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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16Inside and Under: Inside and Under

26th February 2015:
Hi! I am here for the February Review Exchange!

I thought this was an interesting one-shot and insight into Blaise Zabini. I liked the title and how it basically described the Slytherins' location during the war, inside and under the castle and all the fighting taking place, completely closed off from the war. I do wonder, if the war had kept going, if they would have been discovered. And if so, would they have been set free or murdered? Although, I don't see the Order murdering children without reason. That's against all Harry and Dumbledore stood for. But I can see how they would be afraid of the possibility, most of them being on the wrong side of the fight.

Although, I'm not so sure how I feel about Blaise's character. He seems very cold and unattached. Like he could honestly care less about any of them, his fellow housemates, his friends, his family. I know we don't see much of him in canon, we only really witness how he behaves once in the train cart when Harry's under the invisibility cloak, and he does seem very set apart from the others, not seeming to believe Draco's been given a task by Voldemort, and not really seeming to care for Draco at all, but it would have been nice to see some sort of emotion from him besides maybe a little bit of anger.

And after admitting that he doesn't really see Draco as a friend, just someone he occasionally talks to, it seems uncharacteristic of him to go over to Draco and his family when they finally are allowed in the Great Hall.

I liked your addition of Leah though, a Slytherin who must be known to be either halfblood or muggleborn, and also one against Voldemort. I was impressed that she wanted to join the fight, that she wanted to help the side she thought was right, the side that most of her housemates would have fought against if given the chance. I'm curious to know what happened to her after the war.

Anyway, I did enjoy this one-shot, and I think you did a great job writing it.


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Review #2, by EnigmaticEyes16Symphony: Chapter Five

20th February 2015:
Wow, this is becoming seriously intense. I liked how the narrator actually addressed the girl, Tess, by her name, and gave us a small amount of insight as to what she was before the war compared to what she's become during the war. I am still very much wondering where this story is going, where all these separate peoples' lives will lead. Along with why exactly the giants are coming. This is gonna be it for me for the Hot Seat reviews but I will come back to read the last two chapters because I do really want to know how it ends.


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Review #3, by EnigmaticEyes16Symphony: Chapter Four

20th February 2015:
Well, this chapter is taking an interesting turn. Although, I have to admit I laughed a little when you say "if only Voldemort would be kind enough to step into the Ministry to surrender," because we all know Voldemort isn't going to make it that easy.

Although I like how I'm starting to sense a pattern, when you skip to the Death Eater I noticed how in this chapter and the last you mention two states of being. And of course it's different for different people, facing different struggles. Although, I do find it interesting how you say the person in their cell drifts to the light, but they want to kill the people who fight for the light... You may just be talking about two different things, but it's interesting how you call them by the same name. Although it seems unlikely that the Order would intentionally kill the Death Eater's wife and children, unless given no choice if they decided to fight them.

And it does also seem unlikely the Dark Lord would send one Death Eater alone to control the giants if he really wanted him to succeed, since I doubt the giants take very well to wizards. That's definitely not a task I'd want.

This just keeps getting more interesting with each chapter. And the narrator admits he's Death! But he (and I use "he" very loosely) also seems to be everything else. Maybe he's supposed to be God? I don't know. But now, I'm starting to wonder, why exactly have the giants come? If the Death Eater failed, what's making them march on and burn all these villages?

I'm very curious to know.


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Review #4, by EnigmaticEyes16The Accursed Twenty-Eight: Prologue: Morgana's Maliciousness

20th February 2015:
Hi! I'm finally here for our review swap!

And I have to say, holy crap I'm happy I read this! This is so different from anything else I've read and I love the idea of the purebloods being tainted.

Okay, first of all, I enjoyed the fact that the "villian's" name is Morgana, because it seems in all literature, nothing good can come from a character by that name. So of course, someone with that name would come up with such an evil plot as this. I don't even know how you came up with such an idea as conjoining a pureblood's DNA with that of another's. Especially magical creatures!

I thought it was kinda funny the mention of the Weasleys' connection to dragons. I mean, we already know a few Weasleys with some anger issues and Charlie must have gotten a nice chunk of that DNA passed down into him to actually be drawn to working with dragons. I'm very curious to see what the other families are cursed with, especially the Malfoys, since this is obviously a Draco/Hermione story...

I am definitely adding this to my Reading List because I have every intention of reading on, this story is just too intriguing not to!


Author's Response: Hey Nix,

Thanks for swapping with me. I'm glad you like it and hope you'll enjoy the rest of the fic as much as you did for this chapter.


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Review #5, by EnigmaticEyes16Symphony: Chapter Three

20th February 2015:
Hm, well, I honestly did not think of Chance, Fate or Luck... but it seems so much worse than usual when you add in all this brilliant yet saddening imagery. I wonder who the auror is and will they be remembered? I suppose if no one they know survives, they won't. Right? They'll just be another number as you say. Another sack of bones. Those lines were great, too, by the way, summing up in one sentence all we really are physically. And to the giants, we are nothing, we are something easily destroyed.

This is a very intriguing story but I'm beginning to wonder where it all may be leading...

Guess I'll just have to continue reading to find out.


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Review #6, by EnigmaticEyes16Symphony: Chapter Two

19th February 2015:
Hello again. I have to say, I still think the narrator is death. But it's very interesting to read and your in depth descriptions are very easy to picture in my mind as I read and I feel terrible for the little boy. My favorite description is the line "feel the claws of unfeeling frostbite catch your toes," it's so telling of what's happening to him. I like how by calling the frostbite unfeeling you could mean how it's unfeeling/uncaring of ruining his leg, or how soon he won't feel his leg at all because of the frostbite.

It's so sad that he's already lost his family, and he might not even survive his trip, but he keeps going, because there are more people to warn, more people who can maybe do something to stop the giants from killing anymore people. I hope he gets to where he's going to.


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Review #7, by EnigmaticEyes16Symphony: Chapter One

19th February 2015:
Hi! I am here to give you your Hot Seat Reviews!

Wow. This was a very powerful first chapter. It's so short, but it says so much. I am not quite positive who is speaking, but I think it may be Death. My reasoning for that would be because first, the narrator says all mortals will know them. And they will not be in a position to regret or feel anything for that matter when they do, because they'd be dead.

I wonder more though about who the narrator is addressing. Is it a particular person or a group? I'm assuming it would have to be someone who would have been in the giants' territory? Or maybe the giants invaded their land? I don't know. But I'm very curious to find out so I'm going to have to read on.

Great prologue though! Definitely gives your story a lot of intrigue!


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Review #8, by EnigmaticEyes16To Fear A Full Moon: Chapter 1

18th February 2015:
When I saw you had written a Pansy story, I knew I had to read this.

I love the idea of this story, of taking someone very set in their ways and beliefs, like Pansy, and just turning their world upside down and forcing them to look at things from a different point of view. Not saying it's a good thing to turn someone into whatever they are prejudice against, like a werewolf, but it's definitely effective, lol. And if anyone could change peoples' minds about something they hate, I bet Pansy could with her strong will and won't-take-no-for-an-answer attitude. She could probably be like the good version of Umbridge, haha.

I am very sad that the love of her life has disappeared on her though. I hope one day she will find him and reunite with him. I'm kinda surprised he remained interested in her after she basically, unknowingly, told him she hates what he is. So he must have loved her if he continued to date her and even moved in with her.

This was a very good, and well-written story. Honestly, I'd really like to see more of this if you were ever interested in continuing the story. I'd love to see how Pansy intends to changes the minds of Britain's wizarding world.


Author's Response: Hi EnigmaticEyes16,

I was so excited reading your review this morning! I really appreciate all of your kind comments.

I actually got assigned the character of Pansy Parkinson in the Lycanthropy Challenge, so instead of making her horrible like everyone else, I wanted to try and make her more sympathetic. I think throughout most fanfic she is portrayed as this person who cares about nothing and is horrible all the time, but it seems odd to me that she would be horrible on purpose to the people she cared about.

It was sad having the love of her life disappear, but I felt it was necessary for her characters growth. If he stayed and they lived happily ever after, it wouldn't have the same gravity.

I may at some point write another story revolving around this theme, but as of now I have two other WIPs, so it won't be until way down the road.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! It really made me happy to see this. :D


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Review #9, by EnigmaticEyes16Getting Out Alive: Daddy Dearest (An Example of Desperation)

13th February 2015:
Hi! Me again!

First off, I just wanted to point out, I'm a little confused, in the very first sentence Jay says her next class is Muggle Studies and then at the end of the same paragraph it's Ancient Runes.

I wonder why Jo has taken the sudden interest in Jay. Part of me thinks she could have just approached her because she thought she was a Weasley, the other part wonders if maybe she heard what Jay said about her being queer in History of Magic... I'm still very curious to learn the answers to questions I've already asked and the more I read the more questions I have, but this is getting really good. I wonder what will happen next time they are in class together...

Must read on now...


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Review #10, by EnigmaticEyes16Getting Out Alive: History of Magic (An Example of Death)

12th February 2015:
I find it funny that Hermione Granger is her idol and yet she refuses to pay attention in class... Hermione Granger would not approve, lol. But a second husband!? I'm suddenly more curious about Hermione than I am Jay's life...

I can't believe that girl actually asked Binns that question? Like what did she think he was going to say to that!? Although I'm not quite sure what the tidbit about her being queer is about. I don't really see what it has to do with the story. Although I'm kind of sad there is only one known queer in the school. I feel like by then there should be more. But I don't know. At least the one guy who is out doesn't take any crap about that, that's good.

Well, I got two more chapters to go! Although I think I'm going to call it a night and finish those up tomorrow morning even though the next chapter's title has me very curious to read on...


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Review #11, by EnigmaticEyes16Getting Out Alive: My Life (An Example of Disaster)

12th February 2015:
Wow, this chapter was full of ridiculousness now, wasn't it? From all their fighting, I feel like I already know Hudson and Ash pretty well by now, but at the same time I don't.

And did Rafe break up with Ash? I want to know.

I really liked how Jay didn't just immediately start kissing Dalton. It was kinda weird that she was on his lap and that he even came up behind her the way he did because they were dating for a day and then went away on holiday for a couple weeks during which they didn't even see each other or correspond so as far I'm concerned they're still on like Day 2 of their relationship, lol. Maybe it's just me. I can definitely have intimacy issues, but at least they've been friends for a while so I guess that helps. But I'm glad she put a pause on the snogging, because I think it's a good thing to let the relationship evolve into something real before getting too caught up in each other. And I like that Dalton was okay with that.

The thing about Hudson fancying cats was hilarious! And even more hilarious when Dalton tells him to stay away from his cat! lol. That was literally the best part!

I'm liking this story so far! I'm gonna go on to the next chapter now.


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Review #12, by EnigmaticEyes16Getting Out Alive: Buttered Tea (An Example of Distraction)

11th February 2015:
Hi! Here is the beginning of my rain of Hot Shot reviews! This is an interesting start. I'm already very curious as to who her father is! Not to mention, she's a child of an affair basically... that sucks. I'm assuming though that his wife must have stayed with him if he ended up dumping her mother. And that's very sad for her mother, too. To just be up and dumped like that without warning, not knowing til the end that the man she was in love with was cheating on his wife with her. I wonder though if Jay has any siblings she doesn't know about, and what if she knows them!? That would be an awkward family reunion. Although, I think it's kinda fishy that they'd be able to tell exactly how many wizards are in her bloodline without actually being able to tell her who her Father is... does she even know his name? So far, it sounds like she doesn't.

I love the incident with the buttered tea. I thought it was hilarious that she went and attempted to drink it anyway knowing it would be disgusting. I wonder what that tastes like, hmm... not really planning on finding out though.

Seems like things aren't going so well with her mum though. I wonder what the issue is and if this will be brought back up in a future chapter.

Anyway, great start so far! I'm curious to read on so I'm gonna go ahead and do that.


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Review #13, by EnigmaticEyes16Hamartia: one.

6th February 2015:
Hi. This is a very interesting start to your story. I'm very curious to see what happens as right now it's all still very ambiguous to me. But I loved your setup and all the imagery and description so far. It all flows very nicely. It's got such an exciting and foreboding feel to it as I read through it.

I'm very intrigued to read more!


Author's Response: thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing! this story is very close to my heart and has been for a long time, so i really appreciate your thoughts! it's definitely ambiguous, and i hope i can do everything that happens justice in the rest of the story. i hope to see you back for chapter two!

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Review #14, by EnigmaticEyes16Dragonology: The Dragon

4th February 2015:
Aww, I did not think this was going to turn out so well. I wondered if Charlie would be hurt, but your ending surprised me with the dragon showing affection to Charlie for helping him. That was so sweet! Also kind of reminds me of Hagrid with the "dragons aren't ferocious creatures at all, they're simply misunderstood" viibe this ending gave off. I really enjoyed reading it. Although I was a bit thrown off by the mentor who decided to leave instead of showing Charlie around, that was kind of rude. What if that dragon had actually attacked Charlie? But other than that, this was a really good story.


Author's Response: Well, what can I say, I do sometimes go lenient and give my characters happy endings, so yes this didn't end badly xP

As for the mentor leaving him, actually there was more bits there to explain but I had to cut it down due to the word count constraint. I can now edit it back in though, so it should make more sense then!

Thank you for another lovely review =)

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Review #15, by EnigmaticEyes16Come with Me: Come with me

4th February 2015:
Wow, this is so dark, and sad. Yet so beautifully written. I love the imagery, and the repetition of Catherine's words. You tell us so much in such a short amount of words, it's truly amazing. I'm glad your Draco goes against canon to reach out to the Order for help. I really wanted him to, even though I knew he wouldn't. But I don't think that's something he could have done on his own, I feel he would have needed someone like Catherine, someone he loved and trusted, to push him in the right direction. And so I'm glad you incorporated her into his life in this story. It's so sad to see him heartbroken though, and I can't believe he's about to commit suicide, it's so sad but to him there's nothing else. To him, I suppose it isn't so sad after all...


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a million for such a lovely review! And also, for nominating this for story of the month! It means a lot to me - thank you =)

I am glad you found this well written and could feel the sadness and darkness surrounding it. I worked hard on the imagery of this so it's great to see it being appreciated. Draco could have definitely gone over to the right side had he really had someone like Catherine to push him over, yes. I am so happy to receive this review and to see you liked my story so much. Thanks!

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Review #16, by EnigmaticEyes16Unlikely: Abandoned

4th February 2015:
Hello again! I love Pansy fics so when I saw you posted this, I knew I had to check it out.

And I thought this was really sweet. I feel like I keep saying that with every story I review of yours. But it really was. I don't remember Draco sneaking off in the book/movie, and I didn't think Harry ran off, so much as just completely refused to dance with Parvati, but I like how these two found each other and formed a friendship over their similar situations. I also thought it was adorable how they were wearing the same color dress with matching shoes, give or take a few possible shades of pink. I think they do both give off that girly girl vibe giving them something to talk about and bond over, which I thought was nice. I also like how you kept this kind of open-ended. I didn't know how it was going to end until the end, but I liked how you kept it at friendship, for now anyway--not against slash at all, I just enjoyed how you kept it kind of innocent between them, especially with them just beginning to get to know each other and all, I thought it fitted with the storyline very nicely.


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you for reading and reviewing! I love Pansy fics too so I'm pleased you liked mine as well =)

Haha I am happy you find my story(-ies) sweet! I don't think Draco sneaked off, yes, but we don't know for sure what he did the entire ball - Harry just saw him in the beginning. As for Harry, I do remember he 'blew off' Parvati and that's what I meant by him abandoning her.

They both definitely have that girly girly vibe in my opinion and thus I decided it would be nice to bond over - along with the whole being alone part of course. I am glad you liked it too.

I'm not a slash fan, and this was in no way meant to be slash. It is just a little platonic friendship one-shot =) And this story was simply about two unlikely people becoming friends. However, some could interpret it as slash if they wanted it to - that it could have developed into something more in the future, but it's entirely up to readers =)


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Review #17, by EnigmaticEyes16A Halloween Visit: A Halloween Visit

4th February 2015:
Hello again! Here for another review!

I don't read Harry much, unless I'm reading the books, but I think you nailed it with this one. His personality and words seem very like him, like things that he would say. He's truly that person who cares about everyone, for all the right reasons, even the dead and you portrayed that very well in this sweet little one-shot. It made me want to smile and cry at the same time because it's both happy and sad.

I think this was all very well put, and nicely written. And I loved reading it.


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I don't write Harry either - I'm so nervous about writing him - so it's a huge relief to know you felt I portrayed him well. Thank you for such lovely comments!

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Review #18, by EnigmaticEyes16A Picnic to Remember : The Surprise

3rd February 2015:
Hi! Finally starting on your Hot Seat Reviews!

I must say, this is the first of your stories I've read in a while (although I have read a quite a few in the past) so I can't say whether or not it was up to your usual standard, but either way I really liked it.

I thought it was very cute how Teddy surprised Dominique by taking her somewhere far away and having a picnic and then springing the question of asking her to be his girlfriend on her. I thought it was very sweet and I kinda love how instead of saying it, he just goes for it and kisses her, much to her surprise. And I especially like how after the kiss, she still makes him say it. Cause you gotta know, gotta define that relationship or else risk some serious miscommunications.

Again, I really enjoyed this entire one-shot and thought it was all very sweet, and I'm happy the two got their happy ending after all.

Great job with this!


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!
I am glad you liked it - even though I feel it's not up to my usual standard xP
Well, sometimes my characters deserve happy endings haha.

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Review #19, by EnigmaticEyes16A Force Of Wills: Denial

29th January 2015:
This is quite possibly the longest chapter I have ever read. And so very, very intense.

I'm surprised Blaise is even still alive after all that fighting! And now he's asking for Astoria's hand in marriage! What!? I can't believe I waited so long to come back to this. This is the best, most intense story I've ever read. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Will Astoria say yes? And if so, what will happen in her and Blaise's private meetings with her father. And what happens if she says no?

Plus, this sentence right here: my intentions to have an intention with the intention of marrying your daughter aren't a lie, as you can see.

Part of me loves it when he talks like this, and the other part is wondering what the heck I just read because it still doesn't make sense to me.

And when will we see Draco again? I've been missing his character, is that weird? Probably.

Great chapter!


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Review #20, by EnigmaticEyes16Chai, Chutney, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Chutney, and a Surprise

26th January 2015:
Ah! These installments have been so amazingly cute that the fluff did not suffocate me. I probably couldn't write fluff to save my life, but it's so nice to read here and there. Neville is so darn cute in this story, I kind of want to take him for myself and forget Hannah! lol. But he probably wouldn't like me anyway, I can't cook at all.

I love it when he jokes with her about being a Hufflepuff, and it's so cute when he's too nervous to say what he wants to say. Again, I just love that this one is from his POV. And I love how she jokes with him about only wanting him around to help boost business and make sandwiches. And I love how the title is part of their conversation in each chapter, really connecting all the installments together.

They're just so perfect together! I know I've said that probably at least twice now, but it's so true. I have loved all of these one-shots, they've been so fun and adorable to read and now I'm probably fluff overloading so I'm gonna go...


Author's Response: That is excellent news! I love writing fluff so much, but I'm always scared that others will find it too cloying and not enjoy it as much as I'd like them to. Neville is fantastic, isn't he? I feel as if he represents what I'd be like in such situations.

I wanted to do half the stories from Hannah's POV, and the other half from his. It allowed me to establish who Hannah is because we don't really know her, and then writing from Neville's POV allowed me to really show how much of a dork he is, and just underscore his insecurities. But Hannah loves him anyway, and I wanted that to come across to Neville. He KNOWS that she loves him.

These two are probably the most compatible couple I've written so far. They still have chemistry, though, which is also great. I'm so pleased that you've enjoyed them!

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Review #21, by EnigmaticEyes16Chai, Carrots, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Carrots, and a Surprise

26th January 2015:
Ah!!! It happened! They kissed! I'm such a sucker for romance sometimes, especially when reading your stories, lol.

Wow. I can't believe it took a whole year for Neville to brave up and tell Hannah how he feels. And furthermore, I'm so happy this was from Neville's point of view, it was a very nice change of pace to see the story from his perspective.

I think it's so cute that Neville tried to bake a cake for Hannah, and surprise her the way she had surprised him in the last one-shot. And it just so happens to be Valentine's Day, that's just so freaking cute of him it's not even funny. And they are so cute together, I love how they just seem to complete each other.

Of course, I can totally understand how well Hannah took Neville confession of wanting to quit being an Auror. Since she's already made the hard decision of quitting her training to become a Healer, she'd understand his decision better than anyone and be able to offer the right kind of guidance. I like how these stories kind of inadvertly support the idea to quit a job that you don't like or doesn't make you feel good about yourself, even if it's a perfectly respectable job that people expect you to keep doing, to do something that does make you happy. Everyone has to find their own path and this series truly exemplifies that.

I can't wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: Yes! Finally! I had quite a few complaints that it didn't happen in the last story and I'm just like "just wait until the next one! I promise!" But I couldn't obviously SAY that because I didn't want to spoil anything.

Their love story is a slow burn on purpose. I like that aspect of their relationship. They have this really solid foundation on which to build. And the second half of this series would only work from Neville's point of view, because there's no other way to explain why Hannah has felt so confused. It's because Neville is just a major dork.

They really do complete each other! They're the most compatible couple I've written so far, and that's been a nice change of pace for me. The tension's been of a different kind.

Exactly! Hannah just gets it. She gets how scary and horrible it can be to change your vocation. And I'm all for wanting different things from life at different times. Change is natural. We shouldn't be so terrified of it, especially when it happens to us.

Thanks for the wonderful review :)

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Review #22, by EnigmaticEyes16Chai, Zebras, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Zebras, and a Surprise

25th January 2015:
Hello again!

I am in love with this series so far. Hannah clearly does not view Neville as just a friend no matter how many times she tells herself such. Although I'm very curious as to how Neville has made it clear to her that he doesn't fancy her. I'd really like to know this.

This was a very sad one-shot though with Neville being fairly upset most of the time, and of course he has every right to be. I wouldn't be surprised if he saw Atticus Dooley as a friend and even a mentor since he convinced him to become an Auror when he was having moments of doubt. Although I can see why Neville might not think himself a hero even after everything he did for everyone during the war, because that just seems like a large part of his character--to not think highly of himself--which is also probably a large part of what makes him such a genuine and loveable person.

I loved the Zebra cake though and how Hannah was making him a surprise cake. Was it his birthday or something? Or did she just feel like surprising him with a cake for no particular reason? Nothing wrong with that though, I certainly wouldn't complain if someone made me a cake for no particular reason... lol.

This is such a cute ship so far and I hope it does eventually become an actual ship and they don't remain friends hiding their feelings from each other forever. I mean, Neville's brave and all, and he did just randomly show up in her kitchen without a care, but when it comes to actual feelings I still see him being his old shy self, afraid of being turned down if he were to share them with her. Because everyone is terrified of that sort of thing, or at least I know I am.

I have to read on now though to see what happens between the two! So far you are doing a wonderful job with this pairing and I can't wait to see what comes of it!


Author's Response: I don't think either of them view each other as just a friend. But their friendship is what's more important to them right now. The romance is way in the background and they'd be quite happy if nothing develops in that direction. It's one of my favourite aspects of their relationship - they'd work as a purely platonic relationship as well. And Neville isn't very good at expressing his interest because he's a dork. And she's a dork. They're dorks who like each other. Go figure they don't understand that.

I wanted to write something a little darker with this one. So often my romance is fun and fluffy but I wanted to write those things but also include the sadder aspects of life since I so often ignore them. I find that a little weird that I do that since it's the reason why I write my stories so "fluffy". Neville definitely saw Atticus as a friend. I just wanted to surround Neville with people who understood him and loved him - like Atticus and Hannah. Basically, I want to give Neville a hug and never let go.

Yes! It was his birthday - when the clock struck midnight. But I reckon that Hannah is a the type to randomly bake cakes for people.

Definitely becoming a romantic ship in the future! But I enjoyed sailing this as a platonic ship for a while. It has its charm. And Neville the Dork gets his moments to shine in all his dorky glory in the next two stories.

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Nix :)

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Review #23, by EnigmaticEyes16Chai, Samosas, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Samosas, and a Surprise

25th January 2015:
Hi! I'm here to review all of your Chai and a Friend stories for the Hot Seat that you are in right now! I'm super late but I am finally here! Yay!

So, I've never been a big Hannah/Neville shipper but already, from the moment Neville entered the kitchen, I thought they were so adorable together. I love how he just sort of ignored her rudeness in the beginning and stayed with her until she finally began to include him in her cooking.

I also thought the whole cooking scene was fairly easy to follow. I'm no cook, and I had no idea what samosas were previously, but now I have a fairly good idea of what they are and would also like to try them. This is my problem with watching or reading something with food involved though, I think they should come with free samples, lol. Because they make me so hungry.

I wish I knew the rest of the sentence where Neville trails off and Hannah lets it go! I hope we find out more about this in the next couple of segments. Although is Hannah Indian in this story? I have no issue with it, I'm just curious because I never really pictured her as Indian, like I did the Patil sisters, and her name doesn't really suggest it either. Maybe she just grew up there, as you do mention the pre-monsoon season, as I doubt Britain has one. Or judging by your faceclaim maybe she's half Indian and that would explain her last name.

Again, though, this was so freaking cute and I can't wait to read on to the next one! Talk to you again soon!


Author's Response: Hola! I should probably answer reviews in the order that I receive them but oh well! This is fun too!

Ah! That's great! A non-shipper thinking that the story worked is a really good thing. Neville's the type just to soldier on. And he wears her down rather quickly, so his technique obviously works.

I'm not a huge cook either - it's much more fun writing about cooking than actually doing it. And that is excellent news: now when you see a samosa you shall be like "aha! I want to eat it." I hope there's a spike in samosa sales because of this story.

Neville's insecurities and hangups are explored in the later installments. I wanted to include some of that, but I stuck to showing him as this confident person in his introduction. You tend to show the best of yourself when you first meet someone. And yes, Hannah is Indian in this story. I tried it on almost a whim and I was rather pleased with the way Hannah's character worked out because of it. And it was a cool way to add a different kind of description to how I usually write it.

Thanks for the wonderful review. I'm happy that you enjoyed it :)

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Review #24, by EnigmaticEyes16Sturm und Drang : A new life

23rd January 2015:
Hi! I love that you're writing a Draco fic for me. I do love me some Draco, and this is definitely a different take on him than I've read of late.

I don't even know where to start... I like the bit with the paper, I definitely don't see Draco taking an article about how he was so close to being locked up with his father very well. As much of a show as he puts on, I don't think he really wanted to kill Dumbledore, but he was terrified of Voldemort so he at least had to try. And I definitely don't see him taking well the fact that everyone knows Harry Potter saved him from being imprisoned, as this certainly isn't the first time Harry's saved his life.

I also liked how he isn't cruel to his house elf. I don't know if that's something new for him, or if it has to do with Lucius not being there. It definitely does not surprise me that the Malfoy Manor feels different without Lucius and Bellatrix around. I certainly can understand that. And Narcissa is happy and singing, that's a nice change, lol.

As nice as it is to donate money to a good organization, I'm wondering if he will be able to get away without doing actual community service, considering after the war, he may not be seen in the same light where he's able to get away with things like that. But it will be interesting to see what happens when he finally meets Astoria. Lucky of her to have been shipped to America to avoid the nasty war. I certainly can't wait to meet her.

I wish I had more to say, but since this is just a prologue, I'll have to wait to read more! Thank you so much for writing this story! You were an awesome Secret Santa! I can't wait to see where it goes!


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Review #25, by EnigmaticEyes16Morbid: Springtime

18th January 2015:
Me again. Instead of being all over the place I'm going to try to review this chapter section by section...

Okay, so now we know Amy lives at home. Although I'm concerned as to why her house is so quiet. Where are her parents? Or does she live alone? And was this all an act? A planned roleplay on both sides or just hers? And why does he get so upset at how she wants to die? It seems unlike him, yet I suppose it is like him, since he does seem to be more interested in gruesome deaths if you consider his drawings...

Aww, poor Teddy! I hope he didn't damage the headstones too much. But I'm glad Merlin was there to stop him and maybe make him finally see that's he's not alone. But of course, to grow up without parents has to be difficult...

Now, this is getting really sad. We all knew that Amy's disease was going to mean death but it's unimaginable what that kind of thing does to someone. I know I'd be terrified if that was me. But it's so sweet how Teddy doesn't let this get to him, he just sees it as a challenge to make every day worth her while. This story is currently reminding me a lot of A Walk to Remember.

This story is seriously making me want to cry. I love how caring Teddy is and that he spends practically every day all day with her even when her parents can't bare to visit her anymore. But it's so incredibly sad that she can't even remember who he is, even though she remembers him when he says things to remind her of him, but even then she doesn't recognize that he is Teddy. And even though it means she'll die sooner, I can't help but understand that she's hates coming off the drugs, and hates not being able to remember all the amazing things Teddy does for her when she's on them.

This is literally the saddest ending I've read in a while. I've only known the characters for a short time but it's almost heartwrenching to see them go. Again, I love how Teddy sticks with her to the end. Just imagine if they had never met, she probably would have ended up dying alone. But it's terrible that Teddy has the lose his two closest friends simultaneously. I knew he was going to lose Amy, but I did not see the bit with Merlin coming. I like how he joins her on her departure, as if he's her guardian angel or something, but it's sad to see him go with her. I'm not quite sure how well Teddy will take it, but hopefully he'll be able to move on with his life and make both Amy and Merlin proud by doing something worthwhile with it, instead of going back to shutting himself up in his room. I really would like to see maybe a sequel of what he does next...

This was an all around amazing story and I'm so glad I read it! I'm definitely going to have to take the time to watch Restless at some point because it sounds like a really good movie. Thank you so much for bringing the idea of the Hot Seat to the Pit, I hope you've enjoyed all the extra attention and reviews!


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