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Review #1, by AlexFanDormitory 2.6A: SEVEN: Secrets and Sins

1st August 2017:
I CANT REMEMBER IF IVE SAID THIS BEFORE BUT IM GOING TO FIGHT SOPHIE BECAUSE SHE IS TRASH. Moving on. I get what it's like to have a crush on someone to the point that you think you're in love with them but like how well does Nala know Xanthe really? Why would she fall into the trap of I know him in a way that other people don't. And it seems so silly because Cass is literally his cousin if anyone was going to know the real Xanthe it would be her, especially since it seems that Cass's family and his family are close. It just drives me crazy because Nala is literally setting herself up for heartbreak when she should know better, she's living in the kind of fantasy daydream you have when you're younger, you're supposed to get it over it in the real world.

And poor Cass who was just trying to look out for her friend and to give her a warning and instead gets this backlash. And on top of that she's dealing with an eating disorder. SHE DOESNT DESERVE THIS OKAY SHE IS TOO GOOD FOR THIS MY CHILD DESERVES TO BE HAPPY.

And also if Nova doesn't stop being clueless about Albus when he's literally shoving it in her face that he likes her, I'm going to smack some sense into her myself. Like just get together both of you, you're so into each other and smitten it's too much to handle. The tension is killing me. And honestly it was so sweet that Albus helped her hex stupid Sophie and her stupid boyfriend.

If your crush doesn't hex the people who hurt your friends without asking for details, are they really worth it?

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Review #2, by AlexFanDormitory 2.6A: SIX: Disintegrate

31st July 2017:
I WANT TO SCREAM NOVA IS SO DUMB. Albus is literally making it so clear that he's into her like he's literally centimetres away from her face ready to kiss her and she's like nah he's not interested like girlie what more of a sign do you need like come on get it together.

It sucks seeing the friendships fall apart like this. Like I understand that Cass is trying to protect Nala but at the same time Nala is allowed to make her own decisions and mistakes. And I know that Cass is struggling because of what Sophie said to her but I feel like her friends would've been more helpful to her if she had actually bothered to say anything to them and what she need weed from them in terms of support.

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Review #3, by AlexFanDormitory 2.6A: FIVE: Hold Your Breath

31st July 2017:
I'M GOING TO FIGHT SOPHIE FOR MAKING CASS INSECURE HOW DARE SHE! Honestly I absolutely hate it when girls only blame the female when it comes to cheating like your boyfriend was a willing participant why don't you focus on him too. It just-URGH DRIVES ME CRAZY. I'll stop there because we don't have all day to listen to my rant.

I'm so excited for Nova she's actually getting somewhere with Al, it might actually happen, this is so exciting. And the effect that she's having on him as well is so exciting because he's falling for her too (unless he's a jerk and is just leading her on). I love me some romantic comedies they just make everything better.

I'm so excited to see their next encounter and to watch Albus grow an even bigger crush on her. I hope that Cass doesn't pay too much attention to what Sophie says and goes back to being confident and loving herself, it's so stupid to put so much stock by what an angry, petty girl said in the heat of the moment.

Honestly, if it wasn't for the occasional giggle, you probably wouldn't be able to tell that Nova liked Albus (if we didn't know her internal monologue). Like she still acts like herself and sticks to her morals and principles and doesn't let her crush alter her behaviour too much and you know what I can appreciate that.

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Review #4, by AlexFanDormitory 2.6A: FOUR: Fire and Ice

31st July 2017:
Honestly this is like the wildest group of friends I've ever read about. I think my favourite thing was the fact that Alice was implying that everyone should get in line and wait their turn before throwing hands instead of trying to put a stop to the fighting.

With each chapter that goes by I relate to Nova more and more like honestly it's the strangest thing seeing your exact thoughts and feelings written out in a story like thank you for making Nova so relatable.

I also really hope she gets with Albus I know the kind of crush she has, I've been there so I really hope she gets her shot.

Speaking of Albus, where can I get my own Albus Potter please and thanks.

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Review #5, by AlexFanDormitory 2.6A: TWO: I Dare You

30th July 2017:
I relate to Nova so much it hurts I know exactly what it's like to be the friend in the group that no one ever really develops a crush on. And then everyone makes a big deal out of the fact that you get a crush on someone. I feel for her I really do and I just want to say that I personally don't really see girls like Nova pop up in fanfiction. You know, the kind that acknowledge that maybe they're not the prettiest and that people would be more likely to go for their friend instead of them AND WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO FLIRT. And it's just so nice to see it in this fic and its so refreshing.

To be honest tho if my friends ever dated me to do what Nova's friends dared her to do it would not end well for my friends. I feel so bad for her and what she's goings to do but fingers crossed that it works out.

On a side note I also really relate to Dahlia like one minute I'll be like oh my gosh that guy is good and then for the next four days I'll be like ew don't touch me if a guy so much as even looks at me. Her personality and view on romance is also refreshing it's nice to see a character who is just not about that life (or perhaps in her case asexual or aromantic?)

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Review #6, by AlexFanLike a Multiverse on Fire: Cafe

18th May 2017:
I'm so glad that Millie and Lily have become friends, Millie is such a hermit she needs an extroverted friend to like keep her in the loop with everyone else her age. I've always wondered how people like Lily are just so comfortable with going up to someone and making conversation like I don't have the courage to do that. Lily, what is your secret?

I'm going to need everyone to just own up to their feelings like you know it, your friend knows it, the strangers around you have probably picked up on it so like just admit your feelings. I'm so excited for when things really hit off and everyone comes to the realization that they like each other but I'm also really excited to see the build up and where it goes.

I'm just generally very excited.

Author's Response: Millie is the ultimate hermit. She really needs someone like Lily in her life, for sure. I am also not sure what Lily's secret is. Perhaps, she will tell us some day...

Owning up to feelings is for n00bs. Besides, if everyone owned up to their feelings, where on earth would we get our daily dose of drama?

Yay! Excitement! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #7, by AlexFanLike a Multiverse on Fire: Spider

18th May 2017:
I'm not gonna lie, I'm squealing in excitement. Your writing has improved so much since Like a House on Fire I'm shook and also very excited for what new stories you come up with.

Sirius was cute, I admit it, it was adorable that he was frightened of a spider and immediately went to Milly for help. For two people who are absolutely losing it internally at the site of the other I'm very impressed by how together they're managing to keep it. Like the other person can't even tell that they're freaking out internally.

I love this kind of Hogwarts AU sort of setting because I feel like for a lot of people you kind of get the best of both worlds in a sense like you get the university trope but you also get the Hogwarts magic and stuff.

Anyways, I'm just very excited.

Author's Response: I know! Six years is a long time!

Sirius is the best, isn't he. Being scared of spiders is somehow just icing on the cake.

This Hogwarts AU has been a lot of fun to play around with. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #8, by AlexFanA Study in Silver: Epilogue

12th May 2016:
This story was so good, and honestly, I was a little scared of never seeing Scorpius and Roxanne (and their slightly dysfunctional friendship) once the story ended so I'm super excited to go and read Identity Politics.

Anyway, this was such a good story, and you're a brilliant writer thank you for blessing us all with you're great stories!

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Review #9, by AlexFanA Study in Silver: It's Time to Go Now

12th May 2016:
It's been a while but I would just like to say, this chapter was lit. Honestly, this entire story is lit. But I will say that's it's been one of the most amusing and entertaining fanfictions that I've read in a very long time. With every chapter of yours that I read, I become a bigger and bigger fan of yours.

I love that there was such a serious tone to the beginning of the chapter, I thought things were going to actually get a little dark for a moment but of course, when you've got practically every Weasley, Scorpius (and Clemence and Pickett), and McGonagall all in one room, things are bound to get a little wild.

I was actually impressed that Perry managed to throw up on command like that, I thought something would've been done to induce the vomiting but he just upchucked like it was no big deal. The level of done that McGonagall was throughout that entire trial was hilarious, I don't know how she managed to keep a straight face.

But let's be real here, the woman probably spent her entire life expecting to sentence at least one Weasley to a few months in Askaban.

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Review #10, by AlexFanetc. etc. (and life goes on): Epilogue

10th May 2016:
I was a little heartbroken when I found out that Albus and Clemence weren't going to get together (I've read the the same James/Lily fic for the past two weeks, I was that shocked. Is this how Snily shippers feel?) That being said, I've come to accept it, and this epilogue kind of helped me accept that fact. I don't know why but this epilogue just made it really obvious that ALbus and Clemence weren't made to last. But I would hope that somewhere in the future the two of them would at least learn how to be proper friends with each other.

I liked that the story ended on a cheery note, it's been such a wild ride that it's kind of nice to see all of the characters moving on in one way or another and slowly figuring out who they are. When I think about it, Pickett and Clemence understood each other that Albus and Clemence didn't.

And most importantly, I'm so happy that there was actually an end to the story, there were a lot of times that I worried this story would never be finished, and would just sit as a work in progress and it's haunted me for years. It kept me up at night sometimes because oh my god what if she never finishes the story, I need to know how it ends! So yay! I'm so glad this story managed to see its own end and good luck on all of your original stories!

Author's Response: I think the love story of etc. still firmly belongs to Albus and Clemence. It's just not a love story that has a clean, happy resolution. They clashed, loved for the briefest of moments (or are still in love, for certain parties), and parted. There was something great there, even if it wasn't healthy or lasting; a love, even if it wasn't an epic.

I'm personally happy it ended on a cheery note! because I knew the general situation it would end with but I had no idea as to the tone—it definitely wasn't supposed to end in a kiss! It was sort of thrilling to end it that way, so uncharacteristically unambiguous of me :p

Apologies for any lost sleep, bahaha, I know the feeling. I felt so bad while updating the last few chapters because it literally took years! Thank you for sticking with it, and all your lovely comments!

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Review #11, by AlexFanJourney to the Centre of (Mollys) World in (Less than) 80 Days: Cups

1st May 2016:
It's been so long since this story was updated! I was so excited for it when it started (and I mean I still am) and I'd check back like once a week every week just to see if there was a new chapter.

I really love your writing still and how well it fits with the story. This reminded me of why I was so excited for this story and why I loved Molly so much. She's so sarcastic, I like her toughish kind of nature and how she won't take any bull from anyone. I was surprised that she would go out drinking with Heath though, I figured she'd be the sober friend hauling Heath home. And she's such a relatable character, the one thing that is constantly going through my head is same every time she does something.

I'm so excited to see what kind of shenanigans Molly and Heath get up to in Pisa (and I knew she was going to miss the train I was like girl who are you kidding here.)

Author's Response: SO SO LONG. I am a terrible updater.

I'm very glad that you're still enjoying the story. And I'm also very glad that Molly continues to be a favourite, too. Haha, she usually is the sober friend hauling people back home, but Heath has that effect on people. He's just great that way.

Of course they were going to miss that train! Heath is not so great that way.

Thanks for the wonderful review :)

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Review #12, by AlexFanThe Invisible Thief : Puppy Dog Eyes

28th April 2016:
I have so many chapters to catch up on in your story because I haven't been keeping up in the fanfiction world lately. I didn't expect to come back to a chapter like this. That ending is wild (and I'm glad I don't have to wait for the next chapter!)

I love Lily, that girls is so smart. I admire a person who knows exactly how to get their way, and the fact that she can cry on cue is pretty impressive as well, she should consider a career in acting.

Bri was so determined to stay away from Albus and all Lily had to do to convince Bri to see her brother was give her The Look. To be honest I don't know how Bri managed to get over there, a bad stench and an unclean room would've convinced me to stay even farther away than before.

Harlem shake is probably the most original way I've ever seen someone describe their heart beating like and yet I understand completely what you mean. BUT SERIOUSLY THAT ENDING THOUGH OH MY GOD I CANNOT BELIEVE ALBUS JUST SAID THAT AND BRI IS JUST THERE LIKE MCEXCUSE ME WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Author's Response: I, myself, have not been keeping up in the fanfiction world either. I'm planning on finishing this story within the next few months and was so happy to come back to a review like this!

Lily is a fun character to write. I really do love her tons. Very mischievous and calculating she is.

Bri is pretty tough but even tackling the sixth year boy's dormitory is a hard thing to do! She's strong

I always try to leave a good taste for the ending - i'm glad you liked it! My heart is always harlem shaking :-)

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Review #13, by AlexFanThe Human Factor : The One Where Things Are Mended And Broken

28th April 2016:
This was one of the first stories that I ever read when I joined HPFF and it had me addicted. I read through this so fast the first time. It's been so long since you've updated but now that you have, it gave me a reason to go back to the beginning and reread the entire story.

I love this so much, I love Pippa's character. She accepts who she is, she doesn't try and hide what kind of a person she is. She definitely sheds herself in a more negative way than she actually is. I've been wanting her to let those who love her into her heart for such a long time, you can't get better if don't have anyone around to help you. For the longest time Pippa has been blaming herself for everything, I mean she is at fault for some things because she can be a little mean sometimes, but she blames herself for things that are out of control. She spent so much of her time keeping people out and struggling on her own, I'm so happy that she's finally taking the step needed to get better.

A lot of stories like this kind of fall into the idea that somebody can fix you and save you, and I liked that Pippa acknowledged the fact that it doesn't work like that. I love that Pippa talks about the fact that if someone wants to get better then they have to make the effort to get better and to fix themselves. I love how she came to realise so much about herself and the abusive relationship that she was in. She spent so long convincing herself that it was her fault for driving people away before realising that she was the victim, not the one causing the hurt.

This chapter was such a huge turning point for Pippa, she finally took steps towards her recovery. She fought down the urge to self-sabotage, she was even affectionate. I hope that she finally starts to recover bit by bit, with the help of those around her. I'm just so proud of Pippa and how she's developed as a character.

This mystery with Albus has been killing me, I need to know what he's hiding. When will you tell us what sent him down such a dark road? I NEED TO KNOW.

Damien was hella rude, the very last thing you should probably be yelling at a mentally ill person, who already thinks that she's too much for everyone around her, is how much of a handful she is and that she's crazy. Like way to make Pippa feel worse. Pippa probably hurt Damien when she cut him off like that but honestly, it was probably for the best. Damien isn't a bad person but he's not a positive influence in Pippa's life, he isn't helping her in any way, but I do hope that in the future the two of them can make up and get to know each other.

On a side note, I feel that this "I feel sorry for the person who ends up loving him." is going to come back and bite Pippa.

I'm so happy that you updated this story and I can't wait until the next chapter even if it comes in a year or two.

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Review #14, by AlexFanA Force Of Wills: Revenge

23rd April 2016:
OH my god that was wild. That's all that I have to say, that was wild. The amount of tension between all the characters oh my god. Draco may be a Malfoy but we all know who has the real power here. Blaise rules, I need more of Blaise destroying Malfoy in public.

Malfoy is all like I will destroy your family and Blaise is all like you can try but don't forget the amount of dirt that I have on you. I wonder what it must be like to be so rich that the only thing that you have to worry about is your reputation. The quick thinking that Zabini and Astoria did was great, Malfoy was trying to save his skin but Zabini was going in for the kill.

I'm so sorry for taking so long to leave your reviews but I finally managed to do it, and I'm glad I did as well because now I have this story to look forward to reading everyday!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you a thousand times for these really great reviews and no worries about how long it took to get to them! ;)

This is actually one of my favorite chapters and I am so happy that you liked it. The emotions from all of these characters was all over the place and I just loved making all of those characters clash.

Blaise will destroy Malfoy again, it doesn't happen until much later but it will happen. Haha.

Isn't Blaise a little scary though? He has all of this information on Draco and the others that he could use at any time. I would not like to be on his bad side! Seriously, how much of a privileged dork do you have to be to consider your reputation as the only valuable thing you have? Man, I would love that!

Blaise and Astoria are great and their quick thinking but you know Blaise was trying to come for that [insert naughty word here]. Hahahaha.

Thank you again and please stop by whenever you have the free time! I really enjoyed these reviews!

Much love,


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Review #15, by AlexFanA Force Of Wills: A Force of Wills

23rd April 2016:
Go Astoria! I'm proud of her, she's sticking to her guns, she won't let Malfoy push her around on this. She knows what this will mean for her family but she won't let herself be used like that, I admire that. It's not easy to say no to an offer that could save the people you love at the expense of yourself, that takes a lot of courage. I'm also very happ to see that Astoria is having the proper reaction to Malfoy's treatment of her. His kind of behaviour gets romanticized a lot so I'm glad that Astoria sees it for the abusive, unhealthy behaviour that it is.

I felt so bad for Blaise, he was just trying to make a new friend considering he had pretty much cut ties with all of his old ones. I liked his conversation with Astoria, I like how the two of them get along and how easy their conversation is. But I can understand why Astoria said no, I'm sure she would be okay with being his friend if she actually knew what kind of person Blaise is. And considering her family business, she can't just have anybody over.

On a final note, just imagine your story in the form of a Spanish telenovela.

Author's Response: Hey again!

I think Astoria is really stubborn and there was no way that she was going to give in to anyone, her whole life isn't even in her control. She knows what will happen to her family but she values herself and that's the only thing that matters to her.

This decision actually has very awful consequences for Astoria but you'd have to keep reading. GIRL! Let me tell you that I seriously hate that people think it's okay for a guy like Draco to treat a girl like this. I made the mistake of this with another story of mine that I'll be revising soon but I seriously, seriously hate that.

Like, I want to punch myself in the face when I read about how I wrote that particular story but there's nothing cute about this. Draco is a little creep and he's going to get treated like one throughout this whole story. Hahahaha.

Blaise was trying to make a new friend but I think that after what Astoria went through with Draco, she was just on guard. The two of them will be together again relatively quickly though so stay tuned! I honestly love the two of them together but her family wouldn't approve, for various reasons.

Hahahahahahaha. I can picture this as a Spanish telenovela. Those are awesome!

Much love,


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Review #16, by AlexFanA Force Of Wills: Traitors

23rd April 2016:
BLAISE IS SAVAGE OH MY GOD I ALMOST YELLED. "Could you speak up so your insult can sink in better," my mouth dropped open I kid you not. Blaise just does not care, he does not give one flying fart. He's literally just there like can I leave now? Is it over? I love Blaise, he's my favourite character for sure. His disdain for Draco and Draco's entire family is so clear and Draco is still like, ah yes, my friend.

I love how everyone's got their own little plans going on at different ends of the table. Malfoy and Blaise are being passive agressive towards each other at their end, Emily and Astoria are planning on how to get Malfoy to leave them alone by ticking him off. Everyone feels like they've got some kind of edge over the other trying to plan something against each other.

On another note, Draco needs to chill with the possessiveness (someone needs to tell him that that's one of the reasons why Astoria is so uninterested in him, because it's frightening). He literally degrades Astoria every chance he gets, he doesn't respect her boundaries or her wishes and then he's like why isn't she interested in me? Like fam you're kind of a sociopath and clearly the creepy lurking in the shadows isn't doing it for Astoria, he should really consider trying a different technique, like being nice. My favourite bit about whatever is going on between Astoria and Draco is how Draco is trying to be all alluring and stuff and Astoria is like fam you're hella creepy can you not?

Anyway, I'm on to the next chapter (I don't think I'll be able to stop reading, this is so entertaining and interesting).

Author's Response: Hello!

Welcome back! Hahahah. Your reviews are seriously a joy to read. :D

Blaise is a total savage! I think that what makes him so interesting is the fact that he honestly doesn't care. He does not care one magical whit about anyone else that's at this party, he doesn't want to be there and Draco can kiss his bum. Hahahahah.

Draco doesn't really think that Blaise is worth his time so he's not stressing about him just yet but it is kind of dumb that he considers him a friend. Kinda.

So many different plots going on! That's pretty much this entire story in a nutshell. I feel like there are so many different personalities clashing, so many wills being tested that no one is ever on the same page.

Emily is more cunning than Astoria but I think she didn't understand how dangerous it would toy around, considering their situation. It doesn't quite go as planned.

Draco is the possessive jerk that every girl should totally avoid. He thinks that he's in the position to bully Astoria into being with him simply because he considers her beneath him and would be grateful. He's a spoiled little prat and doesn't seem to understand that people, especially someone like Astoria should never have their lives already written.

Hahahah, Astoria is so grossed out by Draco and she is totally like: "Stay in your lane, I don't have time for your foolishness." Hahahah.

Anyway, thanks for the lovely review!

Much love,


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Review #17, by AlexFanA Force Of Wills: Purebloods

23rd April 2016:
Draco has reached levels of creepy I didn't know we're possible in such a short period of time. I would advise Astoria to not be anywhere that's not in public and full of people because Malfoy doesn't sound like he's up to any good. Seriously though, I can't believe that he stalks Astoria at Hogwarts, that's worse than Harry setting Dobby on Draco.

I'm very much looking forward to Astoria kicking Draco's butt some day, it sounds like he really needs it. I imagined Draco doing a lot of things during his last year at Hogwarts but stalking some poor girl and threatening to assault her just wasn't one of them. But I can picture him bragging about being able to destroy someone's reputation.

I think my favourite thing however was Astoria telling her siblings that she would keep herself in check and watch what she had to say, and then like right after making that promise she goes ahead and roasts Draco and his family to Draco's face. Also, as a sidenote, I feel like Astoria learned a lot about her sister very fast and the knowledge of what her sister has done in her spare time is probably going to haunt her in her dreams.

Blaise seems like a really cool guy though, that's for sure. He's always seemed very different from the rest of the purebloods. I always got the feeling that he hung out around the purebloods just because it was easier than socializing with others. I just really like his character, he seems so chill, I hope he and Astoria become friends later on.

Author's Response: HEY!

I have to say that these reviews are just on a whole other level of hilarious. They really brightened my day! I honestly haven't had any fresh opinions on this story in a long time and so I'm happy that you enjoyed it so much.

Draco's creepiness will only get worse as this story goes on. I feel like we only get a hint of it in the first chapter and by this one, you really get the sensation that he's a major freak. He stalks Astoria at school and it's one of his many little secrets.

Astoria does get to the point where she does beat him up but that won't be a for a while. I think that Draco would enjoy letting everyone know what he was bullying anyone and the fact that he seems to enjoy hurting Astoria the most just shows a lot about him.

Astoria has a will of her own! She makes promises to her siblings and then just totally destroys Draco's life in the next scene. That's why I love her so much. Hahaha. I think that there are a few things that Astoria would rather not know about her sister and finding out what she does in her spare time just ruined a fantasy of hers.

Blaise is made of magic. He's one of my favorite characters to write and I think that you made a good assumption about him! He's not quite like the other purebloods and has his own agenda. ;)

Thanks for reading!

Much love,


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Review #18, by AlexFanA Force Of Wills: Half and Half

23rd April 2016:
I was supposed to leave your reviews some time in January for the challenge but I'm finally here now!

Personally speaking, I've never really been a fan of Draco's character, however I can't help but like him in this story. I live for stories like this to be honest. He's in character but at the same time, he's kind of not. It's almost as if this is a side to Draco that nobody ever really saw at Hogwarts (we would know if he did show this side of himself at Hogwarts from Harry's stalking).

I didn't really know what to expect when I started this story but I'm liking it so far. All of these canon characters are terrible people from what we know from Rowling, and yet, the way that they all carry themselves and practically scream wealth in your story is just so appealing. Everything about them says old money and that they don't have to worry about anything, and Astoria is trying so hard to fit in with that concept but everyone can tell that that's not the case.

I like how you started off the story and the little details that you put in, like Scorpious's girlfriend, that contribute to Astoria's character, and how open-minded she is about the muggle world. Just as a side note though, I think Astoria had an older sister named Daphne, at least from what I remember from Order of the Phoenix.

But speaking of Draco, he is so obviously lusting after Astoria, he's not even being subtle about it and Astoria is so oblivious to it. He's staring at her constantly and she's like bruh why are you staring? I knew something weird was a foot, I was just waiting for the thing to happen that would get the story going and the game of Hide and Seek was it. It sounds like it's going to be a wild game (I would've been out of there in like seconds myself but I can see Astoria doesn't back down from a challenge).

The enemies-to-in-love stories are my favourite kinds of stories so I'm very excited to continue reading. I'm so excited to see how this story progresses, and how Astoria and Draco's relationship progresses.

Author's Response: Hello!

My, my! This was a surprise because I don't even remember signing up for a challenge in January so you will have to remind me what this was about! I am so honored to have you here though. :3

I was never that big of a fan of Draco either but he's one of my favorite characters to write now. I wasn't quite sure what to do with him in the beginning of this story because it hadn't been fleshed out that well. I tried to keep some aspects of him the same while twisting him to fit my universe.

I'm pretty sure that Draco kept this side of himself a secret to uphold his family's reputation while at school. He may not have been this extreme but I'm pretty sure that he dabbled here and there.


This story is going to take you down a crazy little path and I hope you're prepared for it. I wasn't sure what I was really going for in the beginning but all of these terrible people just get worse. Hahah. They reek of wealth and this sense of entitlement that just makes my skin crawl.

Astoria is merely trying to fit in for her family's sake but she would rather not be there if she had a choice. I had to put in a few small details just to flesh out Astoria and the others more. Astoria and her brother are really open minded about Muggles and that makes them pretty strange.

Ah, this story is basically an AU so Daphne Greengrass doesn't make an appearance here. I don't know why I didn't include her but she just didn't fit.

Oh, God. Draco lusting after Astoria is SO very obvious and it makes me cringe. Like, he's not subtle about it at all! Hahaha.

Staring is rude, boo.

The little game is weird, I meant for it to give you guys a foreboding feeling. Hahah. Hide and Seek with a pervy twist to it and the game will be very wild. It won't go in the way that you might think though and I can't say that this is exactly an enemies-to-in-love tale with Astorai and Draco.

I don't want to spoil it for you. ;)

Thank you so much for this!

Much love,


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Review #19, by AlexFanBecause In Reality: and in the end i'd do it all again, i think you're my best friend.

24th December 2015:
I really like Ronnie, she's got so many sides to her. She can be giggly and happy one moment, and then serious in the next. She's someone who's always happy but she knows when the situation calls to get serious, she's not one of those people who never take anything seriously. I like that about her. And she has such a good friendship with Bea too, the two of them know exactly what the other needs at a certain time, and I like how they always look out for each other. I think the two of them have a very healthy relationship together.

I love Bea so much, I see so much of myself in her, we both think the same way. She understands the hair situation so well, so many people have asked me why I always tie up my hair whenever I let it get long and Bea understands me. I understand why she prefers to stay out of matters involving romance and sticks to logic instead of emotions.

Not gonna lie, but Adrian seems like a really cool guy, he's definitely more likeable than his brother. Adrian doesn't seem like he's really up to anything harmful, or like a toxic person. With Nathaniel, you get the feeling that he's a toxic person to be with through Bea.

And I know that this is all about Ronnie thinking that James is the One, but I like how that kind of takes a back seat to everything else going on. It still drives the story forward, but at the same time it allows the relationships of others to shine through as well and allows the characters to develop.

Happy holidays and I look forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I always get so excited when someone likes Ronnie! She's a hard character to digest I think but I'm very fond of her. It may be due to the fact that she's nothing like me and that I usually don't write characters like her. I like how you noticed that she has multiple sides to her. I really wanted to make her more than the flirty, boy-obsessed friend you see so often. And I do think one of her best qualities is that she is willing to stand up for Bea and protects her.

I'm so glad that you relate to Bea! The hair situation actually comes from personal experience so I totally understand what you are talking about. It is so much harder to study with your hair always getting in your face.

Adrian... he's the yang to Nathaniel's yang in a way. And Adrian was good friends with Bea at one point so I think that's why he gave off a more positive vibe, but Bea does tend to stay away from him nowadays. Nathaniel on the other hand... we'll have to wait and see to learn more about him. ;)

The story is about Ronnie thinking James may be the one for her but you are right that it isn't the only plot in the story. Bea and Ronnie still have their lives to get on with and James isn't the only one consuming their attention. I'm happy to hear that you like that the story sometimes deviates away from the James situation!

Thank you so much Grace for taking the time to read this story and taking even more time to review every chapter! I really appreciate it! And reading the thoughts of readers always gives you another dimension of thinking and motivates you to keep going so really, thank you!


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Review #20, by AlexFanBecause In Reality: i've got troubled thoughts and the self esteem to match.

24th December 2015:
OOO Bea has some dark past secrets that she isn't talking about. That whole thing about being consumed with darkness hinted at something pretty serious and now I'm wondering what Bea went through. Everything about her is really quiet, from the way that she talks, to the way that she does things, it all screams quiet.

I relate to Bea on a very personal level as well, her love for Transfiguration is like my love for Chemistry. When she talked about how she was amazed but Transfiguration, it was literally a thought right out of my head, with the names of the subjects switched. I know where she comes from by always liking to be prepared, there's something very soothing about the fact that you're ready no matter what comes your way.

That conversation at the end with James was so awkward, I felt awkward just reading it. Those kinds of situations suck, you're trying so hard to keep a conversation going but the person you're talking to just won't contribute anything.

Hailey sounds really annoying, but at the same time I like her. I don't know why, but just the description of her makes her sound like someone who knows how to get what she wants. I've always admired that characteristic in fictional characters and people in general.

James's silence borders on rude to be honest, like there's a difference between being quiet and what he was doing with Bea. She's trying to make their group project work and he's offering two syllable answers. Did he smoke something before going to class?

Anyway, happy holidays!

Author's Response: She does have secrets. I wouldn't say they are dark since they aren't particularly scary but they are secrets. I love how you describe everything as so mysterious since that's what I was going for. :)

I'm glad to hear that you relate to Bea! And I love how you made the connection between Transfiguration and Chemistry! I never thought of it like that but I have to admit that Chemistry is a very interesting subject so I understand. And the being prepared comes from how uncomfortable I feel in school when I'm not. It just feels so much better when you are ready.

It was awkward, wasn't it? I really do wonder how Bea went through with it. Awkward conversations tend to stick with you for a while and you always end up looking back and thinking how could I have made that less awkward. And James really didn't help to keep the conversation going at all, did he? He honestly felt that there was any need for him to contribute and he himself wasn't really sure how to have the conversation come out natural. He isn't very socially savvy in general.

Hailey came out of nowhere but I feel like a character like her was needed since every school has students like her. And the fact that she's one of the only people Bea really doesn't like even without interacting with her much says something about Hailey and also shows that Bea, like everyone else, can dislike people. But you are right about the fact that she is a determined and ambitious person, hence why she's in Slytherin.

James does seem a bit rude, doesn't he? I don't think he means to come out that way but he does. And Bea doesn't know what to do about it. But he will slowly offer up more than two syllablles and as he does so, become less rude. Your comment about if he smoked something before he came to class made me laugh! But no, he didn't. He's just the brooding silent type.

Thank you for taking the time to read and review! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and am now determined to make you like James more! He's a sweetheart, I swear. Underneath all the exterior that is. Thank you again!


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Review #21, by AlexFanBecause In Reality: a teenage vow in a parking lot.

24th December 2015:
Merry Christmas! I'm a little late in leaving reviews but I'm trying to leave as many as I can in two days.

I haven't read a lot of your stories but I saw the banner and summary for this on your author page and I was already sold. This is the first time I've read a story in which James Sirius Potter is not loud and arrogant and to be honest I kind of like it. It's different from how he's portrayed in other fanfictions, it makes this story stand out in a way.

I really liked your main character as well, I like how she's not of those main protagonists who denies how attractive they are. She could've very easily gone down the route of "she's pretty but she doesn't know it," I like how she acknowledges that she's good-looking, it was a breath of fresh air to be honest with you.

I really loved this chapter and the interactions between Bea and Ronnie, the friendship between those two is really great, I loved their interactions. I was waiting for them to finally get to talk to James Potter but I see I'm going to have to keep reading to see when that happens (I was going to anyway).

And that scene with Louis at the very end where he asked Bea for help, I couldn't help but laugh because that seems like such a junior high school thing. I flashed back to when stuff like this happened when I was younger. I never really understood why we did those kinds of things to be honest with you. Bea knew what was happening to, she knew exactly what Louis was doing and was trying to avoid it (good job there Ronnie).

Anyway, Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Hello!

I've actually had a lot of readers tell me that they clicked on my story just because of the banner which I have always found funny and very flattering. It's always great to hear that someone clicked on it because of the summary as well. The story actually came from the idea that what if the first Potter kid was more reserved and quiet while the second Potter kid was the more arrogant, popular one since most usually write them the other way around. I'm glad to hear that you like him portrayed that way. I actually enjoy writing him this way which I didn't expect.

Yay, someone likes Bea/Ronnie! Most only like Bea but I do feel they balance each other out and that both of their best qualities comes from being friends with each other. No I actually ended up not introducing James yet, but he is in the next chapter. I think that more came from me not ready to write him yet.

I really do wish those thing were junior high things and only junior high things, but I feel like that happens in high school as well. And Louis isn't very mature in this story so he would do that, not to mention that he's younger than both Bea and Ronnie as a fifth year. I never understood why those sort of things happened either. Anytime I was in a similar situation I always felt uncomfortable which is exactly how Bea felt. And Ronnie... well she never really caught on and seeing how Louis Weasley is Louis Weasley, she instantly believed he was a good person.

Thank you so much for stopping by Grace! It's great to hear your thoughts on this story since I've always thought you were great at writing Next Gen and you can flawlessly write rom/fluff/general/humor fics.And a very late Happy Holidays!


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Review #22, by AlexFanTis The Season: Breaking The Fast

22nd December 2015:
I've never read any fanfiction that focused on a holiday other than Christmas so you can imagine my excitement when I saw that this was about Ramadan. I was so happy to see a fanfiction that focused on the holiday of another religion, I really enjoyed this, I loved it a lot.

I like how you showed Demelza in this light, her helping out with her family and caring for the people in her family. Going to the mosque to pray and having people over to celebrate the end of Ramadan. I don't know if just gave me a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I really wish you had gone into a little more detail about how the prayers went at the mosque or the atmosphere during the praying, it felt like there needed to be a little bit more added to make the transition from the beginning to the end of the prayers.

I also wish you'd gone into a little bit more detail about Demelza's mum preparing the food, I can only imagine how chaotic is must've been to have over a hundred people in her all at once. It must've been crazy for her mum to try and cook around that many people. Especially making the baklava, it takes at least four hours to make baklava and then to let it sit in the syrup so that it can be served properly, that must've taken a long time.

But anyway, I loved this chapter so much, you have no idea, it was so lovely to read.

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Review #23, by AlexFanUnlikely Friends: A Love For Dogs

22nd December 2015:
I really liked this, I liked how the stories of Tom and Marjorie come together. If this were canon then it would also explain why Ripper never seemed to like Harry, probably because he could sense Voldemort living in Harry (that would make him a very smart dog).

I think Marj going over to Tom Riddle Sr to make friends with him seems like something that she would've done as a child. It fit in with her loud character when she was older and I couldn't help but grin when she went over to his house and pretty much announced that he was going to be her new friend.

This story provides another look at Tom than the one we saw in the series where he was looking down on the Gaunts because of the house that they lived in. It just goes to show that there's many sides to a person.

I can't imagine what a shock it must've been for Marjorie to find her friend dead like that in his house, it must've been such a traumatizing experience for her. No child should ever have to witness something like that. I can understand why it took her so long to deal with the grief and especially what she had seen. Marj would've had to come to terms with the fact that someone killed not only her friend but also his entire family.

But anyway, great one-shot!

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Review #24, by AlexFanAn Apple A Day: Runaway

22nd December 2015:
I've been reading a lot of story about Draco Malfoy these past two days. I thought this was really sweet, you never really got to hear much about Dobby's life at Malfoy Manor, and there was something about the idea of Draco treating Dobby well that made me happy.

I think maybe I'm just happy about the idea that maybe not everybody mistreated Dobby, and that he liked at least one Malfoy. I think the fact that Draco wanted to run away from home spoke a lot about his time at Malfoy Manor, he probably had a very lonely childhood. It would make sense that a lonely house elf and a lonely boy would make friends with each other, they were probably the only company that the two of them had for some years.

Author's Response: Hi Alex,

Draco really is an interesting character to explore. I always feel that there was a lot more to him than was explored in cannon.

I hate to think of everyone treating Dobby terribly. I at least imagine that Draco was friendly with him until he was a teenager. Kids are usually kind until they are taught otherwise.

Again, thanks for the review!


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Review #25, by AlexFanRuins: Ruins

21st December 2015:
I've read a couple of stories today focusing on Draco Malfoy, and none of them took the route that this story did. I went from feeling pity for Draco Malfoy, to hating him, and then back to feeling pity for him.

Your characterization of Pansy is so different from how she used to be during Hogwarts years, and I liked how she acknowledged how much of a horrible person she had been during the time. I think that's a real sign of growth in a person, when they acknowledge the kind of person that they used to be and how they've improved.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually really liked Pansy in this, she was so much more mature than when she was at Hogwarts. I liked how independent she was and how strong, and I admired how she stood up to Draco. Anyone else would've left the house when faced with someone in a fit of rage the same as Draco's. It took a lot of courage to stick around and talk to him.

I loved how well she got along with Benjamin and the talk that she and Draco had with each other. This is the first time I've ever actually shipped Draco and Pansy. I would love to read more about their journey together as Draco learns to get back on his feet and Pansy continues with her job and with meeting Benjamin (hint hint, nudge nudge).

Challenge results will be up soon!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks a ton for leaving me this awesome review! I am so sorry that it took me forever to answer it and everything! I really enjoyed this challenge too!

I think the cycle of pity, hate and pity is actually what I was going for with this. The story is about Pansy but we're seeing things through her eyes so you get a very clear idea of what she's feeling.

I don't know where this version of Pansy came from, really. In my universe, her story is actually kind of sad but she's mentioned as being a strong woman. I imagine that she had went through quite a bit to become who she was later on so I'm happy that she came off as so independent and strong.

I wouldn't have lasted five seconds around Draco, to be honest. Haha. Pansy has some guts but I think that Pansy underestimated how much courage she had.

What's great about this is that Benjamin is the one thing that keeps them together. Pansy just falls in love with him and her talk with Draco just solidifies it. She cares about him too but I hint that the journey will not be easy, even though it's going to be worth it in the end.

Well, if you wanted a follow up to this, I think you should check out Lovely. I have another one-shot that I'm working on that focuses on these two so I hope it'll be posted soon! :D

Much love,


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