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Review #1, by poor_old_snufflesMoonlit Meetings: The Winter Chronicles

18th June 2014:
Hmmm now how did I know Hufflepuff were going to win that match? :P

'They were the ones being ridiculous. I looked like a prostitute.' HAHA! Loved that :D

Love how protective Remus is! Seriously, can I just steal Remus from your story and keep him??

"James Potter: condemner of prostitutes across the globe. Careful," I warned him. "First comes thoughts, then words, and the next thing you know, you're going all Jack the Ripper on prostitutes in dark alleys. I don't want to have to bail you out of muggle jail."

No no no, don't be that person, Casper!! :(

OMG!! They almost! But then they didn't! Thank Merlin!!! This story makes me freak out so much, very glad I read it in my bedroom so nobody can see me looking like a crazy person xD

"Colton, I'm a guru of wisdom and knowledge. Everything I say is insightful." Sure, James, sure :P

This is my favourite story right now, I can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

YOUR FAVORITE STORY?!?! Oh hush, I'm blushing. XD X) X) AND you've picked out all the best lines. YAY! I'm glad you're enjoying the storyyy. :) I just started on the next chapter again today, so hopefully I can finish that up in the next few days and get it published on here.

And YES! Remus is positively adorable. I love him so. :D

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Review #2, by poor_old_snufflesMoonlit Meetings: Just Wait and See

18th June 2014:
Ahh James and Sirius' bet!! That'll be interesting! Haha xD

And aw Remus is so damn nice! I need a Remus in my life, he's so awesome :D

"One of these days, I'm going to steal you away, Colton. Just wait and see." Eep, I still don't know what to think of James and Serena! I'm still freaking out! Haha! Need to go straight on to the next chapter! xD

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

Glad to see you back and reading again! :D Yeah, James and Serena are still making me freak out, and I already know what happens! :X


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Review #3, by poor_old_snufflesMoonlit Meetings: The Wolf in Me

22nd April 2014:
"Have you been chewing on flowers all morning? Why in the world are you vomiting violet?"

"I wanted to shower and spend some time down at the library before the Ravenclaws stake out all the best spots. It's a cut-throat world at the library this time of year."

Ahhh Lily xD

"I am merely suggesting that you don't have a plan, mate. Maybe you should just spend a few minutes making one up so that Mooney will leave you alone about it?" Haha! Loved Sirius' plan to be a freelance evil wizard capturer xD

"I'm a werewolf." OMG SHE TOLD CASPER!! :O

"You're not going to transform," James repeated. He pulled back, holding me at arm's length for a moment while we looked at each other - grinning at the realization that I would never have to transform into that beast again. And then he kissed me. Hard.'

What just happened?? OMG James kissed Serena! What will Sirius say to that??? Ah I need more now please!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! :D

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

Yup!! A whole lot of everything went on in this chapter and, to be perfectly honest, I'm not quite sure where I'm going to go with it next! It's a good thing school is wrapping up for the year, so I've got all summer to mess with the Serena/Sirius/James love-triangle even more (as well as the Serena/Casper dynamic)! I'll be sitting down with this story this weekend when I'm ignoring the fact that I need to be studying for finals. :) I'll try to update soon! :)


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Review #4, by poor_old_snufflesMoonlit Meetings: The Other Boyfriend

22nd April 2014:
"Oh, yes!" I joked in return. "He taught me all kinds of new things. Like Bludger backbeats, blurting, and formation looping," I listed, wiggling my eyebrows and making them sound as sexual as possible.

Sirius cocked an eyebrow, a smirk playing at his lips. He moved his face closer to mine, lowering his voice to a husky whisper. "Well, I do hope you've saved some formation looping for me."

Hahaha, loved that bit so much xD

'I just didn't know how to be near him without feeling like I was going to lose myself to the wolf again. I was scared.

And now I was scared that I was going to lose something much more precious. '

Ohh all the seriousness!! So glad I don't have to wait to find out what happens next - the only advantage of not reading any fanfics for months is that I get to catch up with multiple updates at once xD

Onwards to chapter 30, woop!! :D

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

AhhH! You're back! :D Haha I'm glad you appreciated my mix of sexual humor and deep-ness. This chapter took me FOREVER to get together, but it was a much needed transition into what's coming up next!

Thanks again for reading/reviewing!!


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Review #5, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 14 - A Vermillion Rendezvous

21st October 2013:
'Super long' is right - it was both super, and long ;) Loved the addition of the rest of the team :D Cho's reaction was so funny xD

Favourite parts time!

"No, the guy without the phone. Seriously?"

"Mad? She passed mad about five minutes after you left, and she hasn't looked back."

'it was overcast and drizzling, and he was wearing shades, like it was some bad episode of CSI: Miami; she was half expecting him to out a horrible one liner.'

'Not that Jane was the light, of course. He was more like the UV radiation that gave people cancer.'

"See, it's like this...I'm a wizard."

(And the line after it but I wasn't allowed to include it in the review :/)

Can't wait for more!! :D

Author's Response: well well you are in luck! I just submitted the next chapter on Sunday so hopefully you won't have too long to wait!
Glad you enjoyed this chapter, it was definitely fun to finally include the CBI team. Now the fun at Hogwarts can begin!
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing yet again! Cheers!

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Review #6, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 13 - Firewhisky

18th August 2013:
Hurray for an update! When the next season of The Mentalist starts on TV, I really am going to be so disappointed by the lack of magic, haha :P

Anyways, favourite parts:

'Purposely misinterpreting it, with a grin he corrected himself, "Oh alright. Please bring a couple more?"'

'"It's Saturday, sir..." Hermione said slowly.

"Is it?" he questioned, raising his eyebrows. He counted the days on his fingers. Tuesday he had revisited Dumbledore's memory, and found out about Red John. Wednesday he went for a walk...

"He's smashed," Ron said, half stunned and half in awe, looking from Jane to Hermione and Harry with wide eyes and mouth hanging open.'

"Not that it makes that much of a difference anyways."

Can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: updates yay! We had A LOT of fun with this chapter, as you can probably tell, so it's good to hear that you enjoyed it too (and therefore that we aren't just completely insane ;)
Actually, Jane counting off the days is one of my all-time favourite parts.
Thanks for reading and reviewing yet again! Really appreciate it! See you next chapter, hopefully! (soon-ish, I think...)

ps - I cannot wait for the new season to start...

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Review #7, by poor_old_snufflesBrains & Brawn: Epilogue

20th July 2013:
Why did it have to end??? :'( I mean, it was a fantastic ending to a fantastic story, but I still wish it could go on forever xD

I loved the bit about Harry telling everyone about how awesome Snape really was, 'cause I love Snape xD

I also loved this line: "And, sir, if you don't mind me saying, if I can teach that blockhead Potions, I can teach anyone Potions."

Ooh, and: "It's Wood, actually. Charlotte Wood." YEAH IT IS!! :D

So well-written, as always, and I really liked how you included bits about all of Charlotte's friends, too.

End of an era, that's for sure. An awesome era, though :D Thanks for writing this story, it has brought many smiles to many faces :D

Author's Response: I feel the same way! I was so heartbroken when I reached the end. I couldn't believe it, especially after 4 years! Haha.

& no, thank YOU so much for always taking the time to review! All of your reviews have brought such smiles to my faces. I cannot thank you enough for supporting Charlotte through til the end! Thanks so much ^__^ ♥

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Review #8, by poor_old_snufflesBrains & Brawn: I Know You're Scared It's Wrong

20th July 2013:
Oh. My. God!! Ahh!! Oliver and Charlotte!! AHH!! *freaks out*

Immediately going into my favourite parts because I will just keep freaking out on the keyboard and typing crazy stuff if I don't xD

'He teased me, pestered me...pushed me. Oliver wasn't afraid to argue with me. Even when we had differing opinions...we could argue and be okay...

And that's the moment that realization dawned on me...a sudden feeling that rushed over me - a feeling I had been trying to ignore all this time.

The symptoms had always been there.'

Holy crap, I held my breath for so long after 'He walked away.'

"Look who's defending her man already."

"It's all those brains, you know? They've got to go somewhere."

I'M JUST SO FREAKING HAPPY THEY FINALLY GOT TOGETHER!! :D I've bloody loved this story, just so you know. Loved it :D

Author's Response: HAHA. I'm so glad that you've loved this story! I hope it didn't feel too rushed at the end because I wanted to squeeze so many things into the ending. i definitely felt like it was a little unbalanced -- chapter 29 felt not long enough and chapter 30 felt almost too long. XD

And ugh, I LOVE seeing people's favorite parts. It makes me so happy.

Thank you so much for reviewing!!!

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Review #9, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 12 - Red Jane & John

20th July 2013:
Yay more Mentalist/HP!! :D

I loved this line: 'It was at this point Harry coughed a cough that sounded strangely like Lockhart.'

And these two in particular from the brilliant hypnosis scene: "Well aren't you a moron?"

'Eyes fluttering for just a second of protest before they closed, and muscles in his neck more accepting of the suggestion presented to it than of Ron's will, Ron lurched forward, his forehead banging off the table with a resounding thud.'


I need more. So badly xD

Author's Response: ahah the lockhart line - i will admit that i actually had a little chuckle to myself when i threw that line in there :)
...well, it will be. Soon. Stay tuned! And thanks for reading and reviewing yet again!

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Review #10, by poor_old_snufflesBrains & Brawn: Maybe I Should Hate You For This

20th July 2013:
"I can't fight my sister."

Oh my. Sisters?? :O Everything's falling into place! Very dramatic and so well written! Glad the mystery is finally solved :D

And I loved the ending: "Love...what a funny, fickle thing.

Freeing at one moment and confining at another."

Definitely need more Oliver and Charlotte-ness now though, so straight to the next chapter! What's she going to tell him???

Author's Response: Half-sisters! I was going to include a bit more information but I really didn't know how I was going to incorporate it...heh. I'm going to go with Isabella's mother was already pregnant by the time Claudia's mum was doing all her manipulative love-potion-y/obliviate crap to the poor man. Why? I guess we'll never know. :)

^_^ Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #11, by poor_old_snufflesBrains & Brawn: Cashing in my Bad Luck

20th July 2013:
I've been waiting days to finally be able to sit down and read the rest of this story! My reviews might be rather pathetic and short but only because I'm so desperate to carry on reading xD

I loved the Quidditch match, and these two bits were just amazing: "As if one being, all the Gryffindors rushed from the stands onto the field. I, who had never seen a Quidditch game before in my life, was one of them. I felt myself pushed forward, flowing in a current of crimson and gold, enveloped in their shouts of joy and their tears of happiness." and "Our eyes met, a brief moment that sent the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. In that single, miniscule touch, it felt like, even though we were in a crowd of hundreds, there were only the two of us. Just us two."

And OMGOMGOMG Oliver admitted his feelings ah!!! Just wanted to hug him, haha.

Onwards to the drama in the next chapter!! :D

Author's Response: Oliver~ -squishes him-

He's been my baby since day 1. It warms my heart to see so many new Oliver/OCs on the site. I remember in 09 there was very few. Heh. :)

& I'm so glad you loved the Quidditch bit! Those scenes were always so hard for me to write...which is partially why this story is not a Quidditch-centered fic. Heh.

OLIVER IS SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT. I'm glad you feel the same way. It was hard not letting my own Oliver feels ~ get in the way of the story. ^___^

Thanks for reviewing! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to see all these reviews. You really didn't have to review each chapter and the fact that you did just makes me SO FREAKING HAPPY. You're just the best. I've got a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thank you ^_^

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Review #12, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 11 - Sins are Scarlet

15th May 2013:
Yay, another chapter so soon! :D I loved Patrick's interaction with Harry in this chapter, especially him figuring out about Harry taking the Prince's advice in his oh-so-Jane way xD You write him so well, it really is as if TV's Patrick Jane has gone to Hogwarts :D

I loved this line: "I didn't intend to show up until this very instant so technically I can't be late." And how I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Jane punched Snape, haha xD Most excellent :D

Can't wait for more!!! :D

Author's Response: thanks!!! glad you like it enough to keep coming back! really appreciate all your reviews!
There will be more soon, hopefully!

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Review #13, by poor_old_snufflesTo Snog a Prefect: Backwards

16th April 2013:
OMG YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY YOU HAVE MADE ME TODAY!!! I was online on my phone on the bus this morning and I saw this had been updated and just starting grinning like a lunatic (probably scared a few people nearby, too) xD

I'm so happy Oliver and Lucie are together (since, as I'm sure you know, I'm very much an Oliver fan haha) and I loved their date and the flashback to Lucie's crush (silly Oliver for not asking her out back then! Ugh, boys! ;D), but at the same time I just want Percy to admit he loves her and throw himself at her and for them to get together! Gah! It's things like that last paragraph that really make me want some Percy/Lucie action to return, as much as I love Ollie xD

Sooo many amazing lines in this chapter, but here are just a few :)

'With nothing more than a crooked smile and a Quaffle save, Oliver Wood stole hearts.'

"What are you talking about? He looks at you all the time. He's got to when he talks to you, doesn't he?"

"The right time has come and gone, and then doubled back and left again."

'much to Percy's chagrin when he'd apprehend Alicia and me in the corridors and we'd pull out the never-failing "female problems" card faster than he could pull out a detention slip'

"Neither. Usually the Quidditch store is my date."

And the bit with her friends getting overexcited about Olcie/Luliver was so funny, too xD

Once again, my review is kind of crazy (I blame the continued Oliver-or-Percy fight in my brain), so I apologise, but I'm just so happy there was a new chapter for me to review that I don't care if I look like a nutter :D Please update soon!! Though your chapters are always worth waiting for, I do believe I might suffer from serious withdrawal if you don't update again soon ;)

Author's Response: YAY YOU'RE STILL HERE! In all honesty, I really like writing Lucie and Oliver together. They're just so freaking adorable, ugh. And Percy's been kind of a butthead lately, don't you think? I'm pretty sure stubbornness is a Weasley trait. I'll try my best to update soon; I'm currently editing all chapters so I want to get that done first. Ahh yay, this review made me smile so wide my flatmates probably looked at me weird too! :)

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Review #14, by poor_old_snufflesMoonlit Meetings: Lion? Meet Snake

21st March 2013:
YAY NEW CHAPTER :DDD And another one in the works? Excellente :D

Just a couple of favourite parts for you, since I am, strictly speaking, supposed to be revising for exams :P

'I cringed, feeling the words return, hitting me with slaps. My memory had turned into a beast itself; biting, gnarling, gnashing... It was keeping me on the edge, letting me know that I will never be safe. It will always be there. I can always turn back into the wolf and someday I won't have someone to talk me back into my body - scare me back in.

I am the wolf.' - Just loved the way you wrote this :)

'It was early, but not Oh-Merlin-Where-Is-The-Sun early, which was normal for quidditch practices.'

'"Have I told you lately how amazing you are?"

Mary considered for a moment. "Eh... Not lately. You're really falling behind."

I let her go. "I'll get right on that," I joked.'

'"And with only minor injuries," she added with a chuckle.'

Can't wait for more!! Most definitely staying tuned :D

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

Haha those are all a bunch of my favorites; I'm glad you liked them! :) It's been a while since I've updated, and I figured I needed to get my crap together and get another chapter up. Chapter 29 is in the works and I hope to get it up soon.

Good luck with your exams!! :)


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Review #15, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 10 - The Hand that Gives the Rose

21st March 2013:
Yay! More Mentalist on TV and more Mentalist on HPFF, life is good :D Sometimes I watch episodes now and wonder when Dumbledore's going to turn up and whisk him away to Hogwarts, haha xD

Lots of amusing parts in this chapter, and here are just a few of my favourites:

"What about turning it back, huh? Who would honestly want to drink from something made from a rodent? I wouldn't. It's disgusting."

She just narrowed her eyes challengingly, crossing her arms and staring at him without abandon. "Nobody would even know, if it was done properly."

"To complete your understanding of the subject material, of course."

"The fact that the world would be without me...? That's horrible."

"You're very gullible, did you know?"

Can't wait for more!! :D

Author's Response: season 5 is almost over :( but luckily it has been renewed for another season yay! and you can count on more of Jane's adventures at Hogwarts in the meantime ^.^
(I too wish Dumbledore would show up in the show... heheh)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, again! Always nice to see you back, and of course, still enjoying the story. Love hearing from you, especially favourite parts (McGonagall v. Jane is one of my favourite subplots lol).

There should be another chapter up soon-ish.

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Review #16, by poor_old_snufflesSunrise, Sunset: Take Two

21st March 2013:
IT IS SO WORTH IT!! Please continue, however long it takes (I have exactly the same problem with one of my own stories: beginning and ending sorted, middle ... not so much :S)!! :D I'm so happy that you updated, I do love this story :) I loved the extra details on Artemis' curse, and Sirius' obsessing is highly entertaining! Look forward to reading more, whenever it comes :D

Author's Response: aww thanks so so much! both for reading and for leaving me some comments, and I'm glad that you think the story is turning out ok even though I am extremely horrible at updating and am very unsure about the whole thing. I will try to put some more up soon!
Thanks again.

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Review #17, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 9 - Red Leader

11th February 2013:
Loved this chapter, especially the way you wrote the part where Jane was watching Dumbledore's memory of the Triwizard Tournament, it was awesome :D Plus, the flying lesson was hilarious, as was the line "Because I'm lovable." xD Can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: back again, huh? THANK YOU!
So glad you are still reading, still enjoying, and still reviewing! Means a lot :)
More to come soon-ish, probably once I'm done exams.

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Review #18, by poor_old_snufflesMoonlit Meetings: The Real Wolf Girl

6th January 2013:
YAY YAY YAY YOU'RE BACK!!! HAPPY DAYS!! :D Don't be sad, I'm still here :D

Loved this chapter, especially the way you wrote Wolf-Serena's thoughts!

And she and Remus were so close to finding out about each other!! SO CLOSE!! Please tell me they will find out soon?? :)

More soon please!! :D

Author's Response: poor_old_snuffles,

Gaahhh!! I'm so glad you're still on here! Speaking of which, I'm gonna run over and read your story in a bit. :) Thanks for reviewing! I'm really excited to delve further into the Remus relationship, so expect more of that soon!! :D


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Review #19, by poor_old_snufflesBrains & Brawn: When You Said You Needed Space

29th December 2012:
HURRAY FOR A NEW CHAPTER :D *happy dance* And I'm very glad there are still four chapters to go, but I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over :S

'"I don't think we'll ever know exactly what occured between Scarlett and Noah...but I do know that...well..." She lowered her voice and whispered the second half of the sentence.' OMG you cannot do that to me!!! What was the second half of that sentence??!!

Now for a few of my favourite parts:

'I knew my face was flushing, but his legs were so much longer than mine!'

The two of them getting stuck in the trick step - hilarious!! They should have just snogged right then and there, haha ;)

"LookcharI'mablodidiot..." I'm so happy they finally made up :D

'"Stuck in the trick step, I see."

"A notable observation, sir," I laughed.' Ahh, Lupin, what a man xD

So, while I have forgiven you for the time I had to wait for this chapter (it's an awesome chapter, how could I not forgive you?), GIMME MORE SOON PLEASE :DDD

Author's Response: You are my hero, you know that? I hope you know how much it means to me that you review every single chapter.

Seriously. You're my hero. I wish I could shower you with chocolates and cookies.

Just, thank you so much and I appreciate the forgiveness. I will update soon! It'll be my new years present ^___^ !

Happy new years! Thank you, again, for all your support throughout every chapter. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have readers like you!!!

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Review #20, by poor_old_snufflesTo Snog a Prefect: Break

3rd December 2012:
I have no response to this chapter...

Okay, I'm lying. My response goes something like this:


Now that I've got that off my chest, time for some slightly more articulate freaking out:

I CAN'T BELIEVE PERCY SAID THEY SHOULD STOP SNOGGING!!! AND THAT OLIVER ASKED HER OUT!!! But 'cause Percy and Ollie are such good friends, I do wonder if Percy did it FOR Oliver. I feel that Percy's just that sort of a bloke. But that's beside the point. Lucie fancies Percy now so what's she going to tell Oliver??!! Also, 'He didn't have feelings for me; for Merlin's sake, the boy was still so obviously hung up over Clearwater.' - NO he's not, Percy fancies Lucie, too, right??? *sad (but so utterly confused and torn between both boys) eyes*

Right, I'm really going to calm down now. This review makes less sense than special relativity. Favourite quotes, that should help :)

'"I'm Percy Weasley," he piped up, holding out his hand for Oliver to shake. "I'm going to be Head Boy one day."

Oliver grasped his hand firmly and said, "Oliver Wood. I'll be Quidditch captain."'

'knocking over first year after first year until Fred and George oh-so-kindly cushioned his fall by conjuring up of a pool of mud.'

'I was falling for my freckle-faced, four-eyed, snooty best friend.'

"Blimey, d'you think he died?"

"George, mate, that's my foot, not yours."

And, for the record, in case you hadn't guessed, I STILL can't pick a team. Honestly, I'm terrible at multiple-choice questions!! And even though I'm the worst updater EVER so probably shouldn't be saying this ... UPDATE AS SOON AS YOU CAN PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!! Though admittedly I am curious about this one-shot you speak of :)

P.S. I REALLY want to go to the studio tour. It physically pains me that I can't :'(

P.P.S. This is a horrendously mental review. I do apologise xD

Author's Response: I feel like such an evil person for creating this dilemma.

And I'll try to update as soon as possible! Can't guarantee that "as soon as possible" is actually going to be soon though...I only have half of the James II/OC one-shot written and like, an eighth of the next chapter of TSAP. Pretty sure I could give you a run for your money for the worst updates ever title.

Love your review, as always, even though you think it's horrendously mental. Those are always the best kind. x)

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Review #21, by poor_old_snufflesTo Snog a Prefect: Fireworks

24th November 2012:
OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD!!! What a super-fantastic chapter, and dedicated to moi?? Serious love for you right now, haha (in a non-creepy way, promise xD) And, to show you just how happy this update has made me, here is a very long list of my favourite parts (seriously long. I may as well have copied and pasted the whole chapter :P)!!

'We tended to refer to it as his evil lair, where he plotted ways in which to torture us and passed them off as "Quidditch plays".'

I loved the whole description of Oliver's office, it seems so fitting and so Oliver :D

'"And to think I wanted to make up an excuse about my lady problems so I wouldn't have to help you."

He groaned and shot me a look. Whining, he said, "I hate it when you do that! I never know what to say!"'

"Er, so, Luce, I was just, uh, I was just wondering if maybe, um-" he gulped and shut his eyes for a brief moment, as if hoping to be put out of his self-inflicted misery, and I just looked on quizzically "-maybe you want to, you know, if you'd like to, er, maybe we could, um-" Please tell me this is Oliver asking Lucie out in the most adorably nervous way possible?? Please?

"No, not you! I don't even know you!"



"Shut up."'

'"Fine then, how about Olliekins?" I teased.

He cocked an eyebrow. "Would you like me to start referring to you as Gertrude?"'

'And as I kissed him again, and again, and again, I knew in that moment that I wouldn't want to be with anyone else.' AWWW!!

Gah, you make it so hard to decide if I want Lucie to get with Percy (properly, I mean) or Oliver - I love them both!!! xD Cannot wait for more!!!

Author's Response: I just finished writing the next chapter and oh my gosh I feel like I betrayed you you're going to absolutely hate me.

What? Giving something away? I'm doing no such thing.

Thanks for the lovely, lovely review!

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Review #22, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 8 - Red, Right and Wrong

12th November 2012:
So happy to see a new chapter up! And in perfect timing with season 5 of the Mentalist starting on TV - life is good :D

Couple of favourite parts for you:

"Confident, are we, Jane?"

"Well," Jane hid a snort of derision, "my mind is brilliant..."

"Sorry. I wasn't listening. You kinda have a monotone..."

And of course, the Bedhead thing is still amusing me just as much as the first time I read it xD

Can't wait for more - especially Jane learning to fly! That shall be awesome :D

Author's Response: thanks so much! of course Jane has to learn to fly, its wizardry 101 ;)
shall try to post it up soon.

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Review #23, by poor_old_snufflesRun: Newcomers

31st October 2012:
Oh. My. God. I started reading this after the Dobby results came out and I've been filling every free moment with it since. I genuinely don't believe I can praise you enough for this story, it's just so... wow. Seriously. One of my all-time favourite stories. Ever. I spent every word of it desperate to read the next, completely hooked. And I LOVED the ending, with Witching and Colin and Orla bringing everyone through. I was gutted when it came down to Fred or Colin dying, so thank you for not breaking my heart, haha. And I know I should have left this in a review on the specific chapter at the time, but I was so desperate to continue that I decided to save it for now: the bit when Snape apologised was probably my favourite scene. When I read the last book for the first time and it was revealed that Snape was good all along, I was thrilled, and the apology scene took me back to that moment and reminded me how great a character he is. So, thanks for that too :) I'm fairly certain there's more I want to say but I can't put my finger on it, so I'll have to end my review here. Congratulations on such a fantastic story, I wish it wasn't over!! :D

Author's Response: So sorry for this late response!

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to hear you say that you started reading this after the Dobby results came out. While the voting and nominations were going on, that was my main wish for getting a Dobby - not for the little gold ribbon, but to get this story on a page I know a lot of people reference when they decide which stories they want to read. So it's a dream come true that you read this story because of that.

Your praise, oh my goodness. I don't know what to do with myself! One of the best stories you've ever read? Excuse me for a moment, I'm going to be over the moon for a little while. That's me right there, on the moon. No big deal. XD

Severus's apology scene very nearly didn't happen. I didn't plan to write it explicitly; I planned to leave him knocking at the door and then end the chapter on a vague note, but for some reason I just kept going. I'm glad I did, just because it turned out to be your favorite part. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story and for the beautiful review. It really made my month.

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Review #24, by poor_old_snufflesGlimpse: Chapter 7 - Sparks and Fire

3rd October 2012:
Another great chapter! Only got time to leave a quick review, so here are a few of my favourite quotes:

"Seriously, this is moving on to stalker territory."

"Thorough, but wrong," Jane said, though pleased that he had found out what it was. "An owl is a bird."

"No. They're too busy hitting our mailman."

"It's been more than ten minutes, huh?"

Can't wait for the next update! :)

Author's Response: hello again, thank you so so much for reading and reviewing yet another chapter! I'm glad the story still amuses you, and hopefully it will continue to do so ;)
Next chapter coming soon!

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Review #25, by poor_old_snufflesEverly: Eavesdroppers' Anonymous

10th September 2012:
You are correct, I don't mind at all ;) The bit from Everly's point of view was great, she SO needs to give in to Sirius' charm soon (as in, the next chapter or so. Seriously :P) xD And YES, I still LOVE Charlotte haha, she's BRILLIANT :D

Favourite quotes time!

'Remus referred to it as stalking, but that was neither here nor there.'

' "Everly will have to spend time with me if you're hogging Charlie all the time! Everly'll be stuck with me then—so I can—and it'll convince her that I'm—and—and yes!—it's brilliant! Just talk to her, Moony! She's smart and pretty and—and stuff, alright? You could do plenty worse. Offer to study with her for—for bollocks, what—OH! Astronomy! Do Astronomy with her! Girls love the stars! Romantic rubbish—"

"Sirius, I don't even take Astronomy—"


"You'll probably want to go to Pomfrey for that, Snape, but far be it from me and my dirty blood to try and help you." Go Lily!!! :D

"He wants you to have his ridiculously attractive and equally arrogant offspring."

Can't wait for the next chapter, especially the Everly/Sirius action you promised :D

Author's Response: Confession: I always look forward to your reviews haha. This just totally made my day 5,623 times better. Thank you sosososososoSO much!

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