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Review #26, by TheHeirOfSlytherinmisguided ghosts: veni.

19th March 2015:
You just go straight in there with the sensitive topics. I click and bam, Ron has a (very reasonable and probably correct) drinking problem. I love it, which is probably a very weird thing to say, but it's real life and that's what I love about your stories. So yeah, I love the issues you've put in this story - heck, this first chapter - and I look forward to seeing how they are overcome or worked through.

I hope Ron is or will be okay, though. He is awesome.

Rose could totally help with the hospital idea, I hope. It's a good one.

So much has happened in such a small part. A friend is dead, James is involved I think. Did I get that right? And Albus was held at random... or almost. By Pansy Parkinson of all people. She's still trying to mess with things, I see. Only getting five years for messing with a Potter? She must be lucky.

Albus/Destiny sound so sweet together. The way she sits and watches him perform.

I can't decide who I love more - Hugo/Lysander or Scorpius/Lysander. It must be Lysander. He's so cool. :D

James and Fred. They make me smile and I haven't even seen much of them yet.

Oooh, I do not like Healer Adams. He sounds like such a douche. As a superior, I imagine he has the right to not take matters further if they don't have merit, but as a healer he should at least listen to others for ways to help patients. I'd be angry, too.

Rose can totally take things into her own hands. I look forward to seeing how she handles everything.

Can't wait for the next chapter!


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Review #27, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWake up, Rose.: The Nightmare Before Christmas

19th March 2015:
Oooh. Fighting over Rose. I get the feeling that's not going to go over too well later. Considering how embarrassed she is now. Though I'm not sure how I feel about Albus trying to defend her when he's the one who started it all.

I totally don't blame Scorpius for not wanting to come out to talk to her. I mean, I want them to talk, but she keeps being rude and interrupting him when he tries. So I don't blame him.

Don't think he's a good guy either. He's just also not a bad guy. Important distinction... I think. It's 4am, I may not be using the right words right now. :D

Evan... why is he important enough to be mentioned? ...WHAT DID HE DO?

Christmas with the Weasleys sounds terrifying when you're avoiding family members. I'd stick with Harry... or hide behind him. No one messes with Harry.

...Where's Hugo?

Oh, thank God for Teddy. I hope Evan and anyone else who goes after Hugo gets what's coming to them. Because I really wanna hurt him right now.

But then, youíve got to consider the fact that I donít care in the slightest. - I giggled for, like, five whole minutes because best line ever.

Rose should tell. I would. I'd whisper it, like a rumor. Have people wonder and talk about them. That would be so much worse than outright tattling... That sounds mean. My stream of consciousness is a total douche... especially when they deserve it.

I am very much looking forward to the next chapter and the story as a whole, especially everything with Rose and Scorpius. And Hugo, Lysander and the bullies. I love where the story is going and the characters and I can't wait to read more!


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Review #28, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWake up, Rose.: The Outsiders

18th March 2015:
See before, with my little giggle about Hugo and Lysander, it was because I wanted it and it made me smile thinking about them (because I have a story with them as a main pairing ♥). Now I have them AND I KNEW IT, I JUST TOTALLY KNEW IT AND I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW. YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Judging from the caps, you probably have some idea...


Feeling a little sorry for Demi. Not completely sorry because HUGO/LYSANDER. But a little sorry.

She threatened them. Granted, she threatened them with Freddie and James. But still. They need to be punished. *punishes them in my head*

Hey, it's Scorpius. He's a thing. I didn't imagine him... I felt like he was gone a long time, that's how much I missed him. :P

I wanna know what he wants to say. I kinda feel like I can guess, but I don't want to... yet. Not until I'm absolutely sure. But he's so adorable when he's nervous. :P And then she laughs in his face. :(

Sad times. I wonder how much of what she said to him will end up being a lie if she actually sits down and talks to him. Because no, I don't believe the last few years have been completely his fault either.

Oooh, Scorpius' PoV. I feel like their entire feud, if you want to call it that, could have been avoided if he'd replied with something else when she recognized him. Not that he didn't have a right to defend himself if she had said something more, because what Draco told him was right in my opinion, but assumptions make such messy business.

Next chapter, I think.


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Review #29, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWake up, Rose.: The Art of Getting By

18th March 2015:
I feel so sad for Rose. In chapter one they're like best friends and now they've really betrayed her trust. I like how you've set it up, though. The anger and the hurt and then finally letting hit her by crying when she goes to see Hugo. I can see that being her reaction.

By the way, HUGO!!! ♥ So I love Hugo. Not as much as Theo, but pretty damn close. I love how you wrote him, that they're not so close but close enough for her to talk to him. And nobody does Sundays, Sundays are evil. I'd stay in bed and listen to music, too... In fact, I do. Probably why I like Hugo so much! :D

I hope Hugo at least hits Albus. Hex them both. Spikes their drink. Just a thought I have. ;)

Uh oh. They're not in Sweden. I'm sad that they don't seem to get why Rose is so mad. Yeah, Hugo should definitely spike their drinks and see how they like it. I bet they'd be sorry then.

Nonverbal magic. Rose is kind of scary when she's mad. Albus and Dom should totally have been in the classroom for that. :P

Hugo and Lysander sitting in a tree... Haha! Sorry. :P

Heís poetic and an artistic genius and he has that whole introspective vibe to him. - Best description of Hugo ever. Everyone should totally love him.

Dun, dun, dun. I wonder how the friends would take knowing...



P.S. I should probably have said this sooner, but my reviews can get really really rambly. Like, stream of consciousness. I should apologize for that. :P

P.P.S. Who doesn't love a conflicted artist played by Freddie Highmore?

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Review #30, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWake up, Rose.: It's Kind of a Funny Story.

18th March 2015:
Oooh. So what happened at the end of chapter one did happen...? And it clearly didn't end well if she's in the hospital because of potions and alcohol. And... did Albus give it to her? Damn, man, what was he thinking? Or anyone who did do it (because I like Albus and don't want him to have done that to Rose, even if he didn't mean for her to drink).

No. Scorpius. What was he going to say? But I agree, he could totally prove to her that he's not who she thinks. Change is good, as my creative writing lecturer likes to say. I can't wait to see how that progresses.


Double murder can't be that much worse of a sentence than plain old homicide, can it? - I think she should do it anyway.

I'm very curious as to how Albus and Dom might try and fix this. Becuase I refuse to let Rose forgive them if they're gonna make excuses. What they did was really messed up, whether he was telling the truth or not.

I like her friends. They're honest. There's definitely something between Rose and Scorpius even if she doesn't want to admit it. I think what Ron said to her in the epilogue made her think they should hate each other. But it's totally not true. Just totally not. :D

I loved this chapter so much, even though I am raging over Albus and Dom a little. I'd say much harsher things if I could.



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Review #31, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWake up, Rose.: Wake up.

17th March 2015:

Well, I should be finishing an assignment for school. So naturally I am here. :D

Anyway... I love this. Not so much because of the pairing - though I love Rose/Scorpius, too, don't worry about that - but because of the backstories for the Next Generation. Everyone writes them so differently, even when some traits are the same, and I love finding out different headcanons and such. So this first chapter was really exciting for me to read.

Did that sound as nerdy out loud as it did in my head? :P

I love Rose. How she can laugh and joke with her family and friends, but can also be serious when it matters. Like, for school and stuff. The whole not needing a guy bit was particularly cool, though that kind of got thrown out of the window - along with sobriety - at the end. :P

Although, judging from the chapter title and the fast pace of the end, going from hating Scorpius to... doing other things, makes me wonder if it was a dream. Or if any of it is a dream? I'm so curious now. I must now.

Albus is cool. And an awesome Slytherin captain, if I do say so myself. :D I look forward to seeing more of him in the story.

Onwards, I think... after my assignment is done, of course. ;)


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Review #32, by TheHeirOfSlytherincover story: one.

17th March 2015:
Oh, my God. STOP WRITING SUCH AMAZING STORIES WITH THE BEST PAIRINGS. ITS DISTRACTING... No, don't. I love it too much and I don't want to start listening to my film lecture.

I love the different take on HBP. I didn't quite expect you to take this route, though I didn't come here with any expectations to be honest. I was quite happy to be surprised. AND I WAS AND IT WAS GREAT.

What does Draco need Harry's help with, I wonder... ;)


Of course he agreed. He's such a goody goody.

I'm so excited to see where you take this. LIKE, MORE EXCITED THAN YOU KNOW. Can't wait for the next chapter.

My name is Sam and I am a Drarry addict. ;)

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Review #33, by TheHeirOfSlytherinslytherin will rise: you and me

16th March 2015:

This was amazing. I don't know who the characters, if I'm even supposed to, but I don't mind that. Even without names or anything, I can tell just how close they are. Slytherins sticking together and looking for a better world than what other people show them just because of their house - that's how I see the appeal of Voldemort's regime, at least in the beginning. You captured the appeal really well.

And then the end, when the main character realizes it's not what they'd thought it would be. The war and just wanting to survive, it hits the Slytherins really hard I think. I loved how you wrote. So sad that the one they were close to died, though. At least I think they died. To them on the ground after talking about protecting them, I'm scared to think how the main character carried on during the war.

I enjoyed this so much!


Author's Response: Hi Sam!

Oh gosh, thank you so much for this review! I'm pleased that you liked it. I don't have particular characters in my head for these two Snakes, but I'm glad that didn't bother you. You really picked up a lot about them though!

Thank you again :)


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Review #34, by TheHeirOfSlytherinYou and Me: You and Me

16th March 2015:
LOUIS AND DARCY AS PARENTS. Oh, I can see it now. The poor, adorable child. :P

Of course Darcy would completely work herself into a bucket full of crazy negatives only for Louis to be excited and happy and thrilled and... I think that's enough. :P

Hold the phone... What if this doesn't work and we break up again? - Again? No, wait, that wasn't right. AGAIN??? Either I've forgotten something in a Spoonful of Sugar or I'm going to be very sad about what's to come... Thank God for this one-shot.

I loved this so much! I'm so glad you wrote and posted it!


Author's Response: YAY LOUIS AND DARCY AS PARENTS! Haha. Their child actually shows up in Holding On if you ever want to see what he's like when he's nineteen!
As we both know, Darcy isn't the best at expressing her feelings, and would rather imagine the worst possible scenario for how things will turn out instead of being rational. Thank goodness she has Louis there to calm her down!
Don't get too worried about A Spoonful of Sugar! Like I said before, since Darcy has issues with talking about how she feels, and has a tendency to run away from relationships that get too serious, and I think she and Louis would break up and get back together once or twice. (Or more accurately, she would break up with Louis and he'd wait for her to calm down and come back to him. He just knows her so well!) I think I have a line in this story about them dating on and off for a few years, which is why she talks about them breaking up again. But once she finds out she's pregnant, they're going to stay together, and be very happy! :)
I'm so glad you liked this one-shot, Sam! I think I'm getting addicted to writing Darcy and Louis, so you'll probably get more of them soon! Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #35, by TheHeirOfSlytherinchang(e): a changing chang

15th March 2015:

Seriously, I'm so happy right now. I just love how he's slowly bringing himself back into the Wizarding world; he has a life and friends (that I hope never leave) and everything is good. And I just loved what he did for the homeless. That was so sweet.

Still picking a name. I imagine finding the perfect name is hard, especially in Chang's situation. I love the name my mum gave me (the short version anyway) and yet I still change it often.

(Slightly off topic, but I have a banner for the banner challenge and it literally inspired a full story about trans Cho thanks to you and he chooses the name Kai because it means victory or open in Chinese and that's how I imagine Chang is feeling once he's himself and I wanted you to know since trans Cho is from you.)

Anyway, Michael! Michael sounds so nice and cool and I really hope he doesn't take things badly when - if Chang - tells him the truth about himself.

TRANS GINNY!!! I can totally see it and I love it. Especially Molly being so happy to have a daughter. I can just imagine the Weasley being very supportive from the get-go. They wouldn't be the Weasleys if they weren't. Well, I can imagine her brothers each taking it a little differently, so I'll say it wouldn't be Molly and Arthur if they weren't. I'm glad Chang now has a friend to go to, someone who understands.

Ooh, Michael. He told him and I think I spoke too soon about him taking things well... Now I hope he comes back.



Author's Response: AHH HI WOW HOW QUICK WAS THIS REVIEW OH MY GOSH?!?! (also, pro tip to do the little heart things you put & hearts ; (without the spaces) :p ♥

names are hard to come up with for sure. I know if I ever had to I'd have a hard time of it. alas, I DO have a name in mind for chang though. I hope it works in the grand scheme of things ♥

(wow oh my gosh I feel so priviledged I absolutely can't wait for you to write it so I can read it!! kai is such a great name for chang I wish I'd thought of that one haha)

Michael is so nice and lovely and it kind of broke my heart to have to write that final scene but it's unfortunately not all sunshines and daisies being trans and I felt like my story was going a little TOO easy on Chang. I'm not going to ruin whether or not he comes back but I can assure you that by the end of the series (it's only going to be 3 chapters, so next chapter) Chang will be a very very happy man.

ahh trans ginny has to be the greatest inclusion in this story. I can't thank kayla enough for putting the idea in my head thanks to one of her blog posts! I feel like maybe trans ginny would be a cool series to explore after I'm done writing this one.

thank you for being so overly supportive of this series right from the get go! I love it ♥

- jess, xo


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Review #36, by TheHeirOfSlytherinpectus draconis: dragonfire.

13th March 2015:

Oh, my God. This was amazing. And brilliant. And however many other words you can think of to describe it. I wonder what his name was before, and I'm glad he was the one to pick Draco. It's just so fitting for him, something he'd do.

And I love how quick Lucius was to support him and help build his reputation. You can doubt him as a good man, but you can't really doubt him as a father. That he loves Draco anyway.

Drarry! They totally happened. Totally. And I can so imagine them happening as you wrote it. I love how it follows canon and Harry can't look at him after the bathroom scene, even though that also makes me sad. He just can't go back to Ginny now. It's Drarry time.

Seriously. I loved this so much. :D


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Review #37, by TheHeirOfSlytherinI'll Never Let You Have Her: Stranger

11th March 2015:

Stinky Freya, stinky Freya. Ugh, I don't want her to come back. I want her to go away. I love that Horatio teaches Sam that stuff, even if it is wrong. He preaches the truth. And everyone knows it. Soon Freya will show her true colors by doing something horrible. You just know it.

LORATIO!!! Stop fighting. Or fight then make out - Er, make up... No, I was right first time.

Rachel. Damn. I almost forgot about her. She snuck up on us, that girl. I bet Louis and Horatio would have kissed if she hadn't come in. *knows this*

I loved this so much. I need more and more and more!!!


Author's Response: *hugs* So so many feelings!

Freya is so stinky! I agree. I don't want her to come back either. She needs to stay away from Louis, Samantha and Horatio. Of course Horatio is going to teach Sam that stuff, he shouldn't but he can't stop himself from doing it.

She will so show her true colours soon. We both know it.

Yes! They need to stop fighting! And definitely make out... all the time.

I know! I keep forgetting she's there, then she pops up and I think... "Oh, yeah, Louis has a girlfriend. Whoops." Of course they would have! Haha

Yay! I'm so glad that you loved this! More is coming soon! :D

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Review #38, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWren: Wren

8th March 2015:
Forgive me for not reviewing this the moment I read it. I pushed aside all my James headcanon because I enjoyed it so much.

Anyway, after everything that had happened to Harry and Ginny when they were kids, I just knew they'd be supportive and loving. They've seen intolerance and don't see them ever letting it into their house, no matter how much they might not understand. I think you wrote that brilliantly. And I loved Lily's reaction to wanting a sister, it's just so... innocent in a way, I think. She's just excited to have a sister, but it must mean so much to [James].

I'd definitely be called Your Majesty. If anyone can pull that name off, it's [James]. Boy or girl. :P

Wren. I love the name she chooses. It's unusual and cool and perfect, like she is.

I'm kinda really glad you picked James. It took a while for me to push aside my headcanon for him, because he's someone I write quite a bit, but reading this allowed me to see James in a different light and appreciate his character so much more. Boy or girl, I love James so much. So I love your choice. :D


Author's Response: omg no forgive me for not responding I'm actually so hopeless

It was actually really hard to push away all my headcanon for this particular version because I've got a real strong HC for him but I think it worked out quite well :)

Yeah, I felt like that as well! And I feel like they'd raise their kids to be really accepting of others and that it's not what gender/race/sexuality that matters but the person that they are :)

And I did a bit of reading about people coming out and saw that there was someone who had reacted like that in finding out that their sibling was transgender, and I could just imagine Lily reacting that way!

Haha, I only picked the name Wren because it on the banner from the banner challenge :P Glad you like it though!

Thank you for your lovely review! Sorry it took me so long to respond! ♥

- Kayla :)

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Review #39, by TheHeirOfSlytherinPIG.: PIG.

7th March 2015:
I am suddenly feeling slightly less hatred toward Dudley... how did you do that? I see the angst, what Dudley might have thought. And I feel so sorry for both boys now. Like, it was Vernon and Petunia's fault. I blame them, I always did. But now it's just them and Dudley gets a stern telling off.

I really enjoyed reading this. It was awesome!


Author's Response: Sam!

I do blame Vernon and Petunia. When Dudley hesitates to say bye to Harry in the books when they leave him that spoke so much to me. After Harry saved him I think things turned around for Dudley. I think he would have been confused still but he at least respected his cousin and might have wanted to establish a relationship with him. I think Dudley was jealous of Harry too because like Petuina he would have been interested in magic (come on, what little boy or girl wouldn't be)? And even though Harry had nothing he was still everything Dudley was not. I just don't think Dudley was a villain, you know?

I'm glad you enjoyed the story and you saw Dudley in a different light. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #40, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThe New Creative Arts Department: that time when i started a newspaper

6th March 2015:
Oh, honey. This is the arts department. No one here cares. - Quite possibly my favorite line in the entire chapter. :P

I know it's a stereotype, but it's one that tends to have merit. Plus it was just funny.

I loved this chapter so much and I'm very excited to see where this story goes. I love the idea of a creative arts department in Hogwarts. I'd totally take the class.

I couldn't not come to yours and Joey's story. :D


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Review #41, by TheHeirOfSlytherinnot like other girls: one.

4th March 2015:
So I finally posted my transgender story and then I went searching for some to read and immediately thought of you. Because you are awesome and I was hopeful. I was not disappointed.

This is only chapter one and I'm so happy right now. I love Charis. She's fun and cool and just awesome. To stay up with Lucy and her distaste for a fitness god and no one touches the stash. She's, like, my new favorite person. And while Albus/Scorpius is love, I will not say no to Scorpius/Lysander. :D

I can't to see more of Charis, Lucy and Lysander. Hopefully her not-pathetic dream of her and Albus and Scor and Kysander double-dating will come true. Until, then I must read all your other stories.


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Review #42, by TheHeirOfSlytherinChaos Theory: i. the introduction

4th March 2015:
Oh, my God. I have a new favorite story and it is called Chaos Theory.

I love Lucy. I'd much rather be her friend than Molly's. Not including the invasion of privacy or the scary love for education (seriously, who would care about an error and call it saving the exam?), Lucy is just so much cooler and has an awesome business. With her friends. I'd so love to be part of her business. :D

I love her friends already, especially Kit (so far). I can't wait to know more about them as the story continues.

I'm very excited right now!


Author's Response: oh my god I was not prepared to read this when I clicked onto the review! thank you so much bless you omg.

lucy is definitely the coolest sister. the molly/lucy dynamic and their feelings for each other are going to be explored much later in the novel but it's gonna be gooD I PROMISE. I would love to be part of that business too except I feel like I'm too goody-goody for that kind of stuff ;)

kit is one of my faves, I think! although I love orla as a character very much and love to physically write rowen. Hopefully people become more attatched to the others as I flesh them out!

honestly, thanks so much for this lovely review ily

- Jess, xo

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Review #43, by TheHeirOfSlytherinFind My Way: Nothing

3rd March 2015:
The more I read this, the more I love Albus' Friend (yes, thanks to Azid, Scorpius will now be called Albus' Friend until such a time it becomes inappropriate... like when I get to say Albus' Boyfriend :D). Not to his face, obviously; no doubt that'll make his desperate need for a hug even worse?

(Seriously, someone give him a hug.)

Does Albus really hate his friends? Like, I know he feels something because of Quidditch, I guess, but does he hate them? I hope they deserve it, otherwise sad times.

Theo's so cool. *Happy fangirl sigh*

ROSE/JIA IS SO BRILLIANT, THEY MUST ALWAYS BE TOGETHER. Jia totally cannot ever tease Scorpius for his love for Albus.



Author's Response: Hahah. Albus' friend. I can't even imagine the kinds of things that Albus complains about Scorpius. (I can. It's glorious.) Albus' boyfriend.. hahaha.

They need a hug. They should just hug each other.

He doesn't. I think it's complicated for him, and his feelings do get explained a bit later on, but he's in the mindset that his friends only like him because they feel obligated to. Obviously it isn't true, but.

Hahaha. I need to get him back into some of these new chapters.

I LOVE THEM. They could totally take over the world. (And no, she really cannot.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH SAM. I always get so happy to hear when you love things because you're such a good writer and it makes me fangirl a little. (or a lot. shush.)


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Review #44, by TheHeirOfSlytherinCall Me Charlotte: Call Me Charlotte

3rd March 2015:
I love Charlotte. Though Lorcan as a boy is a character I generally love, Charlotte is fun and cool and I totally would have loved to travel with her... as somone who tends to change their name often in real life (and has about four written down on his forums page), it would have been fun as well as fulfilling when finding the perfect name. :D

Roxanne was also awesome, I loved her and how amazing she was with Charlotte. Both when understanding her process of finding a name and just in general. I'm sensing I love a new ship.

I hope I get to see more of them one day. :D

This was amazing.


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Review #45, by TheHeirOfSlytherinDaydreaming: Daydreaming

1st March 2015:
Hahaha!!! I'd forgotten how much fun Dramiones can be. You had me in the beginning, I was starting to genuinely think this was one of those stories where they're just suddenly making out and I tend not to read the because they can get really OOC. Then BAM, he was dreaming and it was suddenly more awesome than I'd previously thought it might be.

I love the bit at the end, with him wondering about getting his head checked. Even the slight dig with the Mudblood comment - Draco Malfoy didn't disappear on us.

This was really great.


Author's Response: Haha, yes. That's exactly what I wanted readers to think, and then, as you say it, BAM, it's a dream. I had struggled with this story before I got the idea to make it a dream and it all kind of fell into place after that. I love the ending, too. I had to add in a little humor to balance it out. And I'm glad you approve of the Mudblood dig, some people don't like it, but it's Draco Malfoy, it's part of his characterization. It's something he pulls out when he's been upstaged or humiliated by Hermione, so I think it works perfectly in this situation when he's trying to hide his feelings from her.

Thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed my Dramionie!


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Review #46, by TheHeirOfSlytherinLove At First Sight: Did It Hurt When You Fell From Heaven?

22nd February 2015:
Thank you, my friend, for the joy that is this. My life now has meaning. And that meaning is - Albus is such a creeper. :P And here I thought it was Hugo. Ha! Hugo got nothing on Albus right now.

I think what I love most is that it's Scorpius' and Harper's fault. They must brave the consequences and save the poor girls from actually getting Albus' attention. :P

Harper and James sitting in a tree, Abigail comes to save our OTP.

...why a tree? I never understood that. Anyway...

I loved this so much! Seriously cannot stop giggling. :D

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Yay! You are welcome! :D Albus is so creepy, creepier than Hugo... is that even possible? Some of us wouldn't think so. Albus is helped along by the after effects of the potion. Hugo... it just comes naturally to him.

It is totally their fault! They can't blame anyone but themselves. :D And they are going to live with the consequences.

I don't understand why it's a tree either... it makes no sense at all!

I'm so glad that you love this so much! I really need to plan/write the rest... but I have so much to do already haha.

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Review #47, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBeat It: Never Can Say Goodbye

22nd February 2015:
Okay. First of all, I have a lot of feelings right now. Two, I know too much about your characters. For both reasons, this review will probably be really small.


I'd never wear that dress again if I was Roxanne. Too many memories. I'd cry every time I thought of James.

Aww, look at Jason. Being there for Roxanne, even going to the house and looking after the kids. No one can deny their love now.


Henry is so adorable. As is Lee. All the kids are.

UNCLE JASON! AHHH!!! *loves*

I'm still sad, but also a little happy. And I'll take the chocolates of forgiveness now.


Author's Response: You know everything about them! BUT YES THE SADNESS IS STRONG!!

I wouldn't wear it either. It's the James dress. There is no other worthy enough reason for her to wear it ever again. I'd cry too.

Jason is always going to be there for her. He loves her.

*Avoids them too, but you know! And I know you know, and you know you know*

I love Henry and Lee and Elliott and . all of them!!


Yay!! *gives all of the chocolate of forgiveness*

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Review #48, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBeat It: Hugo

22nd February 2015:
Richard needs to pay. And Hugo needs to wake up. Please wake him up. :(

I'm so proud of him for saving Scorpius. Wish it had ended differently, though. I hope Scorpius is okay.

I miss James. He's barely gone and I miss him so much. *huggles James*

Poor Roxanne. But at least she has Jason. And she does have him now, there is nothing she or anyone can say that will take him away from her. They're together forever and ever and ever.

Roxanne and Jason and Winston a happy family of three. At least until they get their Quidditch team of kids.


Author's Response: Richard does need to pay, he's a very bad man and he needs all the hurt that is heading his way.

Hugo needs to wake up. I'm glad that he has Scorpius too. I wish it had ended differently too. :(

I miss him too! *joins the huggles*

Yep, I'm glad that she has Jason too, he's not going to go without a fight.

Yep! They are a happy family of three. Until that Quidditch team happens.

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Review #49, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBeat It: What happened?

22nd February 2015:
Oh, thank God she's alright. I almost had a heart attack, thinking the worse. But she's fine, Jason's fine. Everyone had better be -

HUGO!!! ;(

No. Just no. No. No. No. I refuse to believe you. No.

No one else, though... right. You haven't taken someone else away from me.

JAMES!!! *cries*

I do not accept your chocolates of forgiveness. I must go away and cry now...

I love this story, I do. It's awesome and brilliant and any other words you wanna use. But there's only so much pain a Sam can take.


Author's Response: Yep, she's fine. Quite hurt, but fine all the same. Jason is fine

Hugo. I'm sorry! Please don't hate me!

I'm sorry! I hate what I've done to James. It's the worst thing I've ever done! :(

I'm sorry! Come back! *squishes*

Awww thank you so much husband!!! I'm sorry that I've broken you!

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Review #50, by TheHeirOfSlytherinBeat It: Wasps v Arrows

22nd February 2015:
Rituals and traditions are important. Silly right now, considering the threat they're under, but I understand Roxanne's need to go for her walk and right now I'm thinking she should go. Yes. Let her go...


Aww, finally! She knows it isn't true and now they get it on. (Totally did not since that last bit in the style of Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing... much.)

Look at them. Just can't keep their hands off each other. :D

Uh oh. She gots a bad look.

And now for the game. Where all the bad things will happen because they have to pretend they don't like each other.

WHAT? NO! Not the fighting. Screaming. RUN GUYS. ;(

By golly, you sure do know how to make me sad.


Author's Response: They are important! And she's not going to stop doing them, no matter the danger.

:O HOW WEIRD THAT HE'S THERE WHEN SHE IS! It's like it was planned.

Oh yes! I wonder if there will be an consequences to this? :P Hahaha that's a good song to sing!

They can't keep their hands to themselves. It's love!

I'M SORRY!! IT HAD TO HAPPEN! I didn't want it to, but it had to!

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