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Review #1, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Trapdoor of Piranhas

19th September 2014:
At my last review I forgot to mention that I positively loved Annett's thoughts about feelings. How to measure them, and what criteria one would need... I think she should study Dialectics, that would help her open her mind a bit!
Even though I have to say that she's right - love is very vague and don't we all know that we can suppress it and not realise it? Just like Annett herself. (Hopefully :P )

I like to think that she has a sort of friendship with Teddy. But do find it somewhat unrealistic that he would just take the ring for free! He should probably give her something as thank you... thinking that he is her teacher too! (Even though since Dumbledore and Harry we know that teacher-student relationships can be very intimate without being creepy)

I'm glad that she's making progress with the medicine, but I'm a little bid sad an disappointed that she didn't ask Al for help. And also, that they aren't talking!

All the rumours about her are really mean and farfetched. But I can't completely blame the students, because, after all, it does seem just very un-normal not to have any social life (by choice.) But still, after the students saw her being humiliated by the teacher EVERY lesson since the first it's just hugely unfair to think she's being evil! She just proved her being right!!

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Review #2, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: As Cunning as Ham

19th September 2014:
Yayay! I'm so happy, all my wishes from my last review came true! ScroRose and the stupid teacher! Show her, HA! I wonder what it means for Annett - will she get detention? Will she get recognition?

The news about Ronan I am not happy about ): So now the medicine she thought she could use would rather kill him than the parasite? I wonder why she never tries to get help. I'm sure the potions master would be delighted. Or Al! He's a potions genius, maybe he could think of a way.

But then again I understand that she doesn't want to risk other stupid comments and misunderstandings about Muggle science... Now that I think of it, it's really amazing that apparently Magic Healing has never bothered to learn about DNA and the functioning of non-human Beings! Or maybe they have? Can't wait to read what Anett finds out!

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Review #3, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: How

19th September 2014:
Ha, I was right!! (well okay, I only had to look up Wikipedia.) I even remember that in one of the chapters you mentioned Davies bug (I thought someoone had accidentally swallowed it? Don't remember exactly now)

I love Annett in detective-mode. But I think it would be great if the more general story would also move along at the same time, so that it doesn't happen in sequences but in a more natural mix of events, if you get what I mean..?

True, Lily's found out about Al's insomnia. What will his family do with this information? Why does he get it? Why is he so stressed and anxious? Also, what about Rose and Scorpius?

And I'm still burning to know about the Draco-thing. Not to mention this stupid teacher. I can't wait until she's proven wrong!

I hope Ronan can be healed, and I hope this will have some big consequences for Annett, finally forcing her out of her shell!

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Review #4, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: A Provoked Bärchen

19th September 2014:
I can't quite believe that what they had was a one-sided understanding. But it ´kind of makes sense, Al putting up with whatever Annett wants because he wants to know her and be her friend... Still, I really don't think he deserved that outburst! Even though it just proves, how much attention she played to him over the years. Maybe that will give him something to think about!

Also I looked up "Kinetoplastea" and I think the symptoms mostly match with sleeping sickness! Is that what it is? Would be very mysterious, it gets transmitted by the tsetse fly, which is not exactly at home in Scottish climate. But who knows! Can't wait to find out the answer!

Also: I think it would be easier for the eye to read the text if there weren't these sections in bold, where Al and Annett talk with raised voices. Maybe you could describe in words how it is supposed to sound? I just find the bold and cursive parts a bit distracting! ;)

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Review #5, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: The Looming Threat of Explosions

19th September 2014:
I do enjoy science when you write about it! However it would be super-helpful if you could explain some things a little bit (right now I'm looking up all the words I don't understand haha...)

You're really good at torturing your readers! ;) The fact, that Annett just doesn't care very much about what is happening to others makes me all the more curious, when she doesn't ask any questions. This way we're left with all this little mysteries! I'm about to burst!! (I'm not complaining, it makes the story quite enthralling) Like, what's the matter with Carter? Is it about Annett? Why is he hurt?
Why doesn't she ask her parents for advice? (they should be able to when it's about identifying parasites, no?)

So much to look forward to!

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Review #6, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Between Detention, Disease, and Domestication

19th September 2014:
Thanks for the chapter :)

What are all the Wotters doing at night in the Room of Requirement? Just hanging out? Or are they planning something?
It's funny that Scorpius understands Annett so well, even in her Animal-form. I still wonder about her mysterious connection with the Malfoys!

Also: poor Al :( He's been so happy and hopeful talking to her more, and now she's back to ignoring her. I hope she asks someone for help! (And maybe look up some Muggle-books on illnesses...!)

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Review #7, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: How I Receive My First Detention

19th September 2014:
I think you described Annett being in a crowd really well. The way she percepts the emotions of others, how it makes her feel, how she tries to rationalise it.

In general you make interactions between your characters very unique. Like Annett, analysing Al's every little movement in order to get a picture of where they stand between each other.

I laughed a bit about the kiss, how she conveniently avoided the word, as if it was a far too unscientific way to describe his actions!

And also, despite her seemingly cold manner of telling the story, I can really feel with her. I felt so bad for her right at the end of the chapter, when she feels a bit panicky about all the attention!

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Review #8, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Exclamations of Merlin’s Extensive Collection of Lingerie

19th September 2014:
I love you for this chapter!!
The way Al treats Fufu is so incredibly cute and her reaction is too. The way they were communicating Al must have either a very good connection with animals in general.. or he has no clue about them, because WHAT fox would actually react to be named terrible petnames and correct questions about its own sex! haha... their "conversation" was the best! I hop there will be more Fufu/Al action in the future. Poor him, just when he thought he'd found a new pet...

Also, as the chaptertitle promises, Merlin gets to wear a really interesting combination of underclothes, LOL

With her injuries Al is bound to notice something though, isn't he? I mean he's supposed to dance with her that evening! (Or so I hope)

I hope you don't mind me pestering you about the German. (if so, just say it and I'll stop) German is a really awful language for colorful cursing, because really, all we use is "Scheisse" in all variations. "verdammte Scheisse" "verquirlte Scheisse" "Scheissdreck" etc. So most young people just use English words, haha. Anyways, what I wanted to say is, "Zum Donnerwetter" is quite oldfashioned. How about "Verdammter Mist" or (more surprised) "Was zum Henker.."

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Review #9, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: A Night of Discoveries

19th September 2014:
Huh, what happened just now? Wow that was.. unexpected!
I liked that you got the political dilemma of Beings/Beasts in there, I was always a bit bothered when I read "Fantastic Beasts" (and I would die to know more about Goblin rebellions etc)

I have no idea what could possible bother the Centaur! But maybe Annett will now find out more about the connection of magical and muggle maladies? :) I do hope she will find a cure. She must! But then I wonder if it has to do with something else, bigger. (is it Al? He also has bloodshot eyes! And smells of trees!.. Okay sorry, I'll stop bothering you with Al haha)

You wrote in an answer to a review that the mystery about Draco was somewhere hidden in a chapter. I really can't imagine where or what it would be! Maybe I should reread...

Ah so many mysteries and so much suspense! I think your story improves with every chapter, it's so much fun to see the personality of the different character show.

Also I just wanted to say "goodnight" is "Gute Nacht" in German, without the n ;)

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Review #10, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Exploring Hormonal Minds

19th September 2014:
I loved this chapter. To see Annett how she deals with social interaction and questions all those funny details. The bonding-analogy was really beautiful!

Right now I'm trying really hard to imagine a flirty Al. It doesn't really go into my head, haha. But so is a blushing Annett! Very cute.

The idea for the Indian festivities is nice (I'd love some Indian food right now, nom)

And WHY does Annett have ANYTHING to do with Draco Malfoy? What??

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Review #11, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Satisfying Humiliation

19th September 2014:
So, that was the prank. Quite elaborate, so many practical slapstick moments. The toad! *laughes* Its interesting to know that Anett now wears her hear long enough again for her Medusa-hair - I think it fits her better anyway :)

As to your questions:

I do hope that the aftermath is more pranks! haha. Not immediately, but eventually, it would be cool when the other pranksters find out about Incog Imp and they do something together.

I think this kind of event will get to Annett somehow. Especially the others would definitely like to spend more time with her. Maybe she has reservations at first. Maybe it needs a nother little push before she could actually call them friends. Maybe it's about Als secret? *hopeful puppy eyes*

To be honest, I still find her very hard to understand, so she's kinda unpredictable to me. I wonder if there will be a payback by Yang? For now he just seems like a little bit dumb macho guy, so maybe he's not really capable of it. Who knows!

Reading on.. ^^

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Review #12, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Out of the Shadows and into the Limelight

18th September 2014:
Okay. I. HATE. this. teacher. Not even the worst conservative teacher at my conservative school was as bad as she is! I can't believe it! I'm SO looking forward to the payback (there must be one!!)

Soo, what's going on with Al? Why does he have insomnia? What's his secret? (I mean, why does he smell like PINE trees?!) I can't wait to find out! Or rather, I can't wait for Annett to find out and how it'll change their relationship...

Also, Annetts theoretical knowledge on love is quite amusing,poor bloke, doesn't have the faintest idea he's being played with!

I'm somehow glad that she didn't know about the Room of Requirement - she can't know everything, that would be just too perfect.

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Review #13, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Creative Output: Mischief

18th September 2014:
Yay there's more science!
Also: Annett's flirting schemes are hilarious. Percentages!!!

I still cannot quite imagine what her plan will be. I hope it's grand. So big that she might even feel a bit guilty afterwards.

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Review #14, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: An “Auf Wiedersehen” and a Wotter Invasion

18th September 2014:
Your story really is something else. It's somewhat hard for me to feel with Annett, because she is so different from me. She IS a little bit creepy. Just the way she is NOT in need of human interaction and still never gets unsure of who she is (or so it seems).

I liked the questions about magic and science. I often discussed topics like these with my best friend, but how great must it be to be able to actually test it out!? Did she choose this animal form herself? It seemed a bit Patronus-like the way she just turned into a fox as if it was her natural animal-form. (not very scientific, I know.) I really hope we get to read more of her experiments ;)

The "silent understanding" between introvert people, and the way Annett analysed Al was really cute!

Overall I think you did an amazing job in guiding the reader from her first year all the way to her fifth without the narration seeming too chopped-up or rushed.

I'm really terrible at Grammar, but I noticed you jumped between the tenses a few times. Maybe that's okay (since strictly speaking she tells the story from todays perspective), just wanted to mention it in case it was unintentional.

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Review #15, by ShinichaThe Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

18th September 2014:
I stumbled over this story... and then I just had to read it when I skipped over the chapter titles. You see, I'm Austrian. (Even though I'm not from Bregenz. My boyfriend is though. Their dialect is hilarious. But maybe you know that anyway.)

Just wondering about this sentence, whether I didn't get it right or whether it was an inconsistency:
" I didn't care to start an interaction when I could never completely understand the strange English language." - this is when she still lives in Austria, right? Because then the other kids wouldn't be speaking English.

Anett seems to be a very intruiging character, I think I'll like this story. I like that it starts with her childhood and her finding out about magic, and I can't wait to find out what becomes of her after she is forced to socialise and mingle with other witches and wizards on a regular basis!

I also thought it was cute of Teddy to get her a Pygmy Puff (and the fact that his hair changes when he's surprised, haha)

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Review #16, by ShinichaThe Keeper's Daughter: It Happened in August

16th September 2014:
Ahh here I am again, reading your great stories instead of studying...oh well.

I didn't read Keep Away + sequel (yet), but decided to give this one a shot first-and I think I will love it :)

Gee is going to be a really fun character to be with and I'm honestly SO impressed with you creating so different main characters in your stories and make them believabe and authentic nontheless. (that's much more than some published writers manage to do...)

Soo Albus is the Quidditch maniac here. Usually he's the calm and shy one (since that's the personality JK hinted him to have) So I'm looking forward to how you make him out to be and how it goes with the popular-athletic-guy-thing in this story~

I'm very curious what this "therapy" means (we don't even really know yet what that fall did to her head!). You planted a possible source for angst there and I can' decide whether I'd like it to be used or not..hmm!

Also, reading about Oliver here makes me SO want to read his stories, I definitely will - after my tests are over (arrgh)

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Review #17, by ShinichaStuck in the Middle: Full Circle

13th September 2014:
I'm sorry I only stopped now for a review, I kinda rushed through this story (I should be studying...)

First of all I'm really happy that you wrote a same-sex-love story so convincingly. I really liked Oliver, he's the perfect mix of awkward and cool :*
I thought you described great how James grows into his feelings. Ollies family is wonderful! Who would move all the way to another country for their son.. Also I really liked your Potter-siblings. Lily is awsome!! And Albus is Slytherin-y in a perfect way. In general you questioned some standard-assumptions about next-gen in a good way- Nicky being a good example. Also the mention of Harry not simply having overcome a war without any problems. "Molly Senior" made me laugh - sounds way cooler that Nana Molly haha..

I think your story got better with each chapter and I liked how it developed, it was very realistic. I admit I have a certain personal fluff-limit so at some points it almost got too cute! *laughs*

But thanks a lot for this story and I think I'll love the sequel!!

Author's Response: Ah, it's okay. I'm glad you liked it enough to read it.

I'm so happy you liked Oliver. He is among my favorite characters to write. He's just so... awkwardly cool. :P

James was fun to write. He was my first ever character to not fully know or understand his feelings and developed them until he knew he could have more. It just wouldn't have worked if it went too fast in the beginning.

Oliver is very lucky to have his family. His dad was looking for a new job anyway, but to do what he did with his wife... they're awesome.

Thank you so much for the lovely compliments and for reading and for leaving such an awesome review! I do hope you'll love the sequel.


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Review #18, by ShinichaDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Breaking News

10th September 2014:
First of all, sorry that I only now joined in reviewing. I read BTQC and this one in one go and felt bad after every chapter for not stopping to review... >_< Secondly, I really really love this story. I admire you for daring to write from the POV of a hormonal teenage boy (even though admittedly James grew up a lot over the last few chapters) - whenever I look at my younger brother, the way he acts is just a big mystery to me that can only be explained by him never thinking at all. You're doing a wonderful job with your characters, and the sequel is... wow, so much happening, not one sentence that doesn't lead up to the next momentum.
I love that Nia got a cameo. I do miss Haley a bit because for some reason she really grew on me since her date with James.

As for Freddie: You really created a wonderful character there, everything fits perfectly from the shelter to the non-wigs to the way he handled the situation with Amy. Their relationship from its beginning (I loved how he asked her to be his gf) until the accident and her being in St. Mungus was such a convincing subplot it could easily make a novel on its own. But I'm glad that it's part of James story, it makes the world you created even more real and three dimensional to me.

I somehow feel for Rose, because I already left twice for quite a long time, one time leaving behind my first love... and soon I'll be leaving again for 6 months and I don't even dare to think about what happens to me and my boyfriend during this time. Accidently he had similar commitment problems as Bink. Maybe her leaving will make him see sense!

Lindt, for some reason, reminds me a lot of Scrimgeour (I have some difficulties with your, or rather James', conception of Hufflepuff-but he seems very loyal, only I haven't really found out to what. Except his Code, obviously.) Also I have to think of Swiss.chocolate everytime I read his name. Lindt Kugeln are my favourite christmas sweets. Nom.

Also: HOW does damn Flynn have connections from prison to TV and the whole Quidditch world? Is it full of petty criminals?? With his money and reputation gone (and him having friend-qualities [especially not those Hufflepuffers are known for!]) I can't explain it any other way.

I keep thinking whether it'd be better for Avery and James to go through with the divorce-after-30-days or not. I really don't think it would be all that fair to Avery to disregard her carreer and life plans. But then again the damage is done and she already stands in the shadow of her 'husband' who's a star before having played a game. Also it would be stupid to keep the marriage just for the sake of public opinion (even if the consequences are serious). But on the other hand it just seems irrational to get a divorce just to marry each other later on anyway. So I'm really curious which factor will weigh stronger and what they're going to do.

Will TomCat ever be found? :D I started to get paranoid, thinking about the meowing is coming from elaborate spy-device or scheme from Mason and there never even was a cat! For my sanity I hope Tomcat shows himself soon!

Anyway, thank you for your story and from now on I will keep reviewing as you update:)

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Review #19, by ShinichaBeing a Falmouth Falcon: First Practice and Interview

4th September 2014:
Ha, it's good to see Camila having troubles adjusting to trainig..though that probably won't last long. Will the Witch Weekly woman come back for when the trouble really starts...?
I think Gigi shouldn't tell James yet. He wouldn't believe it anyway and might just blame Gigi instead. But I'm all for Scott+Gigi vs Camila!She needs an ally :)

It's a bit surprising to know that Jenny also was a good Quidditch player, but she definitely's got the temper. What position did she play?

Anyway thanks for a great chapter, can't wait for more!

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Review #20, by ShinichaBeing a Falmouth Falcon: The First Threat

4th September 2014:
Wow Camila really gets to the point straight away. I'm glad that someone (Scott) noticed immediately, but I bet she'll be careful around the others. I just hope, no matter if she manages to snatch Gigi's place (and maybe even seduce James) that her foul personailty will be found out at some point! Until that happens I wouln'd be surprised if she gets very far with her schemes. You created a monster! haha...
After all that time it took for Gigi to realise her feelings for James I think she might put James first. But then again, she didn't really have to choose last time, because the pregnancy-lie was out before she confessed to him! I get this bad feeling of a lose-everything-scenario for Gigi :( ...

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Review #21, by ShinichaBeing a Falmouth Falcon: Finding the Chaser

4th September 2014:
I'm happy that there's a sequel! I think you did a great job developing the characters, though it's sad that Matt won't be on the team. Too bad, that the second girl's this mean "all about eve"-Eve... I'm actually dreading (and looking forward to) all the drama!

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Review #22, by ShinichaA Woman's Guide to Professional Quidditch: Meeting the Potters

3rd September 2014:
I really enjoyed your story so far :) I just thought when you write about 'half-bloods' and such it might be better not to use 'blood'? it seems like something people who do, after all, care would use (but maybe Gigi does, who knows...)

I really like how the Potter-Weasleys turned out - was a bit put out by Ginnys lack of ambition though, what with being housewife. She never seemed to be the overly motherly-homey type to me in the books...

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Review #23, by ShinichaMuggle Studies: iPod Injuries

3rd September 2014:
awesome! this is going to be fun :)

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Review #24, by ShinichaWeather for Ducks: The Tripwire of Reality

1st September 2014:
I noticed that you write a lot about the economy, or rather its crisis - in Blunderland too - so I was wondering, how do you see the connection between Muggle and wizard economy? I think its a really interesting topic to speculate about (a friend and I actually wrote a whole text about the wizarding economy and the conditions for revolution and we came to the conclusion that wizarding economy cannot whatsoever be equated with Capitalism, therefore also not have Capitalist crises)
But in Blunderland you wrote about how wizarding community took on too much of the Muggle (economy) and ..yeah.. all of this together made me really curious :)

As to the growing suspense: I'm surprised I was even able to stop reading to write this comment, haha!

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Review #25, by ShinichaWeather for Ducks: A Duck in the Pint

1st September 2014:
Why would it be suspicious to have a memorial for only one war? But it somehow seems to be, although if it were me I'd just think that there might not've been a new new elging during the first war.
so much to be curious about!

Btw I really think someone should invent magic typewriters with a Delete button. :')

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