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Review #1, by Mischief_managed18Suffocating: The Broom Closet

27th August 2015:

First of all, you did a wonderful job writing this story and making it as dark as you did, especially for it being your first time writing something like this. I made the mistake of reading this in class and I'm pretty sure I scared the guy next to me because I just sat there glaring at the table afterwards. Ugh.

I loved how you wrote Peeves, I felt like he was utterly perfect. Hermione was spot on, though Draco apologizing did feel a bit rushed. I know she kind of exploded at him before that, but I feel like he was a little too quick to start apologizing.

Overall, it was fantastic, even though you called it and I'm not happy with you for that ending. :p

Keep it up,

Author's Response: I WARNED YOU LAUREN! I WARNED YOU! But the fact you scared the guy sitting next to you in class made me chuckle a little bit!

Because it was for the dark turn challenge, I decided it was either all or nothing, so I just went for it and so far the reactions have been similar to yours so needless to say I'm rather happy with how it turned out :P

Peeves was a bit tricky--I referenced the HP Wikia for nearly all of his dialogue to make sure I toed the line between childish and the way he is written as speaking by JKR. I would have to agree with you a bit on Draco's characterization--when I wrote this I was having difficulty figuring out the best way for him to begin apologizing and after agonizing over it for a while I just barged through and went with it. I may come back later and add some more lead-up dialogue in to make it less rushed and more natural.

Thanks so much for the review, Lauren! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #2, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Sixteen

11th August 2014:
THEY KISSED! Oh my goodness I'm so freaking excited. Even if it stopped pretty quickly. Stupid Ron. :p

There were a couple little grammar things:

When Hermione dropped her wand, I grabbed her waist with my good one and pulled her to the ground with me. (He grabbed her waist with his good what? :p)

The conversation ended and resumed walking down the tunnel with their wands alight. (Who/ what resumed walking?)

Anyways, another fantastic chapter and I'm so on edge I don't even want to stop so I'm off to the next chapter! :p


Author's Response: Yeah the kissing might be going bye-bye but IDK yet for sure. I think I might just have them staring into each others' eyes all soully and stuff instead to build up more to chapter 20's big moment.

Ah thank you, that must've happened with some spliced editing I did but didn't catch! Draco grabbed her waist with his good arm, and "they" resumed walking down the tunnel. :)

Didn't you say you wouldn't mind beta-ing this for me once I get rewrites going? 'Cause if you did that would be *AMAZING!* :)

GO GO GO! Only 3 chapters left!
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #3, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Fifteen

11th August 2014:
That ending though... One of the best cliff-hangers I've ever read, good job on that one! :D Goodness, my dear I love you so much.

Again, I love the awkward shyness between Hermione and Draco, it's just so absolutely perfect!

Ron still bugs me... but he's always been one of my least favorite characters and that has nothing to do with you. Though, he did seem a bit off during the section in his POV. It seemed to intelligent(?) for Ron.

That aside, it was fantastic and I can't wait to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Haha thank you, I am quite proud of that cliff-hanger. *ruffles imaginary feathers*

Now that I just read through Ron's section, I will agree it is awkwardly OOC for him; I'll go back and change that soon...once I get around to editing the rest of it :P

You're almost there!! YOu can do it!! :D
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #4, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Fourteen

11th August 2014:
Why hello again, dear! :D As usual, fantastic chapter and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love Draco and Hermione's little moments. I love that Hermione is still in denial about falling for Draco despite all the evidence. Ugh. I mean, come on there's no denying it with the amortentia smell. *sigh* They'll both realize it eventually and it shall be GLORIOUS! GLORIOUS, I TELL YOU!

That aside, there were a couple little things that seemed off. Like grammar things, and when he said he woke up to the smell of delicious food, had he thought, "I awoke to the delicious smell of food" or something along those lines, it would have made more sense, because having not tasted it, it wouldn't make sense for him to know it's delicious. And when Draco is talking to Ron, it seems to out of the blue for him to just suddenly start going off instead of it starting with Ron giving him a look or something. And the Ginny/ Luna part felt very forced and unnecessary. That aside, fantastic chapter as usual! :)


Author's Response: Yeah this chapter needs some work. I remember writing this very late at night and then immediately publishing it without much editing so this needs to be redone.

*gasp!* Not grammar mistakes nooo! *immediately scrutinizes every single word in chapter* Ah, thanks for catching that mistake! I would agree that whole scene is too OOC even for the nature of the story. I'll have to rework that soon.

The whole Ginny/Luna thing was a horrible, horrible idea. I just wanted to have a scene where Harry was reflecting on recent events but I couldn't think of anything better than that.

I hope you like the next few chapters, they're much better :P
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #5, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Thirteen

17th July 2014:
Oooh! A prophecy, huh?! Now I'm super intrigued. I have a feeling it'll be the pair of them, I mean this is a Dramione after all. :p but I loved this chapter! I love the whole concept of this hidden tunnel and everything that goes along with it. You're brilliant, my dear!! :D

One comment, you've used it a couple time but people do things "subconsciously" not "unconsciously". Unconscious would mean they're doing something while passed out or without functioning mentally. Subconscious is them doing it without realizing it but still fully aware of their surroundings.


Author's Response: A prophecy which I'm yet to fully determine. heh. Thank you! I knew I wanted to use a hidden passageway, but I didn't want to be cliche and have them use one of the seven known ones on the Marauder's Map, so why not create one that's been there for hundreds of years but very unused because it's only for dire circumstances? Obviously, the Marauders wouldn't have found it because they were never in "dire" circumstances. Not gonna lie, it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with this chapter!

Oops, thanks for catching that mistake! I tend to use the wrong prefix on a lot of my words like that xD I'll go back and change that wherever I see it! Thank you!! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #6, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Twelve

12th July 2014:
I'm really liking this whole unity thing between the houses because of Draco and Hermione, I feel like it could be a very good thing for everyone to take note of!

Is Dumbledore still there and alive? O.O I'm so confused but maybe that's just me! xD

Great chapter, as usual! I can't wait to read more!! :D


Author's Response: I know, right! It has to start somewhere, so why not with Head Boy and Head Girl (note: I just typed "Dead" instead--yikes I don't know what that could mean for the future...)

Dumbledore IS dead; he just left special instructions in case of his death (let's say like their fourth year once he learned Voldy was back) and this was one of them so yaa that's why Dumby is mentioned!

You're getting to the actual better stuff so yay keep rocking girl! ♥ :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #7, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Eleven

12th July 2014:
Poor Hermione, thinking that Draco was avoiding her all that time. I want to know what that little booger was doing though... grr.

Gah! Poor Draco! Now I'm really curious as to who could be torturing and kidnapping them. GAH! I just want to punch someone right now. :( I'm sure they'll be alright but good job with that little cliffy of yours! I'm going to just push through a few more chapters, hopefully I'll get through a bunch before I have to leave in an hour.


Author's Response: I know, I'm such an awful person!!

TBH I don't even know who exactly I want the **True** villain to be yet cause yeah I don't have plot lines figured out (oops). Cliffhangers are my best friend so I use them a lot, this just happens to be a better one lol. :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #8, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Ten

11th July 2014:
I think there's actually some definite potential for Blaise and Ron to get along fairly well, I'm actually looking forward to that! :D

Man... even though it's a bit of a ways off (and now I realize why you needed fabrics and stuff when you were texting me xD) I'm excited for this darn dance! Gah!

I like that Harry stood up for Draco in the last chapter, and I'm glad that there's a whole lot of unity and stuff going on... man my words just don't seem to be working well today. >.<

Anyways, I'm loving the story! :) I can't wait to read more! wo!


Author's Response: I've always thought that Blaise (even though he's not mentioned much canonically) and Ron share some similar characteristics: they are best friend to the boy who lived/most highly regarded pureblood family; both extremely loyal to their own; both fight for what they believe in. So yeah, I definitely felt they could get along! :)

Haha yes the stupid BALL ugh it's going to cause me so much trouble when we actually get to it I can guarantee it! ANd the unity yeah I was thinking that if McGonagall is pushing, why not have the best champion of that (Harry) initiate some himself?

Thanks always for your lovely re-reading reveiws. :) ♥
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #9, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Nine

11th July 2014:
Aww I love them together so freaking much... seriously I just love Draco and Hermione together so much and I just want them to be together and happy already, it makes me so sad. UGH. But really... they're just too cute. >.<

Draco was a bit whiny for my taste, and like a weird sort of cocky that wasn't quite *him*?

Great chapter, as usual! :D Onto the next one! :)


Author's Response: Ah yes, the earlier Draco I write seems to have a bit of a personality disorder?? Like I don't even know how many personalities I've given him tbh and it's kinda out of control in the first half of the story.

~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #10, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Eight

11th July 2014:
Aww I really enjoyed this chapter. I love the ending and I think it was a good way to have them make up and really get on the same page. To have them both open up and become slightly vulnerable to each other. Gahhh. Poor Draco though.

And quick question, why didn't Hermione even question the fact that Draco suddenly appeared when she'd put that charm on to make sure she was the only one who could get in?

Great chapter, as usual! Good job. :)


Author's Response: Haha thank you! I just loved them just needing to talk about all of their crap so they could get over the immature enemy thing. :) But, like I said, major rewrites needed for these chapters still haha! :)

*gasp!* You've done it! You've found my worst error ever! Yeah tbh I kinda forgot to make her surprised and have totally missed it in earlier edits so thanks for pointing that out and in the Great Big Rewrites I'll definitely fix that haha :P
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #11, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Seven

11th July 2014:
Now I'm wondering if you actually do more with Cho and Ron or not because you say here you're going to but you mentioned that you hadn't done much with them. :p BUT HEY! I'm back. it's only 2 AM o.O But I'm back and I'm going to review! mwuahaha

Blaise has so much potential and I always just feel like he's kinda meh. I want to like him but I've yet to read a story where I'm like, "YES! THIS IS BLAISE!" But I feel like you can do a lot with him in this story so I'm quite excited! :)


ONTO THE NEXT ONE! (Sorry. I'm hyper)


Author's Response: Haha no worries! I do actually have more of them (sort of) in the next couple chapters I think?? But then I've kind of forgotten about it recently??

Blaise plays a bigger role soon *evil look* muahhahahaha!!!

Don't worry, more Dramione comes in! The chapter I'm writing right now is ALL dramione shiznit :D Have fun reading! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #12, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Six

10th July 2014:
Awww poor Harry! I hate all the bits of stories where Ginny and Harry break up, it makes me so sad. Because especially with book Harry/Ginny I just absolutely love them as a couple. :/

And Ron and Cho... I could totally see it happen, in fact I would much rather him be with her than Hermione or Lavender, at least he and Cho make some sense, especially with the whole Quidditch thing. And I do think Ron needs someone smart to be with, and Cho needs that humor in her life.

Ughhh freakin' Blaise... I just don't get why people feel like they can just go off and kiss people, especially when the other person clearly isn't looking for that with you. xD Ugh... people. But I'm glad Malfoy was there to save the day! Ohhh boy do I love that man.

Super stoked to keep reading! :D


Author's Response: Not gonna lie, people got angry at my for breaking Harry & Ginny up but I'm just like, hey, it's for a good reason and don't worry they're going to get back together, idjits!

Ron and Cho together was actually not part of my original plot; it just sort of happened. :O But people have enjoyed it so I've continued it, although nothing major has happened for them yet (I've also kind of forgotten about their thing oopsie)

Blaise, Blaise, Blaise. Yeah I think I'm definitely going to have to change his character a little bit. He's a little too forward for my taste now so no more kissing Hermione for him! :P

Yes, I do believe your wonderful talents could help me re-write all of these horrendous chapters! :D
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #13, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Five

10th July 2014:
Bum bum bum! Hermione getting all Gryffindor courageous on him and kissing him. *sigh* how I love some Dramione action! :p

One little comment, and though I know they're all teenagers and whatnot it almost feels like all these kids are trying *too* hard to be with someone constantly, it's all a whole lot of hooking up or attempting to hook up it seems and that might take away from other plot-lines as you go, and maybe that'll change later, but just thought I would make that small comment. OKAY BACK TO READING! ONTO THE NEXT CHAPTER!




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Review #14, by Mischief_managed18Love Makes Me: Chapter Four

10th July 2014:
Why hello, my love! As promised, here I am with a new determination to read through a bunch of my favorite stories and actually review each chapter! :D Yay

Okay, so I loved this chapter. Their joking flirting and easiness with each other makes me ridiculously happy. I love how easily Hermione can fall into that banter, I feel like it's something she's capable of yet never has much chance to do given Harry and Ron being her closest friends. :P

And that moment with Blaise, the poor kid. xD I hope to see a lot more of him. I feel like I've read beyond this but I'm not sure! Ughhh too many stories but I'm stoked to re-read this one! :)

There were a few errors and I would love to go through and edit all of these chapters for you if you'd like! :) Let me know.

Keep up the fantastic work! :D


Author's Response: Hello darling! :)

To be honest, the first oh, 2/3 of my story hasn't been deeply edited in such a long time, I almost want to scrap my beginnings and rewrite it so it's dark from the beginning has much more sophisticated language so it matches the more recent chapters. So maybe if I get around to re-writing those chapters, before I post them I'll send them your way! :)

Blaise does play a bigger role later on, but he's kind of dropped out a little since thanks to my awful memory of what I've had happening so far lol. Hermione can laugh and joke with Draco because she's not so deeply invested in the friendship that something she says could really hurt him, so it's much easier to do this sort of thing with him rather than the boys because she knows every single thing about them whereas with Draco she hardly knows him anymore.

Thanks love! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #15, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Awakening

27th May 2014:
Aww poor Sirius is jealous of her and Peter. ;p How cute! hahaha I could totally see him doing that too. Getting all snippy and insistent that something must be going on. Though I do understand where he's coming from. Especially with what little time they had.

And I absolutely loved their moment in the Room of Requirement. I think it's adorable that instead of sleeping with each other as intended they end up just talking about her life so he can truly understand her and know who she is. AND HE GOT TO SEE HARRY! UGH

Fantastic chapter, as is the usual. :p

~Mischief_managed18 xx

Author's Response: Haha yeah, Sirius was not a happy camper. That darn hot head of his. :) But like you've said, they do only have limited time together. So it's understandable that he'd begin to feel that way.

I'm so happy you liked the part in the Room of Requirement! From the beginning, I pictured a moment where Hermione would show him pictures of her friends. I just loved writing his reaction to seeing Harry. It was kind of an emotional moment for me during this writing process. That and to have him get to know her. Actually know her, not just the version of herself - which is still pretty much her - that she has been while in the past.

Thank you once again so, so much!! You are entirely too kind! :D I'll send over the next chapter now!

Much Love,


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Review #16, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : The New Year's Party

24th May 2014:
I love that Hermione actually stepped up to the plate and talked to Peter. And I'm so glad that he managed to come clean about everything going on in his life with her, he needed to get it out to at least one of them.

And the whole New Year's party. Freaking Barty Crouch Jr. That little turd. I cannot believe how creepy that was. And stupid Lucius and Snape and again, poor Peter.


I love Marauder's stories, I need to do more writing for mine. xD


Author's Response: Aww I'm glad you liked that with Hermione and Peter! I really and truly am loving the relationship that forms between the two of them. Maybe if he had something like that originally... Well, then we wouldn't have had 7 books and 8 movies to inspire all of the wonderful fanfiction we read and write. ;)

Oh good! I'm so glad that I was able to really capture the creepiness of the moment there! I was really, really hoping I conveyed that well. Don't feel too badly for Peter, though. You'll see in the following chapters. He'll prove to be tougher than you think. :)

As far as what happened to Hermione... well. You're going to just have to continue on reading. :p

I feel like such a horrible person. I haven't been doing any writing, or reading recently. I have to make my way over to your page and get to reading. I'm actually quite wanting to read your story about Hermione's POV for their first year. That is truly an awesome concept. I just adore Hermione, if you couldn't tell.

Thank you for everything!! You're awesome!! :D


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Review #17, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : I would if I could, but I can't.

24th May 2014:
Yay! Lily is back! :D And oh my gosh. Her and James. Ughhh I love them together so much!

I love all the exchanged between the characters. Like, the moments they have a perfect, the perfect amount of awkwardness or anger or any of that for the given situations.

And poor Peter. I feel like so often he just got stuck on the wrong side of things and he got dealt a horrible card, though I suppose all of the Marauders did in their own way. Gosh, I always forget how tragic their lives are.

Anyways, keep up the good work! :D Loving it.


Author's Response: Haha yep! The group is back together again. :) How lame is it, that I actually laughed while writing that part about Lily riding James out of the room? I love writing James and Lily together, so I'm glad you enjoy their interactions!

Awkwardness is my specialty, because I'm pretty darn awkward myself haha. I'm so pleased to hear you feel I'm getting the emotions of their moments right. :D

I know, I agree. Poor Peter. :( I really feel like he did get the you-know-what end of the stick. Their lives really did all end up being pretty tragic. I think that's why we all enjoy reading/writing Marauder Fanfics so much. It's nice to see when their lives were fun and care-free.

Thank you again so, so much for the wonderfully kind review!! And, as always, for editing as well!

I'm so happy that you're enjoying it and I hope that you continue to for the rest of the story!

xoxo - Meg

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Review #18, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.

20th May 2014:

Finally. Like, seriously, about time. For so many things-

Hermione FINALLY came clean to him and his reaction is along the lines of what I believe would happen. I mean, he is human and it's understandable for him to freak out and be hesitant. But the fact that he's actually even thinking about waiting for her is incredible, it makes them both so selfless and ugh.

And all that transpired between the two of them afterwards. GAH! I was freaking out.

This is definitely one of my favorite chapters, I'm just sort of in shock right now.


Author's Response: This is probably my 2nd favorite chapter, so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I really wanted to make his reaction to finding out as realistic as possible. There is just no way someone would take that information calmly. Or without getting a little angry. I mean, I would feel like I was being lied to for months, wouldn't you?

Haha it was actually kind of hard for me to write what happened afterwards. I knew that was the moment and I wanted to show that intimacy between them, but really wanted to keep it tasteful. I don't want to be that person who writes scenes like that just to throw them in there, I want it to mean something.

Once again, I am so happy that you're enjoying it! I've wanted to try writing a Hermione/Sirius time-turner story for a long time, but was afraid to. So to see others enjoying it so much is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you for everything and I hope you enjoy the following chapter!

xoxo Meg :)

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Review #19, by Mischief_managed18Silly Girl: She's Just the Girl They Laugh at When She's Not Looking

19th May 2014:
So sad. :( I'm going to have to guess it's either Rose/Scorpius or Lily/ Scorpius. Maybe I'm wrong. I love the way it was written though, always so vague and intriguing. Very well written, I applaud you on that! :) Keep up the good work.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you haven't already, make sure to check out my sequel Love Without a Cause. Again, thank you so much! You're too awesome & kind.

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Review #20, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Peter Pettigrew's Potential Problem

19th May 2014:
ARGH!! Okay... I'm trying to calm down.

But love all the moments with Sirius and Hermione, they're just so perfect and adorable.

I LOVED the whole part with Sirius and James before the Christmas Party and the way they interact is just amazing.

You've done such a good job capturing the essence of this group and I applaud you for that, I think it's something that isn't always easy for people and always feels slightly off when people write it, but this is just incredible.

And the whole part on the train with Lupin fessing up and the boys coming clean about the whole ordeal was just... ugh. So good. I don't even know how to give proper credit for that, I just want you to know that I loved it.

Keep up the good work, I absolutely cannot wait to read more! :D


Author's Response: Oh wow. Thank you so, so much! I'm am so unbelievably happy to hear that you feel I've nailed it with them all. The Marauders, Lily and Hermione are such well loved characters that I was really hoping to do them all justice. So to hear that makes me incredibly thrilled. :)

Writing Sirius and James together is just so much fun for me. They're total goofs haha. And as far as writing that part with Lupin. I really almost got teary eyed writing it. My heart just breaks for him. He is one of my absolute favorites.

Thank you, again, so much for the kind words! It's so nice to receive such warm reviews. I truly hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the story!! Thank you for all that you're doing! You're wonderful!

xoxo - Meg

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Review #21, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : No more fooling around.

18th May 2014:
Agh. I feel so happy and so sad every time I finish another chapter of this story.

I really enjoyed this one, I love Hermione's determination to set everything straight and how in-depth you went into making sure everything was covered and nothing was forgotten. It makes me so ridiculously happy!

I'm so glad someone is being nice to Peter aside from Lupin, especially since it's expected of him yet with Sirius and James it's nice, only their friends get that nice side and yet most of the time Peter doesn't even get that. It's such a tragic story when you think about it. *sigh*

ANYWAYS, keep up the good work! :D Can't wait to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Oh no! I don't want you to be sad! Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened lol.

I'm glad you really liked this chapter, as it is honestly my favorite. I don't know what it is with this chapter, but even now it is still my favorite that I have written. The whole Room of Requirement and running into Snape was so much fun for me to write.

Peter definitely will become more involved in the story after this point. Up until now, he has been very minor. A sort of background character. Peter always has intrigued me. I feel that JK put that little snippet in OotP on purpose. Showing how they sort of disregarded him. I truly feel that maybe he did turn on them because he never quite felt like he belonged.

As always, thank you for the awesome review and the time and effort you are putting into editing everything for me! You're the best!

xoxo - Meg

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Review #22, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Hogsmeade

16th May 2014:
OH MY GOSH. Again, I know I just sent you the edit for this chapter, but oh my gosh.

THEY FINALLY KISSED!! I AM SO EXCITED AND SO HAPPY AND HOLY CRAP, THAT WAS ONE AMAZING KISS. Yeah... I love them together. And I love how sweet Sirius is and I love how amazing James and Lily and Lupin are and how supportive they are as a group because that's definitely how I always imagined the Marauders. And sorry for that run-on sentence. But ughhh I am so excited!


Author's Response: I had a feeling you would like this chapter haha. You don't have to apologize for the run-on sentence lol! I know you said I don't have to, but thank you again!! For everything! I'm so, so glad that you're enjoying everything so far!! Your reviews are truly too, too kind. I really appreciate them!

I'll be sending along chapter 6 shortly. Be warned, it's almost 9000 words. :/ Sorry! Haha.

Much love,

Meg :)

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Review #23, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : These Foolish Games

16th May 2014:
Yay! Yet another chapter down. Ugh. I seriously love love love this story and I keep falling more and more in love with it.

First of all, let me just say how much I love your writing style. And I love the way your brain works and I love this story and OH MY GOSH. I'm going to just read the next chapter and then copy and paste it into a word document and edit because I have a lot of time right now and don't want to stop. :p

All that aside, I love this chapter. I love how far Sirius has come and how Hermione is slowly starting to come around. And that Jily moment. Ugh. I love them so much and I feel like it was just absolutely perfect.

Seriously, though... Keep up the good work! :)


Author's Response: I just happened to check my email and saw your edit there. I read it over and came on here, just having a feeling there may have been a review to respond to. ;)

Again, you've done such an awesome job with it! Thank you bunches!! :) I'll be reposting it after I answer this review.

I'm so thrilled to hear you're enjoying it! I really do love this story and to see it being received so warmly by people is unreal. The next chapter... I have a feeling you're going to really like how that ends. :D This whole thing has been so much fun for me to write. So, once more, thank you for smoothing it all out for me!

Honestly, that moment with James and Lily has been one of my most favorite parts I've written so far. I feel like if the rest of the boys were around, it would have went down something like that lol.

Thank you so, so, so much for the awesome review and for everything else! I truly do hope I'm not being too much of a pain. You're absolutely awesome!

xoxo - Meg

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Review #24, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : The Inevitable Breakdown

14th May 2014:
Again, just finished the editing but I need to go ahead and leave a review! :)

GAH! This chapter just killed me. Everything from Sirius asking her out for the first day of Hogsmeade to his whole confession outside.

I love all their little moments and how completely and utterly adorable that man is. He's always been one of my favorite characters and now, more than ever, I want the two of them together so badly.

I feel like you've really captured all of Hermione's character so well, as well as the Marauders and it's absolutely fantastic!

I'm so happy with this story so far! I cannot wait to read and edit more!

Keep it up. :)


Author's Response: Aww thank you! As always, you are far too kind! I read over your edit and will be posting it and sending you chpt 4 as soon as I'm out of work later. :)

I absolutely adore Hermione, so I'm very pleased you think I'm capturing her well! Sirius is like my major fictional crush haha. I love him.

I'm so glad that you're enjoying it and I hope you enjoy the rest of it as well. Again, I truly appreciate you editing, reading and reviewing! You're awesome!!



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Review #25, by Mischief_managed18To Prevent An Unfortunate Series of Events : Unrelenting

13th May 2014:
Okay, so I know that I just edited this chapter, but I figured that I should leave a review now that I've read through it. :p

Such an awesome first day, I absolutely loved this chapter! The chemistry between Hermione and Sirius is amazing and I absolutely love all the bits between Lily and James. So freaking cute and I can't wait to read more! :D


Author's Response: Haha I just read your edit and I'm thrilled with it. As soon as I get home I'm going to post it! So expect chapter 3 soon. ;) You're the bestest!!

I'm so glad that you like it and enjoy Hermione and Sirius together. James and Lily's interactions are too much fun for me to write. I'm so happy you enjoy that too!

Thank you so, so much for reading, editing and reviewing! You're absolutely wonderful!!

xoxo -Meg

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