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Review #1, by PalurienHarry Potter and the Mysterious Power of Love: Birth Date Surprise

20th March 2011:
Hey there! Really liked this series and appreciate it greatly :)
I have a problem though. This site is very difficult to read when using my cellphone when away from the pc. Would it be possible to upload this story to somewhere like fanfiction . net too? I really want to read it and not be annoyed by very small text size and odd format :/

Author's Response: I've been meaning to do that for sometime. I set up an account and everything, just haven't done the transfer. Some day soon I will.
Thanks for reading it and liking it!

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Review #2, by PalurienGraínne: Graínne (The Sorting Feast)

20th March 2011:
Back when I started reading fanfiction this was one of my favourite stories around and I still like it very much. But I was wondering, would it be possible to upload your stories to fanfiction . net too? I usually read stories on my cellphone while away from my pc, hpff . com have a very annoying textsize and format, making me hestitant to read it again :/

Author's Response: Thank you for asking! I used to have my work there, but for some reason ff. net and my computer did not communicate very well. When my email address changed, I was unable to make the change there. When my repeated requests for assistance were ignored, I made the decision to withdraw my work from the site. I suppose it's possible that I could open a new account there with my current information... I'll look into that.

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