren't exactly in with the aristocracy. Or were they invited because her parents knew they were her best friends? I was just curious.

Anyway, this was a great chapter and I can't wait to read the next! Hopefully I can get through all of them by tonight/tomorrow.


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Review #23, by EnigmaticEyes16Upper Class: Chapter Two

4th October 2015:
Oooh, we get to see Malfoy in this chapter! And so soon! I like how he sought her out in the jewelry shop and enjoyed how she called him out or not being there to shop for a girlfriend he didn't have. It's sweet that he cares for his parents, and even her parents, and wants to help her adjust to her new station as part of the aristocracy. I wonder if she will accept his help in the near future?

It was nice though, seeing them have a civil chat where they aren't shouting or cursing each other. I wonder if she'll go see her parents though after talking to Draco. It is kind of inconsiderate to worry them like that by avoiding them and refusing their invitations.

I'm super excited to read on but I might not be able to review anymore until tomorrow.


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Review #24, by EnigmaticEyes16Upper Class: Chapter One

4th October 2015:
Hi Avi! I'm here to give you more Hot Seat reviews! I must say I love a good "Hermione's actually pureblood" story and I love Dramiones so I honestly don't know why I didn't check this out sooner. It's been on my reading list for ages.

But this is quite interesting! I feel bad that Hermione's so upset over all her parents' lies. I think that would be a hard thing to accept when you look at all the little things like Hermione has. They've been playing dumb all her life about Magic and the Wizarding World and she doesn't know what to do with that information. And why wait so long to tell her the truth? Although is she really 21? At first it sounded like this was the first dinner she's had with her parents since the war ended, but she would have only been 18 or so then. What's been going on between then and now? I'm a little confused about that.

It's also a little confusing why they decided to hide for all those years. But even Hermione doesn't seem to understand that so I guess that's okay. Maybe they were afraid of being forced to join up with Voldemort since they were so close with the Malfoys.

I did notice a little mistake when Hermione first appears in Harry and Ron's apartment, you say they hear weeping sounds twice in the same sentence.

But overall this was a nice start to the story. I can't wait to read on to see what happens next.


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Review #25, by EnigmaticEyes16Retribution From Beyond the Grave: Halloween

4th October 2015:
Hi! I am finally here for our swap!

Well, this was certainly different from anything I've ever read. It's very interesting though, the idea that Bellatrix didn't move on, but is stuck in Hogwarts, not a ghost but still there even though no one can see her.

It's crazy that she can whisper into people's ears and over time, make them do things they'd never do. But at the same time, Bellatrix is crazy and I could totally see her taking control of someone else's will to do her bidding. Poor Rose, and poor James, and poor everyone else Rose is going to kill on that night.

I wonder what will happen to Rose in the end. Will she go to Azkaban? Will she go crazy? Of course, if they remove her from the school, then Bellatrix won't be able to whisper into her ear while she sleeps anymore so maybe she'd go back to normal? But then I wouldn't be surprised if Bellatrix just moved on to someone else after that. I highly doubt she'd stop there after learning what she can do.

Anyway, this was a great read! Thanks so much for agreeing to do this swap with me!


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