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Review #1, by megpeg101Not Just a Bystander: And then there are shifts...

31st January 2013:
grrr. cliffhanger? how very rude :)
In spite of that, I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter. I like Dom a lot more now, kind of finally getting an understanding of her personality and hopefully seeing it how Autumn sees her. Can't wait for the James-Autumn discussion!

p.s. I can assure you that I saw no mention of dancing elephants, but perhaps I was able to overlook them too

Author's Response: Sorry, Megpeg101! Promise no more cliffhangers okay. I sincerely and honestly promise.

I've always been attached to Dom and I think the problem with Autumn letting her get away with thing like this, it never quite pushes Dom into being the best person she's capable of being, y'know?


No dancing elephants!? Wonderful :)

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Review #2, by megpeg101Midnight Over Broadway: Maiden Launch

26th June 2012:
Goodness, how I love this series :)
What did Ambrosia do now? And where does her name come from?
I love Ramses' involvement now, and the fact that Scorpius is getting his big break. Anyways, keep up the excellent work. I'll be looking out for the next chapter.

Author's Response: You'll have to wait and see what Ambrosia's up to. Ambrosia (not her real name, of course, she's had a variety of aliases) is a Greek word - the nectar of the gods.

I'm having way too much fun with Rose and Scorpius as parents ;) Ramses is a fun addition, I think. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by megpeg101If Wishes Were Fishes: Lost (and Gone Forever)

17th May 2012:
That was unbearably sad. Even in the start when everything was funny and we got to see the boys' side of the wish working and getting to see into James' mind there was still a sense of foreboding because it was inevitably going to end with Lily finding the list and it not working out.
Nevertheless, I love this story and I can't wait for the next chapter. i still remember reading the first chapter/prologue and being utterly confused. It all (well mostly) makes sense now. Goodness, I can't wait to catch up with that part. Now, the questions you posed:

1. I found James's side sad. His mind is an amusing place and its good to see that he actually cared for Celia. It was also nice seeing that she's not evil and that she's a human being in their break up. She was very selfless and kind of admirable which was lovely to see. It makes her a rounder character, if that makes sense.
2. I have NO idea what is going to happen next. I hope its slightly more uplifting than this but I sense that things are going to have to get worse before they get better and things are happy again.

Anyway, good chapter and hope to read the next one soon!

Author's Response: aw thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! It was pretty sad... but I wanted to give some insight into James's side of things as well. I'll have the next chapter up soon! Thanks for reading!

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Review #4, by megpeg101Next Midnight: Weasley-Malfoy

11th May 2012:
False. This story did not just end there. You better be posting Midnight Over Broadway soon :) I'll be expecting it.

Scorpius is such a good mum already, and I can't get enough of Victoire-Rose interactions, they just seem so genuine people. (if that makes sense to anyone outside of my head).

Anyway, an excellent story but I'm mad at you for ending it there. No gender? No description? No name?! Why do you do this to me/your readers?

Gah. So excited for the next part of the series! :D

Author's Response: lol! True, I did end it there. Chapter 1 of Midnight Over Broadway will post next week (I need to get moving finishing chapter 2!). Scorpius is going to be a great mum, and Teddy Lupin will continue to tease him about that, since much like Rose, Teddy rarely lifts a finger around the house and lets his partner do everything. Rose and Victoire are fun, aren't they? I do love them.

Lots about the baby in Midnight Over Broadway, I promise! I couldn't resist doing this, though I really don't know why it's so fun. XD Possibly I am evil.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #5, by megpeg101Next Midnight: Maternal

22nd April 2012:
I completely missed the four previous updates- didn't even realise this had been posted! That was a wonderful surprise for me today. I love your Rose and Scorpius and the way you write. The way that Victoire talks to Rose is hilarious, and so is Teddy's opinion that Scorpius will be good mum (which is too true).
Excellent Chapter 10/10

p.s. I called that whole pregnancy thing when they were at the hospital (no big deal ;) )

Author's Response: I've been posting it pretty quickly - there'll be a new update on Saturdays :) It's going to run 7 chapters, then we'll pick back up again with the next story (which I really can't wait to get posted!). Scorpius will be an excellent mum! haha

;) Good call on the pregnancy then! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #6, by megpeg101Typical Clueless Guy: The Epilogue

29th March 2012:
1. Congratulations on completing it!
2. YAAAY! Such a good note to end it on.
3. I loved this story and I'm glad I stuck with it until the end. the characters were charming, if a little naive and so oblivious.
4. In a way, its good for it all to end so that they can finally just be together without all of their obstacles (mostly themselves).
5. Sorry, you seem to have given Albus a wife that isn't me...clearly this is wrong. You should correct this before people get the wrong idea ;)

Anyways! Again, I loved the story and I am very happy with the end. It was a wonderful read and all very light and happy.

Author's Response: 1. thank you so much!
2. aww, im glad you liked it :D
3. a little naive? a lot, im thinking. but i completley agree on the oblivious thing, they really do take the biscuit.
4. yeah, now that the story is finished and theyre together they cant get in the way of themselves any more :P
5. what... how did i make that mistake? quite clearly i meant to write you as albus' wife, i dont know how i managed to mess that up when i was writing it :P

thank youu, ellie :) xx

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Review #7, by megpeg101The Great Game: The Knowledge

5th March 2012:
I can't believe I haven't seen it before (or maybe I have and just haven't clicked on it). I love Al's character, its so different to how he's usually portrayed in next gen fics. The way you write flows so well and I feel like its written how Al speaks, if that makes sense.
The story's very intriguing and I love the concept of it, with all of the gangs, the heists and the security. Anyways, I can't wait to see where this story goes and I'm really impressed with the way it is written.

Author's Response: hello,
thank you so much! hopefully updates will be more frequent than they have been xD

- Tasha

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Review #8, by megpeg101Sparks: All Along

26th February 2012:
YAY! I've been waiting for this to happen since what feels like ages. I'm glad Roxanne finally clued in an I love Perry's reaction to it. I can't wait to see the Lucy-Hilarion side of things, but I'm infinitely pleased that you decided to 'double-up' on your update. You definitely just made me smile with this chapter so thank you.

Also, where did you come up with the name Hilarion?

Author's Response: Hilarion is an ancient Greek name which means "cheerful". I like to use real names 95% of the time, though occasionally I make a name out of a star or tree name (like Lomatia Knapper in Just Another Midnight Run). There are some wacky real names out there ;)

Lucy and Hilarion will get a bit rockier before they get together. But - that gives us time in the story to see Roxanne and Perry together and happy. I'm so glad you liked this chapter, thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by megpeg101Not Just a Bystander: And then Im a terrible girlfriend...

26th February 2012:
Gah, I love this story :) Autumn is so nice and relatable but sometimes you just want to shout at her to stand up for herself (or that could just be me). I really enjoy this story (and Curiosity) and there are only a few spelling/grammar mistakes that I notice so it is really an easy read.
But grrr for the cliff-hanger. I really want to know what happened with her parents and I can't wait to see what happens with James/Autumn/Dom in the upcoming chapter so update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Ahha, she is a bit like that and I rather enjoy writing quite frustrating characters I've got to admit. Thank you very much for this lovely review! I think the grammar/spelling stuff is because I'm lazy and don't edit properly (my mind seems to think update>no mistkaes) but, yea, I need to sort that.

Thank you very much!


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Review #10, by megpeg101Disaster in the (Match)Making: A Plan of Epic Brilliance

25th February 2012:
I really like this story so far, except I don't know whether I want her with Albus or Scorpius. Your writing flows well and its really enjoyable to read so update soon!

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Review #11, by megpeg101Still Delicate: Endings

11th February 2012:
Another excellent chapter, so thank you for updating.
I loved the last line "I'll make a Malfoy of you someday"
Can't wait for the epilogue

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Review #12, by megpeg101Typical Clueless Guy: In Hogsmeade

30th January 2012:
i smiled all through that chapter. Which makes me nervous, because i'm sure its going to get sad and I like my stories to continue with their fluffiness.
Anyway, excellent chapter as ever (and long- YAY!). Update soon, whichever story you want because I pretty much love all of them.

Author's Response: awwh, thank you :) nooo, i can assure you that the next chapter isnt sad... have i just ruined this for you? probably. ack vell. i like fluffy stories too.

im glad you liked it (and yay, it was long! ... but the next one is pretty short.) this is in the queue again, because it was the only thing i had written.

thanks, ellie :) xx

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Review #13, by megpeg101Bang: I seem to be bordering on becoming a psychopath.

24th January 2012:
Yay! I like it so far. Especially Molly, I want her to be my best friend. Aimee seems very likeable so far too and Im excited about James' introduction.
Lovely story, hopefully you'll be able to update soon.

Author's Response: aww, thank you :) im glad you like it :D

i want molly to be my best friend. shes actually a lot like one of my best friends emily, shes sort of based off her. james will be in the next chapter, even if only briefly.

thanks so much, update will hopefully be soon :D

ellie :) xx

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Review #14, by megpeg101Still Delicate: The Other Side of Normality

16th January 2012:
that was extremely depressing, and your update is therefore not appreciated.
No, I'm just kidding, thank you for updating it was, as always, very well-written. The content, however, made me cry. I loved Astoria, and I feel so sorry for Scorpius just now. His life just seems to be falling apart.

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Review #15, by megpeg101Southern Cross: Decisions and Departures

6th January 2012:
That was a great ending to a lovely story. It wasn't overly-dramatized or anything and it was a good read.
I hope to see the sequel in the near future.

p.s. the end was so cute. :) I love Adelaide and Henry together.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) First chapter of the sequel should be hitting the archives as soon as I've finished one of my other WIPs, so early February at the latest :)

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Review #16, by megpeg101Still Delicate: Double Negative

5th January 2012:
Aww! Everything is going so well. Not going to lie, it worries me a lot. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, as they say.
Anyway, I loved the chapter, and I'm glad James is back on form. Can't wait for the next 'quick' update :)

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Review #17, by megpeg101What Happens In Hogsmeade: This Is Not A Date

14th December 2011:
N'aww that was cute and fluffy. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although you should know that it is my form of procrastination and you should never have put it up. I'm only joking (about the not putting it up- I am actually supposed to be studing for math right now) as it was excellent. It was perfect for a light read and I loved the characters.

I also read both your other stories and I really enjoy your writing style, it flows well and its easy. Its nice to just get lost in the story and the hilarity of it, so thanks and keep updating! :)

Author's Response: Cute and fluffy, that's pretty much the only genre I can write - I couldn't write something angsty if my life depended on it. I tried to makre Being Summer a bit more serious than my other writing but it didn't really go to plan. :P

Hey - I should be working on a history project and maths homework now, but who cares about school? Pfft. (oh wait, me. whoops)

I have a writing style? That's so nice to hear :)

Thank you so much for such a lovely review,

Ellie :D

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Review #18, by megpeg101Welcome to the Chase: chapter.twentyone Mates.

15th October 2011:
A kiss? A KISS!
I loved this chapter; so much happened in it. I liked the truth or dare shenanigans, but it would've been good to see more of the truths that they did and find out all the boys' secrets.
Al was so cute in this chapter, especially in the kiss. Except his reaction to it but it was still such a good chapter.
I can't wait to see what happens next

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Review #19, by megpeg101Pretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 1: Now Suffer My Wrath

9th October 2011:
YAY! I love part two so far :)
I was really surprised that there was a five year gap, but it works really well. I hope we get to see bit more of their interactions at Hogwarts after she was 'scorned.'
Can't wait to see what you have in store for Louis!

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Review #20, by megpeg101Playing House with Malfoy: A Family Outing

13th July 2011:
Aww :) I love Malfoy.
Great chapter, can't wait for more Draco/Hermione moments, so update ASAP.
I like the idea for your story and all of the characterizations, especially how Pansy and Blaise have grown up even though its a lot different to what I expected. Hopefully we'll see some of the Weasleys soon.

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Review #21, by megpeg101Ranny: Guinevere

10th July 2011:
Robin :)

I love Perry James! He's my new favourite.
I like that Ranny has been speaking her mind a lot more, and I like that she's acting a bit more grown up, especially when she's away from Scorpius and Al. Speaking of which, I don't like Al at the moment, but I do like his girlfriend. I know that that's strange in a story such as this, but I kind of want them to stay together.
Maybe Ranny should get with Perry instead? ;)
I felt bad for Tom at the beginning of this chapter, so I really want him to get a love interest so that Ranny doesn't have to hurt him with rejections. Aaand I wish she would stop caring about Albus as much, it's such a shame that she would slightly forgive him just because of her feelings for him.

Anyway, because I haven't reviewed before, I'd like to tell you that I love your story. It's very well-written with few typos and the like (it's really hard to enjoy a story when you feel like you're correcting the author's grammar and spelling along the way- although I'm sure mine is never perfect so this point may be slightly hypocritical). I also love the idea of it [the fairytale-obsession thing], which I didn't expect. I was really confused when I read the summary, but thought I'd give the first chapter a go and see how it was. I'm very glad I did, because Ranny is so sweet and lovable. I like that they use all of those nicknames for each other and I think that the relationships are very real and somewhat endearing. I especially like Ranny and Scorpius although he treats her like a child a lot of the time (which annoys me when people do it to me)
Well, I think that that's all I wanted to say. So, keep updating and know that I'll be reading (and enjoying it).

Author's Response: Hiya! Thank you for such a lovely review! I'm glad that you're enjoying this story so far, and I hope that you like the rest.
Perry is a character that I love to write, so I'm glad that you like him. :)
Ranny is growing in to herself as a person, she has never really been around anyone else but Scorpius and Al, so for her to make friends with the others is a big step.
I have tried to twist this story up; I was getting fed up with having to hate on the girlfriends all of the time :P but there are a lot of twists in this that are coming up soon, so I hope that you like them. :)

The next chapter is in the queue, so I hope that you enjoy it!

I completely understand; my grammar and spelling is awful, I've actually improved a lot :P it was completely awful about a year ago - like horridly awful.
I adore fairytales, so I thought that I would try to combine the two things that I love the most.
Thank you for the review!

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