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Review #1, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: Roses

5th April 2005:
ANd when that moment passes...CHUCK THE ROSE AT SOMEONES FACE AND WATCH THE BLOOD POUR FROM THEIR FACE AS THE THRONS CUT THEM...MWAHHAHAHA...*cough*...Good chapter...extremly funny...xXx

Author's Response: lmao, nice image. Glad you liked it

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Review #2, by CorisandeWhisper: Prologue

24th March 2005:
Bittersweet...and strange...i feel as if i have been brought into this story and wish to find out more...please continue with the great writting...this has the amkings of a wonderful story xXx

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it,

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it,

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it,

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it,

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it,

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it,

Author's Response: I'm so sorry about that ^ the comp just went beserk. I was trying to say thanks, I'm glad you like it, I was tring to make it as interesting as possike

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Review #3, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: Goodbye

22nd March 2005:
*tear* That was sweet *wipes tear from eyes*

*waves Serena flag* Go you...Go you...WOO WOO WOO HOO!!!


Author's Response: *waves Corisande flag*

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Review #4, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: My Paper Heart

19th March 2005:
Just a question: does that mean that Ron has to get married seeing as he's a pure blood?...just pooped in my head and thought i'd get an answer...xXx

Author's Response: Nah because hes not part of the whole Slytherin, pureblood rich family propaganda

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Review #5, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: Consequences

17th March 2005:
Severus can be such a b@stard!!!

Wedding? OOOOOO koolies!!! NO white weddigs...too cliche!! unless thats what you want then fine...another great chapter xXx

Author's Response: Yeah but ya gotta love him. I will try and stray away from the white wedding sceaneroy

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Review #6, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: My Paper Heart

12th March 2005:
great censoring!!! xXx

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Review #7, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: My Paper Heart

12th March 2005:
(just checking the censoring thing) censored censored censored censored censored oh my god damn censoreding god!!! censored YOU!!! censored OFF!!!!!!!!

Pyshic??? well...yer i think i am...i had a weird dream once about...*something* and it happened the very next day...weird
good no's horrible stuff....*takes cookie* mmmm* chomps on cookie* yummi!!!

censoredING GREAT!!!


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Review #8, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: Blackout revisted

10th March 2005:
ok before i comment (which i will)...Do you like Evanescence? because if you do number 8 (taking over) on the album 'fallen' is perfect for Serena...and her situation...
Back to the seems that the darkness has returned and EVIL is winning...KOOL!! DIE HARRY POTTER!! etc etc...great part ma amie!!!!...this has nothing to do with your story but i'm going to tell you anyway...i cut my hand yeasterday with a carving kills...but still i am reviewing...You love me for that right?...*takes cookie* has this got chocolate in? if it does you can have it back *chucks cookie back at mrs emily snape* YUCKIE CHOCOLATE!!!! xXx

Author's Response: Yes I do like Evanescence and I was listening to that song while writing the chapter (you pyshic?) Thank you for reviewing even with your fatal wound here have a cookie *gives cookie* no chocolate i promise

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Review #9, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: My Paper Heart

9th March 2005:
Blown away...oooo...i'm...ummm...i'm something by your brain isn't working and i'm exhausted...i spent all last night writting three new parts to my staoes...i nearly died today during school *sigh* UPDATE NOW!!!! or when know...ummm...yer so...update...please xXx

Author's Response: Updating as we speak

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Review #10, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: My Paper Heart

7th March 2005:
Shakes of a lamb tail? god you english have weird sleep like a log...since when did logs sleep huh?...weird but a kooool language to learn...and i'm glad my parents made me learn it or i wouldn't have been able to read your amazing story xXx

Author's Response: wow you put amazing in italics im blown away by your computer skills

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Review #11, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: Talks

5th March 2005:
And she returns to the reviewing box filled with a mixture of emotions...How the hell can you ask Draco to kill her huh? although i think he should make it slow and painful...that'd be fun to read...
Anyho...i am sooooo glad you updated *puts stick away* and i hope the next one will be out soon or....*sharpens Katana*....i will have to up grade my weapons...I'll probably be back soon to check and see if you've updated soooo see ya soon xXx

oooo i'm the first person to update xXx

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again, been looking forward to see your input. I already written the next chpater so when I get some more reviews it will be up in two shakes of a lambs tail

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Review #12, by CorisandeThe Forgotten Child: 1: She's back

3rd March 2005:
Ok...i've been patient...i thought...Hey i won't start bugging her unless i am really i am...and logic states that i must be desperat to be here...which I AM!!!! my 'un' sublte attempt to make you update i'm going to sit here and poke you with a stick until you do...*poke*...*poke*...*poke* xXx

Author's Response: I'm sorry, My friend is bugging the hell out of me to write to (i'm writing another story which she won't let me post :( ) So you don't have to worry about bugging me. I'm trying to write as much as i can but i've just gone back to school and i have to do hw and crap. You can keep poking me if you want, but please don't poke my left arm (i had a needle in it a few days ago) :( i'll start writing soon

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Review #13, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: My Paper Heart

2nd March 2005:
i don't mind falling off as long as i don't get my nice new creme trousers dirty...OZ? ok he's yours but i must warn you...i also have a slight soft spot for werewolves...although it seems i have a very BIG soft spot for a certain...older werewolf...*mumbles name* i love and his best friend that decided to get himself dead by his i also like Lucius, and draco (although i see hes' taken....*glares at Serena Snape*) Harrys' ok but i'm not really into the whole golden trio thing...infact they annoy the hell out of me...ummm who else??? so many you'd be sleeping by the end of it...Geez i have no boundries do i...not too picky...beggers can't be choosers...not that i'm a begger...nooooo...NOT a BEGGER...just someone who will take food and goods when OFFERED!!!
seeing as i'm here i might as well try and coax you into writting the next part *pokes Mrs Emily Snape with stick* Update...Update....Update...xXx

Author's Response: The whole Golden Trio thing pisses me off as well, so it, and you, has coaxed me into the writing the next chapter its done! Should be in a cinema near you soon :D

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Review #14, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: Welcome Daughter

1st March 2005:
Ok we'll do a deal...i'll make you laugh if you keep me on the edge of my seat...HEY spikes MY lover...OH NO!! that means he CHEATING ON ME!!! *throws picture of spike and corisande out the window*...*Turns back to Mrs Emily Snape*... ok so you have Snape AND Spike...who else huh? I swear if you have Angel too i'll... i'll...ok i'd better go before you go on strike or somthing...*going* xXx Corisande xXx

Author's Response: You can have Angel is i can have Oz *drools* heehee werewolves. I try and keep youy on the edge of your seat but not to muhc in case you fall off

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Review #15, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: Welcome Daughter

28th February 2005:
Another great chapter!!!! xXx

Author's Response: I felt the need to kill Xander Harris bwahahaha, he makes fun of my lover Spike i just could not let him live! Thanks for making me laugh

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Review #16, by CorisandeThe Forgotten Child: Final Goodbyes

28th February 2005:
That has been one of my favourite stories...Well done xXx Corisande xXx

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Review #17, by CorisandeBroken Reflection: Shattered Mirror Image

23rd February 2005:
that's sooo sad...OMG i think i'm going to cry...*cries* WAHHHHHHHHH*stops crying* ok i'm calm...brilliant just as i expected it to be...i mean you did write it so it was bound to be good. xXx

Author's Response: I wanted it to be really sad, so I'm glad it Thanks for the compliment.:)

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Review #18, by CorisandeThe Good, the Bad and the Charmed: Bad News

20th February 2005:
hehehe...that was strange...I was just thinking hey why isn't darkfire04 ever online anymore...and then i get told
Hey i found a great story about whitelighters at Hogwarts
So naturally i go check it out...only to find that it's YOU!! hehehe only joking...i love the story...even though i've already read it carry on updating NOW hehehe xXx

Author's Response: But this story is actually quite different to the one on Quizilla. But I hope you enjoy anyhow.

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Review #19, by CorisandeLost & Found: The Girl Who Was Found

13th February 2005:
Why would someone be so stupidly childish in to write that....if you don't like a story don't read need to make someone feel bac...Ignore me are an exceltent writer!!! xXx

Author's Response: Well thank you for the It was strange to be checking my reviews and come across that. But oh well, it happens. I heard from someone that stuff like that means you are a good writer, and someone just wants to bring you down. Oh, doesn't this sound like an after school special? Now kids, don't let the man get you

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Review #20, by CorisandeMarauders Misery 2: A Memory

15th January 2005:
Thats soooo sad

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Review #21, by CorisandeLoving Lupin: Night of the Full Moon

5th January 2005:
WICKED!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 xXx

Author's Response: Thanks a lot...I love your reviews!!!

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Review #22, by CorisandeMy Paper Heart: The Things Hangovers do

28th December 2004:
Well if u kill me i won't be able to review will i?

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Review #23, by CorisandeThe Forgotten Child: The unexpected arrival.

25th December 2004:
Firstly i would just like to say I LOVE LINKIN PARY and secondly i'm going to SHOUT AT YOU FOR TAKING SO LONG *shouts* and thirdly i would like to congratulate you on this AMAZING chapter...i hope the next ones out SOON!! xXx Corisande xXx

Author's Response: Thanks. I was worried about the linkin park bit, but now i feel better, and you have everyright to be mad at me for taking so long. I'll try and start on the next chapter today.

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Review #24, by CorisandeLoving Lupin: The Plan

16th December 2004:
so does that mean if the charm works they'll get together SAY YES PLEASE SAY YES!!! loving it...(i've updated if you care to know) ummm neways UPDATE SOON!! xXx

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Review #25, by CorisandeLost & Found: The Girl Who Was Found

16th December 2004:

'Reasons Beyond Reason' (marauders), 'Through the Snakes Eye' (noraml Harry potter one) oh and if you have time could you maybe read them??? I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL YOU UPDATE AGAIN oh and seeing as i'm you think you will update soon on Quizilla?...i'm kinda' going crazy not getting my normal dosedge of Adora and Remus (adults) neways TTFN xXx Corisande xXx

Author's Response: If you want a banner, you need to use the contact form. It's easier that way for me. I don't know if I'll be updating on quizilla. I'll probably just post here instead. That means everyone has to wait for the story to catch up but I don't like posting there anymore.

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