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Review #26, by Jess the EnthusiastThe Girl from Slytherin : Prologue

20th September 2014:
I clicked on this story because I thought the concept was really intriguing, and this prologue doesn't disappoint! I'm excited to continue reading :)

Author's Response: Hi!! :) Yay, I'm so glad you like it so far, and thank you for all the reviews!! I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #27, by Jess the EnthusiastGrizzled: Grizzled

20th September 2014:
Heartbreakingly beautiful!! Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Hello!! :) Wow, thank you so much, that means a lot! ♥ I'm so glad you liked the story, thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #28, by Jess the EnthusiastCanis Major: Conversations and Confrontations

13th February 2014:
I'm so excited that you updated!! I really loved this chapter and I don't know if it's just me but it seems like Sirius might have a thing for Kira! WO! So excited about that, as I'm sure you can tell haha.
But I'm so excited for the next update ah :D
~Jess :)

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Review #29, by Jess the EnthusiastTiny: Harry

31st May 2013:
You already know how much I love this but I'm going to say it again: this is absolutely adorable and I love it!!! The Potters are just perfect and gahhh you're amazing! I also love that Kiera and Sirius are still together at this point in time I just jksalfhsgjhasdjfh


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hahaha, it was your prompt! You can take 12% of the credit... :P

And I'm glad you like them. It was fun to write Jily that are already together. It makes me happy, and Sirius is always fun.

And yes! They're still together by this point, although this isn't for a while yet... :(

But I'm so glad you like it! Yay!
- A. ^_^

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Review #30, by Jess the EnthusiastGrowth: dull as dirt

18th April 2013:
To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why you don't like this story because I think it's fantastic! Wow! I've never read a Merope story before, but you really drew me in and this was a fascinating read. Great job! I really loved it and this is definitely going onto my favorites!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hello Jess!

GAAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ I really should remove that author's note :P It's just that, this is the first fic I've written, which relies so heavily on imagery and descriptive detail to carry the story forward. And by the end I didn't know if I had overdone it or something :) But the feedback so far has been jawdroppingly fantabulous!

THANK YOU for this lovely and totes unexpected review, AND for favouriting!


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Review #31, by Jess the EnthusiastSmall Bump: Small Bump

12th March 2013:
I knew you were going to break my heart - before I even clicked on the story, I just knew it but I read it anyway oh my god. I can't imagine going through something as heartbreaking as this, but I think you portrayed it really well. And it was so hard to read through Percy and Audrey's excitement about the baby only to have it taken from them. But it was extremely well written and a wonderful little story (SO SAD THOUGH) and I wish you the best of luck in your challenge! It certainly was a sad ending :(


~Jess :D

Author's Response: I do that to myself too sometimes. :p

Thank you for all your compliments, you're far too kind! :D

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #32, by Jess the EnthusiastLove, Damned Love, and Statistics: III. Getting the Girl to the Ball

12th March 2013:
I love the way you ended this! I still have to read And Capers Ensue, but I love how this is set in the same universe. I'll know though that I'll have some intense shipping feels once I read it and James makes an appearance haha.

Great job! :D

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! It's actually quite odd - the Capers universe spawned from this universe accidentally. I never meant to do it!

♥ thank you for reading! c:

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Review #33, by Jess the EnthusiastLove, Damned Love, and Statistics: II. Getting the Girl

12th March 2013:
Awww this is so cute onto the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: I think this is /the/ cutest chapter I have ever written for anything ever xD

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Review #34, by Jess the EnthusiastLove, Damned Love, and Statistics: I. The Girl

12th March 2013:
I don't know why I haven't read this before now, but I love it!!! You always have the most unique plot lines :D

Author's Response: Aw, thanks Jess c:

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Review #35, by Jess the EnthusiastCanis Major: Wanting Warmth

9th March 2013:
Ahhh loved this chapter!!! I thought the break-up between Henry and Keira was really realistic; I mean, it wouldn't make sense for them to have this huge blow up and leave on bad terms from what we've seen of their relationship, so great job with that! I was surprised with myself by being a little saddened by their break up but now she can get closer to Sirius!!! SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!! I know it's gonna take some but it's gonna happen and I'm unbelievably stoked about it. Sirius going to go find her (AND THEN CARRYING HER BACK TO THE COMMON ROOM OH MY GOD) was the cutest thing ever and they're gonna be such a power couple that I won't even be able to handle it.

So great job! Super excited for the next chapter!


~Jess :D


And woohoo Keira/Sirius moments! Bring on the power couple (Y)

Ahhh, Jess. I'm so excited that you liked this, and I'll hurry up and finish writing the next chapter just for you. *hugs*

- Adele xx

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Review #36, by Jess the EnthusiastCanis Major: Game. Set. Match.

9th March 2013:
Wonderful chapter! I can imagine writing Quidditch scenes to be hard, but you did a really great job with it! I loved the Hufflepuff commentator by the way - very funny! AND GRYFFINDOR WON WOO!!! So happy about that! That'll show stupid Henry; his comment way so out of line, by the way. I can't wait for her to break things off with him and then go for Sirius because they are seriously (pun intended) perfect for each other - that moment they had together in the beginning was just perfect and asdfghjkl love them.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful chapter! And onto the next one!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hahaha, 'pun intended'.

But hooray for Quidditch! And hooray for Gryffindor catching the snitch! And hooray for Henry being shown up! And hooray for Keira/Sirius moments! An hooray for finally answering your review! (Whoops!)

Seriously though, I'm so glad you liked it. You know how much your opinion means to me, Jess. ^_^

Hopefully you'll like the next chapter even better as there are more Keira/Sirius scenes. :D

- A. ^_^

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Review #37, by Jess the EnthusiastStrings: Strings

20th February 2013:
Hi there! This is Jess the Enthusiast here with your long overdue review for the John Green Quotes Challenge! I apologize for being an equally lazy and horrible person; I feel so bad that it's been so long since the challenge ended and I have several entries to read and review! I'm hoping to get to them all today and tomorrow and have the results posted this week! Again, I am so sorry for the wait.

When I read the summary for this story, I was very excited to read it! The Marauders Era is my favorite, but I don't read enough Remus stories as I should. Not that I don't adore him, it's just that he gets lost in the shuffle because I'm so caught up with the Potter tragedy, Sirius' unfair imprisonment, and Peter's betrayal. So I often forget about Remus and the deep pain he is undoubtedly feeling because of all this. But you wrote his story incredibly well and you reminded me why I should pay more attention to his aftermath because he lost everything that night.

You received one of the more abstract and difficult quotes if you ask me and I think you utilized it perfectly. I loved how it was an overall theme to the piece and it really emphasized the pain and emptiness he must have been feeling.

I really loved the characterizations and while Remus was just perfect (you wrote his emotions wonderfully), I really have to compliment you on Dumbledore. I can imagine him being a really difficult character to write for because his philosophical one-liners run the risk of being cheesy and hippy-ish. I didn't get that from your writing whatsoever and I'm really impressed. He was Dumbledore - plain and simple.

I also loved how you brought up the rest of the Wizarding World's celebrating and how Remus would feel about it. It makes sense; I mean to them all the pain is over, but to him it continues. Voldemort was gone, but it was at the price of two lives - people who were very important to Remus.

So I know this was a really long review filled with only compliments, but I can honestly say nothing constructive about this. I just really loved it! And I don't think you need to fix or change anything!

Really wonderful job! Thank you so much for entering my challenge. Again, I am so sorry for the long delay but I will get this done - pinky swear!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hi Jess! Don't worry about the wait! This is such a lovely and long review, so I definitely don't mind the wait. And thanks again for the challenge! I adore John Green. Can't wait to see the results!

I agree that Remus often gets lost in the shuffle, which is sad because he's such a complicated and interesting character. I'm always on the look-out for new Remus fics. And I've always wanted to write this exact story, just never got around to it. When I saw the quote you gave me, I knew it would be perfect for this!

The quote was abstract, but it's such a poignant and significant quote that I thought would be perfect for weaving through as a theme rather than just thrown in. I'm really glad it worked!

I'm glad Remus's emotions came through. I just imagine him as feeling so utterly lost and unable to figure out what to do with himself. Dumbledore is so hard to write! I've written his portrait before in other stories, as well as a bit of him in my Marauders novel, but he never gets any easier. I completely agree with it being easy to give him cheesy one-liners. I'm very glad he didn't come off that way.

The idea of the wizarding world celebrating the disappearance of Voldemort after James & Lily's deaths has been something that's stuck with me ever since I first read Sorcerer's Stone a decade ago (wow, now I feel old). It just seemed odd to me that people would celebrate when James and Lily were just murdered, but I suppose throughout history that has happened with wars.

Aww, I'm so happy you enjoyed this! It was so much fun to write (and a little sad). Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #38, by Jess the EnthusiastCanis Major: Brownie Hunters In Their Natural Habitat

9th February 2013:
Adele!!! This is the moment I have been waITING FOR OH MY GOD AHHH!!!

Sorry that this isn't going to be much of a sane review but Kiera and Sirius had MOMENTS together and not just little moments but BIG moments like whole SCENES together moments and I'm just like blarg asdfghjkjksadhfg dyinggg


(I am so sorry for all this haha)


~Jess :D

Author's Response: This was the first chapter I ever wrote for this story, Jess. I have been waiting for this even longer than you have. D:

AND I KNOW, RIGHT? *dances*

He is gonna play Quidditch (next chapter) and they are going to fall in love (eventually) and perfection will be accomplished (#FTW)

And I love you, never be sorry, and I need to catch up on your stories; it's been way too long. D:

- A. :)

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Review #39, by Jess the EnthusiastClash: Gold

9th February 2013:
my brain right now:


wow that ending - just wow

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Review #40, by Jess the EnthusiastCanis Major: In Need of Naps

22nd January 2013:
Hi Adele! I'm so glad that you updated! I've been having similar problems with slow updates so I know how you're feeling - so take your time, we understand :D

And I loved this chapter! I guess we're finally seeing the cracks in Henry's perfection. Not that I want Keira to be unhappy and faced with a bad break-up, but I'm really excited for when she ends her relationship with him and starts dating Sirius (BECAUSE HE'S SO ALLURING AND MYSTERIOUS OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM). Which brings me to Sirius' birthday party; I can only imagine all of the beautiful moments they'll have together. And I know he'll eventually agree to play Chaser - he couldn't do something like that to James. And I also feel really bad about Rebecca's dad; that's so sad :/

So okay, I know this review has been all over the place, but great job! I'm excited for the next update! :D


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Oh my God, Jess! Ah, how I've missed you. Yeah, life is such a pain at the moment, and I've just had no time or will to write. :/

Haha, I love Henry, I do, but things just don't work out the way he'd like them, too. The problem with Ravenclaws, is that they don't understand why other people can't see their logic, or why they don't play the smartest move every turn. Gryffindors are willing to pass up on Check if it means it they can get Checkmate later. Ravenclaws just want to finish the game.

That doesn't make any sense, though, does it? :/

The next chapter is with my Beta and should be up soon (Huzzah!) so I'm not saying anything because spoilers. :P

Ahh, I need to read Wobderland. I've been gone for far too long and have misses updates (however slow. You were always a better updater than me).

Thank you, Jess! ^_^

- Adele :)

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Review #41, by Jess the EnthusiastSunshine: An Engagement Party To Remember

21st January 2013:
Great chapter! I really hope that this means that James will finally break up with Henrietta and Amelie with Ewan! Can't wait for the next update :D

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #42, by Jess the EnthusiastClash: Snap

18th January 2013:
Great chapter!!! I can't wait to see how this whole thing pans out - and James' three day stay at the Bennett's. Should be interesting, to say the least :D

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Review #43, by Jess the EnthusiastWelcome to Blunderland: { 16 }

27th November 2012:
Yay update! I know how you feel about being busy - I'm glad though that you were able to find the time to write! I really loved this chapter but I have absolutely no theories for what could possibly be going on - honestly, I don't and I wish I did. Because Albus (*cough* pretty much my favorite person ever *cough*) is acting really strange and I don't know what to think of it and I'm really sad for Scorpius. Like, I mean, I hope Draco's okay. And that Scorpius isn't in danger. And that Albus isn't doing anything horrible (WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM) and that the two aren't related. Gaaahhh I'm going crazy over this but that's okay because this story is amazing and I love it.

And can I just say that Flora is as awesome as ever? I loved this line:

"This is where I come to be a loser when Iím not too busy publicly being a loser."

Great chapter! Excited for the next update! :D


~Jess :D

Author's Response: yay! (and I've put up another since you left this review because I'm poor at responding...). ahha! I like that you have no theories! the truth, sadly, is just too depressing to bear :C

albus is just an average guy. average guys are a bit of a let down, really. thus ~angst~

draco is, well, you'll see. and scorpius, well, you'll see. he's certainly not out of the woods yet, to put it one way.

plot twist: albus is actually a serial killer. yep. that's the twist.

thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #44, by Jess the EnthusiastReality: Reality

25th November 2012:
Hi there! This is Jess from the forums with your John Green Quote Challenge review; I am so sorry for the lateness! I've just been so busy and lazy lately but I'm here now haha. First off, thank you so much for entering my challenge!

So I was extremely excited when I saw that this was a Jily oneshot, because, well, Jily is my OTP! Seriously, they're my absolute favorite :)

I really liked the context in which you used the quote I gave you; it truly is a treacherous thing to think that a person is more than a person and in many fanfiction stories, James makes quite a habit of doing that in regards to Lily. It was really nice that we got a glimpse into her flaws and that her flaws are what he really likes about her rather than her imagined "perfection."

This oneshot was really sweet and very fluffy - extremely cute! Everything James said was really adorable and romantic. I also really appreciated how Lily didn't do the formulaic "I hate you Potter! Oh wait you got really hot and you just told me that you love so I love you too!" Thank you; I really can't stand Jily stories like that haha. My only criticism would be that I wish there was a bit more characterization that was unique to your own James and Lily. They had a lot of qualities that are seen in other fan fictions and there's nothing wrong with that; I just wish I could learn more about /your/ characters if that makes sense. But it was really good; I enjoyed this!

Thank you so much for entering this challenge! Hope you had fun writing it :D


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hi Jess!

Haha, Jily is my favorite - always! There are no words to describe my adoration for this ship - it is the ultimate of all OTPs, in my opinion.

Thank you! For some reason, the quote just screamed Jily because I hate all those cliches you mentioned about James and Lily. It's just not how I imagined them at all. Thanks for the criticism, I totally get what you were trying to say. Thanks for the review!


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Review #45, by Jess the Enthusiastetc. etc. (and life goes on): Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

21st November 2012:
So I was hoping that I'd be able to write this review like a normal person and not fangirl too much but I don't know if I can do that. Because that ending there? I just about had the biggest spaz attack in the history of forever when I read that bit. I mean, oh my god I'm so shocked but my ship like got together for real and it's most likely gonna be really complicated from now on but I'm finding myself not caring! I feel so victorious right now, like I won something haha.

But anywho, I really loved this chapter (and for more than just the ending!) I loved how the four of them had a dramatic and drunk reading of Appy's manuscript; it was too funny!

So yeah, loved this chapter so very much and I'm so excited for the next update!!!


~Jess :D

PS: My review is early this time! Yay!

Author's Response: Bahaha, I felt like, the collective freak out when I opened my unanswered reviews this morning xD it was so fun to read all of them. I KNOW THE FEELING THOUGH. I always ship doomed ships in my fandoms, so any little thing I get is like VICTORY! And I had waaay too much fun writing Appy's story. No wonder Appy likes writing it ;D

♥ thank you so much! ^__^

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Review #46, by Jess the EnthusiastBeing Summer: The One That's Taken a Long Time

18th November 2012:
Hello Ellie dear! Lovely chapter as per usual! I'm so happy that James and Summer went on their date - you know how long I've been waiting for something like that to happen! And James told her that he's in love with her!!! AHHH!!! But what the crap is wrong with Summer? I mean, seriously, she is really annoying me. Because, like, she has James hanging on a thread and it's not right or fair. She gets so mad at him for the littlest things and he's constantly on edge about what to say because he doesn't want to get her mad, he never knows his place with her - like are they in a relationship or not - and it's just not fair. I mean, he's her confident for all of her problems, she holds his hand, goes on a date with him, let's him pay for her, kisses him, freaking sleeps with him, and yet according to her they're not a couple? And she doesn't have the decency to reply when he tells her that he's in love with her? I just feel like she's almost leading him on; I mean, why do all of those things - why sleep with him - if she doesn't love him? I just don't get her right now; as you can probably tell, I'm pretty frustrated with Summer.

But I love James. Always.

Can't wait for the next chapter, Ellie! Hopefully Summer will not muck it all up and make me want to karate chop her through my computer screen :P


~Jessie :D

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Review #47, by Jess the Enthusiastetc. etc. (and life goes on): The Casualties of War

17th November 2012:
Hi there! I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to read and review this! (I feel like I'm saying that in every review I'm writing lately). Things have just been really busy at school.

But this chapter was absolutely amazing - I think it is my favorite yet! Like, I don't even know how to describe what was so perfect about this; it just was. It was funny, there was great action, and, well, you know how much I love a good Albus/Clemence scene. Fortunately for me, there were several. And they were all squeal worthy.

But it wasn't just the scenes between those two that I loved. Every scene that Appy is in, I am completely torn between laughing hysterically and being terrified because she is so ridiculous that it's funny, but she's also insane. I always worry for Clemence's safety whenever she's around. AND CLEMENCE WAS ATTACKED!! I WAS SO SCARED FOR HER! But then Albus came...and he sort of made it better but also not really. But whatever, they're amazing together so it doesn't even matter.

And I think Clemence is doing the right thing with the Dom/Rose Feud. I mean, I know it's pretty low of her but I feel like Dom is sneaky and she has something planned. I don't know, I guess I'm just on Team Rose haha.

So wonderful wonderful chapter! And congrats on your Dobby Award!!! I'm so happy for you; you deserve it! Can't wait for the next update!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: It's so funny because I think you always review just before I post a new chapter xD

This was one of those chapters that, when it came together, I was like OH MY GOD IT FITS SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT DID IN MY HEAD when usually, the opposite happens.

I like to think of Appy as a pair of safety scissors. It looks harmless until you cut your finger off and get tetanus and start foaming at the mouth. That sounds fairly accurate.

Bahaha, I do need more Team Rose amongst the reviewers. I think most people would agree that Clemence has her heart(less) in the right place. It's never easy when you have to step in and slap around a friend so they don't ruin their lives, but there's no real answer. Humans D: so complicated.

Thank you so much! ^__^ Eee, I love the wee rectangle box. It's so cool!

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Review #48, by Jess the EnthusiastSunshine: Albert Greybeard and his Fascinating Stories

17th November 2012:
I'm so happy that you updated! This was a really great chapter :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #49, by Jess the EnthusiastClash: Hero

6th November 2012:
I don't even know what to say; I am just floored and I can't wait for the next chapter

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Review #50, by Jess the EnthusiastTurning the Tables: Epilogue: This is the Story of Us All

6th November 2012:
Rebecca! I am so very proud of you for completing this story! I've been following it since last year when it was at only nine or ten chapters and I can't believe that it's over! I have loved reading every word and I'm so glad that this story led to you and I being friends; you are a brilliant person and writer and you tell stories beautifully. I think what I really love about Turning the Tables is that not only did I get to squeal over James Potter every update, but it deals with real issues and your characters have real problems. Corinne's strength and her growth over the past 29 chapters is incredibly inspiring and I loved going on that journey with her! And I thought this was a wonderful way to end her story; I'm so happy (as you can imagine) that she and James are together (marriage? Yes? No?) and I thought you did the graduation scene perfectly. I know that you went through this yourself, but I just want to say that you did such a great job with it that it brought up a lot of feelings from when I graduated so I thought it was incredibly affective! It was just a wonderful way to end a wonderful story - as sad as I am to see it go. Ending it with Corinne and Dom was a perfect choice :D

So I'm super excited for whatever comes next for you! Beauty Queen is in fact on my reading list so I will get to it as soon as I find the time!

Lots of love, deary!! I'm so proud of you!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: JESS! How sad is this?! It's my last ever reply to your review on this story :(

I'm still so flattered you like the story, and have been following it for so long. I swear, if I didn't write it, I would've grown sick of it and given up on it by now. But yes, I'm so happy you stuck with it because now we're friends and you're a great friend and I get to tell people Jess the Enthusiast who writes Wonderland is MY friend.

Yes, Corinne's growth definitely was a big one. It took her quite a while to become someone I could actually tolerate. And I somehow made a way for her and James to be together. As for marriage... well I'm writing a sequel so... you'll just have to see. Although I suggest you don't read it because I know a lot of people won't like it.

Ahah and yeah the graduation scene was really sad for me to write because I went through the same thing. Literally right after I graduated I ran to my best friend and I cried and then we took pictures with our crew (aka the guys who inspired Chaise Wyatt and Tyson) and we were both just really sad and it was really hard, because we're all at separate schools.

Thank you so much for reviewing and making me smile :)

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