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Review #1, by KJ CartmellEyes Like Skies: Your dreamerís eyes light up the way they only do for me

5th September 2015:
What a sweet little fragment! Young love is a wonderful thing, and it can be a challenge to capture it well. So what do we need? A little more, my friend: more description of the setting, the clothes, the two girls, the sense of light and smell and sound. Do this well, and you won't need to save the world from Dark Wizards. Young love is plenty on its own.

Author's Response: Thank you for this little note! As this was written for the Every Word Counts Challenge, I only had 500 words to capture as much as possible of Dominique's and Imogen's interactions. I chose to focus on Imogen's internal monologue, because that felt most natural for that character, and that meant that there wasn't much space for smell and sound and clothes, sadly. I do recognise that the lack of them makes the story a bit vacuous, but that was the choice I made.

Perhaps you'd like my other little 'fragment' about these characters, Red Silk, better? It's from Dominique's perspective, and she's a far more sensual person than Imogen.

Still, I'm happy that you could get some enjoyment from this little piece of 'young love,' and you're very welcome back!


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Review #2, by KJ CartmellRabbit Heart: 2. Trusting Hearts

30th August 2015:
Interesting start, Pix! I very much like Wren - her photography hobby, her love interest, her concern for animals. The mysterious Dillon was a good addition, to deepen the mystery.

My personal intuition was that Neville was gay. I have a scene planned for him in an upcoming novel. I'm really looking forward to it, but it won't be for a while. It's strange to see him married to someone named Hannah. The Hufflepuff, Hannah Abbott, perhaps?

Author's Response:

Hi! What a wonderful surprise!

I wanted Wren to be relatable in that every-man way, without the drama of being an orphan or having a debilitating deformity of some kind. I'm glad you find her likable. I like her too. Dillon, well, he's his own thing.

I can't remember the source material for it, one of JKR's book tour chats I think, she told the public that sometime after the war, he married Hannah Abbott and they live over the Leaky Cauldron Inn, which she runs. While reading the series, I had always wondered if he'd ever get together with Luna, and that was before the movies. Either way, it was fun to dream up a quirky, nature-loving child for him.

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Review #3, by KJ CartmellBehind Enemy Lines: Cry

8th April 2012:
You've got great ideas, Ripley, and you're very good at setting a mood. The next step is developing the stamina and the discipline to see one of these ideas all the way through to the end. One part of that is finding a mechanism to handle the creative impulses that hit from time to time. Record the thought, preserve it for future reference, and then get back to the main project. The best ideas will grow in your mind and become the next great project. The others fade away, and weren't worth the effort to begin with.

Author's Response: Hey KJ :)

That's exactly how I see it...I get the ideas...but they fade and seeing as I'm so busy lately, I just don't have the initiative to finish these stories...I can't even remember how I started these.Lol

Hopefully I'll get back into it sometime, when I actually have free time. Or when another good idea pops up. :p

And thanks for this...You really know what you're talking about. :)

ps: I'm on my way to reading your story again!


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Review #4, by KJ CartmellLion, Eagle, Badger, Snake: Day One

22nd October 2011:
Well done, Sherriff. I didn't have the nerve to write a song for the Hat.

Author's Response: I'm not sure I'd call it a song - it's more a poem, really. I certainly wouldn't try singing it... but I wouldn't try singing anything unless I was at gunpoint (and that would probably get me shot).

I hope you keep reading the rest; I'd appreciate thoughts on the characterisation of the Houses. I'm now drafting Ch23 of what I think will be 25/26 - I can see the finish line!

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Review #5, by KJ CartmellThe Sacrifice of Hiding in a Lie: Prologue: Forever Fractured

11th October 2011:
A dark, alt universe. A good start. Will there be more?

Author's Response: Of course! I've written so much for this story!!! Hahaha but none for the next chapter...Kinda at a block here..but whaddya do?

Thanks for reading, love(:


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Review #6, by KJ CartmellBleed Red: Taken The Last of Me

11th October 2011:
I had wondered what happened to you, my most regular reader/reviewer, though 'Off to school' was the most likely reason why I hadn't heard from you in a while. Make the best of your time in college. The world is at your fingertips, and the experiences you'll have will only make you better as a person and a writer. Good luck! (BTW: good use of POV, here. It's always beneficial to get in the head of the other characters besides your main narrator.) Fondly, KJ

Author's Response: Hey Kj(:

Yeah, college before writing as always...unfortunately hahaha!

Thank you so much for leaving a review! And I can't wait for you to update as well(:


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Review #7, by KJ CartmellBleed Red: Breathe

4th August 2011:
So, I finally returned the favor. [At first, I browsed through something called "Blood Red," by someone named Emily, I think, before I realized it was the wrong story.] Keep going! I like your energy and enthusiasm. As you read more, as you grow as a writer, you'll learn to turn transitional chapter from filler into something more purposeful. Each scene should advance the story and/or reveal something about the characters. This will not only keep your readers engaged, but help you press on as well.

Author's Response: Oh hey! Thanks for returning the favor and reading of course!
Yeah, I'm having a slight problem moving through the filler chapters. I've been meaning to go back and read through it all so I can revise some of it and get the plot straight.

Thank you for reviewing, means alot(:
And I will take the advice to heart!


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