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Review #26, by sophie_elle_malfoyEvacuate The Dance Floor: Partnered With The Devil

19th January 2012:
Damn, now I can't get rid of a hot Sirius Black from my head. I'm imagining his abs while I'm writing this review.

Anyway, it's great, I like the story. It's not like any other serious (hihi, serious/Sirius) Sirius/OC I've read.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like how Sirius is being written! It's not always easy writing a 17 year old boy, I think we can all be serious and hilarious at the same time. :) thanks for the review! xoxoxo

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Review #27, by sophie_elle_malfoyEvacuate The Dance Floor: Prologue: Mandatory Dance Lessons

19th January 2012:
Wow, the prologue is already interesting enough. I have to admit, not every story I read I reviewed. I don't mean to brag about it, but I only reviewed the best (in my opinion). And I think, yours is one of the best.

Author's Response: Wow! That is means so much to me, thank you so much, I really appreciate your review! xoxo

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Review #28, by sophie_elle_malfoyPassionate Kisses And Crashed Wedding Plans: Chapter 3: Caught in action.

19th January 2012:
Well, this is not exactly the Draco/Ginny I thought it will be. It's different, but in a good way.

Btw, what exactly is wrong with Draco? How bad is his sickness? And please, don't tell me he's going to die because he got leukemia/brain-tumor or anything that'll cause death.

I'll wait for your next chapter,

Author's Response: What's wrong with Draco, will be explained in the next chapter. I just wrote it, and it is going through validation now. It should be up in tree days time. :)

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Review #29, by sophie_elle_malfoyJust Decide: Farewell

15th January 2012:
I hate you for making me crying. But, I love you for making me crying. Isn't that weird? Well, my friends always said that I'm kind of insane for some moments :P

So, again, I'm crying like mad, as you know. I hate it how Hermione said goodbye to Draco and those annoying guards disturbed it. Nevertheless, it's a good touch. One of the reasons I cried.

But, my favourite part is the part where Narcissa went to Draco's room and mourning after Draco's shirt. It's just so touching and so sad. I couldn't imagine if Narcissa was my mother and she must faced that I, her only child, will be dead in a few days, convicted for something that I didn't do. My mum will be so devastated. Maybe, after I'm dead, she'll hang herself.

I really like it how you made every chapter with so many emotional, but not too hyperbolic. I think, this is by far your best story, and I'm dying to read your next chapter.

I hope you had a great time as a college student and I'm waiting for your next chapter.

Love your story forever,
Sophie ;)

Author's Response: I completely understand! Sometimes I love to feel those heartbreaking emotions. Oh thank you so much!

It was a really hard thing to write, but I wanted to capture her sadness. Aw thank you so much! I am! Thanks dear!

Love you forever!


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Review #30, by sophie_elle_malfoyJust Decide: The Deliberation

15th January 2012:
I'm crying, oh God, I'm crying like mad. :'(

My mum even questioned me why was I crying.

I love this story, especially this chapter. It's so deep and I don't think any story could make me cry like this again. I'm crying over the thought of Draco will be sentenced when he's actually innocent. That's a terrible faith, even for a world class criminal.

I'll wait for your next chapter, hoping that it won't make me cry again. ;)

Author's Response: Oh sorry dear, but I cried so much too while writing this :) Aww thank you so much!


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Review #31, by sophie_elle_malfoyPotter, Please Tell Her Something: Part 2: Incomplete

15th January 2012:
Oh, tears not only fell from my eyes, they fell like a water from a tap. Profusely.

I loved it. I really, really, loved it. I actually have read it a year ago, but I couldn't find it again to write the review. And now, I'm glad I found it, at last.

Btw, I also loved your story, "Just Decided." It's so romantic and I couldn't bare the thought of Draco (more like Tom Felton) being sentenced to death.

I promise I'll keep reading your other stories.
Sophie ;)

Author's Response: Aww sorry I didn't give a tissue warning :) Aw thank you so much! I'm glad you like my other ones!


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Review #32, by sophie_elle_malfoyTimes change everything: Confusion

14th January 2012:
I always knew a kiss would shut Hermione up :P Sometimes, she's just too bloody noisy (based on Rowling's description).

Btw, you did great. I like this chapter. Please post the next chapter faster.

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Review #33, by sophie_elle_malfoyFix You: Fix You

2nd January 2012:
Aw, this is so sweet :3

A song-fiction of Coldplay's Fix You could never be any good as this story did. You should give yourself a pat on your shoulder ;)

Sophie ;)

Author's Response: Haha thanks :) im glad you liked it. im currently writting a rose/scorpius story so look out for it :)

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Review #34, by sophie_elle_malfoyExceptional: Real Sisters

2nd January 2012:
I'm really offended, you know. :P

Somehow, this story is so like what I happened to me last year. I had to deal with my younger sister that she thought she was just a failure and will never make my Dad proud of her. Well, my Dad isn't really like Bill (Lucy's father is Bill Weasley, right?), but he did think that my sister could be as good as I did at school. I don't mean to brag, but Molly and I are so alike. It took me a few months to build up my sister's courage. She's now top in class, like I always knew she would be. I had a good laugh when I read this story, though I'm not sure why laughed.

But, I don't blame you. You didn't know that someone will experienced this. And I think, you did a great job of making this story. It's so realistic but not boring.

I like it, a lot.
Sophie ;)

Author's Response: Ha, wow. I guess I'm not really surprised that someone has lived through this, through either character. I'm the oldest so I never actually had this experience, although my mom was always telling me I could do better, or if I did well, I should keep it up and so on. At least, like Molly, you faced the issue and took it upon yourself to help your younger sister. I'm sure it meant a lot to her.

Lucy's dad is actually Percy, though, just so you know. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and that you laughed, even if you don't know why you laughed. And because you've been through this sort of thing, I'm especially happy you thought it was realistic. And I'm super glad you did not think it was boring, lol.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #35, by sophie_elle_malfoyWonders of the Giant Squid: The Wonders of the Giant Squid

1st January 2012:
This is quite a laugh, really. I couldn't stop laughing, even when I'm writing this review XD

I was spending three hours of reading some fluffy fanfictions (Harry Potter ones, Covenant, X-Men, Titanic) when my friend recommended me this story - your story. I was sick with those fluffy fics and this is story is a good fresh one to start another fics with.

I loved it ;)

Author's Response: Well, thank you, really. I hadn't expected it too be funny, as my strong suit is the twisting/darkish/desperation stories. Better than I thought and thanks for taking the time to review! -Triss *^_^*

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Review #36, by sophie_elle_malfoyFebruary 30th: February 30th

1st January 2012:
Wow, those last words Draco said was so sweet. I wonder when will a guy said that to me :P

Btw, it took me quite long to comprehend the 'February 30th comes'. My mind was about to think something negative when I finally realised that February was only until 28th and until the 29th in leap year.

I liked your story. The words Draco said was the most creatively romantic thing I've ever read. You did a great- no, FANTASTIC JOB of making this one-shot.

Sophie ;)

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Review #37, by sophie_elle_malfoyHow Far Would You Go?: Aftermath

1st January 2012:
This is the most romantic chapter of this story. I loved it, a lot. Btw, when will you post the next chapter? Or is it already completed? Still, I think you did a great job of making this story. 'Choices and Chances' is one of my favourite Dramione ;)

Author's Response: Hello,

Thank you for your review.

I have an epilogue in progress but getting what I want from my head into writing is always the hard part. But it will be romantic, I promise.

Love Pepper

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Review #38, by sophie_elle_malfoySpeak Now: Wedding of the Century

29th December 2011:
It's amazing, really ;)
This is a really different version of other Dramione Speak Now song-fiction.
Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. You flatter me, :)

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Review #39, by sophie_elle_malfoySecond Chance to Change: First year again

28th December 2011:
Remember me, the one who your story? The Draco/Ginny one? Well, I really loved this story of yours and I can't wait to read the next chapters.

Author's Response: thank you so much :) ive run into a bit of writers block for their third year but i dont think it ill last long

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Review #40, by sophie_elle_malfoyLast Hope: Saying Goodbye

16th December 2011:
I'm crying my eyes out. Oh, this chapter is the best chapter in this story.
And by the way, Sophie Malfoy and I shared the same name :P

Author's Response: Mission accomplished ;D Also, not gonna lie. I;m a little bit jealous. Beautiful name :)

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Review #41, by sophie_elle_malfoyBut She's Just a Mudblood!: Love bites

12th December 2011:
Ow, it's so sweet :3 I like it how Ron gives his hanky to Pansy. Good job, I love your story :D

Author's Response: Dear sophie_elle_malfoy,

Thank you so much for reviewing this story! I always feel that Ron/Pansys are very unexploited and that most people don't really appreciate them as much- "not realistic" when I consider Dramione's to be just as realistic as Ransy's. Anyways, I'll quit babbling, but really, thanks for reviewing!


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Review #42, by sophie_elle_malfoyHis Darkest Hour: The Kiss That Changed Everything

3rd December 2011:
Aw, poor Draco.
This story is so sad yet so deeply touching.
I was crying like a water from a tap.

I know exactly how Draco felt. Once, I was in his position - well, sort of. I was in a tough situation and this boy, who was the kind of kid that I always told to avoid, came, comforting me like we've been friends since forever. But I was in a relationship and he also was. So, when he was away for months to take care things in his family (his parents were about to divorce), I moved from that school, following where my boyfriend went.

It's a great story and I really love it :')

Author's Response: this story is very sad, i almost cried too when i was writing it. i'm glad you can relate to this in a way and i hope you get your happy ending unlike draco and hermione here. thanks for the review and for takign the time to read it :)

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Review #43, by sophie_elle_malfoyBetter Than I Know Myself: I Love You

3rd December 2011:
This is definitely one of the best Dramione fanfic from my best five list. I've read about 167 Dramione fics so far :P I'm waiting for the next chapter.


Author's Response: oh that is so nice. i think, because you said that, i will write up the next couple of chapters i have. i only have plans so far so i think i'll actually write them now. that means so much *tears in eyes*
thanks sophie

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Review #44, by sophie_elle_malfoyThe Aftermath: One.

19th November 2011:
Oh, that was a terrible fate for Hermione :( But, you did a great job, though :)

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Review #45, by sophie_elle_malfoyYou Were Mine First: You Were Mine First

28th October 2011:
I loved you story. I read it and I cried. I read it to my friends and they cried. And I'm thoroughly sorry to know that this was what happened to you.
I hope you find someone like 'him' or even better :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That's the best review I could get:) And thanks for the sympathy, I'm glad you liked it:)

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Review #46, by sophie_elle_malfoyForget Him: Forget Him.

28th October 2011:
This was the first time I hated Hermione. Well, I confess I'm a huge fan of Draco Malfoy/ Tom Felton. So, reading a story of Hermione treating Draco like that, I was pretty pissed :P Good job though. It was a new kind of Dramione I've ever read. Though I hated Hermione in this story, I loved your story ;)
Good work Lily!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I love Hermione and Draco, so this was tricky (but fun!) to write.


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Review #47, by sophie_elle_malfoyLove Never Dies: Hate and Peace: Daughter to Father

25th October 2011:
I cried, really :') I have a friend that has a story almost like this. So, I really know what Evangeline felt. You did a GREAT job ;)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad to know it sounds quite realistic! I thought for eons about how Draco's daughter would feel, because in my last one shot, he becomes reconciled with his son. I knew a daughter of Hermione wouldn't stand for being ignored. You've no idea how happy I was to see your review!

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Review #48, by sophie_elle_malfoySo What Do You Say?: Are You Sure?

23rd October 2011:
It was romantic and hilarious XD You did a good work ;)

Author's Response: aww.. thank you.. ^^,

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Review #49, by sophie_elle_malfoyAlways Have, Always Will: Always Have, Always Will

23rd October 2011:
You really want to know what I thought? I don't like it. I LOVE IT! You did a great job ;)

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Review #50, by sophie_elle_malfoySpeak Now: Speak Now

23rd October 2011:
Wow, this was the best Speak Now song fiction I've ever read. I read many Speak Now song fictions before (mostly Dramione, Scorpius/Rose) but this was the best. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you think I did the song justice! Thanks again!!

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