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Review #1, by BlackieeBeauty Queen: Seekers, Seekers Everywhere

21st February 2012:
Hello! So not gonna lie I didn't like your last chapter there was just something weird about it not that it was a bad halts it was just a bit off and I couldn't really figure out how I felt about it ya know?
Loved this. chapter though. I really want tash to be the seeker I would actually love it so so much if made her the seeker I love it when girls play quidditch as strange as that seems.
Dom and Scorp are fun but I don't know if I like how serious their issues got at the end but it was dramatic and I enjoy dramatic things :)
So Molly is probably my least favorite character right now and there's no reason for it she just kinda is. Do you know what I'm talking about or do I sound crazy?
Gryfin and Freddie are awesome they're so funny and for a suggestion thingy you should make them be pranksters. But only if you wanna because it's your story and you're doing amazing on it.
Rose is perfect when I think she would be just like how you make her!
James is my favorite I can't get over his eyes your idea for them is so so so so perfect! I can't figure out what made him change maybe he crashe into someone and they turned into a vegetable? Am I getting warmer? Im so excited to read about his flying lessons!
Congratulations on getting into you school!! That's amazing I'm so happy for you ^.^ what are you going for? Remember not to go crazy and party too much that's bad for you! Just kidding I know you'll do great and have fun. Kay now I sound cheesy.
The story keeps getting better and better (I don't even know how that's possible but it I does)

Author's Response: Yeah I can see where the last chapter seemed a bit weird. Like the last scene especially because I couldn't figure out how to end it so I just kind of... called it a day and posted it. Sorry about that, but I've gotten such a huge inspiration strike for this story so hopefully that won't happen again.

I'm so happy you liked this chapter though! I had more fun writing it than the last one so that's probably why. I love when girls play Quidditch too! But I gotta tell you Natasha will probably not want to be seeker...

Scorpius and Dom are always angry at each other during Quidditch season. It's kind of their thing and I'll go more into it in later chapters. But whenever Quidditch isn't involved they're actually fairly good friends :)

Ah, you hate Molly? I see where your coming from since she's a very blunt/mean character. I happen to love writing her but she's one of those characters you either really like or really hate.

Gryffin and Freddy are fun characters for me to write too! And the prankster thing will kind of come into play later on... if that makes any sense.

I'm happy you like Rose! I quite like her too because I feel like she's always out to bring out the best in people.

Ahh I can't get over James' eyes either. My friend actually has his exact eyes and I'm always staring at them because I'm so jealous. And I won't tell you James' back story yet but I will tell you that you'll find out within the next couple of chapters if all goes well.

And thank you! I'm like super stoked about college now because I'm going to the one I've dreamed about since forever. And I won't party too much :P

Thank you so much for such an awesome review! I'm so happy you like the story :)

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Review #2, by BlackieeBeauty Queen: Caught

21st November 2011:
I hate cliff hangers. i hate them because then i obsess over what will happen next for like two months until the next chapter comes out then i read it all really fast and that chapter is over too soon and its all very stressfull and creepy. Im a creep i've come to terms with it.

But anyways.

So i lovelovelove this story i just hate that tash keeps running from all her problems. i guess thats kinda part of the plot and all but i just want her to deal with them. i dont know im not very patient.

I absolutely love james to the tenth degree and my last guess was wrong so now im gonna say that he did something really bad and the concequences were way bad and now he's full of guilt and cant forgive himself. Am i closer? probs not but guessing is just so much. im determind to get it right one time.

poor molly is friendless.

Have i told you that i hate her mom? its so sad how she always feels like she has to please her and her mom is never happy with it. If it was me i would turn 18 and gtfo. but thats me and not your charector that i love so much.

i really love everything that happened in this chapter but i was wondering if she was going to be more recognised at school now that she has a billboard. i was just wondering you know crazy things going through the brain and all.

So yeah i love it. Except the cliff hanger cause you get there and want to cry cause you dont know what happens next but if she doesnt get on the broom with him i will break something. i dont think you would do that to a poor obsessed soul such as myself but im praying that you dont. i would really cry.

i still love james' eyes.

they're amazing.

thats all

Author's Response: As a reader, I HATE cliffhangers. They make me wonder why the author would ever want to torture their readers like that. However, I have come to the conclusion that as a writer, I love cliffhangers. They're so much fun to write, and give you so many possibilities for the next chapter.

Yes, it's definitely annoying how Tashy runs from all her problems, but it's how she's been her whole life. And yes, it is also a main plot of the story, trying to make her face her problems and such.

I'm glad you like James so much, I love him too and wish he was real... but he's not :( I never said your last guess was wrong btw, I said it might not be, which it still might. The guess you made now might also be right.

But they both might be wrong too. I just can't say anything because I don't want to spoil it!

And yes, poor Molls.

Natasha's mom is definitely a difficult one to like. I actually like her, but I do find her very suffocating and way to hard on Tashy. But I think it's all mostly Natasha's fault, she never spoke up and told her mom she didn't want to do pageants, which is why her mom continues to have her do them.

I think Natasha is recognized at school. It's just people don't approach her much. She's a very closed off person, and she's always with the Potter/Weasley gang, so it's probably pretty intimidating to ever walk up to her and try to initiate a conversation. But the billboards will definitely cause a splash.

I'm so happy you like the chapter, and I'll try to finish the next one up soon!

My friend actually has James's exact eye color and when I told him about all the comments people kept leaving about them, he was so flattered.

Thanks for reviewing :)


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Review #3, by BlackieeTurning the Tables: Now This Looks Like a Job for Me

13th November 2011:
AH H H! i love this story so much! you're doing an amazing job!

I don't really see it as Tyson siding with Chaise because he didn't really know what Chaise's side was he was just saying his opinion which is always fine and never bad but i do think that he may have taken things a smidge bit far at somepoints but in general it needed to be said because...well it just did.

Dom and Chaise we're so cute together! I hate that they broke up but they also made me gag a few times with all their "staring into eachothers eyes" stuff. So it might be okay to have them apart for a bit as long as they end up back together in the end *winkwinknudgenudge*

I personally dont get the selfish thing. i mean how can you be selfish in not liking someone? i see it more as stubborn. I know it probably makes tons of sense to lots of people but for some reason i'm just not getting it. But i think its BS how Tyson told Coco to get over herself when she hated herself for years because of it.

Roxy needs to man up and just say "hey i dont like those people now so were gonna be friends and if you dont like it you can take your skinny butt and hop off the astronomy tower!" or something along those lines. but her and wyatt are a good match.

I like how James is sticking up for Coco even though shes being a butthole about it. I dont know what to say about how he was looking at her in potions or how he kinda smirked at her in the great hall because that makes it seem like hes had a change of heart after she screamed at him but im hoping that he hasnt. I dont know much about him yet cause you havent had much of him in the story yet but i cant wait until he comes cause he's one of my favorite charectors and id love to see what you do with him in this fic. and no i wasnt surprised but its nice for Coco to finally realize it.

About Coco. her whole attitude is starting to bother me. A mature person would have gone into that school and minded her own business. not started hating people or hating people because they semi like the people that you hate. Not saying she should forgive and forget but she should try to move on. You said before that you didnt want to bring James in yet because you wanted to delevope Coco's charector and Her and Dom's Frendship. and you did and i loved coco and their friendship so now it makes me sad that that charector dissapeared because she was awesome and i miss her. I really just want her to grow a pair and deal with stuff instead of locking everything bad in her life away and pretending it didnt happen.

I dont know i just want the old Coco back. The new ones a pansy.

But your writting is still awesome.
Sorry its so long.

Author's Response: Ahh I'm so happy you like the story :) Literally I'm so shocked people can tolerate my writing.

I totally agree with you, Tyson was right, but at the same time he was kind of wrong. And Corinne also was wrong and it was really just one ball of everyone being wrong, which is kind of what I was aiming for. I dunno I guess I just think all arguments don't have a clear right side. It's more marred and such.

Dom and Chaise were cute together, and it is sad that they broke up, but that's just the way things go sometimes. I can't tell you if they're going to get back together because to be honest I'm not quite sure myself. It's iffy with them.

I think when Tyson called her selfish, it was more the fact that ever since she got to Hogwarts, she made everything about herself. She's been so absorbed in everything about her past that she hasn't really been thinking about the guys much. Not to mention all she seems to discuss is her issues, so I'm sure Tyson was just sick of it and snapped, and calling her selfish was the first thing he could think of. It's kind of true though, I think Corinne is definitely selfish, which is one of her biggest flaws.

Roxy doesn't seem like the manning up type. I see her more timid and eager to please, which has it's good and bad points. Mostly she just tries to do what she thinks is right. I'm glad you like her and Wyatt though. I love them :)

Yes, James is definitely sticking up for Coco in his own way, but he's definitely not a saint. He still has his flaws that he needs to sort out. I understand he hasn't been in the story much but it's been hard trying to fit him in without me thinking it's totally contrived and out of the blue. I also don't see James as the main part of the story. I see this story not really based on a romance, but more based on Coco and her internal struggles, with a romance happening along the way.. if that makes sense.

I definitely agree with you on Coco's attitude. She's starting to really annoy me, which is why I made Tyson say the things he did. She needs a reality check and fast.

I'm happy you like my writing, and don't worry about the length of the review, I love it no matter what :)

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by BlackieeLove Goddesses, Overprotective Brothers, and James Potter: Sun Vomit, Balloon Animals, and Eggplant Head

10th October 2011:
Hullo! so i just read the whole story till right here and i love it!!! the randomness is my favorite! well not really cause i actually like the james aphrodite parts the best but i still like the randomness.
um i hate alex. with a burning passion. i kinda hate you for making her up. just kidding i totally love you cause your story is amazing but i still hate her because shes a b*tch and she deserved to have flobber worms dumped upon her.
i personally think a ghost's fart would smell like me dog and he smells like hes rotting from the inside out. i dont like him.
anyways so i like shanes charector but it seems like he has a huge crush on aphrodite but im pretty sure he doesnt but then it seems like he does so im so unbelievably lost and confused!
praise the lord that you dont have james actually likeing alex because as ive said before hes one of my favorites and i hate her sosososo much. shes a hoe. nuff said.
hmm this chapter was kinda pointless not gonna lie but i dont like athena or posidon. im sure theyre great charectors but Apollo and Aphrodite are so much better! i guess its not that i dislike them i just dont like them as much does that make sense? no? whatever.
Are you gonna do a qudditch match soon cause im so pumped for one to happen i think you'll be amazing at writing one! please do one? you dont have to if you dont wanna but it would be awesome.
i hope you update soon but its been like a month and nine days so im not really expecting anything soon but a girl can dream right?
Your story is epically amazing and i love it i hope you keep writting for a long long time and that your happy doing it. HORRAY!!
yeah thats all
sorry its so long

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Review #5, by BlackieeShadows of Midnight: To the Match

8th October 2011:
Your done?! i could cry! your stories are amazing and ive always checked for new chapters and reread things. I get where your coming from with your upset-ness and i dont blame you for wanting to stop its your decision just know that me and im sure plenty of others will miss you soo unbelievably much.
Thankyou for being an amazing author i hope you find another way to get your writting out.

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Review #6, by BlackieeBeauty Queen: Quitting is Always an Option

4th October 2011:
OKay so i unbelivably love this story...if that makes sense now that i look at it again but you get the point right?
Kay one of my favorite things is that his eye color changes! I love it when authors do that cause then you kinda know what they're thinking. Its awesome...yeah
im kinda confused though because you said that she had all the power and didnt like how it felt but then she was jealous of james being in control so its kinda got my mind a little fruity in the loops and that means messed up. somtimes i talk funny it a habit im trying to break.
I like that Scorpius isnt Rose's b*tch cause he is in so many stories and i hate that so im happy that you gave him a back bone. Horray!!
It's sad that james' friend died and i'm guessing thats what was in the letter not that he was writting to him but maybe he was writting about him.
I think he was riding at night so that no one would bother him or get the impression that he was going to rejoin the team cause he's not(yet hopfully)
I love that more of james is in this chapter and i wish there would be even more of him because you've made him such a diffrent charector then other stories and it's amazing. really you rock.
you should have james teach Nata how to ride a broom because that would be fun to read about. But its your story so if you dont want to do that its not a big deal i'll still love the story to pieces.
i think i answered all your questions or at least i tried to.
Kay well its amazing and so much fun to read.
P.S sorry its so long.

Author's Response: Ah yay! I'm so happy you like the story :))

The eye color changing is based off of one of my friends, who has James' exact eyes. They're hazel and they are brown around the iris, and fade into green, with blue around the center, so depending on what my friend wears, the eye color always changes. I'm so jealous of them...

Sorry for confusing you! I was trying to mean that Natasha was jealous of James, because he knew how to be in control. Whereas Natasha doesn't want it because she doesn't know how to deal with it. Hope that cleared it up, but if it didn't, I'll try to make it clearer in the next chappie.

I'm glad you like Scorp! I purposely made him as different as I could from what people would expect. Also, I tend to imagine Scorpius as a very business-like and elegant-air-about-him type of guy, so bowing down to Rose seems a bit out of character for him.

James' situation is sad, although you may not be right about your assumptions. But I'm not going to spoil anything even though I really want to, because I'm trying to stand strong and keep the secrets!

I'm soo flattered that you like James as a character! I thought it would be fun to write him as this mysteriously, screwed up guy because normally people make him really arrogant, which I love, but at the same time can get bored of.

James may or may not teach Natasha how to ride a broom... you'll have to wait until next chapter to figure that out ;)

Anyways, thank you for your review! It was amazing to read :)

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Review #7, by BlackieeThe Time of Cupids: Ice Cubes and Early Morning Rendezvous

16th August 2011:
AH! i love this story! it be just down right amazing. I get so upset when they screw up! i am completly convinced that james loves that girl and nothing anyone can say will make me believe any diffrently. Though i think it would be sort of awkward for him to you know reach into her buttox to get an arrow. i mean maybe it'll just fall out or something but i could be wrong. So i like that even though she was hit by a love arrow she's not all lovey dovey and such because i just cant read about those people they make me gag. But i am confused cause like is she gonna end up loving him after the arrows gone or is she gonna hate him again? and if she does hate him then how will James get over that? and back to what i said earlier how will said arrow be removed? and and if they dont end up in love will desmond cry? i have so many questions and i just hope that you'll update soon because i love this story. yes. so if you could just add another chapter or two soon i would greatly appreciate it. thanks ^.^

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Review #8, by BlackieeSecrets of an Unlikely Princess: The First Battle

26th June 2011:
love it!

your story is so unique i dont know how you came up with it and i really hope you keep going and going cause your writing is soo good.

if anything i would say you could be more descriptive but the way your writting is still soo good.

A+ ;D

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! I'm almost done writing chapter eight right now, so I hope it will be up soon! And thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to keep that in mind. :)

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Review #9, by BlackieeFaking It: I'm On The Edge

13th June 2011:
hi :D i love your story. its just the beestest ever i read this chapter twice ^.^

James and Ettie:yeah i saw that one coming
James: im kinda confused i dont know if he like Candice for real or not and i know its probably obvious to most but it seemed like he did but then he didnt anymore and now hes all "my candice" so im not sure but i think if he does like her then hes a douchebag for going after ettie
Candice: i sympathize because her life is kinda crazy right now and fake relationships are hard i get why she would be kinda insane at the moment plus now she actually like him so shes got issues.

Oh i think it would be epically amazing if you tried a chapter from james point of view. you dont have to i mean i'll still love the story if you dont i just think it would be cool.

Veras annoying.

great story. i love love love love love love it

Author's Response:
Hey thaank you. ;D Sorry for the late response blame summer.

Haha, I guess Candice is the only one who didn't. :P And that's a good thing because that is exactly what I want you to feel. James is a confusing guy and character and there's so much more to him then he lets on. Haha, I like how you say she's got issues. xD I don't why.

I might actually do a prequel one shot from Jame's point of view. Once Candice understands James a little better I could do a chapter from his point of view but right now if I did one it would totally ruin some mysteries. ;)

Ugh, I know.

Thank you for the lovely review! c:

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Review #10, by BlackieeThe Itsy-Bitsy Spider: Sensory Overload

22nd May 2011:
okay i love love love this story!! your writting is amazing and the plot-thing is so good! i wish you would update but its already been over 2 years so my dreams are dying. PLEASE UPDATE!? does that help any??

i hope you keep writting because your so freaking good at it!

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Review #11, by BlackieeHis Mother's Eyes: The Glimmer in His Mother's Eyes

21st May 2011:
my gosh person you can write! this stiory was soo good i love how you made sirius like he actually loved his family. it was so good!! i pat you on the back ^.^

that wasnt as enthusiastic as i wanted so here:

that was better

Author's Response: hahahahaha thank you !! :) Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #12, by BlackieeBeauty's Only Skin Deep: Jealousy is a Disease

29th April 2011:
ahhh i love this story!! I legit laugh out loud sometimes then feel like a nerd cause im laughing all alone in my room. You need to update soon pleasee!!

Author's Response: I know I've been pretty awful when it comes to updating this story, and I'm really sorry about that.

I started this when my life was pretty hectic and I never really was able to update because I had a lot on my plate and then I just lost my love for this story.

I have half of the next chapter written (although I've had it written for quite a while) and I will finish it one day (hopefully) which is why I haven't completely abandoned this story yet.

Sorry for my super long response I just feel awful about how long it's taking me to update this story! Actually, I'm kind of inspired to start writing more to it now. So I think thats actually what I'm gunna do.


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