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Review #51, by TheHeirOfSlytherinMarked: Kick Me

24th March 2014:
One wrong thing - admittedly, it is a really bad thing - and they all cut him loose. I'd say poor Draco, but given how full of himself he was in the last chapter, we're not yet at the stage where I like him enough to give him sympathy. Nope, I'll just sit and watch them walk away. Particularly Pansy, since he was sleeping with her; that was just a harsh blow to his ego and his respect.

Does he never learn? Potter has people everywhere and he never loses; if Voldemort can't kill him, how can Draco think he can make the guy pay? :P It wasn't even a nice try, Draco is just having a really bad few days (which will only get worse, I imagine).

Tonks! I love that Tonks is in this; she's just awesome. And apparently knows exactly what to say to get to Narcissa, which is always good because it's sometimes nice to see that you can get a reaction out of her. Moody's, though, that was the best.

Draco definitely needed to hear what she had to say about Andromeda. It made me sad to imagine her marking their birthdays, but not getting to celebrate with them. They're not good, but they're still family, so I can definitely see it hurting her. :(

Loved this!


Author's Response: As the old saying goes, "when you're at the top, there's only one way to go." Aside from not wanting to have their names or reputations tainted by Draco's father's disgrace, I imagine that there was a lot of payback involved in the way that his housemate treat him after the battle in the Department of Mysteries. He's spent most of his life looking down his nose at the rest of his peer group. I'm sure their families suffered the occasional slight at the whim of Lucius and Narcissa. Now it's all coming home to roost. Pansy plays her cards exactly the way you'd expect. She offers him sympathy -- some of it may even be genuine -- but in the end she does what's best for herself and her family. In her place, it's exactly what Draco would have done and they both know it.

Draco was too angry and humiliated to think clearly on the train. At least that's how I've always imagined it. And boy, does he pay the price for his lack of forethought.

I enjoyed every second of "page time" for Tonks in this story. Poor thing won't get to enjoy very many moments of victory before her time is up, so I really like giving her these little cameo roles where she gets the choice lines and good things happen.

Even after she was chased out of the House of Black, I imagine that Andromeda had a hard time letting go completely. Family was everything to her for most of her life. She was the middle sibling, not as vain and arrogant as Narcissa or completely crazy like Bellatrix.

Fun stuff! I'm really enjoying all of your reviews!

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Review #52, by TheHeirOfSlytherinMarked: It All Comes Crashing Down

24th March 2014:
Secret messages, lies, deceit - the life of a Pureblood. Combined with all the rules they have, the social status they crave and the standing some have with Voldemort, it's an interesting life indeed. I feel like I'm going backwards with Marked; now that I've read Conspiracy of Blood and Detox, it's very interesting to go further back in Draco's life and see how it all started. He's very conceited here, so sure he's going to get what he thinks they all deserve and in agreement with his father; much different to how he will become. It's cool to see him like this, your take on the boy we all grew up with.

If we are very lucky, perhaps your wretched little schoolmate won't be returning at all. - The evil; it's like a bitter taste in my mouth. One little sentence and I can get a real sense of just how bad the Death Eaters are with the rise to power and glory and what they think is right. Now that is epic writing.

Pansy... So easy for Draco to use... Mistress; it'll never cross his mind when he meets Astoria. ;)

Snape to the rescue! Well, sort of, in a 'this is your only warning, do not mess it up' kind of way that is appropriate for the double agent no one knows about at this point. I love that he's in this; I mean, I figured he would be, even just a little, but like I said in Detox, he's just so much fun to read.

And there's Draco's imagined life gone. This is why you don't dream about things; it sucks so much more when you don't get it.

Awesome start. Onwards, I think!


Author's Response: Secret messages, lies, deceit... of course! They're Slytherins! What else would you expect? Marked is a step backwards. We start with Draco at the peak of his arrogance and self-importance. He sees himself as royalty among royalty, the son of the greatest of the "true" magical families. For the story to be as compelling as it could be, I felt like I needed to set him up in a very high place from which to fall.

Good old Lucius. Few can turn an evil phrase quite the way that he can.

Pansy is a plaything for Draco, sort of like a broom that requires a little more maintenance. Other people's happiness doesn't factor much into his thinking at this point in his life, except as a means to get what he wants. She'll be long gone by the time he starts courting Astoria.

"Rescue" You know, I really hadn't through of it that way, but it's true in a sense. Snape comes on a mission of mercy but he carries it out with the sort of spiteful condescension that only he can deliver. I'm afraid you'll only see him once more, and briefly at that, but his name will figure prominently in one of the later chapters.

Yep, Draco is watching his entire life spin down the toilet. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, could it? He's such a little jerk at this point in the story.

I'm pleased that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #53, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDetox: Epilogue

21st March 2014:
Scorpius, joining the ranks of Malfoy... Hopefully doing a better job even with the facade. I don't like it when he sad. ;( *hugs him* I don't care if he doesn't like it, I'm hugging him.

He sounds like such a lonely boy. He sounds like me, except he may not like it as much as I do (but I had good reason). I want to see Scorpius Malfoy smile. I hope he makes good friends (and if it follows the same world as Conspiracy of Blood, I think he'll be okay eventually, with Rose and Octavia... Does it?)

Sometimes, I think Lucius Malfoy should not talk to people.

Astoria seems like such an awesome mum. It would be cool to see them together as a family. That would be interesting.

Ha! Go Astoria, I wouldn't forgive Ron if I were her either. I'll kick him for her. ;)

Draco's answer to Scorpius about the Houses was... perfect. And with enough of the old Draco to know what they all wanted, even if he didn't ultimately care because he loved his family more. I loved that.

Playing dirty. I love that, too. Now watch as Draco's words come back to bite him. :P

I loved this story so much, Dan! And I'm so glad I finished it, but I'm so sad it's over and I need more! So, I think I'll go stalk your Author Page again... I mean, now... No, I mean again. :D


Author's Response: Ah, Sam! The end is such sweet sorrow. I want you to know how much I've enjoyed reading all of your thoughts and reactions as you made your way through this story. It's been a treat and I am grateful.

Poor little Scorpius, off into the big, uncaring world. Don't worry, he'll do alright in the end. This story is part of the same timeline as Conspiracy of Blood, so you know how it all turns out. It won't always be fun for him, but fortunately he meets another awkward boy from a famous family...

Lucius is Lucius. His healthy is declining, his influence is gone and he's not always able to differentiate past from present. But Scorpius still admires him and loves him in that weird, stiff, standoffish Malfoy way.

I think Astoria would have been a tremendous mother. She's dedicated, loving, smart and funny. What's not to like?

I thought long and hard to fine-tune Draco's response, so I'm really, really pleased that you liked it. Believe me, it went through a lot of iterations. He's such a complicated character. But he does love his family, more than anything.

Yes, he still plays dirty, especially where Ron is concerned. But like you said, his master plan backfires in the end.

I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for all of the thoughtful, funny and encouraging reviews!

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Review #54, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDetox: Yes

21st March 2014:
Mulciber! Okay, now he sounds creepy evil. Master of the Imperius curse; I wouldn't want to be near him. There's something odd about the way he's concealing himself. Is that just me? Because he knows Avery and the others are leaving and...

:O Is he lying? Is it not him?

BOOM, cursing Avery! Are you just proving me theory? :D

Ha! I was right! I love being right, it's a rare thing. And the Aurors are here! Finally, good guys. I feel like I will miss the action when it's finally over. It was so good. But i love the rest of the story, too, so it'll be worth it.

Ugh, Ronald. Obviously, my dealing with him last time didn't knock any sense into him. We've gotten to the point where I'm just going to kick him. Okay? :) (I do get why he'd be the way he is, I agree with what you put in your response last time, and I do love Ron (usually), I just need to kick him... maybe it's a Slytherin thing...)

HARRY! Harry as Blaise, but I don't care because Harry is here! My favorite good guys of all my good guys! :D

Wasn't Blaise out of the country in Conspiracy of Blood? Sneaky snake. :D

Aww, he's helping her. Stubborn idiot that he is. :)

Draco would want to leave the hospital, it's definitely something I can imagine him saying. That was perhaps the most professional sounding, while still being completely obvious, insult I've ever read; healers and their bedside manner. :P

Horatio! He's making the right choices in life. And yes, I love Draco and his ability to go against the man even when wanting to be with said man's daughter.

"You'd haggle with your possible future father-in-law over ten Galleons a week?"

"You'd marry your daughter off to a man who settled for a twenty Galleon salary when he's obviously worth thirty?"

Best lines ever. :D

Oh, I like this job a lot more.

Awww, such happy moments. Finally. They deserve it. And they laughed and then he cried and he talked and, gah, they're so lovely. Haha, proper lady. That was, like, the least of their worries. :P


Okay, so I had a hunch, about the question and the answer, thanks to your chapter title, but one can never be certain. :P

Always be a step ahead of the guy.

I agree, I like this new Draco Malfoy, too. He is definitely a vast improvement. There will be setbacks, of that I have no doubt since Horatio is not entirely on board, but I have faith because...

She said yes. ;)

Next chapter...


Author's Response: Hi, Sam! Sorry it's taken me ages to work through all of these. You bring up so many good points and observations that I really want to take my time with them and time hasn't been on my side for the past few weeks.

I really like putting Avery and Mulciber together as a team in stories. Avery is brutal, nasty, uncultured evil while Mulciber is refined, insidious and scary evil. But you're right, there is something odd about the way he's behaving...

Ha! You guessed just in the nick of time!

Yes, the Aurors have (finally) arrived. And the world collapses into chaos once again. I like chaos, to be honest. It's fun to write.

Ron is unfortunately still being a jerk. He really can't let go of the hate. Fortunately, Harry spares you from needing to intervene on Draco's behalf. And then Robards closes the matter with finality.

Blaise did leave the country about three days before the battle in Astoria's house. His mother got wind of the investigation of Gamp's conspiracy and spirited him away. The Aurors were somewhat disappointed, but they also saw the opportunity to make use of his disappearance.

Draco is such a lousy patient. I would never want to be his Healer unless I could just sedate him.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the entire conversation between Draco and Horatio. It was fun to play around with all of the subtle little dynamics of respect and power and authority. And Draco beating him up over ten Galleons a week was just way too funny to pass on.

I really debated with myself over whether a marriage proposal was premature in the context of this chapter, but in the end I felt like the spirit would have carried them there. Think of it more as "engaged to be engaged" if that makes it easier to get your head around. He's still going to do the big, formal engagement in front of their families. There will be dinner parties and balls and such.

The new Draco is an enormous improvement. It was fun to bring him up the steep and slippery slope.

One more to go! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #55, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDetox: Clarity

21st March 2014:
Here comes Draco! Ahh! And the 'good guys' called him a coward. *shakes head at them* Silly good guys. Where are they, eh? :P

More dueling! I love all the action, you write it so awesomely. I wish I was half as good, until then I'll stick to horror/dark and mystery. I loved this scene so much, I really thought Draco might kill them when he saw Astoria there, or really hurt them to get to her.

Avery! Wow. I made a small list of Death Eaters and he was on it, but I didn't really know if it would be him. But it is and, whoa, he's creepy evil. I don't like him because he's the bad guy and he's got Draco and Astoria, but I do like him because he's a good bad guy. You know what I mean? :D

:O Imperius curse! Didn't see that coming! Resist, Draco, resist!

He's resisting! And Astoria knows he's good and he said I love you and, gah, it's a bad situation but I have happy-ish moments in it.

Wait, who's the new guy? There's a new guy! So, it isn't Avery? Or is New Guy gate crashing?

Definitely going to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Draco is no coward. I like to think he's proven that by this point in the story. When he believes something needs to be done, he does it. Where are the good guys? Well... they might be closer than you think. ;)

All of the fighting in this chapter was really rewarding to write because it gave me a chance to really take the gloves off of Draco and be creative with his fighting style. Mixing it up with a hardened killer like Avery takes away all of the limits. He's doing whatever he must to survive.

I take most of my Avery head canon from pixileanin's brilliant Until We Close Our Eyes for Good. He's deranged and more than a little dangerous. Like an older version of Gamp, only less brooding. It's no wonder the two of them don't get along.

Draco resists as much as he's able. He's no Harry when it comes to being able to cast off the curse, but he still puts up a good fight. At least until the new guy shows up. Who is the new guy? Tune in to the next chapter and find out!

Thanks for all the love!

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Review #56, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDetox: A Break with the Past

21st March 2014:
So, I was scamming through HPFF, trying to decide on a film to watch, when I caught sight of my reviews and thought, screw movies, I have an awesome story to finish. And here I am, instead of watching Bad Boys... again. :P

Damn, guys. Terrorizing Muggles for uniforms, I hope everything they did, including Theo getting hurt, and everything they do next just isn't worth it in the end. That'll show 'em.

I knew it only being the two of them and them leaving just wouldn't happen; that would have been too simple, too easy for Draco. Who wants that? :P I wonder who tipped off the Aurors... And I need to know who this mystery friend is! It's driving me crazy (though not Gamp crazy, so all is well).

Duel! Ah, I loved the fighting scene, it was fast and dangerous and exciting (for the reader). It was awesome to read. Even if Lucius was mad and delusional.

The fire thing (yes, I did just say that) was brilliant and a little scary and definitely not something they should have given to Bellatrix. Narcissa was the best choice, I think. She's cool and calculating and would have known exactly when and how to use it (like now).

:O No, not Astoria's house!

Daphne must have noticed that Jeremy wasn't good, at least a little... Maybe something she'd pushed to the back of her mind and wanted to ignore? Or does she genuinely think it's because she's boring? Poor Daphne, I do feel a little sorry for her - she seems like the type who just wants the big wedding end the perfect, happy marriage and everything that goes with it. Instead she got an evil husband who is only his way to crazy town.

Little wizard - I swear, those two words will forever remind me of this story and I will giggle uncontrollably, no matter what situation they're written in.

Uh oh... someone's here... *hides*

Next chapter!


Author's Response: Aww, that's really nice of you to say! I hope I don't keep you from your movies for too long.

Nope, it won't be worth it in the end at all. It's what happens between here and there that's the interesting part, though. ;)

Your guess was correct, Draco's situation gets a lot worse before it gets better. Draco and Narcissa could have easily handled Flint and a badly wounded Theo, but Gamp adds a whole new layer of difficulty. Who tipped off the Aurors? Good question. You'll find out pretty soon and the answer may surprise you. ;)

I'm really glad you liked the dueling scene. Those are my favorites to write. I didn't want to take **everything** away from poor old Lucius, so he did turn out the be a formidable duelist even if he isn't sure who he's dueling.

I think Narcissa was the only choice for that particular Black family heirloom once Andy made her great escape. Bellatrix was way too unstable to handle such a dangerous magical object. I really enjoyed giving her command of it.

They're on their way to the Greengrass manor and Draco is on his way to stop them. Can't you just feel the final confrontation brewing? It's all about to come down to this.

Daphne isn't sure what to make of her new husband. He's definitely not the man she'd convinced herself she married. And "convinced herself" are the key words. The signs were there all along. Astoria picked up on them. Daphne was a little too wrapped up in her own fairytale story to see them.

I promise that will be the last mention of the little wizard. At least in this story. :p

Ding, dong. Who's at the door? Find out soon...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #57, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDetox: Climbing Back

19th March 2014:
I'm really glad she didn't burn the letters; she probably would have regretted it if she had burned them before coming to the conclusion that she might just be able to fix things with Draco. Which is what I, I mean she wants really. :D

That she thinks the world is ending because of a boy is such a teenage thing to think. And I know she loves him and the epilogue will come and they'll be together eventually, but it just lets me pause and remember that though they're going through all these things and some of it's bad and she's got all these expectations, they're still teenagers. I like that.

It's so hard for me to dislike her parents when they act all worried and then her mother stands up for what she wants. Okay, I don't dislike them, just some of their actions, and I really wanted at least one of them to stand up for her; I'm glad it's the mum and I'm hoping for the dad next... or one day. First studies, then relationships. Baby steps and all. :)

Ha! He got caught! I find this hilarious, too.

Sneaky Astoria! I like it. I hope her luck isn't so bad that she ends up in a bed next to Emery... :P

I stand by my opinion that Draco's boss is creepy. With a lack of empathy. Or her work completely clouds it. I hope Draco will get how he feels through to her without losing control or doing something he'd regret. That would be sad.

He fell off his wagon. ;(

Will he quit? That was the question I asked myself just before Lucius said he should. Now Draco is not allowed to quit. He can fight this and win... maybe.

Ah! Lucius is not part of it! Oh, that makes me so happy! Kinda. Since his mind has gone because of his time near Dementors, I'm obviously not completely happy. But the Malfoys are playing no part in the war. Good, very good.

But if it's not Lucius... Plot twist: Horatio Greengrass! Dun, dun, dun... :P Okay, so I have no idea, but if I am right I will be so proud of myself. :D

Go to the Aurors. Now why didn't I think of that? :P

AHHH! Yes! Go get Astoria back! Great minds think alike, she's planning to get you back, too! :D

...What did you do to Theo?

Okay, so I know I left a comment on your profile saying I'll finish Detox tonight, but it's twenty past one in the morning now and I have a lecture tomorrow. But after it, I'm free till Monday. So, I'll finish this by Sunday. Which makes me both happy and sad. :)

See you soon!


Author's Response: She definitely would have regretted it if she'd burned his letters. Fortunately, she realized the mistake she was about to make. Now as to why her parents didn't find the pile of letters when they forced their way into her room... well, there's a small continuity error that I'm surprised nobody has picked up on. ;)

This is pretty much the low point for Astoria, but you're right, she is being a fairly typical teenager here. I imagine most readers know that her life is not, in fact, coming to an end, but it feels that way to her. I'm not sure what it says about the way that I think of Astoria that I had to go out of my way to make her act her age.

Astoria's parents really do love her and they want what's best for her. It's just that their version of "what's best" is not at all like what Astoria wants for herself. They're very worried about her here, and her mother is starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Astoria's mother also realizes that she needs to manage her father very carefully, lest the situation get even more out of hand. The scene was tricky to write, but ultimately I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

I couldn't pass on the opportunity to have one last cheap laugh at Emery's expense. Have you ever created a character that you completely loathe? That's Emery Montague for me.

Madam Blishwick doesn't really get the concept of her work being outside of other people's comfort zone. She loves what she does so much and she feels that it's so important that she can't understand why other people would object to it. So she pushes Draco. Too far. And then bad things happen.

You're correct, Lucius has nothing to do with Gamp's conspiracy. It just so happened that the participants in the old man's delusions were the fathers of some of the conspirators. I hope it's been apparent for a while now that Lucius is not in a good way. Between Azkaban and the war, he suffered mental damage that can never truly be repaired. Only the symptoms can be managed. In a way, it's sad, but in another way, he got what was coming to him after a lifetime of aligning himself with the wrong side.

What did I do to Theo? It's more like what did Theo do to himself. You'll find out shortly... :p

I am having a blast responding to all of your reviews! Thank you so much!

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Review #58, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDetox: Errors in Judgment

19th March 2014:
Ahh, switching places. Polyjuice potion is very convenient for sneaky meetings with girlfriends. I bet that's what the creator had in mind, too. :P

I don't know how I feel about this Emery person, he sounds like a brat. But he's helping Draco, so I don't hate him... unless there's an ulterior motive, which I only suspect because Blaise talked to him and Blaise is working with Jeremy and Jeremy is a psycho whose wedding Draco is sneaking into. So if there is, I'll hate him later. ;)

Emery is no doubt going to be in so much trouble when his parents see the real him and he's not going to be able to get out of it. I find this hilarious.

THEODORE! I'm pretty sure I love him no matter how 'evil' he is. :P

See, this is why I don't trust Blaise.

Uh oh. Now how is Draco going to get out of this now that he's stuck in the middle of it all? I worry; I don't want him to get hurt or caught or accused of anything. And I especially don't want them to use Astoria to get to him.

He just outed Emery!

I won't lie; at first, I wanted her to know so they could enjoy the party together, but after Draco realised that they might use her to get to him, I agreed with his plan to keep quiet so wholeheartedly that when she found out my go-to response was just, "Damn it, Greengrass." I haven't gotten past it yet.

Jeremy and his big mouth. He's going to get people into trouble... That line seems obvious given what he plans to do, but I felt like it needed to be said anyway.

Aww, he said he loved her. I'm pretty sure that's my favorite scene in this chapter (so far). :D

:O I so hope he says yes to her question.

I know change my statement to "Damn it, Draco." But he gets Draco not Malfoy because, with everything else he wants to do to protect her, I kind of expected it.

I wish he could tell her so she'd understand, but I imagine she'd still fight for him. And try to help.

The innuendo messed with a very serious moment. I don't know what's wrong with me today.

I've decided I don't like it when they fight. I didn't expect it to escalate so much; I don't understand girls. *shakes head*

How much trouble did he get Emery in? Did they notice it was Draco, since the potion wore off?

I also don't like it when she cries, but at least she knows she's partly to blame. The first step is admitting you have a problem, then you fix it - I know she's not an alcoholic, but the theory is the same.

(I haven't had any sugar... in a few hours, at least. I swear. :P)

I really hope they can fix it!



Author's Response: Hello, again!

That's been Draco's plan all along. He works as a portioneer now, so he has access to whatever he needs to brew polyjuice. Emery is a very spoiled, unpleasant boy. Whatever happens to him, I guarantee there's no need to feel badly about it.

Yes, Theo makes his grand entrance. Not exactly the positive guy that you mostly portray, but he is at least smart enough to never trust Zabini. Would that Draco were that smart. He's now caught in the middle of the very thing that he's been trying so hard to avoid. And he knows that he's put Astoria in danger, which makes it even worse for him.

Draco's master plan gradually crumbles around him, and unfortunately it pulls Astoria down with him. Not that she's blameless, mind you. Her "solution" to the situation just makes things even worse. I don't like it when they fight, either, but I didn't see any other realistic way for this situation to play out. All couples have bumps in the road and they've just had a pretty extreme one.

You'll find out in the next chapter how much trouble Emery is in. Suffice it to say, he's not a happy camper.

Astoria actually does a lot of growing up at the end of this chapter. Growing up is painful, unfortunately. But we all have to go through it.

Thanks so much for all of the reviews! Looking forward to seeing what you think of the big ending.

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Review #59, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDetox: Future Imperfect

19th March 2014:
I rule the land of immaturity; people are free to join. :P I can't help it, just reading it is fine, but then I imagine the look on poor Astoria's confused face and... I giggle. As in present tense, I'm still giggling. Thankfully, my iPad has predictive text. :D

How can she be jealous of Pansy? Ugh. Don't bring Pansy into this, Astoria, Draco knows I'd kick him if he thought about it. I have faith in them; if he's willing to impersonate someone to be with her around people who hate him, he must think she's something special.

Isadore probably shouldn't give advice, she's bad for the most part, but is still an awesome friend and I still love her. :D

Yay for fighting for what she wants; she's right, it's their problem. *crosses fingers things go... well, though... in the end*

I'd have burnt the plant in the beginning; you can tell how much patience I have. But Draco was doing so well, even with the setbacks in the beginning with the guard and the assistant.

He got the job! And it's bringing his past right back to him, but I believe in Draco and his new start - he may never fully get over what he saw and did, but if his job helps others than it might help to end the nightmares one day, to see that he's doing good.

His boss seems a little creepy. Not bad guy creepy, just 'whoa, don't get too close, we shouldn't talk much' creepy. The kind of creepy my Al finds... everyone. :P



P.S. I've read your responses. How can people not love Isadore? She's awesome! And I've never had an IPA, so I'll hold you to that. Jack and coke, that's my drink... or lager. :P

Author's Response: Poor, poor Astoria. All she wants is a set of directions. A book or a diagram or an instructional pamphlet from the Ministry. Alas -- and it's for the best, really -- no such thing exists. She's going to have to figure this out on her own and it terrifies her.

I think her anxiety about Pansy is pretty natural for a girl her age. Pansy is older and **far** more experienced. I think she realizes that Draco is willing to go to great lengths for her, but she's also worried that Draco might decide that it's not worth it to have to go to such great lengths when there's low-hanging fruit like Pansy available. I hope that didn't objectify Pansy too much. Actually, I don't really care if it did. ;)

Isadore is not a great source of relationship advice, that's for sure. She's extrapolating based on a small amount of personal experience -- and things didn't actually go all that well for her -- and a lot of stuff she's read in magazines.

Astoria is willing to fight for her relationship with Draco. That's part of why I love her.

Draco's interview was one of the most enjoyable parts of the story for me to write. I got to delve a bit into the technical aspects of potioneering, which was fun, as well as explore Draco's anger-management issues. He did get the job. In fact, he probably had it before he even interviewed. Madam Blishwick just wanted to see what he'd do under pressure. She is sort of creepy. She's a very pure academic who is so hopelessly caught up in her research that she's lost the ability to see how it might affect other people or the world at large.

I enjoy responding to your reviews. Your take on things is always unique and it's fun to see different facets of the story through fresh eyes. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #60, by TheHeirOfSlytherinAlways, For You: Pictures on the Wall

16th March 2014:

Look at Louis, sneaking out. I expected it, no doubt his family would have stopped him if he tried to tell them (some of them anyway). Still, must have been a little sad for him, to have to leave them and sneak away.

Finnigan! Garret is a Finnigan! Now I love him even more. His parents are awesome, even if one did slam the door in poor Louis' face. It must be so sad for them, Garret leaving. I want him to come home, I don't want Seamus to cry. *Hugs Seamus*

What did Garret do? I know you can't tell me, but I'm asking anyway. Everyone knows about Louis' messed up memory but me... and Louis. :P

I hope he finds what he's looking for.

Cool chapter!


Author's Response: Hey! thanks a bunch Sam!

I feel bad for Louis about having to leave but it'll be good for him.

Haha yes he is a Finnigan, I also realized that Blake from Magic in the Walls is also a Finnigan, I guess I just love that family too much.

Haha, as River Song would say... Spoilers. All I can say is that it has been vaguely hinted at, as to what happened to Louis. And the Pictures probablly helped with the hint.

In the next couple chapters we meet the antagonist! Which will start to explain things a little bit. Right now there are nine more chapters planned out, but it might increase if some of the chapters can use it.

once again thanks Sam! *hugs*


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Review #61, by TheHeirOfSlytherinHalf Of Me : The Twins

15th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


So a half sister, eh? I don't read many stories like this, he usually has a twin sister who likes Harry. But this caught my eye and I had to wonder - Lucius or Narcissa? I assume Lucius, but I could be wrong. This is fanfiction, anything is possible. :)

Does no one else know that she's Draco's sister?

I take it she'll become friends with the twins? Which, if I'm right, is something I love the idea of. Imagining the look on Draco's face when he finds out is only part of the reason why. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Haha! Rats! I can only imagine the trouble they'll be in when/if they get caught. :P

I enjoyed reading this!


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Review #62, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThe Forgotten Child: The Leaky!

15th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.

I'm really intrigued to know who Evanlea is - I know a Black, but the summary says Sirius or Orion and that's, like, a big whoa since Orion is Sirius's dad - leads to all sorts of questions. And I need answers. :D

I get why they said no to the party; I assume the family friend is Harry and the Weasleys since the girl was a Longbottom and they'd probably figure out who she is quite quickly. I'm very curious as to how people will react when they get to Hogwarts.

Adrian is a good friend. I like him. I'm glad Evanlea has him with her. :)

I enjoyed reading this.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review. You'll just have to keep reading to find out who she is 😃. And yes the party was thrown by the Wotters. Adrian really is a sweetheart, the perfect rock to lean on.

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Review #63, by TheHeirOfSlytherinEfflorescence : The 1st of September

15th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


Ah! I can only imagine what it would be like to receive your very first letter to Hogwarts; I'm pretty sure I'd be just as excited as Charlie (awesome name by the way), with everyone made at me because they were used to it. But going to Hogwarts probably wouldn't be as fun if you weren't that excited about it! Build up the anticipation. :D

I can't wait to meet her with her friends, to see what they'll all be like at Hogwarts. This was a very interesting first chapter; you've built up just enough information on Ellie and her family, what she looks like and who her best friend is, but left out enough for me to want more.

I really enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review!! It made me smile a lot hehe. The next chapter should be up soon and it's got all Ellie's friends and everything at Hogwarts so hopefully it'll be good :)

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Review #64, by TheHeirOfSlytherindo you think there's prozac for wizards?: alone above a raging sea

15th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


It's cool to see another take on life after the war, such as Hermione being declined going to Hogwarts. I soon as I saw the 'no', I was so worried, that it was because of something bad. But no, she's just surpassed school learning, which isn't much of a surprise really.

I can't wait for her to get to Salem. A new place, a new country; it'll be very different to what she's used to and I look forward to seeing how shell adapt and grow. I hope being somewhere new will help her to get through her grief over the war.

Her and Ron are not together! I wonder per briefly, since they're the first pairing on the summary. I wonder who the OC in Hermione/OC will be. :)

The computer website is a really cool idea! I can't imagine owls flying such a long distance.

I really enjoyed this.


Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it!
I can tell you that this isn't the last of Hermione/Ron in this story...
Thanks for reading!

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Review #65, by TheHeirOfSlytherinLove At St. Mungo's: Chapter One

15th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


So... Sorry, I'm still staring at the healer. :P Anyway, this was such a great start, I loved getting to know Cassie's character. She was obviously sucked into this other life with Ryan, but she turned it around for her kid and I like that. Right away, I can see that she's a good mum. I hope her friendship with Molly can get better again, it was fun to see them catching up and it would be awesome to see it last now that there isn't a guy getting in their way (or a guy who might help the situation by being in the way... ;)). I also hope she can do her training one day.

Ah, James Potter. Hello, James. I bet Cassie still crushes on you, James, so be nice to her and the kid. :D

No, he left! I wanna know what he wanted to say! Is he just going to give up or will he come back? OH, will he come back when he sees the competition? ;)

I bet James would be a good dad... Did I say that out loud? :P

I really enjoyed this!


Author's Response: Hey Sam!

Whoop for blackout battle/bingo. Go Gryffie's and Snake's :D

Stare all you like, lol :p

She was suckered into it but for Gabriella she managed to turn it all around. I'm glad you think she's a good mum, everyone but Cassie thinks it so she needs all the love she can get.

Molly and Cassie have a lot of history together so a catch up was most definitely needed. Hopefully their friendship can be better again and for it to last.

Cassie hopes she can too!

James Potter, the great man himself. Hehe, Cassie still crushing on James, who'd have thought such a thing :p James is nice don't you worry.

James Potter giving up? Never. He's more than likely to turn up again, there may be a bit of rivalry between him and Ryan what with them being old dorm mates as well.

You did! And I agree, he would make a great dad.

Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #66, by TheHeirOfSlytherinI'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us: Seven days

14th March 2014:

Louis is so... gah... I wanna hug him and I wanna hit him and I wanna hug him for hitting him. He knows! He can see it happening before his eyes! He just needs to put two and two together.

Horatio is so cool. Louis wants him. The love is there, give in to it. :P

It's so sad, though. I don't want him or Nikolos to be sad. It makes me sad. That's a lot of sad. I wish Nik would listen to them and stop. ;(

Horatio would so lose that fight, but I'd pay to see it. You can't beat Bill. :D

This was so awesome! I love it! I need more!


Author's Response: Hey!

I know! I want to hug him too and just never let him go. He needs to have more back bone around her *sigh*

Horatio is totally awesome! Loratio all the way!!! :D

Nikolos being sad makes me sad as well ;( Sadly he's in too deep to listen or manage to get himself out of trouble, this is the only way.

Oh yeah, he would lose that fight, noone would win against Bill.

More will be soon, Sam! It's nearly finished! ;(

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Review #67, by TheHeirOfSlytherinA Few Minutes More: A Few Minutes More

14th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


Yes! Swap Quidditch for writing and swap my children for my siblings and you've got me (or you've got my family dealing with younger me... except for the fire, we never let any of my family near stuff like that :P). This is definitely a moment that I think lots of people can relate and I love moments like this, because even though it's fanfiction about a magical world it makes everything seem more real and personal and awesome.

I always think that Ginny would miss Quidditch, maybe even more than Harry might, and can just imagine her trying to find just a little bit of time to play.

Aww, the end was so sweet. I was wondering what the twist would be, that it would be something good because she was thinking of the bad, and it's just so adorable to imagine her little boy getting her a drink. It's so simple, but so sweet. I loved it. I wish my little brother would be like that, but he just wants me to get him the drinks. :P

I really enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Hi Sam!

Ok - so I have to admit, I *swooned* when I saw you reviewed my story! I have been following you for a while. For about a year and a half, I lurked on this site and only read the stories before I bolstered up enough courage to make an account and start writing and reviewing. Silver Linings was one of my favorites! (I saw the sequel is up!)

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I'm so glad you found the story relatable. That is what I was hoping for! You made my day!!!


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Review #68, by TheHeirOfSlytherinFaded Light: The Sorting

14th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


I love werewolf stories. The beginning was just so... terrifying. Especially if you imagine yourself as a small child when you read it. I would not want to be anywhere near a werewolf on a full moon, but for a child it just feels worse, you know?

Regulus is so bad. I love Regulus, but he's just out of order. Which, being a Black and a Pureblood, is a given really when it comes to people they don't consider pure. You got that down well.

I love how close she seems to be with both James and Sirius. Usually it's friends with Lily and/or Remus, thinks the rest of the Marauders are annoying. But this seems different and it's fun to read. Her other friends, Jenna and Ashley, seem cool too, I look forward to seeing more of them.

What an ending! A murder in Hogwarts! I'm so... is excited a bad thing to say? As someone who loves mysteries and stories like this, I am very excited. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I really enjoyed this.


Author's Response: Thanks! That means so much to me! I'll update soon :)

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Review #69, by TheHeirOfSlytherinEffusive Whimsy: Nendili

14th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


I can never resist a Regulus story, so you've got me hooked from the beginning. And the brother being called Ezra (I love that name), you might just be stuck with me. :P

Intriguing beginning. I gather her friend died? Which is very sad. And the Muggle residence with the Elvish name, I gather there's a story behind that if she's keeping her mouth shut about it. I look forward to finding that out.

Isadora and Regulus will have an interesting summer, I think. Because of the place she lives and the fact that one is a Gryffindor and one is a Slytherin. And she's friends with Sirius - I wonder what he'd say.

I look forward to reading more and knowing what will happen between them.

I enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: First of thank you for the reviews.made my day :-)

I know, I'm absolutely hooked on stories featuring Regulus hence I chose him as a main protagonist in the story. Yes her friend did die and she is trying to move on. And the Elvish name does have a story behind it. It really will be an intriguing summer.

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Review #70, by TheHeirOfSlytherinNeutral Hold: Our Before

14th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


I love this! Seriously love this! It's got two of my favorite characters (Hugo and Lily), an awesome cast of OCs (always good) and oh my god, the sharp wit and the banter. How could I not love it? It's awesome, got all my loves in.

I'm very interested in the first story, Georgia King - why that is important enough to be told from the very beginning, what is brings to the story. It's very... mysterious and I love mystery.

I especially love that the main characters are not so completely perfect, like the smoking and the drinking, but it's a lifestyle they seem to enjoy. You get stories where they look down on it or they do it in secret, but this isn't - or doesn't seem to be - like that.

I really enjoyed reading this and I have favorited it. I hope there is more soon. :D


Author's Response: Thanks I appreciate it. I hope you like what's coming up too

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Review #71, by TheHeirOfSlytherinTwenty To Seven: Twenty To Seven

14th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


This was so cute. Lily's confusion over what to do made me want to smile as well as hug her, because it's such a big step for her and you wonder if she'll go through with it, but you also know that it's fluffy James/Lily - she can't not be with James. Nervous excitement, that's what it is. :D

The end was awesome, so adorable. And a great way of them getting together; I can totally imagine James making the announcement in front of everyone then being afraid she won't come. But she did and it was awesome.

I really enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Hey! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this! :) It was just a sweet oneshot that came into my head one day. Thanks for your review, Sam!

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Review #72, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThe Great Traits of a Gryffindor: The Traits of a Lion

13th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


I love how you managed to incorporate Slytherin into the first part; seeing how bravery would look from Slughorn's perspective was very interesting and something I agree with - for someone who isn't a Gryffindor some of the things they do can be seen as foolish straight away, whereas for Gryffindors I imagine they'd be considered foolish after. :P

I loved Bill's section, he was very cool and level headed in the pyramid, exactly how I see Bill being. I especially liked, and agree with, the end - they were probably the more courageous for following him.

Oh, Colin. I still refuse to believe he died. And he certainly showed his Gryffindor side in this section. To be honest is often the bravest thing you can do, especially if it's to other Gryffindors. But he was right, it was stupid to try again and I'm glad others agreed and they all listened.

I heard about that end bit. It was so sweet to see it in here and it definitely fits in with heart. Romilda was so good to Natalie, such an amazing friend, and it was so sad when the letters stopped. Oh, but I loved the last lines, that Natalie lived forever in her heart. It was perfect. I'm glad you chose Romilda for the end, it showed her as more than just the girl who had a crush on Harry. :)

I really enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Hello Sam! I am glad I could shed some light on some of the characters that aren't really written about.

I think Colin is still alive as well, so don't worry about that ;) I just knew that the situation would have clashed with cannon if they made another attempt so I had to make it work somehow.

I always wondered what Romilda was like, and the little voice inside my head said "write her then" so I decided to give it a shot.

Yeah, everyone who followed Bill was pretty darn brave since he really had no idea where he was going...

And Slughorn, he was a character that once I thought about writing I knew I just had to.

I am happy to hear the over all feed back on this story is positive!

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Review #73, by TheHeirOfSlytherinA Flakey Tragedy: A Flakey Tragedy

13th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


Snape and humor should not exist together, but when they're done right, when they having me giggling like an idiot in such a way that Snape would thoroughly disapprove, they are freaking fabulous! (Yes, I did just use Snape and fabulous in the same sentence.)

You made this work so well, like he still felt the same (the insults and the remarks) but just that little bit different too (the biscuits) and just the thought that Snape would need them to maybe be that little bit... not mean had me smiling. I wonder if this would have happened in canon, if he was actually meaner because he didn't have biscuits. It's something I understand. :P

Did Hermione know about the biscuits? How? If that's what it takes for Snape to give Gryffindor points, she should probably send him more. :P

I really enjoyed reading this!


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Review #74, by TheHeirOfSlytherinTantrum: Tantrum

13th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.

Hey, Tammi!

A story in little George's PoV. I love little twin stories, they're so adorably mischievous and this was so cool. Ginny is evil, I stand by this assessment fully. She is an evil, evil little monster with nasty tricks up her sleeve, like tantrums. Ah, they are the worst! (I should know, if any of my family had read this story they'd be swearing that you've written a story about me when I was a brat, I mean kid. :P)

I loved the end so much, the lie about it being Ron who did it. I can totally imagine the twins saying that and it was brilliant how Arthur seemed to believe them. Although, saying that he has two boys who are very well behaved was stretching it a bit. Oh, just wait till they're older. :P

I really enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Hey, Sam! :D

I love stories of Fred and George when they're younger, so I had so much fun writing this one. I can imagine them as being uncontrollable.

I agree with you, she is totally evil and has many nasty tricks up her sleeve and she can get away with everything because she's the only girl in a family full of boys. Haha :O Maybe subconciously I was writing about you?!

I'm so glad that you liked that part, poor Ron will always get blamed by the twins. Arthur is just in a state of denial about it all though.

Thank you so much Sam! :D

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Review #75, by TheHeirOfSlytherinFall: Fall

13th March 2014:
For Blackout Bingo.


I can never resist a werewolf story, and this did not disappoint. When I read the summary, I was so sure that it was about the girl who was bitten, that it was the werewolf who wouldn't be able to get over the curse. So, I was completely floored when it became clear that it was the sister who couldn't. She seemed to be almost mad because of it all, being plagued by nightmares and then watching her sister not be affected by it. It was so sad.

And then the end, oh the end. I did not expect that. I didn't really expect a happy ending, but maybe I hoped that Eliza would get help, whether she asked for it or someone felt it necessary to intervene. But no, that didn't happen. And I think it makes sense for it to happen, in a twisted way that goes with her, well, twisted mind. But it was still a shock.

I really enjoyed reading this!


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