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Review #1, by Peace798Cold as you.: Muggle Studies.

14th January 2012:
Wow! Amazing as usual! I hate Damon sooo much, what a horrible person! Update soon lovely :)

Author's Response: Thankyou so much:) I'l try and up-date sometime this week :).

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Review #2, by Peace798Cold as you.: Intervention

16th December 2011:
Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love you for mentioning me in you chapter, which by the way was amazingly drama packed as usual! It made my day and I can't stop smiling haha:) Well apart from that this chapter seriously changed my views on everyone! There you go again...just when I thought the plot couldn't get much does!!

I feel so bad for Evie (though it was still bad of her to be with Ayden!) but I really hope they all become friends again...I miss the happiness :) but a little drama/angst never hurt anyone, right? XD I also love the introduction of Lily Potter in this chapter...I love her personality and how could I forget my personal favorite part of the chapter...when Hugo cursed Cassie! I Love cute and protective of Elle!

And lastly, I have been trying to contain my excitement :), but finally Elle and James are speaking again and *gasp* they cutee :) (Please excuse my always haha) I still think you deserve more recognition but until then you can always count on me to :) Well, thanks again for the amazing awesome chapter and the mention on the chapter! Update soon!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for another awesome review! + no problem! Haha,

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Review #3, by Peace798Cold as you.: Tied together with a smile

10th December 2011:
Wow..yet another amazing chapter! Tied together with a smile is definitely the perfect Taylor Swift song to fit this chapter! Well...where do I much drama! First of all, no matter how much I love James, I seriously hate him in this part (I mean Cassie of all people?)

And the beginning of the chapter was seriously heartbreaking (poor Elle, Dom, and Freddie) :( But I love how they picked themselves up instead of mopping around (for too long that is anyways) :) And there is Damon...hmm...I don't know what to think of him yet. And lastly the Evie/Ayden dilemma. I am really upset that everyone's friendship was ruined with them and I wanted Dom/Ayden and Freddie/Evie to be together, but everyone has good reason to be mad. Although Roxie beating up Evie in the end did make me feel a little bad for Evie! WOW, thanks for the amazingly drama-filled chappie! Update Soon!

Author's Response: Thankyou so much for another awesome review! In the next chapter you'll see Evie's point as she tells her version of the story. next chapter will be up soon!

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Review #4, by Peace798Cold as you.: You can't break a broken heart

22nd November 2011:
Hello there *waves* I really liked this chapter! Is it wrong of me to enjoy the chapter in which they are fighting? Sorry...I'm ashamed (must hide my face XD) Lol...please excuse my craziness!

ANYways, what an amazing drama filled chapter?! I loved the Weasley characters in this chapter! Poor Dommie, Freddy, and Ell(ie) all three are heartbroken :( And I hope you don't mind if I pop into your story to beat up Ayden Wood and Evie...that is if Roxanne doesn't get to them first XD I love how all the Weasleys/Potters (And Elle of course) are so protective of each other! Its super cutee!

Moving on I would like to tell you how you single handedly crushed my dreams of James and Elle being together in this just kidding! But seriously I love James and all but poor Elle, James keeps messing with her feelings and then he goes and kisses the whore (excuse my language) :)
I do hope that you make Elle, Dom, and Fred all be strong even with broken hearts, because I hate seeing the characters really sad or depressed :( But I know whatever you do with the next chapter it will be just as amazing as this one! :)

Anyways sorry again for my craziness and ridiculously annoyingly long review! But this seriously is one of my favorite stories!! You definitely deserve more reviews!! I will shut up now, and end by saying thank you for rewarding me with this amazingly, awesomely, cool, yet funny, and FANTABULOUS chappie! Update soon...pretty please just for me ;)

Author's Response: I love reading your reviews!
They put such abig smile on my face.
I actually had fun writing the different sides of characters in this chapter, i shall try and update as soon as possible! :)

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Review #5, by Peace798Turning the Tables: Now This Looks Like a Job for Me

10th November 2011:
Hello there *waves* I really liked this chapter! Is it wrong of me to enjoy the chapter in which they are fighting? Sorry...I'm ashamed (must hide my face XD) Lol...please excuse my craziness!

ANYways I think that both the girls and the boys are overreacting, non offense but especially the girls. Wyatt's so cute though and I liked how you made him seem like a child caught in a divorce (not that divorces are funny or anything) but him and Roxy are so cute together :) I'm really upset that Chaise and Dom broke up...they were so sweet together...well come to think of it I hate how the whole group broke up when they came to Hogwarts. Darn you jk I love Hoggywarts!

Lastly moving onto Jamesie Poo...well I always thought he was innocent but dear Coco didn't did she, seems she is quite oblivious sometimes... ah but I digress (fancy word) I think that will be a great chapter to right about Coco apologizing to James XD

Anyways sorry again for my craziness and ridiculously annoyingly long review! I will shut up now, and end by saying thank you for rewarding me with this amazingly, awesomely, cool, yet funny, and FANTABULOUS chappie! Update soon...pretty please just for me ;)

Author's Response: No worries, enjoying chapters where bad things happen isn't bad at all. My favorite chapter is the one where some of the worst things happen to Coco, so I think it's normal.

I totally agree with you. The girls and boys are definitely overreacting. They all need to just get over themselves.

I'm glad you like Wyatt still! And I'm happy you like him and Roxy too! I personally love them as a couple. Don't be too sad about the whole group being in shambles! It shouldn't be that bad for too long... hopefully.

And when it comes to James, if I was in Corinne's shoes I would assume the exact same thing. I think since we're the readers, we tend to know more than the main character, but if we were the one actually experiencing it we'd come to the same conclusion. But the apology will be a tricky scene to write.. I'm still dabbling with it.

Don't apologize for your review! I love reading them no matter the size :) I'm super happy you liked my story, and I'm going to update this story sometime this week!


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Review #6, by Peace798Cold as you.: Speak Now

7th November 2011:
Awww :) Jamsie-poo and cute together!! I absolutely love the Potters/Weasleys they are just amazing...especially Louis with the lesbo XD That killed seriously I was sitting in front of my computer laughing out loud in my room... lol I'm not weird at all! Anyway I think James likes her back, right? Especially when he was hurt by he comment about no one liking him and all those sweet smiles :) Oh and I also love Freddie...more Freddie next chappie plz?? Sorry for this ridiculously annoyingly long...I will be off now! Thanks again for the amazingly, fantastically, beautifully, awesome chapter you definitely deserve more reviews and views! So pretty pretty pleassse update soon...maybe a little longer :) Can you update just for me? XD
From your crazy reviewer,

Author's Response: Hi my crazy reviewer! :)
I love your comments, they actually make me smile!
I had so much fun writing this chapter, and i love writing all the different Weasley/Potter character's :) (Louis is my favorite), I think things are going to get a little messy when they get back to hogwarts, thats all i'm saying, I'l try and update as soon as possible :)

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Review #7, by Peace798The Perks of Being Elizabeth Goodbody: Sorry

31st October 2011:
Cute chappie...a little on the short side though :D but it was still awesome! No Al/Liza action? Well I guess I can't complain too much...there was a lot in the last chapter! I hate Scorpius so much and if he ever does cause any real damage, feel free to call me so I can beat him up XD Anyways, thanks for writing an wonderfully, awesomely, cool, and amazingly, funny, yet BEAUtiful chapte!r :D Update soon! (Pretty please just for me. ;)

Author's Response: i didn't even realize al wasn't in this chapter until another reviewer pointed it out. it was weird, 'cause when i was writing i was thinking about putting him in the chapter and then i just.. didn't. obviously.. heh. i'm rambling.. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Peace798What Happens…: Better

30th October 2011:
It was a good second chapter but you do have a couple of spelling mistakes here and there! I love Draco and Ron's protectiveness is so annoying...overall love the chapter...Update soon :)

Author's Response: I know, I really need to fix those. Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #9, by Peace798What Happens…: The Morning After

30th October 2011:
This is a cute first chapter and I like the theme! I'm happy that for once Hermione is the one cheating with Ron rather that Hermione being cheated on by's a surprisingly nice twist and change in character personality! I also like Aria and Draco, from the little that we saw seems nice! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah, I wanted to switch it up a bit. Thanks for your review! :)

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Review #10, by Peace798Something About a Witch: Chapter the Third: Really Becoming the Game

30th October 2011:
Hello there *waves back* I really liked this chapter! Rose is an awesome main character and it is a change to see James and Scorpius as friends instead of James and Albus...sorry minor detail that I liked! I really love Rose and Scorpius' relationship and I can't wait for more! Hmmm... Dirk Wood on the other hand, may seem like a problem...but if he does cause any real damage...just call me and I will beat him up...XD Anyways sorry for my craziness and ridiculously annoyingly long review! I will shut up now, and end by saying thank you for rewarding me with this amazingly, awesomely, cool, yet funny, and FANTABULOUS chappie! Update soon...pretty please just for me ;)

Author's Response: Yay! I really like your reaction to this chapter :) I hoped it would be funny. And the James instead of Scorpius wont be the most minor detail for long I think, Albus will be there too. Hehe Wood got you riled up? Excellent *taps fingers like Mr. Burns* Anyway, Im trying to make it different than most ScoRoses, so we will both have to see what happens because my ideas are still making themselves coherent, lol. Also, I love your crazy long review, and you are free to continue them so long as I keep writing chapters that are worthy of them :D I will update as soon as I can, just for you ;) Thank you!

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Review #11, by Peace798Something About a Witch: Chapter the Second: Three Years Later...Again

30th October 2011:
This was a good second chapter :) You are amazing at writing the Quidditch scenes though! This is short but good story so far...but I am dying ( for Scorpius to come into the picture! Pretty pleassse XD!

Author's Response: I'm so happy to hear that someone actually likes my sports writing, I wasn't so sure of it to begin with. :D I think because of it though is why it was so short. And no fear, Scorpius shall appear! And there will be a lot of him! Thank you for your reviews, sorry it took so long to respond!

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Review #12, by Peace798Cold as you.: Sisters at war.

28th October 2011:
Awww cuteee but short chapter! I love the Weasleys even though they are crazy!! Elle is my favorite character though and I can sense a bit of romance stirring between Elle and jamsiepoo.XD Victorie should just die in a whole though while everyone lives happily ever after.ha ha ha ... Sorry for my craziness! Anyway I will stop this annoyingly long review by saying UPDATE SOON PLZ. Just for me :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm working on making my chapters longer, the next one is way bigger :) your crazyness is cool! I love writing the weasleys theyre all just so different :) I'l try and update asap. !

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Review #13, by Peace798And All That Jazz: Boyfriends, Spies, And All That Jazz

27th October 2011:
Ahhh.another amazingly, incredibly, AWESOMELY, cool, but frama (lol...or dluff) filled chappie!! XD But I do have uno question: is this a James/Aria fanfic or Jett/Aria?? I think she would be good with either, even though James is a real jerk, I have always loved James. Jett is so cute though and I couldn't get enough of the Jett and Aria scenes! And James' reaction to the couple...naughty James calling Aria a whore..tsk tsk! XD I think Jamie-poo is jealous! Amazing chapter once again (btw sorry about he extremely annoyingly long review, i just can't myself...your story is that good..hehe)! Update son, please, just for me! XD

Author's Response: AW! Thanks for the awesome review! I don't mind the length at all... I love long reviews! So... James/Aria or Jett/Aria? I can't say. You'll just have to keep reading. Mwhahaha. My evil scheme is working! Anyway, yeah, James is being naughty... and maybe a lil bit jealous. Thanks for all the super-wonderful-amazing compliments! I shall update as soon as I write the next chappie :)

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Review #14, by Peace798White Blank Page: Where the Cards Fall

21st October 2011:
Awww... lovely chapter! Even though I wanted Eva/Ander from the start I really love Lorcan's character now! They are cute together but I loved how Ander and Eva used to be around each other! I'm glad they finally talked though even though it was a bit sad :( I love Eva's made her seem very real...job well done! Dom and especially Lily just kill XD love them! This story is amazing and sorry for this ridiculously long annoying review! lol! Update soon! Pretty please with a Weasley on top! :)

Author's Response: I love long reviews! Thank you so much for all the feedback! Your feelings about Lorcan made me particularly happy. Pretty much all my readers have been very pro-Anders from the beginning, and I was starting to get a bit worried as I never wanted one of them to be the obvious good guy.
The next chapter is in the queue, and the drama is picking up! I'm really looking forward to everyone's reactions to what is to come.

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Review #15, by Peace798Cold as you.: Christmas

18th October 2011:
Awesome chapter! I love this story...even though this chapter was kinda short :( But I really like the main character and I wish there was more Ella/James action in this chapter! Dom and the rest of the Weasleys are awesome as ever. Great writing! Update son plzzz!! :D

Author's Response: Thankyou, i know this chapter was short, I'l try and up-date asap. :) who's your favourite weasley? They will be more James/Ella action i promise, Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by Peace798Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love: On Cowardly Pure-bloods, Mood Swings and Serious Misunderstandings

8th October 2011:
Gahhh...pregnancy scare!! I am so glad she isn't pregnant, too many stories of pregnant teens in Hogwarts and it would be a little cliche! I loveee Scorp and Louis is just amazing perfect! Hehee word-vomit XD I love how Olive and Scorp are fine again...hopefully Rose is next! Love the chapter...update soon.pretty please with louis on top??? :D

Author's Response: Yes, pregnancy scare!! I honestly don't know where the idea came from, I was planning this chapter to be all giggly and happy, but I suddenly thought up an argument and couldn't stand to let it walk away :D

Word-vomit haha.

No Rose yet, sorry. Olive's sort of putting it off 'cause she's a bit of a coward (Slytherin after all.)

I'm over half way in the next chapter, so it'll be in the queue a little bit after my new story's been validated.

Thank you so much for all your reviews!! It honestly made my day seeing six more than usual!!

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Review #17, by Peace798Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love: On Anger Management Issues, Changed Mates and Quidditch Rivalries

8th October 2011:
Nice chapter and even though I didn't know what Spencer was like before, I want to her to go back to being innocent! I liked James character even though they don't like each other! XD I just want to hug Al...he's just that cute!

Author's Response: Haha, yes Spencer is confusing everyone!! Which I'm rather evilly happy about because that means when I clear it up it'll be a HIT chapter :D Aha, yes, James. I'm rather proud of his character. I like to think they despise each other because they're sort of like the same person. I've got more of him in the next chapter :D Haha, I'm glad you like Al even though he's a rather unknown character so far. Thank you so much for reviewing (again)!!!

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Review #18, by Peace798Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love: On Hangover Remedies, Places Near the Sea and Blond Veelas

8th October 2011:
Louis is so sweet and Olive and him are cutee together :D I really hope Rose and Olive (and Scorpious) make up soon...but you know the Weasley temper XD! Update soon!

Author's Response: Yeah Louis sort of has a cocky side to him as well as a sweet side if you know what I mean... Yes Rose/Scorpius/Olive - I was planning on doing more writing on that ages ago, but the story just sort of steered the other way . (: In a couple more chapters though ... Thanks heaps for the review!!

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Review #19, by Peace798Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love: On Too Much Firewhiskey, Kind Slytherins and Confessions

8th October 2011:
Al is soo cute! Is this a love triangle between Olive, Louis, and Al.because that would be really cool! i love both boys though and your charcaterization is really good! Love the story XD

Author's Response: Haha, yes it sort of is except it's mainly just Louis and Olive for the start. I'm glad you like my characterization, I didn't do any planning for this story and the grasp of my characters personality is solely in my head so I'm glad I haven't lost it and made them seem unrealistic :D

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Review #20, by Peace798Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love: On Awkward Moments, Firewhiskey and Old Mistakes

8th October 2011:
Aww.poor Olive and Scorpious! This is a really good story...and you should definitely getting more reviews! You deserve it!!

Author's Response: Aww, I know I felt almost evil doing that :) Haha, thanks, I'm happy with the reviews I get, but more would be awesome, they make me so happy!!!

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Review #21, by Peace798Olive Wood: A Guide to Falling in Love: On Tight Dresses, Overprotective Twins and Drunk Cousins

8th October 2011:
Wow this is a great beginning! I love the main character!

Author's Response: Aww thank you, I'm glad you like her :D and the beginning, I've always been a bit disappointed with my beginning .. (:

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Review #22, by Peace798Faking It: I just Can't

8th October 2011:
WOW!! I know this make sound sadistic, seeing as Candice and James "broke up" but this was favorite chapter up to date! I absolutely loved Candice's prank and I think it was a significant part of the story because it showed that she can be independent and still have fun!! And when she was talking to James was my favorite part! This really showed your writing skills, because I loved how Candice was so mature but still acted like herself. I am sad that they are over, but I feel like now James and Candice will have a better chance at being together for real! Hopefully James will realize what he was missing! I know I said this so many times already but amazingly, phenomenal, fantastically, terrifically, awesome chapter! Update soon please! XD

Author's Response:
Ahah, its fine because yo just made me laugh so much xD I'm so happy you liked the prank and chapter! :D I feel like if I had kept James and Candice together they would have never had a chance simply because of the way their relationship was formed :3 Ahah, we'll see ;) Thank you so much for that terrific review! :D

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Review #23, by Peace798Prats, Bets, and "Love": Just Another Day in Paradise

2nd October 2011:
It's a good start but I wish it was a little longer and the characters and their backgrounds were introduced more! It's really good for a first story though! Update soon! :)

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Review #24, by Peace798Turning the Tables: Been a Long Time Since I Came Around

1st October 2011:
Love the chapter! And I love Scorpious and Al they're so cute! I think Wyatt and Roxy would be really good together, probably because Roxy is Dom's nicest cousin...but I feel bad for James! I am glad that Corinne is finally going back to the Great Hall thought! More James and Coco action next chapter?? Ah can't wait till next chapter! Update soon!!

Author's Response: Ah thank you :)

I like Scorpius and Al too! They really improve my mood when I'm writing. Roxy and Wyatt would be cute together... but sadly who knows if they'll ever be, right?

I kind of feel bad for James too, but at the same time it's karma. Am I right?

Corinne will most likely go back into the Great Hall in the next chapter.. And I HOPE there is some James/Coco interaction as well... my characters just need to agree with me.

Next chapter will probably take a while to come out since I'm still waiting on something else to be approved, but hopefully next weekend I'll have the next chapter in the queue!

Thank you :)

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Review #25, by Peace798Faking It: What?

28th September 2011:
That was an absolutely amazingly, shocking chapter! Well done! I was really hoping that the girl James was falling for was Candice not Ettie though :( Still I love Candice's character and I can't wait to meet Seth, he seems fun! Have Seth and Candice ever dated, I think it would be cool if they made James jealous. The story's plot is so original and I love it! Keep up the amazing writing!

Author's Response:
Ahaha, thank you so much! I can't stop smiling! :D Sorry but he fell for Ettie

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