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Review #1, by EvilLordChocolateMochaBroken Foundations: A maze of thoughts

16th November 2013:
oh my gosh! that was so good! You're and excellent writer and this story is crazy good. i love the premise and Harry proposed!!! this is going to be great. i'm so excited to read more.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I really appreciate each and every review and word, Chapter three is validating, I hope you like it.(I love Harry proposing spontaneously...)

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Review #2, by EvilLordChocolateMochaThe Beauty and The Tragedy: Chapter One

3rd July 2011:
Very nicely written, I was expecting something more along the lines of a cheesy Draco-says-something-slightly-witty-and-Hermione-falls-for-him but this was just splendid. Your story line is good and I loved how quickly you translated from one scene to another and how much action had happened through the story, I'm so intrigued already!

Author's Response: I know! :(
It's the summary isn't it! I'll need to fix that later on. :)
And I like having it start with action and ending with action, that way, I can fill in the details in the middle! Thanks for reviewing! :D

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Review #3, by EvilLordChocolateMochaBleed Red: The Hospital

3rd July 2011:
Love it! I especially like the entire thing with Rose, I can feel my bones tingle with excitement over what's going to happen next. I also love your interpretation of Ron. I love that he's needy but it's a strange kind of need. I feel like he's some sort of crazy stalker who's going to go after her when their finally divorced. And did I mention I loved Rose? 'Cause I do. Alot. Just another one of my crazy stalker ideas. Thanks for sharing. 6/10

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked/loved it(: Hahaha Ron has a big part in this story and the sequel, you'll just have to wait and see with him(:

I love Rose too!! I had to have her in this story! Not many people write next gen. with dramione because it's just weird and usually not very good, but I wanted to do it. It's more of a challenge :P


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Review #4, by EvilLordChocolateMochaPansy Isn't Stupid: Not stupid

23rd April 2011:
It was good. I totally agree, theres not alot of Pansy POV. I think it's because JKR didn't go into her much in the books and so people don't know how she acts and it's like trying to make up an entirely new character, if you know what i mean. I liked how your story centered around Draco and Hermione and how you went into the signs. Minor spelling errors, but overall it was very refreshing.

Author's Response: Thank you thank you really i love gettin reviews. And yeah there aren't many about her and i am working on my spelling thnk u once again

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