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Review #1, by PUFFLEtwinsNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and the First Task

4th February 2013:


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Review #2, by PUFFLEtwinsNo Ordinary Nutter: Chapter 10: Of Nutters and Awkward Shoulder-Sniffing

20th January 2013:
This story is just so amazing! I love everything about it. Well done! :')

Author's Response: AWMIGOD, thanks so much !

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Review #3, by PUFFLEtwinsGraveyard.: Graveyard.

29th April 2012:
Hey! I love this! I really did, your descriptions are beautiful, it was so poetic. It was short and sweet, yet bitter. So well crafted and the flow of the story was near perfect. I saw this was written for the out of your comfort zone challenge, and this style of writing can be difficult (trust me, I know) but it seems like you've done really well on it. I also loved the ending, how it just ended. Just like that. An all round great peice!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I was on the fence about posting this, but then I thought, what the hell, and decided to go ahead and post it. It was for the out of your comfort zone challenge after all, and the worst that can happen is that no one reads it. And people reviewed it, so I'm happy.

Thanks for the review, again, 100 times over.


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Review #4, by PUFFLEtwinsDeteriorate : Defiance

23rd January 2012:
Amazing chapter, so worth the wait!
I was so excited when Rina got on the broom, I've been waiting for ages just for her to fly again. Now all we need is for James to find out about leap of faith. ;)
I read your A/N and don't worry, if really not like Settling the Score. And I'm sure no one is too worried about it. :D
Thank you for the amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks:)
I was insanely proud of Rina; just a little more patience for James...
That's good to hear then; I was afraid of accidentally copying.
Thank you for the review:)

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Review #5, by PUFFLEtwinsDark Mirror: Luck is like that

21st January 2012:
So first things first, very good plot line. I'm rather amazed, this is rather unique and very interesting.

There were a few typos here and there, but it really wasn't much. Your detail and description is also very good so kudos for that!

Great chapter! : )

Author's Response: Thank you for the review.

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Review #6, by PUFFLEtwinsWelcome to the Chase: chapter.twentytwo Stone.

20th January 2012:
Woah, amazing chapter! I was so excited when Al admitted to liking Ree! I love this story so much, I also rather missed it.

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Review #7, by PUFFLEtwinsChloe Bonaccord: January 1982: Remus Lupin - Epilogue

24th December 2011:
Hiya Chloe!
First off, I just want to say well done on finishing this. And it so cleverly placed along the lines of the books, you didn't change anything that JK did in the series yet, still managed to create a amazing story. I shall now send lots of squishy hugs your way. -presses send-

Did I ever tell you this was one of the first Marauders I ever read on this site? And it was one of the first things I saved into my favorites when I made my account in January. Yeah, I'm gonna miss Chloe. :( What I'm trying to say is that I really love this story and even though the ending is rather sad it's always going to be one of my favorite Marauders fic ever. Oh! and what Remus did with all the memories of Chloe was really sad, I was actually rather terrified.

Loveyoouuu!! Love Jessy!

P.s. It's eleven thirty PM on Christmas eve right now and I am basically bouncing off the walls, so I'm really sorry if there is a whole heap of bad punctuation and spelling. And if any of this review doesn't make sense feel free to not accept my hug, I'm basically saying my sentences backwards because Matt Smith was just on T.V. -drools-

Jessy : )

Author's Response: Jessy! Thank you so much, for it to be able to go along with the books is exactly what I was aiming for ^^ YAY HUGS :D
What? No you never told me! That's cool and lovely to think that we're such good friends now :') thanks so much, that means alot, especially coming from you ^^
Love you to! Ahahah no that was an awesome review full of loveliness :)))
Woo Matt smith... Cant wait :D
I'm sure its Christmas in Australia now and so I hope you're having an awesome time :) LOVES AND HUGS FOR YOU X

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Review #8, by PUFFLEtwinsKey-jamming, Trouble-making, Fez-finding madness!: Mops and Weasleys

23rd October 2011:
HEHEHEHE! This is so cute! Really, I just want to eat it all up. I love how you captured the Doctor and how you portrayed Tonks in a completely diffrent light. Oh! I can't forget that Percy fainting thing, made me crack up. :')


Jessy : )

Author's Response: Thank you! Really glad you liked it and thank you for reviewing it! :)

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Review #9, by PUFFLEtwinsvolatile. : you and her and she and he.

18th October 2011:
That was beautiful Hun.
Everything about it was beautiful.
There always was one thing he never understood, love.
really, I loved it.
Good job Brielle! -hugs-

Jessy : )

Author's Response: aw, thank you Jessy :)

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Review #10, by PUFFLEtwinsSuperman: Superman

17th October 2011:
Great song choice Hun, Taylor Swift is my idol. ;)
I love how you made Ginny a bit of a hopeless romantic, now that I think about it I guess that it suits her.
I think you captured this well, Luna especially. You made her still like Luna from the books but she seems more mature. I guess it was the war, right?
Now that I think about it this song is a great Harry and Ginny one. :)
Great job! 10/10

Jessy : )

Author's Response: Aww, thank you :)

Yeah, whenever I hear this song, they instantly come to mind :)



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Review #11, by PUFFLEtwinsAnd All That Jazz: T-Shirts, Jackets, And All That Jazz

16th October 2011:
HEHEHEHE! They kissed! You honestly have me speechless. I need to go to Hogwarts to get me some Jett. I found this today and I just couldn't stop reading it. I really love Al and Louis and how you made both of them Ravenclaws. Your chapters are nice and long and your banner is absolutely beautiful. All up we have one wonderful story. Thanks so much! Can't wait for the next update.

Jessy : )

Author's Response: Yes! They kissed! Hooray! And Jett is MINE so DO NOT TOUCH. He's just so... perfect. Al and Louis are so awesome. I love them to death. I kind of was like, "Hey, everybody puts Albus either in Slytherin or Gryffindor, but why not Ravenclaw?" And I threw Louis in there just for kicks. Glad you like the length of the chapters. I can't take credit for the super-awesome-amazing banner... that was all laurraawwrr @ tda. Wish I could, though.

Thanks for the INCREDIBLE review. You have no idea how happy you make me :)

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Review #12, by PUFFLEtwins15 ways to (Not) fall in Love with your Best Friend: Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

23rd September 2011:
Loved it! Your writing style is beautiful. Something about this story is so addictive and makes me want to read it over and over again. Update soon yeah?
Jessy : )

Author's Response: Hey Jessy, thanks for the kind review (:

There should be an update soon. Probably. I hope :/

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Review #13, by PUFFLEtwinsMatters of the Hart: Only just starting to get complicated

18th September 2011:
Well first things first, HAPPY 200TH REVIEW! I love the progress you have made with this story, I mean I remember finding the very first chapter while looking for something good to read and instantly fell in love. I love Tabby and personally think her name is just adorable. I mean it reminds me of the little girl from bewitched (who was totally adorable). I love James and how he's not this arrogant little cow that most people write him as. I don't mind when people write him like that it's just nice to have a chance you know? Anyway, I went back and had a look at all the chapter images that you have and have to say that they are adorable! Thank you so much for writing this story, I am totally in love.

Jessy : )

Author's Response: Yay! 200 reviews! That is so incredibly amazing! I'm so glad you like this story and my characters, it makes me so happy to think that other people are enjoying this story as much as I do. The chapter images are great, aren't they? Thanks as always for reading and reviewing, I hope you continue to love it!

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Review #14, by PUFFLEtwinsJust Ordinary: Escape Plan

11th September 2011:
Holy mother of timelord I love this story! Your humor is so funny! (Well obviously or it wouldn't be humor.) There is just something about your characters that just make them so unique and lovable. I love how you have Al so... Oh I don't know! Flawed? Yet totally sweet and he just honestly cares for Laney. He just seems exactly like the type of guy I would go for. Rose is also adorable. I figured that she duplicated that letter but how did Laney not figure that out? James sounds like a nice guy (or maybe I'm just biased because all the James' I know are adorable.) but he really needs to work on a few things, err like relationships. So this thing with Ivy is... Odd. I'm not sure if she knows about this music box thing, but I guess that's up to you isn't it? ;) Anyway, I really hope you get a Dobby for this story, It deserves it! You have two nominations from me. ;)

Jessy : )

Author's Response: WOW! You are really so kind! My day has been terrible, and this was such a nice review to come home to. :) Thank you so much, much, much, much for my nomination. You seriously made my day. :3


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Review #15, by PUFFLEtwinsTwisted: It's My Life

15th August 2011:
Sorry it took me so long to review I haven't been on here in ages!

So I like this transformation thing you have going, do you imagine Candi a Taylor Swift yet or has she still got awhile to go before she looks like her?

I am honestly jealous of her bedroom! I want a room like that! No really I do...

Anyway you know how I said that this story might just become my obsession? Yeah, well it already has. Good work!

Next chapter soon I hope? Thanks for a amazing chapter.

Jessy : )

Author's Response: Yay! Review! It's fine so don't worry. :)

I thought it was kind of needed to show how moving to America had changed her as a person, made her happier and everything. She looks like Taylor, just not quite as pretty. She'll get there over a few weeks though so it's all dandy.

I want her room too! It's so gorgeous! I had so much fun describing it. :D

Aww thanks. That means a lot to me. I know that there's a lot of competition for good stories with next-gen so that makes me smile hugely. :D

I already put it in the validation que, to give you amazing people who read my story a review.


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Review #16, by PUFFLEtwinsMatters of the Hart: An Interesting Couple

26th July 2011:
WHHATT? You really end it there? No!

Hopefully as I send this this review will become number one hundred and I will feel special knowing that the story that I love so deeply will have me as the hundreth reviewer. If someone else gets in and reviews this before I have time to make the review will you give me a special place as the honorary special reviewer? Please?

Anyway, awesome chapter James is being rather obvious to anyone but Tabby isn't he. And the cliffy was rather gripping and made me look down the bottom for the next chapter. (only to find it wasn't there)

Thank youu for a awesome chapter!

Jessy : )

Author's Response: You're my 100th Review on this story! Ah!

Your review made me say "naw"...And I mean I literally said it out loud! How completely sweet are you! I am so happy that my 100th review came from someone who loves this story almost as much as I do.

Sorry about the cliffy...the next chapter is in the queue and should be pretty close to the front so I reckon it will be up in the next 24-48 hours.

Thanks again for loving my story, for reading and for being my 100th Review writer! Yay! :D

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Review #17, by PUFFLEtwinsTwisted: Broken

26th July 2011:
Woahh! Good job on this lovely, you captured Candice and her emotions so damn well!

Really, I saw this and the banner just captured my attention right away. You have a rather amazing talent for graphics, what program do you use?

Please update soon! This story might just become my obsession...

10 outta 10
Jessy : )

Author's Response: Thannks :D

I like animated banners because they're more attention grabbing. I use Photoshop CS5 and I'm not that good.

It's funny that you say that actually because I love your stories too :D Thank you.

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Review #18, by PUFFLEtwinsThe First, from Spring to Summer: June First

4th July 2011:

You did well on this Chloe, I love how you made Scorp so diffrent from what most writers/readers think of him it makes him so unique. XD

Maybe its me or does Molly sort of seem like Percy? Maybe its the attude or something...

Did Fred (II) see the other Fred (I) in his vision thingy? (I can't remember the name XD) Thats funny!

Anyway, I can't wait for more so update soon lovely!

Jessy :D x

Author's Response: THANK YOU :D
Thanks, yeah, I never really saw Scorp like other people. I always thought he'd be calm and humble (Like what I imagine his mother to be) :)
I didn't mean for her to seem like Percy... I tried to get away from that by not making her unrealistically clever...Percy was just a bit pompous, he wasn't actually MEAN or whatever. Molly's just been whisked away with attention and thinks she's better than everyone else and that it's her right to act how she likes because of who's she's related to. Yeah... I wouldn't like her o.O
YES! I was hoping someone would pick that up! I imagined Fred(I) being like "Uh... nephew... um, what the hell are you doing?" Something more Fred-like obviously XD
Thank you Jessy! As it's summer it'll be much quicker than the last. And then, alas the story will be over :( -I'll probably do a sequel in the distant future though :D

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Review #19, by PUFFLEtwinsTurning the Tables: Talk About Greatness, Whenever They Speak About Me

30th June 2011:
I loved this chapter!
I love this story!
Okay, so I realised that I have never really left a long-ish review for this story so now you are getting one. : )

I really love fleur and how you have written her you have really done a amazing job on that!
Question: When Coco and Dom were entering the great hall Coco was saying how Dom still looked good even while she was a mess. Does Coco ever get jealous of Doms looks? Is she prettier than she thinks?
yes, Dom did say 'See you later,Beautiful' just to let you know I know enough French to know that. :)
You have made McGonagall sound like a right cow which I love! *Hands over cookies*
Tyson in Slytherin? Honestly I don't like the house (Being a Lion myself) but I actually don't mind where you placed him, it just seems to fit him and also the fact that he is related to the Scorp might help :D
James and Fred really need to get over themselves, I would have done a lot worse than punching Fred if I was in Cocos position.
Ohh and do we see more of Cocos sister and old dorm mates in the next chapter? :D
Is this a James/OC? I think it would be cool as one or a Fred/OC? I should probably know this...

Anyway amazing story I always look forward to updates :)
Jessy :D

Author's Response: Thank you :) You don't have to feel obligated to leave me a long review, it's the thought that really counts in the end!

Fleur is probably one of my favorite characters because she kind of took the place for Coco's mom and it's always nice to have a mother figure there. I also remembered reading in the HP stories that all of the Weasley's disliked her a bunch and called her phlegm, so I thought I should redeem her because they most likely jumped to conclusions.

As for your question about Dom, Coco is always jealous of Dom. Dom has this perfect life, perfect looks, perfect family, bubbly personality, and it's always hard to be best friends with someone like that. Even though Corinne's beautiful, she will never be as beautiful as Dom and that's hard to have to deal with ya know? That's why Dom doesn't have any other close girlfriends. It's hard to find someone willing to stick along with her, because all the other girls are way to jealous to see past her looks. But I think Coco really clings on to Dom's beauty, and she's almost fascinated by it, as if by associating with Dom, she can be beautiful too. And it's kind of worked for her.

Hah yes I did make McGonagall a meanie, I mean she seems like she could be very mean to certain students when reading the HP books, so I knew Corinne would be the type of student that McGonagall hated.

Slytherin's actually my favorite house, so I definitely wanted someone from Coco's group of friends to be in that house. And Tyson seemed like a good candidate you know being pureblood and related to Scorpius and a sleazebag in general.

James and Fred really really do need to learn a lesson. They are much too annoying, but they will definitely have MAJOR character development and whatnot (or James will at least).

In the next chapter, we do see a bit of Coco's dorm mates and we kind of have a glimpse in on Bailey's thoughts.

And yes this story is a James/OC. Somehow all the stories I write are James/OC's just because I love his character so much. :)

Ok so sorry for my insanely long response, I've rambled on for too long as per usual. But next chapter has been in the queue for a few days so you shouldn't have to wait long!

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Review #20, by PUFFLEtwinsThe Perks of Being Elizabeth Goodbody: Bricks

30th June 2011:
I don't care how short this chapter was because it was amazing!

Haha, I love messing up characters lives it is so fun! You did well with this lovely even if it was only a filler : )

I love how damn funny this story is I-i just gahh, I love it.

I am always really happy when this is updated!
Jessy : )

Author's Response: I'm glad that you think it's humorous. Sometimes I think that I'm the only one laughing.. heh heh. So thanks :)

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Review #21, by PUFFLEtwinsCrime and Punishment: In The Art Of Change

30th June 2011:
Love it!
I don't think I have ever left a very long review for this story which is stupid considering how much I love it.
Charlie is amazing! and you did well with the Elliot twist I didn't expect that.
Haha, you also did well with the transformation and it wasn't cliche at all!
*Hands plate of cookies*
I baked you cookies for your awesome cliffhanger.
Jessy : )

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like it! and i love long reviews, you should write more!
And thanks for the cookies, they are much appreciated :) so glad you liked the chapter! thanks for the review xxx

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Review #22, by PUFFLEtwinsPotters Love Redheads: Prologue: Redhead Discoveries.

7th June 2011:
This was a great first start! Really, keep it up I loved it. :)

Author's Response: Oh wow! You're writing "James Potter You'r Going Down!" I love that story! :) I feel so honored to get a review from you. I'm glad that you liked it. :D

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Review #23, by PUFFLEtwinsPatchwork: Temperamental

1st June 2011:
I sort of agree with Louis about Patch trying to grow up the wrong way, She seem to think that she has to lose her personality and what was fun about her to mature and be adult. It's sad yet I just want to hug her and explain to her how that's wrong.
"I know but I don't plan on giving up, we're not playing a game, but I'm going to win."
Loved that line! It sort of reminds me of the James/Lily ships and you have added it well to this story ^.^
Sophie doesn't seem to love Louis... Yet. She likes him but not love and I can see why she said no, I still can't help but feel sorry for Louis though. :)
Good work I loved this chapter!

Author's Response: Yep, she is growing up the wrong way. Tbh, she has grown up at all, She just changed her attitude for the worse.
I'm glad you like that line, and yeah, I totally didn't realize, James could so say that to Lily.

Yep, she doesn't love him, but she likes him a lot.

Thank you for the review

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Review #24, by PUFFLEtwinsMatters of the Hart: Dates and Doors

30th May 2011:
Haha cliffy! I really love this story and Tabby and James's relationship is pretty interesting :)
James really likes Tabby doesn't he?
Haha good chapter can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Hehehe...gotta love a good cliff hanger don't you? I wasn't originally going to end the chapter there but when I wrote that line I was like "Oh wow, this would make a great cliffy!" So I did it. I think it's ok as long as every chapter isn't like that. I'm glad you're enjoying the chapter. I'm trying to develop the Tabby/James relationship in a way that reveals more and more of his feelings to the reader while keeping it realistic that Tabby's completely oblivious...I hope it's working!
Thank you for the review, I'm so appreciative to everyone who is reading and reviewing this story.

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Review #25, by PUFFLEtwinsSwooning.: Dorm mates and Astronomy

29th May 2011:
Haha the use protection thing made me laugh! :)
Anna sounds really mean and this story's super cute, the chapter are really short though.
Will they get any longer?
I love this story :)

Author's Response: I'm glad it made you laugh!
Yes Anna is a bit mean!
Don't worry, they will get longer, chapter three is around 3000 words.
Thank you for the review :')

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