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Review #26, by TheHeirOfSlytherin'Till Death Do Us Part: Chapter 11

26th September 2014:
So this is were I'm up to. It's odd that I haven't reviewed since I've read this before. Anyway...

Poor Freddie. I'd be so angry too if it happened to me, though hopefully in hindsight he might one day find it as funny as do since it didn't happen to me. :P

Oh, Adam. What did this Gerald do? I hope it's not something that gets him into serious trouble. I couldn't bear it if anything happened to Adam.

HA! Twin boys! I totally would have won that bet too. ;)

Awww, the outfits are adorable. As is Brent for helping Amelia with the bags. :D


Author's Response: How strange! But I can't talk haha, I'm always behind.

I just want to hug Fred all the time! He'll forgive Albus... eventually.

*hugs Adam* I hate Gerald!

Yes! You would have won! :D

Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #27, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBeat It: The Stalker

13th September 2014:
It's drama after drama here... I love it. :P

Although, I won't lie, I am sad for James and Albus and Violet and Roxanne... No, not Roxanne. Her and Jason are meant to be and if her friends on the team don't see that then they're not very good friends. Okay, so that makes me a little sad for Roxanne, but not as much as the others.

I hope they find the stalker soon. And James' story makes me so excited about The Unspeakable. :D

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: There is so much drama! and more to come!

I'm sad for them too, there's a lot of sadness going on in this story :( It's not just her friends, it's also her career that's on the line.

He'll be appearing again, in a big way so it's on it's way and The Unspeakable is getting written soon! Haha I keep promising it and it keeps getting shoved to the side, but it won't for long! :D

Thanks Sam!!

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Review #28, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBlood Stains: Running Out of Somedays

12th September 2014:
You posted it! :D

Oh, Hermione. She can be stuck up and demanding and any other personality traits one might consider faults (going through her whole life in general), but one thing I will never fault her for is her want to do right by her friends. Not leaving Harry though she had feelings for Ron in DH is one example. This is another one and a perfect one. I can totally see her wanting to do right, even when people have told her it's okay.

By the end of their talk, I wanted to join the hug with her and Susan. I'll have to settle for a cyber hug. *hug*

I don't think I ever asked about it, or I don't remember if I did (I think I was too busy OMGing throughout the novel :P), but I was interesting in knowing more about the other characters and to read something so bittersweet about Susan, Hannah and, by association, Neville was not what I expected, I won't lie. But I loved it so much. Which you know, because I've already told you and that I cried... a little... maybe.

The build up, their concern and love for the other, was so sweet that I just knew Neville would want her to be happy. Because Neville is awesome. *misses Neville, too*

And finally they kiss! And the end! It was so... hopeful, in a way. They're older, they know that things could go wrong, but they also know that life is short and they could very well work out.i say they will. :D I don't read female same-sex pairings as often as I read male pairings, but I think I've found my new favorite couple!

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Hi, Sam!

The beta read went a lot faster than I was expecting. Your input was a huge help!

Hermione had an overwhelming need to feel like things are *right*. In this case, it drives her to have a conversation with Susan that drives Susan to have a conversation with Hannah. So Hermione's OCD is definitely not all bad. I think we'd all like to join in that hug. We've all been through so much with these characters, at least in an emotional sense. If they deserve a hug, we probably deserve one, too. ;)

A lot of this short story collection will be dedicated to filling in little bits and pieces that just never made the cut for CoB. Also following up on how certain things turned out. Neville's story was sad, but I did feel like it gave him the heroic ending that he deserved.

"Hopeful" was mainly how I wanted this to come off, so I'm pleased that it did. Nothing is guaranteed here, Susan and Hannah both know that. But they're willing to take the risk because the reward is worth it. That's the sort of thing that comes with age and maturity.

I'm not expecting Susan and Hannah to supplant Ellen and Portia as the world's preeminent lesbian power couple any time soon, but I'm happy that you like them together! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #29, by TheHeirOfSlytherinHaunted: the gift

12th September 2014:

I'm so intrigued and, I won't lie, just a little scared of that summary. But so excited, this is so awesome. Can you tell? I can tell, I can't sit still. This was a really interesting first chapter and I love that it's in second person. You always write it awesomely. OH MY GOD, I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE I'M TOO EXCITED!

But I just cannot wait to read more!


P.S. Corruption's a gift I don't intend on wasting. ;)

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Review #30, by TheHeirOfSlytherinTales of the Death Hunters: Shades of Anger: Fury

31st August 2014:
Dan! I am pushing through a migraine to read this, that's how nervously excited I am. I mean it, I'm so very nervous for the team going against Jugson. *hates him so much* But I have faith! :D

(And the knowledge that you won't let Harry die... then again, that could also be faith. ;))

Harry is so stubborn it's a little scary. I don't want him to get hurt and he's making it really hard to not want to swipe the back of his head when he's so determine to go against the bad guy. But it's also one of the reasons I love him, mostly when he does it so others don't have to. When vengeance is on his mind, I revert to swiping the back of his head.

The cloak! It got better! I never wondered about that, but it's a cool idea. And very useful for an Auror.

Duels and the house changing and the poor team injured and Neville being tortured and Harry's visions and memories and Jugson and... wow. That was seriously intense and awesome and... and... I just have a lot of feelings. I won't bore you with the long list, but rest assured there are a lot that all add up to me thinking this story was just fantastic to read and I loved it so much and I'm so excited for the next thing you write because everything just gets better and better and I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS OVER, WHAT WILL I DO WITH LIFE???

The end - Oh, Harry. But go Ginny for being so understanding and caring and listening to him talk.

Seriously! loved this!


Author's Response: Sam! Always a pleasure! Sorry about your headache. I hope you felt better really soon!

I could never let Harry die. Well, not until the end of the epilogue of CoB, that is. And only then for a good reason.

You're not the only one who wants to slap Harry and tell him to stop being so obstinate. Ron definitely wouldn't mind a go at it, along with Justin and Susan. It's just the way he is. I tried hard to work in the theme of vengeance throughout the chapter, since it comes back to haunt him at the end.

I had this weird flash of head canon when I was writing chapter 2 that maybe the cloak would be even better now that Harry had mastered all three Hallows. Don't know where it came from, but I like it.

An awful lot happens after they enter the house, to the point where I worried that it was too busy. But I did like the intensity. I don't know quite how to respond to that synopsis of your feelings, so I'll just say thank you! It's awesome to have someone as talented and enthusiastic as yourself in my corner. I always appreciate all of your thoughts and feedback. Again, thanks! :)

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Review #31, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBeat It: He's back

15th August 2014:

Jason and Roxanne finally got together... and then you took it away with 'we can't do this, can we?' Ripped my heart out! ...Like they'll be apart for very long. I know this... I know this.


Shh... I can dream.

I'm so glad he's okay. And I'm even more glad that I know what will happen to him, otherwise I'd be crying over that last sentence. Crying.

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: YES! THEY FINALLY GOT TOGETHER!!! And then I ruined everything haha I'm sorry! You know everything! You know all of my plans.


You can dream and I can too. I NEED IT!

*nods* Aw *hugs*

Thank you Sam! :D

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Review #32, by TheHeirOfSlytherinIn The Hogshead: In The Hogsgead

12th August 2014:
Hey! Sam here for the August a Review Exchange.

Whoa! I did not expect that ending. I mean, I expected something, the whole thing was heartbreakingly sad. But not the end. I genuinely thought it was during GoF, that it was before he died and maybe she didn't want him to go into the maze. Then BAM, plot twist!

As sad as it was, I loved it. It was different. It being a dream was the most heartbreaking part, knowing that awake there was nothing she could do to help Cedric or make him stay. That him staying would always be a lie. That she could only join him. Ah, kinda want to cry for them right now.

In terms of constructive criticism, I suggest maybe redding through this again. To fix the line breaks that shouldn't be there. Mostly it was okay, there was just a couple of instances when I was confused as to who was speaking and when.

I really enjoyed this!


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Review #33, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBlessing in Disguise: Unwanted Visitors

12th August 2014:
Audrey and Ciaran are definitely against the Hufflepuff stereotype. I loved the AVPM reference. :D

SHE SNUCK OUT! Ouch. That's not very nice of a Hufflepuff. I wonder what Percy will think when he wakes up and finds her gone. He's not stupid, he'll know she snuck out.

I love the relationship between Audrey and Duncan. I love Duncan. I just love.

BILL! HONEY, IM HOME! *squishes Bill* I missed you, Bill.

Haha! He's so bad! Man, I love it. I'll hurt her if she hurts him, but I love it.


...I just have a lot of feelings.


Author's Response: Oh they so are! They're clearly the best Hufflepuffs though.

SHE DID! She's not a nice Hufflepuff at all, she looks out for herself haha. Poor Percy, having to wake up alone.

Hhaha Bill missed you too!

I'm so glad that you loved this! and you have a lot of feelings :D

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Review #34, by TheHeirOfSlytherinAlways, For You: Maps

12th August 2014:
Hey, Kyle!

Such an interesting chapter. I'm glad Louis is okay and that he's starting to get somewhere with finding Garrett. The map sounds like a perfect idea, I just hope it works!

Nicholas should learn to think before he speaks. But I quite like him. Mostly because of the name. :D

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Nicholas is a very judgemental person. But he has some reasons to dislike Louis' journey. I might make a spin off one shot for that story as it doesn't fit well in here.
Yhe next chapter will have some really cool magic in it and some of it is going to be dark magic. :/ for the greater good though. :)
Garret will be appearing in the next chapter also, or yhe one after that. Depending how long I wish to make it.
Thanks Sam :-)

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Review #35, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBeat It: They Needed This

12th August 2014:

Hehe, he's so naughty. There needs to be more of that. ;)

Yes! She loves him! YES! FREAKING YES! *squishes them both* Ahh, that made me so very happy. I need more, they need to always be together now, they need...

That. :P


Best, most infuriating end to a chapter ever! :P


Author's Response: THEY'RE HERE!!

He is! I agree!

She does love him! She loves him so much :D *squishes them too* I'm so glad that they make you happy. They make me happy too.

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!! They'll have more moments soon, I promise!

Thanks Sam! :D

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Review #36, by TheHeirOfSlytherinI'll Never Let You Have Her: She Returns

12th August 2014:
Awkward morning after! And Horatio is angry! I wouldn't be around him right now. Hungover and mad at Louis. *sneaks out of the house*

Aww, breakfast together with Sam. As much as I love Loratio, I must admit they do make an adorable family. And she bought the baby a toy. Totally scooping up brownie points there.

Oh, my God... SHES BACK!

I was beginning to think she wasn't, that everything you told me was just a horrible nightmare and this was actually much happier. But no, here she is and trouble will come... I can't wait!

Awww, Loratio are back! Louis really needed that hug. And I'm so glad. Horatio will be there for him, just like always.

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: AWKWARD!! Oh yes, Horatio is very angry, I wouldn't want to be be around him either *sneaks out with you and watches from a window*

Haha they do make an adorable family, and Rachel is a nice person, she doesn't think twice about doing things like that. WHY DID I MAKE HER SO NICE?!

YES! SHE'S BACK!! BOOO HISSS!!! *Throws all of the things*

It's sadly not a horrible nightmare :( She is back and here to make life difficult!

Loratio is back! But for how long... who knows?! Louis will always have Horatio.

Thanks Sam!! :D

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Review #37, by TheHeirOfSlytherinI'll Never Let You Have Her: Things Could Have Been Different

12th August 2014:

THE MASSAGE AND THE SONG AND ALL THE FEELS!!! Seriously that was all so perfect and lovely and GAH I LOVE THEM SO VERY MUCH. DAMN IT, MOLLY AND RACHEL! Why must they be so nice? (Though you have your Molly epiphany, Horatio has still lost his chance because of Rachel.)

Hehe, Louis is a funny drunk. *loves him so, so much* I just want to hug him and never let go.


That was a lot of caps lock, but I'm not sorry, because I am so excited and cannot wait for more!

Next chapter!


Author's Response: SAM!!!

I KNOW! THE MASSAGE! THERE WERE MOMENTS!! haha I'm glad that you enjoyed the moments, there shall be so many coming up mwahahaha.

I know, right?! Damn them!

I love Louis drunk, I need to write him drunk more often, he's a very loving and happy drunk bless him. :D *joins in the hug*

Oh those two don't need much to give in to their feelings!


Thank you so much Sam!! :D

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Review #38, by TheHeirOfSlytherinHandle With Care: Meeting Charlie

12th August 2014:
Charlie and Rita! What have you done to me? Yes, I ask! Because I ship them! I have ideas for them! And it's because of you! So I had to read this! And I'm loving it already! :D

A very intriguing start, how they first met. And then to years later! I wanna know the bits in between!!! Not knowing is killing me. Why is it killing me, I hear you ask. Well, I'm glad you asked. I'll tell you why it's killing me. BECAUSE CHARLIE HAS A WEDDING RING!!! *faints*

Can you tell I'm excited? Are you scared? I don't blame you. WEDDING RING!



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Review #39, by TheHeirOfSlytherinJust Seventeen: Victoire's Goodbye

12th August 2014:
Back to the beginning... Epilogue time!

Aww, look at them, so innocently naive. They don't know what's in store for them. And if these best friends are the best friends referred to in the prologue, I already don't like them. Can I not like them? Because I like Vic, but only in this story. It's new and weird, but I'm gonna run with it because I know things. ;)

James is awesome! And I'm so glad to see him talking to Scorpius. In my head Scorpius becomes friends with both brothers and eventually marries Lily, but I see him being that little bit closer to James. So it was cool to see them talking here. :D

I wonder if they manage to get to the concert.

I look for forward to reading more!


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Review #40, by TheHeirOfSlytherinJust Seventeen: Prologue

12th August 2014:
Oh, my God! I don't usually care for Victoire or stories about her because I'm not Teddy/Victoire fan. But since it's yours (and you're awesome) and you've told me bits about it, I just had to read and... poor Victoire! Having all the blame forced in her, to be treated so badly. I just can't imagine it, or I don't want to.

The way you wrote this, it was so lovely and sad that I kind if just want to cry. For Victoire. I want things to be okay. I hope things will be okay.

I'm a little scared to click next...


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Review #41, by TheHeirOfSlytherinStarfall: Prologue

12th August 2014:
Twice I've read this now and it still reduces me to a tear... or two... or three. My love for the Potter boys are basically my reason for existing and now... Harry. Poor, baby Harry.

I just... GAH, I need to know what possessed her to do this. You seriously have no idea just how happy I am to be betaing this. :P (...Not that I planned it.)

I'm just so sad right now. But I'm also so happy it's up and I can't wait to know more!


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Review #42, by TheHeirOfSlytherinJordan & Parsons: C is for Coffee, Criminals and a Catastrophe

12th August 2014:
This just gets better and better. I am seriously loving where this is going. I'm literally on the edge of my seat, wondering what's going to happen next. (Okay, metaphorically, I'm actually lying across the seat. But that's beside the point. :P)

Poor Roxanne. It must have suck to choose her cousin over her friend, even if said friend deserved it. And he knew! My poor Albus. *squishes him* Can I like Alicia a little less? *is too much of an Albus fan*

I hope Leanne gets the job at Bludger. And she is right, Alicia is a little crazy for agreeing to Thierry's wishes.

Sophie's plan is awesome! It would definitely generate more business... if they still have a business after this.

Who is the Marin? I need to know! GAH, I'm so excited!!!



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Review #43, by TheHeirOfSlytherinJordan & Parsons: B is for Babies, Blasphemy and a (Nervous) Breakdown

12th August 2014:
The plot thickens! I love it! Oh, my God, I don't know where to start gushing, I just want to do this - ASDFGHJKL, AH!!!

What is Thierry getting her into? I understand his reasons for going to her, for wanting to know if a baby is really yours or if you're just being used, but to break the law to do it instead of asking... It makes me so happy. (Yes, I did really just say that! :D)

I wonder what Albus will say when/if he finds out that Thierry wants to use his new business to break the law and that he's willing to give her money to buy him out. I quite like Thierry, though. Are we meant to like him? I like him anyway.

And I love Nick! The more I read him, the more I do! :O What did he do for Alicia?

Breaking into the Ministry. I wish them luck!



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Review #44, by TheHeirOfSlytherinJordan & Parsons: A is for Adultery, Awkwardness and Albus Potter

12th August 2014:
ISOBEL!!! I'm here, finally here!

It's so cool to read about the kids of minor characters - and to, hopefully, see a little more of said minor characters - and I can't wait to find out more about Alicia, her family and her job. Working with Albus shall be interesting, even as a silent partner - if their past is so bad.

The team! They sound awesome! GAH, I love what they do already. And Nick Creevey - son a Dennis, I assume - a criminal! A Creevey! I think that's my favorite part of this story so far! :P

:O She cheated? On Albus? EVIL! Can I hope he did or will get her back for that? Sorry, but NO ONE messes with Albus... I love that he's a teacher by the way. What subject?



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Review #45, by TheHeirOfSlytherinRemembering Dorcas Meadowes: Explosions and Light

25th July 2014:
Hello! Here from the review tag!

As soon as saw Dorcas, I knew I had to read this. And man, am I glad I did. I can easily see her as the mouthy one, back talk and sass and doing everything on her own terms. I loved that the whole time I was reading this.

The end! Oh god, the end was perfect! I'm so glad she died on her own terms, not screaming but satisfied she would be remembered, even if it meant doing it herself. To want to be killed by Voldemort himself made me think of her as brave and good and even a little reckless, but able to hold her own, and that totally showed with the way she handled her death.

I really enjoyed this!


Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked this, Sam-wich! Thanks for the kind review you left before retreating to your Sam-castle!

Sorry. :)

Until next time,

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Review #46, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDramione Lust: In The Library

24th July 2014:
Hey! I'm here for the Slytherin Review Exchange. Chose Dramione. It's been so long since I read Dramione. I find myself not disappointed.

That it happened in the library, Hermione's place silence, homework and book worship, is scandalous! And I loved it. A scandalous action deserves a scandalous place.

I also loved that their characters hadn't suddenly changed. It was a weird situation, filled with teenage horomones and the line between love and hate blurred for a reckless moment, but in essence I felt like this was Draco and Hermione. Maybe not this situation, in my head, though after Hogwarts is fair game. This is just my opinion, I can only write Harry properly out of the main characters, but I think it was done awesomely.

The end as great. I could totally see them coming to Hermione's rescue and threatening to hurt him.

All in all, I really enjoyed this!


P.S I answered your review for The Fire Inside and I think you'll like my response. :)

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Review #47, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBlessing in Disguise: Unplanned

22nd July 2014:

Sorry. I'm calm... I love Audrey already. She's so sassy and hateful of the world, reminds me a little of Frankie. And Frankie is awesome, so Audrey automatically is, too. True story.

I lied. I'm not calm... BILL! My husband is here! Isn't he dreamy? *happy sigh* (Yes, I did just refer to him as dreamy. I regret nothing.)

I still don't know exactly what she sees in Percy, he's just an enigma. People weirdly want him. Not me... some people. :P

Haha, I can totally imagine her hiding alcohol around the cafe. Who wouldn't? *innocent whistle*

He came back for her! OMG, going back to his flat! And she thinks it's a line (it's totally a line) and making out!

Can't wait for the morning after! Great chapter!



Haha, stay calm, even though I'm totally not calm in the slightest!! I'm so glad that you love Audrey and she is sassy and so hateful of the world. Awww yay! Frankie! They would be awesome friends! Haha true story indeed!

:P Your husband has arrived! And he is so dreamy and here to stay! More of him in the future chapters! I hope you love him in the next chapter.

Haha, I can see that too, Audrey can keep him though, the Weasley I have my eye on is Charlie. :P

HE DID COME BACK FOR HER! And it was totally a line!

Can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter! :D

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Review #48, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWolf Calling: Some Family Time

13th July 2014:
The last current chapter...

The more I read, the more I love Louis. He's so dedicated, to his work and to his friends (when the two don't intersect). And I know that can be a bad thing, I hope he finds some time to wind down a little, but he's doing something that could - if it worked - help a lot of people who will probably want it, so all I wanna do is hug him and love him.

Family dinner at the Burrow. Inevitable. I'm glad Frank isn't talking to Lily. He really needs to figure out what he wants to do before he talks to her, and I suspect he's either feeling guilty about yelling or is still angry with her. Maybe both.

Go Louis for not telling.

I knew he wouldn't be there long. And I was wondering when Elsie would come back. Say what you have to say and move on - that's the way to do it. She is right, since they still work together and all. I do wonder what will happen between them, though... if anything will ever happen.

What it the werewolf they were chasing?

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: I'm so thrilled that you're enjoying Wolf Calling! :D I haven't been able to write much, though the next chapter partway written. I've just been writing more OF than fanfic. I've actually quit writing fanfic, though I haven't quit writing Wolf Calling. I still plan on finishing Wolf Calling, and actually I'm thinking after I get back from LeakyCon in a couple weeks that I'll shift my muse back to this fic and dive in to complete writing it. I'll have more time to do so, too. Thanks again for reading and reviewing! Hope you continuing enjoying once I start posting new chapters again.

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Review #49, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWolf Calling: To Craft a Hypothesis

13th July 2014:
I love Thomas. He's a cool character and a good mentor. Encouraging rather than flat out saying no. I hope that if/when Louis strengthens his hypothesis, Thomas is able to get the board to say yes.

Elsie is all up and down, saying one thing to others than another to Louis. Never mind him, I'm confused. :P I'd ignore her, too, at least until I'd figured out something to say or do to explain myself, so I don't hold it against Louis for doing the same.

I like Michael, too. Encouraging Louis' hypothesis and having him consider a promotion. Making the potions would be useful, both for him as experience and, of course, the patients. I think he'll take it, given who he is as a person. He'd be quite good at it.

Fleur is starting to scare me a little, but I love it because it's just how I imagine her. Now for dinner with family; poor Louis. :P


Great chapter!


Author's Response: Louis has a lot going on and things will continue to be thrown in his way, but he'll learn to get through it all in the end. As for Elsie, well she can't make up her mind and that's only confusing Louis. Louis doesn't like being confused so he's burying himself in work to distract himself from her. Ah, the werewolf... :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #50, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWolf Calling: If You Can't Find 'Em

13th July 2014:
As interesting as it would have been to see what might happen between Louis and Elsie after that kiss, I'm glad they pushed it to the back of their mind to focus on their job. I'm all for romance, but I prefer a good mystery, a story that has me thinking (and a little scared for these kids), and this is an awesome one. I need to know what's happening the more I read.

Although referring to it, as with Elsie having Louis go to his own desk and his what the hell, is a nice touch. It's not just going to be forgotten in the story. (I don't want it to be.) :D

I knew it! I knew the werewolf would be unregistered. As much as I want to know who's doing this, it wouldn't be as awesome a mystery if there weren't some twists and everything was easy. Now they must dig deeper. It's awesome!

Poor Frank. I feel so sorry for him, he needs a hug. I know what I said in the last review, and he should tell her, because at least then he'd know where he stood and be able to move on or be with her, but personally I hope he moves on. Lily clearly can't see it and I don't think she deserves him.

A cure to lycanthropy? I'm intrigued and skeptical and also confident in Louis' ability to at least try. I wonder if he can manage it...

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Of course what happened between Elsie and Louis won't be forgotten, but I'm not about to make it easy for them, either. I've got to throw some obstacles out there. Make them work toward building a relationship before actually tossing them in one. Yeah, definitely didn't want the werewolf to be registered. It made more sense. And I totally feel bad doing this to Frank, but what only hurts you makes you stronger, eh. Thanks for reviewing!

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