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Review #1, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Healing Hands

25th April 2012:
Such a happy chapter until the end. I still feel bad for Ron but I'm glad to see Harry making an effort. It's be hard not to be a little jealous of him. Ron has certainly matured a lot though and he can at least see the real reasons for his jealousy. When's his girlie come into the picture ;)

Now I've reached the end of getting caught up and I have to wait again. I'm certainly not one to talk about waiting though as I'm sure you thought I abandoned my story completely. I haven't. I have half of a new chapter done and hit some minor writers block. I also leave for India in just over a week so I'm not going to promise to have anything before then. It's a 29 hour trip though so maybe I can get out a couple chapters!

Glad to be back in touch!!

Author's Response: Unfortunately, there may be alot of waiting involved since I had the spillage on my laptop and broke the stupid thing. I'm working on it as best I can but alas fate can toss us some bitter pills to swallow. At least I didn't lose everything and have learned from my mistake. Now all of my writing is saved to a flash drive.

Hopefully you can get past your writer's block because I'd be interested to see where it goes. Hope everything goes well in India, maybe I can have a new chapter to entertain you on the plane. If I don't talk to you again before then, have a safe trip.

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Review #2, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Welcome to Hogwarts

25th April 2012:
This one was short and I was almost glad it took me a while to catch up because I got to see the new chapter less than a day after.

You filled in some interesting information about our new dark enemy. I can't believe he'll be living in the same dorm as them. The vampire vs. werewolf theme could go a long way but not if Draco gets cured. I was still holding out hope that Fred and Hermione would figure that out once they figure out what the tension is between them.

Definitely going to need Harry and Luna to work some stuff out though. I was a little surprised to see Dumbledore going along with her reasoning.

Will Ginny end up trying to get in on that too? They'll still need to come back next year right? Haha, a third installment! Can't wait to keep reading.

Author's Response: I already have ideas about the cure that won't mess with the logistics of the werewolf vs vampire theme. There are many kinds of vampires, like many kinds of people and I think of Tristan as someone debonair and cultured, intelligent and egotistical, calculating and stealthy. The ultimate civilized predator, so of course he'd be in Slytherin and of course he'd be in the accellerated program. Of course placing him there in the dorm with them is extremely helpful to the plot, but his character will live up to the spot he earned there.

Dumbledore has his own reasons for going along with Luna's plan and those will be revealed all in good time. As for Harry and Luna, it's more Luna right now that will have to give a little in order for things to get better between them. The problem is she isn't sure what she wants to happen.

Yes, a third installment and I already have the title. But this one won't end until we meet every coven member at least once to find out if they'll join or not.

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Review #3, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Blurring the Line Between Friend and Enemy

25th April 2012:
Another new enemy! My goodness how will he play in. As if it wasn't already going to be hard enough for Malfoy to deal with a bunch of dumb weak enemies at school now he has an actual threat.

I think you captured Xeno Lovegood's character perfectly here. I did feel bad for Luna but from what we know about her his attitude totally fits. I hope nothing happens to him because of this article.

I was also glad to see the trio back together again. Ever since about halfway through RoM Ron has been so isolated. I hope he can get back in the picture more.

Even though I've read this twice now I immediately want to move on and read the next chapter again. It makes it hard for me to remember all of the things I wanted to mention in my review.

Oh, I'm surprised with all the progress Ginny and Draco have made that they're still keeping secrets. I hope that doesn't rock the boat too much. Laurel has really transformed Ginny's shoe outlook though and she really rolls with the punches now.

Can you please make Harry and Hermione less happy together again so I can go back to wanting them to split so the real pairings can happen. You're only making it harder.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Tristan is meant for Malfoy of course, but he will be an enemy to others as well and I'm not talking about Harry. Tristan's main role in bringing down Harry Potter for the Dark Lord will be to take care of the others standing in the way... not to mention try and get Luna as a replacement for the seer that Voldemort already has. Won't reveal much else, but his evil will be spreading throughout the group.

Of course no one could put out an article suggesting something like that without attention and retaliation. Lucius will be none too happy about these allegations. And Voldemort will want to know if it's true. Elanya and the girls will probably want to know more for their own interests... so there will be a few people interested in Xeno and his sources.

Ron will be more in the picture as he starts maturing. As I went back through to edit and rewrite, I saw that the others seemed to grow up a bit more quickly than he did, taking more adult views on their situations while his reactions remained a bit self-centered and childish. (Not that they don't still all have their moments of immaturity, but then who doesn't?) Soon he'll be meeting his match and she'll make him grow up real quick.

As close as they've gotten, Ginny and Draco are still a very new couple who haven't even really defined what they are to each other beyond feelings. Their status is still technically a non-relationship and while they may have admitted that they care deeply for each other, they are still a long way off from saying I love you. They both have a lot of baggage to get through both together and separately before any real trust can develop... after all, she already admitted to Laurel that she saw herself without him sometimes. Being back at Hogwarts, with memories of how it used to be everywhere will probably be hard on them but also help them get past some things. I'm still not sure how rocky their road will be.

The way I see it is, Harry and Hermione are a couple right now, but mentally and emotionally they are already separating. It'll just be a matter of finding a way and the right time to cut the remaining ties.

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Review #4, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Transitioning

25th April 2012:
I feel so bad for Fred and Luna. What on earth are you going to do with Fred while they're all away at school? Even if he does get the store going again he'll be miserably lonely most of the time. And Luna will be alone in Ravenclaw while everyone else is bunking together. Even though Ginny will also be alone technically she has Draco to go to and I didn't need to read the next chapter to know shed be sneaking to see him.

Oh, and then Hermione. You've done a good job of building up Luna/Harry and alluding to Fred/Hermione but I don't think Hermione is going to see it coming. Her and Harry are doing better than they have been in a while. How are you going to end this!? And then when they do break it off if Harry and Luna start up Hermione will have no one to go to.

The true sign of a good story is that it can actually make the reader care about and even worry for fictional characters. Even though I know that these people don't exist I get physically anxious reading about what's happening to them.

I hope that when you eventually finish your original works you will share it with me because your talent is incredible. Thank you for writing.

Author's Response: Have no fear for Fred, or maybe have a little fear for him, because I have plans for him. As for Luna and Ginny, things are starting to come together and Dumbledore teaching is just the beginning.

As for the couples, Luna is struggling with trying to decide whether she is having feelings for Harry because she knows she's supposed to or because she's really fallen for him. She doesn't want to hurt anyone or ruin fate by letting something slip, so she becomes more frustrated as time goes on, wanting someone she can't let herself have. So as they fight, they are trying to tell things to each other and themselves that maybe neither is ready to hear. Meanwhile as things with her heat up, Harry has Hermione who for once is the more stable relationship to turn to. H/Hr do love each other and they are engaged, so it's not like it's a relationship that will end soon. As for Fred, he knows he has a crush but doesn't want to hurt Harry, even though he sees that he and Hermione are growing apart. Hermione has been feeling awkward around Fred and now that they're separated, she'll have to figure out if and why she misses him.

I have a few short stories that I've already pulled the poor man's copyright on and I can send you those if you're really interested. Thanks for all the complimenting you do, you make me blush sometimes.

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Review #5, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Finding Truths and Exposing Secrets

25th April 2012:
I thought I guessed Cho was Draco's other partner and you said I was wrong? Change your mind or am I misremembering again?

A lot happened in this chapter and it moved quickly. I'm glad to see them making some headway on this case about Kane but it seems like eventually the truth is going to have to come out and the longer they keep their journey to Azkaban secret the worse it'll be when they say something eventually.

Even before reading the next few chapters I had a good idea about what Drake and Mr. Weasley are alluding to about his plans coming up. A good choice I think for the story. Helps with a lot of logistics.

I do find it humorous that it took you 24 chapters to "get the setup out of the way." I'm not complaining though because that just means the story will that much longer.

Author's Response: You did guess and I told you that I wasn't sure whether I wanted it to be Cho or Pansy. After a lot of thought about what I could do in either direction, I finally chose Cho and left Pansy as the spurned girl with a big crush. (Also a few scenes I added into RoM between Draco and Pansy to show his total disregard for her and how he can use and manipulate her) I think it'll play out a lot more interestingly this way.

As for their secret trip to Azkaban, I'm not sure if I'm going to let this be the one thing they get away with. As it is now at the end of chapter 28, Harry is going to have to come up with something amazing to explain to Dumbledore how he lost his power and the need for Gabby to show up. I guess I still have more thinking to do about which way I want it to go.

I needed Drake nearby for sure, and adding Charlie in is going to help a lot too. I'm glad you liked that, I felt like people were just going to be like- oh yeah, sure she just found some random way to bring Drake in- I want this to be as believable as a story about wizards and magic can be I guess.

Definitely a lot more set up than in RoM but that's what happens I guess when you get to a sequel. The first one sets up the story and the next ones build on it. I guess I just got carried away with building. :)

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Review #6, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Explorations of a Twisted Mind

25th April 2012:
To start off I'd like to apologize for completely dropping off the map for nearly 3 months now. I have no excuse. I even got a new laptop that actually works so I'm not restricted to writing on my phone. I did warn you I went through waves of demotivation and with my upcoming trip to India my mind has been on other things.

So, to make it up to you I will leave a glowing review on each one of the chapters that I missed up until this point, (even though I've already read to the end of 28.)

I believe this chapter is the last one we corresponded through email about. I'm glad my suggestion helped and you extended the end of the chapter. Getting to know the enemies the gang is up against has been fascinating and you just keep bringing more in!

In fact the only thing I wish I had was like a list of characters and a brief description. I've started to lose track of all the OCs you have brought in and I keep mixing up the names of Coven members and bad guys and who's got what powers. Do you have a list someplace? Maybe pos it on your author page in the forum?

Anyways, awesome as always but I'm going to move into new material since we've covered this chapter already.

Author's Response: Well, India certainly sounds exciting. Don't worry, I've been pretty demotivated myself lately with the way life is and the accident I had with my laptop that keeps me from being able to write as often as I'd like.

I only have my own personal notes on the characters (so I can keep them all straight) and I can send it to you if it'll help. I think the problem for you as the reader and me as the writer in keeping everything straight is that this is such a stilted way of reading. It's hard to keep track of everything when you're forced to take breaks.

Just so you know, I've been super busy rewriting a lot of RoM, editing and adding in scenes to fill the story out more and try and get it up to par with CoW. I've only gotten up to chapter 45 revalidated, but if you get bored on the plane and still can't write, there are a few things I've added in there that will become relevant shortly in CoW (like the bubble flowers I had Neville give Ginny and Rowena's Caverns- just a few things I added.)

Anyway, I'll send you my own notes on the characters and hopefully that helps, even though some of them (like coven members) haven't been introduced yet. But really it's just a list I keep adding to as I add new characters.

Welcome back, can't wait to see what you decide to do with your story.

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Review #7, by Jsez444Unintended Consequences: Chapter 17 - Interlude

12th February 2012:
Once again, in my opinion, you made it far too easy for them to acquire and destroy another Horcrux.

Other than that point I am still enjoying the story. I just read 4 chapters in a row because I've been away for a bit. I look forward to discovering how you bring all of your plot lines back together.

Author's Response: Thanks! I didn't make it as difficult to get the Horcruxes as I could have, but I really wanted to focus on the characters versus the war with Voldemort.

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Review #8, by Jsez444Unintended Consequences: Chapter 12 - Departures

1st February 2012:
It seems a bit strange to me that a betrothal would constitute an act that would lift the trace. Especially since you mentioned that betrothals were most commonly used for arranged marriages in the past since most arranged marriages are done by the parents when the subjects are young.

Another thing about arranged marriages was that since they were often not left to the subjects to decide they often did not love each other at first if at all. You'd think with the dangerous side effects of these betrothal rituals it would have had disastrous results more often than not when they were prevalent.

Besides that I am liking where the story is headed. I'm sure a trip to Lestrange manner won't come without some action.

Happy Writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! It is their magic and love that fuels the betrothal of that accounts for the different outcomes. The disastrous side effects are the reason the rituals were discontinued. I hope you continue to enjoy the story :)

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Review #9, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Preserving the Past

30th January 2012:
You already know I loved this chapter. And hated how it ended. I hope the next one's coming soon although I honestly don't know how you keep the pace you do and include so much detail. Especially now with two stories going!

For some reason I can't remember who Robin is. When did Harry get another pet? I'm sure I'll remember if you give me a refresher.

I find it very interesting the parallels you've drawn between Sarah and Harry. I wonder what drove her to Voldemort's side and why she seems to dislike Harry so much. At times it seemed like she could relate to him but where is all the hate coming from?

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: It's actually working out going back and forth between stories, it gives me time to get the chapter done while the other one is waiting for validation.

Robin is the two headed Thegar that Hagrid gave Harry as a belated birthday present in RoM. I've been going through and adding a whole lot more to the story now that I know what happened in the end. I'm up to chapter 26, with 23 chapters revalidated. I'll let you know when it's completely gone through the rewriting process so you can check it out.

I've been cooking up an interesting history for Sarah and in the next chapter Harry learns alittle bit more about her in an interesting way. After all, he still has one power.

I'm about halfway through the next chapter right now, I'll e-mail it to you as soon as possible.

Talk to you later.

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Review #10, by Jsez444Unintended Consequences: Chapter 11 - Christmas

25th January 2012:
It's been a while since I read. I've been attempting to write my own story while helping another friend edit their's as well so I just did the last 4 chapters in one shot. I've liked your premise from the beginning but it seems like things are going far too easy for Harry now. The fact that completely removing Ron and Hermione from the picture has led to everything being solved so quickly is a bit backwards. It was also unrealistic how easily he recognized and found the diadem after one look at the statue.

Now Ron and Hermione are completely out of the country and far away so it's unlikely they get back involved in the plot. The story just keeps getting less believable as it goes on.

I do like your writing style still though and I rarely find mistakes. Maybe you have something unexpected in mind that will bring them all back together again. I'll just have to wait and see.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I have moved Ron and Hermione out of the story somewhat, but I wanted to primarily focus on Harry and Ginny and their relationship. There are troubles up ahead, I hope you continue to read :)

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Review #11, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Puzzle Pieces

22nd January 2012:
I have a lot of thoughts about what's going on with Cho. First thought is that it's not her, that Sarah has been polyjuicing (I love making up verbs) into her for some time, basically since she got all crazy on the train in the very beginning. It was last chapter when you mentioned Pansy knowing Sarah and going to the village where Cho lived that got me on that and hearing Harry recount the encounter the way he did made it more likely. It would also explain how she "threw" the piece of wood at him and why she'd be so keen to use the psychohemia poison so she could gain an upper hand on his psychic abilities knowing he was stronger than her. And it might explain why she is still semi-sane (if you can call it that) after being in Azkaban because her mind may be stronger than other prisoners.

My other thought was that Cho is simply being controlled by Sarah somehow but I actually have a harder time working out how that would work.

A ton of other things were floating in and out of my mind as
I read but this is what stuck.

A lot seems to be hinging on Gabriella, Draco's arm, the "cure" and now Harry's telekinesis. She's going to be bombarded when they finally contact her. Hopefully she's fully aware of her abilities.

I just posted my chapter 4 in it's finished form. When I saw you had another chapter up I forced myself to post before I allowed myself to read your chapter. It was motivating. I have started writing a chapter 5 from Lily's perspective again but I'm thinking it may get pushed to chapter 6. Haven't fully decided. I'll keep you posted.

Hit me on the forums if you want to discuss further.

Author's Response: Polyjuice potion was originally how I intended to go, but i guess I know more of Sarah's background at this point than the readers. Other than her own abilities and those one can teach themselves, she has no link to the magical world. Sure polyjuice potion could be brewed for her, but it wouldn't be the way she'd choose. Her way is a bit more metaphysical. So no, she's not controlling her either. Cho definitely lost it all on her own.

As for Gabriella, the only thing she's actually been contacted about is Harry. using her to cure the wolves and Draco's arm were all speculation between the various characters involved in those conversations. For example, Draco still knows nothing of their thought of her being able to heal him faster. That is something that will be brought up, not in the next chapter (which is already written and posted) but in the one after which I've already started. So as far as her being bombarded, it won't be the case. I still haven't decided how aware of her abilities and her ancestors she will be, so we'll have to see about that.

I will keep an eye out for the finished chapter 4 and look forward to chapter 5, whatever the content.

Super busy lately so I will check you out on the forums when I get a chance. Talk to you later. Thanks for everything!

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Review #12, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Escape From Azkaban

16th January 2012:
Aaaah! You're kidding, another cliff hanger. Great chapter, i knew since they made this plan they'd have to run into Cho in there.

I sure hope this story lasts 100 chapters. There really is no end in sight.

I know I've been terrible and haven't written in a while so I'm going to do that right now. Reading your chapter may just have gotten me in the righ frame of mind to finish chapter 4!


Author's Response: You know how I love the cliffhangers. Cho is going to become pretty important in the story, after all, you can't have a character just completely change and then not explore the how and why of it.

It just may hit a hundred chapters, and I'd still need another sequel! Maybe I've put too many things in this story.

I really liked your chapter and left my thoughts in the forum. I was planning on sending you my next chapter, but it just posted today, so I guess that would be pointless, but I still sent you the 1st chapter of my new story which I'll be posting later today.

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Review #13, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Confronting Reality

12th December 2011:
I liked this chapter a lot the more I read it. You do seem to fit a lot of things happening into a relatively short space. It's amazing you keep the flow so well.

I think what I'm most intrigued by right now will be to see what ultimate consequences using the ring comes to with Harry and Fred. It has been an ever present theme that keeps building and I know it will have some major climax in the story.

The Draco/Ginny thing was well written but expected. You made it pretty clear they were going to hook up and it seems that unlike some of your pairings you're set on them.

Looking forward to the next chapter. I promise mine's coming but I told you it would be a tough one for me. Good luck.

Author's Response: The ultimate consequences with the ring won't be brought to fruition for awhile. There is so much else I still have to get to and all these other things keep putting me off track.

I have to keep the flow and squeeze as much as possible into the chapters so this thing won't turn in the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire (in terms of length).

Ginny and Draco hooking up may have been expected, but their relationship isn't going to be easy. So don't expect a normal romance.

Haven't had a good long talk with you in while, I know we're both swamped. Looking forward to chapter 4 and I hope to get you my chapter 19 sometime today. I just have a few more pages to write when I get home and find time. Things have been crazy lately. See you next chapter!

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Review #14, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: The Hunt

4th December 2011:
I'm glad there's no limit on chapter length otherwise I feel like you'd be pushing it. Not a bad thing though, well worth the wait.

It was actually slightly disappointing that Sarah Elaine didn't show up at all in this chapter. Ginny played right into Luna's vision and nothing came of it. Now Ginny has handed over the ring so it's moot.

An interesting power this new coven member has and many implications it could have on the group. Draco's arm is one thing but isn't being a werewolf technically a sickness? They call it becoming "infected" so I don't know if that means anything but I wonder if she could somehow play a role in Fred's cure attempts. Not to mention maybe she could lay some hands on Ginny's head and fix whatever's been knocked out of whack up there.

I'm sure it won't be that simple otherwise it would take a large aspect out of the story but I'm just speculating. Also wondering if the whole resurrection thing could replay itself in a final battle to come in either this story or the next.

I was surprised by how easily Luna was able to quell the situation with the Weasleys. I mean I understand what she was saying about being a mediator and how they just needed to put it all in the past but it just seemed to be over so quick. I suppose a scene like that could take pages to write and you need to pick and choose what's important in a story. It worked to keep things flowing and moving. I'll be interested to see how Ginny reacts to the healer.

Maybe Draco will help convince her to talk. Maybe he'll try and she'll get POed. I see a turbulent ride for those two coming up. It'll be interesting how you make that work (or if you do ;) )

When will Dumbledore learn to stop being so cryptic. I don't know if you meant him to actually know something he wasn't saying or if that's just the way he talks but it certainly seemed like he at least had an idea of what the Granger's wanted and he didn't like it. Luna mentioned how powerful he is and obviously he's on their side but he needs Harry to trust him or else it'll make things much more difficult. Tell him to cut the mysterious act.

So Ron's going to take some Initiative huh? This will be his first step in his plan to distinguish himself on his own I presume. It'll be interesting to see whether that helps or hurts their efforts.

Lots to look forward to coming up. I'm sure it will be worth any wait you put us through. Family first. Ttyl.

Author's Response: Okay, I'm going to attempt this point by point since we're both long winded. :)

Luna's visions in the white room are warnings, and different from her real visions. This hasn't been explored or explained well enough I know, but it will be soon. They are learning about the other's powers, so Harry and Luna are going to begin to understand theirs better, though Luna will actually have someone she can go to for discussion, that scene I dreamed up and is coming soon, though probably not in this chapter. So Sarah was a warning, and she's still coming. They may have thought they stopped it, but she's still coming. very soon and in an inexpected place.

As for Gabriella the Healer, she is certainly going to have major implications in the story, and like all the coven members, they are going to look to her for easy answers. Her introduction is still a long way off, so I don't really have anything solid to offer as far as she's concerned and especially in the final battle. I just wanted readers aware of the difference between her and regular healers. As for Draco's arm, it'll be his decision.

You're right, the scene between everyone would have been way too long and drawn out in a story that I've already let get away from me a few times. Thus the delay in getting them to the school. So I used Luna as a transition. But... I have something cooking in my mind for Luna and her ability to sense things about people and situations, to read people so easily, and sense energy so strongly. After all, Harry can read minds too, but he isn't as aware as she is and not nearly as good with people. That secret will be coming to light very soon.

Ginny and speaking with the healer is a scene I have already written in the next chapter, and it's definitely tense, as is the scene where she is convinced to talk.

Dumbledore is a bit of a protaganist, isn't he. But with good reason. Luna has the responsibility of knowing the future and keeping it to herself, something Harry easily understands. The fact that Dumbledore is basically in the same position, having knowledge and knowing when and if he should reveal it, is moot, because he is the first positive adult figure in Harry's life, he feels more betrayed, having wanted so badly to finally find a trustworthy adult. Now with Arthur and Lupin stepping up, Harry is viewing Dumbledore's secrecy as more of a betrayal. That will all come to a head in what I plan to be a very dark and emotional scene. It won't happen til they're all at the school though.

Ron is tired of being average and doing nothing but complaining about it. As they all go through these experiences, they are all growing and finding themselves, as we all do as we go through life. Whether what he does help or hinders is more a question of perspective among the group.

Halfway through the next chapter, and hoping to spend most of my sunday on the computer trying to finish. See you soon.

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Review #15, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Planning the Chase

27th November 2011:
This is by far my favorite FF I've read. I just can't get over how in depth the plot is. Fred/Hermione was a bit of a surprise to me. Although you did say there are other hints earlier on of a different partner for her IF you split her and Harry. Maybe I need to go back and reread.

I'm sure you have a reason for not allowing side-along apparition not that Fred could necessarily done it with Harry but Arthur could easily do it with Ginny.

A cliff hanger again do I hope the next chapter isn't far behind. Not that that one won't end in yet another cliff hanger...

Author's Response: Okay, first, Thank You! I try really hard to make it interesting to read, and the only problem I see is tying together all of the plot twists and set-ups I've started. I get so many ideas, I want to get them all in there and then have to figure out how to make it work.

As for Fred and Hermione, if you read closely, and pay attention to his comments in both stories, it's sort of written in there. I did take it to a higher level this chapter, figuring if I did intend to go that way, then I'd better have a better lead into it than the very subtle things I'd already put in both stories. Still not sure what I'm doing there, I think I need to get closer to that point in the story before I decide, which may not even come til the sequel.

I tried to explain why Arthur couldn't do the side-along apparation with Ginny, what with his already brewing troubles with the ministry, Harry's unauthorized apparation that he has to cover up and the many favors he's already asked for while abusing his position. If he, as the minister broke the rules for Ginny, his own daughter, who after all, put herself in danger, then his real fear of losing the job could be realized. And as he told Molly, they couldn't chance someone else being placed as minister, as you never know who is really a Death Eater. (example: Cho Chang) Plus it didn't suit my needs to have them be able to just apparate there and get her, so I tried to explain it away right there in the story.

The next chapter and the next few after may be delayed. I had it half written as of wednesday, but during Thanksgiving, my grandfather fell and broke his hip. He had to have surgery and just got out of the hospital today, so I've been helping out. Now they've hired me as their home care provider as I have experience in that job (and almost any other, I've worked everywhere!) As they are older, they are very particular and require quite a bit of attention, so writing for this and my own work is on the backburner. Family has to come first after all. I do hope to have it finished and posted by tomorrow, who knows how long the validation waiting time is, but I'll be doing my best.

I'll go check the forum to see if you messaged me with your chapter. See you soon!

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Review #16, by Jsez444Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Apprehension : Another Piece of the Puzzle.

23rd November 2011:
Oh no!

What a cliff hanger!

This was your best chapter in a few and I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Hi Jsez444,

Have to try and keep you all interested ;0)
Glad to see your still reading and reviewing.
Voldy's been a bit quiet lately so its time for another break from canon and a start of some trouble.

Next chapter almost finished, should be up soon.

All the best


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Review #17, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: The Truth is Out There

22nd November 2011:
Hi! Wow, I love it when chapters come so quickly. Don't spoil us too much.

I was wondering when we'd finally get to the other members of the coven and going to find them. The story seems to be progressing well now and I can't wait to see if Ginny's plan will work. I don't know exactly how she plans for them to find it though.

In order to avoid posting reviews nearly as long as the chapters every time I sent you a message via the forums. I don't use them all that often but they do have a messaging feature like we talked about so I figured what the heck.

As always keep writing, it's great stuff. We can discuss my story in more detail in the forum message if you like. Good luck!

Author's Response: I'll check out the forum, though I don't go there much myself. Yeah, it's taken quite awhile to get to the point, but I'm trying to give a more detailed, well-rounded, thorough story than ROM. This is most likely going to be a super long one, and as I said before, there's definitely going to need to be a sequel, I have too many ideas floating around to stuff them all into COW. The next chapter is already posted, currently a 3 day wait for validation. I only have one more completed after that one, since as I'm sure you've noticed, the chapters are getting longer. So they may not be coming as quickly in the future, I don't like to spoil anyone. See you in the forum!

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Review #18, by Jsez444Unintended Consequences: Chapter 3 - Return to the Burrow

21st November 2011:
Interesting that now they're all split up. The discussion between the Weasley's was a bit confusing but maybe it was meant to be. I'm still very curious to see how you'll tie this all back together so good job. You've hooked me ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! Hope you like the decisions I've made for our characters.

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Review #19, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: A Howling History

20th November 2011:
Oh my goodness, I've been waiting just to respond to your response to my review of Run Harry Run!! It's too bad I have to wait for another chapter to do that.

We couldn't disagree more on the issue of canon and the last 2-3 books. I loved the way she portrayed the emotional changes in the characters and expressed it in her writing. One of the things that I always noticed was that even though they are technically written in a third person POV the reader never knows any more than Harry does. Which is why her voice in the story changes as Harry grows and changes. I don't know how removed you are from the experience but teenagers are emotionally crazed individuals and 15-17 is like the biggest period of change in their development. If she had kept it all the same through seven books it would've gotten stale.

This also means you won't like my story because it picks up 3 days after DH ends (not including the epilogue.) I plan to stick to the canon relationships in the end but make it a little more realistic. I can't stand stories that just make the love between Harry and Ginny so sappy and perfect with no arguments all calling eachother "my love" or something equally as corny. I read one the other day where it showed them feeding eachother chocolate covered strawberries in the great hall. Gagged a little in my mouth.

Relationships are hard work and they should be no different. I hope to be able to portray that well. I think Harry and Ginny do work well together despite your arguments having merit. I just never liked Harry Hermione, I think I told you when I first started reading RoM. It just doesn't seem right to me, incestuous in some weird way. Ron/Hermione is hilarious and I think they bounce off eachother in excellent ways like a real couple does. Ron was adorable in the 7th book trying so hard and all that.

You must have been giddy at the end of the fourth book when Hermione gives Harry a kiss on the cheek as they leave Kings Cross as like the last sentence of the book. I know that started some Harry/Hermione talk and made me think she'd go there. It just seemed like a meaningful way to end a book.

So I'm not about to call you a blaspheme or anything but I'm a fan of JKR in a big way. I think she's a genious and that she was able to create a world so realistic and deep that there's enough material out there to support sites like this so we can all keep living out our own HP fantasies.

As for this chapter, what was it about again? Just kidding although I did seriously consider writing this review before reading it because I'd been waiting a while to say everything above... Weird about your chapter being denied.

Another great story and another twist in the plot. At first I was confused a the whole biting when not transformed thing because of Bill Weasley in the books but then I realized that in your story that never happened. I'm a big proponent of changing minor details to fit your stories. No offense taken here. JKR herself deviated from some traditional myths about certain mythical beasts to fit her needs.

The thing I am liking most about this story is that I still see no end in sight! Which means there is plenty more to read! Keep it coming and hopefully upping your wanings will take out the large delays due to frivolous denial. Don't give me too much to mull over in this review of I'll be chomping at the bit again to answer you! Haha ;)

Author's Response: I was telling another reviewer, I wish this site had a way we can respond to each other instead of review, respond & wait! You are all so interesting & there's nothing I like more than a good healthy debate. I can see where you're coming from with your arguments about the last two books. And I'm 26, but still able to remember most of my teen years &how I felt, which is what I use when my versions of these characters are having problems. I'm the kind of person who keeps their emotions pretty near the surface so they are accessible. It helps me identify with characters when I'm reading or writing. I personally lost that emotional connection when I was reading the last two, though not because of H/G. (It did excite me at the end of the fourth book, & there were a few suggestions in the fifth book as well, it seemed the whole thing with Ginny came out of nowhere, other than a few mentions of her crush on him.) To me, the writing of the last two felt rushed, all of the characters, not just the teens, were not quite themselves. I remember other instances where I was reading & had to stop and say, What? And the writing style changed, yes it's 3rd person POV & that remains the same, but I tend to be analytical when I read anything, from text books to Dr. Seuss, & her voice as the author changed. We all develop as writers, obviously. I certainly know that RoM is nowhere near as good as CoW, & it really pains me to go back and read any of it knowing I could do better. RoM feels like a first draft to me, and that's what I feel it was like to read HBP and DH, a first draft where the main ideas are laid out, but not convincingly set up. It doesn't stop me from liking the first five books, & really, only the epilogue (and Hedwig and Dobby's death) keep me from coming close to liking the seventh. But I will forever be a fan, regardless. Like I said, it's not really the pairings that disturbed me (though you know I wasn't happy with it), it was the author's voice, which felt forced.

As for H/Hr, I think I'm beginning to agree with you that they aren't a natural pair (thus all the arguments I've written between them) I've had new partners in mind for them, since the end of RoM, I've just been playing that thought a little close to the chest, because most of the people who look for & read my stories are usually H/Hr fans, and I don't want a revolt on my hands. I've had someone tell me to stop having H/Hr fight because their heart couldn't take it. & there will be no Fenrir here, there was too much history to do proper justice to the relationship between him and Lupin.

There's no end in sight, because I'm already thinking sequel. This story is taking a lot longer to set up & a) get them to Hogwarts & b) go find the coven. Of course the problem is I'm an organic writer with only the most basic of a plot outline drawn up. And I've already gotten away from myself a few times, this werewolf thing was unexpected, even to me. And so were a few of the other villians I've got cooking in upcoming chapters. Anyway, I don't think I'm going to be able to accomplish a proper final fight between the two titans, Harry and Voldemort here.

Anyway, post your story! I'm not an HP snob, I have read many stories on here and other sites that are all about sticking to what was laid out for them, picking up after DH, As long as your end isn't as cheesy as JKR's. I don't care who they all date, I only care that it's a good, interesting story! & yes please, no sappy scenes of Harry & Ginny feeding each other, I didn't do that to you with H/Hr! Based on your well thought out reviews & apparent grasp on the subject matter, I think you are definitely going to produce a great story!

Next one is already posted, & I have every warning checked off that I could possibly see myself needing, so hopefully it'll go through in a couple of days. See you soon, sooner if you've posted a story, I'll go check to see. Happy reading!

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Review #20, by Jsez444Unintended Consequences: The Fight

7th November 2011:
This puts an interesting wrinkle in the plot but it's hard to see where it's going in the end. I like your writing style and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this storyline.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying it - hope you continue to do so :)

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Review #21, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: True Deceptions

7th November 2011:
Glad you are back. I don't think any of your chapters get boring, not even the transition ones like this. With so many plotlines and mysteries to discover it always keeps me reading.

I still find it hard to believe Ginny is going to be able to come around and reconcile with everyone after all of this. I am eagerly awaiting the rest of this story to find out how you pull it all out. It amazes me the depth you can put into the emotions and relationships between the characters. Probably because it's a part of a story that I struggle with. It is also what can turn a good story into a great book.

Keep it coming and then right a sequel! ;)

Author's Response: Here's a secret I use. Whatever situation you have your characters in, try to think, if I were them, what would I do, how would I feel?Because honestly, even though each charater is unique and has their own voice, they are always just an extention of you! Like when I have Harry and Hermione fighting for instance, I start as, say Hermione, and say whatever she needs to get out, and then I switch over and think, okay, if I were Harry, how would I react to that? Then back to Hermione and how I'd react if I were her. It works for me anyway, maybe because I have so many personalities myself. (That's a joke, I'm not schizo, I don't think...)

As for Ginny, oh is it going to get so much worse before it gets better. I wrote the next chapter, and it took me away from me original plan. So now, I have two chapters done, and oh, boy does it get worse. But, I kind of see how I'm going to start her on the road to redemption, it's just going to take me awhile to get there, especially since I screwed myself and went in a new direction. I have to figure how to work some other stuff into the new plot I've created, and as I've said before and will probably say again, even I don't know what's really coming, since it can all change as quickly as I change my mind. I'm female, so I change my mind often.

Keep working at your story! I want to read it, and hope you find the proper inspiration. Go find your muse, mine was wanting a different ending to a series I had originally loved, until the last two books. See you soon!

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Review #22, by Jsez444Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Apprehension : Love and Hate and Dinner Dates

25th October 2011:
A fluffy chapter with lots that we already knew or could've guessed. I can tell Harry and Ginny's relationship is going to be a bit nauseating at times with the sappy love stuff and the PDA.

I'm sure there's more action scenes coming up as Voldemort won't stay quiet for long. I'm interested to know how his plans for everyone will turn out. Harry seems pretty all powerful in this story and sometimes that means Voldemort doesn't stand a chance.

I hope you keep writing at a good pace like you have been. I look forward to more!

PS. What does "erratta" stand for?

Author's Response: Hi Jsez444

Ah! looking for more blood and guts are we? Lets not forget that love is "the power he shall know not" Yeah this chapter was a bit of a recap. Kind of getting everyone up to speed before I go on.

Harry's power is amazing, but theres more than one source of power and as Voldemort is so dark, I could never figure out how Harry could beat him be just being ordinary.

An Erratum is a correction to a book, errata being the plural of erratum.

Will update soon.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing.


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Review #23, by Jsez444#2 Harry Potter and the Coven of Warriors: Ready to Rumble

25th October 2011:
Since when did Ginny become such a caniving little... Can I say that on here?

She has got some real issues going on right now and it's gonna be interesting to see how you bring them all back together at the end.

Another excellent chapter obviously, I hope Lupin's ok. I'm glad that you seem to be on a writing kick because it's starting to motivate me to get back to the story I started a while ago. None of it is posted because I didn't get that far.

Thanks as always and keep it coming!

Author's Response: Ginny definitely has some things to work through, and it's going to take awhile, so expect it to get worse before it gets better, just like in real life. Thanks for sticking with me, and for the positive comments you always leave. Let me know when you do start posting your story, I can't wait to read it!

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Review #24, by Jsez444Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Apprehension : Home is Where the Heart Bleeds

21st October 2011:
Glad to see Ginny took him back but I was getting a little frustrated with him not realizing how everyone would view him walking in with two hot blondes at his waist. Are you gonna go the cliche route and hook them up with Fred and George? Wait don't answer that, don't want to give anything away. ;)

Look forward to continuing to read this story. No telling where you'll take us next!

Author's Response: Hey Jsez444,

Well I'm trying to bring as much new stuff in as I can, so if I do go a bit cliche please forgive me. The next chapter up in a day or two.



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Review #25, by Jsez444Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Apprehension : Stolen Time with the Fishes

21st October 2011:
Talk about out of left field. A very interesting twist in this plot and a few more weapons in Harry's arsenault.

I'm interested to see how the new twins fit in on the surface. Keep it coming!

Author's Response: Thanks Jsez444,

Just thought I'd throw a curveball into the mix see what happened!!

Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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