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Review #1, by harrie_tRight and Wrong: Dramione

29th May 2013:
I have never read anything as beautiful as this C;

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Review #2, by harrie_tShivers: Apples

15th April 2012:
Really good, when is the second chapter coming out?

Author's Response: Thanks!^^ I haven't completely finished writing it, but I'll try to get it out for next week :D
I'm glad you liked it!!^^

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Review #3, by harrie_tDon't Touch Me: Don't Touch Me

15th August 2011:
that is awesome at the end i wa almost in tear it was so good .

Author's Response: please don't cry. i would feel really awkward if you did. do i feel happy or guilty if i make you cry? :/

but thank you so much. i'm (sorta?) glad it moved you so much. thank you for reviewing and making me grin so much! ^^

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Review #4, by harrie_tThe Other Trio: Neville, Ginny, and Luna head the DA: A Leaving, a Meeting, and a Reading

12th August 2011:
that is amazing , really brillliNT please wright some more soon =D

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Review #5, by harrie_tI see me: Future of Mine

29th June 2011:
wOw , just WoW , that was amazing , I like how u Ginny sees everything in her own eyes. Like an outsider , that was really cool. U should ceep on writitng stories ;P

Author's Response: thankyou so much!:)

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Review #6, by harrie_tTell Me a Story: Tell Me a Story

29th June 2011:
it is really good and an awesome twist at the end I really enjoyed it , please do more lke that.

Author's Response: Aw thanks:] I will definetly try to!

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Review #7, by harrie_tA New Lie: Letters

27th March 2011:
DO MORE , DO MORE , PLEASE!!! totally awesome!!!

Author's Response: Thanks :D


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Review #8, by harrie_tOnce Upon A December: Once Upon A December

21st March 2011:
oh wow i was reading i when smaked my hand to my mouthin suprise and now my lip hurts thanks to you're amazing brain i have allways seen draco with either hermione or ginny or luna but the was the best one i have read yet! you rule! try to do a song flic next with draco and hermione from the song os busted air hotest it will go realy well with the coupl please do it and i will praise you for ever! :-)

Author's Response: Haha I will think about it, I do love that song. :) X

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Review #9, by harrie_tOur Love Was Never Easy: Time

21st March 2011:
awesome cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #10, by harrie_tTo be a Butterfly: Nothing but a Memory

21st March 2011:
WOW is all I can say it's realy good you should keep going.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review (:

This was originally a one you really think I should continue?

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