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Review #51, by Dark WhisperThe Homecoming of Rose Weasley: And what an adventure it was

13th July 2013:
Ah, this was really sweet. And honestly, it wrung true in going out to see the world, experiencing all kinds of things... and not finding your 'place in the universe.' I think many can relate. And I liked how she came back home with such a wonderful welcome. Very sweet. And I really liked reading her feelings of her uncle Charlie... the coolest. Who wouldn't love having a dragon trainer in the family? :P

Good job on this travel story,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Yeah, I love to travel, but I feel like many people overrate it- seeing new things doesn't make you reach enlightenment xD
Yeah, Charlie is the coolest!
Thanks again!

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Review #52, by Dark WhisperNew Destinations : Australia

13th July 2013:
Oh, Hermione's parents in Australia... very good. I've not read a story that deals with this and I'm glad you gave it this bittersweet and happy ending. I don't believe JKR every really said what happened to them. It was a lovely read and I'm so glad that you ended it in this fashion... her remembering instead of Hermione not being able to break the memory spell.

Good job,
Dark Whisper

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Review #53, by Dark WhisperA Magical World : Bulgaria

12th July 2013:
Wow, you really know how to set up a mystery. I so want to know what happens to Louis. I've never read a fic about him before and you have me curious. Your description of her made me think she was already beautiful before she turned into a mermaid.

That banner is gorgeous by the way. And your story... you have many unanswered questions, perfect for more chapters. ;)

Best Wishes,

Author's Response: Mysteries always have me very intrigued, so I always like to try my hand at one. I'm glad that I have captured your curiosity! The banner is gorgeous, right? Lady Asphodel did such a brilliant job making it! The unanswered questions will definitely all be answered. Thank you for reading and reviewing!(:

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Review #54, by Dark WhisperMoney Mania: Money Mania

12th July 2013:
Money Mania,

Oh, this was really cute. I just love Sirius in this. His light-hearted fun character was really great. I loved how he was able to show James how to have fun, especially since readers know the tragedy that will eventually unfold. He is such a great friend.

And I love how they came to the U.S. Yeah!

And "de-butt numbing spell." XD Hahahaha!

Great job.
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Wow, out of the three reviews I've replied to, your the third person to say you liked Sirius! I guess I did him well. Sirius knows how to lighten up and have fun. You're right, no matter what Sirius does to James in this story, Sirius is a great friend to have.

I figured they should come to the U.S. since that's where I'm from.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #55, by Dark WhisperLiving with the Beast: The curse.

11th July 2013:
Can I say that I love the word "bedchambers?" LOL.

Your first paragraph was described so well that I could totally see it. Draco and all those books with his tea. And I also must say that the description of the old woman's clothing... her patched fabric was outstanding and so vivid.

And Draco as the Beast? *jaw drops* Oh, my stars, what Draco fan wouldn't want to read this? He is perfect for this role. Arrogant, over-confident, and uncaring as he so rudely demonstrated at closing the door on an old woman who needed help. How shameful of him.

I also loved how he began to recognize "the old language." That was truly brilliant as I would believe that some wouldn't realize a curse was on them until it was too late.

You did a really good job describing those two sisters, because I have a great dislike for them. That witch needs to happen upon them and their materialistic ways someday. LOL!

And Belle wants a rose... oh, my I can't wait until Draco comes into play with that wish. :)

Great job so far... and that banner is gorgeous!

Hope there will be more. Best wishes...
Dark Whisper

P.S. I'm not sure if you've seen my response in the forums, but I fixed that computer problem. You should take a look and see if what I did fixes yours.

Author's Response: Dark,

Lol, I like the word bedchambers as well. It is a little period thing to help wtih the setting of the story.

I'm glad you think that Draco is fitting as a beast. The moment that Beauty and The Beast crossed my mind I knew Draco was the perfect character.

I got critisized about the Old Language and why draco knew what was happening. I think Draco would have been taught the old langusge so I'll have to explain that further.

Lol... the plunnies are going crazy over the witches visit to these two sisters. That could be fun. Mwhahahaha. :)

Thak you for your awesome review. I'm glad you like it so far.


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Review #56, by Dark WhisperRoses grow at Malfoy Manor: A Cottage Left Behind

17th June 2013:
Dearest Merope,

Oh my heavenly stars that shined bright and sparkly yesterday as I saw that familiar and beautiful haunted girl staring at me beside the likeness of Draco Malfoy that is your gorgeous banner for an equally gorgeous story that is "Roses Grow at Malfoy Manor."

Your story is poetry and one of the best on the Archive. There is plenty of mystery, tragedy, action, romance, which makes it an Epic. Your characters are wonderfully portrayed and your descriptions are beyond fantastic.

I am glad Hugo has found a friend... and since you kind-of, sort-of asked, I am hoping that she might be in the same situation... sort of 'hidden in plain sight' for her reason to not be with the Death Eaters at Hogwarts.

It was very kind of Lucius to let Hugo go into town and of course, give him that potions book. Wow! I feel so bad for Hugo, being so hungry and starved for knowledge.

I'm more than happy to see Scorpius finally kissing Rose properly. She is good girl to stop when she is still technically with Lys (that closet Slytherin). But his feelings are out, as they should be.

But please, I beg you, fix Hermione. Whatever it is, let it be fixable and let Draco have her. Let her find a will to live. Let her find that she can love Ron AND Draco and its okay. Please. (Your story of course, just merely a suggestion from a Dramione fan).

You have me so very intrigued at this Harry ghost. If it is not his voice, then who can it be? And what does he want? He obviously knew her last name. Hmm.

And the not-so-mad-man in the dungeon... it sounds a little of Snape... perhaps in your story, like Voldemort, he is not dead?

I think you portray the Potter family with very realistic feelings of growing tired of running, the poor dears. It certainly would be tiresome and they would yearn for a normal 'magical' life.

Well, anyway... an apology for time is never necessary in a story this amazing. I'm just happy to have another installment of this brilliantly composed work... this symphony of words on parchment page.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, wow, ok, I did not expect this. Thank you so much for such an amazing review! I am at a loss for words!

I am flattered by your words, but you are too kind. It has been such a long time since I added a chapter to this story, that it felt almost strange when I sat down and wrote this chapter. I must confess, it felt a little too mechanical at first, which is why I was delayed in posting. Your encouraging words mean so much to me right now!

I am thrilled you liked the Hugo/Dawn scene. I can tell you now, that she is most definitely another pain struck character in a world full of Death Eaters. However, whether she is as "important" as Hugo and Rose who are, like you said, hidden in plain sight, is less relevant. I think it is a lot more important to question how important she will become to Hugo and why.

I couldn't resist not writing that little kiss between Scorpius and Rose. There is so much tension between the two, that it is almost impossible for such little outbursts not to occur every now and then. I wonder what you will have to say about Chapter 16, where everything will change between Scorpius and Rose perhaps for a very long time.

Hermione is broken. I guess it's now up to Draco more than anyone else. Let's see what happens. What I can promise for sure though, is that there will definitely be more interaction between these two very important characters.

More shall be revealed about Harry's ghost very soon.

As for the mad man...he shall have some very interesting discussions with Hugo in upcoming chapters that shall reveal more of his identity (as well as Hugo's).

There shall also be a lot more of the Potter family from now on, so I hope you will enjoy that.

Thank you again so, so, so much for such an amazing review. It seriously means a lot to receive such thoughtful feedback. Thanks for sticking with this story for so long.

Merope :)

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Review #57, by Dark WhisperDetox: Turning the Corner

21st May 2013:
This was very sweet. I especially liked the way you described her 'feelings'... her skin, her excitement, etc... Very well written, as usual.

I liked that they talked and even though she was prying into things he did not want to talk about, it was his way of understanding how much she truly cared. Her words obviously effected him so much that he finally kissed her, even though he still didn't talk about the war. That sounds very much like something he would do. It was a diversion, but at the same time it was still very much heart-felt. And as an author, I think you expertly timed it just right and kept it innocent and sweet and not rushed.

I can also say that I appreciate McGonnegal's comments to him about things she can respect.

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I really went out of my way in this one to capture the things that Astoria is feeling physically because she's at least sure about that part. Emotionally, she's having a somewhat harder time being sure.

Draco's having a bit of difficulty because as much as he likes the fact that Astoria cares for him and wants to help him deal with his memories of the war, he's still has a hard time opening up and letting her do it. That's the Malfoy upbringing coming through. In this case, he kisses his way out of the situation. It was very heartfelt, but also a dodge. He's a complicated character.

McGonagall was being true to her responsibility as the head of the school, but I hope it was apparent that she still feels really ambivalent about Draco. I think she *wants* to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the war is still very fresh and painful in her mind. So she might respect the changes he's made, but she's probably not going to ever feel especially warmly toward him.

Thanks so much for reading and taking a minute to review

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Review #58, by Dark WhisperCold: The Limits

10th May 2013:
Awesome! Wow, Meg you have really impressed me with your imagination today! I was totally transfixed onto your every word. What was going to happen? I was completely glued.

"You were born." Ouch... that stung to the core. Ugh! So terribly heartwrenching for the girl and awful for her to say.

And her feeling that Draco truly only changed sides because he knew Voldemort wasn't going to win... oh, dear, I hope he sets that straight somehow. I don't know how... that would be up to you, but I do hope you put that in your story at some point because my heart can't take that. ;)

I love, love, LOVE then ending! She surprised and impressed him with her little Imperious trick. Excellent!

And to return with a huge surprise of his own? Jaw dropping! Illusions... YES! Perfect. Amazing job in this chapter and storyline as a whole.

Very, very, good. I hope you can continue this suspenseful story. It is creative and very original. Where will you take us next?

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark,

Your reviews are always so nice. I love reading them and getting your thoughts on the whole thing. I'm glad you were transfixed. I don't think I'm a ever good action writer.

Yes, this is Hermione's first undercover operation and it is the hardest. She has to do things and say things that tear her to pieces and make sleep nearly impossible.

Lol, have a little faith. She won't always think that way about Draco as clues to the past come to light. Draco still is acting haughty but that is his cover. :)

I knew they wouldn't trust her until she could prove herself but on the other hand I knew she would never actually torture anyone. Though it doesn't show yet, Draco is impressed with her performance because if he wasn't he woundn't have bothered with telling her the truth. Yes, a double twist.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are too kind.


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Review #59, by Dark WhisperCold: Dinner Party pt 1

10th May 2013:
Oh, you have a lot going on in this chapter.

Bellatrix's portrait? Oh my goodnes, that would bring much hurt and anger at seeing her!

And a room with a warning from the house elf?

And you wrote the shock of seeing two 'dead men walking' very well. Excellent job.

Hermione did so very well with his introduction too... saying that he was the true guest of honor. Wow on that one.

And Rodolphus? Ugh... I do not like him. That was extremely disrespectful to Draco... looking at his girlfriend like that. Terrible.

I like how you included people from different countries and that Blaise and Astoria were there as well.

I'm loving that she is impressing Draco so well. I hope you make him crazy to find out who she really is. He is a smart one to possibly figure it out though.

Great job as usual,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark,

It makes me so happy that you have taken the time to continue to read this. It was a fairly busy chapter but it my mind it was just a transition. Lol.

I figured since she was technical Draco's Aunt and Rodolphus being in and out of the house that it shouldn't be too out of place for her portrait to be in Draco's house. Plus, it adds to the mystery of the room a bit. :)

Hermione knows how to impress and more importantly stay alive. I don't plan on bring anyone else back from the dead though.

There will be more to come with Draco and Rodolphus. I promise... He will not get away with it so easily. First and foremost, Draco must play a Malfoy. :)

Thank you again for reading and reviewing. It makes me very very happy.


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Review #60, by Dark WhisperDetox: Reconnecting

10th May 2013:

Oh, I do love it when Draco goes to the edge of fury. The entire wand at Flint's throat thing had me squealing with delight. Loved it.

I had to laugh with Gamp about Voldemort though... Draco's "sign of spring" comment and Gamp saying he was wondering if a Death Eater would finally admit that. Hahaha! Somehow it reminds of the "reasons why Voldemort is like a teen-age girl." (You can look that up if you don't know and need a good laugh). xD But I'm glad that you remind us through Draco that Gamp truly has nothing on Voldemort. And all kidding aside, that is what really rings true.

It is apparent that Draco thinks his father is involved, but you have not convinced me that this is the benefactor that the group is speaking of. Hmm. A bit of mystery remains to me.

I do love your details, as usual... the glass on the floor, the backstory of the tiara, her getting ill on her first and last rollercoaster ride at the bank. Very nice.

And finally, in this little exchange with Astoria and Narcissa... I LOVE that she mentions that the little bit of doubt Draco instilled in Bellatrix played a major role as well. Draco never gets enough credit for this, so I do thank you for pointing it out. You do justice to him and true fans of Draco's thank you for it.

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Draco has quite a temper still, and the more stress he's under, the worse it seems to get.

Gamp is one of those completely crazy people who sometimes sees the world in unique ways. Unique for a pure blood sociopath, anyway. I can't remember where I first saw the joke abut Harry beating Voldemort every spring, but it's definitely true.

Draco is pretty convinced by this point that old Lucius is behind this all somehow. It is a mystery, because it's far from certain...

I don't see how *anyone* doesn't get sick on their first trip into the depths of Gringotts. That's a pretty insane ride.

There I go again, letting Narcissa steal a scene. I did it a few times in Marked. It's hard not to, because her story and Draco's are so tightly connected. Draco did play a role in helping defeat Voldemort, whether he wanted to of not.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #61, by Dark WhisperAct of Vengeance: Grief.

20th April 2013:

Wow... that poor cat. And I'm in agreement with the look on Bellatrix face, enjoying dark magic, etc... It is interesting that she witnessed this (and many other bad things) and still felt the deep connection of being her sister, which outweighed the bad.

There is power in grieving and missing someone so much and obviously drove Narcissa to cross the line into 'her sister's magic,' which I loved your words to describe it. Very good.

And I enjoyed your timeline and how it flowed backward. It really added to your story and made it interesting. It begged for questions on how and why and you revealed all to your readers in an interesting way.

Great job on this short story. It had few words, but it didn't need more, as what was said was potent and to the point and packed with plenty of emotions.

Great job,
Dark Whisper

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Review #62, by Dark WhisperAct of Vengeance: Revenge.

20th April 2013:

Well, this is certainly different than anything I've read. Narcissa taking out Molly? Oh, my. I can see it happening though... revenge for her sister.

And you wrote Molly as if she expected it, always uneasy and haunted, really.

It was tragic, but understandable, you know? Very interesting storyline.

I like how you incorporated the Weasley clock. Great detail there.

Very dark,
Dark Whisper

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Review #63, by Dark WhisperAct of Vengeance: Death.

20th April 2013:
Hello, AccioHPFF,

I thought I'd check you out on the Archive today. :) And when I saw a completed Narcissa fic, I just had to check it out.

Well, I must say, it seems heartbreaking that she would die in prison, but I'm really glad that it didn't happen on June 5th, because that is Draco's birthday. ;(

I think you did a really good job at describing what she looked like and her thoughts of Lucius and Draco in the end. Very sad, indeed.

Reading on...
Dark Whisper

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Review #64, by Dark WhisperThe Light In The Darkness: It's Over

20th April 2013:
HarryPotterBookworm (nikkinike),

Well, first can I just say that I LOVE, LOVE the quote at the very beginning of your story. It is so true about light and is actually inspiring.

There were so many 'awe' moments in this story, I don't even know where to begin. I suppose it will be with the funny hair. :) I love your description of her red with black streaks. And love how you tied it in the middle of the story with her looking like a black and red statue, poor thing. And then of course bringing it back in the end. It was very sweet.

You described that first train ride really well. She was similar to Harry in that she hadn't known about magic or Hogwarts until it was time to leave, poor thing.

Your backstory for her was really amazing and I can see how she would live with pushing all of that hurt to the back and try to live with it somehow. The catalyst to letting it all out was heartbreaking as well... I mean 3 years is a long time. But in the end, it brought about her true feelings with Oliver, which needed to happen.

I liked how you incorporated the quote as seeing Oliver as her light in her darkness. It was so sweet in many ways.

It warms my heart that it was him that found her and I love how he reacted to Roger. Go, Oliver!

Truly, it was wonderful that he stuck by her while she healed and even wanted her to live with him. There was no reason for her to go 'home' anyway. Which, by the way... I think Cella (love her name) really fit in with Dumbledore's Hogwarts... meaning he always had a soft spot for the less fortunate truly needing a 'home'. (Tom, Harry, Cella, there are others, but I can't think of them at the moment).

Anyway, she fits right in and I can only imagine what happened to her mother who left magic and didn't want her to be a part of it. Perhaps she is a victim of the 1st war and also had post traumatic stress, etc. ;(

Anyway, great storyline, great depth, characters, and of course... Oliver Wood, who just warms my heart, especially after reading your story.

Ah, the beginnings of love... :)
Thank you for sharing your story.
Dark Whisper

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Review #65, by Dark WhisperSlytherin Career Day: A Long Day in the Dungeons

20th April 2013:
Oh, CambAngst,
I'm so glad I happened upon this story.

This is so funny that I actually laughed several times throughout. So hysterical!

Snape was so perfect in this. I loved what he was scribbling beside their names.

And McGonnagal was so funny and so right. I loved what you did with the Slytherins and the Gryffindors. Brown the romance novelist and Hermione's dead-end job. So funny!

And Pansy... Draco or Lucius version? Yikes! There's just something so wrong about that. Hahaha!

I must say though... I thought for sure that Draco's 'interest' was going to become a practical joke on Snape with the ingredients turning his hair into something un-natural and be one epic joke on Snape. LOL! I wouldn't have put it past that cunning little prat. I appreciated how you made his situation a bit serious... but then Snape wrote "Snake food." XD Hahahaha!

Great humorous storyline.
Thanks for the laughs,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm really glad that you happened upon it, then! ;) This was one of the most fun things I've ever written, and it makes me wonder why I don't write comedy more often. Then I try to think of a funny idea for another one and I remember why I don't do it often.

I actually find Snape to be among the easiest characters to write. I just let my inner Alan Rickman run wild. I can always hear his voice in my head whenever I imagine Snape.

Poor Pansy is kind of a basket case. Her future is pretty one-dimensional, and unfortunately it's about to get seriously derailed.

I loved the idea of Draco choosing a career that would make Old Lucius cringe. Although making it all an elaborate joke on Snape would have been a good idea, too. I'll file that one away...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #66, by Dark WhisperDetox: Old Habits

19th April 2013:
There's just something about the thrill of getting a letter. I miss them, actually, as they become more rare these modern days.

So... I had to think about this one... Emery would be Blaise's step-nephew. LOL! Loved Zabini's description of him... haha... little more harsh than Astoria's. And I loved Draco's take on Zabini's mother as well. Wow!

And oh, Draco... don't do it! Don't let your friends drag you down and become cell-mates in Azkaban! Oh, my stars, you've set up this story very well.

And Astoria... I loved her question to her mother. It was very, very good and insightful. And you are right about it being about control. But choosing to go against her parents can be heartbreaking and have life-long consequences. Trust me, I know.

You have a bit of 'forbidden love' going on with these two and I love it.

Excellent storyline,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi!

I think you have your relationship correct on Blaise and Emery. Suffice it to say that the two of them are not especially close. But Draco seems to believe that Zabini wields just enough influence with the younger Slytherin for him to get what he needs.

Draco is once again walking a very fine line. Unfortunately for him, he winds up doing that quite often in this story.

Astoria knows her mother pretty well, enough to realize that there are aspects of pushing Astoria into an arranged marriage that aren't going to sit especially well with her, either. Let's hope it's enough for her mother to change her mind. I'm sorry if you've had a similar experience. I hope things ended up alright for you.

There's quite a bit of forbidden love here. Much more to come.

Thanks for all the awesome reviews!

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Review #67, by Dark WhisperDetox: Relapse

19th April 2013:
I forgot to say something about that last chapter... I liked how they were able to laugh a bit and I loved how he contemplated leaving everything, but didn't for the lives of his parents. Very good. Sorry that I left that out.

Anyway... For this chapter, I love Snape and his words to her. He is so right about the nearly impossible, but it is what she believes is the most important. Your insight is very wise and your Snape was perfect. :)

Draco is right to be so upset. His emotions are really up and down and I feel so sorry for him right now. His father is really 'losing it' and could really hurt his future. It's so sad to read of a relapse, but is realistic and rings true. Poor Draco.

Great chapter. I love how deep you go. And Astoria is doing so well with her father... still his good little pureblood daughter, but still finding a way to bend the rules in still communicating with him.

And Draco already thinking of marriage? Awe... But then wondering why she would want a mess like him? Awe...

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm glad you liked the levity between Astoria and Draco. Obviously, there will be points in the story where things aren't quite so rosy and light-hearted.

I debated long and hard about whether to include Snape's moment. To me, it felt a little cliched. But I also wanted Astoria to get that little bit of clarity from somewhere, and he seemed like the best choice at the time. He's also blunt to a fault, as opposed to Dumbledore, who probably would have had something flowery and metaphorical to say.

Draco's father is being an idiot. No doubt about that. Part of what I wanted to show is that Draco does still have serious issues controlling his temper. It's something you see fairly often in PTSD victims. In the end, it drags him back a couple of steps.

One thing I love about Astoria is that she *is* a Slytherin. So I can blend a measure of equivocation and deviousness into her character and it doesn't feel out of place at all. Above all else, she's very practical.

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #68, by Dark WhisperDetox: Confessions

19th April 2013:
Confessions... hmm. Well I'm glad that he is truthful with her, which is an important base for any relationship to last. I think you handled the Mark issue quite well. I loved what Draco said about it being an "elaborate chain." So true.

The story of the burning house was really tragic. Very sad, indeed and so senseless. I can see how this would haunt Draco.

It was sweet of her to kiss him on the cheek when they parted. I like her character and how she confessed to McGonnagal. It was very Slytherin of her to use her reputation for the cause.

And of course, I love Hermione in this as well. She's so good, right? I love the 'girl thing' and how she needs to fix him. Lol. I find that quite amusing.

I liked the depth of this chapter and how he is opening up to Astoria. Who doesn't love a man who is willing to open up a bit? It's all good... :)

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hello, again.

Draco opens up to her in a way that he's never opened up to anyone about the war. Certainly not his drinking buddies, and probably not even his mother, since I think she implicitly understands most of what he's feeling anyway. That's how I thought of the Dark Mark. It was just a symbol of a person's enslavement to Voldemort.

By the time they part company behind Honeyduke's, Astoria has decided that he's worth pursuing a relationship with. Worth the effort that it's going to take to try to keep him in school and change her father's mind. And she thinks of everything in capitalistic sort of terms. That is the Slytherin in her.

I thought about having Hermione just sort of let the whole thing go, but that didn't feel very much like her. She has this burning sense of right and wrong and a real need to be fair and just. It's the best thing about her.

You are really making my day (week?) with the feedback and kind words. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #69, by Dark WhisperDetox: Making Choices

19th April 2013:

Oh, I do love it when Ron and Draco fight. Fight! Fight! Fight! LOL! Your descriptions of it were excellent and so vivid.

I enjoyed reading of Ginny's one track mind having the world melt away in the snow. :)

And as far as your words... can I say that I loved how you gave hatred a color... as in "black hatred." I loved that and can understand how much he hated Ron at that moment because of your description of it.

"You'll beg me to end your life. I swear it." Oh, my how I love Draco and his threats.

You've left quite the cliff hanger for your readers. Excellent pull to the next chapter and I'm so glad that it is already written so that I don't have to wait. :D

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Ugh! I have fallen so far behind on responding to your reviews. It's shameful. Sorry about that.

I'm glad you liked the little sparring match between Ron and Draco. I felt like there would be lots of lingering animosity between the two of them left over from the war and all the years that led up to it. Now the tables have been turned and Ron doesn't hesitate to take advantage. I didn't feel *good* necessarily about writing Ron in this way, but it's sort of important to the things that follow.

I like to think that once the war was over and they got over all of the lingering hurt and mistrust from Harry's decision to break up with her that Ginny and Harry fell deeply in love. And she's not one to hold back very much. ;)

Hatred always feels black to me for some reason. If you let it fester and grow, it eats away at you from the inside, like decay.

Draco still has a flair for the dramatic, doesn't he? He's quite serious in this case, though.

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the chapter. The next one is slower-paced, but much deeper emotionally. Can't wait to see what you think. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #70, by Dark WhisperDetox: Regrets

18th April 2013:

You are really good at painting pictures for your readers. I loved your descriptions of Hogwarts and his feelings at seeing it once again.

The rules are understandably strict while being realistic. Reactions from the students were really done well also.

Poor Luna. You give us a glimpse of what happened to her while at Malfoy Manor and it is tragic, indeed. You've written her so true to her peculiar mannerisms. She doesn't think like the masses... case in point with the stew he basically threw at her. It was cruel of him, but she so was hungry, she didn't care and thought of it as an act of kindness. Wow on that storyline. Regrets, indeed.

Draco certainly has a degree of Post Traumatic Stress from what he went through. I feel it is very fitting and although tragic, it is something that I enjoy reading... great depth and potential in his character.

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi, there!

For starters, you can just call me Dan if you prefer. My penname is kind of a mouthful.

I'm glad you liked the descriptions of the castle. I played with those a lot before I was happy with them.

Luna seemed like a really good person to extend a small olive branch to Draco while making him think about his past choices at the same time. She's awesome like that. I wish I could put her in every story I write.

I don't think there's any doubt that Draco is suffering from PTSD. Anyone in his situation probably would be. The psychological impact of the war on the canon characters is ignored far too often in post-war fics, I think.

I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #71, by Dark WhisperDetox: Getting Clean

14th April 2013:

Wow, the "grotesque chandelier?" Incredibly dark and terrifying... and quite worrisome.

I liked the fatherly advice, but "that boy is a Black and a Malfoy..." bit... Ouch. The truth hurts. But she saw something that has her thinking otherwise... smart girl. :)

And this whole conversation with Blaise... I love the threat, which quite honestly establishes a hierarchy between them (or at least reiterates and seals what was already there while still in school).

He is honest with Blaise about his abilities, which I find interesting. And it must be difficult and a bit sad to realize that his roommate and Slytherin brother for so long will not be with him on this change of his.

You've set up a very intriguing potential for conflict and I must say that it is really, really good.

And also, he is amazingly cunning and smart with this entire scene at the restaurant... what he says, what he does, and how he does it is truly spot on his character. I loved his patience until the precise moment.

And I must say that I love your details, like the coin rolling to a stop. You're a master.

Excellent chapter,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hello, again!

So I had this really clear image in my head of what the hanging bodies looked like when I was writing this and I'm never completely sure of whether that came across clearly. I didn't want to go overboard with the detail because this is meant to be a nightmare, so I think it should have a very spartan feel to it. Anyway, I'm glad that you thought the imagery was good.

Mr. Greengrass is not going to easily forgive or forget the consequences of the two wars, and he blames both of them on the old Death Eater families that supported Voldemort. He's a bit naive about it, really. He wasn't one of the Dark Lord's followers, so he doesn't realize how powerful Voldemort truly was. He thinks that without support from wealthy families like the Blacks and Malfoys, Voldemort never would have amounted to anything.

Draco definitely has no problems putting Zabini in his place. Since Voldemort was so obsessed with status and pecking order among the Death Eaters, I imagine that Draco learned to function in a dog pack. But he's also become a realist. He knows that Zabini and the others are going to wind up in Azkaban if they don't change, but there also isn't much he can do about it. He's chosen his path and they've chosen theirs.

When I read, I always find that small details go a long way toward selling a story. They add gravity and realism, I think. Thanks for noticing!

I am really, really glad that you found this story and that you seem to like it. I appreciate the feedback!

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Review #72, by Dark WhisperDetox: Sobering Up

14th April 2013:
Wow, well I haven't been that wasted in a long while and it reminds me of why I stopped. Your description was so good I felt that infamous taste in my mouth of too much mixing of things... oh my spinning stars. Surely in order to write such a thing, you must have experienced it yourself, you poor dear and poor Draco.

Your insight into his mind after the war is exceptional and I especially appreciated how he took the time to notice how people looked at him. It was really an amazing piece of storyline and characterization. I loved how you wrote of the realization that he was poison. Very good.

I loved your description of the moonlight reflecting off the fountains. It was a very well-described phenomenon that fits right in to his aristocratic surroundings.

I like your Astoria so far. Perhaps it is her youthfulness that allowed her to look past his filth. I don't know, but she certainly left an impression on him.

Great first chapter. Thank you for the vivid descriptions. I think I'll go eat some bread now. ;)

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: As the saying goes, never get drunk unless you're prepared to pay for it! I'm glad it all came off sounding genuine to you. As far as me personally, well, let's just say I know enough about what I'm writing that I wasn't too worried. ;)

This is the third story I've written where Draco is either the main character or a major supporting character, so I've put a lot of thought into what his life after the war must have been like. I really don't like fics that make him one-dimensional, either as a redemption story or a villain. And I definitely don't like stories that make it seem like he went right back to his old life once the war was over. I'm sure his life was very complicated both during and after the war.

I felt like I was walking a thin line with Astoria in this chapter. We're seeing her through Draco's eyes when he's at a very low point in his life, drunk and miserable. So I think she comes off as being sort of angelic. Obviously, that's not completely realistic, but she does take pity on him at a time when he doesn't really have any other friends in the world.

I'm really glad that you liked it. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #73, by Dark WhisperDarkness in the Day: Awakening

3rd April 2013:
Oh, my... poor Ginny (and all the others, really).

Your descriptions were excellent. You did an awesome job with her heightened senses. Her dress, especially. I could really feel that... and smell the stones. Amazing job.

It saddens me that Draco is one of them. You know how much of a fan I am. LOL!

I truly hope that Ginny can resist and that she can remember the story. I hope there will be a remedy for them!

Great first chapter. And you expertly left a bit of a cliff hanger for us. "Ginny, don't do it!" I yell at my computer. :)

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hey Dark,

Thank you for taking time to review this chapter. I'm frustrated with this story because there is so much I want to do with this story and I think it could be good but I'm not sure if I'm at the point to start a new story because what started as a simple plot line has grown so much that I can't get back to the original thought. Anyway...

I'm glad that the senses shown through in this chapter. I wanted that to be one of the first clues to what had happened to Ginny. It's not a bad thing that Draco is a part of this and his story comes through later on.

That is one of the things I'm battling; to make a way that they become normal again or leave them be. I haven't yet described the bond between the members because there is a lot more going on..

LOL. See what I mean... Grr...

I'm glad you liked the ending in the best possible way you could.

Thank you again!!


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Review #74, by Dark WhisperGhosts in the Snow: The Sentry's Pledge

27th March 2013:

Wow, this is a beautifully written Founders story.

I love your use of "the Raven." This is a very... shall I describe it as a "grown up" story.

I love the period voice that you have used consistantly throughout the chapter as well as the use of social classes of the day. It seems well researched, which makes it believable. It is truly a lovely beginning to a story that I'd like to continue reading.

The scene was very serious, then very happy. I love the patronus that was cast and could really see it as something beautiful.

I'm really loving your Raven character... his fierce reputation as well as his softer side. And I appreciate your take on the relationship of the four founders and how the young Baron knows them.

I love the imagery you have created. This really was a wonderful, impressive, beautiful read.

Dark Whisper

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Review #75, by Dark WhisperAgain: Again

2nd March 2013:

Wow, what a sad look at George, the poor dear. The war and the death of his brother has changed him so much.

I love that he still associates with his friends from school and that they are very concerned and worried for one of their own.

I like that you call her 'Angie' instead of her formal name.

I wonder if Angie even noticed his girlfriend in the room as she throws herself at George. :) Awkward.

I love how in-tuned you are with his thoughts. Your readers know what he is feeling with just her name being mentioned... the sound of her voice... and then actually seeing her. It is wonderful that his focus is on her completely, even with others present and that it had always been that way.

Ah, love... I love reading of smitten men.

Oh, and one last thing... I love how you described the kiss to his girlfriend. "No fireworks. No cherubs." LOL! Perfect. It is quite clear to us that the kiss had nothing behind it and we now know what that feels like.

Great job once more.
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey again, Dark Whisper, thanks for stopping by! You have stumbled upon one of my most depressing one-shots! D':
Thank you! :)
George has changed so much since the War and losing Fred, I'm glad that I was able to put that in there all right. My poor, redheaded guy. I love George, he's my favorite Weasley you know and I'm a big Georgelina shipper!
I'm not sure why some fanfics have it like the group just split up after the War. I mean, honestly, they've known each other for years, almost died together and suddenly don't speak? Like, what?! So of course Oliver and the rest are going to be there for him. :D
Yep, "Angie" is just the nickname and she of course calls him, "Georgie" sometimes along with the others. They're good enough friends for that to happen you know. :D
Ah, thank you for liking George's crazy emotions, I tried so hard. He's very difficult to write but I'm glad that you were able to see how much he cared about Angie.
Angie wasn't thinking when she kissed George, she just reacted. Its all in "This is Angelina", which this one-shot is coming from! :D
Hahahahaha! I like writing smitten men, but I mostly write angst so things never work out!
Most of the time.
Bwhaha, to George, kissing another girl is more like a duty adn I'm glad that you enjoyed his view on that kiss! :D
Thank you so much for your reviews!
Much love,

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