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Review #1, by ByuflutistConfronting Temptation: The Longest Day

31st August 2013:
This might sound weird and please don't be offended but I don't want Rose to "try" with Rex. I love scenes with Rose and Scorpius. and I've been waiting for Rose to finally tell Ron off so Good Job! on that part.

Author's Response: Not offended at all. At the moment Rose cant even imagine being with Scorpius on any sort of Romantic level, and there is a scene in the next chapter where you see where the thing with Rex came from. Trust me Rose/Scor action will occur and Rose finally telling off Ron makes them that much closer to being together. Thank you so much for the reading and the review.

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Review #2, by ByuflutistSights Unseen: Et Tu, Brute?

19th October 2011:
This is utterly brilliant. The idea of writing what happened from different perspectives is absolutely wonderful. Keep writing and ill keep reading.

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Review #3, by ByuflutistForget the Past: Symphony of Truth

15th October 2011:
Please put me out of my misery and post the final chapter. You wrote the rest of the story in like 3 months and it's been nearly 4 since you last updated. I LOVE this story, i've read it like 3 times and it kills me that you haven't posted the final chapter. I need to know what happens! Every chapter has been really well written, and I have truly enjoyed seeing Draco in this light. So, I ask you 1 more time... PLEASE POST THE FINAL CHAPTER!

Author's Response: Wow! That is such a compliment to know that you've read this 3 times! I know, I've been a bad author and not updated. Life has been pretty busy for me, I'm in my second year of college and work part-time...I'm sorry!! I know I gotta finish writing that last chapter, but complications came up with the first version of the partially written chapter - it got erased...and it was difficult finding motivation to write it again. I had lost my whole outline as well. And then with the second version I started writing, it got erased too... Sorry!! I need to get around to writing it - I promise, I will some day. Maybe during school break. Once again, I'm super sorry. Your misery will end some day! Thank you so much for your continued support!

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Review #4, by ByuflutistThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Chapter 30 - Devastation

23rd September 2011:
I just want you to know how much I am truly enjoying your story. The relationship between the Marauders is EXACTLY how I've always imagined it to be. I love the way you had James and Lily get together. I do have a question about Snape, however. Did you purposefully ignore is friendship with Lily prior to their fifth year for the purpose of your story or did you just not go into detail? I love the way you have James portrayed. The more I read of how he thinks and feels about Lily and people in general the more I'm falling love with him myself. Please keep up the fantastic work. I'm really enjoying it and I'm going to recommend it to my friend.

Author's Response: i did ignore the friendship; i think it would have been more than a little wrong during voldemort and the slytherins being the top dogs at the school for them to associate in public with a muggleborn; snape would have been ostracized imo. anyway, i figured he would admire her from afar since he shouldn't, or more to the point couldn't, be around or speak with her if he wanted to survive in his own house. if that makes any sense at all...

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Review #5, by ByuflutistThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Chapter 18 - The 'L' Word

22nd September 2011:
I really loved this chapter! I always thought that Dumbledore could secretly be related to Harry in the series. You're doing a FANTASTIC job,and keep writing because I'm hooked!

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Review #6, by ByuflutistShades of Love: White forgotten

24th July 2011:
Alright, please don't take offense to what I'm about to write but...what the bloody hell?
I've read your other stories and I love them, and the other chapters were fantastic, but this one seems a bit rushed...
Now question time... Did Rose dream about waking up with Scorpius in her bed and he took her straight to the hospital wing and when she woke up she took the potions? Anyway, sorry if this seems really mean, I'm SO happy your back and I can't wait to read more.

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Review #7, by ByuflutistBeauty from Pain.: Once a Dork, Always a Dork.

21st July 2011:
Are you a Charmed fan? :)

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Review #8, by ByuflutistForget the Past: Smile for Me

24th May 2011:
This chapter is utterly fantastic! The sexual tension between Draco and Hermione has been absolutely killing me! I'm so happy that they finally kissed! And the way you painted Draco in this chapter, I loved that he was so worried about Hermione, and kept trying to keep her happy. Keep the chapters comin! ;D

Author's Response: Thanks!! Lolz, they both like each other, but they're just weird folk -_-. Lol. Haha, I liked Draco's reaction after they did, looking at his fingers and all. Silly boy. Thanks so much!! There's only two more chapters planned, hope you can return and read them!

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Review #9, by ByuflutistShades of Love: Blue Pain

24th May 2011:
Please update. I want to know what happens and its sooo captivating!

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Review #10, by ByuflutistForget the Past: Just Like the Movies

8th May 2011:
.WOW!!! This chapter was AMAZING! You've got me entranced. Your writing is superb, and your story line is fantastic and riveting. I can't wait to read more. Please post quickly.

Author's Response: Omg, thank you so much!! Your review has me grinning from almost ear to ear. It made me so happy that I even told my boyfriend how ":D!" I was in the text I just sent him. :P
Your review is really encouraging, thank you so much once again :)
The next chapter is up for validation!

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Review #11, by ByuflutistNothing Matters Anymore: Revelations.

20th April 2011:
i love what you're doing with the story. I'm not sure I like the idea of Harry not being supportive right now but i'll get over it.

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Review #12, by ByuflutistUnfogging The Future: Chapter Six.

5th April 2011:
i think you're doing a great job, but i feel like i'm reading and reading and i'm not getting very far, if you could move the plotline a bit faster or make the chapters longer so that more in included. i'm sorry if this sounds rude, but i hate waiting. youre doing a great job!

Author's Response: thanks for reading and for your feedback! i think now that we're getting into the story a bit more the plot line will speed up a bit and things will start to get explained much quicker! thanks again!

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Review #13, by ByuflutistThe Titanic: Chapter 6: Forbidden Fruit

17th March 2011:
A direct quote from the movie...very nice

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by ByuflutistNothing Matters Anymore: Accidents.

2nd March 2011:
You are doing an utterly FANTASTIC job. I love Draco's last comment, it's so romantic and beautiful. Keep going, I'm enthralled.

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy my fanfic and let me know what you continue to think about it!

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Review #15, by ByuflutistTime is Running Out: The Plans

2nd March 2011:
I'm loving your writing, and I know its been like 3 year, but please add more to this. I beg of you.

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Review #16, by ByuflutistNew beginnings.......: Of House Elves and Cooking...

18th February 2011:
I love what you've done with the story. I always thought Harry and Draco should be friends at the end of the series. Keep going, I'm devoted to your story.

Author's Response: oh wow Thank you so much for that kind review ! (and for reading my story)...its my first dramione fic actually so I wanted it to be something different yet simple...Thanks again :D

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