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Review #26, by 802bettyForget the Past: Elephants, Intricate Lines

17th April 2011:
awww... So cute! Come on Draco, just give her a chance, I mean seriously, they are perfect for each other! Great job on this one; it had phenominal imagery and such! I can't wait for the next one! :D

Author's Response: Omg, another review! Your review made me smile, thank you so much! That gives me more motivation to write the next chapter...I've got finals in less than two weeks, but I promise the next chapter will be up soon! Thanks!!

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Review #27, by 802bettyGrazed Knees: x.

14th April 2011:
aw... please tell me they get back together in the end!!! :D they are just so perfect for each other!!! and as for a critique,
I love your story and how your story line oges. i have one problem though, whenever you switched between draco and hermione in the beginning, it became a tad bit confusing. maybe you culd change that a tiny bit. other than that i loved it and keep up the good work!!! :D

Author's Response: Mm, I was afraid it would be confusing. There are one or two other instances where I do it like that, but, at the time, writing it, I thought it enhanced the drama a little bit. But I will certainly look at the other times I do it and see how I can work them a little better. So, thank you!
Eventually, they will be together, promise. This is to be quite a long story, so there's much left to tell of their lives.
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #28, by 802bettyThe Game: Creatures of the Forest

12th April 2011:
AGH! Don't go to the evil horse Draco!!! :0 Lady Fulula the Forgetful, if you kill off my hisband, I swear I will find you and hex you with my mad wizard skills. ;) jk, but PLEASE post soon!

Author's Response: Haha this review seriously made my day! You're just gonna have to wait and see what happens. I'll try to post as soon as I can. :} Thanks for the review.
With lots of love,
Lady Fulula the Forgetful

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Review #29, by 802bettyA Clash of Hearts: Late Night Limping & Kitchens

11th April 2011:
wait hold up! WHAT is utterly disgusting? UGH!!! please tell me soon!!! :0

Author's Response: hahaha, you gotta love cliffies :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #30, by 802bettyA Clash of Hearts: Dark Nights & Book Addictions

11th April 2011:
aww come on hermione, just let him carry you! Man, if I were in her place 'd be like, "Shoosh yeah!!!"

Author's Response: i know right! i'm so in love with draco/tom felton! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #31, by 802bettyDeception, Drama and Draco Malfoy...: Chapter 3

11th April 2011:
Oh snap! As soon as I saw those darn Crumple Horned Snorcacks coming up my driveway, I knew I needed to review for sure! :0 anywho, I REALLY REALLY LOVE this and all and I hope you update soon! Only one thing though, sometimes when you change point of views, maybe make a tinsey bit more obvious whose point of view it is at the beginning, there were times that I was confused. Other than that a bravo to you!!!

Author's Response: ha ha ha :D
thanks for reviewing...
and i'll make it clearer :)
next chapters up, so go check it out :)
and review ;P

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Review #32, by 802bettyAurors vs. the Condemned: Diversions and Mood-Killers

7th April 2011:
LOL! Well, they sure weren't on the same page at the end!!! :D LOl! :D

Author's Response: hahaha, oh yeah, they were on two COMPLETELY different sides of the spectrum there lol.

-WP ^_^

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Review #33, by 802bettyAurors vs. the Condemned: Truce

7th April 2011:
hahaha... lol, I love the Draco in this story! keep it up!!! :D

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Review #34, by 802bettyFemme Fatale: THE LYING GAME

7th April 2011:
OH! Can't wait to see where this story is headed! Huge Dramione fan too! I like your idea for this story and I haven't seen anything like this yet! Keep up the good work!!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the positive review!!! Thanks I will definitely finish this story!

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Review #35, by 802bettyCrazy love: the heads comparment

5th April 2011:
oh ginny, I love her so much. :) please please please post the next chapter!!!

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Review #36, by 802bettyThe Wager: The Wager

5th April 2011:
LOL! loved this! it was so cute, funny, creative, and just... GREAT! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! So glad you enjoyed my story :)

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Review #37, by 802bettyIt's Just a Crush: You're not even eating, Get out of here!

5th April 2011:
aw. it's so adorable! I swear! they are meant to be!!!

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Review #38, by 802bettyTell Me the Story, Please.: Story Time

5th April 2011:
aw. this gave me the giggles. :) not in a bad way! in a "aw. that was the sweetest thing EVER! so cute!" love it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I love had a blast writing it. :} Check out more of my stories, I'm sure you'll like them too. :}
With lots of love,
Lady Fulula the Forgetful

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Review #39, by 802bettyAbsence of Reality: What goes Up must come Down

5th April 2011:
NOOO! OMG! Gonna go kill Rita Skeeter! Ugh! What a git. poor Mia! Please help Harry, Ron, and Ginny get back to being friends with Mia! I'm was so sad about that part! (although it was a very good point to the story though.) As for a suggestion, maybe while Mia is sad about something, (idk, it could be this or something else in the future) Draco could like, comfort her. This way, she and Draco kindof grow a tinsey bit closer. And with that and other events (whatever you want) they begin to actually, maybe not like, but like I said earliar, come closer. :) just a random suggestion. :)

anywho! great job! 10/10! looking forward frot the next one!

Author's Response: Yaaay! My first review for this chapter =)

Yeah that Rita Skeeter is a pesky one isn't she? Hmm Ron, Ginny and Harry.. I'm not too sure about how I'm going to make their relationships with Mia. But what I do know is that Ginny will pop up more often *wink*

Ahh.. I get where your coming from about Draco. Trust me I would love nothing more than for him to just sweep Mia in his arms lol but I got to remember to build their relationship slowly and that's so hard to do haha.

Wow thank you so much for the wonderful review and the excellent suggestions. I wasn't having too good of a day but you changed that!

Thank you again! Next chapter should be interesting, I'm going to wait for some more feedback for this chapter then imma get started on chapter 4 =)

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Review #40, by 802bettyUnfogging The Future: Chapter Six.

4th April 2011:
awww. someone's crushing on Hermione :) lol, post soon!

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Review #41, by 802bettyGrazed Knees: viii.

4th April 2011:
*sniffle sniflle* I knew this chapter would have to happen sooner or later. BUT ITS SO SAD! post soon por favor!

Author's Response: I know! It's getting sadder by the second, :( Unfortunately, it's got nowhere to go but worse at this point.
I'll have another chapter up in about five days, :)
Thank you so very much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #42, by 802bettyDelilah's Black Book of Poems: Draco's Women

4th April 2011:

huh, sorry, but I swear, I'm gonna go to Azkaban with the girl who just reviewed above me (see it? ^) because while she kills those girls, I'm gonna be the one who holds them down. :) lol, then I'll be all buddy buddies with Lucius and give him parenting lessons! :D Anywho, I'm loving this story and I can't wait to hear about what happens at the New Years party!!! Just throwing out a wild guess. Does it involve fire works shaped like snakes that slither around the sky and hiss and it makes the other students pee their pants? Just guessing. :) just kidding. :)

But I'm in love with this Draco! Wait, take that back, we're already married. It was a nice little weeding on the Bahamas. :)

Oh and by the way, this is so going on my story tracker! 10/10!

Author's Response: ROFLOL! I bet I laughed out loud for a good five minutes while reading your Review! Ha!

Yes... He just wants to be loved! Is that too much to ask? Seriously!?

You had me rolling at helping TheHeirofSlytherin kill them... and giving Parenting Lessons to Lucius while in prison... that's when I fell off my chair! LOL!

For New Years... you are not far off with your 'wild guess'...

If there is anyone one reading this fic that is not completely in love with Draco now... then they are not human! LOL!

Did I make him too good to be true? I don't think so... ;}

I can see him in a black tux... getting married on a Bahama beach... yes... I can see that.

Thanks so much for the 10 and the story tracker... Such huge compliments and I appreciate them so much... Thanks for the laughter!

Dark Whisper

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Review #43, by 802bettyUnfogging The Future: Chapter Five.

3rd April 2011:
ooh... mysterious... :) can't wait for the next one! ;D

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Review #44, by 802bettyGrazed Knees: vii.

3rd April 2011:
awww. imensly loving this story! don't stop! :D

Author's Response: I promise I won't. The next chapter should be up tomorrow, actually, :)
Thank you!

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Review #45, by 802bettyGrazed Knees: vi.

27th March 2011:
DUN DUN DUNH! Oh snap, you've done it again! Can't wait to see what happens next! Post soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #46, by 802bettyGrazed Knees: v.

24th March 2011:
aw. so cute!!! I'm loving this! post soon!

Author's Response: I will, promise, :D
Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #47, by 802bettyUnfogging The Future: Chapter Three.

22nd March 2011:
GASP! No way! Woah, did not see that one coming! Update soon pleeeaaassse! I'm sorry, but I REALLY want to know what happens next! :D Good job!

Author's Response: thanks so much for reading! the next chapter shouldn't be far off, just waiting for it to be validated =)

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Review #48, by 802bettyGrazed Knees: iii.

18th March 2011:
YEAH! This is really good I must say! :D I can't wait for the next chapter to come out! I'm loving this story so far! :) Good job. :)

Author's Response: Awh, you are just so sweet!
Thank you so very much, :D
I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #49, by 802bettyPotter, Please Tell Her Something: Part 2: Incomplete

15th March 2011:
aw. :) couldn't have ended it better i believe. :) very good!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad you loved it!


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Review #50, by 802bettyAbsence of Reality: Hermione Jane Granger... or not?

14th March 2011:
WOAH! Did not see that coming! :D Loving this story already and it's only chapter 1! But seriously, I'm totally in love with the story concept; I've never seen anything like it! :) I also love the irony of Ginny being Blaise's soulmate and Hermi- Melania's bestfriend; and Draco being Melania's soul mate and Blaise's best fried! I can't wait to read to find out what happens next! A+

Author's Response: =)

Hehe thank you so much. I love this type of plot, I'm sure you will come across a few like this. I'm trying to make mine different though. Gosh I love the Ginny/Blaise Draco/Hermione thing too. So wrong yet so right!

I'm so glad you like it so far. Thank you for reading and leaving this wonderful review. You're awesome and welcome to the site! Let me know when your Dramione comes out =)

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