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Review #1, by snapmagessA Dream of Hope: Words Unspoken

20th December 2011:
aww! :) my first review for this story since i havent longed in, for a while. i hope more comes! :) for going to keep reading away!

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Review #2, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: The Runespoor's Hatchlings

10th September 2011:
hey snapegirl!!:D sorry i havent put a review in a while, ive been so busy! :/ but anyways.

i have been reading your story called raven's choice on ff . net and its wonderful! i cant wait for the next chapter for return to prince very excited! i think harry should call sarai mum maybe? or later on...when you think his character feels reading, or when something happens...

im very happy that you have continued writing, and again, im very sorry for not putting up a review in a while! sorry this one is long!

happy reading!!

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Review #3, by snapmagessAnd the Greatest of These...: Epilogue

17th August 2011:
so, i just finished reading this story! it took me a while, since ive been so busy, thats why i havent written that many reviews, so i apologize. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED READING THIS. the fact that harry has always had a good heart was amazing. and the ending, flawless. i wish you would write more stories in the future and post more! i hope you never delete the stories that you write on harrypotterfanfiction, because i love reading it over and over and over. it just is amazing! congratulations on another well done story! rating= infinity! :D

Author's Response: Thanks. to be sure, i will never delete the stories. In fact, i hope to add another one here and there. The rating you gave made my laugh. Happy reading.

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Review #4, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: Taking the Consequences

13th August 2011:
OHMYGOSHH!!! :D SARAI IS PREGNANT. OMG. MY MOUTH JUST DROPPED. OHMYGOSHH!! :D YAY! idk, you really surprise me a im unsure if its a girl, boy or twins..hmm..but YAY! wow. i just ranted in a review.oh well! happy reading! update when you can!

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Review #5, by snapmagessHarry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: Family and Friends

13th August 2011:
omg, it was a great chapter! haha you're author's note made me laugh!..i always enjoy reading them too! :D :D do you have a formspring or email that i could write to? not sure if i should post my stories and i dont have a beta! and one more thing, before this review gets super long! hehe. is this the only site that you write fanfiction on? :D enough of me... HAPPY READING!

Author's Response: I never thought anyone read my author's notes:P I honestly put them there because I just wanted to write to you guys:D lol
I do have an email, it's Dear Ron Weasley 31 @ live. com (without all the space of course ;D lol)
I write on another site yes, but it's the same stories practically. I write on fanfiction net and I only have One chapter of this story and my golden snitch on there, so I'm still working on it xP lol

Thanks for reviewing! I love responding to these type of reviews:)

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Review #6, by snapmagessAll That Matters: All That Matters

28th July 2011:
i started crying during this story. and i saw hp deathly hallows part 2 opening weekend and im still really sad. hope you get out of your post potter depression. idk if i will! :(

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Review #7, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: Hijinks at the Burrow

21st July 2011:
CLIFFY!!! cant wait see what happens!! the pranks were AWESOME!! :D i enjoyed reading this chapter like everyother chapter! happy reading! :D

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Review #8, by snapmagessLily's Defender: A Disastrous Day

4th July 2011:
ive been reading this story of fanfiction . net since you update there more often and ive enjoyed reading it! :D please continue updating!:D
its awesome, but reading about petunia... makes me cringe. the thought of writing her, is awful! :s

Author's Response: Thanks1 I just updated it again. Now we're on chapter 3. The first chapter was the prologue.

I know, she makes me cringe too!

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Review #9, by snapmagessEclipse of Time: Pain

14th June 2011:
do you use any other websites to post your fanfiction besides this one?

Author's Response: no HPFF is the only one that I posted on. the stories on here are the only fanfiction that I have written.

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Review #10, by snapmagessDark Lord Rising: The Dark Lord Arisen

11th June 2011:
love your story so far!! hope you keep updating...since its been awhile. i just started reading this...and im hooked! (:

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Review #11, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: A Family at Last

9th June 2011:
aww!! the weddingg :) cant wait for the next chapter and im glad your mom is doing better girl! :) i like how nesmay is now sev's ward :)

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Review #12, by snapmagessResolution: Ensuing Invitation

29th May 2011:
OMG!! :) cant wait for the next chapter!! :)

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Review #13, by snapmagessCommon Interests: The Cursed Envelope

21st May 2011:
HAHA. i'll just say that i yell at you for a couple of hours...i hope skull is ok!(:

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Review #14, by snapmagessThe Never Forgotten: Chapter IV

12th May 2011:
what is nadanaram?!?!?! omg! i just read your story and this sequel! i wanna know what happens next!!keep posting!!

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Review #15, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: The Healing of Harms

12th May 2011:
I AM CLUELESS!! :( ANOTHER CLIFFY!!! anyways, i hope you parents are okay and im sorry for your loss! ohhh, maybe adoption?!

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Review #16, by snapmagessSavior's Knowledge: Turning

5th May 2011:
ohhh!! i want the next chapter soon!!!

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Review #17, by snapmagessHarry, Ginny, & Their Love Story: The Wedding

5th May 2011:
OMGGG!!! so happy that you updated!! :)

Author's Response: :D You just put a smile on my face that wasn't there before(:

Thank you so much for reviewing snapmagess!(:

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Review #18, by snapmagessCommon Interests: Backlash

4th May 2011:
sorry i havent keeped up with the story. ive read this, but it was nice to read it waiting for the next part on ff...but anyways..i loved the howler! keep posting!!(:

Author's Response: Thanks! I liked writing that Howler.

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Review #19, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: The Queens' Judgment

22nd April 2011:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:) i hope my idea helped you!!!(: hope you had a blast for your birthday! you deserve it! :) hope the next chapter is up soon!!!:)

Author's Response: Aww! Thanks so much! I've updated IC if you're reading that!

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Review #20, by snapmagessNew Leaf to Turn: Chapter 7: We're Off to See the Wizard

7th April 2011:
YAYAYAYAY!!! you updated!! laughinnng at Dudley wondering who was interuping!! lol. please post the next chapter asap!! :) cant wait to read more!! :)

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Review #21, by snapmagessNever Tickle A Sleeping Dragon: Leaving Hogwarts

7th April 2011:
ive read the other ones as well and they were all AMAZING! i was hoping that you would be writing more stories, since all the ones on here are great!:) thanks for replying to my review! do you have a contact list that you send emails whenever you update a story or create a new one!? if you do, please give me the email in which i can ask to be added can put it on http :// www . formspring . me / snapmagess and i shall get it, just put it in the ask box!

i enjoyed reading my past,my future..i just forgot to mention that ive read those to!

please keep posting stories, you truly are a great author!

Author's Response: thank you so much. i do not have an e-mail list to send to anyone when i update. you can just check back here to find it periodically. I am actually working on several ideas for sci-fi stories and novels i may write. What can I say? My wife wants me to write things i can get paid for. i can't blame her. it is worth money for the time i spend doing it. thanks again. happy reading.

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Review #22, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: The Thawing of the Winter Prince

7th April 2011:
i hope your mommy feels better!!(: wish her well from HPFF! i want to know what happens next!! the fighting=amazing! please post the next chapter soon!(: i have no idea who the traitor might be :/ i think the traitor should getting punished, but almost as hard as Jarillion!(: hope this helps!

Author's Response: Aww, you're sweet! I will try and write as fast as I can, though I am working on several HP fics at the moment and trying to update each one in turn.

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Review #23, by snapmagessThe Years After the War: The Best Birthday Ever!

3rd April 2011:
i love, love, love this story so far!! keep it going please!!! :))

Author's Response: Thanks. If you want to read more of the story, that is already posted, go to fan fiction dot net and look up GinnyPotter1986

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Review #24, by snapmagessReturn to Prince Manor: Jarillion Triumphant

3rd April 2011:
i hope that Jarillion succumbs to the potion!! very nice chapter! :) i hope that severus will be okay! 10/10 chapter!!

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Review #25, by snapmagessHarry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin: 49: The Man Who Lived

1st April 2011:
loved this entire story! hope there is a sequel! :)

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