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Review #1, by harrysmyheroOne Summer: Chapter Six: Funerals, Part Two

9th April 2014:
You did a good job showing the pain they were in. I enjoyed your story.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! It was really hard to write that scene.

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Review #2, by harrysmyheroThe Runaway Returns: Eve of the Wedding

18th October 2013:
Fantastic build up to the Wedding. I like the idea you had for the hair piece for Ginny. I was thinking the same for her from Harry-something that his Mother used for playing Quidditch.

With their Dinners interrupted/to queasy to eat, I hope they manage to bump into each other around Midnight looking for a late night snack. It will give them the privacy to talk and start the process of rebuilding their relationship.

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Review #3, by harrysmyheroThe Runaway Returns: To the Bachelor and Bachelorette

8th October 2013:
I like the way the story is headed. Lots of detail, focusing on Harry and his belief that Ginny has no interest in him. I hope in the next chapter he decides to attend the birthday party. Do you plan on adding a chapter before this one? Harry's birthday was July 31 and I am sure Molly would not have let that pass without at least trying to hold one for him. Or maybe do a flashback to 10 days ago, to him having a small one at Lionheart Manor with Ginny jealous she wasn't invited. You have things set up well so she is the only Weasley still mad at him. When will she open up to him? And when will he sit everyone down to add the details of the night of the battle, filling in the gaps they have had to speculate on?

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Review #4, by harrysmyheroThe Runaway Returns: Unexpected Visitors

26th September 2013:
Fantastic again! It might be interesting if Ginny and Kadesha (only because Ginny refused to do this alone) had to go to Lionheart Manor to help Harry. She needs to start talking to him, even if the excuse is 'for the sake or Ron and Hermione. So we don't ruin the Wedding'.

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Review #5, by harrysmyheroThe Runaway Returns: Meet the Parents

25th September 2013:
Excellent job. It sounds like Ginny is softening, understanding how she is hurting Harry. Maybe their next encounter will go better? And Harry might now have the idea of sharing things with everyone not only from his point of view, but what else was happening they are not aware of, like the resurrection stone and his last thoughths as he 'died'.

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Review #6, by harrysmyheroThe Runaway Returns: The First Test

21st September 2013:
I am thoroughly enjoying your story. You are doing a great job of portraying the angst both Harry and Ginny have. How long before they become civil with each other? Maybe it will happen if Harry goes to visit Andy and Teddy and ends up babysitting for him. He needs help, since he has never done that before, and Ginny feels sorry for him (and Teddy) so they get their chance. Or maybe Hermione engineers something at Lionheart Manor where both Families are there to view the place. A couple of additional people (the Minister and the Headmistress) to invite and Harry's opportunity is there.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like it, and with regard to your suspicions of what is to come I can olny reply 'Hold those thoughts'!

Thanks again!

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Review #7, by harrysmyheroAfterwards: Chapter 17

5th September 2013:
I am enjoying your story. Yes they are 'mature beyond their years'but it is understandable they want to avoid the monotony. Or at least Ginny does. Te her their relationship is stuck in a rut. I hope you continue with it and I am looking forward to another chapter. Will Harry be satisfied to wait, or is he broken to by her rejection? Will it prevent him from asking if they did get back together?

Good luck.

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Review #8, by harrysmyheroThe Runaway Returns: Neville the Defender

5th September 2013:
I agree with you it is very good. Better than almost any other I have read of these stories we are writing. I LOVE the power and emotion Neville has in defending Harry and his actions. I hope the Weasleys learn to look at things not only from Harry's point of view but everyone else's.

Congratulations on your great job.

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Review #9, by harrysmyheroThe Runaway Returns: Those Closest, Save One

5th September 2013:
I like the story you have done. I have written a few of them myself, all taking place post-Hogwarts. They are similiar to yours in that they focus on the relationship between Harry and Ginny and how they cope with life after the War. If you get the chance please look them over I would be interested in your opinion. Thanks.

I tried to post the next chapter in my current story 'Probably Not a Good Idea' and couldn't with the new format. Were you able to make it work?

Author's Response: Hi,

Thanks, I do hope you enjoy my story -- it's the first story I've ever written (fanfic or otherwise) -- and I will certainly give yours a look!

I haven't submitted a chapter under the new format yet. I have one currently in validation that was submitted just prior (as in just a matter of hours prior) to the rollout. It's been in the queue longer than the current wait time and the last time that happened, my chapter was rejected (ugh) for some silly thing I did. I hope that won't happen this time.

Anyway, I will certainly review your stories and get back to you!

Thanks again!

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