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Review #1, by livelaughlovemagicTask One Challenge: Reclaiming the Sword of Godric Gryffindor

8th October 2012:
Lovely! What a wonderful first fic! I'm so happy I had the pleasure of finding it in the Review Tag in the Forums!

My biggest thing when it comes to fanfiction is characterization and I feel like you were spot-on for all the characters, including Snape. He pretty much hates all the students but he would have known that he couldn't do anything worse than detention if he was going to keep his promises to Dumbledore and I also think he is strangely proud of them for being braver than he has ever been. Great ending!

Neville is one of my absolute favorite characters and I really liked your portrayal of him, plus I loved that line: "But how would you reason with a hot-headed Weasley? No one has found a way yet." Little lines like that are such a joy to read. They seem small but they really add something to the story.

You're a great writer! There were a few typos, but other than that I was very impressed. I hope you post more stories :)

*Officially putting this one in my favorites*

Author's Response: Oh dear...It's been TOO long since I left an author's response for this review. I'm very very sorry but here I am now!

I'm a pile of goo on the inside now. I am SO happy when I read someone liked my characterization. It's one of the most important aspects in a story to me and hearing I've done well...well.I just feel like I've been given an early Christmas present :)

I promise I will go back now and take another look at my story, see if I spot the typos. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a review!

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