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Review #1, by darkloveOffice Love: Of Lock-ups and Make-outs

19th September 2015:
I'm grinning right now! You know, this isn't completely ooc. This is what would have happened definitely if they started working together. I'm sure...

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Review #2, by darkloveHunting The Hunters: Perhaps a Vacation

16th September 2015:
Oh, what do I say? I love you!
This is amazing. And I love the way you kept the mature edge to the story not rushing it off, unlike the other stories which aren't natural. 10/10!
Best one so far apart from isolation by bex chan.

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Review #3, by darklovePlaying House with Malfoy: The Mother In-Law

15th May 2014:
Awesome! Just awesome! :D

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Review #4, by darkloveReckless: The Story of Voldemort's Daughter: Prolouge

19th May 2012:
This one is good. There are a few mistakes here and there. And its 'alohomora' and not 'alohamora'.
The plot is perfect. Looking forward for the next chapter! :) :)

Author's Response: Whoops XD I'll fix that.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by darkloveHer Inheritances: Chapter 10.

14th July 2011:
that was really really sad that this ended.i enjoyed every word of your story...hugs to you
good luck with your further stories!!

Author's Response: Thank you darklove for reading and reviewing. Don't be sad just think of it as a pause or a break between stories ^_~.

I am glad that you enjoyed this,


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Review #6, by darkloveRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: The Roses of a stranger

13th July 2011:
this chapter n plot were excellent!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)x

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Review #7, by darkloveRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: Darkness

13th July 2011:
this is really good...but you could have made it a little more perfect...the scene is a little shallow.u could've made it 'twas good...gud luck with next!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I get that feeling too when re-reading the first chapter. I'll improve it when I edit, thought. Hope you enjoy the next chapters. :) x

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Review #8, by darklovePlaying House with Malfoy: A Family Outing

13th July 2011:
that was brilliant n lovely..
HUGS TO YOU..cant say more than that!!

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Review #9, by darkloveA Mother's Dying Wish: Revelations

7th July 2011:
i have no words for u..i should say-your story got under my skin..!!!'twas amazing!!lets see what you have in store for us

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Review #10, by darkloveLet Your Hair Down: Letting Her Hair Down

16th May 2011:
gah!!this is cute and nice..i loved it!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you loved it!

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Review #11, by darkloveVertiserum: The Bitter Truth: Nightmares

14th May 2011:
hmm it sounds interesting.update soon..i'd like to know what u have in store for us:)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!! It's so nice knowing that people are actually reading what I write. Chapter 2 is up btw=)

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Review #12, by darkloveEverything's Changed: The Start of Christmas Break

14th May 2011:
hey when do i get to see the further chapters???im waiting...

Author's Response: I've been working on editing the first chapters that I had posted, though I plan on working on the fourteenth chapter soon! I promise :)

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Review #13, by darkloveAbove it All: Stormy Waters

13th May 2011:
hey tell me something.will Hermione end up with Harry or with Draco???
is Draco playing a bad guy???
update soon...story is good

Author's Response: I can't tell you that! haha that would ruin it! Thanks for reading, I hope all your questions will be answered soon.

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Review #14, by darkloveAbove it All: A Class Act

13th May 2011:
hey..i havent heard about any slytherin boy named it a new character???
forgive me if i was wrong i thought wizards use quill..but how in the name of merlin did he end up with a pencil huh?
anyways...i like this story..something new:)

Author's Response: I made up Arthur, he's not in the books at all. & yes, you're right. I must've forgotten about that little bit of culture. I do write rather late into the night though :) Thanks for the R&R!

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Review #15, by darkloveTruth, or Dare? : The End of War

13th May 2011:
hey i dont mean to offend you..but how could u end a story without finishing off the howcruxes???and where was Snape???...i mean Dumbledore would have called him...
sorry but there are many loopholes in this story..please re-edit this chapter...not that it is not good..but this is strange..Voldy will not be dead so easily...will he???
And one more thing..the dialogues of Voldy are not upto the grip...his words are very strong and can raise goosebumps on anyones' skin...and the part when Voldy sent a message to Hogwarts that he was coming was not the type of Voldemort to do please re-edit this stuff looking forward to read it whan re-edited...
sorry if ive anyway offended u..but ur story was good:)

Author's Response: true...
i don't mean to be mean, but the plot of this story is the love between Hermione and Draco, and not the battle between Harry and Voldemort. That's for J.K.Rowling.
I will re-edit this chapter though. Truthfully I don't like this chapter myself. Thank you for being my only reviewer to give me suggestions.

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Review #16, by darkloveHate/Love: With a Flash

13th May 2011:
awesome!!!keep writing...waiting for ur further updates

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Review #17, by darkloveTruth, or Dare? : Thoughts

13th May 2011:
hey i think we have a problem Hemione's speech when she complained that the books got Harry wrong ..u mentioned 'the third year' instead of 'fifth year' about Harry ordering the centaurs to take away Umbridge woman..please change that
and this story is good

Author's Response: Really!! I seriously need to read back my stories. Why didn't anyone mention!?

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Review #18, by darkloveArrangement: The Start

13th May 2011:
hmm..ur work looks good..lets see what u have set up with these characters...update soon

Author's Response: thank you they will get better x

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Review #19, by darkloveThe Art of Seduction: Blame

12th May 2011:
hmm well...this is really very nice...but make sure u put draco and hermione together soon...
ur works sounds very interesting but one thing..i dont get it...what is about all this seducing and lust..i dont really get the point even though i went thru it many times..please explain ur view and what u meant it to be...
and are u going to tell us in further stories about who really gave that book to Hermione in the first place..
and a small query..why dont u give a bit more limelight to Harry,Ron and Gin..afterall they are her friends..i'd really appreciate it if u do so
please make sure u answer all my questions and sorry for the trouble:)
update soon..cant wait

Author's Response: well seeing as the plan for this story is for it to be novel length, the chapter list will get quite long. there's plenty of time to get to the dramione action.
as for the seduction and lust, it was explained and described in a good amount of detail in the beginning chapters. perhaps check back to see if that answers your question. as to why she's doing it, what the point is, that was also covered.
you'll find out who gave her the book in time.
if you remember, Harry, Ron and Ginny aren't exactly on good terms with Hermione at the moment, therefor there was no need to give them much limelight. however, they will be in the story moreso in the future.

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Review #20, by darkloveForget the Past: Disappearing Red

11th May 2011:
wow!!this is absolutely breath taking...actually im positively suffocating with anticipation...please update soon

Author's Response: Noo don't die!! Lol. *waves wand, "apneo!"* lol yeah I had to look that up...I'm lame. Thanks so much for your kind words, hope you can read the next chapter when it's up!

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Review #21, by darkloveWhen Worlds Collide: Music to my ears

11th May 2011:
nice work jaymee
youve did it!!!excellent!!!
i held my breath long enough to suffocate with anticipation whether Draco would be able to win back his love...
and now im relieved...
good luck with ur further stories!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I love feedback! Good luck to you with yours as well. Please breathe, I like you alive :P~Jaymee

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Review #22, by darkloveUnfogging The Future: Chapter Seventeen.

9th May 2011:
thats very nice...Draco is changing!!!
ooo...he's really sooo cute...nice story
waiting for ur further chapters

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Review #23, by darkloveWild Hearts: Blood, Sweat and Tears

6th May 2011:
wow!!!this is awesome.i had tears welled up in my eyes the whole time..
fantastic..and excellent work from you girl:)
im waiting for ur further chapters...and please say Harry's gonna live...we cant afford to lose Harry
please update soon

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Review #24, by darkloveResistance: Chapter 4: Tension

6th May 2011:
i like the way this story is going on
i can hardly wait for the next chapter..make it soon:)

Author's Response: I'm writing it now. Just finished term so I'll have free time to write this summer! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by darkloveThe Beauty of Fear: Chapter 1

6th May 2011:
your story was good..
and dont feel offended..u have started this story in the middle of the relationship.. i think it'd've been better if u started from the beginning...or it'll be fine if u'll give some flashback at some point in the story..
waiting for ur next chapter:)

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