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Review #1, by HarmoniIs it Real, or Just Another Crush?: The Plan

24th February 2012:
Great Story, do you want me to make you a banner?

Author's Response: That would be great!!! Thank you so much!!

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Review #2, by HarmoniStill Delicate: Repercussions

3rd January 2012:
well, i know that you are quite busy and all, but you have only replied to ONE review, and i think it would be really nice if you just replied to some of your fans! Not all, just a few! It'll only take you a few seconds, just say 'thank you' or something!

other than that, great chapter and an urge to read more

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. I hope you understand that I am very busy with real life stuff, and my top priority when it comes to HPFF is getting new chapters written, and reading my reviews. While I hardly have the time to do even this, I really don't have the time to reply all of the time, and I'm sorry if that makes you angry. I just think that people would prefer an update to a generic 'thank you' on their reviews. I appreciate each and every review more than the reviewers could ever know, and I hope you don't feel that my not responding reviews is me under-appreciating them. I always make a point of thanking my reviewers in the Author's Notes, and I really do mean that.

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Review #3, by HarmoniHey, Fred: Hey, Fred

31st December 2011:
Aww, this made me so sad, yet so happy that they finally get to be together :) really nicely written.

one suggestion.maybe from fred's p.o.v, another one-shot?

i hope you write more !

Author's Response: Thank you!! Yeah, another one from Fred's POV has always been floating around in my head but I don't think I'll be writing it anytime soon. I like this one as is too much, haha. Thanks again (:

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Review #4, by HarmoniStill Delicate: Arrogance

30th December 2011:
oh my god. all i am thinking is 'please don't kill aiden'

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Review #5, by HarmoniStill Delicate: Weekend At Jenny's: Part I

30th December 2011:
i've just had the best pre new year's eve ever! Just reading this! you are so good at writing and this deserves to win every dobby award there is!
10/10 as always!

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Review #6, by HarmoniStill Delicate: New Years, Old Years, They're All The Same

30th December 2011:
So many twists and turns. I can't stop reading!

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Review #7, by HarmoniStill Delicate: The Crup And The Cow

30th December 2011:
So addicting! I really really am into this story. Can't wait to read more! 10/10

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Review #8, by HarmoniHermione's Return: In which Hermione asks for permission

12th December 2011:
This is SO GOOD! just wondering, what is the thingy on the floor that Kreacher did and Harry got mad at him for? I like how you make Ron sound so much like him... He's so funny!

Author's Response: Hmm..I'm actually not sure :P
Thanks for your review!

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Review #9, by HarmoniBeckoning Bliss: Ron: The Funeral

4th December 2011:
This is one of the best stories i have ever read! I just can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: oh thanks Harmoni. I tried to make it subtle. I'm glad you liked it

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Review #10, by HarmoniFly away: Things always start off weird

26th November 2011:
This is really beautifully written, and was actually quite intriguing.

I pulled up this story, expecting to find an h/hr fic, and instead I found a hidden gem.

I think you should reclassify who exactly you are talking about here.


weasley is not spelled wesly

beautiful story, and hope to read more 9/10

A/N unless you are going to include h/hr, you might want to change the ships/pairings to oc/oc or something like that

check out mine, click on my name :)

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Review #11, by HarmoniSherbet Lemons: Sherbet Lemons

6th November 2011:
Hi.I love the ideas you choose for all of your stories. They are all amazing and creative. I never would have thought of this in a million years. One thing, though, is that your chapters are very long. That's usually a good thing, but if you split them up, its more appealing to the eye. When I read one of these chapters, my eye immediately goes to the long, chunky paragraphs. I think you should break them up a little so it will be more appealing. Amazing job though, I never thought about it this way.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, this is actually rather helpful! I've seen quite a few stories that only have a couple thousand words each chapter, and I wanted to make mine more like an actual novel, or more like the actual HP books. But if you think it would be better to change it slightly, I may try and re-work them slightly. About this story though, thanks! I really appreciate your view.

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Review #12, by HarmoniNatural Disaster: Rememberance

6th November 2011:
Really Nice! I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, I plan to as soon as I fix my microsoft word.

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Review #13, by HarmoniWhat Fate Wants: Bittersweet Mornings

21st October 2011:

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Review #14, by HarmoniWinning Hermione: Fighting

12th October 2011:
OMG you updated! I AM SO HAPPY!!! I have been reading this story for the past year or so begging for an update! i must say, i was very sad when harry left. i would have loved an h/hr fic. So happy to hear about Ethan, I remember first reading about him a few months ago. he must be so cute!!! Please update soon! this is so interesting!!! 10/10

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Review #15, by HarmoniTwo Times the Escape: Privite Drive Indeed!

9th October 2011:
Ok. So are Aunt Daisy and Uncle Viktor AU or are they supposed to be Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. I actually like it, but Kami Kanto is a weird name for Harry's twin, considering they don't have the same last name. Why is that? I like how its like harry potter, but its not. read mine...? click on my

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Review #16, by HarmoniAt The Orphanage: Birthdays and Outings

9th October 2011:
I like it. I always wanted to know a little more about riddle in the orphanage. I really like how you use Tom's character, and portray it in a little boy. Review on my name :)

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Review #17, by HarmoniHarry Potter and the Four Founding Heirs: Healers, Hogwarts letters, and Death Eaters

29th September 2011:
I don't want to be harsh, but this isn't very good.
1. Grammar and spelling is bad, please proofread
2. This is very hard to believe.
3. Why in the world would Harry feel like crying?

I can't appreciate it. 3/10

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Review #18, by HarmoniJourney To The Aisle: Bonded For Life

23rd September 2011:
This was so good! I almost wanted to cry, I was so happy. Maybe you could describe the wedding dress again. I sort of forgot what it looked like. I really hope you will write a sequel. You are an amazing author and I am so happy whenever i see you have added a chapter. Please update!

Author's Response: Aww to be called amazing, i think it's the highst compliment to be paid. I am so sorry I have taken long in updating but right now school and writer's block are the ugly reasons that are holding me back. I am so flattered =)

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Review #19, by HarmoniSomeone Like You: Someone Like You

23rd September 2011:
I was going to write something like this! Instead I did Make you feel my love. I like it. I found it really interesting but sweet and I just love this song. Check out mine if you have the time, just click on Harmoni.

Author's Response: Well thanks!! I tried looking for your story but couldn't find it, but I have read What I Was by you before and I really liked it. Anyways, I'll keep an eye open for your story. And thanks for the review!!

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Review #20, by HarmoniDreams in Which I'm Dying: Dreams in Which I'm Dying

9th September 2011:
I have always been intrigued by this subject, and this is beautifully written. I love how you incorporated the magic, and you are truly an amazing author. Keep writing!

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Review #21, by HarmoniJourney To The Aisle: Wild night Out

25th August 2011:
I can't believe there's only one more chapter! I would love a sequel, maybe with kids and stuff.? Please Please PLEASE write more!!! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm heavily leaning on writing another sequel to this =)

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Review #22, by HarmoniKiss of Death: As I leave it

23rd August 2011:
This is the one of the BEST h/hr fics I have ever read. I hope you update soon! I love this story!

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Review #23, by HarmoniThe Real Thing: The Real Thing

22nd August 2011:
My absolute FAVORITE STORY!!! I've read this story over and over again, and I LOVE IT! I love all of your stories! It's pure h/hr goodness. Please post another story!

Author's Response: wow I feel so honored you feel that way!! it really means alot.

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Review #24, by HarmoniBring On The Night: Miss Tough Girl Has a Issue

22nd August 2011:
I like it! Usually I'm not a fan of crossovers but this one was good! I can't believe it's your first story! It's SO GOOD! Update ASAP!

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Review #25, by HarmoniA Twisted Dream: A Witch

22nd August 2011:
Hi! I love this story and I hope you update soon! It's almost as if J.K Rowling herself wrote it! It's so believable and real! I saw your name in "Favorite Story of..." and I was so touched that you liked my story! Thank you so much for posting and reading my story!

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