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Review #1, by EmiliaOMalleyBeing Summer: The Twenty-Ninth One

16th December 2012:
That is all.

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Review #2, by EmiliaOMalleyHuman Nature: Fact of Nature #1: If you dont pay attention you might miss something really important

28th March 2012:
Love it! This is a spectacular idea to add in, because we'll get whole new scenes. Albus wasn't in Lucy's every-moment of every-day. I like the different take on this. And I really like seeing Lucy from another angle!
Great Job.

PS: Love the part about wanting to punch James ;)

Author's Response: I really love seeing a story from a different angle, it gives you a lot of insight into the characters. Plus you get to see more scenes from the story so that's fun too :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by EmiliaOMalleyDeteriorate : The Truth About the Scar

12th March 2012:
You definitely made up for the wait!
Love it :)

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Review #4, by EmiliaOMalleyPureblood: Just A Kiss

3rd January 2012:
I literally read this in a day, around my work schedule. Amazing. I'm obsessed. :)

Author's Response: That's great! Thanks for reading and reviewing =)

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Review #5, by EmiliaOMalleyDeteriorate : The Thing With Stacey

30th December 2011:
I think, because I'm such a hopeless romantic. I just want James and Rina to be those best friends that fall in love. So, that said, I really don't like Stacey. I'm sure other people have seen her caring side now, but I personally do not think she explains herself when she tries to. She just acts more bitchy, screams out something random to do with James and then she walks away.
I think I would really like to see some more of James's feelings. I know it's from Rina's point of view. But I think he should say something that makes her second guess the fact that she is so sure he hates her.
I REALLY would also like to see Rina make him smile. Only Stacey does currently. Even if it isn't Rina, make it Lily or Albus or Rose, just SOMEONE else.

Hope this helps!

Author's Response: Well, I entirely believe in best friends that fall in love (as my stories will prove) ;)
Well, as long as you see the humanness of Stacey, you can like or hate her as much as you want. She's a lot like Rina though, don't you think?
James's feelings will start be revealed soon, but Rina's really stubborn, so if James ever says something that's supposed to make her second guess herself, she won't lick up on it, though you might;)
Haha, well, all Rina wants is for James to smile, so we'll see:)

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Review #6, by EmiliaOMalleyBeing Summer: The Seventh One

30th December 2011:
So, I absolutely love your story.
It was a Christmas present that you updated so quickly :)
--I hate Kane, but at the same time, I can see why Penny is attracted to him. So that's cleared up. If Fred is bigger than him, why does he knock him out so easily?
--I've already predicted that James probably likes Summer. And I have a feeling the Hogsmeade date is going to be, er, interesting. I really hope it's just James trying to make her jealous!

Author's Response: thank you so much :)

i have a friend who is older than me (early twenties) who only seems to be attracted to really dangerous guys, so maybe penny has the same complex.

oh, and fred is bigger than kane but he wasnt expecting to get punched in the face so thats why it managed to knock him out. and kane is still a /very/ big guy.

we'll find out james' motivations behind everything in the next chapter.

thanks so much for the next chapter,

ellie :) xx

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Review #7, by EmiliaOMalleyEverything's Changed: The Decision

6th April 2011:
Wrong choice. Hermione is smart though, it would have been a shock to everyone in the school i she showed up with Draco to the ball.

Author's Response: Exactly, whispers would follow her everywhere she went. Then she wouldn't have even been able to enjoy the ball.

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Review #8, by EmiliaOMalleyThe Way It Should Be: I Promise To Always Take Care Of You

12th January 2011:
I love it! Please please please don't kill him!

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