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Review #26, by LunarLunaThe Ladykiller: Darkness

9th May 2012:
wow. I'm a little... bemused. I started reading this and was instantly... warpped into the story. Just following Bella. It's hard to explain but I just needed to "get there" to that point where I'd understand where the story was going. This was.. fascinating. The plot was quite simple, but the way it was written was... stunning.

I'm not quite sure how Lord Voldemort would've made himself "young again" (or most importantly, why he didn't care to keep that appearance) but I like it^^

You could see how he was manipulating her, and that was amazing. I really liked the way you portrayed both of them. I thought you rendered them justice.

So, wow! great job! :D



Author's Response: Hi June! It's sweet of you to come by :)

I think I sort of understand what you mean, and I'm pleased that you enjoyed following Bella and getting swept up along with her. I intended the plot to be simple, and it's great that you still felt like it had a big effect.

Well, I tried to make it clear in the story that Voldemort was using his own hair (from when he was young) to make Polyjuice Potion so he could transform into his younger, more attractive self. I could imagine him making those plans once he started to realize that his appearance was changing with each Horcrux he made. I felt like he would only pull the potion out for "special occasions", though, and I thought it would be a cool way to aid in his seduction of Bella, as well as another expression of his desire for immortality. I'm glad you liked it :)

It's lovely that you could see Voldemort manipulating Bella so easily, and that the portrayals both felt authentic to you. It's great to hear that I've done both of them well.

Thanks very much for your kind review!


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Review #27, by LunarLuna"Inspired By" Collection: Safe And Sound

9th May 2012:
aww... the ending made me smile :) So sweet^^
Taylor SWift is one of my guilty musical loves, and Safe and Sound is one of my tops... so sweet and gentle :)

This was a great One-Shot! I really love the concept of it, kinda like seeing Hermione in a different light, I thought you portraied her well. We all know she's a really though girl, but no one's perfect and I think you did a great job showing it!^^

I thought the story was slightly confusing at parts, For example at the begining of the fight scene, I had to re-read it a couple of times before I fully grasped what was going on. At first I was under the impression you were talking about the scene in the room of requirement and it didn't quiote make sense, took me a while before I understood it wasn't THAT fire xD

Other than that, it was great!^^ I thought you did an amazing job making the emotions clear and realistic even through third person (I kinda marvel when I see an author capable of that feat! For me it's pretty much first person or die xD)

Great one shot! :)



Author's Response: Thanks so much for the wonderful review :D

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Review #28, by LunarLunaChasing Madness: The Burrow, Where Nothing Happens.

9th May 2012:
Aww Dom is awesome!!^^ She's so sweet and optimistic, and kinda reminds me of an old friend I haven't seen in a while :3 Oh and Rose has feelings for Scorpius... sigh... I always love it when they hate each other... then again I also enjoy it when they like each other but still... Oh well!^^ It was going to happen soon as we all know xD

I wonder what a flying gerbil would look like...? *daydreams*

Haha! I hope you don't hate my reviews! I try to be constructive but often end up epicly failing and giving a very gushy and rambly review xD

Anyways this is great!^^ Update soon!! :)



Author's Response: It's a love/hate kind of feeling Rose has. It will be explained in more detail in the chapters to come, but don't worry, she won't suddenly start being all mushy and romantic!

Of course I don't hate your reviews! They're the best! Reviews are what keep me going, and the rambly ones are my favorites!

Chapter six is in the queue!

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Review #29, by LunarLunaChasing Madness: Let's Get Grizzly.

9th May 2012:
Haha! Eddie's great with his real/fake hair :P He's pretty funny I haven't really gotten the feel of his character yet...
There were actually one or two grammar mistakes in this chapter but nothing distracting. :P It's probably way better than what I write! xD I just seem to have a better talent at finding them in other stories :P

No you're right, there was something a little different in this chapter, dunno how to explain it though...



Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter has been less edited than the others, I just wrote it recently. I hope the mistakes weren't too bad!

I'm not sure what to think about Eddie yet... I don't know if I like him or not yet...

Anyway, thanks for all your reviews June (:

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Review #30, by LunarLunaChasing Madness: Rose, zero.

8th May 2012:
I think I'm in love! :3 Oh Scorpius! So rude and arrogant and well, sexy xD Again, this is gold. May their relashionship never move on any more than childish fights and sexual tension. Amen. :P

Oh and Lia is so adorable!! :3 She reminds me a of this little girl I babysit sometimes. Well, she's a little older now but I can still see the resemblance :P

Off to read the next chapter!!^^



Author's Response: Yeah, Lia is pretty cute (:

Scorp and Rose can't stay in hate forever, the story must go on, but I can promise you much sexual tension ^^

By the way, off topic observation of mine: You are the only person I've seen do that little face ---> ^^. I got it from when I lived in France, and I thought it was only a French thing (: Hmm...

Well anyway, I'm glad you like my story!

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Review #31, by LunarLunaChasing Madness: Why, Merlin?

8th May 2012:
Oh this is brilliant!!^^ Haha! I can't wait to read about how that will end up!!^^ Oh and I loved the Scorpius/Rose banter!! :3 This might sound strange but I hope they never turn into a lovey dovey couple. This relashionship is just golden!^^

I know what you mean, but the cliches are so loveable!! xD And it's not THAT unnusual, I've done overnight babysitting before, (just not at my worst ennemy's house xD)

In any case, I'm reading on!! :D



Author's Response: Never lovey dovey, hopefully, but there are definitly some affectionate feelings ahead. I like the snarky bickers they have, though, so those exchanges will never stop (:

Thanks again for your reviews!

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Review #32, by LunarLunaChasing Madness: The Boy is an Idiot.

8th May 2012:
A name like Scorose? ;) That's what I use (and many other people :P ) haha! I totally get you on dramione! Kinda get's on my nerves as well (not to offend anyone!) Scorose is nice ;) Personally I can only use it as a backround pairing. I never managed to write a story in Rose's POV, Oh well! Maybe someday!! :D

In any case this is great!!^^ The grammar's good (A HUGE golden star, point, award, etc. for that! I've read so many stories with terrible grammar (your vrs you're is particularly annoying -.-)) And I love the storyline so far! I love that she doesn't have a proper job! I mean, often people portray the Next Gen's as being immediatly succesful in life, which isn't really realistic.

Oh and I love Lucy's swearings xD Rose is pretty funny too! :P



Author's Response: Yes, I have edited and re-edited this so many times that gramatical erroe are almost impossible.

I'm glad that you like this story, and thanks for dropping me a review, I appreciate it!

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Review #33, by LunarLunaThe Other Boy Who Lived: Less Talking, More Walking

8th May 2012:
What's the argument between Lily and James?? I'M just a little bit dying to know!! :P Haha, sorry, Lily/James is one of my top pairings so seeing them fighting over something AFTER they got tougether... I'm curious^^

And Umbridge isn't here yet?? Interesting :P

Oh and another question that you probably won't answer because it'll be in the story but that I really need to ask just in case ;) : Why does Snape hate Neville? I mean it's not like Neville's father is James! Or is that part of the story reversed too? Frank could've been an mean teenager for all we know!! :P In any case, I'm pretty curious about that as well!! :)

Oh and grate story btw!! Seriously, I usually hate Trio Era (I think it should really be lef to JKR in most cases) and I'm not a huge AU fan, but this is great!! I'm hooked :P

Adding this to my favs!! :D

Update soon!



Author's Response: The Lily/James here is a bit different from what you normally see so brace yourself!

I can't answer the question particularly for obvious reasons ;), but I don't think its that Snape hates Neville as much that Snape hates all Gryffindors in general.

I'm glad you like the story even though its Trio and AU. It departs a lot from the original storyline, so hopefully you can read to it more than just 'another' Trio story.

Hoping to update it very soon!

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Review #34, by LunarLunaThe Other Boy Who Lived: Letters

8th May 2012:
I've always wondered what would've happened if Neville had been The Boy Who Lived^^ I'm not really into AU usually but for this, I'll take it :P Oh and I love that Harry fancies Hermione!!^^ I mean, if you think about Harry/Ginny probably never would've happened if Harry wasn't the Chosen One right?

I loved Ron and Hermione in this, and the cute little "If it were another world, Harry was not sure if he could be able to do the same" Made me laugh :P

Anyways, well done!! This is really good and I'll RR your next chapter as soon as I can!! :D



Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the little "another world" tidbit. I like to throw in little things like that since most of my stories are AU just as a shout out to canon.

I'm glad you like the original trio's interactions. It was a bit strange writing Harry as not one of the Trio, but I found ways to make it work.

Thanks for your review again!

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Review #35, by LunarLunaAverage Ally. : Rule Number Seven: Never Drink Muggle Alcohol. Ever.

25th April 2012:
Team James!!^^ But I still love Al :P (This the Hunger Games all over again: "Team Gale!... But I still love Peeta") And she's singing LMFAO on a whim just like me!! OoO She's like, my long lost twin or something^^
AND she drinks stuff that's too strong for her, hates it, but keeps drinking. Reminds me of someone... (me)

And to say I used to dislike Hufflepuffs!!^^ After two stories of a hufflepuff dying her hair an odd colour (Have you read Starving Artists by Peppersweet? If not, please do so^^) they've grown on me. Oh Ally!! :3 My favorite little slug!^^ Sorry I haven't been really up to date on reading this lol :P I'm still reading, it just takes me time^^

Can't wait to read about the date!! :D (Will an orange elephant pop out of nowhere and squish them to death? Will a pink orang-outang (or however that's spelled) ruin it for them??)

I'm still reading this!! I just might take a while to review. Don't hate me!!^^



PS: Barry... xD

Author's Response: Haha, it's battle of the Potter brothers instead ;} I agree I love them both and I think I'm a team Gale as well XD
It is a pretty awesome song to sing randomly...I do not sing it all the time...Okay I do.
Ally is me.Ha! Literally I based her off myself and it makes me so happy when people say shes like them, so I'm not the only weird and crazy person XD
Really? I never really thought about them until I started this story, like I didn't mind them, didn't hate them XD Now I love them, but I'm a true Gryffindor though :}
Yes, I love Starving Artists, it's an amazing story XD
It's okay, take your time reading haha XD
Not quite, it's a pretty simple and adorable date which ends like a typical Ally moment ;}
I don't hate you, I love you!
Barry is supermegafoxyawesomehot!


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Review #36, by LunarLunaMissingNo: MissingNo

25th April 2012:
The Hunger Games. Lord of The Rings. Pokemon :3

Ah geeky loves!^^ This made me laugh... and feel pretty uncomfortable as I'm a an innocent pudic little girl lol :P Okay not that bad. Just a little awkward. ;)

I loved that a Slytherin would be obssesed with Pokemon!! :D Only one thing though: Charmander is way cooler than Squirtle!! :P (Or more appropriately, way hotter^^)

I thought it was a little weird that The Golden TRio just sort of popped out of nowhere, but it was interesting and hilarious. Haha! Who knew Hermione had Pokemon knowledge?? Then again, is there anything on which Hermione doesn't have knowledge??

This was fun. ^^



Author's Response: Thanks for the tag!

I'm glad you got all the other references. The challenge was only for Pokemon, but I thought I'd throw in some other nerd references as well so Pucey can be better known.

I almost gave him Charmander, but I think most people chose Charmander and I thought I'd give Squirtle a litle love this time.

Thank you for your review!

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Review #37, by LunarLunaDrowning Butterflies: Here we are

24th April 2012:

Awww!! That is so, increadibly CUTE!!! :D I love little Rosie, she's so... perfectly sweet!! :D
Haha! And I remember reading all the comments on that status update about Butter the golden retriver^^ Awesome name!! :D
I thought Ron was perfectly characterised. So playful and sweet and lovely and Ron-like^^ Hermione was perfect too. Playful with a bit of undeniable responsibility^^ This was too short!! I wanted the sweetness to continue!! Lol, I'm pretty sick at the moment so this kinda lifted my spirits. Made me smile :)
I just hope the ending won't be TOO sad :'( This was so perfect!! *cries*

Oh well :)

Great job on this!!! :D



Author's Response: REVIEW SWA RESPONSE:D

Thank you so incredibly much! Butter:D haha good memories!

Phew *wipes forehead* I was really worried about characterization.

sorry, the next chappie shall be longer:D Promise.

It will be to sad! I've cried just thinking about it;(

Thanks for the review!



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Review #38, by LunarLunaStarving Artists: The Pear-Shaped Iceberg

22nd April 2012:
I knew the get-rose-and-scorpius-back-together-plan was going to end up, somewhat like that^^ Glad she finally figured out why she hates Rose so much :P

This is too good though, can't stay and talk. must. read. next. Chapter.



Author's Response: oh, yep! this fic would be about 99,000 words shorter if rose and scorpius had actually successfully gotten together. but then it would have been dullsville central, lol. thank you for reviewing & I'm really glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #39, by LunarLunaStarving Artists: The Shape of the Pear

21st April 2012:
Oh scorpy!!^^ I'm officially in love with him... He's like me but in less violent!! xD

Albus is great. He's like... a really buff, really cool dude^^

Lettuce is terrible, but I think I like him because of that!!^^

Raven is hilarious, Tarquin is... Tarquin :P

And man poor Scorpius!! He makes ME sound agile!!!

Other than that well, I have to say I'm now offically addicted, so... congratulations!! :P



Author's Response: baha, scorpius is the kind of person that gravity dislikes. bit like me, really...

thank you for reviewing & I'm glad you liked it :D ♥

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Review #40, by LunarLunaStarving Artists: Hedonism is our Middle Name

21st April 2012:
Can I just say I love it?^^ Gwen/Raven's the best! xD She sorta reminds me of my friend :P And Scorpius is so much like me it's comical! Except, you know, I'm a girl...

In any case, I love that Lucy's hair is BLUE that was MY color!! OoO

I'll try to get used to a younger Molly but no promises!! :P



Author's Response: thank you! well, I did base her a wee bit on my best friend and her way of showing love through punches~ (and, eek, I'm such an idiot for making molly's the dark room chemicals, they're getting to my braaain). thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #41, by LunarLunaStarving Artists: Art School

19th April 2012:
This is awesome!! :D haha don't know why I never read it before, it was recommended by a thousand (two) people and a dobby award. :P

So in any case I'm hooked and now I want to dye my hair blue and go to art school xD Well, I've been wanting to dye my hair blue for over a year, but that's... unimportant details^^

So what I originally wanted to say, before ending up lost in endless rambling. I love Lucy!! :D There aren't enough fics about her... What color will she dye her hair?? O.O Suspense.

Maybe I should just shut up and read the next chapter than come back with a more intelectual review.



Also: I already love Scoius. xD Sounds like something I would do: Run away from law school and become an artist^^



Author's Response: baha! a thousand (two) people can't be wrong...except they really can, haha.

fact: dying my hair blue and going to art school is pretty much my aim of this summer. well, I have the hair dye and a place, so I'm close enough?

glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing! :D ♥

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Review #42, by LunarLunaOutcast: Choking and Whistles

3rd April 2012:
Mr Whestle made me think of that teacher in "The Heroes of Olympus" too tired to check what his name is, (especially since you might not even know the book I'm talking about^^ ) except in even creepier ;)

I love Grewner!! Because I love House-Elves (mostly Dobby, but still...) and because he's rude and has attitude!! :D

Other than that, poor Molly!! And man that Gran is evil ;)

Great chapter!! Keep it up and update soon! :)


Author's Response: Ah! That book is on my to-do list! I read the rest of the Percy Jackson books, but haven't got round to those ones yet! :)

Haha! Grewner is just plain awesome! :P Nah - he's a sensitive soul deep down.. yeah - he's just rude. xD I Like to think of himas Dobby's secret evil son. :P

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I hope you continue to enjoy it! :)

Keira :)

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Review #43, by LunarLunaIt Was Meant To Be.: It Was Meant To Be.

29th March 2012:
Well, I can't say I'm a huge fan of Pansy/Harry, It just doesn't seem like the kind of pairing that would realisticly work, but I guess that's only my personal opinion.

It was really well written though, I like the way your text flowed in a straged ragged way, and that intrigued me. I didn't spot any grammar or spelling mistakes and, if she was definately OOC, Pansy's characterisation was coherent and well done throughout the text. Plus I could really feel her emotions.

One thing I'd work on though is the dialogue, all the thoughts are well written and sweet, but the dialogue seems somewhat too... formal. It doesn't sound like something someone would actually say...

All in all, a well written fic and well played too for anyone who likes the pairing, I'm sorry, it doesn't quite work for me, but I still think you did a good job writting it. And I think your Au was well done and good :)


Author's Response: Thank you June for taking the time to read and review. And I understand, not all pairings are to everyones taste.
I think this maybe one of the first pairings of Harry/Pansy on this site.
I have a beta now so with any luck any mistakes like the formality will be picked up upon.
Thanks again for reading and reviewing.

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Review #44, by LunarLunaForever Young: Courage

29th March 2012:
Hey it's me, here with your review swap!!^^

So first off I just want to say that usually, I hate Hogwarts era and really think it should be left to JK only, but this is super sweet^^ I swear it's the first Hogwarts era I've read that made me want to read on. Granted I haven't read much, bit STILL. xD I think you did a great job characterizing Fred and Katie was interesting, I'd never viewed her like that but I can definately see it working :)

I loved that little bit of George/Angelina. So cute!! :D

It makes me kinda sad reading this though, since we all know what happens to Fred in the end :'(

Nevertheless, it was really good! :D


Author's Response: I'm really glad that you like this chapter and find it sweet even though you dont usually read hogwarts era stuff. thank you so much for the compliments about fred,katie, george, and angelina! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #45, by LunarLunaPrime Suspects: Becoming Malfoy

29th March 2012:
Oh my god! This is awesome!! :D Definately coming back to read the rest once I have time! I love the plot, it's super original: I know for sure I wouldn't've thought about it! And I'm curious about who actually killed the minister! I love Teddy already and I think you portrayed Ron and Harry really well. Loved the ending btw! ;)

I thought at one point in the chapter it was sort of getting long, but that impression quickly vanished. Just one question: How is Teddy going to act like him when he doesn't know how he is? Shouldn't he have let Scorpius talk and try and get the maximum information on his personality?

But I'm guessing that'll come up in the latter chapters so... good job!! :D


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Review #46, by LunarLunaTo The Bitter End.: Halloween.

28th March 2012:
... wow.

That was so... intense. I loved the way it was written in second person. It sort of, drew me in. I felt like the text was ordering me to feel all those emotions and I could (to some extent) You write really, really well. While I was reading I didn't feel like it was Lily. I really, genuinely felt like it was me.

That's creepy but awesome at the same time xD It's really... troubling. Well, written. I'm seriously at loss of words.

I don't know what to say, it was great.


Author's Response: Oh my god, thank you! I'm so glad I like, made that emotion. I'm really happy now! Thanks so much :)

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Review #47, by LunarLunaAverage Ally. : Rule Number Five: Don't Let Me Touch Anything Which Could Explode.

24th March 2012:
James! :3

Mehehe I always like the annoying brats over the sweet cute guys^^

I don't have time to leave you a super long review but I'll just leave it at: It's really, good and it made me laugh :P

I spotted a few grammar/spelling mistakes though so maybe just take a look at that?

Otherwise great story!! :D

update soon,


Author's Response: See I know who Ally will get with and what will happen to her but I love hearing who other people want her to get with! =D
People do always seem to go for the 'bad boys' haha ;D
I'm glad you liked it and are enjoying my story! =D WOO!
Ahh only the first chapter of the story has been beta'd so far but the other will be done hopefully soon XD
Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #48, by LunarLunaIf Wishes Were Fishes: Secrets, Snogs, and Silly Wishes

25th February 2012:
I loved it!^^ It was great! And happy. And sad. Kinda all at once. :P
I don't think James will break up with Celia so soon. You tend to enjoy complicating things in this fic xD Obviously they'll have to break up at some point so that we can all get the happily ever after with James and Lily^^ But I get a feeling that won't be in a while...

Go desperate to apologize for something he hasn't done? Dunno :P

Oh and I have to add that I'm kind of pathetic in the way that since I just want everyone to end up "happily ever after" I feel bad for Amos and Celia :(


Great chapter! Update soon!


Author's Response: Haha I really do love complicating things, don't I? But I know, I'm the same way, I feel bad for Celia and Amos too... but everything works out! You'll see :)

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Review #49, by LunarLunaOutcast: Ice Skating and Belly Dancing

18th February 2012:
I don't rally like giving reviews on chapters of stories that are pretty far in already and that I haven't been following. Plus I prefer Next Gen to Marauders (Although I kinda like marauders as well^^) So, in any case, I decided to review this instead!^^ So... My reactions? Read on! :P :

Oh my gosh this is great! I was laughing out loud the entire time! In fact I'm still laughing at the moment, which might explain why people find me strange xD

In any case this was great. Molly is hilarious and awkward and... awkward. I love how she blames her gran for every little thing that ever happened to her lol :P It's brilliant!

I love the idea of a school for squibs, and most of all of a Next Gen character being a squib, because often people make them out to be all a bunch of perfect little gryffindors all fantastic in DADA and sucky in potions :P

Also, I love how you used Molly instead of Rose, Lily, Dominique or an OC as they're the most commonly used characters in Next Gen.

I would just do a quick brush over as I spotted two or three grammar mistakes, but nothing too distracting (Much better than my own stories!! I'm just better at potting them in other fics :P)

All in all: I love Next Generation and I really think this has a great potential!^^ I'm favoriting this and I'll follow up on it as I really like your plot and main character! Keep this up!


Update soon :)


Author's Response: Oh! No worries at all xD This is my latest story anyway xD

Mehh - random laughing is the best kind! :D The people who find it strange are robots :P

Yay! You like Molly! :D She was ridiculously fun to write. And very awkward at times - I'm glad you see it too :P

I admit it's a slightly random idea - you'll see where I'm going with this! xD The next chapter should hopefully be up within the next week (depending on the queue) as I've got to put the next chapter of MM in first :D

Oops! Thanks! I'll go check it out and edit now :)

Thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #50, by LunarLunaGrimm Expectations: People That Play With Fire Only Get Burned

17th February 2012:
This was really good! :D It was well written, and the description was perfect. Not too much, not too little either.

It was a little confusing at some points, in the hospital when you seemed to skip from describing one character, to describing the next without much "in between" so it's hard to know how the "time flowed" as in, I couldn't really tell how long had passed between each visit. Hours, days, minutes, no time at all? It's not really clear.

Other than that though it was great!^^ I love Nathalie's dark and bitter personality. Her backround story really adds dept to her character and to the story. Well done^^

In any case, the burning of the house, the way she seems so angry about everything. It worked well on me :)

Very well done! :)


Keep it up!


Author's Response: Thanks very much, June!

Hmm, I see what you mean, but I was trying to show the more 'timeless' side of hospitals. There aren't any windows, just this artificial light above her, and I wanted to convey how everything's pretty surreal and detached from real life when you're trapped inside a place of illness and death - an Earth-bound purgatory in a way. But I do see your point, so thank you!

I'm glad you liked Natalie's personality - her apathetic, detached ways are very intriguing to me, and become more so as I continue to write about her. It's hard trying to stick to that though, and having to constantly remind myself 'would she really say something THAT nice?' or 'would she actually smile or anything when she says this?'

With complicated characters the whole plot becomes more complicated, unfortunately. :(

Thanks ever so much for the review - it's much appreciated, June!

Bethan. xxx

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