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Review #1, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Cut Off

7th May 2012:
I have a guess that the REAL Lavender is hidden by Davies and the fake Lav. Also because even though Lav is a stuck up b*, I think that she wouldn't talk to Mollie like that. But I dunno, I'll just wait for any more surprises you have in store for the next chapters :) Great job on this one! Can't wait to find out what the BIG secret is :D xx

Author's Response: That's an interesting theory! :) Can't say if you're right though...

Well "Lav" (real or not;) was pretty dang horrible to her, but it could be her attitude, hormones or someone else..

All will be least by the epilogue, chapter 48. (:
Thanks for the review:D

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Review #2, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Decisions, Decisions

1st February 2012:
How many times did they kiss, hmm..? LOL xD Wait, did Draco just admit to Ron that he loved Hermione? Yeey! :D I love how Ron's so nervous and intimidated when he and Draco were the only ones left in the room. :'> Gosh, I'm really hating Lav in this story. That's good, 'cause I always hated her. xD As always, another great chapter to an amazing story :) You truly have a gift in writing fanfics. Please update soon! x

Author's Response: They have kissed several times now, huh? c;

Yepp, Draco told Ron that he loves Hermione! *cue awws:)* I thought Ron would get intimidated by Draco (;.

Lav is a pain, huh?

Haha I'm so glad you're enjoying it so much and you like my writing style, it means a lot to me! :D

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Review #3, by katiee143hermioneSoaps of Hogwarts (a Hogwarts School Love story): Me or the School?

1st February 2012:
Gaah! Why'd it have to end with 'Now'? :| Well now I can't wait for the next chapter! :)) Can't believe Ron picked the school. Doesn't he care for Hermione? :'> Anyways, great chapter and please update soon! x

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Review #4, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Baby, I must confess...

13th January 2012:
Oh my gawd! They're FINALLY together! :D *does awkward dance while saying they're together* LOL. Glad you updated! Didn't quite expect it to be like this, but it's much more awesome! Btw, are Lavender and Ron gonna break up? 'Cos I really hate her. Hahaha, jk. Please update soon :)

Author's Response: Yayy!! They're finally together! 'Bout time, right? ;D

You're so welcome for the update :D

I'm glad it exceeded your expectations, that makes me smile :D

Lav and Ron.they have a long way to go in their relationship (given that they're having a baby :) , but for now they're together firmly and are planning to move in together :D

Don't feel bad...alotta people hate her XD haha

I'll update ASAP, promise :D

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Review #5, by katiee143hermioneLove at First Sight: Meet up

28th December 2011:
please update soon! i like this story :D

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Review #6, by katiee143hermionePirates: The End: Part I

27th December 2011:
Gaah...! *dazed* I absolutely love this story! Started reading it yesterday and I'm practically glued to my seat. Hope you update soon! :))

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Review #7, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 3

22nd October 2011:
So long since I came back and read this AWESOME story. Been busy again -,- BTW, AWESOME chapter! I think I cried a little when I read that Draco was dying but thank goodness he's still fighting! And I agree with you that Ron needs to be slapped for being such an arse. I mean, how could he say ILY to Hermione? Hmm, I wonder if Hermione will take him back, I HOPE NOT! She's perfect with Draco

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you're back((:

Awww, thanks, I'm glad you liked it so much!!:D

I'm sorry I made you cry!! I'm glad I've made people form that connection to Draco that would make them want to cry though(: lol To be honest, I had to fight back a couple tears myself(: But, he's not done yet, Mr. Malfoy is still fighting(:

He does. I know that I'm writing him, but he needs a slap(; I think there are a lot of people who would agree with that though(:

I think Ron is completely lost right now. Her reaction will be in Chapter 23(: Will she take him back.or stick with Draco? Decisions, Decisions(;

ha Thanks for the lovely review(:

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Review #8, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Hagrid's Dinner Party Part 1

30th September 2011:
I missed this story! Been busy again with school. I just love coming here and reading this story after I get home from school every Friday. :) Anyways, great chapter! I love the joke that Hermione said! :D That was absolutely brilliant!

Can't wait for the next chapter! Keep writing :D

Author's Response: I'm so glad you love it so much!:D The waits between chapters are taking longer than during the summer because I haven't had a lot of time to write, so don't feel bad about just now getting to read:D Im just glad you like it(:

I loved the joke too(: Someone gave that to me and I had to steal it:D But, I credited them, so it's ok(: Whenever someone gives me something like that I'll always credit them:D

I'm glad you liked it so much:D I promise to keep writing, I love this story too:D

Thanks for the review:D


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Review #9, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: You Break It, You Buy It

18th September 2011:
Hey again! :) I thought I was just going to read 1 chapter but I ended up reading two! :D Sorry if I hadn't been able to review much, I was busy with school. Anyway, great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much(:

It's alright, I've been busy too, that's part of the reason chapter 20 isn't up yet(: lol

I'm glad you like it so much:D

Chapter 20 will be here soon:D

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Review #10, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Hidden Agendas

2nd September 2011:
ROFL! OMG, I saw that interview with Tom about "Do you mind if I slyther-in! Haha! Pure genius of putting that in the chapter!

Hmm .. I wonder who that woman is ... Anyway, I really love this chapter! Can't wait for the next one! :)

Author's Response: I loved that interview! hahaI nearly died laughing, I'm so glad someone else share's my humor(: Only one other person mentioned it, so I was like "Did they not find it funny?" So, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I wanted Hermione to say something like that and really wanted it to be incorporated in the story.

We'll find out who that woman is and what she wants...eventually:)

I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much ,Chapter 17 is in the quere :D

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Review #11, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Dress Shopping

27th August 2011:
Great chapter! I love the fact that Seamus appeared in this chapter

Author's Response: Aww yay(:

I wanted to bring in some old characters, and I always loved Seamus(: I had some trouble getting his accent down, but I think it turned out ok!(:

Chapter 16 in quere :D

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Review #12, by katiee143hermioneFrivolous Thoughts: Foreign Letters of Love

20th August 2011:
Great chapter! :) Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #13, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: To kiss or not to kiss

18th August 2011:
Hi, it's me again! Another SUPEER GREAT CHAPTER! I just have one question: Why didn't Ron's parents asked Ron about Hermione? I mean they were just talking about Ron's baby. I'm just curious to know why.

Anyway, please update soon! :))

Author's Response: Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it(:

I just felt that they'd be more preoccupied with the fact that their son just found out he was going to be a father, with a girl they know he's not in love with, and the shock of that was kind of all they could really think about at that moment(:

Good question though(:

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #14, by katiee143hermioneFrivolous Thoughts: Muddy Words

16th August 2011:
I'm soo glad you made a Hermione/Fred fanfic! I've always liked their pairing aside from Draco/hermione 'cause it's different. :) I hope you won't abandon this. Please update soon! :))

Author's Response: I won't! I've got quite a few chapters already written for this, and I'm always working on more.
Thank you much!

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Review #15, by katiee143hermioneThe Very First Kiss: Breaking the Curse

14th August 2011:
I've waited a long time for this chapter and I LOVED IT!! Great job! I hope Draco and Hermione end up together! X)) You should write more stories 'cause you're stories are amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks for waiting patiently! Thanks so much! You'll have to wait and see! Aww, thanks so much:)


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Review #16, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Let the Games Begin

12th August 2011:
Another great chapter. Absolutely LOVED it! Oh I hope Hermione proves Draco wrong and that Draco's the one who falls for Hermione :D I would be so happy if that would happen!

Who the hell is that woman?! Ugh, I can't believe Ron! He's a bloody idiot! Hope you update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you, I was so concerned no one would like the rules(:
You'll have to see, but playing this game there's a good chance real feeling might come in to play, that's all I'm saying though.
This woman..she's interesting.I can't say more though, partly because her story doesn't end in that chapter.
Next chapter went in right after this one and the quere keeps getting shorter and shorter and is currently 2 days so it should get approval today or tomorrow :D
Thanks for the review!!(:

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Review #17, by katiee143hermioneUnfogging The Future: Chapter Twenty.

12th August 2011:
Nice chapter. Please update soon!

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Review #18, by katiee143hermioneBecause I Love You: Another Valentine's Day- Part One

26th July 2011:
Great chapter! Please don't abandon this one! It's my favorite Romione fanfic!

Author's Response: I'm not going to abandon anything! Where do you get that? People keep telling me not to abandon this- it's already completed! Glad it's your favorite, though, that's really cool. ~writergirl8

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Review #19, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Truths

17th July 2011:

Author's Response: thank youu((: I will update really soon(: I'm trying to make the next chapter really good for all of my AMAZING readers(: It's a really important part, that I've been trying to put off until the perfect moment(: I honestly think everyone is going to be really happy with it when it's complete(: Thank for the review, reviews really make me happy(:

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Review #20, by katiee143hermioneDoes it Ever End?: A Night to Forget

15th July 2011:

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Review #21, by katiee143hermioneBecause I Love You: Desperately Seeking Harry

1st July 2011:

Author's Response: Haha. That was a funny reaction to the chapter, I must say. ~writergirl8

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Review #22, by katiee143hermioneImprisoned Love: The Trip of Destiny

26th June 2011:
Oh, please please please please update soon!

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Review #23, by katiee143hermioneUnforgiven: Blown Cover

3rd June 2011:
What the CLIFFHANGER!!! Damn! I really want to kill that little witch (Lavender B.)! She's caused so much damage! Hmm.. can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon!

Author's Response: haha thank you!!(: Yeah Lavender is not a very pleasant person! hhaha I'm glad u liked it! the next chapter is awaiting approval and should be up soon. It's long too so thats a plus and it will have some Hermione/Draco drama in it(: im glad u liked it, please keep reading!!(:

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Review #24, by katiee143hermioneOi Malfoy, that's mine: Five

1st June 2011:
Please update soon! This story really intrigues me :D

Author's Response: Next chapter's in validation, so shouldn't be too long.

I'm glad you're intrigued...which I assume means you like it.

Thanks for your review.


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Review #25, by katiee143hermioneUnfogging The Future: Chapter Nineteen.

1st June 2011:
Please update soon! I love this story! ♥♥

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