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Review #51, by Dark WhisperThe Bet - Speed Dating: The Bet

17th February 2014:
It is so wonderful to see you writing again! Welcome, welcome, welcome back! Yeah! When I saw your name on the speed dating list I was hoping to be partnered with you, but alas, it was not meant to be. :( Boo. But I was THRILLED to see your name! 8D Anyway... on to the review...

Awe, this Scorpius/Rose story is really, really cute... a bet to win a Valentines Day date is an adorable premise.

I loved that it actually began in the morning as he wanted her to spend the entire Saturday with him! So sweet. Wow, I really liked that... an entire day. And I LOVED his comment about her dressing up for him. Hahaha! It was very Malfoy of him.

And he really melted my heart with his sincere comment about her being allowed to leave before they even began. Awe... LOVES.

Rose is so cute in this. I love it that she points out that she is not like any other girl. When she began noticing his hair, his dress and realized it was a 'real' date, I can totally see her being a bit shocked and at a loss for words. "Is this a thing?" LOL! Very cute! I would probably lose my tongue as well. :)

It was a little heartbreaking to know that she had been saving up the money for the Quidditch gloves, which really adds to the story. It certainly provides contrast (her having to save and him being able to purchase them and just give them away as a gift).

He was being insensitive about money, but he didn't really mean to be. I'm glad that he made up for it by buying her the gloves.

His note was short and to the point and would bring a smile to me as well.

This was really a cute story and you did an excellent job with so little time! 72 hours to collaborate with someone is no time at all!

I'm off to read the companion story. I'm interested to see what happened after Albus's date ran out, the poor dear. And then since I noticed a new chap of "What is Love," I'm going there after that!

Good luck and welcome back. :)
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark,

Thank you for the warm welcome back. I've missed being around. I missed quite a few updates to delilah fut I'm back on track now.

I have to say I was a little disappointed that we couldn't work together. I was hopeful too when I saw you were a part of the Speed Dating.

I'm glad you like the premise, it was playful and fun to write about the bet and the date that resulted.

I think Scorpius is a romantic at heart hidden under the prideful Malfoy name. Yes, he wanted to date Rose and spend a whole day with her as her date for Valentines Day. He wanted her to want to spend time with her even if it was just a bet.

Lol, for some reason I base my rose off of Emma Stone and some of her quirkiness. :)

The moment she read the note she knew he was still the same pig-headed boy she grew up with but that maybe things could progress further past this one date. Plus, Malfoy pride wouldn't allow him to be too emotional.

I'm so glad you read and liked this one-shot. I always look forward to your reviews and they never fail to make me happy.

Maybe one day something will come up and we can be a team. :)

Until next time...


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Review #52, by Dark Whispergone.: he wasn't gone.

15th February 2014:
Hello, my speed date! Since we are writing a companion story, I thought I'd check out one of your stories and Wow! Congrats on winning the prompt and being one of the featured stories!

This was agonizingly sad (and I do love a good sad story, for sure). The woman... so heartbroken, but still hopeful, but at the same time struggling to face her worst fears of an outcome that she seems to already know is true. It's downright awful and so sad. ;(

I must say that a Muggle who has been Kissed is very original and truly an amazing idea. And Moody is perfectly written and in true character. Wow. How devastating that he 'finishes' the man. Gah! So sad!

I love the focus on the rings as well. It provides wonderful imagery and a connection to the couple in an intimate way.

Congrats on being a winner and featured on the front. That is a place of honor and your story is well deserving. Bravo!

Excellent, sad read...
Dark Whisper

P.S. I don't write much fluff. So, if you think my idea is too fluffy, by all means, lets darken it a little. I'm game for ideas and can't wait to hear from you. :)

Author's Response: Hello, my wonderful partner! Thank you so much for this, and for the review. :)

Well, I'm glad you think it's sad bcause that's what I was aiming for, even though the prompt was more fluffy and Christmassy haha. :P Exactly, I think you summed up the woman's emotional conditions really well there. She's hopeful but struggling and denying to herself what she knows is true.

Thank you! I think JK didn't really focus on Muggles that much in the series, but they're the ones who were targeted by Voldemort as well, so I'm glad you find he idea creative! And I'm so happy you think Moody is in character, he's a canon character so I was super scared to write him haha.

Ah, I'm glad you like it! I did mean for it to be a subtle connection between the couple as well, I'm glad you picked up on that.

Thank you so much! I'm so flattered you enjoyed reading this silly little oneshot, and thank you for the congratulations as well. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this and thank you so much for this lovely review, it really made my day. :D

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Review #53, by Dark WhisperI Know You Care: I Know It's Always Been There

5th February 2014:

I love that your stories are inspired by music. Music is such a large part of our lives and lyrics can really inspire the imagination.

I looked up the song and listened and it really is beautiful and can see how it would fit with this Dramione. Very well done.

I liked the glimpses of their past and how you explained that they were friends as children, before "Mudblood" word got in the way. It is very much like Snape and Lily's beginning and I can see the parallels.

I loved the part when he helped her during the battle and especially how she felt safe. It was a very touching part to me that they had this moment together.

And of course, her kissing him in front of everyone in Diagon Alley is really saying a lot! It was a good ending and set them up for a hopeful future.

Great job!
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi Dark Whisper!

Gosh I'm so glad you liked this story!

Yes, music is such a big part of our lives, I love to listen to different songs and I always get new ideas. 'I Know You Care' is one of my absolute favourites of all time.
So naturally this story is one of my own faves.

I'm glad you liked the ending! I was a little afraid that it maybe was a little tacky or cliché but it felt right for the story :)

Thank you so much for your review!

- Lostmyheart

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Review #54, by Dark WhisperOne More Night: Chapter One

5th February 2014:

I don't normally ship Draco/Ginny (too involved with Dramione, I think, hehe), but thought I'd give it a go since I am a fan of Maroon 5. I mean, who doesn't love this song? LOL :D

This was an interesting take on them. I like it that she surprised him in so many ways. ;)

And my favorite line was also in your summary regarding how he had standards and she didn't meet them. Awe... It was actually a sad line for me.

He is clearly in turmoil here and honestly I love Draco in this light... undecided and second-guessing himself. On one hand there is his traditions and upbringing and on the other hand are feelings that he must face.

And can I say that I love her confidence, especially when telling him that she wasn't his? Perfect! It actually sounds like something that he would say to a girl and now he is getting a taste of it and it has a profound effect on him.

Great job!
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi Dark Whisper!

I know, right? It's an amazing song. I absolutely loved it :)
I am a big Draco/Hermione shipper myself but I generally love every story with Draco in it. It was different to write a Draco/Ginny story and to be honest, Dramione stories are a lot more fun :D

Your observations are so spot on. I was really going for the 'taste of his own medicine' kind of moments and to have her more confident than he was. I wanted her to be nothing like he expected and that it would make him unsure of himself and as you so well put it: second-guessing himself.

Thank you so much for your review!

- Lostmyheart

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Review #55, by Dark WhisperPsychopath: Chapter One

5th February 2014:

Wow, this story is appropriately named!

You did a wonderful job in penning her madness... that everything she was hearing and seeing was a lie and that Hermione and Draco being together could never, ever be true or even possible. Even with Blaise, she just couldn't accept it. And really, feeling that Hermione must be drugging him only serves to justify her own mind. SCARY.

It truly was madness and you did an excellent job with her character.

It is painful to read that after everything Hermione went through that she would die in this manner. So sad, sad, sad. ;(

This story was quite dark, indeed.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi again :)

Really? Oh you have no idea how much this means to me! I kind of love this story, even though it has such terrible ending, but... I always thought that maybe the title didn't fit to the story :)

Yes, the story was quite dark... not many liked the ending but I somehow like that it doesn't have a good ending - it shows just how crazy Pansy actually is.

And again, thank you SO much for your reviews!

Biiig hug
- Lostmyheart

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Review #56, by Dark WhisperRemember Me: Remember Me

26th January 2014:

Well, this was cute. Don't we just love these two together? :)

I searched for the song, as I'd never heard of it before and I liked it. I loved his raspy voice. :)

I can see how it would fit with your story of having them meet in the summer and falling in love. It is sad that he feels like it can never work and worried about what others will say.

Your story reminds me of the classic/musical film, "Grease," as it too is about a summer romance that ended when school started, especially when finding out that they hung out with two very different groups.

I'm glad he had a change of heart at the end. Good job on this little one shot. :)

Best wishes,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it. Bo is easy listening isn't he?

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Review #57, by Dark Whispermystify.: mystify.

26th January 2014:
No dairy (cheese) or corn that I see. :)
This was really cute.
I liked how you used the "roman numerals" like chapters in a book. It was very fitting and added to the style.
This could be any couple, but because it is Draco and Hermione, it adds to the significance of it all.

I think my favorite line was when they were in the restaurant... "Before she even feels the night has even started, the music stops..."

I have to tell you what a wonderful thing it is to loose track of time when you are with someone or feel that time flew by much too soon and you are not ready for it to end or to say goodbye. These are truly the best of times in a relationship. Talk and talk and talk... sinking into deeper territory than mere surface conversation.

Excellent. Realistic. Great read.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: I'm struggling to think of response that could do this gorgeous review any justice ... Honestly, I really wasn't expecting much from this story (I wrote it in one sitting, and I never write fluff), so to read your review ... I'm speechless.
Haha, I am glad you noticed the Roman Numerals! They are my new obsession in stories right now. It's good to hear that they actually worked with the story well - I thought line breaks would make it too haphazard and stop-start.
And yay, Draco and Hermione :) I had trouble thinking of a one-shot for them, just because of their rocky history (it seemed daunting to forget all that and try and write them romantically in 7000 words or less). This idea that they would have intellectual conversations stuck with me, though, and I can actually see it happening. I am over the moon to hear that you found it realistic yourself.
Thank you so much for this review, it was just lovely to read. I could not thank you enough!
- Mahalia

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Review #58, by Dark WhisperMistletoe Mishap: Mistletoe Mishap

20th January 2014:

Well, great job, my fellow Dramione shipper. :)

This was really adorable. You did a great job on their dialogue. And I loved how you wrote as things got more and more heated. It was quite suspenseful and really held me as a reader.

I think my favorite line was about how he would be able to "feel it" and know in their kiss whether or not she would be telling the truth. I agree with him in that regard. It was an excellent point, but also a very intimate and intriguing thing to say. I loved it.

And then, it was adorable when it was over and she asked him nicely to stop teasing Longbottom. LOL! That was such a sweet way to admit defeat. Excellent writing!

Good job,
Dark Whisper

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Review #59, by Dark WhisperWhimsical Wands and Splendid Spells: Strange Encounters.

19th January 2014:

Well, congrats on posting your first ever fanfiction and for navigating through it all and figuring it out on your own. Good job.

The beginning of your story was very fairytale-like with mystery and intrigue with the royal couple and their baby. You did really well in the description. However, I really don't know what happened. Did the foal give up it's life and then the Queen turn into the foal? I might've missed something? Sorry.

I like the similarities to platform 9&3/4. I really liked the mirror as a door to the magical world. That was a really cool idea.

It is too bad that she doesn't feel these three could be friends, especially since she blushed with the guy... possible romance? Hmm? It is sad that she feels that it won't last.

For English being a second language, you did really, really well. One thing that stands out as far as language is concerned is that generally, I wouldn't say that someone is "longer." People are either taller or shorter. And also, I have no idea how tall 175 centimeters is. Haha. :P Since people around the globe have different ways of measuring things, you might just want to say that he was so tall that the top of her head barely touched his shoulder... or something else that people could relate to. Just a friendly suggestion, of course. You can certainly keep it if you want. :)

Well, good luck to you with all of your writings. You are off to a great start.

Best Wishes,
Dark Whisper

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Review #60, by Dark WhisperYoung and Beautiful: Chapther One

14th January 2014:

Awe, this was really sweet.

I love it that Draco is so loving and tender with her and still kisses her like they were teenagers. I can see where Pansy's jealousy comes in to play. :)

Your story about her insecurities is true-to-life, especially when one hears of so many relationships failing and of loved one's cheating, leaving broken hearts. And Draco is one of those men who are completely desirable to other women. It would be easy for him. The hard part would be saying no to temptation when it comes. That is reality, and so, I think it is only right that she would feel that way.

Her Valentine's gift would be the best gift for him. Despite his canon character flaws, I think he'd be an excellent father (or at least, he would plan to be a good one).

I can totally relate to Astoria's little prayer... to bring him along to Heaven. It was very sweet. But I would think she would find his non-belief a bit alarming, more so than reassuring. I do hope Draco changes his mind. Perhaps the new baby might have him thinking differently? I hope so. *praying for him* :)

Good job changing the story a bit to incorporate Valentine's Day into your story. Sometimes when people try to 'fit' things after the fact, it is a bit choppy. But you did so rather seamlessly.

You definitely penned a very sweet Valentine's Day, romantic story. Who wouldn't want to dance like that? Who wouldn't want to be kissed liked that? Great job on describing these things.

Good luck on the challenge. :)
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi DarkWhisper :)

Thank you so much for your review, a lot of the things you mentioned had crossed my mind while writing this story.
I wanted him to be happy for gift she gives him but as it wasn't the ending I had planned, I may have written him a little out of character - I think he was quite 'simple' up until that point. I do think he'd be a good father, I always imagine that he'd learn to become a better person after the war - with the death of Snape and all.

Yes, maybe she should have been alarmed with his view on the life after death. That would probably make the scene more realistic than her not commenting on it :)

I'm glad you think I did it seamlessly, with incorporating the Valentine's Day theme to the story :)
To be honest, I thought the story may have been too gloomy considering it was supposed to be a romantic day/theme, but maybe it was because I listened to the song while writing the story and it is a little melancholy, hehe :)

Thank you so much for telling me your view on this story, it means a lot to me and actually made me happy :)


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Review #61, by Dark WhisperWaltz: Waltz

6th January 2014:
Dear, writeyourheartout,

This was cute, cute, cute!
Congratulations on winning one of the Featured Story spots on the Archive. Well deserving.

Can I say that I loved that Scorpius wasn't perfectly perfect? I can totally see him as someone who struggles with what to say and how to say it, especially given his "perfect" lineage and the stress that would come with it.

Thank you for writing them both in such away that they are not perfect. I do feel bad for her bunkmates though. Poor things.

I also loved the mistletoe exploding into glitter. It is a frightful, yet harmless mess. I thought that was very creative and kept things on the light side.

And also, I loved the line about brushing her teeth. That was so sweet as both of their insecurities showed through.

This was really cute. Take a bow... :)

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hahaha I see what you did there. Cute, cute, cute! ;) And thank you so much! I still can't believe I won; it's been so bizarre, but extremely exciting! :)

Yay! I won't lie, I thought he was pretty cute myself here, which was nice because I've never written him before! I'm really glad he's been so well-received and that you liked him! And it was definitely interesting experimenting with this sort of struggle via a Malfoy; I'm glad you found it plausible. :)

You know, it's such a strange position for the people in Rose's life to be in, because of course you feel badly that Rose struggles as obsessively as she does, but it can be hard to be the people on the outside of the disorder as well. But I'm glad that their imperfections worked for you!

hehe The mistletoe was fun; I'm so happy you enjoyed the twist of it! I was trying to do something outside of the norm; yay for it working! *squee*

The brushing your teeth line is actually one of my favorites, and one of the very last things I added to the story! I was really happy to have thought of it before submitting and even more thrilled that it has been a favorite line with a few reviewers!

*bows* Gah, this is such a lovely review. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment out! *hugs*

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Review #62, by Dark WhisperHold Me Here: hold me close.

1st January 2014:
Thestral Princess,
This was an amazing read. You bring up very realistic emotions of someone that is so war-weary and worn out.

At the beginning, your words reminded me of the very real feelings of someone coming home from war. The loss and emptiness... like what do they do now?

You pen her exhaustion perfectly. And truly, their victory was just too sad to celebrate because of their losses. It's just 'The End' and too difficult to look passed the losses to celebrate the victory. ;(

And perhaps my favorite line was... "What happened to the brightest witch of her age?" "I'm so tired, Harry."

Oh, you broke my heart with those simple, but all important words.

And how could Harry not have feelings for her? She was there for him, alone with him, and even suggested that they grow old together in the Forest of Dean.

Personally, I am a severe Draco/Hermione shipper. Hermione and Ron? No. I'd rather see her with Draco, Viktor, then Harry before Ron. Teehee. ;)

To me, you get high marks for realism.

Anyway, very well done, emotional read...
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much. :) I must admit, this particular peice is my little baby. I'm fascinated by how all the Harry Potter characters deal with what they have left after the final battle, but I feel particularly Harry and Hermione have spent so much of their life working towards one end and one end alone. I'm so glad I was able to convey that and that you enjoyed.
I must admit Hermione belongs with Harry in my opinion. Though I love reading Hermione/pretty-much-anyone as long as its not Ron. :)

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Review #63, by Dark WhisperBroken Foundations: returning fire

23rd December 2013:

Hello, again. Awe, poor Draco and his nightmares as well. I'm half glad that those beeps brought him out of it.

I liked your idea of him knowing what she was dreaming. It is very sad detail... and you know me. I love sad things that make me feel sorry for the characters.

It was good of Harry and Ginny to use their instinct when they thought of Hermione and her needs. It shows how much they care and how worried they are about her well-being.

And poor Hermione thinking that she had no value during the war... that is really sad and so untrue.

And Ron, well.. I'm not a fan of his right now. Poor Hermione.

As for your author's note at the end... that depends. My advice to you is that you should continue the story for yourself, not for reviews. Finishing will give you a sense of accomplishment and closure. I think you could probably finish in a couple more chapters. Just having them see hope and healing in each other could be the end of this story. You can end it on the possibility and hope for the future. That is only if you want to end it soon.

Of course this is YOUR story and you have your ideas. I just want to encourage you to write if it makes you happy to do so. I think you have a viable start to a lovely story.

Best Wishes Always. And Merry Christmas to you.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Dark Whisper,

Thank you soo much you your advice, while on holidays I figured out a continuing story plot so I guess it won´t end son, thanks you for saying the review thing, Now I see it´s true.

I really I would feel better knowing my characters are aprecieated, but hey it´s also true that it gives you self satisfaction in finishing the story.

thanks for all your help and advise.


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Review #64, by Dark WhisperBroken Foundations: A maze of thoughts

23rd December 2013:

Oh, I do love this line... "I was going to spend my life fixing pain." It is a really good look into his thoughts on that fateful day. It was is if he suddenly knew exactly what he wanted to do in life. It was a pivotal, all-important moment. I really like that idea.

And, can I say that I love the metaphors... her broken eyes... like looking into an abandoned house. Excellent imagery and description. Love it.

You also described Ginny's feelings of guilt really well. I find it a very true-to-life feeling. It is understandable that when someone harms themselves... that their friends and family feel guilty for not 'seeing it' earlier, before it was too late.

Ooh... and I love the 'flame-shaped' ruby. Wow, that sounds unique and beautiful.

And we have poor Hermione having nightmares. I do love the idea of Draco helping her.

Good job...
Dark Whisper

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Review #65, by Dark WhisperBroken Foundations: Painkillers

23rd December 2013:
Perdaha Obsessed,

Well, hello there and congratulations on starting your first story. It is a very brave thing and not easy to figure everything out on your own... (creating it, figuring out how to create an account, and post it, etc...). Good job.

Poor Hermione. It is a shame that she didn't get help all that time. I can see how Ron leaving would send her over the edge, the poor dear.

And Malfoy as a healer? I read an earlier review and I have to say, don't worry about that at all. I too actually have a story (more like ideas written down, not written or posted at all yet) where Draco is a healer. He is highly intelligent and many doctors are quite arrogant, so I think it fits him just fine. :)

For help with structure, you may find the BETA section of the HPFF Forum helpful. Betas are helpers that enjoy assisting with editing a story so that it flows properly. A good rule to remember is that if someone new is speaking, then you must start a new paragraph. And if it is the same person continuing to speak, then you do not need a new paragraph, just continue. Hope that makes sense, as I'm not good at explaining things like that. :P

Anyway, I hope your vacation with family is going well. I believe you mentioned it in one of your reviews on my stories. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Reading on...

Dark Whisper

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Review #66, by Dark WhisperLove Makes Me: Nightmares and Secrets

22nd December 2013:
Awe, this was really sweet. I do love it when they confide in each other.

It is obvious that they both have feelings for each other, but neither of them have been willing to admit to anything just yet.

I can only imagine the tension that has built between them already, but at the same time, both feel relaxed. I love it!

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: I just love having heart-to-heart conversations myself, so of course I'm going to put it in my story! It really helps to strengthen a relationship without putting any romance into it.

There's a great deal of tension between them and I'm excited for you to continue reading because there's more and some of it gets released or expelled into other things. There's a big twist coming up soon too… :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #67, by Dark WhisperLove Makes Me: Discussions

22nd December 2013:
Hello, Madi,

I saw your little message on the forums and thought I'd check out more of your story. I can't believe how many updates you've made since I read it last. Wow!

Can I just say that I love these little scenes that you give your readers. I loved that they slept so innocently together. And I love that she fixed his tie.

These are precious little moments and mean a lot (to Draco and Hermione and to fans of the ship).

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Well thank you very much, your reviews always make my day/night! :)

I've actually only posted a couple of new chapters since you last read this! Most of it has just been updating/rewriting bits of old chapters to fit better with the tone of the story now.

Some authors like to get into the romance stuff right away, but I'm not like that. I like to make them work for it! So in return I give them little victories that may not really seem like victories to them, but are to the readers. It helps them progress more slowly and develop their friendship more stably and realistically. :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #68, by Dark WhisperMeet Me at Midnight: Meet Me at Midnight

19th December 2013:

This was really cute. Can I say that I loved when you called him, "Mr. Mistletoe?" Veyy cute.

I loved that he was gentle with her and the kiss was soft. It is right that she be disappointed in not knowing who it was. I would've been very self-conscious thinking that he must not have liked my kiss. :)

I thought you wrote Draco well. He would try to keep his identity a secret. But I'm glad that in the end, he chose to tell her.

Good job and good luck with the contest.
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I enjoyed trying to write Draco as secretive.

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Review #69, by Dark WhisperI Will Continue Wishing: An Undecided Forever

11th December 2013:

This was really cute. I especially liked your descriptions of how he was feeling, "unmanageable nerves" was excellent. I could imagine his nerves as his feelings were suddenly revealed.

I also thought it was only right that they slow down. The dynamics of their relationship changed and so that makes sense for it to be awkward and for her to be unsure.

This was really a cute read... I just love these two together. :)

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thank you for the very lovely and kind review. I wrote this story so long ago, it is nice to be reminded of the specifics and to see that it can still be enjoyed. Thank you again for your kindness, and Happy Holidays!

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Review #70, by Dark WhisperAs You Wish: Realizations

11th December 2013:

Wow! YOU HAVE 42 STORIES?! GAH! I had no idea! My apologies for waiting so long to seek you out!

This story was so adorable. The summary captured me (as did your review count)! Amazing and congratulations! :)

I love her determination to know that moment that she read about it in that book. It is so like her to just 'have' to know.

And I love Malfoy giving her that look at the end and how you ended it with "... Hermione knew then that he knew." Ah, I loved it!

Reading the sequel... and happy there is one to read. :D

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the incredibly wonderful review. I am so happy to see that you enjoyed this read! It's been so long since I wrote it or looked back at it and I love that it can still be read and appreciated. Thanks again!

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Review #71, by Dark WhisperThat Halloween Night: That Halloween Night

7th November 2013:
Wow, Hollystone, You had me glued to my screen. This was very suspenseful and even though we all know what happened, it was a really great look into her point of view.

I loved adorable little Harry and his chocolate frog and really loved "Pafood." LOL!

Such a sad night, but you've really showed how brave they were when they knew what was happening.

Great job on this Halloween story challenge.

Dark Whisper
P.S. Go ATR! :D

Author's Response: Yea! Thank so much! This was very different than anything else I have ever written. But super fun!


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Review #72, by Dark WhisperA Halloween Visit: A Halloween Visit

19th October 2013:
Awe, Aditi...
This was so very bittersweet. I thought you did a lovely job with this. I especially loved that he wanted to tell them first. It tells how much they all still mean to him. And I love Hermione's idea as well... together in death.

And finally, I loved that you wrote of their reaction... that they heard and responded. Very heartwarming.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I absolutely love random reviews so I am glad you stopped by.

I am glad you found it bittersweet and liked my idea of what Harry would do, as well as Hermione's idea of them being together in death.

The reaction was my favourite part so I am pleased you liked that too. Thank you!

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Review #73, by Dark WhisperCertain Dark Things: .

20th September 2013:
Wow, this is extraordinarily well written. Your words are quite poetic and this story, their existence, is so very sad.

You've really captured serious depth and feelings. I think what broke my heart the most was that neither of them have opened their hearts. I can understand them not loving each other for awhile as they figure things out. But honestly, I hope it happens eventually and these two can go beyond needing each other to actually learning and choosing to love each other.

That poem... wow!

Excellent writing. 10/10
Dark Whisper

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Review #74, by Dark WhisperUnfaithful: Unfaithful

19th September 2013:
Well, along with Draco's heart, you broke mine right alongside his.

I can't help but wonder when Draco will finally get fed up with it though. And if he truly knows what she is doing and lets her do it without saying anything, it breaks my heart even further.

Poor Draco.

Boo hoo,
Dark Whsiper

Author's Response: Awww, I'm sorry that I broke your heart as well *hugs*

I think that he does know, but he loves her a lot and thinks that he can make her stay and leave Ron.

I feel sorry for Draco too.

Thanks so much for the review! You're amazing!

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Review #75, by Dark WhisperAgainst My Better Judgement : One.

18th September 2013:
Well, first I want to say that I really liked your use of the quote. Using the "I love you" part as the first time she says it was excellent.

I also liked the realism in your story. They would and should have these issues of second guessing themselves and trying to find things wrong. I think it is perfectly natural for these two.

I liked that he seemed to really be there for her through this little tantrum of hers. He could've just left and said forget it, but he didn't. He kept following her, which says a lot.

Anyway, great job for this challenge from a fellow Dramione fan...
Dark Whisper

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