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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherinPartners in Crime: recruitment.

18th January 2016:
I don't want to talk about how weak I am when it comes to your stories... But I will gladly talk about how freaking amazing this is. Like, seriously.

I understand now Albus feels in the beginning, knowing what your dream career is and delaying the inevitable. It took me... oh, ten or so years to admit I was a writer. I can only imagine how I would have been if I was following one of my parents. :P

But I'm glad he's found his way to Auror training. It's gonna be an awesome read, I can already tell. I can't wait to see where you take him. I didn't expect him to share a place with Scorpius, but I'm so glad he is. Oh, my god, I'm too excited for words; I just want everything right now.

I cannot wait to see what happens next. I shall be eagerly hovering over the corner, waiting for the next button. :D

Criminal Minds AND Scorbus - I'm in heaven.


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Review #2, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWish On Me: Wish On Me

17th January 2016:
No matter how many times I read this, I think I will always end up a gooey, happy mess of feelings. I'm not complaining one bit.

They're just so cute and adorable and weird and oh my god they make me so, so happy. I love all the little details about them, especially the crush since fifth year and the flirting, because damn Harry is Theo's true love, just as Theo is his. And I'm just so freaking proud of Harry for not letting him leave this time.

You wrote them both so amazingly well and I love this so much and you need to write them more for me. :D

Thank you so much for this, Tammi!


Author's Response: hahahaha I feel the same with all of your stories :D

Those two bring me such joy too, writing Theo is literally my favourite thing ever! He is totally Theo's true love!

Thank you so much, Sam!!! :D I will write so many more, don't you worry!

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWrapped in Red: Chapter 5: Snow Fort

8th December 2015:

I know I usually start at the beginning of the story and work my way down, but... CLIFFHANGER!

Okay... so... beginning. Ron would be the one to not care so much about who got him the gift and love it regardless. I love that about him, because he's doing what I would wish I could do. But I'd totally play detective until I found out who got me the gift. Especially if it was an amazing, thoughtful gift that they knew I'd love.

Harry's gift (the one he received, though his gift to Neville was great) was so nice. I need to know why he was blushing, though. I agree with Hermione, there's a story there.

Look at Draco smirking. He knows Hermione's his Secret Santa... and he suspects she's wearing the ring he totally got her...


I love that Hermione and Draco needed up on the same team... and under the mistletoe. Fate is smiling down at them... evilly. :P


I looked forward to a new chapter.


Author's Response: Did you like that little snippet of Harry and Theo working together. I hadn't even thought about them as a ship, and now I can't stop. It's all your fault!

I'm so pleased you enjoyed the chapter. The next one should be up really soon.


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Review #4, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWrapped in Red: Chapter Four: Wrapped in Red

4th December 2015:
Awww, Christmas! It's only December 4th and here I am, smiling like a loon because it's the Christmas Day chapter and OH MY GOD THE SPECIAL, RED, SECRET SANTA BOX. I WONDER WHO IT COULD BE FROM! :P

But back to the beginning... Wow. For someone who doesn't like Draco (right now), that gift is just so cool. I'd have thought she'd have gotten him one thing he liked (which I know wouldn't have been just the sweets), but I love that she got him a few things and that they were clues as to who she might be. Because, you know, someone tells you all the things they like and then they get all those things and they just don't know who it was...

Okay, I get why Draco might not think of Hermione; she did go around the school sharing everyone's secrets, after all. Smart thinking, that girl.

But... no, first Hermione's present. Wow. The knitting sets and the sweets and the RING. Holy crap! And the one person who knows all those things she likes AND has the money to buy it and she doesn't know?! Does she even suspect? Because I don't recall Draco sharing people's secrets, too.

It makes for great mystery, her solving the clues, so I love that she doesn't know. But I just have to ask because all the questions are important. I bet she thinks that if it was Draco, he just would have got her the smallest thing possible or something. That would be a Draco thing to do. She just needs to explain how the one person she told wouldn't have gotten her all those things... unless all she remembers about that shop is the kiss... and, possibly, the gift ideas he said he liked, but mostly the kiss... I wouldn't be surprised. :P

I wonder what Harry got... and who from...

Can't wait for the next chapter and to see what will happen with the ring!


Author's Response: I'm so pleased you're enjoying the story Connor! I hope you enjoy the rest just as much!

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytheringinevra, darling: one.

4th December 2015:

Oh, my God. This was so lovely. And sad. But only near the end, with the horrible things Riddle said to her and her fear about Harry not liking her because she's 'not a real girl'. Damn right she's a real girl and Harry is not that much of an idiot. I mean, I'm not the biggest of Harry/Ginny shippers, but he'd still not be discouraged by gender vs. sex and stuff. Because he's awesome like that, with his casual 'tude and all.

(Is it obvious I love Harry...?)

Anyway, I loved this and how supportive Molly and Arthur and (most of) the brothers are from the get go. As I knew they would be, because they're awesome, too.

Henry who? Hello, Ginny. :D

Loved this!


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Review #6, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWrapped in Red: Chapter 3: Mistletoe Mishap

2nd December 2015:
And with a chapter title like that, the Christmas spirit is going to come back and bite them on the butt, I just know it. I'm gonna love this chapter...

I would spend so much time in that shop, because I bite my pens, too. So I'd probably do the same with quills. It's just a habit, I'd need a pack of sugar quills a day. That'd be a sensible secret Santa gift for me. :P

Haha, he got stuck. Oh, I'd have laughed as hard as Hermione and got him to mes with it. I'm glad, despite her smarts telling her she was stuck, she waited to song him. All that opening up they got to do, it would have been missed if she'd just sucked it up in the beginning. And I liked them talking a little, if only because it passed the time.

And the kiss... Whoa. I expected one of them to run away, probably Hermione, but I didn't expect him to say thank you, even though I was telling myself as they were kissing that he would. I was like, wouldn't that be the end of a strange moment, AND THEN HE DID IT.

I'm very much looking forward to the next chapter. I don't know what I'll read next, but I gotta go for an hour, so I'll think about it while I'm gone.


Author's Response: You really are spoiling me with all these reviews. *hug* I'm so pleased you liked it. This whole scene didn't come across as too forced did it? I didn't want it to seem like I just whacked them together like a pair of bumper cars or something...

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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWrapped in Red: Chapter 2: Secret Santa

2nd December 2015:
And there was the look - the dreaded 'oh my god, what was I thinking when I said this, of all the luck' look that I know is going to make this story that much cooler. What do you do when you pick Draco's name? stalk him. Ha! :P I won't lie, as soon as I read that my first thought was Hermione should ask Harry what Draco likes, he stalks the boy enough.

I wonder who Harry got... *please be Theo* (Sorry, OTP. It always slips out when I don't want it to. *pushes them away again*)

Anyway... I love that everyone is using tricks and tactics to get presents they want, even if it takes away some of the mystery of learning about people. We human beings, we gotta make sure it benefits us. :P

I'm very excited to see what she actually gets Draco... and if Draco got her, too? I wonder, since he sat next to her... and it's a Dramione...

Onwards, that'll be my answer.


Author's Response: I have a surprise for you in the upcoming chapters that you are going to love!

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Review #8, by TheHeirOfSlytherinWrapped in Red: Chapter 1: Christmas Cheer

2nd December 2015:
You've got me for another hour. I was thinking about reading this next because it was at the top, but then you posted it as a status and I had to. It being Christmas time and all. :D

I just love all the detail you put into the beginning, describing Hermione's love of Christmas. It really made it real, you know? Because not only could we see just how much she loved it, but I was reminded why I love Christmas so much. It's just... it's freaking magical, is Christmas. :P

I love the Secret Santa idea, especially with it being school inclusive. You thought about every student, even those ones who might not afford it or don't celebrate Christmas. I loved that. I had a little giggle moment again, because I know who Hermione gets before she does. But at least, when you mentioned the last bit with the what if scenario of her getting Pansy, I thought at least she won't not get Draco a gift? Since Pansy can be just as nasty as Draco.

I feel all Christmassy now. Next chapter! :)


Author's Response: I'm so pleased I lured you into another one with my adoration of all things Christmas!



I can't wait to see your reaction to the chapters I have coming up. You're going to love it!

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Review #9, by TheHeirOfSlytherinLittle Black Crosses: Little Black Crosses

2nd December 2015:
Theo and Blaise and love, angst and sadness. These are a few of my favorite things.

Oh, my God. It was just heartbreaking. But in a good way. Like, I just had all the feels, reading one of my favorite characters so damaged by... his own family. That's just all kinds of messed up. But then it takes away his trust in Theo - and Theo is just love and hearts and sunshine (yes, yes he is) - and it's all just so sad.

I'm imagining my own little epilogue, in the future, with a happy ending for them. Where he's far, far away from his mother and her husbands. Because that's what he needs - the start of what he needs, but a good start.

I loved this very much. I shall be back for more of your stories.


Author's Response: Naw Connor!

You're so sweet! I'd love to read that epilogue if you're struck by enough plunnies to want to write it.

I can't wait to see which of my other fics strike your fancy. If you like Wolfstar you should check out "Losing You", "Feed Me Chocolate" and "Misappropriated".

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. You're wonderful!


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Review #10, by TheHeirOfSlytherinCloset Trash: Closet Trash

23rd November 2015:
It hurts to breathe when I'm laughing so hard, but I've never been so happy in my entire life.


Poor James. He's such an adorable idiot. And Albus, just... OH MY GOD. I'd feel a little sorry for Scorpius if he hasn't loved it so much.


Seriously, you wrote me. Oh, it feels so good to read my jokes on paper... kinda...

I hope Julie loves this as much as I do. Which she will, because who wouldn't?

I'm just... I'm so happy right now!!!


Author's Response: Hahaha I was hoping that you would enjoy this :P


He really is an adorable idiot, bless him. Hahaha poor Scorpius has a lot to deal with when those two are involved.


Thank you so much, hubby!! :D

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Review #11, by TheHeirOfSlytherinNot the Best Apology: Chapter 1

17th November 2015:

I'm fine, I'm calm... or am I?

Dang, Seamus. What you do to make Harry so upset? arcade does not bode well.

...and I'd have kicked him, too. Repeatedly. Even after forgiving him because aw, he got Harry a gift. A BIG, SQUISHY TEDDY BEAR. *hugs them all*

“... well, you came to stay over for the weekend and I haven’t been able to get rid of you,” Harry told him truthfully, causing Seamus to roll his eyes.

“You probably should have mentioned something all those years ago; you know I can’t take subtle hints very well.”

It was Harry’s turn to sigh. “They weren’t subtle. I was telling you to go home.”
- Best... lines... EVER.



Author's Response: I can so see how calm you are, not excited at all :P

Hahah I would have totally kicked him too!


I can totally see it happening like that, and it's totally my Heamus headcanon now... or just general anyone with Harry canon :P

YAY! I'm sure you can share this with Kyle :P

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Review #12, by TheHeirOfSlytherinSelf-portrait in Crimson: Young Blood

13th November 2015:
Jeramiah... There are no words that adequately describe my love for you... and the man upstairs who will love you again... you know, the one about to eat the human. Fun times.

I love your history on vampires so much, with the Beautiful Dead and the reason for the vampire slayers - I assume that's what they became; the first humans who were told of vampire weaknesses: slayers. It's all so cool! Will we ever meet them, the Beautiful Dead? In this story... or any other... *senses a story about the Beautiful Dead and the original slayers... ;)*

Hugo must recognize him. He must. He's Jeremiah's Hugo and they need to be together. * cries*


I need to know what Claudine's plan is, to let Hugo live so easily. It sounds like an even quicker defense than the one Lucy gave in Bite Club. It's all so interesting... amazing... making Connor so freaking happy.

I cannot WAIT for the next chapter! :D I promise I'll review it on time.


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Review #13, by TheHeirOfSlytherinSelf-portrait in Crimson: Blood Spatter

13th November 2015:
The idea that something must be wrong if the house is impeccably clean is something so... weirdly real to me. :P I never do that unless I absolutely have to. And yet, the fact that it was just her sister makes me think that either she's been a vampire slayer for too long or she just doesn't trust Hugo. :P

Harry the Hero! If I could remember how to put in the heart right now, I would, because that and Sammy are just too cute.

And when Lucy says those two dreaded words - It's Hugo - all the blood drains from the face. Alexis' face anyway. I, however, am very excited at the prospect of Vampire!Hugo. Except him leaving Sammy, that thought kinda makes me sad.


I love the split chapters, you know of my love for multiple timelines going on at once. Especially historical timelines. :D

So this is just before Valérie is turned? It makes me all the more inquisitive about her; a vampire slayer both before and after she's turned. I imagine there's more to it than that. I can't remember things you told me about her...

I'm so excited right now!


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Review #14, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One Where James Knocks Me Down

27th September 2015:
Hello, Tammi!!!

It's Sunday, I'm sorry. Damn tv distracted me... But I'm here now.

I love Abigail. You already know that, but I'm gonna say it anyway. She just so adorable, so sweet. I can't believe she's friends with Michelle still. Ugh. Anyway, her relationship with her brother is so lovely and so weirdly real (I just can't imagine hugging my brother, but I understand it happens :P). Maybe it's a brother/sister thing, not a brother/brother thing...

Snowball is my kind of cat.

Ahhh, James! He is also adorable. Possibly more than Abigail, if that is even possible. Now him I want to hug. :D OMG, I hope I can use that "guess who I just ran into" literally joke one day.

I'm so excited to read more. It's been a while.



Author's Response: Connor! Yay!

Damn that TV! So distracting, we'll blame the TV for me not replying earlier.

I do know :P She's so awesome! I can't believe that she is either, she needs a better friend like Isabella! Hahaha, I think it is a brother/sister thing, I hug my brother a lot :D

I want snowball for myself!

Is it even possible? WE SHALL ALL HUG JAMES! YES! USE IT! Just purposely run into someone and use the joke.

Thank you so much, hubby!

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Review #15, by TheHeirOfSlytherinSelf-portrait in Crimson: The Colour of Blood

23rd September 2015:

I honestly can't remember the last time I was so happy... Hugo and vampires. :wub:

This is so different to the original, but still so awesome and I am so excited to see where you go with this version. Also, I now 100% approve of the title change; before it was, like, 99% because I did like Bite Club, but now everything is different so a new title was a must. And it's a cool title.

Hugo found her! What are the odds of her being near his Muggle grandparents, though. Silly Lucy for not knowing where his cousin's family was... just in case. :P But Yay for drama... and horror... and blood. Because it's freaking vampires, dude. It's what I assume there'll be.

Awww, Sammy. He has a cool name. Just sayin'. And he's so adorable.

I wonder why they broke up... not that I'm complaining... *cough* Hugo/Jeremiah *cough*

I'm so excited for more. The wait is already killing me!

Thank you so much for bringing this back! :hug:


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Review #16, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThis Final Adventure : Chapter 2

4th September 2015:
Chapter 2! And it's just heartbreaking that Regulus has come to the point where he must pretend to enjoy hurting others so no one notices lest he be killed. I have mixed feelings about Crouch; he plays the part of a terrified nineteen year old well in the books, but I know he's loyal to Voldemort and I don't trust him and don't want him near Regulus... but he's played by David Tennant. :P

I loved the end of the first section. Regulus' thoughts are exactly as I'd imagine them to be at this stage of his life; saddened by the death, but thankful it's over for her.

I agree with Regulus in that blood seemed too simple, too anti-climatic, a task to keep a Horcrux safe, considering everything Voldemort can do. But I disagree that Voldemort values blood over power, even if that's what he says, so I'm not surprised that he's happy to have others spill blood to get in.

Poor Kreacher...

I'm really glad you wrote the end with Regulus reaching out to Sirius. At least they got to be brothers for a moment before Regulus was to die. "It's all I ever wanted," he says, not caring that a tear or two is wanting to fall. I really choose the most tragic characters to be my favorites.

I'm gonna cry in a corner until I feel ready to get to chapter three...


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Review #17, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThis Final Adventure : Chapter 1

4th September 2015:

Oh, Regulus! He's always been my favorite in the Maruader Era, in fact he's one of my favorites ever, but his story is so sad. Already so many feels... I can already feel my heart breaking, I already had an idea of what the story would be about from the title, but from the moment I read the locket I knew.

The middle with Bellatrix just gets to me. It's great to see it there, to see the change in Regulus from the start of his life as a death eater to the moment he goes after the Horcrux. But I just can't help but wish he had Sirius to look up to instead of someone like Bellatrix. If Sirius had tried harder to be a brother instead of giving James that title, if Regulus had listened... so many things could have been different and just one might have changed what I know is going to happen.

You can see my die hard Regulus fan-ness coming through. I just can't help it.

Can I get through to the end? Probably not without crying, but I'm gonna read on anyway.


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Review #18, by TheHeirOfSlytherinYou: give life to those scathing words and confrontations--the world could use a few more complications

21st May 2015:
LORCAN!!! ;(

There are just some things in my Harry Potter world that I can never recover from. Lorcan dying is one of them. But Louis (LOUIS ♥ ) and Lysander coming together is quite a brilliant start. I am so in love with them already, there are no words to describe how amazing this is.

Seriously. The way you describe them and their relationship and everything that goes on around them and the way you added in the lyrics and just everything. As saddened as I am by Lorcan's death, I am so beyond happy to have been able to read this.

And the end, I just wanted to hug them and then have them hug each other because Lysander totally deserves love with Louis and you go Louis for not backing out before the door opened.

Thank you for the dedication, Joey. You are so awesome and amazing and the coolest bestest person in the whole entire world.


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Review #19, by TheHeirOfSlytherinTiny Animals: Tiny Animals

11th May 2015:
I am here for our review exchange and I am so sorry it's late.

This was so sad. Christmas should not be sad. Harry is just... poor little Harry. Every moment of this just seemed to get worse for him and I started to tell myself that Hagrid should come sooner. Not that I hate what you wrote; honestly, there is nothing I love more than a story that shows a plausibly more acurate picture of Harry's childhood/life in general. Bonus points if you get me to shed a tear or two.

You did both of those things. I'm both sad and happy and trying to understand exactly how to convey that into words.

I wonder who put Harry's name on the list. I wouldn't be surprised someone from the magical world managed it, but it would be so nice if a Muggle did it - a teacher or neighbor. After ten years with the Dursleys, surely someone noticed he wasn't being treated so well other than the ones who brought him in the first place.

I'm glad I read this. I'll be back for the hot seat reviews. :)


Author's Response: Hi, Sam. No apology needed. I understand you've been rather busy recently.

Thank you for reading and reviewing this little story which illustrates further the vast difference between Harry's life at the Dursleys' home and his life after the arrival of Hagrid. Daily mistreatment is so common for him that he simply expects and accepts it as inevitable, even on Christmas. Things seem so hopeless for him, and yet hope is right around the corner, if only he knew it.

Readers often speculate about who it was that submitted Harry's name, and I am inclined to suppose that it was someone from the Muggle world, because I doubt that someone from the magical world would use a Muggle social service agency. Odds are that it was someone from his school, since school personnel are trained to be on the lookout for socioeconomic needs of the students.

By the end of the story, when Harry begins to play with the little animals and imagine a better life for them, we can see the wounded, despairing little boy under his stoic facade. He has amazing strength, but how long would it have lasted? There must be a thousand stories of the years before Hagrid arrived.

Thank you for your comments.


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Review #20, by TheHeirOfSlytherinPrimus: elegaics.

25th April 2015:

So eloquent right. I'm awesome that way.


Oh, my god. I love the banter and the innuendo and just the beginning with Scorpius totally not-quite-hiding and their kisses and the declarations of love and the Latin and THE FREAKING DATE AND JUST EVERYTHING.

Okay, I'm a puddly mess now.


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Review #21, by TheHeirOfSlytherinPast Tense: first.

18th April 2015:
Oh, that line. I'm still giggling. I can't remember the last time a line made me so happy. But I love Connor. Like, so much. And I love Steph, she's awesome.

I love how blunt and sassy and real she is. I sincerely hope no one ever comes to change that.

Callie could learn a lot from Steph. You'd think that, given her place in the 'Muggle world', Callie would be more likely to listen to Steph. That she doesn't makes me giggle a little.

Great first chapter. Onwards, I think.


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Review #22, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThat Halloween Night: That Halloween Night

16th April 2015:

I honestly read so many versions of this night because everyone makes it just a little bit different and I love that. Yours is so... heartbreakingly hopeful. For Harry anyway. We know what will happen to Lily, but we don't know her actual thoughts/actions excluding that little bit in DH part 2 for Snape's memories. I can just imagine Lily being this way, hoping for her son and feeling that he will be okay. Because she is the one who made it so by being a sacrifice, so I can imagine if her magic was powerful enough to make it happen than it would be powerful enough to tell her somehow that it's the right thing to do. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the beginning with James and Lily was so lovely, even with the dark undertones you'd set with the fog. I just knew something bad was going to happen without looking at the date and having previous canon knowledge, but I still had hopes for them being okay and happy and good.

So you can imagine my sadness when James died. ;(

This was so great. I enjoyed every moment of it.


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Review #23, by TheHeirOfSlytherinThis Time.: The Storm

9th April 2015:

This is so cool! I love Louis, he's my kind of Louis. Except the sailing part, my Louis only wishes he was cool enough to sail. :D

JAMES AND OLIVER!!! I loved the mention freaking much! ♥

Oooh, that's a nasty storm. So curious as to who - or what - created it. I'm so excited. Even with Louis potentially drowning. I cannot wait to see where this goes. :D

I shall be on the lookout for more!


Author's Response: Sam!
I'm glad you liked it!
Yeah. I don't think my Louis will like the ocean as much after this.
I'm glad you liked the mention. I love those two. The only hint I will give you now is that it was a who. And it's a who you will not suspect.
Thanks again Sam!

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Review #24, by TheHeirOfSlytherinSirius Ate My Homework: Did you say that you ate my homework?

27th March 2015:

Poor, poor James. That was an awful case of bad luck, otherwise known as Sirius Black. Haha, I can totally believe that McGonagall would just know James was telling the truth about Sirius eating his homework, though. You just can't put anything past these four.

Mr. Bear held hostage... I wonder where you got that idea. ;)

REMUS/SIRIUS!!! ♥ A marauders story must always have Remus/Sirius.

I loved this so much! I'm so glad you wrote it!


Author's Response: YAY!!!

Poor, poor James. He doesn't need this at all. And he needs new friends, ones that aren't going to turn into dogs and eat his homework.

McGonagall knows everything!

Ahhh Mr. Bear! I wonder where that came from too. :P Maybe a certain Theo.

A marauders does always need Sirius/Remus! You are correct! :D

Thank you Sam! I need to write more like this. It was a lot of fun! :D

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Review #25, by TheHeirOfSlytherinI'll Never Let You Have Her: Birthday boy

23rd March 2015:

Aww, Nik is so adorable and cool to play with Samantha and be a princess (he's a very pretty princess). The more I read and write him, the more I love him. Pairing-wise, I am all for Louis/Horatio and Horatio is freaking awesome, but sorry man, Nik definitely wins the Best Demarcus Brother award.

What does the t-shirt say???

Ooh, naughty boys sneaking around while Molly is downstairs.

TATTOOS!!! ♥ If anyone can pull off such amazing art, it's the Demarcus boys.

Oh, Nico. :( *hugs the bruises away* I don't want Horatio to hate him. Not ever again.

...uh oh. Bad news is coming. I can tell. Horatio is just too freaked out. It's not right.


Oh, no. What will they do now? :(

Loved this chapter so much!


Author's Response: Horatio thanks you for the happy birthday. :D

Oh Nik! You adorable man who I love so much! Can I just write him in everything I ever write? Just a background character who gets around? :P Nik is the best princess. Horatio is so jealous! Nik is definitely the best Demarcus brother by far! Sorry Horatio.

Hahaha I've told you :P

Oh yes! Those boys really can, I agree. :D

Bad news is coming, we can all feel it!

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