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Review #1, by JANZmeThe Human Factor : The One Where Lily Makes A Decision

14th December 2012:
Waited such a freaking long time for this! Aaand, well, it was brilliant :)
Pippa's ex was a sick twisted creature as far as I can see. He and Pippa both seem dark and twisty inside, but Pippa is not a bad person. She actually sort of has realized her mistakes and now, I totally love her!
I missed Albus in this episode. I missed AlbusPippa moments.
The sexual tension between the two could be cut with a knife. But I adore them together :)
Cassie! We want more Cassie! :))
Pippa should forgive James and Fred. They really like her and care about her, as apparent from this chapter.
And, I like Lilly too, :)
Overall, awesome :D
Update soon

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Review #2, by JANZmeClash: Hero

9th November 2012:
No way. No freaking way. She can't move on. NO.
James loves her. It's sooo freaking apparent.
Urgh, Agatha.
Okay, I'm really worried about this Nott thing. This is such a suspense.
It's killing me, women. Update soon :)
Cheers :D

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Review #3, by JANZmeThe Quiet Outcast: Connie Bishop: Part I

18th May 2012:
But Hugo's a party pooper. :P
Well, I do understand what he did. Why he did what he did. But still, just, GAHH.
Anyways, I loved the whole play idea. Hugo loves Connie so much, wanting to dod a play to make her happy and all. :) But, he'll only help her in my oppinion by becoming her botfriend. :D
A girl can dream, right? ;)

Author's Response: Yeah, as Connie said, Hugo tends to be too noble for his own good at times. He's far more noble than I am, that's for sure. He really does love her, and it hurt me to keep them apart. Oh, a girl can dream. Keep reading! ;)

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Review #4, by JANZme(shenanigans): (chelsea) I think my mind was just blown.

21st April 2012:
Hello :D
Oh, apologies for my last review where I apparently referred to Chelsea as Emily. I was reading You Can Marry Me simultaneously with your story, I got a bit mixed up. -_-
So, great storyline building up! Al seems awfully nice in this chapter and Chelsea just her usual awkward/nervous/geeky/ninja self. I love her :3
Oh, and don't get me started on Al. He's one sexy guy. :D

Author's Response: Hello :D
'Tis okay. I understand... I get very confuzzled even at the best of times.
So, thank you! Al /does/ seem pretty nice, but you'll just have to wait to find out what's going on until you get inside his noggin. Chelsea is... strange, as always, but I'm glad you love her!
Al Potter is such a sexy beast, isn't he?
Cheers, and thank you for the lovely review :D

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Review #5, by JANZmeThe Human Factor : The One With Rose Lollipop Weasley

23rd March 2012:
Aw, Pippa is adorable. :3 She blurts out random statements all the time! She's so cute.
Scorpius is so full of surprises, I mean, that guy outsmarted himself this time xD.
Al is Al. He's cool, mysterious, broody. He's such an interesting character! There's a lot more to him than the surface B)
Rose's characterization is very original. I've never read of a snobby Rose.yet :D.
I'm looking forward to readng the rest of it!
P.S. Is Pippa Obsessive Compulsive? Just a thought :)

Author's Response: Haha, she'd hate you saying that ;) But I'm so glad you like her. And yes, Scorpius is a mystery. He has some smarts about him, but not a lot. Al is a mystery. Yes, lots of layers. And thanks :) I'm glad you think so! And yes, Pippa is :) Or at least that is the way I write her. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day. xx

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Review #6, by JANZme(shenanigans): (al) I'm not jealous.

15th March 2012:
Oh, Al, you're soo in love. -_-
I wish Emily had kept ignoring him and all that, would have taught him a better lesson and all :D But still, I LOVED this chappie, you make me soo happy!!
So, an actual date and all, na? I hope it comes out FAST.

Author's Response: Aw, wittle Albus :p
Hm, well, actually it's Chelsea (Emily's the crazy psycho stalker), but I understand what you mean. Just because she said yes doesn't mean she can't keep ignoring him, does it? Haha, poor Al doesn't know what he's in for. Wow, you loved it AND I make you happy? Thank you so much ♥

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Review #7, by JANZmeClash: Shatter

8th March 2012:
Looking forward to read ahead.
Love, love, love Aggy! :D

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Review #8, by JANZmeStill Delicate: Yet Another Emotional Breakdown

25th January 2012:
*takes a deep breath*

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Review #9, by JANZmeThe Quiet Outcast: Glen Saunders: Part II

24th January 2012:
Hey Kira!
Damn right, it's been ages. You need some answering to do, woman. Kidding :)
Aww, sweet, just so sweet! The chapter I mean. It's lovely and beyond description!
Hugo, brilliant as ever. I loved the back story on Glen, and the little OWL'S subplot, Rose's concern for Hugo, it was all very nicely and neatly presented.
Can't tell you how refreshing this is after reading other Next-gen stories. It's very, very original. Congratulations on that!
Hope you successfully finish your novel! I'm sure it will be great!
P.S. Next time missy, update sooner! :)

Author's Response: You're beyond right, its been forever and an age! You're review is so wonderful and I'm so glad you are still enjoying the story despite it taking so long. I try to be original I really do, so it means a lot to me that you think its one of a kind. Thanks for the novel encouragement as well, I'm hoping it will be great! You're a doll, thanks for everything!

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Review #10, by JANZmeThe Anatomy of a Bromance: (OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS)

22nd January 2012:
Oh my God! It's soo fluffy I'm gonna die!
Okay, just got a bit tongue-tied over there!
I loved, loved Loved it! It's absolutely supermegafoxyawesomehot! Love it, and you, for writing it!!

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Review #11, by JANZme(shenanigans): (al) I'm so selfless.

18th January 2012:
Hah! Go Chelsea! Show him what rejection feels like! That little idiot!
Al's cute, only way too conceited, though I do know some guys in my school just like him, so it's very realistic. He is a flawed character which only makes him a lot more relate-able, which I'm glad of!
Chelsea is awesome! There's no other word for it! And, I so can't stop waiting for the next chapter, I've even added you to my feed! Love this story so much!

Author's Response: Hello! Yeah, go Chels! I know how you feel about Al. I do, in fact, know a few people that remind me of him. I think I may have exaggerated his personality a little bit, but I'm okay with that because overall I find him realistic :D Thank you for adding me and thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by JANZmeStill Delicate: Double Negative

6th January 2012:
So, Rose is going to end up with Tom.
They slept and stuff. Aiden bonding stuff. No way can Rose and Scorpius be together now. It's too messed up >_<
Please can you get them together somehow? Please.

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Review #13, by JANZmeMore Sugar?: More Tea, Dear?

24th December 2011:
Oh, my god! It was just soo freaking hilarious! I just couldn't stop laughing! Astoria's one awesome thing, and I'm waiting for more!

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Review #14, by JANZmeAnimal Magnetism: Pygmy Puffs, Families and Being Invisible

23rd December 2011:
Hello! :)
Okay, really, REALLY nice start! It's sort of a story that you don't usually come across, the unpredictable type ;)
Don't worry about humor writing, mine is the worst it can get and your's is just a hundred levels above that.
Love Lucy and waiting to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the first chapter and I hope that you continue to enjoy the rest of the story. Let me know what you think of some of the other chapters if you like :) Can't wait to hear what you think, thanks for reading!

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Review #15, by JANZmeRose Weasley's Guide to Life: On: Holidays

20th December 2011:
Just started!
I really love Rose,'coz reminds me a bit about myself. First ever fanfic that shows that not every person is perfect or drop-dead gorgeous in the potter-weasley family! It's a refreshing break from the normal cliches

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Review #16, by JANZmeThe World According to Perfection : Surprise

19th December 2011:
Aww, so sweet!
No, you haven't screwed up this chappie, its just as sweet as you make them!
Crazy Hermione, loving Ron, poor Healer.awesome combo!
P.S. Write more soon!

Author's Response: YAY! I love not screwing up. It's the best feeling ever :) More to come. ~writergirl8

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Review #17, by JANZmeAlways.: (silly boy.)

18th December 2011:
Oh my god.
You just made me cry.
Bad girl. Sniff.
Beautiful, you write everything so beautifully.
I can't write more, I'm too overwhelmed by your awesomeness.
P.S. I always thought you wouldn't ship them since you liked James/Lilly so much. You proved me wrong :)

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Review #18, by JANZmePretty Boy: Part 2, Chapter 2: Ironic.

18th December 2011:
Ahem, okay, me and my bigheadness aside, lovely chappie!
Looking forward to more Campbell-Weasley showdowns and quicker updates!

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Review #19, by JANZmeTypical Clueless Guy: James' Visit

17th December 2011:
She NEEDS to sort out her priorities.
Oh, why is Vanessa so so so so stupid!!! Can't she just go ahead and break the ice! Some clueless girl she is!
All in all, you're a wonderful writer ;)

Author's Response: You're right, she does. Why is she so stupid? Maybe her mother dropped her on the head too often as a child. Maybe she doesn't to understand anything so she convinces herself that she doesn't. Maybe she's just stupid. Who knows?

Thank you so much, you're a wonderful reviewier :D

Ellie :)

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Review #20, by JANZmeTypical Clueless Guy: Lily's Love

14th December 2011:
Aww, I just love it and can't wait to read more! Love Vanessa and Hugo obviously! And hate hate HATE Ariadne...:D
Cheers :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much!

I think everyone hates Ariadne. She's just that sort of person (ie, a cow).

Thanks so much for reading&reviewing,

Ellie :D

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Review #21, by JANZmeThe Quiet Outcast: Prologue

17th June 2011:
I LOVE this story to bits and pieces! Hehehehe.since I realized that I hadn't left a review for the first chapter, I decided to do it now! I know I've already mentioned this before, but I really like how you've shaped Hugo's character! You know, it's hard to find a fanfic where the protagonist isn't popular. But I'm so so glad you tried this!
p.s. I knew it, I knew it! Hugh's got ocd! It's not a thing to be excited about, as I know how horrible it is. I have a slight effect of it to:)

Author's Response: THANKS! I love this review to bits and pieces! As someone who wasn't popular in my teenage years, I normally feel compelled to write my characters in a similar way. Yes, Hugo does have some minor OCD symptoms, and I know personally how difficult it can be. (Best of luck to you!) Cheers to you as well; thanks for everything!

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Review #22, by JANZmeThe Most... err... Interesting... Sunday Dinner EVER!: Oh, Lordy, this is going to be fun.

31st May 2011:
yeah I'm back to my senses now,
OMG this was soo FUNNY!!!

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Review #23, by JANZmeMeet The Potters: Meet The Potters

30th May 2011:
I loved this, I know you're busy, but please write more!
P.S. I love your other fics too, my cousin, slightly older than me, is a huge delicate lover!!

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Review #24, by JANZmeAll Was Well: Empty

29th May 2011:
First off, I do never read fanfiction that makes me cry, but here it is, so nice, so brilliant, like Fred *wipes tears*. Appropriate title, good language and comprehensive skills, and I also like the fact that you're going to remain truthful to canon, which is something you don't find very often. You also made me laugh with this line 'What am I then? Corned beef? Youíre my best mate, Harry'
P.S. I do wish to read more! Janvi says update soon!

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Review #25, by JANZmeA Modest Proposal: Chapter 1

29th May 2011:
I enjoyed it a lot, there's no way you can't!!;)
I love the really humorous bits about Harry's full stomach, McGonagall's intrusion, and about Ron's accidentally on purpose proposal.I enjoyed it a lot, and so *Favorite Saved*.

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